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  1. fireman2651
    I need it all the time and have many bad little kinks...anyone interested?
  2. dirtymary
    i need it too would love to hear about your kinks see if we like the same dirty stuff yahoo add on profile
  3. fireman2651
    i want incest animal ,forced i like it kinky and wanted...lets chat sometime if your into the same?...
  4. wetpinkslit
    mmmm yummmmy! i love your interest. i'm totally the same, can't get enough...can't go anywhere without having to get frisky one way or another hehehehe
  5. pegasus09
    Coming to terms with the fact. Thought I was alone being horny24/7.
  6. OWH
    I seldom think of anything else. Don't know about kinks... I love good sex with either sex including pleasing as well as being pleased. I love having my ass tongue fucked and love returning the favor, again with either sex. That probably qualifies as kink to some.
  7. Justoldbill
    I think about it most of the time myself and have many of the same kinks. Not into force or animals but incest, group sex, orgies many other things I like.
  8. kinky04046
    think about it all the time can't keep my hand of myself other then when i sleep or goto work and i have know known limits yet don;t knock it till you try it right ? well thats the way i am anyways pretty sure i am not into the scat thing or mom or sister after that it's all open to the playing field
  9. cum and go
    cum and go
    i like all kinky stuff im into everything! msg me
  10. mounds
    fireman...you sound like me....I do incest, bestiality, rape...etc......its hot.
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