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    Default My Father, My Doctor!

    By anon y mouse

    I didn’t want daddy to do this at first. It didn’t feel right to be allowing my father to perform an internal examination on me. But he had insisted, saying that at thirteen I needed to be properly examined. It was important to make sure that everything was as it should be, he said, and passed off my doubts with a scathing wave of his hand.

    ”Don’t be ridiculous, of course it’s ethical! Haven’t I always treated your ailments?”

    “Yes daddy, but”…”

    “Look if it makes you feel any better, I’ll take a look at you in my surgery. Be there tomorrow, 5 pm, and don’t be late Claire!” He barked.

    Daddy appears older than his years, with plenty of gray hair and lines on his face; he doesn’t seem like other people’s fathers. He often just sits, silent, morose, watching me with his piercing eyes. He’s always ready to complain and snipe at me, yet I try so hard to please him, to win his approval. But if I wear something he considers inappropriate for example, he looks me up and down, sneering.

    “You’re a slut like your mother, aren’t you Claire?””

    My mother ran away from him a couple of years ago. Ran off without a backward glance, or even a goodbye note, who could blame her?

    Arriving early the next day, I took a seat in one of the uncomfortable waiting room chairs. I had the last appointment and there was no one else in the waiting area. Daddy’s receptionist, Sylvia was collecting up her belongings getting ready to leave for the day, she peeked her head out of one side of the sliding glass window that separated the reception area from the office to tell me that daddy would be with me shortly.

    I picked up a magazine and started to page through it, not really reading or paying attention to the content. My hands were trembling as I thought about that cold exam table with the medieval ankle stirrups. The thought of it made me shudder, but I tried to pull myself together, ‘I’m a big girl, I can handle this.’

    Sylvia’s voice broke my train of thought

    “I’m going now Claire, but your father won’t be too much longer” She smiled a goodbye, and closed the door softly with a click behind her.

    Before I had a chance to bolt after her, daddy appeared, looking stern in his white coat.

    “Come on girl, get a move on” I got up and followed him meekly into the surgery, where he thrust a dressing gown into my arms.

    “Get into that changing cubicle, strip down and put this on.”” He strode over to his desk, without a backward glance, and began working through various notes.

    Pulling the curtain over the cubicle entrance, I pulled my top off over my head, then reached back and unclasped my bra, placing both on the chair provided. Sitting down I took off my shoes and socks, and then stood to remove my jeans and panties. Taking the dressing gown, I put it on, tying it tight around my waist.

    Daddy shot me a quick glance as I drew back the curtain, and curtly told me to get up on the table. I obeyed quietly, hoping this nightmare would soon be over. I stepped on the small step in front of the table and turned to sit down on the exam table, then laid back.

    “Put your ankles into the stirrups?” He ordered.

    Daddy sat down on a stool in front of the table and wheeled in closer. I could feel his hands on my inner thighs, spreading my pussy lips apart, performing a visual examination; his face was so close, that I could actually feel his hot breath. A feeling of excitement began tingling through me, and I realized with a shock that I LIKED my father looking closely at me in this way.

    His fingers began running over my inner lips, slowly up and down, prodding and exploring. One of his fingers began softly circling my clit, my pussy was becoming wet, and I let out an involuntary moan.

    “I might have guessed. Only a little slut like you would get excited during a routine examination!” He murmured this softly though, never taking his eyes off my wet cunt, his fingers were tracing around my small wet hole now,

    “I’m sorry” I started to stammer.

    “You are going to be daddy’s little slut, do you understand Claire?””

    “I...I think so” I whispered.

    Suddenly I felt daddy’s mouth cover my pussy completely, his long tongue was probing into me, and it felt as though it was licking the very walls of my little cunt. On and on he went, licking, slurping and sucking. I lay on the table and writhed as the strangest, sweetest feeling began building inside my body. I had an overwhelming urge to grind on his face, but just as I felt that I was going to explode he stopped.

    I gasped, “Oh please daddy, please don’t stop””

    “What is it you don’t want me to stop, Claire?””

    “Daddy I want you to keep licking me, please keep licking me?”” I couldn’t help the note of desperation in my voice.

    “Why do you want me to keep licking you, my dear? Do you need to cum in your daddy’s mouth?””

    “Yes, oh yes” I groaned.

    “Whose slut are you?”

    “Your slut daddy, all yours””

    As he talked, he unbuttoned the white coat and unzipped his pants, taking out his cock; he began to gently rub it. I gasped at its size. It looked so long and thick. None of the boys I had fooled around with had anything like the size of this.

    Standing between my legs, he rubbed the head of his huge cock along the wet lips of my pussy, and then pressed it lightly against the entrance of my cunt. He seemed to change his mind at that point, and taking my feet out of the stirrups, he said,

    “Get off the table Claire, and stand in front of me?””

    I scrambled off the table, and stood in front of him. He reached out and, untying the knot of the gown, pulled it open and slipped it off my shoulders, leaving me naked now under my father’s gaze. He began to walk around me, examining me from all angles, then suddenly turned and slapped me hard across my ass, making me cry out with surprise and pain.

    “You had better learn to enjoy this Claire, because the more you cry out, the harder I shall slap you.”

    He slapped me again, but this time I managed to suppress my cry.

    “You learn fast. Now on your knees, slut!””

    Obediently I kneeled; he began rubbing his cock over my face and lips, I could smell the sweet smell of my pussy juice on him.

    “Open your mouth and suck me, baby?””

    Opening my mouth wide, I waited as he began pushing his massive cock into me, then closing my lips around the head; I began to suck as hard as I could. He gave a deep moan saying,

    “You’re going to be a fabulous cock sucker for your daddy.””

    Deeper and deeper his cock went, until feeling it touch the back of my throat I began to gag, and pull away, but he had twisted his hands into my hair and forcing my head still, he continued to push down right into my throat,

    “You said you wanted to be your daddy’s slut? Well that means you’re going to have to learn to swallow my cock!””

    Still holding my head, he began to thrust in and out of my mouth; I could feel his balls slapping my chin as he began to fuck my face faster and harder. Suddenly he gave a deep grunt and, after one final deep thrust, began shooting his load into my throat.

    “Make sure you swallow it all.””

    I desperately began gulping it down as best I could.

    As his cock began to soften in my mouth, I continued to suck, milking every single drop from it.

    “Not bad for a first time, now get dressed and go home.””

    “But daddy,”” I said tentatively, “You said I would cum in your mouth?””

    He laughed mirthlessly

    “You have to earn the privilege of cumming my dear and from now on, you may only do so when I give you permission. Do you understand?””

    I nodded. Feeling an immense thrill deep inside me, I looked up at him, smiling and whispered,

    “Thank you daddy””

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    Cool story. I liked it.
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    Nice story! keep it up.
    im straight
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    Hot story, very well written, but I think castration with a very dull chain-saw would be proper medicine for dear daddy.
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