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    Default Daddies Large penis

    My name is Ashley and my Daddy has a very large penis. I'm only seven years old but I've seen lots of different penises, such as my Daddy's, my Uncle's, and the some of the nice men who work at the construction site down the road.

    Every penis I've seen is a little different from the others, and some are big, some are small. But none of them are as big as my Daddy's penis, especially when I put my mouth on Daddy's penis.

    When Daddy's penis is little, I can kind of put the end of it in my mouth and it feels all squishy and soft like a warm marshmallow. But when I do that, Daddy's penis doesn't stay soft for very long! Almost right away I can feel Daddy's penis start to grow inside my mouth, pushing on my lips and bumping my teeth, and that feels really funny.

    Before long, Daddy's penis gets so big that I can't fit even the end of it in my mouth anymore, since it stretches my lips so big and wide. But I always keep kissing Daddy's penis anyway, because it makes Daddy smile and sigh and he calls me 'Daddy's Princess' and tells me how much he loves me kissing his big penis.

    Sometimes if I kiss Daddy's penis for long enough, especially if I rub my hands along the long hard part of it, Daddy will grunt and then a bunch of sticky white cream shoots out of the end of his giant penis, and Daddy's hips bounce around a lot and he tells me that I did a very good job for him, making his penis feel better.

    But sometimes Daddy asks me to stop kissing his penis because he needs to do something different with his penis to make the cream come out. One of the other things Daddy likes doing with his penis is putting it up inside my bottom.

    We started doing this fun game two years ago on my fifth birthday, and at first it really scared me! When Daddy did it on my fifth birthday, he put lots of baby oil all over my bottom and all up between my legs on that funny little slit place where my peepee comes out.

    Daddy used his hand and rubbed the oil in really good, and that felt nice. Then Daddy made me bend over the couch while he got behind me and rubbed his big hot penis all over my bottom. Because my bottom was kind of cold, the end of Daddy's big penis felt really warm as he rubbed it all over in the slippery oil he had put there.

    Daddy was saying funny things while he did this, things like "Daddy's rubbing his big fat cock on his little princess' ass... does my little princess like her Daddy's fat cock on her little tiny ass?" I just nodded even though I wasn't sure what a cock was, but I figured it was probably another word for Daddy's penis.

    Pushing the head of his penis down inside the crack of my bottom, Daddy began pushing harder and it felt really weird, felt kind of like when I sit on my bicycle seat for too long, or like after I make a really big poopoo and my bottom feels all tingly. Daddy was grunting and making funny noises and he had to put both his hands on my hips and hold me really tight to make his penis fit inside my bottom.

    When Daddy's penis first went up inside my bottom that day it hurt so much! I screamed and cried and told him "Daddy, daddy, stop, you're hurting my bottom!" and he just rubbed my back and kissed my head and neck and said "Don't worry Princess... just relax... Daddy needs to do this for your own good... just relax."

    I tried relaxing but it still hurt so much in my bottom! It felt like I had to make poopoo really bad and I told my Daddy that I had to make poopoo really bad. "No Princess, that's not poopoo, don't worry! That's just Daddy's big penis up inside your bottom." Daddy was breathing really heavy as he tried to explain. "I know maybe it feels sort of like poopoo... but just relax for Daddy, relax sweetie... it's okay..."

    Soon Daddy fell down on top of me and he was pushing his giant penis in and out of my bottom so fast that I was crying and screaming and then suddenly I felt Daddy's hips bounce and then right inside my bottom I could feel all of Daddy's thick cream come squirting out! "Oh wow Daddy, I can fell the cream coming out right up inside my bottom!" I said, and that made Daddy groan even more.

    But I don't think Daddy was really listening because he was grunting and making so many funny noises right next to my ear, and I kept feeling more and more squirts of the funny cream shooting up inside my bottom. When Daddy was all done he pulled his penis out of my bottom and it had gotten all small again.

    Daddy picked me up and took me into the bathroom so I could make poopoo, but no matter how hard I tried, only a little bit of poopoo came out. Lots of white cream came out though, and Daddy put his hand underneath my bottom and scooped it up as I tried to poop it out, so he could show me the cream coming right out of my bottom, where his big penis had put it inside.

    Nowadays when Daddy puts his penis in my bottom it doesn't hurt nearly as much because I'm a big girl now. When Daddy puts his penis in my bottom it doesn't scare either, because I know it won't take very long for Daddy to make all of his cream come out. Daddy calls me his Princess and says that I have the best little bottom ever and my bottom makes his penis feel really good inside because my bottom is so creamy and warm and fits around Daddy's penis really tightly.

    Daddy says that my bottom feels like a nice soft glove wrapped around his penis and that it makes his penis not hurt so much when he puts it in my bottom. But every so often Daddy moves his penis too fast and then he hurts my bottom still, because his penis is just so big right before he makes the cream squirt out.

    Even though my Daddy sometimes hurts my bottom with his great big penis, I know that he really loves me and that he's only doing it because if he didn't put his penis in my bottom, then his penis would hurt too much and I don't want my Daddy's penis to hurt! I love my Daddy so much.

    If you ask me for sex the answer is NO
    If you don't ask me I am dissapointed.

    No I said I'm Bi-sexual not a bicycle
    Sometimes I think "Why is that Frisbee getting bigger?" Then it hits me......
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    I don't know who in the hell gave you 1 start, but this is a very hot story. Wow!
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    Thumbs up

    this was a very good story; loved it!
    keep up the good work!!!!!♥
    ~Property Of Princess~
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    Default Ashley is one lucky little girl

    More adventures please!
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    more please
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    Does the recoil remind you,
    Remind you of Sex old man,
    What the hell you gonna kill next,
    Old Timer, who you gonna kill next?
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    Quite honestly, I rarely read stories about girls so young as it disturbs me somewhat and I find it difficult to sexualize little girls, but your writing style really made this a great read. I'll be checking out more of your stuff at some point, that I can guarantee.
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    I agree with Phoenix. The heroine of your story is a bit young, even for me and I was started pretty young myself, But your style is wonderful! I really hope you have other stories to tell or will continue with this one! Well done, sista!
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    For a seven year old your vocabulary, puctuation and spelling is remarkable and your teachers must be very proud of you but I'm surprised that you find time for your schoolwork with all that sex you are getting.
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    i love daddys dick in my lil ass too
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    reminds me of the the stuff my daddy and i use to do a few nights a week. only we dont start at that young
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