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Thread: Rape story...

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    Default Rape story...

    (FYI: I know it is short...)

    It's been a long day at work. I was working up late and i was very tired. My name is Stephanie. I am a 35 years old. I am working in a marketing company, a pretty much daily much nothing interesting in it. I'm 5'8" and 130lbs. I got a pretty nice breasts that turn a lot of men on if i wear the right clothing. I'm married and i'm proud to be married. My husband is a very nice person. So here is the story i would like to tell. It's going to be hard story.

    Well, where do i start? Well, i been working up late like usually and i decided i was tired and left the work place. I decided to try catch a taxi. I waited for over 30 minutes untill a taxi stop infront of me. I hopped in the car and told the taxi driver the location. I noticed he was a black person. From his accent it sounds like he is Jamaican. Well, i tried to get a little sleep in the taxi so i told the driver to wake me up when he is near the address. So i closed my eyes and i fell asleep.
    Biggest mistake of my life quite honestly. When i woke up i found myself in some kind of a abandoned factory. I looked around for the taxi driver. He was outside of the texi looking at me with a smile. "Good morning, sleeping beauty," - he said. I got out of the taxi and looked at him angrily. "Where the hell are we?" - i asked angrily. He just smiled. I suddenly felt like
    someone was grabbing my clothes from behind. I looked back and it was another black male. He was very strong and i couldn't fight him out. He grabbed me by the neck and pushed me to the ground. I tried to fight back but he took of my pants and panties very fast. "You are going to enjoy this, you white slut," - he told me with a smile. He took out his big cock and he picked me up from
    the ground and he violently inserted his cock inside my mouth. He started to fuck my mouth fast and it made me gag. He stopped and looked at me. "What's wrong, bitch?" - he said smiling. - "Can't take it all?" He started to fuck my mouth again and again untill i puked. The taxi driver looked at the guy and smiled. "Good work, George," - he said unzipping his own pants. So his name is George, uh? I remembered that name and i kicked him in the balls trying to run away to the exit. But as soon as i got to the doors they were closed. "I'm sorry miss, you are staying here with us tonight," - said George. - "And you are going to suck all of our cocks." He said it and he clapped. A group of black people showed up behind him. Approximately 10-20 people. I was terrified. "Y... You can't do that," - i say frightened. - "Let me go!" George stood infront of me and grabbed me by my hair. He pushed me toward the taxi driver. He slapped me twice and i fell to the ground. He laid on top of me and he fucked my mouth with his cock. I couldn't stop it because i was dizzy from the slaps. He grabbed my red dress and ripped it off. He also took
    off my bra. My shirt was already ripped off by George. He started sucking on my tits as i tried to push him, but my body was too weak for it. The group of people surrounded me and they were jacking off around me. The taxi driver picked my head up and he made me suck each of those cocks. Too be honest, it made me feel sick. Because each cock had different taste. "C'mon, bitch,"
    - said George. - "You know how to suck a cock right?" He started to piss on me while talking. My whole hair was covered with piss. He moaned as he kept pissing on my tits and ass. He slapped my ass couple of times and he picked my ass and bent me. "Who's first?" - he said. One of the black guys in the group came out and started fucking me in the pussy. He did it hard and fast. He pulled me by my hair as he did it. "Bitch, you like it don't you, you dirty whore!" - he screamed while banging me. He kept going hard and fast. He then stopped and inserted his cock in my tight ass. He did it fast and hard and i was screaming because it was painful. "P... Please... stop..." - i was begging him. But all he did was push my head to someone's cock. I start to suck the guy again because i didn't have much of a choice. One of the guys decided to lay down on the car and he asked the other guy to bring me to him. He pushed me toward the car and the guy on the car picked me on top of him. I got on top of him and i started punching him and slapping but he just punched me and he inserted his cock in my ass. I started riding it. I decided i just want this nightmare to end. I rided it for his pleasure. He enjoyed every second of it. Some other guy jumped on the car. He told the othe one to insert his cock in my pussy so he can have my ass. He started fucking my ass while the other was fucking my pussy. They both did it hard and fast. My ass was stretched because of their big cocks. Suddenly all the man whisteled. "Alright, fellas, push her to the ground, it's time," - said the taxi driver. The guys kicked me off the car and i was laying on the
    ground feeling pain in my ass and pussy. George picked my head from the ground and i was on my knees. One of the guys came first and started jacking off on my face. His sperm flied into my nose and mouth. "Oh, yeah" - said the man cumming. Other guy came infront of me and started jacking off. His sperm covered my tits and neck. "Way to go!" - he said and slapped my tits. 3rd guy came and he smiled to me while he was jacking off. He came on my face and his sperm hit my ears and lips. I couldn't remember the rest because i probably fainted. But i do remember i got up all covered in sperm. There was no car to drive me home. I picked up the mobile phone and called my husband.
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