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Incest Swapping

  1. makdaddy
    This is for people that are tired of fucking the same relative,s and want
    to change with someone else, Tired of fucking Mom replaced her with an aunt anyone has an female member they want to trade my mom for aunt
    sister cousin etc??
  2. makdaddy
    Wow no one has a mom,aunt,female cuz,sister,wife,sister inlaw,mother inlaw, etc thier tired of fucking and want to trade
  3. thunder133
    Lol I imagine that there are alot of us that have thought about that from time to time actually.
  4. acupluvr
    we swap not because we're tired of the same people, but because having a larger pool of members keeps it interesting. In my case, it gives me the opportunity to play with 7 different girls if they attend.
  5. brad196
    7 different girls wow i thought i was lucky when i was with one sister ,you lucky man
  6. makdaddy
    Yo brad196 ya gotta try and do better then that acupluvr is doing seven I,m doing at least 12 of my female relatives if not more I,m not knocking it but try for more you,ll love it
  7. NorwayMom
    We meet 2 other families from time to time. One relatvely often, the other a month or two between.
  8. SatansPride
    i need an incest family can, can anyone hook one up in socal?
  9. thegoodson
    gud idea of swapping incest families
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