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    Default I love to fuck my mom

    This is the true story of my life. I am very happy to write this, and put it on a thread to share my heavenly experience of fucking my mom.

    Yes, I am fucking my mom. My mom and I have read some stories on this thread about fucking moms, which are mostly fiction. But, my mom and I want to tell our story of fucking, which is 100 % real. I love fucking my mom, and my mom loves to have my 8 inch long dick in her cunt.
    My mom inspired me, 'Why donít you write a story about us, and put it on this thread, so that many other sons and moms like us might get inspired to have real fucking in their lives, so that they also can enjoy life like us?'
    I got excited by hearing this from my mom, how great is my mom, she not only takes care of me, but she is thinking about all sons like me, and moms like her.

    You people will really enjoy our story of mom and son fucking. This is a true story, and I tried to cover all the exciting moments of my fuck session with my mom. This is only part 1, in which I have covered how I started to fuck my mom. Many other exciting moments, I will cover in my next part of the story. I am not a regular writer, but I tried to give enough justice to make it erotic. Please, enjoy it.

    I am a 22 year old handsome, muscular man with a stout chest and a stout dick of 8 inch long. My mom is a 42 year old sexy, lustful lady and capable of having as long a dick in her cunt. Her preferred position is horse riding, she enjoys group sex and gang-bangs. She is blessed with a 40 inch big ass, 42 inch breasts and 28 inch waist. If you people saw my mom, then you would also think of fucking her once in your life. We live in Mumbai, one of the most beautiful cities of India.

    The story starts during my momís teenage. My mom and dad were studying together in college. She was so sexy that many of the guys in the college were after her; she was dating many of them. But my dad was lucky that she selected him, although she had many other boy friends before, she finally selected my dad. She was telling me she had many affairs and had sexual relationships with guys. She loved to get fucked hard since her teen age. She got fucked at the age of 17 by her one of boy-friends, in her first year of college.

    My dad also knew all about her affairs and sexual relationships, but he was so infatuated with my mom, that he was ready to marry her. My mom also knew that many of her boy friends were only interested in fucking her, and did not want marriage, but my dad was ready to marry her. She told me that she had many fucking sessions with my dad also before marriage.

    My mom is my best friend, it should be so, because she is my fucking partner, she shares all her sensual experiences with me. I am very crazy to hear from her about her fucking stories. She told me one story, about two best friends at college; they were very handsome with stout, muscular young bodies, having 8 inch long cocks. She was telling me how those guys had fucked her in her teenage together in the college bathroom. It was an unforgettable experience for my mom, the first time in her life she had played with two cocks together. She told me how these two guys had made her crazy about fucking. They fucked her in all three holes... pussy, ass and mouth. I also get excited hearing such real fucking stories from my mom.

    OK, there are many real stories I have to tell you, let us again start from the marriage of my mom and dad.

    My mom was from a Hindu family and my dad was a Christian. As soon as my mom and dad proposed to marry each other, both my momís and dadís family went against that, and told them strictly, that they could not marry each other. My dad is a little soft man, he turned around his thoughts about getting married, but mom is a very courageous and daring women.
    She again made up my father's mind and they got married in a church in the presence of their friends. My mom and dad were ostracized from their families.

    My mom and dad were alone except for their friends. My mom had good friends in college; it should be, because she had good sexual relationships with many of her boy friends. She told me how those friends had helped them out, and managed to get one small room for them in a slum area of Bombay. My mom and dad managed to get small jobs to earn money for their subsistence. They were having a bad time, because nobody was there to help them out except momís ex-fucking partners from college.

    They started asking to have fun with mom in return for their help. Mom decided, now she was married, not to indulge in such external sex. She wanted to be loyal to my father. She got pregnant in this bad time, but she wanted to give birth to her little baby. She got twins, me and my sister, and after nine months she became happy and loved us so much. She again started looking for a new job, because she had to leave her old one, because of her maternity period.

    She told me that wherever she was going, she got the job immediately but she was losing it within one month. I asked why it was like that and she explained to me that people were not giving jobs to her, but to her lustful body. She was gloriously beautiful. Once her boss failed to enjoy her, he kicked her out of the job. She changed jobs this way six times, then she got frustrated and started crying.
    My dad came to her rescue and asked why she didn't offer yourself to her boss; my mom said,

    'I want to be loyal to you.'

    My dad said,

    'OK, I donít mind because you love me so much, because we are in need of jobs, and to earn money for the future of our kids.'

    My mom very much loved us; she also thought to make our future bright. She made up her mind to offer herself, if it would be required. She got one new job, while interviewing her, the boss was staring at her big voluptuous breasts with lustful eyes. I told you earlier that my mom has much daring once she decides to fight a situation. She understood that the interviewer had eyes for her lustful body. He was not interested in her professional skills, but in her fucking skills. My mom told me this, she immediately slipped her duppatta, which was covering her breast, and winked her eye with invitation to the interviewer to come and play with it saying'

    'It is for you only.'

    The interviewer stood up from his chair and came near to my momís chair. He lifted her and put her on nearby sofa. Within no time, she made herself totally naked to offer her beautiful cunt and breasts to her boss. All this I heard from my mom, and I am describing it to you.

    She had given him a very good fucking session of an hour long. My mom was saying she
    really enjoyed it lot, to get fucked by an unknown man. She got the appointment letter on the same day, and joined with a handsome salary. Her boss was very pleased with her fulfilling all her physical needs, in turn my mom was satisfying his sexual needs. My mom was saying that there was not a single day when she was not fucked by her boss.

    They used to have sex in his office, hotel room and on a beach at night. My mom was getting fucked in every possible position and every fuck-hole. One day, my mom realized that her boss was fucking her regularly, and not giving her a penny for it, because they only had money for subsistence, and could not enjoy a luxurious life. My mom proposed to my dad that she wanted to be a high society call girl. My dad was stunned at what she said, she explained to him.....

    'My boss is fucking me daily, rather than that, I will get fucked by different people and earn more money!'

    She had developed good contacts with many businessmen from Bombay, she wanted to cash in on that now. My dad agreed with her and said yes. My mom left the job and started her own call-girl business. My mom and dad decided to send us to boarding school, so that we didn't know what business my mom was doing. This whole story was revealed to me after I started to fuck my mom, before that, I did not know.

    My sister and I were studying in boarding school. I was very brilliant in studying, but my sister was not that bright. My dad and mom were coming to meet us at boarding school. We came home during vacation; my mom was spending good time with us when we stayed at home. I remember how within five to six years, the whole situation changed, my parents had made a lot of money. They told us that they started some business which changed our life.

    Me and my little sister had no interest in the business started by mom and dad. We managed to have a luxurious flat in a very posh area of Bombay with three bedrooms. When we came home, we enjoyed a lot with our mom and dad. We knew they were making a lot of money in their business. I was proud of my mom being a successful business women. I did not know what business she was doing. I became a teenager and came in tenth standard, I gave exam of tenth and then there was a vacation of two months. I came home along with my sister. I was becoming more sensual and started masturbating with different fantasies.

    When I came home, I spent so much more time with my mom, I started enjoying her company. My mom was changed totally from earlier, I thought it may be from the business, because she may be meeting many of the people for the business. I like to describe my momís dressing code, which I noticed during this vacation. I became now one sensual teen age boy. I was started to look at my mom from a different angle, though I had not thought of fucking her at that time, but I was thinking how sexy she was.
    She was looking like a college-going teenage girl, wearing skin-tight low waist jeans and skin tight T-shirt. Anybody could see every curve of her body. I liked that, but I was feeling bad in my mind about how I was seeing my own mom. My mom is very nice and she was taking care of me and my sister in all the best possible ways during our stay at our home on vacation.

    Soon, vacation was over and again we went back to study. We were used to coming home, when we had long leave and vacation to enjoy with our mom, because my mom was spending good time with us. My dad remained out of his job requirement. Like this, another four years passed and I went to college . I became 20 years of age. Now, a true hot story I am going to tell, about fucking my mom.

    I remember that it was vacation, and I came home and enjoyed staying with my mom. This time I felt great staying at home.
    However, as I grew up, I found myself beginning to watch my mom more and more lustfully. Her big 40 inch butt, voluptuous breasts and trim waist would always catch my eye. I always stared at my mom without her knowing, at her butt and breasts. I was feeling a little filthy, but enjoying it, my cock becoming harder and harder when seeing this. I started jerking off with fantasies of my own mom for the first time in my life. I had thought of repenting for doing this, but it went out of my mind when I again saw her with her breasts coming out of her tight T-shirt.

    She always put on sexy clothes, which merely covered the sexy parts of her body. She must have understood that still I was a small kid. How could I make her understand that moms donít wear such sexy clothes, and I was getting sensual for her. In fact, from my deep in my heart, I liked her to be in such sexy dresses. I was proud at having such a sexy mom. She was in her 40's, but looked like a 30 year-old blond lady.

    One day, when there was nobody at home, I had idea in mind to see my mom's underwear. I went to her bedroom and started fumbling in her closet. I found that there was a variety of bras and panties in different colors like red, black, purple, blue, pink. I was surprised at my momís huge collection of underwear. Many of the bikinis were very tiny, like string bikinis. Seeing this excited me so much, and I fantasized that my mom was completely naked in front of me and asking me....

    'My dear son please get me to wear the sexiest two-piece bikini!'

    I picked up one red, tiny bikini, which could only cover her two inch area of her cunt. The rest of the panties was string only. I moved on and imagined those panties on my mom. I was so frenzied, and my dick was started to erect hard and I masturbated in momís bed room.

    I was just screaming while masturbating,

    'Ohhhhhhh mom, why
    are you so sexy and lustful, I want to fuck you!!'

    I was kissing her panties, imaging that this was my momís cunt. My load came out, my balls were completely drained. I put the panties with all the other clothes, so that mom would not notice that somebody had fumbled in her closet. I went to my bed room, I again started repenting what kind of son am I ?? that I am thinking about fucking my own mom. I cried out for a little, but my mind was not coming away from the large collection of my momís underwear. I again got up and went to her bedroom, opened the closet and picked out the most beautiful bra and panties.

    I took them away to my room to keep with me. There were many bikinis inside, hence I assumed mom would not notice this missing one. The bikini which I took from her ward robe is still with me, many times I have asked my mom to wear that bikini for me, my mom wears it, and it feels great to see her in it . It is a red, transparent micro bikini which barely covers my momís pubic area, the rest of the thing is string only. It is transparent; hence even if she puts it on, you can see her exotic cunt through it.
    The bra is also very small, it hardly covers her nipple area, that too, is transparent, so you can see her erect nipples. Even if she wears this bikini, she feels completely naked.

    One day I fucked her with this bikini on. This whole story is in a later part, let us continue, from the point where I was fantasizing about my mom. I still had not started to fuck her.

    There were two kinds of thoughts coming to my mind...... that I should suggest to mom that I wanted to fuck her....... and what kind of son was I, to be thinking about such a sinful act??
    It always happened that the first thought always emerged as the winner that, yes........ you are made to fuck your mom, you must proceed.
    Today, I decided that I wanted to make up my mind that's what I should do, after stressful thinking for 8 hrs, I came to that decision..... no!! I should not think like this.

    That day, mom came home after an eight-day long business tour; she was abroad for the last week. My dad was also at home. After finishing our dinner, everybody went to their bed rooms. I was sitting in the living room watching TV. It was around 11 oíclock at night, the TV volume was very low. I heard some noises that struck my ears. Within no time I guessed it was from my momís bedroom. My mom was moaning and groaning, getting fucked by my dad.
    Thinking this in my mind, I could not stop myself from peeping up into their bedroom, even though I made up my mind not to think about my mom lustfully. My resolution
    , which I made just 6 Hrs before, collapsed. I walked at a slow pace to my momís bedroom. My sister was snoring in her bedroom. I put my eye to the key hole. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh no, I was just amazed; my mom was completely naked, except for a micro-bikini of black color, and dancing in front of my dad. My dad was licking her body. I was amazed that my mom was such a sexy dancer.

    Now, I completely dropped my resolution, and made up my mind that within one month I would fuck my mom. I would do anything required for that. The bedroom light was full on, my dad was saying to put out the light, but my mom was saying no, I want to fuck you in the light and not in the dark.
    Ohhh no mom, what kind of horny slut are you?? You want to fuck my dad. She had the art of vibrating her buttocks, she was vibrating her buttocks right on the face of my dad, my dad was licking her ass, pussy and sexy legs. My mom was screaming....

    'Yes, you come Jacky ( my dad's name is Jacky ), eat away my pussy'......

    I was clearly hearing all those word. My dad saying,

    'Speak softly, your kids are here, they might hear your screaming.'

    She answered,

    'I donít care, let them know that horny-slut mom is getting fucked by their dad.'

    I became more and more horny hearing all this from my mom. My mom was encouraging my dad.

    'Come on Jacky, eat my cunt.'

    My dad had put his head in between her legs, seated on the floor, and my mom was standing and kept her legs apart, so that my dad could approach her cunt. She was standing keeping her back-side towards the door, hence I could not see her pussy, but I imagined how magnificent it must be, as my dad was sucking and enjoying it. She was still moving her butt with sexy gestures, she was just rubbing her pussy in his face. I was seeing that my dad had difficulty breathing, as she strongly caught his head. My dad managed to gasp, removing his head from her pussy. His face was glistening with cunt juice.

    My dad told her.....'Jacci ( My mom's name is Jacci, she changed after her marriage with my dad) your cunt is dripping so vigorously today.'

    She screamed, 'I want my cunt to drip the whole night, please keep eating it!.'

    My dad ate my momís cunt this way for almost half an hour, and mom was screaming and groaning loudly.

    'Ohhhh Jacky come on, I like it..... keep doing it, Ohhhh... I am coming, I feel my cunt is spasming, Ohhhhhh no, you are great pussy sucker. I like big dick, but you donít have a big dick, so please, satisfy me by giving me tongue-fucking.'

    I could see that cunt juice was dripping down her inner thigh.

    My dad told her 'I want to put my dick in your cunt.'

    She was yelling 'Oh Jacky, you know I am not getting satisfied with a small dick.'

    I could see through the key-hole, really my dad had only a 4 to 5 inch dick. My mom was groaning
    'You keep sucking my cunt ... I like that.'

    Now they changed position, my mom moved into the doggy style, keeping her face towards the door. Now I could see the expression on my mom's face, while my dad was sucking from behind. I was seeing my momís big boobs swaying here and there during her rhythmic motion, I wished that my mom would stay in this position during their whole fucking session, so that I could enjoy seeing her face and boobs. But after a while, she stood up and asked my dad to stand up and took my fathers four inch long dick inside her mouth.

    At this time she sat on the floor, her knees by her side, I could view her big boobs and butt. She was eating my dadís cock like anything, within two minutes, my dad ejaculated in her mouth, she swallowed all his cum. Some of the drops were on her breast, and she started licking it.

    She told my father 'I know Jacky, you always ejaculate very fast, I am
    still not satisfied.'

    My dad told her 'Sorry honey, but what could I do? you were licking my dick so nicely, I could not hold it.'

    She said 'OK, Jacky let me do something for myself.'

    She went towards the closet and took out very long dildo, I fainted from seeing my mom having a dildo in her pussy.

    She asked my dad 'Come on play with my tits.'

    Then she started first fingering in her pussy. While my dad was licking and kissing her tits, she was furiously jacking the big dildo inside her cunt. I was seeing that her cunt was dripping continuously. She was screaming and groaning,

    'Ohh God, It feels great having such a long dick inside my cunt. You blessed me with big breasts, butt and a wonderful cunt, then why have you not given me one big dick??'

    I murmured to myself outside,

    'Mom, God has blessed you with a big dick, it is here with me, come and get fucked with my dick.'

    My cock was becoming thicker and harder seeing and hearing all this. I couldn't stand more there, and went to my bedroom. I opened my drawer and took out my momís micro bikini and started kissing it. Fantasizing that this was not only a bikini, but my mom's pussy inside it. I started kissing the bikini and stroking my big dick, which hardened so, that I felt a vein would burst out. I started screaming very slowly taking care that it would not be heard outside, like my mom was doing.

    'Ohhh Mom, how sexy and slutty you are, I am craving to fuck you, when shall I be able to fuck you. You are so lustful, you are blessed with such a big butt, big breasts and slim waist, and now, a big dick which I do have. Mom come to me, I will definitely give you the heavenly pleasure of a big dick. I like you fucking like a whore. Yes, mom I want to fuuuuuuuuuuck you.'

    My cum was shooting out from my dick like bullets from a gun, and spread on the bed. I didnít care if it spoiled the bed sheet. I was thinking to let my mom know that her little son had the big dick for which she was craving. I could hear still, that my mom was moaning and groaning.
    Their fuck session ended about 1 oíclock. My mom got fucked wildly with pussy eating and dildoing for a continuous two hours.

    I slept then, next morning I woke up when my mom came to my bedroom and awakened me. She tangled her finger in my hair and gave me hug, I felt the warmth of her big breasts.

    'Come wake up now, it is almost 8 oíclock" she said.'

    'Please mom, allow me to sleep for some time, I liked that, you stroking my hair, can you do it for some time?'

    She immediately sat on the bed and took my head in her lap and started doing that. I was looking at her, she looked beautiful in her pink nightgown, I felt that she did not wear any bra inside. It was a sleeveless gown, I was looking at her sexy upper arm. Her under-arm was completely shaved, there was no hair and looking too sexy. My dick was getting harder and harder. Mom continued for another fifteen minutes, I was touching her inner body part pretending that I was doing it unknowingly in my sleep.

    'Let us wake up now, it is enough' she said

    'No mom, keep doing it, I like that.'

    My mom is very smart, she read the lustiness in my eyes, she understood that I was flirting with her. I had slid my blanket down knowingly, so that my mom could see my erect dick in my shorts. Seeing all this, she went away, I got up and went into the bathroom, taking my momís bikini in with me for instigating my emotion and again jerked off. My momís micro bikini helped me lot with fantasizing about her. I love this bikini, I will keep it with me for ever.

    My mom served morning breakfast on the table, I was still watching her lustfully to irritate her. She noticed that I was looking at her breasts and bare upper and lower arms, but she ignored it. While I was at the dining table she went into my bedroom. I intently went towards my bedroom after hurriedly finishing my breakfast, to see my momís reaction after finding my cum on the bed. There were spots on the bed which had dried, she leaned and smelled it, she immediately understood that it was my cum. She laughed and murmured

    'My little boy became now a young man....'

    She took away the bed sheet for washing. I was frenzied by knowing this, that my mom realized that I had become a young man who can masturbate. I made up my mind that I wanted to show her my big dick for which she was craving. I wanted to show her that what she wants is right here at home. She didn't need to use a dildo, when I am blessed with such a big and thick dick.

    After finishing dinner, we were sitting in living room, watching TV. My mom was wearing a Punjabi dress, which had very low neck and low cut at her back. It was very transparent, I saw that mom had a black bra on underneath. The crevice of her boobs was apparently visible. I enjoyed this the whole day. She also noticed the change that had come over me, she become more cautious now. I was watching my momís boobs rather than the TV. She noticed it and stood up and put on a dupatta. I had no interest, because I could no longer see my momís sexy boobs, hence I stood up and said I was going to sleep. I said good night and I intently hugged my mom to feel the hotness of her tits. I had given her a hug saying good night. She noticed that I was enjoying touching her boobs, she pushed me back. Now, I am sure my mom's mind would be startled with such behavior, she may be curious about what I may be doing in my bedroom.

    In a little while my sister (Jenny) also went to sleep, then my dad. Now, my mom alone was watching TV. I knew that she was not really watching it, but thinking about me. I intentionally kept my bedroom door slightly open and took out my dick and fantasized about yesterday night's episode, how my mom became hornier. It became enough hard and thick. I was waiting for mom to pass by my bedroom and see my erect 8-inch long dick. That came true, mom switched off the TV and stood up. What I anticipated was coming true, I heard her coming toward my bedroom.

    I closed my eyes, as I had seen that she was peeping inside my bedroom from the slightly opened door. I started jerking off my dick, it took around 10 minutes because I intentionally delayed my ejaculation. My mom was enjoying the entire episode of my masturbation. Again I spread my come on the bed-sheet, so that my mom could see it tomorrow morning. She went to her bed room and closed her door. I stood up to see her reaction. I peeped through the key-hole, she tried to wake up my dad, but my dad was deeply snoring. She took the vibrator out of her cupboard.

    Ohh no, mom how sexy you are, you have all kinds of instruments to enjoy sex. She masturbated with the vibrator for fifteen minutes. My dick became again hard, I went to my bedroom and took out her red micro bikini, started kissing it, It gave me the feeling that I was kissing my mom. My dick again started coming, I again spread it on my bed sheets.

    Next morning, when my mom came to wake up me, I started fantasizing about her and my dick become more hard, I intentionally kept it open so she could take a look at the tent made by my dick in my shorts. She noticed it and went away. I was doing so much for my mom but she was not responding positively. I had seen that while taking away my bed sheet she had seen spots of my come, to my surprise she started sucking it. I enjoyed very much that my mom likes my come.

    I was thinking, how can I touch my momís cunt. That day me and mom were alone at home. I was not missing any chance to tease her with my lustful eye. She became more cautious, and now took care that no part of her body was exposed. What kind of women was she? she likes my dick, she enjoyed the taste of my cum, but is not offering to fuck me.
    After our lunch, I went to my bedroom, today I became more courageous, I knew my mom was very curious about me. I kept my bedroom door slightly open. I wore only shorts during the whole day, so that my mom could see my chest muscles, I intentionally did not wear my underwear, so that my erect dick could be seen. My mom was noticing that, but she was ignoring it.

    I tried no further, I went to my bed room and slipped off my shorts, now I was totally naked. I started stroking my hard and thick prick as it was already erect. I started making some little noise, so that my mom could hear that something was going on in my bedroom. My idea worked, she stood up, keeping the TV on so that I thought she was watching it. I kept my eyes close, I knew that mom would peep inside my bedroom.....that came true.

    I had seen that she was standing beside the door, I closed my eyes and started stroking my 8-inch long dick. I opened my eyes slightly pretending that they were closed, to see whether mom was there or not, but mom was not there, I felt depressed again. But my depression did not last for a moment; I noticed that mom came back with her video recorder. I jumped with joy that my mom was shooting me masturbating. I kept my eyes closed and started jerking my dick while moaning and groaning. I prolonged my period of ejaculation by holding my balls tightly, because I wanted my mom to film me for longer

    It was half an hour that I was masturbating; I also got out my momís micro bikini, so that my mom could come to know how I was passionate about her, and her underwear. My dick started pushing out its load and spreading on the bed sheet. I liked that, because my mom was liking it. My mom likes cum.

    She went with her camera. I made sure that she was in her bedroom. I went up to her bedroom and peeped through the key-hole. She was completely bare, except for the black micro bikini. It was like the same micro bikini in a different color. She started the video, which she recorded just before, I watched the screen on her bedroom TV, I could see myself lying on the bed and jerking my cock. She started fucking her cunt with her finger while keeping her micro bikini on. She started screaming.....

    'Oh my little son, how sexy you are, how your dick is long and thick, but I canít enjoy it, as you are my son. Forgive me my dear son I cannot offer myself to you for fucking. You keep your fantasies about me, you can take more bikinis from my wardrobe, I know you like my sexy bikini, and have stolen my micro bikini. I like giving you more bikinis.'

    She took one big dildo which was around 12-inches long, and started jacking inside her cunt, I could see that her cunt was dripping like anything. She kept on jacking until she got several orgasms. She kept fucking with the dildo and looking at my video repeatedly for almost about two hours. She was collecting her cunt juice with her hand and licking it.

    I understood, mom also feels lust for me, but she cannot break her mental block about fucking her own son. I started thinking of ways to break her mental bock, that nothing was wrong with getting fucked by your own son. I thought day by day, but I could not get any idea. My mom was enjoying my video of masturbating all the time and I was enjoying her micro bikini kissing.

    One day again, me and my mom were at home. At 10 oíclock in the morning, there was phone call while I was in the bedroom. I have an extension in my bedroom, so I picked up the phone, but at the same time my mom also picked up the phone. It was dad calling. They started talking.

    'Hi, Jacky, why have you called me up?'

    'Yes, dear honey, I love you.'

    'Tell me why you called?'.....my mom asked.

    'There are customers from abroad, they are very rich. I fixed up a contract for one fucking session with you.'

    I jumped with surprised that my mom was a big slut, my cock started throbbing, because now I was sure that I would fuck my mom within a short time.

    'Where do I have to go for this fucking session?' asked mom.

    He answered 'There is a little problem, they want it at our home, they donít want to take the risk of being in a hotel.'

    'How is it possible?' my mom exclaimed, 'John is at home, he is not mature enough to understand all this, if it would happen at home.'

    'No Jacci' said dad 'you have to find a way, I know you can do it, these are very big customers, we can get lots of business from them if you delight them with your magical fucking hole.'

    Mom said 'Donít talk nasty,' and grinned.

    Dad said 'There are two people and they want to fuck you in a threesome action.'

    Mom said 'I am not afraid of a threesome, or a gangbang, I like that.'

    Oh no, Mom you are a sluttish and horny whore. I love you mom, I was thinking in my mind, my chance to reach momís cunt was very near now.

    Dad said again 'They like sexy dancing in your most erotic dress and plenty of drink, so make that arrangement also.'

    Mom said 'OK, I shall try to make them feel like heaven. Donít worry, but what am I to do with your son?'

    Dad said 'Give him some money and tell him to go to the movies!'

    Mom said 'He will not leave the house, that is 100 % sure.'

    Dad said 'OK then give him some sleeping pills in his lunch, I'll try to send the customer by 2 Oíclock.'

    Mom said 'OK.'

    I was shocked that mom was a prostitute and my dad was her agent. But it didn't matter now, I thought, it is now easy to me trap my mom into surrendering her pussy to me for fucking.

    Mom had made lunch ready by 12 Oíclock and called me to eat. I asked her to give me my lunch in my bedroom, I wanted to eat it there. She insisted that I have it with her on the dining table, but I refused. She was surprised that I didn't take the chance to see her, and came into the bedroom with her bust open and without her dupatta, and tried to tempt me, but I was firm. I didnít want to eat lunch, because there were sleeping pills in it, and I didn't want to miss the chance of seeing my mom in a threesome action.

    She gave me my lunch in my bed room, I closed the door and acted like I had eaten it. I collected the whole thing in one plastic bag to throw away.
    I had to fast that day, to see my horny mom in a threesome action with her customers. I gave her the empty plate. She was under the impression that I had eaten it. I then went to bed and slept. I pretended to snore, so that mom believed that her sleeping pills were working.

    She closed my bedroom door. There was silence for a while, I was thinking that mom might be in her bedroom, and making herself beautiful. Yes, it was true, I peeped through her bedroom door key-hole, she did a fantastic make up, wearing stockings and a very short lingerie of black color. The lingerie was transparent, and her micro bikini of red color was showing through it. I was amazed that my mom was so sexy. She made a call to dad asking when the customers were coming, she was eagerly waiting for them. It was a long time since she had a threesome .
    I becoming more and lustful over my mom, hearing that she liked to have threesome and foursome fucking action.

    At around 2 Oíclock, two guys came and sat in the living-room. My mom had given big hugs and kisses to both of them. She served the drinks and then played some light sexy music. She started to dance on the living-room floor. Ohhhhhhhh no, my slut mom, how sexily you are dancing. I felt great that my mom was so sexy and horny. Both guys stood up and started licking and kissing every part of my momís sexy, beautiful and lustful body. This continued for around two hours, and during this time, both guys got naked. My mom playing sucking and kissing their dicks during the dancing. Both guys had very small dicks, I knew my mom would not be satisfied with small cocks. My brain was racing and saying,

    'John, today ... 110 % sure, you will fuck your mom.'

    I could see through the key-hole that my mom was now mostly naked except for her micro-micro and transparent bikini. It was hardly covering her tits and cunt. She started to give blowjobs to both the guys, but from her face, I knew that she was not satisfied as their dicks were very small. Both guys shot their cum within no time. She was upset that those guys had not fucked her hard.

    She started dancing again, so that again their dicks got hard and she could enjoy a fucking session. Then one guy had a call and he said,

    'We have to move on for an important meeting.'

    They kissed her and said,

    'You are so sexy and beautiful, we shall come again.'

    After going, mom slammed the main door and abused my dad, asking what kind of customers was he sending, who don't know how to fuck a slut like her. She phoned my dad and said

    'What kind of customers are you sending? I was looking forward today to having the joy of some threesome action, they did not even fuck my cunt. They might be scared of of AIDS. Donít send such sluggish customers!!'

    She banged the phone down. She was in the micro bikini only. She went to her bedroom and brought out the dildo and the video of my masturbation. She started the video and opened her legs so wide. She started to jack the 12 inch long dildo while watching the porn movie of her own son. I thought that this was the time to go and fuck my mom. I got daring, and opened my bedroom door slowly. She had not locked it from the outside, as she was under the impression that I was in a deep sleep.

    I went very slowly and stood behind her for while. She was so engrossed in jacking her cunt with the dildo and watching her sonís masturbation on the screen. I had seen that her cunt was dripping like anything. I came up to her, but I was wondering how she would react, hence I was hesitating. I could see that mom had closed her eyes now. I took advantage of this situation, I knew that mom loved her cunt-sucking and then a big cock. I went in front of her slowly, so she do not feel that somebody was there, intending to suck her cunt.

    Now I was in front of her and seeing her wide open legs with her sexy thighs covered in black stockings. Her hand was fully covering her cunt and moving the dildo in a round motion, enjoying the length of the it. She opened her eyes, and was surprised that I was standing naked with an 8-inch erection in front of her face. She stood up immediately and went to her bedroom.

    I was frustrated......what had happened to mom? She was so lustful for me! why did she not offer herself to me for fucking? I went to her bed room and called

    'Mom, open the door, I want to talk to you.'

    She didnít reply, my mind was desperate to fuck my mom.

    I started talking to my mom standing outside her bed room.

    'Mom, I know that you are a very big slut and a whore. Your business is to get fucked by different people and earn money. You have been fucked by many people, then what is wrong with getting fucked by me ... by my 8-inch cock??
    I know you like it, just before, you were fanaticizing about me, looking at the video of me masturbating. I swear, I will fuck you so that you will forget about all your previous experiences. I'm urging you, please come out, I want to fuck you.'

    My request worked and my mom came out of her bedroom.

    'How sweet and beautiful you are son, you know what your mom wants. Yes, since last month, I have been fantasizing about you only, but didnít dare to break the rules. You are a more daring and courageous man than me. I want to get fucked with your hard dick. Yes I like it, I have been craving for this for so long.'

    She leaned back and started kissing and sucking my dick.

    'Oh Mom, I canít explain to you how heavenly it feels, seeing my dick in your mouth.'

    'Me too' said mom 'I like to suck your cock.'

    I was screaming,

    'Ohhhhh mom, how nicely you are sucking my cock. You slutty big-cock sucker.'

    I held her head against my crotch. She took my cock almost up to the hilt. She was swirling her tongue around my dick. I was feeling great and kept on screaming,

    'Yes mom, do it...... I love it, I have been waiting for this for so long. Keep licking, donít stop, I know you love my big dick, you eat away my dick. You squeeze it out of me. My dick has been so eager to enter your fuck-hole for many days. When you will take such big dick in your cunt and ass?'

    My mom was getting more and more excited hearing all this from me.

    'I want to get fucked by your dick in my fuck-hole!!....my cunt and ass hole are waiting for your dick and sobbing right now.'

    Ohnnnnnnn mom' I cried 'How you are sexily urging for a fuck. You are not my mom, you are my fuck machine! I want to fuck you day and night and in your fucking hole today.'

    She gave me a 15 minute blow job, right in front of her bed room.'

    'Oh Mom, please let me do something for you.'

    I lifted her in my arms and took her into the living-room.

    'I want you to suck my cunt and taste your momís cunt juice' she cried 'I tasted your cum many times, you were spreading cum on your bed-sheets.'

    'Yes, mom, I am eager to eat your pussy.'

    I asked my mom 'Which is your favorite position, I want to do all the things which you like the most mom?'

    She answered me 'I like to stand here with one leg on the chair, keeping my legs apart to open up my cunt fully, so that you can enjoy the juice of my cunt, which can drip into your mouth.'

    'OK mom,'.......... I slipped her micro bikini aside to open up her cunt completely.

    'Oh mom, how beautiful your cunt is, it is pierced in its clit and pussy lips.'

    She wore three beautiful rings in her pussy. It was a clean, shaved pussy except with a landing strip of black hair above the pussy lips. It was magnificent looking at my momís pussy.

    'Mom you are just a great slut, how you have decorated your cunt to please your customers.'

    'Yes, my son' she answered 'but from now onwards, I will decorate it for you. Please, donít talk, just eat my pussy, I canít wait any longer!'

    I started licking, and asked her when she had got her cunt pierced.

    'How was the feeling, having somebody else touching your cunt to pierce it?'

    'My dear son, you start sucking my cunt, I will tell you the whole story of my piercings later. You become my fucking partner, trust me, I will share all my fucking and piercing stories.'

    I started moving my tongue in her cunt. Her pussy lips were already swollen, her clit was completely erect. I caught the ring of her pussy lips and gave a little pull, she screamed,

    'Ohhh my son what are doing. Keep doing it, I like that!'

    By pulling on the ring, her pussy lips completely opened and I started rubbing my tongue on it, she started screaming and groaning, I saw that her legs were shivering and enjoying my cunt licking. She screamed out,

    'Yes my dear son, do it........ I am coming and feeling that my cunt has spasms of ecstasy.'

    Her cunt was oozing, I started licking and swallowing her cunt juice. It was a great feeling to swallow her cunt juice. She screamed,

    'My dear son, please give me another orgasm. It is true nobody has given me such heavenly pleasure of cunt sucking, not even your dad. You know that is what your slut mom wants from you.'

    I made my position firm in between her legs. Now I targeted her clit, I took the ring which was hanging in her pierced clit in my mouth and sucked it deep inside, so that her clit come in between my teeth. I started biting her clit, again she had an orgasm, I felt the tightening of her cunt muscles, which were in a state of spasm. Her legs were shivering with joy, her whole body started shivering in a state of ecstasy. She was just screaming and groaning,

    'Yes my son, keep doing it. I like it when you eat my cunt, I am going to come!'

    Her pussy was like a fountain, every now and then squirting sweet cunt juice which I was swallowing. I kept nibbling her clit for half an hour, then I pushed one finger inside her cunt. She loosened her grip from my head, I was thinking that now she was going to release me. She asked me,

    'My son, I want your dick in my cunt now!'

    'Ohhhh no..... my mom how sweet that is, I have been eager to hear that from you for many days. Yes, my horny slut-whore mom, I will fuck you hard, till your cunt is satisfied.'

    Hearing this from me she wrapped herself around me and started kissing all over my body. She started to suck my cock again, She was enjoying the pre-cum from my dick. She sucked it for a while, then I remembered that she wanted my dick in her cunt.

    'Please, take it out of your mouth, so that I can put it in your cunt.'

    My mom said, 'Yes my son, now fuck me hard with your big dick.'

    I asked my mom which position she wanted to get fucked in. She told me that she wanted to be fucked in the horse-riding position. She told me sit on the sofa, she spread her legs apart and leaned her pussy onto my crotch, bending her knees. I took her big tits in my mouth and started sucking them.

    'Wait my son, this is for you only, let me adjust your dick in my cunt.'

    She leaned and bent her knees more. I was looking at her beautiful cunt, adorned with three rings. The rings were swaying here and there, it was looking great. She caught my dick and touched my dickís glistening head against her cunt. She started moving, keeping my dick there, my dick head was loving the movement of my momís cunt lips. She was still dripping from her cunt. My dick head was now bathed in my momís cunt juice. Then she suddenly slipped me inside, by leaning and bending her knees more. Half of my dick was inside my momís cunt.
    I could feel the warmness of her cunt walls. Slowly she moved ahead by leaning and bending her knee. Now all of my dick slipped inside. I felt that some thing was striking the tip of my dick. I asked her what it was.

    'My dear son, it is the mouth of my womb, from where you came. Your dick is going to enter where you stayed for nine months.'

    'Oh, mom this is a great experience, can I go there again today?'

    'Yes my son' ... and she jerked with force, she screamed with pain, and finally, my dick entered her womb. She started moaning and groaning,

    'How lovely this experience is'... She cried... 'I love it, I never enjoyed such a big dick in my whole life. You have just changed my life my son, now your dick is set you can play with my tits.'

    She completely rested on my crotch, having my whole dick inside her cunt. I was licking her tits, her erect nipples, they were so big, I forced both boobs together and sucked both nipples at the same time. As I was sucking one nipple, an idea came into my mind.

    'Mom, why donít you get pierced nipples too?'

    'Oh my son,' she replied 'I love it that you want me to have pierced nipples, I will get it done for you, I can bear the pain of piercing for my son. Please keep sucking my tits.'

    Her cunt was still shivering and dripping, I collected some cunt juice in my hand and licked it. She started to bite me,

    'You naughty boy, you like your momís cunt juice?'

    I told her.... 'Yes mom, I love it.'

    Now, she started moving herself to another orgasm. She took a position on her knees and rested her hands on my shoulders and started moving up and down. She started slowly at first, I could feel my dick going in and out of her womb. My dick head was striking each time, and my dick could feel her shivering. Her pace started getting fast and became more violent, she was taking her cunt fully off of my dick and penetrating again. She was going fast and violently and screaming for joy, she fucked me like this for another half an hour.
    I was pampering her big boobs, which were swaying here and there while she was grinding on my cock. She was continuously screaming,

    'Oh my son, I can not control myself, what can I do?'

    I held my mom tightly and cried,

    'Mom please ... slow down I'm going to come!'

    Now she was screaming.....

    'No my son donít come, I want your dick juice in my mouth.'

    I pinched on her big butt, what kind of mom was she, that wanted her son to come in her mouth? Her cunt was so slippery and wet with her cunt juice, that my cock was not getting any friction except striking on her womb mouth. She told me to sit like this for a while. We sat for while, and started playing with each others nipples. My mom started to lick my nipple, It felt wonderful. Then I asked my mom if I could fuck her ass-hole. She caressed me,

    'How lovely son, that you donít want to leave any hole of your mom un-fucked.'

    She slowly took my dick out of her cunt, and started to lick it.

    'What you are doing mom, I want to fuck you in the ass?' I said.

    'Yes my son, but I want to taste the hot cunt-juice in which your dick was covered. How sweet it is, I'd like to have a full glass of cunt juice to drink'

    'Oh no mom you are so sluttish, nobody can think like you!'

    I told her to lay down on the floor on her chest with her ass up.. I told her to bend her knees, so that her butt come up in the air and ass was fully exposed. She was good at doing all this. I could see that my momís butt was fully shaved and her ass hole was clearly seen. It was a totally clean-shaved ass- hole. I started kissing around her ass-hole. I put my finger inside her cunt to get juice to pour in her ass hole. She was screaming the whole time...

    'You ass fucker, come and fuck my ass!'

    I inserted my finger and tried to loosen her ass hole. I kept going for another 15 minutes to loosen it, so that my dick could enter inside. When it was opened up fully, I asked my mom, why hadn't she brought her dildo, so that I could really open up her ass-hole.

    'That is a fantastic idea!' she said.

    She went to her bedroom and came back with the 12 inch long thick dildo. She laid down in the same position. First I kissed my momís dildo, because I like that dildo, who had satisfied my dear momís long dick obsession for such a long time. I covered it with my spit and tried it slowly in her ass-hole. At first, she felt some pain and screamed out,

    'My son, it is hurting me!!'

    I waited for a time, till the pain subsided. Then I pushed it slowly right up to her bowel and started moving slowly in and out. Now she started enjoying it. After five minutes, she was screaming

    'Do it fast my son, take out it right up into my ass and fuck me again!'

    'Ohh mom, what a wonderful fuck machine you are. I love you'

    I kissed her on her ass-hole. She was now ready to take my dick inside her ass. I asked her to change position a little, and make it doggy style. She opened her ass-hole fully, keeping her legs apart and bending her knees on the floor. I pushed my dick inside her ass-hole. It was so much looser after half an hour of dildo fucking. As soon as my dick entered her ass hole, it felt like heaven, her ass-hole was so tight, my dick was enjoying its first taste of her ass.

    After giving her complete penetration of my dick in her ass, I started rocking my dick in and out, while holding her waist. My balls were striking on her wonderful butt. I fucked my momís ass-hole this way for another half an hour. My mom was screaming,

    'Ohhh my dear son, I love it.... keep fucking, you are fucking my ass and I feel vibration in my cunt.'

    Her cunt was dripping on the floor. I told mom,

    'Oooohhhhhhh mom, I feel it's great, but now I am tired and about to come!'

    'No! you have to fuck me still in my cunt!' she cried.

    Again she got into the horse-riding position, and we enjoyed fucking one another for another hour. I realized that my mom liked this position most. She was coming again and again, while she was in this position.

    'Mom!' I cried 'I'm about to come now, I can't hold it any longer. She took her cunt off of my dick and started sucking it. Within another five minutes, I shot my load of come on her face and tits. She opened her mouth to catch each drop of my cum in her mouth and swallowed it. She again took my dick in her mouth, and sucked it completely dry. There were some drops of my cum on my chest,

    'Hey naughty boy' she laughed 'why donít you taste your own cum, it is so tasty?'

    Ohhhhh what a slut you are mom. I leaned and started licking my own come from her face and tits. I had been fucking my mom for the last three hours and it was almost 7 oíclock, and my dad was about to come home. My mom and I went together to the bathroom, and we played there for another half an hour.

    I asked my mom if she had any thoughts of remorse. She told that she had none at all...
    'I am a slut-whore, and enjoyed it with so many young and old men. I have remorse only that we did not start earlier. You have given me the heavenly pleasure of cunt sucking. No man, to date has sucked my cunt like you did today. My whole body was on fire, and I felt a shock like 440 volts, my whole body was shivering in ecstasy. I love you my son, you keep sucking my cunt all the time.'

    OK mom, I love you, I will do all that you want from me. I am your obedient son and slave.

    My mom wants to give a message to all story readers. She is writing something for you.

    Hello, my dear reader, you might have enjoyed reading this story. I love you all people, I would love to see this story in the category of 'frequently read' . I ask you people to rate it as high as you can. I want to give a message to all young sons like mine, if they also have a beautiful and lusty mom like me, and they dream of fucking their mom, then find the courage and inspiration from my son to break the rules, and start fucking your mom. If you can do this, then give us feedback, we at least get satisfaction from writing and sharing our experiences. I also request to all lusty moms, come on, have the courage to fuck your son, it is a heavenly experience. Keep writing to us about it, how you feel about our real life story. Love to all readers.
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    Default who wants to stuck his fuck in my ass

    who wants to stuck his fuck in my ass
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    Dear reader,
    If you like my story, please keep posting your quate.Your quate would be very valuable for me and my mom. We are eager to see number of quates on this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by momfucker View Post
    Dear reader,
    If you like my story, please keep posting your quate.Your quate would be very valuable for me and my mom. We are eager to see number of quates on this thread.
    What's a "quate"?
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    oh oh oh! I know this one I know it! pick me.. pick me! I know what it is!

    ... I stopped reading your story after I saw 10 inch penis... man... 8 inch penis used to be the standard porn story penis... 9 was.. just introduced.. and I'll be dam'd is 10 inch becomes the norm!

    but I'll.. continue it now..

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    What in the name of one dimensional characters and predictable reactions is going on here!
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    Default Your doubt

    Yes, X Gamer, you are right, truly speaking my cock is only 7 inch long. But my mom edited it to be 10 inch. She wants to make it more erotic but you caught us rightly. You are great. If doubt any other content of story then it is your bed luck not ours.
    Your positive quote would value us a lot. We request you to not make our story mimic. we expect one private message from you. Whatever feel from your heart you write us. we shall waiting for one message from you after reading our story. Thank you.
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    It's a good effort...certainly better than I could write in a foreign language. But I think you should get someone to help you edit it. That would make the grammatical errors less of a distracton.
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    Zeus, mightiest of those who walk Olympus' halls, none can long deny your will. I beseech thee this day to bring torment to those who would post a goodbye thread and return within hours. I implore thee to rain sorrow and misery on those who desire others to rate their small and flaccid penis. May vermin gnaw the entrails of the incest-obsessed-noob with every declaration of desire to bang his mom or sister. Amen.

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    u r sick fuck, wat kind of sane person wants to fuck there own flesh and blood, u and ur family needs serious help, i would get it before its toon late!
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    maybe quate is supposed to be quote? dunno for sure though...
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    :D good story, just finished it. Interesting style, very factual you'd wanna work on dressing up actions and picking and choising key points a little more...

    You've got alot of information there, I think it could be 2 maybe 3 stories if you draw it out with more discription and flow... very interesting life!


    PS: I am just under 7inches :P
    What in the name of one dimensional characters and predictable reactions is going on here!
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    I'm sorry, I didn't read your story, as soon as I see huge blocks of text I lose interest.
    More paragraphs and better punctuation are a courtesy to the reader!

    I would also suggest sticking to Arial or TNR, as the Tahoma font you use is hard to follow, and leaves optical 'blobs' on double letters which are distracting.
    I can change it for you if you like!

    I'm sorry if this seems like negative criticism, but a good story can be lost with bad presentation.
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    Default Help to edit story more vividly

    Quote Originally Posted by chunky View Post
    I'm sorry, I didn't read your story, as soon as I see huge blocks of text I lose interest.
    More paragraphs and better punctuation are a courtesy to the reader!

    I would also suggest sticking to Arial or TNR, as the Tahoma font you use is hard to follow, and leaves optical 'blobs' on double letters which are distracting.
    I can change it for you if you like!

    I'm sorry if this seems like negative criticism, but a good story can be lost with bad presentation.
    You are right chunky, actually my cock is 7 inch instead 10 inch. I approched NKL13 who is good story writer to have collobaration, but I did not get any reponse from him. If you can than I need your help. This also you can edit, I also felt that I could not portray it vividly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wils1 View Post
    u r sick fuck, wat kind of sane person wants to fuck there own flesh and blood, u and ur family needs serious help, i would get it before its toon late!
    Indeed, just the title of this topic turns my stomach...
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    Use speach punctuation correctly, and sort out some paragraphs, and then I'll attempt to read this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wils1 View Post
    u r sick fuck, wat kind of sane person wants to fuck there own flesh and blood, u and ur family needs serious help, i would get it before its toon late!
    The title of this thread is a very clear indication of its content.
    If it's something that fills you with revulsion, why did you look at it??
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    jesus christ...i hope it aint true
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    naughty you
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    This story has now been edited and punctuated at the request of the writer, and is now re-presented for your enjoyment .......:-D
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    hello poster

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    back to the dark waters with you scary freaky friend!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by chunky View Post
    This story has now been edited and punctuated at the request of the writer, and is now re-presented for your enjoyment .......:-D

    Thanks, I could actually read it this time.
    I distrust Hate. It dares to steal Lust from Love: Fanfiction 2007
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    Default Three Cheers for Chunky

    Once again Chunky has proven what a great all around guy he is by volunteering to edit this story. It really reads well now. I'm sure it took a lot of his time, too.
    A'in it harm none do what thou wilt.
    Andreamedis' forever!
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    First of: very horny story!! top score!......second...i would like to se some pics of your moms hot body.
    Yes, i am the the horny magic dragon....

    Imperial Dragon, And Defender Of the Island.
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    Thumbs down booh

    that shit sounded sooooo stupidly fake its not even comical. the fact that they both have like perfect bodies makes things hard to believe. shit just sounds stupid, i couldnt read more than maybe 1/8th of it because it was soo rediculous. i hope whoever wrote it dies sometime soon, not because of the whole mother/son thing, but just because he's a complete deuchbag!
    those who want to fuck me are honest, those who dont, well, they're just liars.

    you just got fucked! make sure you wipe your butthole before you put your shorts back on.
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    hello , u there
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    That is a longggggg ass story man. I could never write that much.....my autobiography wouldn't even be that long. Ch.1: He was born Ch2: He dies later. The End.
    R.I.P Dime.

    "Devour, suffocate your own empire.
    Devour, it's your final hour". - Devour by Shinedown
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    Default unimginable

    I cannot believe this to be true. Whatever your mother did for her living is a separate issue. There are many instances of brother/sister,mother/son,father/daughter intimate sex relations, but it does not come out openly as a write up. As a story of someone written by you can be accepted as a last resort. But not in this form,it looks much worse if you say your mother has edited it.
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    Thumbs up Excellent momfucking

    It is excellent story. I want to fuck your mom too, hey how it is while I am eatig your mom's cunt and you are fucking her mouth.
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    Default This is Sickness story

    Alright man your story is too long and very boring, very smelly story. Well keep fuck when you get children , you are mentaly illness pserson , you are keep saying your mother is beautiful , prove it on your profile pic , I dont think your mother is beautiful ,
    a cow male he see the other cow female she look beautiful , if your eyes the same I dont blame you , Well I must say - Not a good story
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    Quote Originally Posted by nxnn_2007 View Post
    Alright man your story is too long and very boring, very smelly story. Well keep fuck when you get children , you are mentaly illness pserson , you are keep saying your mother is beautiful , prove it on your profile pic , I dont think your mother is beautiful ,
    a cow male he see the other cow female she look beautiful , if your eyes the same I dont blame you , Well I must say - Not a good story
    If you feel that way, just don't read it. You are a literate illness person, go to school and learn some real English.
    A'in it harm none do what thou wilt.
    Andreamedis' forever!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nxnn_2007 View Post
    Alright man your story is too long and very boring, very smelly story. Well keep fuck when you get children , you are mentaly illness pserson , you are keep saying your mother is beautiful , prove it on your profile pic , I dont think your mother is beautiful ,
    a cow male he see the other cow female she look beautiful , if your eyes the same I dont blame you , Well I must say - Not a good story
    Either you are about 7 or you never went to school - and English should be your first language.. (If you really are an Aussie...)

    The title of this story was clear..you shouldn't have read it if you already knew that this kind of stuff disgusted you..
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    even i love to suck my moms pussy but how
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