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How Old Were You When You Sucked Your First Cock ?

  1. kink-eeee
    Who was it, how did it come about, did you swallow his CUM or spit it out. Please go into as much detail as possible.

    I was only 11 yrs. old, not yet producing sperm, when my older brother (3 yrs.older) decided to show me how to jack off after I caught him. He taught me how to jack off & then he sucked my little boner into his Hot mouth sending shivers thru my entire lil body. I eventually had a dry orgasm & wanted to do the same to him too. He told me all about Cum, how Hot it is & salty too. I Love salty things & was excited to taste it so I eagerly sucked on his 5" Cock wanting as much of his salty Cum that he could give me. When he finally did Cum I swallowed as fast as I could Loving every tasty bit of it & I knew that I wanted as much CUM as I could get! We sucked each other off every day until our older sister caught us & wanted in on the action too. That's when I learned to eat & fuck pussy too, that's why I'm Bi today, Incest is Best.
  2. DudeAbides11
    part 1
    I was 16 when I sucked my first cock. It was in the Boy Scouts and me and three other kids (all also 16) used to bring porn mags on the campouts. We would look at them late at night in our tent and jerk off. It started that we all jerked off in our sleeping bags but then it graduated to us looking at each other's cocks as we jerked it. I knew I was gay at the time, so I got off more looking at my friend's dicks than the porno mags. On one camp out, it was only me and one friend in the tent (my other two friends were sick or something). We started looking at the mags like we did on every camp out and jerked off. As a joke (not really), I touched the end of his dick and he jumped. Finally, he asked me why I touched him, I said I liked how his dick looked. After a little pleading, he let me touch in again except this time I wrapped my hand around it and jerked him a little. He let me do it and watched me jack him off. He came on my hand, I wiped it off in a sock and we went to bed.
  3. DudeAbides11
    part 2

    A little later, he woke me up and asked if we could do it again. I said yeah and this time he grabbed my cock and I grabbed his. I asked him if I could taste it, he was ok with it and watched me lick the tip a little. I remember the stink of his sweaty cock and being totally turned on. I kissed it, then fully went down on him. He laid down and let me suck him till he came, which I swallowed (I tasted my own before that, so I wasn't shy about it). He liked it and jerked me till I came, which wasn't long cause just having a cock in my mouth at that time almost made me want to cum. He wasn't gay though, I actually have no clue if he ever did anything else with a guy (he has a gf now). I think he just experimented with me but I loved it.
  4. Stardust8937
    When I was eight, I found I could bend over and take my penis in my mouth..
    My older brother caught me sucking my dick one time.
    He sat on the bed next to me and watched me as I made myself cum..

    About two weeks later, Charles asked me if he could watch me do myself again.

    I told him of course. This time my bother took off his clothes , and sat on my bed with me. When I bent over and took my penis in my mouth, my brother tried to do the same thing, but he couldn't bend over far enough to reach his penis.

    Charles asked if I'd like to suck his penis for him. I did, and within a couple of minutes he came in my mouth. I swallowed it all, and liked the taste immediately..

    I sucked his cock many times.

    Today I love to suck cocks. I'm bisexual, but sucking really nice looking --preferably circumcised, shaved cocks -- gets me off.
    The average penis of 80 percent of all men is 6 inches or smaller. I like them this size.
  5. vyoungcocklover
    first time i sucked a cock i was 7yrsold it was with a boy who lived on my street, he was a year younger than me n would just stand there and let me do what i wanted to him, he was also the first boy i fucked
  6. KevinC
    I was 18 and it was at an adult video store through a gloryhole. It was a shaved black cock, about 9" long and as thick as a Red Bull soda can. It tasted amazing and I even gagged on his big load that I tried to swallow entirely. I will never forget that night.
  7. dominater
    I was 11 yrs old and my cousin who was 15 at the time took me camping. That night he introduced me to a porn mag and his cock. We looked at porn for about and hour and he said we should strip to our underwear. I saw his big bulge beating with his heart. He ask me if I had ever seen anyone stroke their dick and I said yes, my brother. He said when you and I have taken showers together, I have noticed you looking at my cock and I said yaw and he ask have you ever wanted to put it in your mouth? kinda, Then he explained how he liked to dominate people and ask if I would let him do that to me and I said yes. He did. He made suck his dick and then something happened I began to enjoy it. He came in my mouth a few times that and many nights after that.
  8. boylvr
    Was 12. At 11 I woke in the morning with wood but had never had an orgasm nor did I relly know what they were. a friend...Ron...was spending the night and we were playing with our cocks in the dark. I suddenly had the most awesome feeling. When we turned the lights on, I was covered in cum...but didn't know exactly what it was...Ron explained it all to me. we continued to hang out and at some point the show me and I ill show you mine turned into jacking each other and then sucking each other. By 12 I was regularly giving him head and swallowing his load. Didn't swallow at first but the taste was soo good couldn't help myself. Our group grew to 7 and we moved on to sex over time...then to girls
  9. Kinnley
    Oh my gawdz! these stories are amazing,
    I'm watering to suck a nice bulging cock so so bad!

    Keep 'em coming!
  10. luvbeingbi
    43 I was late
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