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    Default Mom shows me how

    This is a story of masturbation and my first sexual experience and how I apparently needed to be taught on doing it correctly. As best as I can remember, I was about 14 when I realized I needed to do something with my erections. I was clueless when it came to masturbation. I think at first I really paid no attention to my erections. Then as time passed, I would wake in the morning and just be humping my mattress. Just a little rubbing, but had not experienced busting a nut just yet. It was not long before I started humping my pillow to please myself. I never had seen porn or anything to clue me in to any "proper" method of masturbating. So, I would pretty much dry hump my pillow. What the hell did I know? Then that first orgasm happened. Oh wow! What was that? That felt awesome! So that's how I first started masturbating...by dry humping my pillow. All fine and dandy except most of the time I blew my load all over the pillow. I'd pull off the pillow case and throw it in my dirty laundry. Replace the pillow case and go about my business.

    Most of the time I humped my pillow, I would hide under the sheets. Just in case someone walked in on me. I had no locks on my bedroom door. Well, as you might guess, I was caught and on a few occasions. Mostly by my mom, but my older sister had walked in on me twice at this point. By the second or third time, I have to assume my mom figured out what I was doing. My sister, I was not sure. My mom would usually open the door and just close it quickly and never say anything. I think she had a clue since she caught me in my room and did all the laundry and probably found me going through several pillow cases in a given time.

    So one day I get home from school and nobody is home. Perfect time to grab one of my dads Playboy issues and fuck my pillow. I knew where his stash was and looked forward to looking at some naked women. I grab a magazine and headed to my room. Closed my door and stripped down. This time however, I didn't get under the covers. I figured I had the house to myself and had no need to worry about being caught. Mom and dad worked all day and my sister had an after school job too. I laid my pillows down and start flipping though the mag. Beautiful tits, skin and pussy! Instant boner. I prop the magazine against the headboard and laid down on my pillow. I'm well into it for a bit and never even heard anyone come home. My bedroom door swings open and my mom walks in. I think my mom said something along the lines of "oh shit" and walked out. I was busted. No way did she not see the magazine propped up against the headboard, my ass in the air and me humping away. I pretty much stopped at this point and as I get up, my mom walks back in. I'm standing there naked as a jay bird, still with an erection. I had nothing to grab to cover up instantly but the Playboy. "Son, we need to have a talk." She walks over to me and grabs my dads Playboy, leaving me to cover myself with my hands. In a slightly stern voice she said, "first, you need to stay out of our bedroom and second, you need leave your fathers things alone." Then she tells me to sit down on the bed. I thought I was in deep shit.

    Instantly, my boner subsided and I'm sitting on the bed with my hands in my crotch. She sits down beside me. "I know what you are doing in here and the mess you are leaving on the pillow covers. You need to stop doing this. It's pretty gross going through your laundry and finding your cum all over the linens. Don't you know how to do it any other way?"
    She asked if had ever used my hands. I looked at her with a puzzled face, and said no. "Well, there are cleaner ways to masturbate and you should know better." I know this was a bit embarrassing for both of us, but she was probably more pissed than concerned about my method. "You have never played with yourself with your hands?" I told her that other than holding it in the morning, no. So she starts to explain to me about jerking off. How I should probably use baby oil and when I get to the end, to let it go in a lined trash can or paper towel. But to NOT use her linens anymore. She gets up and says she will be right back.

    Two minutes later she comes back into my room and by now I have my pants back on and I'm dressing my bed back to normal. I see she has a bottle of baby oil and some old towels or the likes of. Sets them on my desk and said "I want you to use these from now on. If you're still not sure about the hand method, I can explain it to you or show you how. Do you need me to show you?" I just stood there and shrugged my shoulders. She walks back to the door and closed it. "Take your pants off. I'll show you once and then you are on your own." I was still just standing there...a bit in shock as my mom was going to show me how to jerk off. A few years prior, she sat me down to watch the after school special on how babies are made. And I thought that was interesting. Ha! "It's ok" as she walks to me and starts to unbutton my pants. She gets the button and unzips my pants. I start to pull them down with her help. I never put my underwear back on, so my manhood, ahhh, boyhood at the time was out in the open. I step out of my pants and stand there buck naked. She takes her right hand and gently puts my dick in the palm of her hand. "Well, you look like you have a normal one" kidding around with a little smirk on her face. Her hand was cold and it felt good. Very good! My dick started to grow as she lightly caressed and touched it all over. Her touch was so gentle and I got chills as she rubbed her hand over my growing penis. Then she got both hands involved and grabbed my balls with her other hand. Within seconds, I was hard as a fucking rock. I mean fucking really hard. Like steel. She realized I was pretty excited and even commented how hard I was. She squeezed it and asked "do you always get this hard?" I shrugged. I was pretty speechless.

    She starts to explain to me that when I get my erection, I should put some oil in my hand. She grabs the baby oil and pours some into her own hands. Rubs them together and tells me to put my hand out. I stick my right hand out and she rubs it down with the oil. Then she grabs my cock again and starts to stroke it and gets it all lubed up. I am so excited and so damn hard it is mind numbing. She moves around me so that she is standing behind me. "Let me see your hand" she says. I put my arm out and lower my hand to my cock and grab it. It felt good with the oil on my hand. "Now run your hand up and down the shaft." She is holding my hand as she directs me to stroke my cock. "Doesn't that feel better than a pillow?". All I could say was "yeah". As I'm stroking myself, she continues to help along. She squeezes my hand and I do the same to my hard cock. She's rubbing the head of my dick with her thumb and I quivered. My junk has hands all over it. She is basically doing what I find out later to be a bit of a reach around. She wraps her hand over mine and is changing my pace. Having her hold my hand while I was touching myself was giving me a huge rise. I never felt my cock so hard. I realize she is rather enjoying this and I take my hand away and she keeps stroking me. She takes her left hand, places it on my shoulder and turns me back so we are facing each other again. She smiled at me and knew I was enjoying this. My balls were sucked up tight, a sure sign of cumming soon. "Get on the bed" she remarks. I take a step back and sit on the edge of the bed. "Now lay back." She sits down beside me and grabs my throbbing cock and starts jerking me off again. Her strokes felt like heaven. What happened next was a bit of a shock to me. She leans down and puts my cock in her mouth. I'm watching her as she slides it in and out of her mouth. The warmth of her mouth on my dick was amazing. She's jerking me off and sucking my dick at the same time. I can feel my orgasm about to happen and I start to make grunting and groaning sounds. She pulls her head back up and starts jerking me off really fast and hard while fondling my balls. "I want you to cum for mommy. I want to see you cum." It only took a few more pumps from her to shoot my load. I fucking explode my cum as she is saying..."yeah, that's it baby, cum all over." My load was going all over the place as she was jerking it so hard and squeezing it. "That's right baby...let it all out." I never felt an orgasm like that before. It was so intense and lasted so much longer than what I was use to. But it happened so quickly. Maybe ten minutes tops. She slows down and is now just lightly grabbing it and moving her hand slowly up and down my shaft. "Look, you got cum on my dress" she says with a smile.

    She gets up and goes to the desk where she had put the old towels. As she was wiping her hands she sat back on the bed and said "now that's the proper way to masturbate." She takes the towel and wipes me down. Swabbing up all my cum from my belly and thighs. "Now I have to change my clothes" she says. She proceeds to remove the dress in front of me exposing herself in a bra and panties. Now, I have seen my mom in a bathing suite and even a bra before, but because of the situation, I started to stare at her tits. She knows this and is probably playing me at this point. "You want to see them?" I lightly utter "sure". So she reaches behind to unhook her bra and lets it slide down her arms. She exposes her milky white tits outlined with her dark tan line. Mom was big on sun-tanning. I have seen many tits in the mags and she had some nice tits. Maybe a small C cup and they were not saggy at all. Perky little nipples too. I was hoping she was going to let me touch them and sure enough, she asked me if I wanted to. I reached out not with one hand, but both and put one over each breast. They were a little cool to the touch. "Massage them for mommy." This was my first experience with touching tits so I was nervous. Never mind them being my moms tits, I was happy to see real tits right there in front of me. Like a kid in a candy store. I massage her perfect little titties per her instructions and started to pinch her nipples as she had asked. "You can lick them and suck on my nipples." I get my face all over them. "That's it baby. That feels nice." I was too busy playing with her tits the next few minutes that I did not noticing that she had been touching herself too. Touching her pussy. When I did notice, she saw me looking down and said "see, even I masturbate with my hands." I started to get hard again.

    We are facing each other sitting a little sideways to each other. Both of us are sort of sitting with one foot under our butts with our other leg hanging off the bed. She never took her hand away from herself while I was looking at her and touching her tits. She was rubbing her pussy through her underwear while I was rubbing and licking her now very errect nipples. I kept pinching them because of the reaction I would get from her. I would look down every few seconds to see if she was still playing with herself. I saw that she had pulled her panties to one side and was getting her fingers inside. I could just barely see her pussy. Her eyes were shut through a bit of this and I felt like a peeping tom watching her. My cock was rock hard again and I started to touch myself with one hand and play with her tits with the other. She knew I took a hand aways and looked at me to see what I was doing. A bright smile came over her face. She reached for my cock with her left hand as she fingered and played with herself with her right. "I'm so wet right now" she says. She lets go of my cock and grabs my hand and puts it to her pussy. She rolls my hand so it's palm up. "Rub it with your middle finger and slid it inside." She is guiding me just like she did when I was jerking myself off. I could feel her putting pressure on my hand to make sure I got my finger inside her. She was definetly wet. While she was holding my hand to rub her pussy, she again grabbed my cock in her other hand. I decided to grab her hand as she started to stroke my cock. We were at this point playing with each other and helping ourselves at the same time. This went on for a few minutes as we both were getting very excited.

    "I want to have an orgasm like you did. Can you help mommy have an orgasm?" I pretty much had to say nothing as she knew I would do as she asked at this point. She gets up from the bed and opens the door and walks down the hall to her bedroom. She comes back in and closes the door. I did not even flinch from the spot I was sitting in. She strips off her violet silk panties and sits back down on the bed and I see she has a penis looking vibrator. "This looks just like yours" she says. My dick is hard as a rock and she holds the vibrator next to my cock. They were almost the same exact size. I was about 7" and her skin toned vibrator could have been molded from my cock they looked so alike. She explains what the toy is and turns a knob on the bottom of it and it starts to vibrate. "This makes it feel so much better than one that does not vibrate." She touched my cock with it and I can feel it buzzing and I giggled. She moved me over to one side as she put my pillows against the headboard and leaned back against them. She got me to sit in front of her on my knees as she was spread eagle, exposing her pussy that I had yet to get a good look at. There it was. The first pussy I would see and it's my moms. Groomed well with just a little dark patch of hair. Funny, as my mom was blonde. Taking my hand again, she guides me to touching her pussy once more. As I start to touch her, she puts the vibrator in her mouth. She is sucking on the fake cock. "I will do this to you again if you can help me cum." I could care less. I felt like I could cum at any moment from the excitement. I just wanted to keep playing with her pussy and grabs those tits again.

    Her pussy was wet again and she took the vibrator and started to touch herself with it. I was fingering her and she was rubbing her clit with the buzzing sex toy. She started to lean further back into the bed, almost laying down. I pulled my finger out as she was trying to get the dick like vibrator into her pussy. I watched as she slowly worked it all around her lips and pushing it in just ever so slightly. I grabbed my cock again and was jacking off from the wetness on my hand. I think this was the first time I ever noted precum as I had some sticky goo coming out of my hard cock. I saw her push the cock like toy into her wet pussy and imagined it being my cock. She started to moan and squirm as it went into her a few inches. She was pinching her own nipple with her other hand and I figured that was an opportunity to play with her tits again. I had to lean forward and off to the side a little to play with them. "Ooooo yeah baby, squeeze those nipples." I could hear the vibrator buzzing with different sounds as she pushed it in and out of herself. I was playing with her tits and my cock while watching her shove this thing in her wet hole. Since we had been guiding each other off and on, I put my hand on her wrist and was feeling how she was pleasing herself with it. Figuring out her tempo and rythm. "That's right baby, help mommy play with herself. That feels soooo good...don't stop."

    I am now sitting back on my knees again with my hand on hers with the vibrator sliding in and out of her with such wetness. I grab the bottom of the vibrator and take more control of the movements. She eventually lets go and starts playing with her tits again. Pinching both nipples and moaning in extacy. I am freeking out! She is getting off on my playing with her. At the same time, I'm still reflecting on her jerking me off, staying rock hard. She reaches out for one of my hands and forces it right to her pussy and gets my fingers and hers to rub her clit. After maybe a minute or so, she spouts out "oohhhh I'm going to cum baby...don't stop...don't stop...oh god don't stop." I am just shaking as she is rolling back and forth and tensing up her body. She grabs my hand to pull the vibrator out and keeps rubbing her clit with my other hand. I feel a gush of warmth spill from her pussy and realized this was her cumming. Like I did. Her body shook like having small convoltions. I was taken back by how intense this was. She let out many moans as she came.

    Here is my mom; naked on my bed; dripping wet from what must have been an intense orgasm for her. I did what she did and grabbed a towel and started to wipe her off. She laughed and said "that's alright honey...I can do that." She sits back up and takes the vibrator from me and wiped it off with the towel too. "Are you ok baby? You're still hard huh?" I was definetly still hard after that show. She grabs my cock and is just rolling it around in her hand gently. "Lay back down. I'll give you something special you will like." I lay down with my head at the foot of the bed and she pushed me over making room for her to lay beside me. She rubs my chest and tells me to relax. She slides down to my cock and starts massaging all around my package. She grabs my stiff erection in her hand and puts it in her mouth like she did earlier. That fimilar warm feeling was nice. She sucked my cock and played with my balls for several minutes. Occasionally she would look up at me to see my reaction. When she saw me looking, she would lick it with her tongue like it was an ice cream cone. Then put it way in her mouth. What I later find out is deep throating. I start to get that feeling again and start to squirm around. My breathing got faster and my groans got louder. She lifts her head for a moment squeezing my cock harder and jerking me off. "Cum for me again honey. I want you to cum again. I want to taste you. Cum in my mouth." She keeps pumping my shaft as she puts it in her warm mouth again. I could make out her sounds as she sucked my cock. "Uh huh...uh huh...uh huh." I try to hold it back for as long as I could and yelled out to her..."I'm cumming!" I shot my load in her mouth and she obviously swallowed it all. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. I definetly wanted that to happen again in my near future. My mom gets up from the bed and picks up her clothes and the vibrator as I lay there in complete relaxation. "What happened between us remains between us. We can't share this with anyone. It is our own secrete. It would be embarrassing for both of us if we were to tell anyone." I told her I knew and would not tell anyone. Until now, some 20+ years later.
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    omg mann
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    weird stuff
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    Ohhh so romantic. Thank you for that beautiful story
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    great storie
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    wow, that was a great story. i loved the vivid details. amazingly written!
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    What a lucky man/boy!!!!!!!!!!!
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    thanks for sharing - very erotic
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    HOT story
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    Holy moly...that was hot!
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    Default VERY nice

    VERY good story,,, I wish I had a mother that was willing to show me when I was young,,, and take me by the hand like that,,, then show me how to satisfy a women when I was young,,, instead of just leaving me to learn on my own... I know a lot of you are again't incest,,, but how is a young boy supposed to learn,,, correctly,,, what it takes to please a women,,, when he doesn't even know how to really please himself
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    Good story
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    Again, glad everyone liked my story. I had three sexual experiences with my mom when I was a teen. One with my sister and I have a few stories about the neighbors too. Reflecting back on some of my experiences is quite a turn on. I had not thought of some of these for the longest time. I just got out of a relationship a few months back and have been poking around some porn sites (having to service myself for now) and started to read the stories. Thought I would contribute. Should have another story written soon. Enjoy!
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    Both the stories with you and your mom and sister are great reads. They would be even better if you would write them as a story instead of a narrative. A good example of this at XNXX ishttp://stories.xnxx.com/story/19762/..._Dare_with_Sis by DavidHog. He writes really hot incest stories which are well written.
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