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    Talking Daddy's Good Little Girl

    They are laying in bed together, snuggling their naked bodies into each other. She is on her side, head resting on his shoulder, pressing her tit into him as his hands run over her body, his fingers caressing her back, her shoulder, her ass. One of her hands is laying on his chest, lightly teasing the hairs there.

    "Are you gonna be a good girl?" He whispers. "Are you gonna be a good little girl for me?"

    "Mmm-hmm," she murmurs quietly.

    "Yea? You gonna make your daddy feel good? Make him feel real good."

    "Mmm-hmm," she responds again, this time her head nodding ever so slightly.

    She is small, petite and delicate. Her young features easily disguise her 26 years. She likes playing the games with him, likes it when he treats her special.

    "Yea, you're gonna be a good girl for your daddy, aren't you? Gonna make your daddy feel so good."

    "Mmmmm," she purrs.

    Her hand slips down from his chest, her fingers slowly trailing their way down his stomach and into his crotch. They tickle their way through his pubes, lightly scratching his flesh, then run down to caress his thigh before finding his semi-hard cock. Her hand covers the flaccid penis, gently cupping and cradling it in her grasp.

    "Oh yea, that's a good girl," he sighs happily, kissing the top of her head. "That's my good little girl."

    In her grasp his cock hardens, the blood rushing to it, filling the veins, stiffening it. Her fingers tickle his ball sack while the cock grows more rigid. The pumping blood causes it to jerk under her attentions. As it nears full rigidity she scratches at it lightly with her nails, itching the flesh delicately for a few minutes before she wraps her small, delicate fingers around it.

    "Ohhh yea Baby, make Daddy feel good," he sighs as she first squeezes it a little then begins to gently stroke it. "Make your daddy happy."

    Neither of them moves for several minutes as he continues to caress her body and she gently squeezes and tugs at his cock. The member grows harder and harder.

    "Ohhh yea, Baby. You're such a good girl. Such a sweet little thing. You're gonna make your daddy so happy, Baby. So happy."


    Eventually one of his hands moves up to her head, his fingers playing with her hair as it applies gentle pressure. In her hand his cock is completely stiff, her little fingers wrapped around the circumference, tugging and squeezing. The flesh pole throbs with his desire fueled by her gentle attentions.

    She responds to the pressure on her scalp by shifting. Slipping more on top of him she kisses his chest, her lips brushing across his flesh delicately as she slowly moves her way downward. She kisses her way down, down across his chest and his stomach.

    "Ohhh yea, be a good girl, Baby. Be a good girl."

    At his waist she spreads her kisses out in either direction before returning to the center. Then she kisses her way down to his crotch, down toward the throbbing cock she holds in her hand. Her lips snuggle into his pelvis, kissing him through his pubes and down to the inside of one thigh. Her fingers still hold his hard cock, gently stroking it as her mouth moves back up to his crotch and down to the other thigh.

    She is now laying between his spread legs, halfway kneeling as she kisses him all over his pelvic region. He holds her hair back away from her face with one hand, balling the tresses up on the back of her head and holding them loosely as she slips and slides around with her kisses. His other hand is resting on the mattress next to him, his body relaxed and comfortable as he watches her from above.

    Her tongue flickers out to lick at his balls, she caresses his sack with the wet appendage. Through the tops of her eyes she looks at him, stares at the pleased expression on his face as he watches her doing all this, watches her hand holding and tugging at his engorged cock.

    "Ohhh, you're such a good girl, Baby," he whispers down to her. "Such a sweet good girl. You make your daddy feel so good. So damn good."

    Still staring at him, her large eyes filled with her own happiness and desire, her tongue now runs from his balls to lick up the length of the cock she holds. She turns her head one way then the other as she licks up one side and down the other. Her tongue swirls out and around, over the fleshy pole. Up from the base she glides her tongue, rolling it up and over the head.

    "Oh, be a good girl now, Baby. Be a good girl and make Daddy feel good."

    She understands his words, knows what he wants, but instead she only continues to lick at his cock for a few more minutes. Watching his face she runs her tongue up and down the shaft, licking the flesh, sliding her tongue over and around the head standing above her small fingers which grip the stiff pole.

    "Ohhh, suck my cock, Baby. Suck Daddy's hard cock," he moans hungrily.

    She slips her fingers down around the very base of his cock and holds it straight up. Staring into his eyes she licks her way up the shaft of it with extreme slowness, her tongue slipping and slithering over every single centimeter of his flesh. When she reaches the top of it she slides her top lip across the head then, with even more slowness, allows it to slip into her mouth.

    "Mmmmm," she moans as her lips engulf the head of it.

    "Ohhh yea, Baby. Ohhh yea. You're such a good girl. Such a good little girl. Suck Daddy's cock, Baby. Suck Daddy's cock."

    She is still staring into his eyes, her own smoldering with desire, as she slowly accepts inch after inch of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirls over the flesh penetrating her and she sucks deeply on it. When her lips meet her fingers she pauses, holding the inches of fleshy cock in her mouth and suckling on it while quietly purring.

    "Ahhhhhh," he sighs contently. "That's my girl. That's Daddy's girl."

    After a moment she pulls back. A couple of inches of his cock reappear before she descends upon it once more. She continues to stare up at him as she begins to pump her lips up and down his shaft, sliding them across his cock, sucking on it, rolling her tongue over and over it. Her hand strokes the base, squeezing and tugging the hard pole while she steadily fucks it with her mouth.

    "Yea, you're such a good girl. Such a good little girl, Baby," he sighs. "Suck Daddy's cock like a good girl. Suck it, Baby. Suck Daddy's hard cock. Ohhh yea."

    His cock is hard in her pumping mouth, the ridges of it sliding along her lips as they rise and fall. She sucks on it, licks it. His hand holds her hair back, his fingers resting on her scalp as her head bobs with her fucking mouth.

    She pumps and sucks, sucks and pumps on it for several minutes, her eyes barely ever leaving his while her fingers continue to squeeze and tug at the base.

    "Deep throat me, Baby," he whispers. "Take all of Daddy's cock."

    Slowly she pulls her mouth back, slides it up off the head of his cock and smiles up at him. Her hand continues to manipulate the base, tugging at it as she milks his cock for the semen in his balls.

    "You want me to take all of your cock, Daddy?" She whispers. "You want me to swallow your whole cock?"

    "Oh yes, Baby," he sighs. "Oh yes. Be a good girl and take all of Daddy's cock. You can do it, Baby. You can do it sweetheart."

    "Okay Daddy," she purrs. "But it's so big."

    "It'll be alright Honey, you can do it. And it'll make your daddy so happy."

    She rolls her tongue over the head of it a few times before slipping her lips back around it. Again with amazing slowness she drops her mouth down along the length of it, feeding herself inch after slow inch of the rigid flesh pole. This time when her lips touch her fingers she only pauses for a second before slipping her hand down so that only the very base of it is held by her one finger and thumb. As she slips the next inch of his cock into her mouth, the head of it slipping into her throat, she closes her eyes, breaking the contact they had held until that moment. With slow deliberateness she drops her lips further and further along his length. Soon his entire cock is buried in her mouth and throat. She moans silently and the vibrations rush along his nerves. Her throat muscles contract a few times, gripping and squeezing his rigid cock.

    "Ohhh," he moans contently.

    She pulls her lips back up along the fleshy pole, slipping them up and up until her hand can once more fit between them and the base. She pumps her mouth over the first inches a few more times before removing the hard cock from her mouth to smile up at him once again.

    "Am I a good girl, Daddy?" She asks. "Am I making you happy?"

    "Ohhh yes, Baby. You're a very good girl," he answers.

    "You like it when I do this, don't you Daddy? You like it when I suck your cock."

    "Yes, Honey, I do. I like it when you suck my cock like a good girl."

    She smiles happily. Lowering her face once more she again envelopes his cock with her mouth, pushing inches of it past her lips as they grip it tightly. She sucks deeply on it, rolls her tongue over the flesh that she is fucking with her mouth.

    "Yea, Baby, suck on Daddy's cock. Make your daddy feel good. Make him feel good, Baby. Suck Daddy's cock. Suck him like a good girl."

    Her lips slide up and down his cock more, she holds them tightly around it, sucking deeply and feeling the flesh glide over her nerves. The feel of his hard cock fills her mouth, caresses her rolling tongue. She pumps herself faster on it, running the length of inches back and forth on her lips.

    "Oh yea, suck it Baby. Suck it like a good girl. Suck Daddy's cock. Oh God yes, fuck me with your sweet little mouth."

    The hand in her hair grows tenser, his hips start to rise at her descending mouth. He is fucking himself back at her pumping mouth. Precum oozes into her mouth and she swirls her tongue over the head, swallows the liquid.

    "Suck Daddy's cock, Baby. Suck him like a good girl. Suck him with your mouth, fuck him with your sweet little mouth. Oh yea, Baby, Suck your daddy's cock like a good girl. Oh yea, Baby, oh yea."

    His cock grows stiffer as the speed of both their actions increases. His hardening flesh rubs along her lips and she squeezes them tighter around it. His hips rise and fall faster as she pumps her mouth on him. She sucks deeper, tastes more precum. She fights to hold her eyes open and stare up at him as he smiles down at her fucking his cock with her mouth.

    "Suck me. Suck Daddy's cock, Baby. Be a good girl and swallow his cum, Baby. Swallow Daddy's cum."

    His cock suddenly grows extremely rigid within her mouth. It twitches, jerks. A second later the first blast of his semen sprays the back of her mouth. She swallows it, gulps the warm liquid down as more follows.

    "Oh yea, swallow it, Baby. Swallow Daddy's cum. Swallow it, Baby, swallow it."

    She sucks and swallows as his balls unleash the load of semen cooked up in them. His cock jerks and twitches in her mouth spraying the warm liquid for her to swallow. Moments after the last of it has shot down her throat she continues to suckle at the softening cock, her tongue swirling over it as she squeezes the base with her small fingers, milking the very last drops of semen from it.

    "Ohhh, such a sweet girl," he sighs happily.
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    Cool it's time for you to write a novel !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetlily4u View Post

    it's time for you to write a novel !!!

    remember me when you do ... ... I will help ...
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    Gave me a raging boner! Wish I had a sweet little girl to take care of it!
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    Default mmmmmm

    Every woman needs to feel the love of their Daddy soooo romantic.
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    Default hot

    got my intrest
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    that was amazing story, i like very much.
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    my daddy still calles me baby girl too as im sucking his big daddy cock
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    not bad, could do better
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    what the fuck??? is my dad been talking to you???
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    Default Amazing

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    Nice, love the slow tempo. Would like to read next chapter.
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    Yeah I agree
    Fuck Me
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    Got me hard...
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    Hot story. I could picture it in my mind.
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    Default hmm

    felt grt
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