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    Default Best friends mom

    This is my first time writing so take it easy on me.. I'll post a new segment

    Hello, I'm going to tell you a true story that happened when I was 14. My best friend Chris and I were having a sleep-over that consisted of us staying up all night playing either on the computer, or his wii. We were thirsty so we went up to get something to drink, and decided we'd try some raspberry vodka and captain Morgan with Pepsi his (parents had a lot because every Saturday they had a party). We had a little too much to drink and passed out on his bed room floor. The next morning I awoke to see his mother, about 6ft tall, with long lean legs from aerobics, c cup breasts and red hair. She was bending over wearing her normal aerobics work out pants, and the way the light hit them I had a clear view of her gorgeous ass. I was awake and horny by that time so I sat up.

    " Hi Mrs. Pattserson"

    " Oh hey babe didn't think you guys where up yet" she replied.

    " yeah, I just woke up" I said noticing her eyes gazing at the newly formed bulge in my pants.

    " um.. breakfast will be ready soon, so get Chris up"

    I did as she said. I got up and shook Chris in attempt to wake him, but he was hammered after last night.

    "Where's your husband?" I asked

    " He gone to a business conference in Montreal"

    I stood up and took off my shirt, then pants beginning to strip down to my underwear, in front of her.

    "what do you think your doing?" She questioned.

    "I'm changing into a clean pair of clothes" I said now taking off my underwear exposing my 6.5 inch cock. I had fantasized about this moment for a long time.

    Stunned at what was happening she just stared at my rock hard cock. I began to walk closer to her, my dick now touch her thigh.

    " I..I can't"

    "why not todd is in Montreal no ones gonna find out" I said quietly

    I grabbed her ass rubbing the whole length of her thigh. I pulled down her spandex pants to reveal a tiny black thong. I pulled the thong out of her ass cheeks, and rubbed my fingers around the lips of her vagina. I inserted a finger and pushed it all the way in. With my other hand I grabbed my cock and forcefully jammed my entire 6 and a half inches into her vagina, and started to violently thrust. Taking my hand away from her pussy lips now using it to go over her asshole. Her moans got louder.

    "I'm gunna cum!" she yelled as I picked up my pace going as fast and as hard as I could. The feeling of her hot cum running down my thighs and her pussy clenching around my dick was too much, I shoved my cock in as deep as I could and shot 7 -11 times inside of my best friends mom.

    When will part two come next? Leave some comments!
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    i think u need a part 2 but im confused on what's gonna happen next
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    not bad
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    very short!
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    simply bad fantasied story
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