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    Default My fantasy about daddy Part 1

    Caveat - No, I do not know why these fantasies turn me on (having first time sex with my daddy/uncle/grandpa) but they do - and always have ever since I was a teenager. But they are a FANTASY ONLY.

    Please let me know if I should continue this story or just revert to being a reader on this forum...


    Mommy has left for the evening with her friends and its just me (my name is Suzie) and daddy home tonight. I'm not sure where Daddy is but I'm sprawled out on the floor in front of the TV in the living room, aimlessly clicking through channels when I accidently click on "video". All of sudden there is a video of a man wearing jeans and no shirt with a little girl wearing a white undershirt and panties - about my age - sitting on his lap.

    I sit up and watch open mouthed. The man - about my daddy's age - is stroking his little girl's hair and then slowly letting his hand drop lower to her chest. He says "you have gorgeous titties sweetie, just beautiful" as he strokes the outside of her white undershirt. She smiles up at the man as he circles the outside of her nipples and he starts to lick her lips with his tongue. She is wiggling on his lap as he strokes her chest.

    "Say 'touch my titties Daddy' " the man says.

    The girl giggles and smiles and wiggles on the man's lap. "Touch my titties Daddy" she says slowly and shyly looking up at her daddy.

    "Good girl" he says as he continues to stroke his little girl's tiny bumps.

    The girl on the video continues to wiggle on her daddy's lap while he strokes her chest.

    "Sweetie" he says, "now stick your tongue out for daddy, let me kiss it".

    "Like this Daddy?" she ask as she opens her little mouth to reveal her tongue.

    "Yes baby girl, like that" and the man licks the girl's tongue with his own.

    I start to feel something between my legs as I'm watching - I feel naughty - I know I shouldn't watch this, I should stop watching but I can't, my eyes are riveted to the video.

    The man pulls off the girl's undershirt and she is flat like me with little puffy pink nipples.

    "Ah sweetie, I love your nipples" he says circling them with his fingers. The girl on the video giggles.

    "Daddy, that tickles and makes my cunny feel all funny" the girl says.

    I sit up taller and feel my own cunny tingling.

    The man on the video stands up with the girl in his arms - now she is only wearing white panties - and places gently her on the floor. He unzips his jeans and takes them off revealing boxer shorts with a long hard thing (as Suzie calls it) sticking out the slit. The little girl on the video watches wide eyed.

    I can't believe what I am watching - and my cunny is all itchy. Why is that man - he must be her daddy - touching her like that? He's touching her titties! And she likes it! Would Daddy do that to me? Would he say "Suzie, tell me that you like Daddy touching your titties".

    And what is that long thing stick out of his boxer shorts? Suzie stares.

    (Okay all - should I continue with part 2?)

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    Thumbs up

    love to eat pussy (.)(.)
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    For sure! Please continue.
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    yes yes n YES
    thick girls do what
    skinny girls do never even try
    and we like it!
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    you started , you]d better finsh
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    mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes dadt touch me allover
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    please do continue
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    This is such a good start! I will enjoy the rest I am sure!
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    A good start on what could be a great erotic story. Keep writing!
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    fer sure , continue .
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    Please continue
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    Default Yes, do write some more.

    I'm with you.
    I don't know why this shit turns me on either, but it does.
    This gave me a hard-on, and I would love to read more.
    The perverted shit that I enjoy writing. http://stories.xnxx.com/profile364111/
    I also write under this name. http://stories.xnxx.com/profile313531/Rebeca+Lewis
    I love comments.

    Oh yeah, and pictures of my cock for people who are into that sort of thing.
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    Default For sure

    I truely hope you finish this story. Your doing a great job !!!
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    Default Good job

    Bring it on!
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    Daddies are amazing men. thank you daddies from all the daughters out ther
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