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Sucking K9 cock

  1. Wildcard469
    Thanks for fessing up to you all. To keep this going tell us about the best dodg cock you sucked.
    I have two that were pure cock heaven
    1] my Dane [ lost him about 2 years ago] If I got naked [ our sign for sex] and lay on the floor face up he would walk and stand right over my head. His cock would just peek out a bit with out being touched. He knew I was going to suck it. Once I got it in my mouth it would grow long and thick fast. The taste and feel would send me over the edge. I could not get enough of it. Loved the taste of his pre-cum dripping then shooting in my mouth and running down my chin. Liked it on my face too. He not only had lots of cum but could last a long time.
    The other and more recent is a friends Rottie [ about 3 years old] Smaller cockbut he loves to be sucked, a bit forcefull too which I enjoy. He will actually pump "fuck" my mouth with his cock hard. Nice tasteing cummmmmmmm
  2. Baby Blue
    Baby Blue
    Ooh, delicious stories here. My current doggy-cock is a medium, perfect for a long suck session. He knows to lay back and enjoy it.

    If my wife is with us, she gives him her cunt to lick and we often end up in a little daisy chain. Its fun.
  3. makdaddy
    Love watching women sucking dog or horse cock,made mom and one of my aunts do the neighgbors dogs to large labs hung well,watching them suck on those dogs cock then taking it in thier holes was fucking awsome
    making arrangements for them to do a horse neither of them have a clue the have a date with a horse cock,love fucking them to turned them into a pair of slut whores,s,I fuck them make them do my friends anyone want to fuck your more than welcome shit have a party fuck them then use them as you please for your entertament make them do dogs horse,s what ever,use and abuse them,I did read my pst at torture garden,thier my slut whores and they get treated like it.
  4. k9lvboy
    I love sucking dog cock, haven't been able to get my current dog to cum in my mouth yet. He gets to excited and starts to bite. I let my old dig and several others fuck me. One of the best feelings I've ever had.
  5. redbuck2010
    how would i train my dog to fuck my wife
  6. intoanthingood
    would love to be a dog cum slut but am in Australia and no one does it here
  7. makdaddy
    Made mom do my other friends dog a nice large dobbie hung pretty well
    was awsome watching her take that cock in her mouth sucking on it and watching it explode in her mouth and her swallowing it,then get mounted deep in her pussy and getting fucked by him filling her hole with his cum,and then get fucked in the ass too, Found a guy that has a pony
    thats trained saving that for my aunt she being a little bitchie again and a good large cock in her mouth and pussy and ass should do the trick,trying to set it up for this weekend will keep you all posted
  8. relli
    Mine was a big Lab, (120 lbs.) He had just rimmed me to orgasm and licked my cock clean. I slid off the end of the bed and was sitting on the floor, Max jumped his front legs up on the bed and I found his throbbing dog cock right in my face. Before I knew it, I was sucking him deep down my throat. Max fucked my face to orgasm, just about drowned on his cum. Been hooked ever since!
  9. relli
    Just had the most amazing experience. Was out taking a walk at dusk last night. Passing the park I heard someone in distress in the bushes. Walk over to see what was the matter and there was a guy, his pants down around his ankles, with a big chocolate lab licking his cock. At first he didn't see me, then he moans and he starts shooting cum all over the dogs face. As he finishes, he opens his eyes and see me. He trys to grab his pants, but I tell him I'm a cop (under cover) and stand still.
  10. relli
    He looks scared. I see his Lab has a huge hardon. I ask him what's he going to do to thank his partner? He says: What do you mean? I tell him to get down and suck the dog. He hesitates, but I pull out my radio and tell him I'll call for a cruiser. He gets down on all fours and slowly moves toward the dogs cock. I tell him with a forceful command: Now, suck him! The dog stands still while his lips suck in the dog's cock. He moves his head forward taking in more. The dog starts to hump his face. He gags a little but keeps sucking. He's on his side now, under the dog, his head bobbing to the dog's thrusts. Suddenly he gags again, his cheeks bulge and dog cum is pouring into his mouth. I tell him to swallow. When he finishes, I tell him to meet me again, Wednesday night. Same time and place. I took pictures with my camera phone while he was sucking and swallowing. Told him not to tell anyone or the pictures would go to the sex unit. He says yes sir, I'll be here on Wednesday.
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