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    Default Wishes: All problems solved

    This story is the fiction of my twisted little mind, its dark and purely wank material. Take it with a pinch of salt, that said.

    Edited by Remo Jackson
    Wishes: All problems solved
    Chapter One

    The winds whipped around me, the sort that cuts through a body and sends a chill down the spine. Were I to be lost here, no one would find the body at all, it would either be buried in the cave or swept out to sea. The sky was over cast, with a light grey cloud covering it. The waves rolled and churned, splashing against the walls of the cliff that I was trying to explore.

    I had precariously worked my around the churning sea to a cave that I had spotted that was a little out of the way. I turned my torch on and it cut through the darkness. As I edged forwards, shining the light, it reflected off something bright in the sand. The stones crunched underneath my feet as I edged towards it.

    The sea churned and wave splashed towards me and a whip of water hit me in the face, coughing and spluttering and now cold, I dug down and grabbed at the object. I couldn’t make out what the object was as it was covered in coral and ivy deposits. It was freezing, and now I was as well. Shivering I went back to the car and dumped it in the boot. I enjoyed the rest of my days off and went home, practically forgetting about it.

    Going onto the internet, I researched ways of getting the coral off the object. Starting slowly, I soaked the item in a large bucket of water for a couple days then started working on prying loose the outer layers of molluscs and other assorted barnacle like sea life that had attached itself. After a week of soaking, scraping and prying, I saw that the item was a lamp of a type I’d not seen before. It appeared to be sealed so I had the impression that it was ornamental not usable.

    Stopping at a book store on the way home from work, I spent some time in the antique section to see if I could find out what type of lamp I had discovered. Several hours later, I found a reference to ornamental lamps used in history and found a crude drawing similar to the lamp I had found.

    There were only a few short paragraphs in the book detailing the lamp and its possible uses. From a gift to the sultan to something one in an elite class would have hung from their wall. The last reference was to the genie in the lamp from the myth/legend of Aladdin’s Lamp folklore. I couldn’t help but chuckle at that and then replaced the book on the shelf and walked home to a much deserved dinner. Sitting at the table in my flat, I thought over what I had read. Could it be possible that I had uncovered something a museum would want? Or did I just find some old decoration that wasn’t worth anything?

    That night, I dreamt of the genie in the lamp and awoke with some strange thoughts in my head. Calling in sick to work, I sat and stared at the lamp.

    Everyone knows the story of Aladdin and the lamp and the crap load of wishes that he made, but it was a legend, a story passed down through the ages...right? It was a myth, but then I guess in all stories, myths and legends there is some small element of truth.

    Still, I stared at it and licked my lips somewhat nervously. If it was what I thought it was, I had a lot of power sitting on my table. Power that could be good or could be dangerous depending on which way it went. I fired up my desktop computer and Googled everything I could about the legend and what could happen if it were actually real.

    Would the Genie in the lamp be evil or good, or even in between? That was, if there was even a Genie in the lamp in the first place. Sighing I got out a cloth from one of the draws and starting cleaning it, the lamp began to rumble and I felt and odd sensation inside my head, a moment later and it was gone.

    I put the lamp down on the table and a moment later black billowing smoke poured out of the spout. It moved slowly around me before gathering itself up into form and substance and turned into what appeared to be a tall brown skinned man. The man had no iris’s his eyes were completely black, coal black and looked pitiless. He stepped forwards and bowed deeply, “I am the Genie of the lamp, and your wish is my command.”


    Okay not the smartest answer I’ve ever had.

    The Genie barked out a laugh, I cocked my head and said, “Wish?”

    “Yes Master, any wish you desire.”

    Being human means being inherently greedy, so the first thing I asked was, “How many wishes do I get?”

    “As many as you want.”

    “Wow, what happened to the three wish limit?”

    There was a pause, I felt that familiar sensation in the back of the mind and he nodded, “That it is a common myth perpetrated by those who owned the lamps to prevent others from gaining power such as they had. Once the Jin found out about this, they realized that over time it was a good thing to limit wishes to three. However, I have been imprisoned within my vessel for some time. Therefore, I shall not limit your wishes.”

    “Imprisoned?” I looked at the lamp, and back at the Genie, “I don’t like that, is there any way I can free you?”

    “Sadly not,” he said with a sigh, “Only the grand genie can free me.”

    I nodded, “Is there anything I can do to make your stay with me more comfortable?”

    “Let me have free reign, go where I want when I’m not in use, let me eat, dress and interact with those around me.”

    I shrugged, “As long as it doesn’t hurt me or anyone, I’m cool with that.”

    The Genie broke out in a big grin and bowed again, “It has been a long time, at least five thousand years since I have walked the Earth.”

    “Ouch.” I said, we both laughed.

    “Indeed,” he said with a smile, “Now there is the matter of your wishes my master.”
    I nodded.

    “What about,” I paused thinking it through, “Could I contact you and make a wish without having to bring you back from wherever you are.”

    “Like telepathy?”

    I nodded my head, “Yes.”

    He shrugged his shoulders, “Sure, works for me, easier too.”

    “That was my thinking.”

    “Okay,” he said, I felt the familiar tinkle in my mind and blinked as he said, ‘Done.’


    He laughed.

    “First things first, do any of my wishes need to be specific, for example would I need to specify the type of engine if I were to wish for a car or could I just name the type and manufacture?” The genie paused and thought about this before answering.

    “Hmm, I see where this might be an issue. Some Jinn would grant such a wish to the basics. Using your example of a vehicle, they might grant you said vehicle but not include fuel as you didn’t mention that.” I was a bit shocked at his response and worry must have shown on my face.

    “But,” he continued, “now that we have a mental link, I know exactly what it is that you would wish for and would not be bound by the exact mention of an item. A respectable Jinn would know intuitively what their master wants and would therefore grant it. There will be no need to be that specific with me I assure you.” I breathed a sigh of relief then thought of something that would help me make my decisions, a full and satisfied stomach. I smiled at the genie and then made my first wish.

    “Now that we have that out of the way, I wish that my fridge is stocked up with my favourite foods, and my cupboards the same, everything I like, for snacks, meals and drinks.”

    He clapped his hands dramatically and said “Granted.”


    Walking over to my refrigerator, I opened it and looked at the contents. There was everything that I had ever enjoyed for a meal and all my favourites. I pulled out a can of coke and snapped it open, took a sip and then raised my can in a toast to the genie who nodded and smiled. I told him to go and explore the world as he had not done so for several thousand years while I made a list of all the wishes I would like.

    Knowing I could summon him if needed, I went to my laptop and booted it up to start the internet. Once the WiFi was online I opened up Google and did a search for super powers, interestingly enough I came up with several sites that could help me for this. I started looking at the websites and a thought occurred to me that there were some sick people out there that wanted some really gross and weird powers. I finally found a site that explained super powers for the ‘normal’ person. Another thought hit me as I was researching, what if I got these powers but couldn’t control them?

    ‘Genie, I know you’re out there having fun and seeing the world, but I do have one wish for right now that will help me with the rest of the wishes. I wish that when I wish for a super power of any variety, no matter what it is, I am able to completely understand how to use it and control its power.’

    The Genie answered my call and granted my wish.

    Interestingly enough I came across a power that I thought would help me in my line of work, I’m a night porter who works in a five star hotel, as such I come across a variety of people who have different needs and wants and have to provide the service that they need and want.

    The power to summarize on sight the personality and powers of those around me would definitely be helpful, sure if I actually came across anyone who had superpowers I would be able to know who and what they were without them knowing. This could be helpful in a number of situations. But more, not just with the powers, if I could know the personality of the people I’m dealing with it would help me out in awkward situations and maybe avoid dangerous scenarios.

    I added that to my literal wish list. Next up I went back to Google and did more searches; I came up with a website that had list of powers from a show called Heroes. I swear I didn’t giggle, not a whole lot, Okay, I laughed my ass off for a few minutes then tried really hard not to giggle as I searched through the site. The idea that I could get all these powers made me somewhat giddy, like a small child in a toy store with no adult supervision.

    I sighed and sat back, it was a lot of stuff to go through. First off I needed to figure out what I wanted to know, what I wanted to orientate my powers around.

    I added rapid cellular regeneration to my list. It sounded like something pretty cool and one never knows, something like that might come in handy. Reading more about it, I soon found out that rapid cellular regeneration is the ability to regenerate cells at an increased rate, resulting in physical injuries healing in a matter of seconds or minutes.

    Essentially this means that I would never get sick, never age and that if I lost a body part it would grow back.

    That’s definitely going on my list.

    The next power I saw that looked interesting was superhuman strength, reflexes and equilibrium. I didn’t want to get that wish granted and then find out that I’d look like some circus strong man so I researched more into it and found that it didn’t necessarily mean a major physical change. It could be done by changing the bone density, tendons and other related organs. It would also reduce body fat to make up for the muscle mass. The outcome would be that my body could now withstand more stress and become more flexible and agile like a world class gymnast. The only downside that I could see was an increased appetite.

    I added to the list that any changes made would have to fit my body frame with minimal obvious changes. I really didn’t want to have to go out and get an entirely wardrobe. I spent some time on the list and when I was ready I printed out the list. Impressive, it was over 30 pages. Cautiously, I read through the list to make sure everything was spelled correctly before summoning up the courage to call the Genie. Making a quick dash to the bathroom, I did what I had to do then washed up and walked back to the main room. Taking a deep breath, I called for the Genie.

    He appeared in the room just as he had done the first time only he was now dressed in a very well tailored suit. He looked more like a distinguished businessman than a several thousand year old Jinn. Bowing deeply at the waist he swept his arm up and greeted me.

    “Master.” Straightening back up he looked at the thick printout in my hands. “Is this your list?”

    “Yes it is.” I muttered as I handed it to him. He accepted it and then started paging through it. He nodded a few times and pursed his lips once or twice until he reached the end of the list. Looking back up at me when he finished.

    “Is this everything Master? You have not wished for riches, gold, women, a palace with a thousand young girls for a harem. Are you sure this is everything?” He fixed me with a look that almost made me rethink the entire list. Standing up straight I gave him my answer.

    “All those things you mention are in the list Genie. Those are my wishes.” He smiled an all knowing smile then folded the printout and placed it inside one of his suit pockets.

    “Very well then, let’s begin.” The Genie bowed his head and brought his hands together with a mighty clap that sounded almost like thunder. It was loud enough to make the windows rattle and I heard some of the china from the kitchen shake. He looked up at me.

    “It is done my Master.” I didn’t feel any different just a slight tingly feeling. I ran to the bedroom and looked in the mirror. I really didn’t look all different. I flexed my bicep and ripped through the shirt.


    Taking off my shirt I looked at my chest, arms and stomach. Where before I had a minimally maintained body I now had the body of someone who did an intensive weight and aerobic workout several times a week.

    I looked at my teeth in the mirror and was surprised to see a set or perfectly white teeth looking back at me. That check up with the dentist later this week was no longer needed. Unbuckling my pants I dropped them and my underwear to the floor and looked at my dick. It didn’t look all that changed. I was about to call for the Genie when a better idea came to mind. I put in the Paris Hilton sex tape and queued it up to one of my favourite parts. Oh yeah, my new and improved cock sat up and looked around. It was longer and thicker than I remember and my balls felt heavier. I couldn’t wait to try this out.

    Along with the wish that gave me a more endowed cock, I had included that I wanted my dick to be able to pleasure a woman in any way and stipulated that I would have the ability to lengthen, shorten, increase or decrease the size and shape of my cock to make sure that the woman who was riding it would get the most pleasure out of it.

    I wished to know how to seduce any man or woman I came into contact with and that I would emit if I chose a strong pheromone that would make them heavily attracted to me, this was mainly to make my seduction easier. When I got the man or woman into bed or wherever I wanted to know instinctively how to fuck them, how to please them and how to make them fall in love with me.

    While my list was long and extensive, I had added some other ideas such as knowing how to speak and understand any language I came across.

    Telepathy, telekinesis, intuitive aptitude where I would understand and know how to build or use any type of machine or computer I laid my hands on, how to stop time, move forward, reverse or still pause the day, week, month, etc.

    How else to move through a boring day? I didn’t forget accelerated probability, which would allow me to see the outcome of my choice after I made it to determine of that was the proper decision. That coupled with the fast forward time ability should prevent me from making stupid mistakes. One of the last items on the literal wish list was that I would be permanently in perfect health, perfect teeth, impervious to all viruses, colds, diseases and all that, while that was separate from the cellular regeneration in the event of an injury, I still felt that I wanted to add it to the list.

    The Genie was laughing hard as I was checking myself out.

    “Do you find the changes satisfactory Master?” he asked in that deep baritone voice of his.

    “Shit yeah!” I replied excitedly.
    “Young people from all around the globe are joining up today to fight for the future! They're doing their part, are you? Join the mobile infantry and save the world, service guarantees citizenship.”

    You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
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    Wishes: All Problems solved
    Chapter Two
    The Heart's Desire

    With Time travel, I could freeze time and go about my daily routine with no worry of time’s awastin’. ‘Genie’ I said in my head, ‘I wish for the knowledge of Tony Stark.’


    Suddenly information started filling my head, I groaned and rubbed my eyes tiredly and went to sleep. When I woke up, the information in my noggin’ had been sorted out and I was okay -- some of the things that I had never understood before I knew almost instinctively.

    Looking at the computers, I scowled at how temperamental and how slow they were, compared to the machines that Tony Stark had in the marvel universe, these were positively ancient. As in medieval. I unplugged both my machines and started working on them, again as time was stopped I didn’t need to worry about the hours or anything, I needed parts so I asked for the Genie’s help and he dropped by.

    Looking up from the assorted parts I couldn’t help but bark out a laugh, while he was dressed in his suit he was covered in red lipstick marks. “Having fun were we?”

    “You know it,” he sat down and looked at my work. “So what are we working on?”

    I told him, the Genie whistled and nodded his head, “Interesting, so how about schematics or anything like that?”

    “Like Michelangelo I don’t need to use my hands to do my work, I can study it and work the design out for myself.”

    The Genie bowed his head.

    I made a list of parts and tools I would need, thinking on Sylars power, I wished for tactile telekinesis so that I could do my work more quickly. The Genie stayed and watched me work, as I put all of the pieces together, rather than wishing for Gold, which I needed, I simply wished for the power of Alchemy. With this I could turn things into gold or silver should the need arise.

    I spent a good couple of hours rebuilding both machines, once that was done I then got to work on the programming of the two. I installed an operating system that was light years ahead of Microsoft and didn’t require a training course to operate.

    Now that I had a machine capable of handling anything I wanted, I started work on the artificial intelligence. I spent several hours of writing out base code into the machine before completing the task. Once done, I had an artificial intelligence, equal if not better than JARVIS. I grinned and kept the name.

    I let JARVIS loose on the internet, the artificial intelligence had protocols in place to prevent it from creating a Skynet type scenario. While I was a fan of post apocalyptic stories, I didn’t particularly have any wish to participate in one or live through one.

    The intelligences mission was to stomp any nasty sites, paedophile sites as well any site dealing in anything notorious. That included the Church of Scientology as well several government operated sites. The intelligence would also use the internet to track down any mafia operated sites, hack them and steal the money from them and put them into an untraceable account.

    Over three days Jarvis made headlines as he spray painted his name across several large and well known sites with a ‘Jarvis was here’.

    I had cracked of laughter as I watched the news presenters trying to understand who exactly this was, even better was when Jarvis created his own Facebook and twitter, detailing who and what it was going to take down. Jarvis soon had a massive following.

    As he hit websites he drained them of money and transferred them into an untraceable bank account, of which I was then sent the credit card and cheque books. It turned out to be quite a bit, within the first week of receiving the card I had up to a million in spending money.


    I stopped typing when I heard squeaking and looked up, the room above me was occupied by a small Polish family. Mother, daughter, son and father. The Son was tall lanky and had long brown hair, he wore dark clothing and was considered ‘emo’.

    The father was British and had shorter messy blond hair, the mother was about my height with short dark hair and was slightly large with two big melons on top of her. The daughter was a similar version of the mother only her tits were bigger.

    The squeaking sped up and I wished for a moment that I was the one fucking her, I’d heard the bed springs so often before and had jerked my previous little dinky to the rhythm. I blinked, realisation dawning on me as I suddenly thought, ‘I could join them.’

    Grinning I stood up and walked to the door, I stopped time and phased through the doorway, I then moved up the stairs and scanned the apartment. The daughter was in the flat and was near the doorway, so I restarted time and knocked.

    The daughter opened the door, I snuck in her mind and gave the idea that I was holding a gun, I smiled and quietly said, “We’re going to move inside and you’re not going to make a sound, do you understand?”

    She nodded her head.

    She turned around and I froze time, I wished for enough handcuffs to be able to cuff them to the chairs, a small bag appeared in my hand with the cuffs in it, I smiled and restarted time and ushered the daughter in. The son was there, he stopped saw me and looked at my fingers and swallowed hard. I directed him to quietly get a chair and put it down, he then took the cuffs and cuffed his sister’s arms and legs to the chair, he got another and sat down and I did the same to him.

    I got some clothes and gagged the two so they couldn’t scream, I then went to the parents bedroom and opened the door, when I walked in the father was in the process of stuffing his hard dick into his wife’s hot snatch. He came loudly.

    It was at that point that I stepped in fully, they both turned around, she screamed and he went to move. I held my fingers up and made a motion that in their mind had me cocking my gun. They both froze, once again I ordered them about, got them out of bed and into the living room where they saw their son and daughter tied to the chairs and gagged. I got the father to do the same thing and noticed the son’s eyes staring at his mothers large bosoms.

    Once they were both secure I went into the bedroom, fished out her wet panties and went back to the son, I pulled the gag out and forced his mother’s panties into his mouth. He struggled and fought but I mentally quashed any idea of him trying to bite me.

    I went back and grabbed the dirty linen basket and brought it into the living room, I did the same with the daughters and dumped them both on the floor, I pulled out the daughters panties and made sure her smell was prominent before putting them over her brother’s head. I made sure that the crotch was directly over his nose. He groaned and tried to fight me again.

    I unzipped his trousers and fished out his cock and was surprised to see how long it was, I checked out his father and noticed that his dads was the same size, only a bit thicker. I picked up the son, chair and all and carried him into the bedroom.

    I pulled his sisters panties off and left him there, and went into their kitchen, grabbed some cooking oil and came back and put some on my hands. I gripped his pole and started spanking his monkey, I jerked his cock until he stiffened, groaned and spurted onto my hand and his dick and balls.

    I pulled the gag out and smiled, “You like your sister and mom?”

    He blushed and looked away, I shrugged my shoulders, “They’re both hot women and yeah were I you I’d want to bang them.”

    “What do you want?”

    He blurted this out to me, I laughed, “What do you think?” Neither of them had anything I needed and they weren’t rich.

    “Look you play it right and I’ll let you have a piece of both those tasty pies.”

    He nodded his head.

    “Unless you prefer a man,” he blushed, I grinned, “Well in that case I’ll let you have a piece of his pie as well.”

    His dick started to swell again, I poured more oil on my hand and using a mixture of his cum and oil I jerked him off again, he took longer this time because he’d already came but eventually he stiffened and his dick spurted out once more.

    I wiped my hands on his sister’s panties and picked his chair up and took him back into the living room, once there I got the oil and repeated the process with his father. Despite the fact that man had cummed already in his wife, he groaned and shot his seed on the floor.

    The sister was still in her school uniform, so I knelt in front of her and started unbuttoning her blouse, I got all the way to the bottom and pulled it out of her skirt. I smiled as I stared at her two large melons.

    “I’ll bet a lot boys wank over images of you.”

    She blushed and tried to fight, but because I was using a small amount of TK to keep them all in place, she couldn’t move. A wail escaped her lips and she sagged, I reached up and pulled her bra down. Her large nipples and dark areola came into view, I held up a breast and cupped one of her mother’s and weighed them.

    I nodded, pleased, “Very nice.”

    “Do you fuck your daughter?”

    “No,” the father spat at me.

    “Bet you’d like to.”

    “Fuck you,” he spat again, I laughed. I pulled apart the bra and let her breasts fall free. I got some oil and rubbed the sons cock again and got it nice and stiff, I then uncuffed the mother from the chair and twisted her arms behind her back and cuffed them together. I moved her into position and using TK I moved his dick so that it was aimed right at her cunt hole and had her sit down on it. He groaned loudly and bucked upwards into her. I pushed her forwards so that her head was resting on his shoulder. I then uncuffed her hands and cuffed them to his own cuffs. I did the same with her legs. She couldn’t move off him now if she wanted.

    I leaned close to her ear, “It’s your sons first time, make it good.”

    She cried and sobbed but bucked her hips anyway, moving slowly around and back and forth, he loved it and was lost in passion. It wasn’t long before her heat got too much for him and he grunted, shouted out and came in her. She sobbed as he did and wailed when he finished. I sighed and stroked her hair before turning back to the daughter. I smiled and looked her up and down but decided against it.

    I uncuffed their father and put his arms behind his back, I oiled my dick up and put him over the sofa, with that done I spread apart his ass cheeks and pushed my dick slowly into his tight asshole. I finally bottomed out, my balls against his and started the age old rhythm before long I began fucking him properly.

    I grabbed his hips and ignored his screaming, silently I had wished beforehand that no one would hear or acknowledge what was going on in the flat, outside the walls of the building it wouldn’t be heard. He screamed and swore and shouted, but I continued plowing.

    I built up a good steam before I decided to shoot my load, as I could control how much I came with no side effects, I decided to cum inside him for about five minutes. I pulled my dick out and continued cumming on him, I was able to cover him from his feet to his head. I stopped cumming and sighed, pulled him off the sofa and gently put his cum covered sobbing form on the floor.

    The son was staring at me with an open mouth, I winked at him. I walked over and pushed his mother forward, she sobbed loudly and wailed as I pushed my dick against her asshole, she screamed when I pushed in hard.

    I managed to get about half way before her screaming got too much, I waited until her sore asshole could take it and pushed all the rest of the way.

    I let her get used to the feeling of two dicks in her began I began ramming again, as with the husband I got carried away and began pounding her. She screamed loudly and even at one point bit the sons shoulder, he cried out in shock and pain, I was almost oblivious to it as I rutted her.


    I came, and poured it in until the white stickiness dribbled out of the sides of my dick and onto the floor. I pulled out and the cum followed suit, her gaping hole thoroughly abused.

    I stared at the daughter who was openly crying and smiled, I was satisfied, the son came again and sighed. I healed his wound and made him forget about it, uncuffed the mother and put her limp form back into the chair.

    I kissed the son on the mouth and we exchanged spit for a few moments, I uncuffed him and a quick scan of his mind showed I had his complete loyalty.

    He got up and we hugged and sat down on the sofa, he looked at his sister and mother and groaned, I patted his legs.

    “Wanna help me with the others?”


    “The neighbours in the block?”

    He groaned.

    We got undressed, and left the flat, we left the family in there. I froze time and wished that they wouldn’t think of moving from where they were. With the wish granted, I restarted time.

    We went to the flat above and collected a tall thin blond haired woman by the name of Dawn and her young thirteen year old son, took them to the flat by ‘gun point’ and tied them to some more chairs, and repeated the process with the family that lived opposite me.

    Maxine had two little girls, so they were brought up and put in the master bedroom, I telepathically put them to sleep so they wouldn’t hear what was going on with there parents. Aaron, Maxine’s husband tried to fight and I enjoyed it, getting hard again as I forced him into his place. I tied them both up.

    My last pit stop was to the house opposite my flat with a woman called Jo, small blond hair and large saggy d cup breasts. She too had a young son and daughter -- but both of these were not as young as the little girls, and both of those were brought up with the husband. The kids were tied up with their parents.

    I now knew the kid as Mathew, he helped me undress each woman, cutting her clothing off with scissors, or in the case of trousers, holding her down while I pulled them off. Eventually everyone in the room was naked, man, woman and child alike.

    I put my dick in between Maxine’s large breasts, Mathew did the same with Jo’s saggy ones and the two of us had a good tit wank. I came onto Maxine’s face, and Mathew did the same with Jo, he groaned and spurted onto her mouth.
    “Young people from all around the globe are joining up today to fight for the future! They're doing their part, are you? Join the mobile infantry and save the world, service guarantees citizenship.”

    You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
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    Wishes: All problems solved
    Chapter three

    I spent the better part of a day rooting around in their minds, organising things, fixing things so that they were on the whole, better people. Once done their inhibitions were lowered and they were ready and willing to do anything I pleased. I untied Mathew’s father and he and his wife went and got showered up and changed. Everyone was soon chatting and talking more openly, I got a few hugs and kisses from everyone involved.

    With that little bit of business concluded I went to bed, I made a wish before I did that no matter how long I slept, whether it be for one minute or ten hours I would be completely awake and refreshed. I called Maxine, Dawn and Jo into the room with me. Maxine cuddled up to me while I had Dawn in front of me, my dick nestled nicely against her firm ass. Jo hugged Maxine and I slept soundly.

    The men came in and woke up both myself and their wives, we all got showered, Mathew’s mother who I now knew as Adrianna had cooked some dinner, or in my case breakfast. I took Dawn into the bedroom, bent her over the bed and slipped my dick inside her warm hole, she groaned as I did so and her warmth felt good.

    I fucked Dawn until I came, brought her off and we got showered and changed, I got into my work clothes and grunted when they wouldn’t fit. They were too small, I had forgot that I had increased my overall physique. I stopped time and wished for them to fit me properly.

    With that sorted out I had Dawn dress in something sexy and took her to work with me, I made a blanket suggestion that no-one was worried about her or her state of dress, most people ignored her but the odd man or woman did look her way. When we arrived I walked with her hand in hand into reception, I got Dawn a seat and sat her down, Jessica and Julie were working that night so they introduced themselves to her.

    Dawn looked at me and smiled, “What about these two beauties?”

    Jessica looked at me, “What does she mean?”

    I studied Jessica for a moment, shoulder length dirty blond hair, a pretty smile, slightly large body, but that only made her curvy. Her breasts were quite big but sagged like Jo’s. “Dawn means should I fuck you or not.”

    I walked up to Jessica and moved my hands around her hips and pulled her into a hug, I moved my hands around and cupped both her buttocks and held onto her. We hugged like that for a while, my hands wondering freely over her ass cheeks, I couldn’t help but push into her. I slid my hands up her hips, abdomen and finally up to her breasts, which I happily cupped.

    I massaged them for a moment, before moving in for a kiss. She opened her lips and I pressed mine against her, our tongues danced around in each other’s mouths as we fought for supremacy. Finally she won out and her small slender tongue moved inside my mouth, I groaned into her and started pulling at the buttons on her blouse.

    I pulled away from her lips and concentrated on the buttons, quickly plucking one after the other from its hole, my work colleagues, with the exception of Julie were completely oblivious to this (somewhat obviously). Finally I pulled the shirt from her skirt and admired her black, bra clad breasts.

    “Sexy,” I uttered, she moaned and spread her legs, I pulled at the bra and tugged it down and knelt my head towards her nipples and started sucking. I swapped to the other one and pulled at it with my mouth, she gasped as I slurped. I pulled away, and started unbuckling my belt. Her nipples were lovely, they were fat and erect while her areola was dark and large.

    “You’re going to fuck mom?” I looked towards Julie and nodded my head, “Here?”

    I nodded again.

    I dropped my trousers and underwear and both women stared openly at the size of my dick, Jessica groaned and reached for it, her dainty hand tugging at it, soon enough my dick was fully erect as she expertly massaged it. She fully explored my dick and then my balls, I groaned when she cupped them and massaged them with her fingers.

    “God you’re good at that,” she grinned at me.

    “Tony loves it when I do that.”

    “I’ll bet,” the Sergeant was standing to attention. I reached under and slipped a finger inside her already wet snatch, it felt so snug and warm, and I started frigging her. She groaned again and gripped my left arm with hers, as soon as I heard it start squelching, I pulled out and rubbed her clit. I pulled my finger out and sucked off her juice, she pulled her skirt up and I looked at her daughter.

    “Julie pull her panties aside please,” Julie moaned and reached under and pulled the frilly panties aside, I pushed the tip of my penis against her open hole and then pushed it in. I filled her up and even expanded a bit to fill her cunt completely, she groaned as I did so.

    “God,” she sighed as I pushed all of the way, “He’s so fucking big.”

    I gripped her buttocks as I started pumping her, it wasn’t long before I built up a good rhythm and we rocked and shook the desk. I took her through at least one orgasm before I came in her hard, she grunted, groaned and came again. I stayed in her and started pumping again, she groaned and held onto me as I did the work.

    I came a short while after that and pulled out with a plop, cum dribbled down her leg and pooled on the floor. I sat down on the chair and pulled her onto my lap and spread her legs, I then looked at Julie and ordered the daughter to lick her mother’s cunt. Julie groaned and got down on her knees and sucked my sticky white cum from the gaping pussy.

    She guzzled on it, eagerly licking up my cum as though she were addicted, Jessica started getting hot again from Julie’s administrations as the daughter expertly worked her mother’s clit. The older blond was moaning up a treat.

    Even after constant use my dick was once again up to the challenge, I pushed Jessica off me and pushed her over the desk and my dick once again entered her wet grip, she groaned as I entered and started grunting as I pumped her.

    I could feel my balls tighten, I pulled out of her slick hole and had Julie get on her knees, I pushed my dick inside her mouth and grunted out a long hard wad of cum. I grabbed her hair and shoved my cock roughly into the back of her throat and was pleased to hear her gag. I came, and came and came as hard and as long as I could. I judged when I should stop, when she was starting to choke on it and pulled out, she fell to the floor and coughed up cum.

    I reached under her and pulled apart her blouse and the tugged down her bra, I helped her up and got her sat down on the chair. Once that was done, I watched as Jessica started kissing her daughter and groaned, my dick was back up to its normal happy self.

    Jessica helped Julie out of her trousers, top and bra and soon enough the daughter was standing in front of me butt naked, I had Julie sit on the chair, and put one of her legs on the desk, while we manoeuvred the other chair place so she could spread her pussy lips for me. I got on my knees and worshipped her properly, enjoying her taste and her fragrance as it wafted up to my sensitive nose.

    I sucked on her clit, fingered her pussy and gripped one of her breasts, she was moaning up a treat as I gave her what she wanted. Soon enough she was hot and ready for it. I stood up, my dick eagerly anticipating her heat, I leaned in against her and pushed against her hole. She moaned and groaned as I slowly but surely pushed all the way in.

    ‘No hymen’ a quick scan told me that she had lost her virginity on a one night stand, as soon as we were ready, I began pumping her. Julie gripped my back and pressed her bosom’s against my chest and chanted ‘Oh God,’ repeatedly.

    When I came, she moaned loudly, squeezed her cunt around my shaft and came with me. Finally she sagged back against the chair, puffing and panting. A tiny trickle of sweat rolled down her chest and in between the valley of her breasts. I leant down and scooped it up with my tongue.

    I kissed her again, fiercely. When I pulled apart, she groaned, “God I can’t believe you just fucked us in reception.”

    “Yeah,” Jessica said as she was trying to straighten her blouse, she looked out at the people milling about in the foyer. “What’s with that?”

    I stood up and walked behind her and grabbed both her breasts and sighed, “It’s because I have super powers.”

    She quirked an eyebrow up, “Seriously Logan.”

    I laughed.

    “Seriously what’s going on?”

    I rolled my eyes, “Everyone’s ignoring us,” I said with a grin, “Because I told them to.”


    I flicked my fingers and a little flame appeared on the tip, I ignited the flame and puffed it out. I created an ice flower, a rose, and then turned it into gold.

    “God,” she whispered.

    “Nope,” I smiled, “Just Logan.”

    I got Julie to stand up, I took off the rest of my clothes and sat down in the seat and patted my lap, Julie sat down on me and I reached around and cuddled her. “I can do one of two things, make you forget everything that happened here tonight or I can tell you everything and have you and your family join the others as my sex slaves.”

    “Why would we want to do that?”

    I shrugged, “Because I’d fuck you regularly, and you’d get paid for it.”


    I nodded my head, “Yup, paid, as in crap loads of money?”


    “Super powers Jessica.”

    “Oh,” she said, the light of realization dawning in her eyes. She nodded her head, “Okay so what now?”

    ‘Valid point.’

    “Okay, now I come home with you, take you and Julie and Tony to bed and we work out everything in the morning.”

    “But what about?”

    I laughed, cutting her off, and tapped my head. She smiled, we stood up and gathered up our clothes, once that was done I added in the commands to my other colleagues and we left. Jessica pulled into the driveway, “Kids we’re home.”

    Julie couldn’t talk as her mouth was currently bobbing up and down on my dick I came as she turned the engine off. We got out of the car and took everything with us, once inside we sat down with Tony, Jessica’s husband. We talked him through what had happened at the place, and he seemed somewhat distracted.

    That might have something to do with his naked stepdaughter who was currently jerking me off, he wanted proof and like with Jessica I offered it to him, he groaned and sat back. Jessica got on her knees and undid his trousers; she then pulled his stiff member out and started sucking on it.

    He groaned and came.

    “Hell,” he said with a pant, “If half of what you said is true, I’m in.”

    “After you fuck your daughter in law.”

    He groaned, his dick revitalised after seeing her smooth round breasts, “God I’ve wanted to fuck her so hard.”

    I patted Julie’s leg, “Well you ain’t the only one.”

    He laughed.

    “Tomorrow we’ll go visit the other families and you can have some fun with them.”
    “Young people from all around the globe are joining up today to fight for the future! They're doing their part, are you? Join the mobile infantry and save the world, service guarantees citizenship.”

    You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
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    We drove home, or at least to Jo’s house. Once there we got out of the car and I informed Jo that I was there. She opened the door and came out and met me with a hug and a full on kiss, I ground into and she into me, our tongues fenced each other, fighting for dominance.

    We broke apart, “I missed you!”

    I nodded, of course she did. “Go give Tony a good kiss and then suck him off.”


    She walked over to him, the older man reached down and kissed her on the lips, as I guided Jessica and Julie into the house, Jo was bobbing up and down on his shaft. I showed them around, including the master bedroom, got Jessica to strip off and pushed my meat inside her willing cunt. It wasn’t much long before everyone came into watch. Mathew practically tore his clothes off and when I was done he moved behind her and took my place.

    I worked my way through the group and afterwards, when we were mostly finished I walked back into the bedroom to see Tony riding Julie, grunting and groaning as the two writhed in the bed sheets.

    “Fuck me harder daddy,” she cried out as he pounded her.

    I left the two to it, Jessica sat down on the couch next to me and leaned against me. “So what now?”

    I shrugged my shoulders, “I was thinking of learning how to fly a plane.”

    “Fuck, why?” She giggled, “You could fly there.”

    “Yeah,” I rolled my eyes, “And how would I explain that one to the air force?”

    “Oh,” she nodded her head, “point taken.”

    “Besides if I wanted to fly us all to say Hawaii it would be easier to do and would mean less risk,” she nodded in understanding. I needed some sleep, so I grabbed Jessica and dragged her to the bedroom and we cuddled in the bed and slept. My mental alarm clock woke up and I jerked awake, Jessica moaned when I moved, so I kissed her on the cheek. My hand was cupping a breast and my dick was trying to impale her.

    She moved and ground her butt into me, I rolled her onto her front and cupped both breasts, “Fuck me with that monster.”

    “Yes ma’am,” I said with a smile.


    I got out of the shower, the three women dried me off, Adrianna shaved my face while Jessica massaged my shoulders. Jo sat on my dick when Adrianna was done and rode me until I came.

    I tell you this is the way to wake up.

    My uniform was neatly pressed, and for the first time in a long while my shirt was ironed. A woman’s touch is what everyman needs, I got dressed and had a cooked breakfast waiting for me. Dawn sat down and fed me while the other women watched.

    I stared at breasts as I ate, fondled Dawn’s while doing that, she groaned and moved against me. When I was finished, had a cup of tea, Jo and Robert drove Dawn and I to work. Once there Jo rode me again while I kissed her husband.

    I grunted, came and put mister winky back in his holder. Dawn and I got out of the car and I looked her up and down, “Damn Dawnie, the girls did a good job on you.”

    “You like?”

    She did a twirl for me, I nodded “Fuck yes.”

    We made our way down to the foyer, another quiet nice I mused. I walked in and once again had everyone ignore Dawn. ‘I wish to have a key that will get me into any room in the world.’

    I felt a key ring appear in my pocket, I took it out and looked at it, there were five keys total which was a little strange but then I looked at each key and they all had ‘Universal Master’ imprinted on them. To test it out, I walked up to the manager’s office door and tried to open it. It was locked so I tried one of the keys, it easily slid into the lock and I was rewarded with a click as the lock disengaged.

    I went for Sara first, with her being much larger than Toni, she was the one that was most likely to give me any trouble. “What!?”

    She shrieked as I grabbed her wrist and twisted it roughly behind her, I then cuffed both arms together and pushed her over the desk. Toni was staring opened mouth at me, she rather trying to fight me decided on the wisest course of action. She ran. I gave her a ten second start, grabbing hold of Sara’s fat breast and squeezing it. She moaned and tried to move out, when the ten seconds was up I set in a command and ordered her to stay still.

    I caught Toni in the car park, smart girl, she was fishing out her car keys when I grabbed hold of her wrist and yanked her out of the car. She hit the ground and rolled once, I grabbed the car keys and unlocked the car. With that done I opened my jacket and dropped it to the ground, I tore open my shirt and dropped that as well.

    She got up to run, I laughed and chased after her again and when I did I pushed her to the ground again. I grabbed her by her hair and dragged her over to the car, she sobbed, screamed and shouted at me and begged people for help, but no one listened or even heard her.

    I pulled her to her feet, grabbed hold of her blouse and ripped it open, I yanked apart her bra as well and roughly groped both her breasts. I tweaked both her nipples before shoving her over the bonnet of the car, she knew what was coming and screamed loudly.

    I cuffed her hands behind her back and pulled her trousers and panties down, she tried to kick me and fought with me as I unbuckled my trousers and pulled them and my underwear down. Toni was tight, I figured as much from her small structure, I pushed inside her and she kept screaming as I did this.

    She managed to reach a really high pitch as I roughly pushed my cock inside her very tight asshole, by this point sobs of pain wracked her body as I took out the year of frustration on her. She had been an annoying little bitch who in my mind deserved what she was getting. I grunted and groaned and grabbed at her breasts.

    I came hard, “How’s this for going the extra mile bitch?”

    She sobbed.

    I pulled out with a sigh and patted her butt. It was easy enough to put her over my shoulder, any fight that she had in her was now gone as I walked her down to the reception area. I flopped her in the chair in front of Sara’s face, the older woman gasped at the sight of Toni. Her blouse was torn, cum leaked out of her cunt and her hands were scraped.

    “What did you do to her?”

    I stood up fully, walked behind her and spanked her ass hard. I continued to spank it, alternating between cheeks every so often until I got bored with it. I leaned against her and whispered in her ear, “You’re not going to give me any fight are you Sara?”

    She whimpered, so I looked at Toni and smiled and then back at her, “I’m going to rape you, I’m going to take you,” I kissed her cheek, “But if you don’t give me any fight and do as I command, I won’t take you hard like I did with Toni.”

    I undid her trousers and pulled them down, her ass was large as was her cunt, I pulled down the knickers and lifted her legs out of them. I found her clit and began massaging it, soon enough she was moaning. I slipped a finger inside her cunt and sought out her g-spot. I frigged it hard, Sara gasped and as I pulled my finger out she moaned and came, her cunt squirted juice out in a small steady stream.

    I pushed my eager dick inside her hole and started fucking her, I lifted grabbed some of her hair and lifted up her head. I growled, shouted and came. I gently let go off her head, pulled out and spread her ass cheeks.

    I wished her ass would lubricate similar to that of a pussy, I soon felt a warmness that indicated that she was getting wet, I shoved my hard cock into her. Her ass was tight, not as tight as Toni’s but it was good enough. Once again I began fucking her, this time I reached under her and grabbed her breasts and held onto them. I was moaning something good when I came.

    I stayed in her for a few moments, after I pulled out and helped her off the table. I then pushed Sara into the seat that Toni was occupying. Toni tried to push the heavier woman off her but couldn’t, I grinned and started unbuttoning her Sara’s blouse.

    I tugged her bra down and smiled, saggy breasts but lovely big brown puffy nipples. “Very nice Sara.”

    She looked away. I pulled Sara off Toni and got her to lie down on the floor, I lifted up and spread her legs and grabbed a hold of Toni. Toni seemed to know what I was going to get her to do and worked up enough courage to fight me again, I laughed and pushed her face into Sara’s cunt and ordered her to suck the sperm from it.

    “Do it bitch or I’ll take your ass again,” sobbing she did it and did it well, she had Sara moaning again, I then moved Toni’s mouth to Sara’s asshole and the smaller blond gagged.

    She got it all licked up. I stood her up, actually I sat her on the table and pulled her shoes and socks off, once done I pulled off her trousers and panties that had bunched up around her ankles. I look at her asshole and smile, my dick had painfully stretched it. I push my finger inside it, she gasped as I rooted around and had a feel. Two and then three fingers go inside. I leave them inside for a long moment and look her in the eyes.

    She looked on the verge of crying again as I yank my fingers out, I grin and rub my hand over her mouth and nose and watch as she gags.

    I get more handcuffs and cuff her feet together, she’s fighting again so I grab hold of her panties, I stuff them inside Sara’s pussy and make sure they’re soaked. I pull them out and grab hold of Toni’s hair, she cries out and as she does I stuff them in her mouth, while I did this I reached out into our cabinet and grabbed some duct tape.

    I pulled the duct tape out and cut some off, her eyes widened and she frantically tried to cough the panties out. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and slapped the tape on her mouth, tears are pouring out off her eyes now.

    I put her over my shoulder and stepped over Sara, with Toni firmly in place I went to the smaller blond’s car. As I still had the car keys handy I, I could drive her home with ease. I unlocked the car and put Toni on the back seat, I got in and drove the car around to the front entrance. I got out and went and picked up Sara, I didn’t cuff her legs together as I couldn’t carry her properly without injuring her.

    I put Sara in the front seat and started the engine, once done I drove out of the hotel without a backwards glance.
    “Young people from all around the globe are joining up today to fight for the future! They're doing their part, are you? Join the mobile infantry and save the world, service guarantees citizenship.”

    You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
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    Edited by Remo Jackson
    Wishes: All problems solved
    Chapter Five
    Mother load

    I drove the two women home and then stored the car in my dimensional storage facility, I hadn’t yet figured on a limit of what I could store there. I got the women in the household to strip the two, I searched Sara’s mind and teleported to her house and kidnapped her husband and daughter. Once again I wormed my way into their minds and started making adjustments. Sara’s family like the others loved me unconditionally, as did Toni, although I had Toni act more as a slave than an actual lover.

    After I was done Sara and her daughter who was almost an exact copy, liked walking around naked. Her husband who was feeling better now considering his age also liked walking around with his dick hanging free. At one stage I walked into the room and found him with his dick inside Toni’s asshole, I watched as she begged for more while he grinned at me like an idiot, a look of pure ecstasy on his face.

    I had made only minimal changes to the men, and that was really a control aspect, to stop people from telling on me and forcing me to leave. The men swapped partners, Jessica and Julie seemed to be firm favourites in the group, and both women had cocks in them daily.

    All of them continued to work at their respective places, although Maxine had retired so that she and Jo could look after the families and their kids properly. The house was getting too crowded with everyone crammed in there. It was Jessica who decided that I use my money to buy a larger place.

    Who was I to argue?

    I snorted, “Yes mum.”

    Jessica rolled her eyes and sat on my lap, “Bet you don’t do this with your mom.”

    Now there was an interesting thought, I’d been so wrapped up in the gathering of families and the fucking of them that I hadn’t thought about the acquisition of my own. I went home, to my mother’s house on my days off with Julie and Toni in tow. I introduced the two women as my girlfriends and got surprised reactions from the family.

    A quick scan of them and afterwards they didn’t ask anymore about where I got the women and the looks, they simply accepted it as life. I lowered my mother’s inhibition and walked up to and cuddled her, my hands worked their way up her body, almost as if they had a mind of their own.

    I pushed one hand inside her trousers, it sought out her pussy and a finger slipped inside. The other hand went to her breast which it squeezed. I started frigging her as soon as it entered, she pushed her arse back against me and I ground my boner into her.

    “Oh God mom,” she groaned as I picked up the pace, “God, you’re so fucking hot, I want to fuck your cunt.”

    She moaned, “You shouldn’t say cunt.”

    “Why not?”

    The sound was now obvious, Julie and Toni were watching so I blew them both a kiss, “Because its naughty.”

    “And fingering my beautiful mother isn’t?”

    She didn’t answer me, instead I leaned against her ear, “I’ll call your pussy a cunt if I want to,” I frigged her harder, “And I’ll fuck its tight hole any time I want, is that clear?”

    She moaned.

    “Answer me slut.”

    “Yes,” she gasped.

    “Good, because my sluts are going to strip, we’re going to strip and then I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

    I did just that, I took off my clothes, held my dick up for her to see, and helped her pull off her clothing. Once she was naked I took a step back and openly stared, her breasts were slightly round but pointed towards the ground, her nipples were large, fat and definitely erect. Her lips were prominent and her bush was full and dark coloured.

    I stared at her lips and licked mine, I let my eyes wander up her body to her breasts and the freckles that adorned them finally to her eyes which stared directly at mine. “So,” I said after a heartbeat, “That’s the cunt that I came out of?”

    She nodded her head once.

    “It’s damn sexy, I see why dad fucked it so hard,” she moaned. “Get on the floor you cunt,” my dick twitched and pulsed as I said this. “I’m going to fuck you like the slut you are.”

    She got on the floor, on her back as commanded and spread her legs. I groaned and held my dick and jerked it once, “Just like a slut cunt, you’re a fucking whore mother.”

    She spread her lips.

    I got on my knees and lowered my mouth to her, I could smell her musky aroma wafting up to my nose. My dick twitched again and begged to be put into her, to feel her tight velvet grip, but I held the beast at bay, by pure willpower. I flicked her clit with my tongue, and stopped and smiled, “I’m going to add you to my women, to my harem and you’ll be my slut, I’m going to sell you to other men as my mother and they’ll fuck you because of it.”

    She stared at me as I went back to her clit, I worked it hard, sucking it, licking and rolling it around my tongue. My finger found its way back into her cunt and with a little manoeuvring I sought out her g-spot.

    “Jesus” -- She cried out, pumped her happy spot with my finger in a come hither motion, her cunt started squelching loudly. I looked at the two girls and with but a look and a nod they moved into action. Julie moved to her, spread her tight pussy lips, lowered down onto her knees, she then pushed her cunt onto mom’s mouth and started moaning as mom licked and slurped it. Jane, Sara’s daughter pushed my mouth out of the way and attacked mom’s clit with a vengeance.

    With the administrations from all three of us, it didn’t take long for her to cum. Mom came and hard, Julie got off her face, sweat running down her chest, Jane moved off her clit and I gave one last pump before I pulled out and lowered my face to her cunt.

    Her legs twitched, her muscles quivered and she let out a cry as cum shot from her hole in a long steady stream, I let it wash over my face, open my mouth and drank as much of it as I could. She stopped quivering, her legs muscles twitched slightly, but the climax was over. I lifted up my head and smiled, I’d fingered her unconscious.

    I got the girls out of the way and let dicky have its turn, I moved up to mother, placed my cock head at her entrance and pushed inside her. I moved in all the way, her heat felt so good, so warm and comfortable. Hell it felt right, my legs were on the other side of hers as I expanded my cock to fill up her passage. I placed a hand under either her face and moved her head so that her eyes when they were open were looking straight at me.

    I held her head in both my hands, my fingers wondering over her face, exploring all of the nooks and crannies. I even pushed a finger in each of her nostrils, why because I could. I sucked on her nose, wrapping my mouth around it. I kissed it, licked and sucked it again. I kissed and licked her face, trying to get every centimetre of it. Once covered in my salvia I groaned and started pushing in her, small jerks at first.

    I started picking up speed, my jerking getting faster. Soon she started to groan, her eyelids fluttered open and we stared into each other’s eyes, I leaned forwards and placed my arms on the floor as she lifted her legs up.

    “Do you love me?”

    She nodded.

    “Do you belong to me?”

    She nodded again.

    “Say it.”

    “I belong to you,” she said slowly.

    “Say it again.”

    She did, I got her to keep saying ‘I belong to you’ until I came.

    I came many times over the next hour, I wanted my mother pregnant. I made a wish while fucking her, I demanded that she get pregnant, I demanded the same of my aunty as well and had the Genie wish all evidence of their previous operations wiped away. They had never had them, no one knew about them and there were no records of them.

    I came in her, over and over, until I ensured that she would become pregnant. I let go of her head and rested mine on her chest, my dick slopped out off her cunt and cum dribbled onto the floor. “Did you mean what you said?”

    I grunted, “What?”

    “What you said, about selling me.”

    I moaned and sighed, what I had said was in the heat of the moment, the eye of the frenzy lust filled storm. I did have long term plans involving the women I was gathering and planned to gather and selling them was part of an idea I had. The idea of ‘selling’ my mother, sister and aunty turned me on like hell.

    I grinned, looked her in the eye and nodded, “Yes.”

    She shivered.

    Next on my list was my sister and then aunty.
    “Young people from all around the globe are joining up today to fight for the future! They're doing their part, are you? Join the mobile infantry and save the world, service guarantees citizenship.”

    You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
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    Odd thought came to mind, it appears that stories about little girls, and stories that aren't written well get hundreds of well done mates, but those of us who actually fucking try to write, well...

    Wishes: Chapter 6
    My sister and her friend came home quite late, mom was in bed and by the sounds of things my sister was drunk. I blinked my eyes open and extracted myself from the women in the bed, I heard the two girls giggling.

    I walked quietly down the stairs, and listened to them in the living room, I stepped down and opened the door and the two looked up. I grinned, dropped my underwear and let them stare at my meat. My sister’s mouth opened up as did her friends Alicia. Alicia was lovely, half Arabian and half British with a hot blond mother who was definite MILF material. Alicia had a slightly prominent nose, long brown hair, small round breasts and a gorgeous ass.

    I’ve wanted to fuck her since she started sprouting breasts, I looked at my sister as well, a slightly round face, curvy body, small perky breasts with puffy nipples on top and a body to die for. I walked up to Alicia and held my dick in front of her face, and smiled.

    “Suck it.”

    She leaned forwards and did just that, taking it in her mouth and working her experienced tongue on it. I groaned put my hand on her head and pushed it forwards, pushing my cock all the way to the back of her throat. I willed my cock to empty and spurted hard; I grabbed her head so she couldn’t move and emptied my balls down her throat.

    She choked, gagged and tried to pull away but wouldn’t let her until I was finished. As my cock gave its last lurch and finished shooting my man juice into her, I let her head go. Alicia pulled off my cock and gagged onto the floor. I grabbed my sister’s arm and pulled her into a kiss.

    I’d let loose with a bunch of pheromones so this was helping in my seduction, we kissed and felt each other up, her arms went over my back and down to my ass which she gripped. I happily returned the favour.

    I felt her ass, and ran my hands over her two mounds and squeezed them. “Very nice,” I muttered into her ear, “Are you tight too?”

    She sighed as I cupped her pussy and pushed into my hand, she nodded her head to my question “Why don’t you two bitches get naked so I can fuck your brains out.”

    “What about mom?”

    I grinned, “She’s upstairs with my cum leaking out of her cunt.”

    “God,” she sighed; I helped her out of her top, grabbed her bra and pulled it apart. I kissed and sucked both her nipples, as she gripped my head. We got her out of her trousers, and I knelt down quickly and grabbed her bare buttocks and pulled her close to me. I breathed in her scent and started kissing her shaved labia.

    I worked her clit with my tongue while fingering her pussy, she was moaning and groaning as I pumped her, my fingering picked up speed and I brought her to a climax. She clenched her muscles and swore loudly.

    I helped her onto the chair and focused my efforts on Alicia; I kissed her and played with her firm body, whilst running my hands through her hair. Her top didn’t last long, but I kept her dress on, her thong however was soon torn off. I worked her cunt as well, and brought about a climax.

    I helped Alicia over to the couch and sat her down, “Where the fuck did you learn that?”

    I grinned, “I practiced on mom a lot,” Natalie nodded her head, “And I’ve fucked most of the women and men in the flat block.”

    “God,” she said, her finger was rolling around on her clit, “Who’s next on your list?”

    I shrugged, “Other than you two bitches?”

    Natalie nodded?

    “I was thinking of Alicia’s mom for a start, Joan and her husband and daughter next door, and there are a couple of police officers I want to rape.”

    “Jesus,” her fingering picked up its pace. I walked over to her, knelt down and grabbed her legs and pulled her to me, I sank my mouth into her cunt as she fingered herself.

    When Natalie was ready, I stood up and moved my cock up and down her pussy lips getting it soaked in her juices, I ran it up and down her slit teasing her before pushing in. She grunted loudly as I entered her. I held still until she was ready and with a nod of consent I shoved all the way inside and began fucking her brains out.

    We rocked the chair as I pummelled her, I was fucking my own sister and she was begging me for it. I worked her through an orgasm, Natalie let out a yell of lust and came, me I came shortly afterwards.

    I pulled out, leaned forwards and we kissed. I pulled away, pushed back in and did all of the leg work this time. Once I had grunted a load inside her, I went to work on Alicia.

    By this point the whole family were down in the living room, watching as I lay on the floor while Alicia road me expertly. My mother helped clean up Natalie, eagerly slurping the cum from her cunt, while Emma and Jane kissed a breast… Alicia let out a wail and fell on top of me, the two of us panted and rested.

    I stroked Alicia’s back and sighed, “How’s your mom in bed?”

    “An animal, she loves cock.”

    “And money.”

    Alicia snorted, “Of course, how do you think she got her tits?”

    “They’re not real?”

    She shook her head, “Nope, fake, my tits are small aren’t they, that’s genetic.”

    I nodded my head and stroked hers, we got up and went upstairs to the bedroom, and once again I found myself surrounded by naked female flesh.


    The next morning mom made breakfast while the women pottered around in the kitchen and helped out, Alicia sat on the stool next to me and refused to let go of my dick, not that I was complaining.

    We sat down and ate our breakfast, I chatted to Alicia about her mother and what I could do to seduce her. When we were finished I took every hole in all the women, and then helped clean up the mess.

    Alicia called her mom and asked her if she could come around to pick her up, ten minutes later Patricia knocked on the door. I grabbed Alicia before she left, “Wait a sec.”

    I willed my dick into erection, and forced out a string of cum onto Alicia’s naked stomach. “Good,” I said with a nod, “Now bring that hot cunt of a mother in here.”

    Alicia went and opened the door and smiled at her mother, the blond haired woman opposite her stopped and stared open mouthed. “Alicia what?”

    “That’s Logan’s cum,” Alicia pointed out, “He’s probably made me pregnant.”

    Patricia opened her mouth to speak, but stopped as I walked around the corner, I was still naked as the day I was born and my dick, tall, proud and erect pointed the way. I walked up to them and looked at two women, “Well she is rounder than you.”

    Alicia groaned and grabbed my dick.

    I jerked it forwards and put my hand on her butt, I smiled at Patricia, “I fucked her hard last night.”

    Alicia nodded.

    I stepped down to Patricia and pressed my hands against her breasts and squeezed them, “Well they feel real enough.”

    “Alicia,” her mother snapped.

    I shrugged my shoulders, “Don’t blame her, I did ask,” Patricia rolled her eyes, and looked down as I started to unbutton her blouse.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Unbuttoning your blouse so that I can get a better look at your tits,” I said as I continued, “And then I going to fuck you like I fucked your daughter.”

    “I’m married,” she answered stiffly.

    “So’s my mother.”

    Patricia’s eyes widened in surprise, finally the last button was free, I tugged the blouse from her skirt and grinned. “They look real too,” I tugged her bra down and lowered my mouth to her nipple, the mature blond moaned as I started sucking. “They taste real too,” I said between nipples.

    We took her inside, the other women started undressing her properly as Alicia and I took a separate breast. My hand went to her cunt and a finger slipped in, Jesus was she already wet. It didn’t take long for me to get her on the floor, I spread her legs and with Alicia’s help ate her out.

    “Fuck me,” she cried as I buried my dick in her hot snatch, I happily abided her by pounding the shit out of her.

    Patricia was panting, a light sheen of sweat was on her forehead and in between her round breasts. Her nipples pointed upwards and were definitely erect.

    I kissed her fully.

    “God damn,” she panted.

    I kissed her neck and willed my dick back to life and started taking her again, the second time I didn’t fuck her unconscious but it was pretty damned close. I pulled off her and had Alicia clean my dick up, she got down on her knees and repeated the process with her mother’s pretty cunt.

    I fixed Patricia’s blouse up and headed over to my next conquest.


    I walked over to their house, up their drive way and stopped at the door and smiled. The house was large, had recent extensions on it and had a large back garden. I scanned the house and determined that both parties were in and knocked.

    I heard the two bearded collies barking at my arrival and a second later the door opened up, the woman was about my height, had glasses on, short red hair and was mature. I’d fancied her from afar, being a fan of mature women all my life, my mother included in that. I’d spied on her and her husband when I was young and while I could never make out much detail on the husband I could on her.

    I hit her with my pheromones, as I was not really in the mood for seduction, I wanted to rip open her top and fuck her brains out. The same went for her husband. I hit him with the Pheromones as well and heard him in the kitchen, the older man groaned and came in his trousers.

    I walked up to Joan, grabbed her and pulled her into a full on kiss. A moment later I let go, reached down and pulled her blouse open with a quick tug. She gasped as my hands went to her bra and tugged it down over them, her breasts were large, flat and saggy. Her nipples were big and erect, her areola were large and dark red and her chest was flushed.

    “Jesus,” I whispered, “Are you natural red?”

    “Yes,” Joan said with a nod.

    “Good,” I pushed her inside, took control of the dogs and sent them up to the spare bedroom for an afternoon nap. She took my hand and showed me to her husband who had a big wet patch on his trousers.

    I smiled at him, “Morning Mark did you enjoy that?”

    He nodded wearily, “Good,” I said with a grin, “You do what I say, when I say and how I say and you will get more than that, and best of all you’ll enjoy it.”

    “Okay,” he said slowly.

    “Now strip.”

    Mark slowly and hesitantly took off his clothing piece by piece, he started with his shirt, then his shoes and socks and finally his trousers and underwear.

    I looked at his cock and nodded, walked up to it and took it in my hand and held onto it. “Not bad,” I muttered.

    I started massaging it slowly and surely it grew in length, while nowhere near as big as mine, it could satisfy a woman’s needs.

    “Are you two sexually active?”

    He nodded his head, “Yes.”

    “Good because I’m going to need your help,” I smiled at him and gave his wiener a squeeze, “I’ve got a household of women over the way that need a firm fucking.”

    I looked at Joan, “Suck him off and wank me while you’re doing it.”

    “Yes Logan,” she walked over to us, got onto the floor and dropped to her knees, took his prick into her mouth and started slurping on it. I undid my trousers and dropped them and my underwear and she grasped hold it and started jerking it.

    Mark’s eyes widened, “Jesus you want to fuck me with that monster?”

    I nodded.

    “That’s never going to fit in my ass.”

    I shrugged, “You’re the doctor, find some lube.”

    He groaned.

    “Besides, I’m not going to ram it right into you,” I patted Joan’s head, “I don’t want to ruin your asshole, especially if I’m going to be fucking it often.”

    He nodded his head.

    Mark groaned and shot his wad inside Joan’s mouth, the red head slurped off his cock and went to mine, expertly rolling her tongue around it.

    “Our daughter Samantha will be arriving soon,” Mark informed me, “Will you be taking her as well?”

    I nodded and pushed into the back of Joan’s mouth, “Yes, is she your biological daughter?”

    “No,” he said as he leaned back against the counter top, “She’s adopted.”

    I came and hard, a streak of cum shot into the back of Joan’s mouth and she gagged. I ran my hand through her hair as she cleaned the mess up and pulled off, she smiled and looked at her husband, “Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to be fucking that monster and often.”

    He shrugged his shoulders, “That monsters going to be fucking me as well.”

    I laughed, pulled Joan into a hug and kissed her, we swapped spit and cum and when I pulled off I gave a quick peck on the lips. “He tastes good.”

    She nodded in agreement.

    “Come on,” I said with a smile, “Let’s go to my place and fuck like bunnies.”

    Joan groaned, “Works for me.”

    “What about the dogs?”

    “Will they be alright here?” I asked.


    I woke the two creatures up, they came to me and we said hello, in that normal happy bouncy way that they do. We then left them enough food and water and headed over to moms.

    Mom opened the door and took the state of us three in with a smile, “Well,” she said, “that didn’t take long.”

    Joan blushed, and Mark shrugged, but his dick did take notice of her naked stated and became aroused.

    “Good to know men still think I’m attractive,” mom said with a smile as she eyed Marks cock.

    “Mark, go fuck my mother,” he nodded, “When you’ve done that, take my sister next, the only one you’re not allowed to bone is Alicia.”

    He groaned, walked up to mom and pulled her into a kiss. I pulled Joan into the living room and stripped her off fully, once done I got onto my knees and worshipped her pussy properly. Like with Patricia before, it didn’t take me long to get into her hot snatch.

    When I finished up, I went and collected her daughter, hit her with a wad of pheromones and banged her in front of her mother and father. I came in her several times before daddy wanted a ride.

    I called all of the families over to mom’s house, and we all fucked merrily, we had lunch, participated in a large group orgy and had dinner. The women in my group were ordered to quit their respective jobs, when asked why I told them that I would be looking after them financially from then on.

    The men could continue working if they so chose, many of them did while a few like Mark and Tony retired, Mark was quite often found lying over the bed with cum leaking out of his asshole. Over the next few months I made all of them women pregnant, Joan included in that. I also managed to induct my Aunty and her husband and children into the group as well.

    One of my favourite women introduced was my auntie’s friend who had two very large E cup breasts, she was short with short blond hair and named Amanda. I refused to let her wear clothing around the house, just so that I could see her tits all of the time.

    Not that the men minded at all, they were quite often seen running their hands over her large bosoms, or she was seen riding one or even two on the odd occasion.

    I needed a capture, a rape if you will. Taking control of women was fine and all but I really needed to feel the rush of forcing a woman.

    I made a list of women I wanted to rape and set about it.

    Lesley was an older woman, small in stature, with shoulder length dirty blond hair. She has a slightly husky voice, a cute bum, but I could never tell what her breasts were. I kidnapped her as soon as she left work.

    I stayed in her house and took her adult son at the same time. Next up on the list was another MILF, an Asian American woman by the name of Neena. She had dark brown hair with a cute smile and horny American voice.



    I jerked awake, woken from my peaceful slumber, the odd thing was, was that I hadn’t felt the presence of the being in the room until it had spoken. I was on high alert as soon as I jumped out of bed and was ready to kick his ass, instead, as I moved into a fighting stance, all I got was a chuckle.

    “Relax will ya.”

    I blinked, and scowled, “What the fuck?”

    I couldn’t make the individual out as he was shaded by the darkness. The figure was about my height, had on a very nice and expensive suit with shiny black shoes. He looked like one of the Men in Black from that Will Smith film.

    “Yup,” the man smiled, “this is definitely it.”

    “Definitely what?” I asked, getting annoyed at not getting a straight answer.

    “Reality alpha.”

    I stepped back, “Huh?” I ran my hand through my hair and sighed, what the fuck did reality alpha mean? So I asked him, “What the fuck...”

    “It’s,” he said cutting me off, I opened my mouth, stopped and frowned. “It’s my very first reality.”

    He stepped forwards, tall, handsome with a chiselled face, he was strong and muscular that much I could tell. He had cold blue eyes and dark hair that was combed backwards and styled nicely. Everything about him screamed style, fashion sense, a sense of cool awareness -- I couldn’t help but think of a quote from Buffy.

    “I'm aware. I know every molecule of myself and everything around me. No one - no human, no demon has ever been as awake and alive as I am. You are all just shadows.”

    “I can’t read your thoughts,” he said, “no more than you can read mine.”

    I nodded, I had tried, he continued.

    “But, there is a sense of familiarity about me,” he smiled, “a sense that we have met, or perhaps know each other, maybe we were distant relatives?”

    I nodded my head.

    “The reason you and I are having this feeling of Déjà Vu is because we are the same person,” I opened my mouth, but I had no answer for him, so I closed it.

    “Okay,” I said with a sigh, “You’ve got me there.”

    He smiled, “I’d like you to make a Wish for me.”

    I looked up at him in shock, no one knew about the Genie, not even the large family gathered knew. I nodded my head slowly, “Make a wish that your mind can absorb the information of any person, being, object or machine you touch, it will not affect your mind in anyway. Additionally when you get information downloaded into your head it will not overwrite your mind and you will be able to access it at will.”

    I called the Genie to us, the man stopped, stared at my other self and grinned, he walked over and slapped him on the shoulder and let out a laugh. I told him about the Wish and the Genie nodded, “Granted.”

    “Now make a wish that you can absorb the powers of people you touch with no ill effects and that you will maintain control over them,” I did.

    With that done, he held out his hand, I walked over and grabbed it and we vanished from the room with a plop.
    “Young people from all around the globe are joining up today to fight for the future! They're doing their part, are you? Join the mobile infantry and save the world, service guarantees citizenship.”

    You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
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    Chapter Seven: Dawn of thunder
    We appeared in a room, the two of us stopped and I got a chance to look around. There were large groups of people in the room, I blinked slowly as I took in the sheer size of the place.

    “Pretty fucking impressive isn’t?”

    I nodded my head.

    We were walking forwards when a group approached us, the first who spoke looked like he came right out of a magic act. “You did it?”

    Myself nodded, “Here I’m called William.”

    I smiled.

    “Hello,” the man in front of us held out his hand, I took it and we shook. He was two inches over six feet, had dark brown hair and gray eyes. He wore a long red cape, a blue shirt and black trousers. All in all it looked, well, rather flamboyantly gay. “My name is Stephen Strange.”

    I nodded.

    William caught the look and nodded, “Yes you are where you think are.”

    “Movie or comic?”

    “Bit of both.” he said with a grin.

    The next person I met was not as extravagantly dressed, he was wearing a dark grey suit, had pure white hair like mine and a warm smile. We shook hands, “Max Eisenhardt,” William explained, “aka Magneto.”

    Magneto chuckled, “William does like his names.”

    I nodded my head, a big blue beast was next,

    “Doctor Henry McCoy.”

    “A pleasure,” We shook hands, large as his were. The guy was also bright blue, I laughed.

    “Nice colour.”

    “Indeed, it has been noted on many occasion that there is similarity between my fur colour and my eyes.” I laughed.

    “Reed Richards,” William introduced next. The tall man with salt and pepper hair smiled and extended his arm so that rather walking up to me, it stretched forwards. “Aka Mister Fantastic.”

    I shook the offered hand and quipped, “I’ll bet that’s what the ladies say.”

    “Only Susan,” Jonny Storm barked out, both Susan and Reed blushed. The rest of the group introduced themselves to me, we talked and walked as we did, Tony Stark and his father came over to meet us. The tall somewhat imposing man was laughing at the stories William was telling him, we met Forge, a very nice man who I had originally centred my powers on.

    We met the rest of the group of people before the two of us finally retired to William’s chambers, once there he gave me a brief rundown of his history in the X-men universe. The ‘brief’ history went on for nearly two hours, but I was enraptured.

    “You have to centre your wishes around war, and Intel gathering,” I nodded, “I’ll give you a list of wishes to make that,” he chuckled, “I had made.”

    I went to wash up and got a change of clothes, we got something to eat and watched the TV for a while, when dawn came up I was shown around the complex. The place was fucking huge, having schools, stores, even shops. Transportation was incredibly advanced as was the weaponry and sensors that protected the land. Imagine my surprise when I looked out the window and saw a T-Rex staring back at me.

    William was laughing his ass off for an hour straight at my reaction.

    He showed me the tech resource and put a helmet onto my head, the information, everything he had gathered over his sojourn across time and space was downloaded into my mind. It was a lot of information.

    Our time was limited though.

    I had to go back to my time, once we were finished having fun that is. As soon as I got back to my reality I compiled my list of wishes and called the genie back. He appeared as always only this time he was wearing polo shirt, khaki shorts and sporting a pair of sunglasses. In one hand he had an exotic looking drink complete with little paper umbrella. I handed my list of wishes which he quickly read through then granted. With an elegant bow he bid me farewell and returned to wherever he had been on his vacation to see the world.

    Once that was done I went back to bed and slept with my beauties. The next morning I applied a series a of time jumps, I went back in time to the 1980’s, I used everything in my arsenal , from black mail to telepathy to acquire a large company. I used a different name, put a clone in position and had said clone direct the company into a specific area of research. By the year 2009, the company had achieved massive success in the field of miniature electronics specifically nanotechnology.

    The nanotechnology was perfect, exactly what I needed. Some of the profits from the company were used to buy mansion large secluded mansion, I styled it in exactly the same manner as Professor Xavier’s mansion.

    Because I had the knowledge of several different universes I was able to replicate the technology, the nanotech could be programmed to create what I needed.

    The mansion is now in the shape of an X. It had a basketball court, a baseball diamond and soccer (which could be doubled up as a football) pitch. Directly below the basketball court was the hanger bay, which houses many transportation vehicles, including aircraft and what would soon be my Iron Man suits.

    A large tiled courtyard lead to the main entrance of the mansion, the front entrance sits on magrails, and has advanced sensors and cameras watching it.

    Adorning the top of one of the mansion’s parapets, is a large glass-panelled dome, It was filled with various types of plants, much like a greenhouse.

    In addition to the above amenities, the mansion also had an array of Sub-Levels. In the sub-levels you would find The Danger Room, War Room, access to the Hangar Bay, holding cells, research and development labs, medical labs and Cerebra chamber.

    To access the sub-levels one must use the hyper-lift at the end of the hallway in the foyer, then proceed through the various security measures such as hand scans, retina scans, voice scans and pass codes. Although I planned to have the mansion eventually run by the artificial intelligence Jarvis, I still wanted to make sure that security protocols were in place in the unlikely event that Jarvis ever had a system failure.

    The holo-suite or Danger room as it was originally called, uses advanced technologies, the Danger Room can give the illusion of being many times bigger than it actually is. Anything from gravity, heat, humidity, or texture can be manipulated from the control booth.

    The Cerebra chamber houses Cerebra, a mutant locating and telepathic ability amplifier. When a telepath uses Cerebra, their telepathic abilities are boosted to an incredible degree. It is usually used for scanning for new mutants, but it can be used for other purposes.

    The holding cells consist of small titanium-steel cells with the same type of door. Various safety measures can be taken such as erecting an internal force field to back up the titanium-steel walls, a nullification field to 'switch off' mutant abilities, and various other precautions. There are also stasis tubes which hold inhabitants in a state of suspended animation until they are awakened.

    The War Room, located near the Danger Room, housed all the various computers and security systems that watched over the property and house. One of the secondary systems monitored news feeds from every news network on television and radio, and scans every known frequency for reports on events occurring around the world. Because of the Ancient technology imbedded into its programming, Jarvis is able to crack any code on Earth; this gave me unparalleled access to the governments of Earth.

    Research & Development and Medical Labs once again utilised alien and alternate reality technologies, the holographic doctor, Emergency Medical Hologram or EMHHHHHHHH is employed here. Should any emergency happen the doctor can appear and deal with any number of cases, the Federation would give their right nut to get their hands on him.

    There are numerous escape routes and a self destruct sequence should I need it, the underground network cannot be detected by modern satellites and the only way it could be is by advanced alien technology.

    The mansion had cameras everywhere, it was like big brother only hornier, there were cameras in toilets, showers, bathrooms and bedrooms, hallways, and places in gardens you wouldn’t think to have them.

    You could view every square inch of the grounds and house with a simple flick of a button.

    Added to that was the fact that, once again I employed time travel and had a camera system installed in the hotel I worked in, the BP station I worked in and the gardening centre I worked in. Essentially every place I had ever worked was hooked up to real time cameras that never ran out of power.

    With the mansion ready to my specifications I could begin the acquisition and training of the women and celebrities I wanted to get a hold of.

    I used time travel to buy all of the Hollywood film studios albeit owned through several shell companies; this meant I essentially controlled the films industry. I brought property that Heathrow was to be built on and was there at the beginning and purchased several major air carriers around the world. By the time I was done I also had several cruise lines, car companies, and major manufactures.
    “Young people from all around the globe are joining up today to fight for the future! They're doing their part, are you? Join the mobile infantry and save the world, service guarantees citizenship.”

    You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
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    Chapter 8

    With the level of control I had over the film industry I effectively controlled which movies were produced and which were not. People sent me ideas daily; I moved to Hollywood and took my large harem with me. Several of the film ideas presented to me were total garbage. Instead of pushing films that relied on endless sequels and minimal plot, I looked at projects that would actually entertain the viewing audience and not numb them with constant gratuitous violence. Seriously, how many times can you place perfect strangers in a situation that requires them to kill one another or remove a body part to escape? Some films were so bad in their alleged historical adaptation that I was considering having the screenwriters responsible sent back in time to get it right.

    I made new acquisitions to my growing harem, Paris Hilton, her sister and mother. The mother was made to divorce the husband, get a huge fucking settlement and then move in with me. As soon as that was done Paris stopped appearing in the newspapers for her tits and pussy, I made sure of that as I wanted those prizes to myself.

    I walked around the three women and nodded happily, “No breast jobs.”

    I walked up to her mother and pulled her into a kiss, Kathy Hilton groaned happily as my hands roamed her body. She had nice fat tits with big nipples that were definitely erect by the time I finished groping her. I slid a hand up her dress and cupped her cunt and sighed, “Hope you don’t mind me fucking that often?”

    Like mother like daughters

    She shook her head, “Of course not, it’s now yours, fuck it whenever you want.”

    “Good,” I did the same with Paris and Nicky, cupped both their cunts at the same time, “God you two are so fucking tight.”

    “I am,” Nicky remarked, “She’s not, did you see the size of that dick she had in her?”

    “Whatever.” was Paris’s ever witty response.

    I chuckled, and pulled my shorts down, “When I’m done with you, both of you will be ruined for other men.”

    I did fuck them both, and ensured that all three women were pregnant, for Kathy, again, none of them minded in the least. The next woman I took was none other than Kerry Katona, she did require some hard work, I had to get her off the drugs and sort out the mess of her mind. I employed time travel here and ensured that she never got the tit job to reduce her breast size. I kept her breasts at GG, although I had her work out regularly so that she lost a lot of her fat.

    Her kids stayed with us and lived at the mansion; they all went to the same school as the others. I took the rest of Atomic Kitten, the Spice Girls and Girls Aloud. I got Madonna while she was at home and sent her adopted children back to their previous life. As soon as I had snagged all of the celebrity women I wanted, I started working on the political side.

    All of the women that arrived at my place were well looked after, they were cleaned up of any drug or health issues, washed, cleaned, shaved if needed and put into service. The men who had been staying with me enjoyed this immensely. Mark especially loved banging the Paris family once or twice a week.

    I nabbed old Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary. I took my time exploring her tight little body, I fucked her in every position I could get, even going as far as taking her asshole. I looked into her mind and saw that she had only married Bill to ride his rising star at the time and dispel the rumour that she was a lesbian. Digging further into her gray matter, I saw that she really was a lesbian at heart and liked her sex somewhat rough. Digging into her psyche a bit further, I changed that process to make her more bisexual. Knowing now that she liked her sex rough, I shoved my hard cock more forcefully into her stretched asshole and pounded her to orgasm as I emptied my man batter into deep into her bowels.

    I chose Sarah Palin next. She was another hot little body with large firm breasts, big areola and nipples. Definitely on my MILF list. Once I had her naked, she was like an unchained tigress. She liked to be fucked often and as long as she got off it was all OK with her. Afterwards, she would go at the shooting range to wind down a little.

    Geraldine Ferraro, Condoleezza Rice, Laura, Jenna and Barbara Bush. Elizabeth Dole, Gale Norton, Ann Veneman, Elaine Chao, Margaret Spellings, Mary Peters, Christine Todd Whitman, Susan Schwab.

    I also had Princess Diana, I had the company create a clone of her, stopped time about a minute before she had crashed into the wall and switched bodies. Once done I added her to my collection, next on the list was the women of the British royalty.

    Sarah Ferguson and her daughters were nabbed, they were probably the easiest kidnaps I’d done to date, the two daughters were out on the piss at the time and the mother was at home alone. I got Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester, Katharine, Duchess of Kent and Princess Alexandra and Zara Phillips

    The entire female portion of the royal family was now my sex slaves, including the queen herself.

    The Queen looked up from her bed as I walked into her royal bed chambers, I grinned at her surprised look. “Who the devil are you?”

    I smiled, “Someone who’s going to fuck you.”

    “You cannot.”

    She lifted her chin defiantly. I groaned, and started stripping off my clothing, I took my top off, and then sat on the bed as I took off my shoes and socks, “You can’t do this,” she repeated herself.

    I smiled kindly at her, she was after all the queen of England and that in itself demanded a lot of respect. “Look your majesty,” I said with a hint of sarcasm, her eyes narrowed at that, “I’m in the royal bedchambers, what is considered one of the most secure places in the world.”

    She nodded.

    “So on that trail of thought, I’m sitting here naked and with my dick out,” she nodded again, “So that would lead onto the fact that yes I’m sitting here and yes I’m going to have sex with you.”

    “You mean you’re going to rape me?”

    “If you want to class it as that then yes,” I said with a tired sigh. She sighed as well.

    “Fine,” she spat at me, “We’d best get this over with.”

    I smiled, “Good girl, I see why your Queen, beauty and intelligence,” she looked away, “If you behave, don’t scream, don’t try and bite me, I promise I’ll be gentle and quick.”

    “Fine,” she said.

    I got into bed and moved up to her, the Queen’s movements were stiff and forced and I didn’t blame her at all. I put my hand on her leg and she jerked, my hand went up her nighty and in between her legs where I cupped her pussy. I slipped it inside and pushed a finger in her slit, she stifled a moan and clamped her mouth shut as I started fingering it, I had to get her juices running before I could enter her.

    Finally I determined that she was wet, I grabbed both her thighs and jerked her down, she let out a gasp of air and I moved on top. I placed my bell end against her slit and ran it up and down it before pushing inside. The Queen groaned as my meat filled her up, “Bet you’ve never had a dick like this.”

    She moaned and spread her legs, “No.”

    “No you want me to stop or no you’ve never had a dick like this.”

    The Elizabeth rolled her eyes, “No I’ve never had a dick like this.”

    “No wonder you’re not keen on sex,” I pushed in and she grunted. “Fuck your tight.”

    I kept still until she was ready, when Elizabeth grunted I started fucking her slowly, she was tight and required a lot of work but it was worth it. Fuck it, I was boning the Queen, the most powerful woman in the country, if not half the world.

    As I began picking up speed, I grabbed the top of her nighty and tore it open to reveal her large flat breasts, her nipples were erect and she was grunting now. “Say you fucking love it.”

    Elizabeth gritted her teeth, so I picked up speed and started really slamming into her cunt, “Say it.”

    “I fucking love it,” she finally gritted out.

    “The most powerful fucking woman in the country,” I panted out, “And I’m fucking her tight cunt.”

    I groaned.

    “I’m going to fuck your brains out, whenever I want, however I want and you’re going to beg me for it,” I shouted, “Fuck!”

    I came, I hit her with my pheromones, and induced a powerful orgasm, the Queen let out a shout and came with force, as I pulled my dick out her cunt muscles clenched, twitched and expelled some of her love juice.

    I sagged on top of her and sighed, my thumb, thumbing her large nipple. I grinned, I’d just fucked the Queen senseless, and best of all she’d loved it. I had her under my control now, which was perfect. Elizabeth’s blue eyes fluttered open and she stared at me for a moment, “Well, that was interesting.”

    I chuckled, “And fun.”

    “Quite,” she said with a nod, “So what now?”

    “Now I kidnap you from under their noses and replace you with a clone, you’ll be confirmed dead and Charles will become King.”

    She groaned.

    We did just that, I wished for a cloned body of her and had it die of natural causes, the next day the news reported it, and a few days after that Prince Charles became King. “Why don’t you take Camilla?”

    I laughed, “No thanks.”

    Sarah Ferguson frowned, “Why not she’s a woman, just like the rest of us.”

    I nodded my head, “True, but I don’t find her at all attractive, let Charles have his playmate.” Princess Diana scowled and muttered the word ‘bitch’, I ignored it and carried on watching the show.

    I found Elizabeth outside digging up the garden, I got a drink for her and took it out to her, the older woman was completely naked and had mud stains all over her. “Be careful, don’t push yourself.”

    “Yes dear,” she smirked. She saw me staring at her, “What’s wrong?”

    I shrugged, “I was just thinking it’s a shame you can’t get pregnant anymore.”

    It was her turn to shrug, “You’re the one with the Genie.”

    ‘Point,’ I called the Genie to me, he popped out of nowhere, this time he had on a pair of swim trunks, sunglasses and a big assed boner. I laughed hard, he grinned at me and bowed (after taking the glasses off).

    “I wish that Elizabeth is in her twenty year old body, is a virgin but still has her mind now,” the older woman’s eyes widened in surprise.

    “Granted,” the Genie clapped his hands together and it sounded like thunder, there was an honest to God poof of smoke and suddenly I wasn’t staring at an old woman anymore. She was taller, her large breasts were firmer and her fat nipples were erect. Her cunt was tight as I remembered it, a nice slit with a big hairy black bush.

    Her hair was short and brown, and she had a red flush on her chest. I stared openly at her bush, Elizabeth blushed and covered it with her hands. I grabbed them and moved them out of the way and dropped to me knees, I grabbed her ass and pulled her to my face and pushed my nose against her hairy labia and breathed in.

    “God that smells good,” I said with a sigh.

    We kept her first name, but changed her surname, she was married to me, had an entire life set, deceased parents, you name it. Elizabeth became my wife, we became more social after that and went to all sorts of ceremonies.

    Of course there was still a lot of speculation about the women that had been kidnapped, the police forces, hell even the FBI got involved but couldn’t find anything. Eventually about five years later all of the hurrah over it died down. Every so often a celebrity female here and there disappeared, it was speculated to be the same person, which of course it was, but I wasn’t going to tell anyone.

    All of the women in the group became pregnant, many of them having two or three children each. I ensured all of the royal females became pregnant, my favourites being well looked after. Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson and her daughters were definite favourites of mine, as were my family members.

    I kidnapped President Obama’s wife and daughters when he came into office, which created another frenzy. Considering the fact that I had every famous woman in the world, whether it be political, musical or Hollywood, or even just plain TV. Everything from A listers to weather girls.


    “What the flaming hell?”

    “Bill that you old boy?”

    “Sure as hell is George,” Bill Clinton struggled with the seat. “Where the hell are we?”

    “No idea,” George said with a scoff. I barked out a laugh, the room went silent, “Son, you better untie us right now.”

    “Or what?”

    There was a pause, “George he’s got a point.”

    Bush snorted, “Some negotiator you are.”

    I couldn’t help but laugh again. “Mister Bush, Mister Clinton, and Mister Schwarzenegger my apologies for your kidnapping.”

    “Arnold,” Bill breathed in, “Jesus he got you too?”

    “Da,” Arnold said, “It would appear so.”

    I grinned.

    “Well gentlemen I brought you here today to make you an offer,” they looked at me curiously, “I can offer you unprecedented access to a large number of women.”

    “You’re the son of a bitch who stole my wife!”

    “You mean the topless hippy?” Bush snarked.

    “Fuck you George,” Bill bit back, I had to grit my teeth to keep from laughing.

    I put on an exact replica of Bill’s voice, “Ah did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

    Bill went quiet, “Well,” George said with a grin, “He’s got your number pegged.”

    I couldn’t let George not have a snag so I added, “Had any pretzels lately?”

    Bill grinned evilly, “Yeah he’s got your number too.”

    “Now, now ladies,” I said calmly, both of them gave me a dirty look. “The offer is simple, I give you access to my women whenever you want, you can fulfil any fantasy you want with them, and you each give me something in return.”

    They looked at each other, “What do you have in mind?”

    I shrugged, “Haven’t thought of anything yet, but for the moment shall we enjoy the facilities?”

    “Sure,” they all said at the same time, I had Linda Hamilton and her twin sister come in, they walked up to Arnie, stripped each other off and pulled out his big fat meat. The Governator groaned as Linda started sucking him off, while her sister gave him a gull on kiss.

    I had Bush’s daughters come out, the two stripped off and fucked their father, while Kerry came in and took Bill.

    With the three men happily satisfied, I untied them and showed them into the big fucking lounge, there, there were drinks, foods and a big fuck off plasma screen TV. “Hot damn,” Bush said as he walked in, “The games on!”

    He grabbed a bowl of pretzels, flipped Bill the finger and sat down with his two daughters and watched the game, Jenna fingered her father’s cock and jerked him off a couple of times throughout the match.

    Bill and Arnold were more interested in the women, in three hours, Bill fulfilled several fantasies, including taking a very pretty blond virgin.

    The men would keep their promises, I had wiggled into their minds and ensured this, they would pass on this information and eventually I would have some of the most powerful men in the world under my control.
    “Young people from all around the globe are joining up today to fight for the future! They're doing their part, are you? Join the mobile infantry and save the world, service guarantees citizenship.”

    You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
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    Default Chapter 9

    I woke up surrounded by naked flesh, with a grunt I carefully extracted myself from my bed and padded over towards the bathroom. The house was mostly run by the artificial intelligence, so as soon as I was inside the bathroom, the lights came on and the shower started up.

    I stepped into the hot steaming water and let it run down over me, I sighed as it was the morning sleepiness from my body. Despite being completely and utterly awake, some habits had a tendency to die hard.

    I washed my hair, body and cleaned up.

    Once the water was stopped, I stepped out of the shower and used the Force to dry up. I used the art of small, a Jedi trick to look at stuff that was very small, to pick off any excess dirt. I was probably cleaner now than after I had stepped into the water.

    I didn't bother with clothing, no one; even the kids didn't wear clothing. The kids went to the local schools so they had to wear clothing outside of the mansion. Elizabeth and I wore clothing when we went to any social events but other than that we were mostly butt naked.

    I walked out of the big bathroom, headed across the master room and out of it into the hallway, down the corridor and stairs and towards the kitchen. Once in there I was surprised to find Nancy Pelosi, the ex US Senator looked up and smiled, I walked up to the older woman and pulled her into a kiss.

    She pressed her body against me and groaned, I ran my hands over her ass and cupped it and sighed.

    "So," she said as she poured me a cup of coffee, "What have you got planned for us this week?"

    "Arnold wants to give you another ride."

    She groaned, "I don't know if my cunt can take anymore of him, he's too big."

    "And I'm not?"

    "You're gentle at least."

    I nodded my head, "I'll ask him to be gentle."

    She chuckled and nodded.

    I drank my coffee and went back to my rounds. Most people were still in bed, accept for those whose duties were starting now. The mansion was mostly run by the women I'd kidnapped and reprogrammed.

    Any maintenance work that needed to be done was done by a machine; I had recreated the Nanny bot that Magneto had used in the Marvel universe. The Nanny bot could look after the children twenty four, seven and do all the work around the mansion, everything from plumbing to gardening was maintained by her.

    She was essentially an extension of Jarvis.

    The garden was a very intricate system that was able to reproduce the needs for all the plants and provide sustenance for the residents. The place was completely self-sufficient, using an array of advanced hydro-ponic technologies to keep it running.

    As I was walking through the house I spotted Tina, she used to help run the housekeeping department in the hotel, until I nabbed her and the entire housekeeping department, men and women alike.


    The mature woman looked up and smiled, I looked her over, her large sagging breasts jiggling as she moved. "Good morning."

    "Where's that lovely daughter of yours?"

    "I think Bobs taking care of her needs." I chuckled; Tina's husband was regularly taking care of Stephanie's needs. "Okay, let's go grab the two."

    We found the two in their bedroom, Stephanie was lying on her back with her legs spread open as Bob was pumping in and out of her, grunting and groaning loudly. I grabbed Tina and pulled her into a hug, we kissed and fondled each other before she knelt down and took my manhood into her mouth and started sucking on it.

    I groaned as she happily worshiped it, pushing as deep into her mouth as I could. Tina was definitely an expert cock sucker.

    I grabbed her hair, gripped it and pushed in as hard as I could and gave her a well deserved treat. I shouted out as I came, she gagged at the volume of my spend as I forced my cock into her throat, I didn't let go of her head until I'd finished cumming.

    When I let go she fell to the floor and spat some of it out, unable to swallow the rest. I walked behind her, spread apart her plentiful ass cheeks, primed my dick and pushed it against her asshole. I looked at her daughter who nodded her head in approval and pushed my regenerated cock all the way with one thrust. Tina let out a small cry of pain at my hasty entry. I pushed her down onto her stomach, gripped the floor and started pounding into her upturned ass in earnest.

    "Fuck the cunt!" Stephanie shouted, I nodded and picked up my pace.

    "Fucking cunt," I growled, "You belong to me bitch and I'll take your shithole whenever I please." I shoved in hard, came and continued fucking her stretched sphincter until now limp cock fell out amid a flow of cum.

    I was panting when I finished, but I stood on shaky legs and offered my cock to Bob, her husband
    "Suck it bitch."

    Bob groaned and pulled his hard cock out of his daughter, walked over got down on all fours in front of me. He leaned over and started sucking on my soiled dick. He was another superb cocksucker, I groaned as his tongue and hand did their wonderful job, he'd definitely taken to it with gusto.

    "Say you love my dick," I growled as I pushed upwards into his throat.

    He pulled off and carried on jerking, "I love your dick baby."

    "Suck like the whore you are," he went back to it and continued sucking. I kept my balls at bay for quite a while I let him work his magic and just enjoyed the sensations. When I did come, it was into the back of his throat with his head pushed down, as I had done with his wife.

    I pushed him on the floor when I was finished and took his asshole in the same manner as I had his wife. I pulled out of his ass and approached Stephanie who had already gotten the lube for ass as I was banging her father.

    I finished up with the youngest member of the family and sought out the former head housekeeper. A woman named Denise, who was tall, standing at six foot with long blond hair and a lovely rack. Big breasts sat high on her chest; she had long slender legs and a bum that is spanked often. Like all of the women in the mansion, and the men and kids she has a strict diet and exercise routine.
    It did her good; it did all of them good. All of the ones who were big were losing weight and were better in bed for it.

    "Morning Denise," I said walking into her room, none of the rooms, the included the bathrooms, in the mansion had doors. There was no privacy for anyone. She smiled at me.

    "Who did you fuck?"

    "I pumped Tina, and then fucked her husband and daughter." Denise went to her bed, sat down on it and laid back and spread her long legs.

    "Good," she said with a nod, "Did you hurt Tina?"

    "Yes," I said as I got on top of her and pushed in, I told her all of the nasty things I did as I started fucking her.

    "Oh God," she groaned as I started rutting her.

    "I want you to follow me around today." I growled as I reached for her fat breasts, I gripped them and picked up the speed. "I want you to watch as I fuck everyone in the ass with no lube."

    "Oh God!"

    "Say yes Daddy," I shouted as I felt my balls tighten.

    "Yes daddy!"

    We cried out together.

    The two of us got out of bed, she knew what I liked so didn't wash away the cum from her cunt, it dribbled down her legs as we walked and talked. We were met by Janet, who was now my receptionist. The older woman smiled and walked into my open hug. I bent her over the table and pushed into her shit hole, she gritted her teeth.

    "Is it an asshole day?"

    I nodded, "Yup."

    "Hollywood wants to use Dakota Fanning again." I grunted as I started fucking her, "What for?"

    "Another rape movie."
    "Oh." I growled, grabbed Janet’s hips and came.

    "And they want to use JK." I grinned, the blond woman who wrote the Harry Potter books was a favourite amongst Hollywood's elite men, I nodded, "And Emma Watson."

    I came again.

    "You gonna have enough cum for everyone?"

    "I always do don't I?"

    Pam laughed, "Fair point."

    "Okay," I said but stayed inside her, "Do what you need to do, make sure they all get the usual checkups."

    Pam rolled her eyes, "I know how to do my job."

    I leaned in and kissed her on the lips, pulled out and kissed her fully. We broke apart and she leaned in against me. Pam and Denise followed me around as I worked my way through all of the women. The videos of my perversions were put up on the website and of course my face was blocked out but theirs were shown.

    Dakota Fanning seemed to be a firm favourite amongst the men, from the moment she could suck cock, men were going to her to get blow jobs.

    I leaned back as Emma sucked my dick and chomped on it and groaned. A good life, endless amounts of money, women and hot naked sex whenever I wanted!

    This was everything on the list and more, if this was Heaven, I certainly didn't want to die...
    “Young people from all around the globe are joining up today to fight for the future! They're doing their part, are you? Join the mobile infantry and save the world, service guarantees citizenship.”

    You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
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    Default Epilogue

    Two figures crept across the desolate landscape, hidden by the cloak of night one of the figures stopped, looked down at an old piece of paper that was his only guide.

    The man was tall, five foot twelve with short brown hair, his face was tanned and had a long jagged scar running from his hairline to his chin. He wore clothing that was dirty, torn and homespun that showed off the muscles on his arms that seemed to ripple as he moved.

    He looked like a slave.

    His companion was shorter, skinnier and dirtier; his companion was very much a teenager, looking about with wide frightened eyes.

    "Cal," the kid whispered, "Are you sure about this?"

    'Cal' sighed, lifted up his head and fixed the teenager with a look.

    "Yes James I'm quite sure."

    "But what about the patrols?"

    "They don't come out this far Cal replied, carefully looking around to justify his statement.

    "You sure?"
    Cal sighed and went back to the crudely drawn map, he was one of the few who knew how to read and write, which made him invaluable to the underground resistance.

    "Okay," Cal said finally, looking up at what was left of one of the tall buildings. "I think I know where we are."

    "Where are we then?"

    "What used to be New York."

    James didn't what a New York was, or what was supposed to be new about. It all looked very old and in a state of ruin. The buildings had long since lost any grandeur but looking around at the ruined cityscape, he could see that at one time these now dead monuments must have been a spectacular sight. Those that remained seemed in repose as if they had fallen against each other in sleep. One or two of the skeletal like remnants still reached far into the sky.

    They walked for about a mile, before they came to their target. The building was one of the remaining tall ones having long since lost its windows. Remnants of it greatness lost to the ravages of time, the only identifying feature was a partially buried sign that showed a large faded 'M'.

    "M," James whispered, "Wonder what it stands for."

    "Massive Dynamic," Cal said instantly.

    "How'd you know that Cal?"

    Cal shook his head, "Don't know."

    The two approached the building, climbing up the large, crumbling steps and into what used to be an open air plaza. As they drew nearer to the front of the building, they could see where the large doors, that had once held glass, were partially obscured in rubble. Sunrise crept over the horizon, illuminating the ancient city, nocturnal creatures dove out of its way and into the underground tunnels, day creatures began waking up, and birds announced the arrival of the sun with song.
    Deer began milling about, with the odd big cat looking after them, licking its lips in anticipation of a kill. This helped the two escapees look for their hidden treasure, the map cryptically guiding the way.

    Cal and James worked quietly together moving the chunks and slabs of rubble out of the way to clear the entrance. Cal grinned as they pulled the last piece out of the way of the door. Behind the exterior former glass doors, a large vault like door had sealed the building off from the outside world.

    Standing in front of the door, Cal tried to look for a way to open the door but there was no obvious means to do so. Off to one side of the doorway was a recessed metal plate that appeared to be on hinges. Cal walked over to it and tried to make out the words that time and weather had tried so hard to erase. Prying open the plate, Cal placed his hand against the interior sensor and something beeped. The door rumbled into life and slid open smoothly.

    "Yes." Cal whispered hoarsely, the two stepped into the long thin silver corridor and shivered, it was cold. They walked in and the lights began flickering on, as they reached the end of the corridor they came to what looked like a round room with a dip in the middle. The two nervously stepped inside, hidden machinery beeped and hummed within the walls.

    An image of someone appeared in the middle of the room, projected upwards, the man was wearing a long robe with a cowl over his head.


    The being flickered and said in a big booming voice:
    "Cal Starr, heir to the legacy, welcome."

    Cal stepped forwards, "What is this place?"

    "It is a temple of knowledge, of power." the being answered, "In here you will find all that belongs to you."

    Cal nodded, "First things first."

    A door opened up.

    "Come Cal Starr, let us teach you your birthright." The hologram pointed towards the door.

    Cal looked at James and grinned, "Coming?"

    "Hell yes."
    “Young people from all around the globe are joining up today to fight for the future! They're doing their part, are you? Join the mobile infantry and save the world, service guarantees citizenship.”

    You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
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