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Where is the strangest place you had oral?

  1. JohnnyBoi69
    I love giving blowjobs as much as some guys like getting one. In the circles I run in people know I am queer. So once in awhile a straight guy who is horny and needs a good cock sucking will approach me and if not outright proposition me hint at it. I was at a party and this dude came over to me. I had seen him around, tough guy. He says, "I hear you like cock. Well, I got a big hard one that needs taking care of. Why don't we slip away an you can suck me off." We went in the bushes just outside the house where people were going by not more than 4 or 5 feet while I was on my knees sucking his cock to completion. He hadn't lied, he had a big thick hard cock and shot a huge load, one of the biggest I ever swallowed.
  2. xyn4719
    My ex gf gave me head on the stairs while my family was in the living watching a movie.
  3. tempusedaxrectum
    Near the back of a chinatown bus from NYC to Boston. We were stupid and didn't sit all the way in the back so there was someone behind us and had to be extra careful but it was pretty hot nonetheless. The people going back occasionally to use the bathroom were a bit of a drag though.
  4. XslickX
    Got a bj in the car. Almost got caught when a couple of people were walking by lol
  5. Tufighter
    Rite aid parking lot
  6. babydoll86
    i gave my boyfriend a blowjob at his office while he was on a conference call. I was under the desk. :D
  7. 123qweasdzxc
    I fantasize about that so often! :D
  8. txrattlesnake22
    Airplane, bar while it was open. In a cemetary during broad day light. Behind a Texas DPS station. Baptist shurch Sunday school room with a wedding going on down the way.
  9. marvinsroom
    At night In a school bus full of high school kids, when i was younger
  10. hardcock402
    I got a blow job at a party when there was other people in the room with us watching
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