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    Default Popping Ashley's little cherry: part six

    Ashley's ninth birthday was on a Wednesday, so I planned a little party for her that Saturday. I told her that she could invite anyone she wanted, but the only person she seemed to want there was Jannie.

    "Are you sure you don't want to invite anyone else?" I asked over the little birthday breakfast I had made for her.

    "Nope." she said without even thinking about it. Then she seemed to ponder for a moment, and added, "Jannie's uncle John?" with a questioning glance.

    I chuckled, "Sure, I mean, it's your birthday honey."

    She broke into a wide grin, and said, "Okay, Jannie, and John, and you, and me. It'll be great."

    Truth be told, I was interested in meeting Jannie's uncle. From what little Ashley had told me, he seemed like an interesting fellow.
    before I came home from work that day I decided to call Jannie's house, and see if her uncle John was available.

    "Hello." a woman's voice answered.

    "Barbara?" I inquired, knowing full well that's who was on the other end. Since Jannie was Ashley'sbestfriend, I had met her mother, Barbara, on several occasions. She was a little older than me, but still, all, and all, a pretty damn sexy woman.
    "This is Ashley's Dad," I continued, "I was just calling to check about Saturday."

    She was quiet for a moment, and then asked, "Saturday?" sounding a little distracted.

    "Yeah," I said, "Ashley's birthday party?"

    "Right," she answered, "I've just got a lot on my mind."

    I could relate to that, but I went on ahead, and relayed Ashley's request anyway, "Ashley wanted to know if Jannie's uncle John could come with her."

    There was a long pause, so long in fact that I thought we'd been disconnected.
    "Barbara?" I asked tentatively.

    "I'm sorry," she began, "I'm just not sure what I can really say." She paused again, and then said, "John's been arrested."

    "Jesus!" I blurted out. I hadn't been expecting that, needless to say. "What happened?" I asked.

    I could hear her starting to choke up as she said, "They're charging him with sexually molesting Jannie."
    A chill ran down my spine. That was way too close to home.
    "They took him away. they have Jannie. I got him a lawyer, but I don't know what I'm even allowed to say about it at this point." She was openly weeping now, and I wasn't really sure what to say.

    "Well, is there anything I can do to help?" I asked, trying my best to filter my emotional response so that she could hear my genuine concern, but not my equally genuine terror.

    "No," she sobbed, "I don't think so." She stayed on the phone with me for another long moment, in which I basically just listened to her cry, before she finally said, a little self-consciously, "I-I'm sorry, I ha-have to go."

    "Yes, yes of course." I replied. "Just please don't hesitate to call if you need anything."

    "Thank you." she said quietly. "You're a good friend." and then hung up.
    I slowly hung up the phone, and then sat there in stunned silence.
    Then suddenly, I caught myself thinking something like, 'I can't believe Jannie's uncle would do that to her. that sick fuck!' and immediately, I felt like an asshole.
    I mean first of all, just because he got arrested, didn't make him guilty, and even if he was, there might be more to it then "molestation", because regardless, I was in no fucking position to judge.
    On the way home, I started feeling really paranoid again, and when I got home Ashley told me that Jannie hadn't been in school that day.
    "I hope she's not sick," Ashley fretted, "I wouldn't want her to miss my party."

    "I'm sure it's nothing." I said, attempting to reassure her, despite the fact that I was feeling a little less than certain myself. "She'll probably be back in school tomorrow."

    However, Jannie was not in school the next day, or the day after that. Ashley was understandably concerned, so she called, and when I got home from work that Friday, she gave me the skinny, or at least as much as she knew. Apparently Barbara had told her that Jannie had not been feeling well, but, that she was okay now, and would make it to Ash's party.

    "Well, that's good that she's feeling better," I commented, after she had told me all that. Then she went on to say, "Her uncle John can't make it though."

    "That's to bad." I said, doing my best to sound surprised. "Did she happen to mention why?" I asked innocently.

    "No," she said, shaking her head, and sounding disappointed. "He just had other stuff to do,I guess."

    "Well, at least Jannie will be there." I said hopefully, but inside, i was feeling anxious about the whole thing. I was feeling that pressure again. As if our time together was rapidly running out, and on top of the whole Jannie situation, there was also the question of Ashley's mother. She could show up tomorrow, and take Ashley back, and since she still technically had custody, I couldn't say boo.

    As we sat down to eat dinner, Ashley asked me, "Do we get to play after dinner Daddy?"

    "Oh yeah baby," I answered lustily, "Daddy has a special surprise for his good little girl tonight." Realising almost as I spoke the words, that I had decided that tonight would be the night I would be deflowering my daughter.
    For some reason, I suddenly felt relieved. As if now that I had made that decision, everything was gonna be alright. Whatever happened tomorrow, tonight was gonna be perfect.

    We had dinner, flirting, and trowing each other lustful glances all throughout the meal, and as I finished the last of the dishes, Ashley wrapped her little arms around me, unbuckling my belt.
    When she had arrived home she had taken off her shoes, and trousers so that she wore nothing but a little green t-shirt, her white cotton panties, and tiny, Lacy socks.
    She unzipped, and unbuttoned my trousers, letting them drop to the floor around my ankles. Then she began playing with my penis, which of course instantly became erect under her nimble, and now rather experienced little fingers.
    As I rinsed the last dish, she pressed her tiny body against me ,stroking the shaft of my cock with one hand, while fondling my balls with the other.
    "Mmmm, that's nice." I cooed, and then said, "Okay Ashley, get up on the bed, so that I can give you your surprise."

    She instantly dashed over to the bed, giggling as she pulled her shirt off over her head. I unbuttoned my shirt, removing it, and dropping it on the floor on top of my trousers, as I walked over, and joined Ashley on the bed. She took off her socks, and started to remove her panties, but I stopped her.

    "Not yet." I panted, "Daddy wants to see your panties get all wet. Can you do that for daddy? "I asked, as I rubbed her little pussy through the thin white fabric, planting kisses all over her face. "Can you get your panties all wet for me baby?"

    I could feel her face flush hot, and red. "Okay daddy." she said, smiling shyly.
    She was on her knees, in a wide legged stance on the edge of the bed, and I stood on my knees on the floor in front of her. Her head was slightly higher than mine, so I slide my hand behind her neck, guiding her to my upturned face. I was easily able to slip my hand in between her wide open legs, and I could already feel moisture on the other side of the thin cotton barrier, as her mouth reached out, and found mine. She tongued my mouth deeply as I gently stroked her little prepubescent vagina through her panties.
    I started rubbing a little harder, and faster, pushing my middle finger a little more firmly into her tight, bald slit.

    "Ooooommmnnn." she moaned, tonguing my mouth deeply as I rubbed tight little circles over her clitoris with my thumb, and insistently stroked her tight little slit, just over the hole with my middle finger until I felt the juice soak through. Then I ran my finger up the length of her tiny, wet crack, leaving a thin line of pussy juice soaked through her little, cotton panties.

    "Ooo, you're such a good girl." I panted, breaking from our kiss, "Your panties are already wet."
    I cooed, rubbing her all over her tight little nine year old vagina. "Is your pussy all wet for daddy baby?" I asked coyly.

    "Oohhyeessda-daddy." she moaned, as I started working the clit again.
    She threw her head upright, letting out a little high pitched grunt, and I could feel her little body begin to quiver.

    "Oooohhhyeahbaby," I grunted. "Cum for daddy like a good little girl."
    The cotton fabric was soon soaked through, so that the cum ran down the inside of her thighs. I had her lay down on her back, and spread her legs open, pulling the sopping wet crotch of her panties aside with my hand, as I began licking her tiny, hot pussy. As I sucked her hard little clit into my mouth, I probed her shallow hole with my finger.
    She had barely finished her orgasm, when she was cumming again.
    She grasped my head crying, "Oh yes Daddy, lick my little pussy."

    I was rubbing my tongue all over her tiny clit in my mouth, as I inserted one, and then two fingers into the entrance of her tight little pussy hole. Her thick cum flowed around my fingers, and I slid my mouth down to suck up some of her hot juice.
    As she started to come down off the peak of her climax, and licked her all over her little pink vagina.
    Then I hitched my thumbs under the sides, took the soaking crotch in my mouth, and slowly took off her wet panties. She closed her legs enough for me to slide them down, while allowing room for my head. The crotch of her panties was soaked through like a sponge, filling my mouth with her sweet juice as I squeezed them with my teeth. Once I got them off, I dropped her wet panties on the floor, and moved Ashley into another position.
    I had her lay on her side, so that her feet were at the edge, and then I lay on my side facing her, so that my legs were hanging off the edge of the bed. We put our foreheads together, looking down between us, as I took her hands in mine, delicatly caress her soft skin.
    "You ready for your first surprise?" I asked in a breathy voice.

    "Oh yes Daddy." she panted, nodding her head.

    I scooted up, and she started to follow, but I put my hands on her shoulders. "Stay right there." I instructed, moving up until my cock was in her face.
    I grasped the shaft in my hand, and she looked up at me quizzically as I pointed it at her pouty little lips.

    "Daddy?" My, now nine year old, daughter asked. "Are you sure this is okaaaggghhhh..." the end of her sentence garbled as I stuck the head of my penis in her mouth.
    "Ssshhh," I said, craddling her head in my hands, "It's alright baby, just suck daddy's cock now."

    Laying on my side, I was pumping my hips ever so slightly, so as to move my dick around inside my little girl's mouth without choking her. As she sucked on the head, rubbing her tongue on the under side just like I'd taught her, I had an odd feeling of deja vu, but it soon passed. Sucking the end of my penis, she suddenly looked up at me again, a questioning look in her eyes, as if she were asking, "Really Daddy?"

    "That's right baby," I said with a little chuckle. "You can give Daddy a blow-job."
    The words were barely out of my mouth before she had my shaft in her hand, bobbing her head, as she sucked furiously on my hard cock.
    "Mmmmmm," she moaned in excitement, making loud sucking sounds, as my cock repeatedly disappeared halfway into her mouth.

    "Nnngghhh." I grunted, running my fingers through her silky blond hair, as she pumped the base of my shaft with her little fist, sucking my hard dick in, and out of her mouth like a demon. She pulled her mouth off of my cock with a loud slurp, and started pushing on my hip.
    "Lay on your back Daddy." she instructed with lust in her voice.
    I rolled on to my back, and she immediately crouched between my legs, licking, and sucking my balls, as she stroked my shaft. Then she pressed her tongue flat against the shaft, licking all the way up, before taking me into her mouth again. As she bobbed her head up, and down, she closed her eyes, and moaned in an almost pained expression, as if all she'd ever wanted in the world was to suck my cock.

    "Mmmmm, yeah baby," I moaned, "You suck Daddy's cock so good."
    Her mouth felt so wet, and tight wrapped around my cock, as she bobbed up, and down, sucking hard. It took all my self control not to just shove my meat down her throat. Even with all that I'd taught her in the last year, it was hard to believe that my little nine year old daughter could give such good head. I looked down at her little head moving up, and down on my cock and, my mouth open as I gasped, and panted, in lust, and disbelief.
    "Oh god babby," I grunted through my teeth. "I love you so much." as I began thrusting my hips, pushing my dick deeper into her mouth.
    "Open your mouth wide baby." I instructed, and as soon as she did, I started thrusting my cock into the back of her mouth. As her uvula rubbed the ridge of my dick, her throat constricted, pinching the head of my penis.

    "Guh, guh, guh." she gagged, as I fucked my daughters pretty little face.
    I let go of her head, and she pulled her mouth off of my cock, coughing a little as thick slimy trails of saliva flowed from her mouth.

    "Are you okay baby?" I asked, concerned that maybe I shouldn't have done that.

    She spat on my dick, nodding her head enthusiastically as she stroked it with her hand.
    "Is that deep throating?" she panted, and then flicked her tongue under the head of my penis.

    "How do you know about that?" I asked as she took my cock back into her mouth, bobbing her head up, and down, as she sucked on me some more.

    Then she pulled her mouth off with a little sucking pop, and said, "The book." before sucking my balls, and then running her tongue up, and down my hard shaft.

    "Yeah, that's deep throating." I said in a breathy chuckle.

    "I want to do it again." she panted, and as she opened her mouth wide over my throbbing manhood, taking a deep breath, I reached up, and put my hand on her throat.
    As she began rhythmically bobbing her head, I could feel her throat expand under my hand every time she pushed my penis down it.

    "Guh, guh, guh, guh." she gurgled, and then she pulled her mouth off, and spit on my dick again. Tears streamed down her face as she stroked my wet shaft, letting out a kind of panting giggle, and catching her breath. then she wrapped her lips around the head of my penis again, breathing hard through her nose as she bobbed up, and down, sucking on my hard cock.
    She kept this up for like twenty minutes, alternately sucking, and then deep throating me. I don't know how I kept from blowing my load down her throat, but somehow I was able to hold back, despite the fact that my cock had never been worshipped so fervently in all of my life. I felt tears streaming down my face, as I watched Ashley lick, and suck my hard, wet muscle with a love, and devotion I'd never experienced before.

    "I love you so much baby." I wept over the wet, sucking sounds of my nine year old daughter giving me head.

    "I love you more Daddy." she panted after pulling my dick out of her mouth.

    "Oh god, daddy needs to lick your sweet little pussy baby." I seethed through my tears, as I grasped her under the shoulders, pulling her little body up on top of me. As her face reached mine, our tongues soon found each other, and we kissed passionately, moaning, and sighing.
    I kissed her all over, whispering, "Oooohh baby, daddy loves you so much." my voice shaking with emotion.

    "Oooohhh daddyyy." she cried, with a shudder in her little voice as she squeezed me tight, and then thrust her tongue into my mouth, kissing me deeply.
    Her naked little body quivered on top of me, as we groped, and squeezed each other, swirling our tongues together. I rolled her over onto her back, supporting my wight on my elbows. Then I slowly crawled down her body. she was too young to have breasts, but that didn't stop her nipples from becoming hard little nibs when she was aroused. I licked, and sucked her tiny pink erections, as I worked my way down. I ran the tip of my tongue lightly down her flat little tummy, then kissed her tiny belly button, causing her to squeal, and moan with delight. She slowly spread her legs in anticipation of my mouth reaching her wet little pussy. I had backed myself into a crouch, and I took a thigh firmly in each hand, running my tongue through the sticky slit in her thick outer lips.

    "Ooooo daddy," she moaned, "lick my little-le pussy."

    I slowly slid my knees off the edge of the bed, my hands slid up her inner thighs, pulling open her fat little pubic covering to expose her glistening pink vagina, and stiff little clitoris. I probed the entrance of her tiny pussyhole with my tongue, and licked her sweet juice, sucking it into my mouth, before sliding it up to work her hard little clit. She moaned, and writhed beneath me as I licked, and sucked her pink little clit, slowly working the tip of one, and then two fingers into her tight little hole.

    "Oooo daddy." she grunted a little uncertainly, as I slipped a third finger into her tight enterance, perhaps a bit too soon.
    I pulled the third finger out, and whispered,"sshh, it's okay baby." before taking her clitoris into my mouth, and sucking it until her juices flowed again. Then I slowly started working that third finger in, and out. Tenderly, if methodically, I stretched her little opening, making it ready to accept my hard penis.
    Suddenly her back arched, and her body stiffened, as she let out a loud grunt. Her already tight hole started squeezing rhythmically around my fingers, and her little clit pulsed in my mouth. I took advantage of the moisture provided by her cum, to work my three fingers in deeper until I touched her little hymen. Her breathes came in short, and shallow bursts, cumming on my fingers as I pried open her little honey hole, and continued savaging her hot, hard clit.
    As she slowly began coming down off of her orgasm, I decided it was time.

    "C'mer baby." I panted, drawing myself upright, as I grasped her thighs, pulling her ass toward the foot of the bed. The bed was at just the right height so that with her slight weight pressing down on the edge of the mattress, all I had to do was drop into a slightly wide legged stance, with my knees on the floor, and my cock could easily slid into her wet, tight little hole. I held one of her open thighs with one hand, while the other hand grabbed my throbbing shaft.
    "Are you ready for your second surprise?" I asked in a breathy voice, as I began to slide the head of my penis up, and down the tight, wet little slit of her nine year old pussy, still thick with baby fat.
    She propped herself up on her elbows to get a better view, and her eyes went wide with excitement as she watched me rub the head of my cock through the thick, wet folds of her bald little pussy.

    "Daddy?" she asked with a combination of hope, and trepidation, still panting a little from her recent orgasm. "Are y-you gonna pop-pop m-my cherry?"

    I was so engrossed with sliding the tip of my dick from her hard little clit, to the entrance of her tiny hole, that I didn't even wonder about where she'd picked up that terminology.
    I just smiled, and said, "That's right baby. Daddy's gonna pop you little cherry."

    She suddenly began rolling her hips, rubbing her wet slit hard against the tip of my penis, as she moaned, and panted, "Ooooo put-put it in me daddy."

    My dick slipped out, pointing upward, as I released my shaft, and grasped a thigh in each hand, firmly pinning her to the mattress.
    "Oh daddy's gonna put it in you," I said with a breathy chuckle, "but you've gotta lay still, so that daddy can do it right."

    I felt her thighs try to push up against my hands, as she moaned, "I don't know if I can daddy."

    I suddenly felt a deep empathy with Ashley. She reminded me of myself as a littleboy. After the first time my sister Judy had sucked my cock, and shown me her pussy, I didn't understand why, or what it meant, but I just knew I wanted to put my little dick in her. It's funny, because it was actually my other sister, Pam, that finally took my virginity when I was seven, which was probably for the best. I subsequently had sex with Judy as well, but Pam was always much more tender, and loving. Judy liked to try out new techniques, and/or positions with me first, so I learned a lot about sex from her, but Pam really taught me how to make love.
    It's amazing how quickly all of this can run through your head, when you're holding your nine year old daughters thighs open, your hard cock twitching above her wet, naked little pussy, as you prepare to take her virginity.

    "Aaaww, are you to excited to to be still?" I asked sympateticly.
    She nodded her head, biting her lip, and blushing bashfully.
    "Okay baby," I said soothingly. "Daddy will hold you. Can you put the tip of daddy's penis in your vagina?" I asked, thrusting my hips forward slightly, so that my dick bobbed up, and down a little.

    "Okay daddy." she agreed in a sweet, breathy little voice, as she reached between her legs, and grasped a hold of my hard shaft, guiding it to her wet little hole.
    "Ooooooo," Ashley moaned, her little body quivering as she rubbed the head of my throbbing manhood over her hard little clit, and down into the slick, tight split, in her fat little pussy.

    "Ooooyeah, that's daddy's good little girl." I cooed, pushing my hips gently foward, as she brought the tip of my penis right to the entrance of her steamy little hole.
    "Uuuugghhh." I grunted, as I felt her wet little vagina squeeze tight around the head of my cock. The tip of my dick was nestled firmly against her little virginal barrier, and her tiny hole clamped around me so tight that I almost couldn't believe that I'd gotton it in there, but her little pussy was so wet, and ready, and I'm sure that my cock was dribbling precum, so the head of my cock just slipped right in. I felt her hips, once again, try to pitch, and role, so that I had to tighten my grip on her thighs. She'd pulled back her arms, propping herself up on her elbows again, and she stared, wide eyed, at the head of my cock lodged in between the tight slit in her thick, bald little pussy.

    "Oh god baby," I moaned, my voice rasping. "Your little pussy's so good. It feels so good on daddy's cock."
    I started slowly rocking my hips back, and forth, pulling back to the tip, and then plunging back in until I tapped her little cherry. She started taking deep, shallow breaths as I pushed the head of my penis in, and out of it, gently stretching the entrance of her tight little pussy hole.

    Tears rolled down her pretty little cheeks, as she panted in a pleading tone, "Ooooo please daddy. Put it in me."

    As I increased the pace, fucking her shallow little hole with the head of my penis, I realised this was it. I was truly going where no man had gone before. "Okay baby," I panted, "Daddy's gonna fuck his little girl. Are you ready Ashley? Are you ready to feel daddy's cock inside your sweet little pussy? Huh?" still moving just the tip in, and out of her virginal little cunt.
    "Mmmm, please daddy," she pleaded. "Fuuuuck meeee."
    Suddenly I pushed my hips forward, hard. There was a slight bit of resistance, as the tip of my cock stretched her little hymen, and then, POP! Her little cherry burst, coating my cock with blood as it quickly slid deep into her tight little hole. Ashley drew in a sharp breath, and her eyes got even wider, as my cock broke through her cherry, and pushed deep inside her, stretching her little vaginal canal. I gripped the inside of her thigh's tightly, panting, "Oh god, oh shit, oh fuck." as I felt her tiny pussy squeeze tight around my throbbing shaft.
    Her eyelids fluttered, and she let out a deep shuddering sigh, as she spread her arms out, laying back on the mattress. Her little pussy squeezed me so tight that it would have been painful if she hadn't been so wet, and slick. Time seemed to stand still, and then suddenly she started breathing hard, and as I tore my eyes away from the sight of my thick meat lodged halfway into my daughter's fat, hairless little pussy, I tried to take deep breaths, but the intense physical, and emotional sensations I was feeling made that difficult. Her eyes, and mouth were wide open, as she panted breathlessly. Then she drew in another sharp, deep breath, and her face melted into a slightly pained expression. Her arms were shaking as she pulled them off of the bed, extending them toward me, and whimpering urgently, "Oooodaddy, oooodaddy, ooooodaddy."

    I felt my eyes start to tear up, as I bent down, and took her little body into my arms, squeezing her tight, which, of course, caused my cock to slide into her another couple of inches. She threw her arms around me, and in a voice filled with equal parts pain, and pleasure, she panted, "Oh daddy, you're so big. your so big inside me."

    Then I felt her shudder against me, her already tight pussy started clenching rhythmically around my hard cock. Little rivulets of cum flowed out between her vaginal wall, and my stiff penis, as she began rolling her hips wildly beneath me, working a good two inches of my shaft in, and out of her. When I'd first plunged my cock into her, popping her little cherry, and I'd felt her tight, wet pussy squeezing my dick so hard that it almost hurt, I had thought that nothing could feel better than that, but I now knew that I was wrong about that, as she bucked her hips, cumming on me, and doing her best to fuck me.

    I felt my cock start to pulse, and I slowly began to push more, and more of my thick meat into her tiny twat, as she rolled her hips, sliding her tight, wet hole around my shaft.
    Soon she had stopped bucking, and was just squeezing me tight, panting hard, and grunting, as my throbbing member slid deeper, and deeper into her tiny prepubescent vagina. My own breathing became quick, and shallow, as I felt the rising tide of my orgasm about to break. I was right on the edge, just about to cum, when my climax was forestalled by something that I didn't think I was capable of at that point, shock. When I felt the tip of my penis lightly press against her cervix, as the entrance of her hole squeezed the base of my cock, and I realized that I was all the way inside her, yeah, that shocked me a little. How was that even possible? I mean, it's not like I have a massive cock, or anything, it's pretty average size in fact, but it's got pretty good girth, and a half a foot of it just seemed like a lot to fit inside a nine year old's pussy.

    When I felt my pubic mound make contact with her fat little pussy lips, her tight, slick vaginal canal squeezing the full length of me, I involuntarily took a sharp, deep breath in surprise. For a few seconds I just hovered there, on the edge of an orgasm, breathing out in little sporadic pants as I pondered the deeper implication of this discovery, Pun intended, and then Ashley, who had been holding me tightly in her arms, panting, and moaning in my ear, suddenly threw her arms onto the bed, and throwing her head back, she cried out in a low breathy moan, Oooooohhhh god daaaaaaaaaddyyyyy."

    Her little body once again began to shudder, and that did it. As I felt the first pulse of her orgasm, it was as if a light exploded behind my eyes, and it felt like her wet little pussy was squeezing me so hard that I could feel the shape, and texture of my load as it rocketed up my shaft, splashing hard against her little cervix.

    "Uuuuuuggggghhhhhh." I grunted long, and hard, as our organs pulsed against each other, the rhythm of our orgasms rubbing in, and out of sync.
    As her tight, wet little pussy gripped, and squeezed the full length of my hard shaft, milking the sperm out of me, her tiny body started shaking hard against me.
    "Ohgoddaddy." she whimpered in a fearful tone.

    She was getting off harder, and stronger than she ever had before, and I think it scared her a little. My arms were wrapped around her, holding her shoulders in my hands, so I slipped one hand up, and grasped the back of her head, cradling it on my shoulder.
    "It's okay baby, daddy's here." I soothed, as my cock continued to twitch against her vaginal walls, pumping my cum deep in side her.

    Her tiny pussy couldn't hold the full length of my cock, and our combined juices, so after each pulse, a thick glob of cum would slide out, and down the crack of her cute little ass. The feeling of that slick liquid rubbing the underside of my cock as it slipped out between her tiny vaginal wall, and my thick shaft was almost like a secondary orgasm. I held here little body close to me, up above the bed, and her arms hung down limply, shaking against the mattress with each orgasmic pulse of her sweet, tender little pussy.
    "Uuugghhnnooohhgod baby, I love you baby, nnnggghhh, oh yeeeaaahh." I grunted to the rhythm of my pulsing cock, the combination of her powerful climax, and the deep emotions involved, making for an intense finish.
    I let out a deep shuddering sigh as her still pulsing little vagina squeezed the last of my juice out.

    I let her head down, kissing her all over her little sweat, and tear stained face.
    "I love you baby." I panted, my voice cracking with emotion. "Daddy loves you so much."
    She raised her arms up off the bed, draping them loosely around me, and she tried to smile, but she was still getting off pretty hard, so I just held her until the rhythm of her tight little pussy flexing around my cock slowed, finally squeezing me one more time, long, and hard, before she let out a deep sigh, her little body shuddering as her orgasm finished off. Her little arms tightened around me, and she wrapped her tiny legs around my waist, as she panted, "Ooo, stay-stay inside me dad-daddy, stay inside-side meeee."

    She lifted her head up, and as her lips met mine, her little tongue darted into my mouth. Holding her in my arms, with her tiny body wrapped around me, and my still rock hard cock lodged deep inside her perfect little pussy, we kissed passionately. My tears flowed out onto her cheeks as the emotions involved completely overcame me. "I love you baby." and "Daddy loves you so much." were not just words. I truly feel inadequate to express depth, and intensity of my love for my little girl. Ashley was just perfect to me, in every way.

    "Oh daddy." she panted, breaking from our kiss. Then she twisted up her face, making a little grunting sound.

    "Uuuugghhh." forced it's way out of me as her already tight little pussy flexed, squeezing my stiff shaft hard.
    "Oh god baby." I panted in a little raspy whimper. "You're such a good little girl."
    I thrust my tongue into her mouth, kissing her deep, and hard once again, and then I kissed down her neck.
    "Ooo baby, do it again." I pleaded, "squeeze daddy's cock again honey."
    This time she grunted a little louder, squeezing my thick meat a little tighter.
    "Aaaaahhhoooo." I moaned, my voice shuddering a little at the end. "Oooo, you make daddy feel so good." I cooed, as a wicked idea suddenly occurred to me.
    "Okay baby, daddy's gonna take it out now." I warned, and then I began to slowly slide my erect penis out of her tight, wet little vagina.

    "Oooooo." she moaned, unwrapping her legs from around my waist, and letting her arms fall back onto the mattress, as I layed her back on the bed, slowly sitting up, withdrawing my cock from her tender little hole. Her legs were spread open wide, so that as I exited I could see a little stream of white, and clear liquid, with a tiny crimson streak, push it's way out from between her fat little lips. I pulled her legs together, setting her feet on the floor, and then I stood up.

    "C'mon baby." I panted, reaching a hand down to her, and pulling her up into a sitting position once she'd grasped it. I was standing next to the bed, and had to bend my knees a little to put my blood, and cum coated cock in front of her face.
    "Lick your cherry off daddy's cock baby." I encouraged, in a sultry voice.

    "Really daddy?" she asked dubiously.

    "Uh-huh." I said, nodding as I stroked her silky blond hair with one hand, whilst holding my dick up with the thumb, and fore finger of the other. "It's okay baby." I prompted, and with very little hesitation she ran her tongue, pressing it flat, up my still fully erect shaft.
    "Oh yeah, that's it baby." I cooed, "But don't swallow it."

    "Uugh?" she grunted, with a quizzical look in her eye.

    "It's your only cherry, ever Ashley," I explained warmly, but firmly. "and daddy want's to taste it with you baby." My voice rose a little in pitch at the end, expressing the intense emotions that I was experiencing.
    Her tongue reached the finger with which I was holding the tip of my penis, and she drew it back into her mouth, before looking up, and smiling at me, wrinkling her little nose as if to say, "Okay daddy."
    Then she put her little head down, and started licking up from the base of my cock, aiming for, and licking up, a thick glob of cum, before sliding her tongue up, and over to a big bright red streak of blood on my shaft. She had to lick it twice to get that patch of blood into her mouth, but as soon as she did, she turned her face up to me, puckering, and making a little pool of cum, and blood on her lips.
    "Mmmm." she groaned, as if to say, "Come get it daddy."

    I grasped her head in my hands, leaning down, and sucking the liquid from her lips, before thrusting my tonge into her mouth to retrieve the rest. The sweet, and sour taste of our mingled cum, mixed with salty, slightly metallic taste of her blood made for a potent cocktail, and with Ashley's saliva as a chaser, I was soon even more drunk on lust than before. Once I'd cleaned her mouth out with my tongue, she broke from our kiss, and bobbed her little head down to get some more. She kept on doing this. Licking the cum, and blood from my cock, and then offering it up to me, until she had licked my manhood clean, leaving nothing but a slippery layer of saliva behind. "Oh yeah baby." I'd encourage echtime she went down for more, saying things like, "Give daddy your little cherry." and "You're daddy's sweet little girl."
    On that last bit that she licked off, we kissed for a long time, swapping that bloody snowball back, and forth.

    I opened her legs, getting down on my knees on the floor in between them, so that I could put my arms around her little body while we kissed. Her ass was still on the edge of the bed, so as she spread her legs open wider, and pushed her hips forward, her fat, bald little pussy pressed up firmly against the shaft of my cock. She slid her hands smoothly up my chest, soon rubbing, and caressing my neck, and shoulders, as we shared our cherry cocktail. We were both crying, breathing so hard through our noses that it's a wonder that we didn't pass out. As our tears flowed onto each others cheeks the intensity of love, and affection I felt for, and coming from Ashley was truly mind altering. It all seemed so clear to me. What could be more natural, and beautiful than deflowering, and making sweet love to my perfect little girl? How could I have ever struggled with this, or thought it was wrong?

    Finally, I sucked, and swallowed, breathlessly kissing Ashley all over her pretty little face, when I noticed that she was pouting.
    "What's wrong baby." I asked with concern.

    "You ate it all daddy." she said with a sort of mock seriousness that made me chuckle a little as I responded, "I'm-I'm sorry baby." I moved my hips up, and down a little, rubbing the underside of my shaft a little more firmly into the tight slit of a pussy still thick with baby fat. "But I know where to get some." I giggled, as I felt her tiny clit against my cock.
    I layed her body back on the bed, and then kissed, and licked my way back down between her legs, spreading her thick lips with my fingers so that I could suck the blood, and cum that was still leaking from her tight little hole. Holding a tiny thigh firmly in each hand, I ran my tongue over her hot pussy lips, and hard little clit as I drew our juices into my mouth. She cooed, and hissed as my mouth played with her swollen pink flesh, and when I felt I'd harvested all the cum, and blood that I could, I climbed back over her. I positioned myself so that the head of my cock pressed firmly against her bald wet little slit, as I drizzled that cherry cocktail into her hungery mouth.
    As she gobbled up her treat, she rolled her hips slightly, causing the head of my penis to slip in between her thick outer lips, and I pushed into the entrance of her honey hole.

    As I entered her she moaned, a fat bubble of cum, and saliva puffing up, and then popping in her mouth. I grunted involintarily as felt my daughter's prepubesint pussy squeeze around the tip of my dick, tight. My lips had been puckered as I drizzled the blood tinged cum into her mouth, but my lips parted, dropping thick streams of liquid love all over her lips, and chin as I felt her tiny pussy grip the head of my penis. She quickly swallowed so as not to choke as the bulbous head of my penis spreaqd her tight little hole again, causing her breath to become quick, and shallow.

    "Oooo da-daddy," she cooed, her voice quivering nervously. Ya-your big co-cock is goin'in my little puh-pussy again." suddenly her voice cracked, and I saw tears well up in her eyes, as she whimpered, "I'm scared daddy."

    I felt my own tears flow. "Shh-Shh-Shh, it's okay baby." I soothed as I slid my arms around her tiny form, pulling her body in close to mine, and slipping a couple of more inches of cock into her perfect nine year old pussy. The sensations I was feeling as the head of my penis penetrated deeper, splitting open her tender flesh, and her tiny vaginal canal griped a little more of my hard shaft, was mind numbing.
    "Oooohhh god." I shuddered in a sort of grunting sigh. "You don't have to be scared." I went on, as I started slowly working an inch in, and out of her hot, wet, and tight little pussyhole.

    "But daddy, it's so big." she grunted anxiously as I licked the cum off of her chin. Ashley's tiny pink vagina felt so good wrapped tight around the end of my dick, that it was becoming increasingly difficult to resist the urge to just thrust my cock into her up to the balls, and start fucking her hard, but resist I did. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, having licked all the cum off of her face, and as our kiss became heated, I began to slowly withdraw my hard shaft from her little honey hole. It was not easy to pull out when what I really wanted to do was bury my meat as deep up inside her little cunt as I could get it, but I knew I had to take it easy. She was only nine, after all.
    I needed to slip it to her with a little style, and finesse, get her acclimated to my thick penis stretching her open, so that when it came time to pound her little pussy instead of crying, "No daddy, please, it hurts." she'd be screaming, "Yes daddy, fuck me in my little pussy."
    I broke from our kiss as the tip of my dick popped out of her, and I immediately slid down onto my knees on the floor next to the bed. As I looked down on her tiny legs, spread wide in front of me, it was hard not to notice the color contrast between her, white, creamy thighs, and her bright pink, and swollen little pussy. Despite having had my cock in it, cumming buckets, and having her legs spread, her fat little outer lips were still only slightly parted, giving me a tantalizing glimpse of the moist treasure within. I put a hand on each thigh, dipped my head down, and started kissing her thick, hot flesh.
    "Awww, my sweet littlegirl." I cooed as I planted kiss after kiss all over her pretty little pussy. "It hurt a little bit when daddy popped your cherry, didn't it baby?" I asked sympathetically.

    She slowly nodded her head, with a little pout on her face. I ran my tongue up her slit, swirling the tip over her tiny clit, and then said, "You got off really hard when daddy put his cock in you, didn't you baby?"
    Her face flushed deep red, and she smiled shyly as her head slowly nodded the affirmative.
    "Well, I can promise you baby," I said as I stood up on my knees, pointing the tip of my hard cock at the entrance of her tight little twat. "it will never hurt like that again."

    "Really?" she asked, eyeing me dubiously as I held a thigh in one hand, and slowly rubbed the head of my penis from her tight little asshole to her tiny, stiff little clit with the other hand. She trembled a little as I slipped my knob into her tight slit, placing the tip right at the entrance of her steamy hole. I slid my hand up her thigh, spreading my hand out so that I could rub her tummy with my fingers, while my thumb played with her clitoris.

    "Sshhh, it's okay baby," I soothed as I felt her pussy getting all wet against the tip of my dick. "Daddy's gonna fuck you good little baby girl."

    I plunged the head of my cock into her three times, fast. "Ooo, ooo, ooo!" she grunted in quick reports, each one louder, and higher pitched than the last. She giggled, and cooed, "Oooo daddy."
    I smiled, and asked, "Oh, did you like that?" as I slid the head of my dick up, and down her tight, and now thoroughly wet, little pussy.

    "Oh yes daddy" she said enthusiastically. So I poked the tip in again, grasping a hold of her thigh while the other hand was still rubbing her clit.
    "Oooooo daaaaddyyyy." she moaned, as I slowly slid my hard cock into her tight, wet little hole.

    "Oh yeah baby." I gasped as I felt her hot flesh squeeze, and suck on my shaft. I slipped my other hand down so that I was holding a tiny thigh in each hand as my breath became quick, and shallow. I stared, wide eyed at my stiff penis buried halfway into my daughters swollen, and hairless pussy as the intensity of it all threatened to overwhelm me. It was so wrong, and so right, so sick, and so beautiful. Suddenly I heard Ashley panting, and I looked up to see that she had propped herself up on her elbows again, and was staring down at my cock lodged halfway up in her tiny pussy, just as I had been.

    "Ssssss." she hissed, sucking in her breath, as I quickly pulled out until just the head was in. "Oooooooooo." she then moaned long, and deep as I once again my dick slowly into her until I was halfway in, watching my cock disappear into her. It looked as if her tiny cunt grabbing, and sucking at my hard shaft, and it felt like it as well. It was so intense that when I was halfway in I had to stop, and let out a long shuddering sigh, giving her thighs a little squeeze. I looked up to see that she was still up on her elbows, but instead of looking in between her legs, she was looking at my face. The expression on her face said that this was an intense experience for her too, and of course it was.

    Her eyes filled with tears as she begged, "Fuck me daddy, please."

    Once again I had to exercise a lot of self control, because when I heard that I wanted to pound her little pussy, but no, not yet. It was, however, time for a little more, so I pulled out to the tip, and then thrust halfway in again, repeatedly. I wasn't ripping into her, but I wasn't going anywhere near as slow as I had been. It seemed to suit Ashley, because she began panting, "Oh yeah daddy, fuck my pussy." and stuff like that, to the rhythm of my cock thrusting halfway in, and out of her.
    It felt so fucking good to rub the inside of her sweet little vagina with my cock as Ashley panted, and moaned, telling me in no uncertain terms how she felt about having her daddy inside her. "Oooohhhh dadddy, yeeess daddy, your-your cock feels so good daddy."
    Before long I felt that now familiar quiver of her flesh, and she reached down, and grasped my hands on her thighs. "Nnnnggghhhdaddy, oh god yes daaaddy." she grunted as her prepubescent vagina clenched rhythmically around my thrusting shaft. Her juice coated my dick as her little body shook, and her tiny hands squeezed mine, tight.
    I kept up a steady stroke, still resisting the urge to just pound my daughters sweet, hot little pussy. However, I did start going in deeper on random thrusts so that as her orgasm was finishing with a shudder, my cock was all the way up inside Ashley's tight little nine year old pussy.

    "Nnnngghhh!" I grunted, and instead of continuing with the out stroke, I pushed my hips forward, pressing my pubes firmly against her thick, bald mound, as I slid as much of my cock as I could into her sweet hole. Her tiny wet vaginal canal squeezed, and masaged the full length of my shaft as the last orgasmic spasms wracked her body. It felt so incredible that I arched my back, grinding my pelvis against Ashley's bald little pubic mound, my stiff member straining within the confines of her sweet little pussy. I gripped her thighs, pulling them tight against my hips, rubbing firmly against her soft skin. I looked down as I thrust my hips up, and the sight of my little girls thick outer lips parted so that I could see her pink, tiny hole wrapped tight around the base of my cock made me pant, and seethe with lust.

    Ashley was panting, trying to recover from her orgasm, when she drew her arms back, propping herself up onto her elbows once again. As I rubbed my hips firmly against her tiny thighs she stared down at my cock buried deep inside her, panting, and squealing, her face, and voice betraying equal parts pain, and pleasure, confusion, and clarity, horror, and ecstasy.
    "Ooohhh god daaaddy." she grunted, her voice trembling with trepidation. "It's so big."
    Each up thrust of my hips caused her clit to poke out from the top of her thick lips.

    "Shh, it's okay." I soothed, keeping a firm grip on her thigh as I slid my thumb over, and started rubbing her hard, little clit. "Take all of daddy's cock baby." I then grunted lustily as her tiny hips began to buck against me, her pussy juicing up around my dick.
    I suddenly pulled out until just the head of my cock was in her, rolling my hips so that I rubbed her just inside the entrance of her tight hole, before I quickly thrust halfway into her five times. She let out a little panting squeal with each thrust, and when I pulled back to the tip she began really rolling her hips, pushing against my hands, grunting, and straining to impale herself on my hard cock. Holding her down firmly, I slowly, almost painfully slowly, slid my thick shaft up into my baby's tiny pussy again. She panted, and moaned as inch, after inch pushed into her wet hole until I was once again all the way inside her.

    "Oh god daddy! Put-put it in meee." she panted in an intense whisper as I slipped the last couple of inches into her sweet pussy. I pushed up against her hard, really rubbing my hips up, and down in an attempt to stretch her tiny hole with my cock.

    "Oh yeah baby." I panted urgently as I felt her tiny cunt squeezing up the full length of my cock. "Oooodaddy's gonna pound your little pussy baby."

    I let go of her thighs, and leaned forward, taking her little body into my arms. As I pulled her in tight against me with my penis all the way inside her, the intensity of the situation was really doing a number on my head. My eyes teared up, and my voice shook as I whispered urgently into her ear, "I'm so sorry baby, but daddy has to pound your little pussy." With that, I pulled out to the tip, and then thrust back in, hard, and fast, our bodies slapping together as I penetrated her. She yelped in surprise, and as I slowly pulled back out to the tip she whimpered, "I'm scared daddy."

    I hovered with just the head in for a minute as I reassured her, "Sshh, sshh, sshh, no don't be scared baby." Then I thrust into her again, grunting as the tip of my penis tapped her little cervix. She squealed, panting as I pulled out to the tip, and then slammed back into her. She screeched, throwing her arms around me as my hips made contact with her soft skin, making a smack.

    I couldn't resist any more, and as wrong as I knew it was, I started fucking my nine year old daughter, hard. I was grunting like an animal as I repeatedly thrust my hard cock into her tight little pussy.

    "Oh my god daddy!" She was almost screaming as our bodies slapped together, her tiny body rocking back, and forth in my arms to the rhythm of my meat penetrating her slick hole. Her voice suddenly became higher pitched as her body began to shake, and writhe. "Oooooogooooddaaaaaaaddyyyyyy!" she cried out as her little pussy clenched around my thrusting member, bathing it in her cum.

    "Oh yeah baby." I grunted as Ashley's orgasm drove me to new heights of lust. "Cum all over daddy's cock. Ooooyou're such a good little girl." Her eyes rolled back into her head, and I started thrusting into her wet, pink hole even harder, and faster than before. It was all so intense that I felt I must be losing my mind as I continued pounding my daughters tiny pussy. Her orgasmic moaning soon became a staccato grunting to the rhythm of my hard cock slamming into her. The feeling as I slid in, and out of here tight pussy was unreal, and as my cock penetrated her up to the hilt with a loud slap each time, she began chanting a syllable at a time, "Fuck. me dad. dee." The steady slap, slap, slap, as my hips popped her thighs every time I violated her tiny hole was making my cock throb.

    I knew that I'd be cumming again soon, but where would I be cumming? I almost blew my load when I realized where I wanted, no, needed to spray my sperm, and without thinking twice, I grunted in her ear, "Sssss, oh god baby, daddy's gonna cum in your ass. Daddy needs to cum in his sweet baby's perfect little ass." seething with lust as I held her little body, tight, raming my cock up into her hard, and fast.

    As I felt my balls start to draw up, I pulled out all the way, and slipped my hand down in between her ass, and the mattress, pulling up a little so that the tip of my penis slid smoothly over her taint, and lodged itself against her pink little rosebud. I pushed in a little, and as the head of my cock entered her tight little asshole, stretching her tiny sphincter, she moaned loudly, "Mmmmdaaaaaddyyy." with a combination of pleasure, and pain.

    Suddenly she threw her arms back on the bed, convulsing wildly. Her little legs started squeazing my body, and I felt a warm rhythmic splash against my belly. I almost couldn't believe what I was feeling, so I lifted my body up, grasping a tiny thigh in each hand, and in the process, pushing my my cock a few more inches into Ashley's tight little asshole. I looked down, and as her thighs pushed against my hands, attempting to close, a clear fluid squirting from her vagina, splashing all over my stomach. She screamed, "Fuck, fuck, oooohhh fuuuuuck!"

    The sight of my cock lodged halfway into her ass as her pussy sprayed all over me, drove me over the edge again. "Oooohhh god baaaby." I groaned as the first blast of cum rocketed up my shaft, and into her ass. She suddenly lifted her head, and shoulders off of the bed, reaching in between her legs, and rubbing her clitoris furiously, causing her to squirt in a sprinkler effect all over me.

    "NnnngggggaaaahhhhhAaaaashleeeeyyy!" I grunted, and moaned. The intensity of my orgasm driving me mad, and rendering me incapable of rational thought. It momentarily weakened me enough for Ashley to almost snap her legs closed, and when I caught, and opened her thighs again, my cock slipped out of her ass so that my next blast of sperm arched over her bald squirting pussy, landing all over her chest, and belly.
    "Oooooohhhhdaaaaddyyyyyyeeeeesssss!" she cried as she scooped thick globs of my cum from her tummy, rubbing it into her already wet, and swollen vagina.

    I didn't think that I could get any more turned on then I was until I looked down, and saw my littlegirl massaging my cum into her littlepink pussy, while getting off harder than she ever had before.

    "Oh shit!" I grunted through clenched teeth as my third thick ribbon of sperm pumped out so strong that the end of it landed in her open mouth, running down her chin, and neck. Her tongue darted out, licking at the cum on her face, as she grunted like an animal.
    I grabbed the shaft of my manhood, quickly aiming it at her honey hole, and then plunging my cock all the way back into her, leaning forward, and taking her body into my arms again. As I unloaded inside her little cunt, she threw her slender arms around me, squeasing tight, and weeping, "Oh yees da-daddy! Cum in my little puh-pussy!"

    I could feel the tears flowing down my cheeks. "Daddy loves you so much baby." I wept as we both climaxed for what seemed like an eternity. It was almost as if I'd blacked out, because after a while I suddenly became aware I'd finished cumming, and Ashley's little pussy was giving my cock a last few wet squeezes, as she whispered intensely in my ear, "Oh daddy, your cock feels so good inside me. it feels so good daddy. I love you daddy. I love your cum inside me daddy."

    I've never had any kind of a religious experience, but I can't imagine feeling any more at one with everything than I did at that moment. Safe in her arms, bathed in cum, and tears like a baptism, as I listened to her chant her litany of lust. I suddenly become aware that my lips were moving as well, and it was almost as if I were listening to some one else as I whispered in a pained, and urgent voice, "I love you Ashley. Oh god, daddy loves his little baby so much. Squeeze me baby, hold me tight. Don't let go, never let go."

    I wanted to stay like this forever, but of course, sooner, or later, We would have to shower, and get ready for Jannie to come over tomorrow, at which time she would almost certainly tell Ashley what was really happening with her uncle John. I wasn't sure how Ashley would react to all that, but for the moment, I tried not to think about it.
    Holding her tiny body in my arms, I grieved for what seemed like an ending, but little did I suspect at the time, this was only the begining of sexual adventures that I could never have imagined, and it all started with popping Ashley's little cherry.
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    i will love to meet you so tell me the story again let play it out
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    damn good story
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    Default Thanks!

    With the ratings, and comments disabled over on the "Sex stories" section of xnxx.com, this is the only way to get any feedback.
    So to those who read it, AND commented, or rated it, Thank you very much.
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    awesum story
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    What a wonderful and loving story. I can remember taking my daughter when she was 10. She acted just like this little one.

    I'm going to request to be a friend, Rebeca... I hope you will accept...
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    Hubbxx said it wow, you are a great writer Rebeca!
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    Amazing, you are one talented writer Rebeca. Is there going to be a continuation of this story?
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    Default GREAT STORY!

    Fantastic story told well and with great attention to detail. Five stars for sure!
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    raised on a sperm diet
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    this is the best love story between daddy/daughter i ever found. please keep the story going.
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    Interesting story,keep on posting
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    just finished this story but for some reason could not access part 5
    Quote Originally Posted by porn772 View Post
    I get
    you do not have permission to access this page.
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