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    Default licking her cunt while another man fucks her

    it seems so weird
    because i've never wanted to have sex with a man
    or have my wife cheat on me
    but i keep thinking about licking her clit while some big cock fucks her pussy
    and my my tongue keeps going lower, licking his big cock while he fucks my wife, my tongue in between his cock and her clit, my hands probably holding his balls, his cum leaking out of her pussy into my mouth.

    it hasnt always been like this.
    its never been like this.

    she's small and beautiful and faithful.

    i mean, that's what I always thought.

    but last night i came home early, and quietly. i followed sounds from to the bbedroom. she was half squeeling, half choking. a big black man was fucking her tight little pink pussy with his huge 11" cock. he was bottoming out in her. his cock was white and slimy with her cum and with her juices.
    a friend of my wife's lover shoved his big black cock in her mouth everytime she started making noise. She would half scream or moan or whatever and end up just woozing and slobbering all over the cock her mouth.
    I watched them. I was so jelous-- not because she was fucking other men, i thought-- but because I wanted to be fucking her with them, or getting fucked with her.
    I watched the black giant roll her onto her onto her knees while he got in position behind her. His friend was crude and shoved his cock into her moluth, his hands holding onto the back of her head.
    I saw the hate rising in her eyes, she had spit out the cock and was about to yell something when the black giant shoved his dick into her ass and she trembled, she opened her mouth let the other cock mouth fuck her.

    i watched, dumbstruck. my wife was being fucked like a cheap hooker. i couldnt stop them, but i didnt want to. everything was so weird.

    i crawled across the floor to my wife and her impalers. the giants 11" cock was bottoming out in her ass. i put my face in it, first sucking on her clit, then licking her pussy lips, then reaching out for his big black balls and licking her ass and his big cock at the same time, frantically pulling on his balls and licking her ass, his big cock, until suddenly he screamed "Im cumming!" and pulled out her ass and shot two ropes of cum on her butthole and on my cheek until shoving his cock into my mouth and cumming more and more until it filled up my mouth and i choked it out.

    the other dude, the one who had bee fucking her face, laughed.
    "Fucking homos," he said. "You want to be gay, lick my ass while I fuck your butch!"

    It was like a dream. She was laying on her back, her legs spread wide and pinned down nextto her ears. His monster prick was fucking in and out of her little cunt, abusing her, but she was laughing.

    My little boy needs to clean out my ass a little better, dont you think?
    she purred in between muffled squeels.

    The man fucking my wife simply grabbed me by the neck and pulled my face into his ass in one motion while flipping his cock from her strained and juicy pussy into her ass.

    "My god," she said.
    He was bigger than the last one. I ran my tongue over his balls while one hand squeezed him as he fucked in and out of her cunt. he nudged my mouth into his ass and i licked him out whle he fucked her. i made his ass wet and sloppy and worked my way down his shaft to her ass which he pounding with super power glee. She was screaming and cursing and cumming-- i'd never heard anything like it. his precum was leaking out of her ass and i licked it up eagerly. Another big cocked dude walked up to us
    and shoved his semi hard cock down her throat. She didnt care, she just choked a bit and then wrapped her arms around his ass and slammed him back into her mouth over and over again until, after 10 or so strokes, he grunted and pulled out of her mouth and shot rope after rope after rope of cum across her face, plastering her from her forehead to her chin.

    She was in a daze. I was in a daze watching her. I crawled out from between her legs and started licking the come off her face, when the giant fucking her ass said, "oh no you dont" and yank my head back to her open asshole that he fucked and fucked and then shot his load in, some shots missing and hitting my cheek and lips and forehead.

    He shoved his cock back in her ass and groaned.
    I licked the cocked back and forth, from her ass to his belly,
    while he finished fucking her.

    I was laying underneath her, licking her, when somebody suddenly turned me over, shoved my face into her sloppy pussy and sloppy ass, lifted my up to my knees and said, ready?

    All of a sudden a giant cock was shoved up my ass. I screamed. She laughed. The pain turned almost instantly into pleasure and I was bucking my ass up to the cock fucking me while my wife laughed.

    She shoved my mouth into her ass while I was getting fucked and I licked all the cum dripping from her butthole.

    She laughed and said, you're the maid now, and the giant cock pulled out of my ass and I instinctually, turned around, my mouth open, and took
    his seed all over my face.
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    Is this real?
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    Ur just a storie?
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    Sounds like a fantasy to me.
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    it is too real...
    i can't get up in the morning.
    i cant look at her
    and i cant look in the mirror.
    anytime i see either of us i see her cunt gaping open
    and his cock hammering into it
    and all i can do is open my mouth
    and all i want to do is lick his balls
    suck on them
    and feel with my mouth as they tighten up
    and shoot into her
    and my life was not supposed to be like this
    and i feel like im going crazy
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