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    Default Mom & son incest

    I love mom & son incest stories. Please post some or let me know some good sites for incest stories. Pm me or i'm on yahoo bigbee694u@yahoo.com
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    Default hi

    i love them too so if you find one let me know
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    Lonely To Big Happy Family
    Date: 25 May 1999 06:40:12 -0000
    From: Blake Dorson <fantasy@eroticwriters.com>
    Subject: Lonely-To-Big-Happy-Family(Bi-Incest)

    Copyright 1999 Blake Dorson. All rights reserved.

    WARNING: The following story contains graphic descriptions of sexual
    activity. If you are under the age of 18, or 21, as the law may specify,
    or are offended by material
    of this nature, please read no further. This is strictly a work of
    fiction/fantasy, and by no means, does the author encourage
    unsafe sex, or any sexual acts that are illegal in your community.
    The author of this literature is a straight male. He writes out of his
    belief in free speech, expression, and press.

    I always thought that sharing a room with a brother, especially a twin,
    would be a lot of fun. I lived in a little house with my Dad. He was out
    most of the day working, and at night, he would often go out on dates. I
    had the little place pretty much to myself. I yearned for more. Not only
    did I want more space, but I wanted more people in the house, more of a
    real family. I guess I wished a little too hard.

    I would always prance around the house in my briefs. It made me feel calm,
    relaxed, yet eerily wild and out of control. When I was twelve, my Dad
    starting getting serious with a woman who lived about ten minutes away.
    She had two kids, and they must've lived in another school district,
    'cause I didn't know them. One was eleven, and the other was fourteen. In
    just over a year, when I was thirteen, they got married. Her kids seemed
    cool, and I didn't mind sharing parents with them. A few months later,
    they moved in with us. I was kinda surprised that they would move in with
    us, I just kinda assumed that their house would be bigger than ours, and
    we would move in with them. Well, I accepted the fact that I would have to
    share my tiny little room with two other boys, and that we would somehow
    have to get a couple more beds in the room and share the remaining space.
    It worked pretty well for about a month. We kept to ourselves pretty much.
    It was working out much better than I had first anticipated.
    DR. Oweena Scott PHD droweenascottphd@consultant.com
    Retired Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist
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    Then, my Dad lost his job. I thought for sure that we were doomed. He
    brought us all together to tell us what we had to expect because we were
    very pressed for money. He announced money-saving tips in terms of water
    use, and electricity use. Nothing could have prepared us for it. "Okay,
    kids. We are going to have some big reforms in this house. Your mother and
    I have discussed these thoroughly, and we could find no other options.
    First, the two youngest, John and Danny, must use the shower at the same
    time. In terms of laundry, we need to cut down on that, too. Since Danny
    and John also happen to be near the same size, you will be sharing
    clothes. When one of you wears jeans, keep them clean, 'cause your brother
    will wear them the next day. If you can, keep your underwear clean to be
    able to wear them two days in a row. Walk around the house naked if that's
    the only way you can keep them clean. Alan, for being the oldest, be
    responsible, take short showers, and because you are more mature down
    there, you can wear underwear around the house."

    We all thought that his demands were a little too far-fetched, but we
    proceeded to do it for a couple of days anyway. When Alan announced that
    he coudn't stand to look at our asses any longer, we realized how stupid
    the whole thing was, and we went back to our old habits of wasting water
    and electricity. Luckily, Dad found a job, a better one than before, and
    not only did he not yell at us for not helping him out with the bills, but
    he bought us all really big purchases of clothing for being 'good sports'.
    I felt incredibly embarassed and stupid that I had ever walked around my
    house naked with other boys. We occasionally joked about it with each
    other, but we avoided the topic most of the time. On one Friday night,
    when Alan turned 18, he came home all drunk and loud. John and I basically
    gagged him in order to quiet him down, and then proceeded to get him
    undressed and ready to sleep. We were half awake, so pulling his pants off
    was a difficult task, and when we got to his shirt, he kept threatening us
    that he was going to throw-up. John and I thought we were going to die.
    When we finally got him out of his wreaking clothes, we found him a clean
    pair of briefs to sleep in. Only then did we really care that he was
    naked. He had his fist wrapped around his cock, and he was frantically
    trying to keep it erect, which was a major task considering how drunk he
    was. We stared at it as he continued. When he got too tired to stroke, he
    asked us if we would help him 'get his rocks off' because he was so horny.
    I looked at John and told him that if we were in the situation of being
    drunk, that we would probably want someone to help us too, so between the
    two of us, we managed to get him erect. When we started getting tired and
    he hadn't ejaculated, John decided it needed 'drastic measures.' At first
    I didn't understand him. When John licked his lips, I thought for sure he
    was kidding, but the next thing I knew, my fourteen year old step-brother
    was slurping and sucking on his brother's cock. Alan exploded with many
    spurts of cum down John's throat. John swallowed drop after drop as I
    watched in amazement. Once that was completely done, we covered Alan up
    and attempted to go to sleep.

    John obviously was nervous about what he had just done, and he couldn't
    sleep because he woke me up.
    "Hey, Danny...Are you awake?" He whispered in the darkness.
    "I am now dimwit." I replied.
    "Sorry, but, you won't tell what happened tonight will you?" He asked.
    "Of course not, I wouldn't want Alan to get screwed over for getting
    drunk." I said.
    "That's not what I meant. About the erection thing..." He said.
    "Hey, that was pretty weird. I won't tell, but only if you tell me where
    you learned how to do it, and if you don't mind, how the hell you did it,
    and why you swallowed. Otherwise, I'll tell." I said, basically bribing
    "Alright, alright. Promise you won't tell?" He asked.
    "You heard the offer." I said.
    "Okay, before we moved in with you, I walked in on my mom having sex with
    your Dad. She was licking his cock all over. It was gross, but it
    fascinated me. A few days later, I walked in on Alan getting his cock
    sucked by one of his guy friends, and about a week after that, I walked in
    on him again, except that time it was a girl doing it to him. He wasn't
    going to let me walk out of the room for some reason. The girl was
    completely naked, and I got a boner in a matter of seconds. She said she
    would suck it if I didn't tell anyone what I saw. I accepted, and she
    sucked my dick. So, I had seen it more than once, for never having done it
    before last night, I think I was pretty much knowledgable about what to
    do. As for the swallowing, I just thought it would be better for cleanup,
    and as long as it stays in the family I guess it's okay, right?"
    "Yeah, sure." I said.
    "Have you ever gotten a blowjob?" He asked.
    "No. It sounds pretty good. And from the look on Alan's face, it looked
    pretty good, too." I said.
    "Hey, I could do it for you if you want. It's such a pleasurable
    experience when you're on the receiving end, that I would do it for you,
    just so you can experience the rush and the feeling that you get with the
    warm wetness of a tongue all over your cock." He said.
    "If you're willing to do that for me, then don't keep describing it, I'll
    find out for myself." I said.
    With that, he came over to me, pulled the sheets off of me, and began
    nibbling and sucking at the cotton basket in front of my briefs. It was a
    real turn-on, and I just leaned back and relaxed. He pulled the briefs
    down and under my balls, and he began sucking on my dick. First he only
    licked the bottom, top half of it, but as soon as I started oozing
    pre-cum, he went around the entire shaft, coating it with his saliva and
    my pre-cum. I was moaning with pleasure. I must've been much louder than I
    thought, because the next thing I knew, Alan was out of bed, rimming
    John's ass, and strangely enough, I thought I saw another shadow as I was
    reaching my climax. John took his tongue all the way from under my balls,
    all the way to the tip, which is when I started to ejaculate, all over his
    face. He took me back in his mouth for the final spurt, and I thought I
    was going to die because every single part of my body suddenly went numb.

    That's when I noticed that the other shadow that I thought I had seen was
    real. It was Mom, or, their mom to be exact, and she was getting pounded
    in her pussy by her eldest son. When I first realized it, I thought it was
    disgusting, but when I saw how much fun and pleasure they were receiving
    from each other, I could do nothing but walk out of the room and invite my
    Dad to join the festivities. I figured John's statement of 'as long as it
    stays in the family I guess it's okay, right?' was a true statement. We
    spent the rest of the night, and the next day, fucking and sucking each

    Having my Dad suck my cock while his being pounded up the ass by John was a
    real turn on. I loved watching John frantically trying to ejaculate, he was
    a late bloomer, and he was really sexy. The rest of the family seemed to
    enjoy watching John and I have sex. We had sex all the time after that day
    full of sex. John liked traditional anal sex, but he didn't mind playing
    with sex toys and dildos, which I learned to love. The sexcapades of our
    family were always wonderful. We couldn't really afford college, so we all
    went to work at the age of 17 or 18. Since John and I aren't technically
    related, we've decided to get married.

    I'm 19 now, and he's 18. He's still as sexy as ever, and he still enjoys
    fucking my Dad up the ass. He tries too hard to ejaculate even now, and I'm
    in love with the look on his face when he finally unloads his spunk. Our
    mom sort of lost her sex appeal a little bit, so we all have sex with her
    when she's facing away from us. It's amazing her pussy is still as tight as
    it is. John's looking over my shoulder, complaining that I'm taking too
    long to finish the story. He really wants to read it and make sure it's

    THE END.
    DR. Oweena Scott PHD droweenascottphd@consultant.com
    Retired Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist
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