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    Default Rachel's Bumpy Ride

    Rachel's Bumpy Ride

    "You're telling me there isn't a single plane ticket available?"

    Rachel listened to her mom talk on the phone to their travel agent. Rachel was only 16, but even she knew you couldn't get plane tickets for the whole family two days before Christmas. They weren't going to make it to her aunt's this year.

    Mom finished her conversation and then started frantically calling airlines in a desperate attempt to prove her travel agent wrong. By the time Rachel's Dad walked in the door her mother was near tears. She had to go to her sister's this year, she said, with the new baby and the fact that her brother would be there, and... She went on and on. The big problem was that they hadn't known if Tom (Rachel's Dad) would be off at all over the Christmas Holiday. Luckily, at the last minute he traded schedules with another manager and was able to take his vacation. But how were they supposed to make the 600 mile trip? They couldn't drive because their van was in the shop and there was no way Rachel, her parents and the two twin babies could fit in Dad's Grand Am with their luggage AND their packages.

    Mom started crying. Tom was a former Navy Seal and loathed failure. Tom said with determination that they were going no matter what it took, and they started packing everything they needed into the little Grand Am. To make matters worse, mom's present to her sister wouldn't fit in the trunk. It would have to sit in the back seat with the two babies, in their car seats. Incredibly, Rachel would have to sit on mom's lap for the 12 hour drive. Rachel tried not to think about it as the packing frenzy continued loudly. They crammed items into every available space in the car. They had to hurry and leave immediately this evening if they were going to make it for Christmas Eve Morning -- which was very important to her mom.

    In 40 short minutes they had the little car cram-packed. With barely enough room to squeeze in, they loaded up -- Tom behind the wheel, the babies in the back and Rachel perched on her mother's lap. It wasn't that bad, really, Rachel's light weight, at 102 pounds, was distributed by her nice, round ass. Rachel was short so she didn't even have to stoop to keep her head from hitting the roof. They were ready to go. Then the first crisis happened. Dad's glasses were missing, they had obviously been packed away somewhere, but where? They had no time to look. Tom couldn't drive without his glasses because of his eyes, so mom would have to drive the 600 mile trip. A quick switch and off they went. The dash clock glowed 6 P.M., the last rays of the sun vanished as they turned onto the freeway.

    Less than an hour into the trip on of the twin babies -- Little Tommy -- started crying. They pulled over, checked his diaper, tried a bottle, did everything they could think of to calm him down. Nothing worked. It seemed as if he was frightened in the dark back seat, which was piled high with packages. The only solution seemed to be to swap seats with him. They quickly moved his car seat to the front -- where he immediately calmed down -- and Rachel and her father squeezed into the back seat directly behind her mother. Off they drove again, the highway lights barely penetrating the darkly tinted back windows. It WAS dark in the back. The other twin, Steven, had slept soundly through the whole ordeal, and would probably sleep for the entire 12 hour trip. Tommy was finally quiet. Rachel's mom concentrated on the heavily packed roads as she weaved from lane to lane, trying to make time.

    Rachel settled down into her father's lap, happy to be moving toward their destination again. She leaned back against his broad chest. Tom lightly wrapped his arms around his daughter's thin waist, trying to keep her from falling into the car seat next to them. The darkness surrounded them, Rachel's eyes began to grow heavy from the combination of the darkness, her father's warm body, and the droning of the tires along the pavement. She fell asleep like a caterpillar in a warm cocoon, swaying in her father's lap with the movements of the car.

    A few hours later consciousness slowly overtook her. Unmoving, her eyes still closed, her head still back, her mind began to realize she was awake. First she heard the steady thump of the tires as they hit each section of the concrete road, then she smelled the warm heated air in the car, then she felt her father's hot breath on her bare neck. Her body began to awaken more and she realized one of her father's hands was pressing lightly on the underside of her breast through her shirt. The other was slowly sliding up and down the top of her smooth, bare thigh. Rachel hadn't had a chance to change before the trip and was still wearing the new, short miniskirt her mother had bought her at the mall, and a white button up blouse. Somehow the skirt had ridden up to the very tops of her thighs. She felt the warm, moving air of the car dancing across her thighs at her panty line. Her father's hand moved just below it slowly.

    Rachel didn't move, didn't show that she was awake. She thought, obviously lying to herself, "Maybe I'm not awake. Maybe this is just a pleasant dream. Let's see where it goes."

    Her father's warm hand continued moving on her thigh. First lightly stroking down to her knee, then up to her panty line, slowly, comfortingly. Then, almost imperceptibly he started stoking farther down, moving in between her thighs. His light fingers grazed her skin up almost to the edge of her panties and then back down, up again, this time to her panties, lightly brushing over the thin fabric and then down again. Each time he moved down farther in between her thighs.

    Rachel's eyes fluttered under the lids and she took a slow, deep breath trying to calm her thumping heart. The light touch on her thigh in her dream felt wonderful. She wanted it to go on forever. Her thighs were together, just as they were when she fell asleep. Now his fingers were moving up and down the valley where her two thighs met; sliding up the smooth skin all the way to her panties, then up farther, bumping heavily over her young mound, then continuing, pushing her wool skirt up higher, exposing her panty clad mound to the dark night.

    Rachel took in a sharp breath as electricity shot through her. Her father's hand stopped immediately. Quickly, to cover the fact that she was awake, Rachel yawned and twisted slightly as if shifting in her sleep. She turned her body, parting her legs widely. She rested her cheek against her father's shoulder, her nose touching his cheek. She twisted some more, pressing her breast down until it slid under her father's hand and pressed warmly into his palm. She squirmed her hips and at that moment she felt it!

    Her father was hard, his dick was running across the top of his thigh, pointed up toward his abdomen, and it was Long, Fat and Rock Hard!! She squirmed again, feeling the length and width of him with her soft ass, while pressing her soft breast more firmly into his hand, her nipple hardening. She then lay still again, breathing evenly, waiting. Dreaming. Hoping.

    It took a full two minutes before her father started moving again. This time on two fronts he lightly attacked her. His left hand on her breast squeezed, feeling the weight and suppleness of her elastic mound. His hand then opened and he ran his flattened palm in circles over her nipple, feeling it harden and poke out even more. At the same time, his right hand closed on her soft, warm, smooth, inner thigh, squeezing gently before starting its slow journey upward toward her moist mound.

    Rachel's pussy was moist. She felt it and knew her father's hands were turning her on in ways she'd never experienced. Rachel's experience with sex was slight. She wasn't a virgin, but she was sure her parents didn't know that. The feelings that coursed through her now though, were different. The slow, rising, burning desire started in the center of her and crept out slowly, painfully almost until her body ached for release. Yet her father's hands continued their slow, steady ministrations on her, unaware of her rising heat.

    Painfully slowly his broad, warm hand squeezed and stepped up the inside of her thigh, moving at a steady, maddening pace. Rachel wanted to move, to grab his hand and push it onto her crotch, but she didn't dare. He continued moving up to the softest part of her thigh that had never felt hands but her own. Right there... almost! surely he could feel the heat coming from her now. The passion.

    But right at the edge of her panty line, tickling the few thin pubic hairs that escaped the elastic, his hand lifted and moved to the inside of her other thigh, low, down by her knee, and started up a second time. Rachel's mind screamed. She was burning up. She squirmed again, rubbing her tit on her father's hand and grinding her ass down on his hard cock.

    His hand continued at the same pace, pressing more firmly into her soft, young skin, his fingers fairly dancing in a slow, rising circle. His left hand closed on her breast more firmly, his finger and thumb seeking out his daughter's hard nipple and pinching it lightly through the fabric of her blouse and bra. Rachel's breathing quickened, blowing hot puffs on her father's cheek. Deeper and harder she breathed, her chest fairly heaving as he hand grew closer to her steaming mound. It was there again, at her panty line. Rachel, on fire, opened her legs wider pushing her pelvis down toward it until his hand pressed against her firmly and began rubbing her hot, young pussy.

    Rachel's panties were spotted with moisture. Her father felt it and pressed harder into her soft pussy lips through the thin panties. In circles he played with her, then up and down letting the sides of his fingers run through her slit. Rachel's panties grew wetter and wetter. Her nipple was on fire. Her father was pinching and pulling it though her clothes.

    Rachel silently nuzzled her face down into her father's neck and started kissing him and sucking on him quietly as she wantonly ground her pussy against his hand. Now they both knew that Rachel was awake, and her father moved with more confidence.

    His entire hand cupped her mound, his finger pressed her panties between her pussy lips as he fingered her clit and tight hole. Rachel's panties were soaked warm and slick. Then Rachel couldn't stand any more. She reached down and pulled her panties aside under her father's hand. His long, thick finger immediately disappeared, sliding up inside her, searing the walls of her pussy as it cured up and massaged her deeply. His thumb rubbed hard circles on her slippery clit. She bit his neck to keep from screaming. And then a second finger joined the first as he silently fucked his daughter with his hand. Deeply and slowly he fucked her. Bringing his fingers almost all the way out before pressing them deeply in again. Rachel pressed her hips up and down slowly adding to the pressure, until she silently came in his hand, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. Her cries muffled in her father's strong neck.

    With his fingers still flexing in her tight, sopping cunt, Rachel's breath returned and she tilted her face up, as he tilted his down and softly kissed her on the lips. Then his fingers slowly withdrew. He raised them up to their pressed lips and they each tasted her. They broke their kiss. He cleared his throat, then he spoke out loudly to her mother.

    "Hey Hon., do you mind if I take that blanket, there's a draft back here." Then he leaned forward, reached over the seat with his still glistening fingers and pulled a blanket from the front seat near the baby.

    Rachel, emboldened added, "Mom, would you mind turning on the radio?" Focused on her destination, Rachel's mother turned the radio on. 80's rock filled the car as the bass thumped through the seat behind Rachel. Her father quickly covered them with the blanket as Rachel shifted on his lap again, grinding his cock with delight. He covered her up to the neck, tucking the blanket in behind her shoulders. The blanket covered them down to the floor. Their hands then move quickly, with desire.

    Rachel lifted her hips as her father pulled her skirt up over her ass, leaving it loose around her waist. Then with four hands they both reached for the elastic of her panties, pushing them down over her hips and knees until they dropped to the floorboard. Rachel felt her father's hands quickly pulling the buttons of her blouse open as she reached down behind her and fumbled at his belt. His cock felt so huge under her ass, she had to see how big it really was.

    Rachel's blouse opened under the blanket. Luckily her bra clasp was in the front. Her father quickly popped it open, freeing her young, round breasts, which he immediately palmed before pinching and pulling her nipples. Rachel's hands unbuckled her father's belt, but she was having trouble with the top button of his pants. He quickly reached between them and opened his trousers as Rachel raised her ass up to give him room. He then pushed her up even higher as he scooted his pants down under him until they lay in a pile around his ankles.

    Rachel settled down, and her father's cock slipped over and rested in the cleft of her ass, the head pressed up against his belly. She pumped her ass up and down on his cock, jacking him off with her soft, plump ass cheeks. He responded by pushed her down more firmly into his lap as he pulled her thighs apart and played with her hot pussy again.

    She wanted his cock in her. She didn't care about who he was. He was the greatest lover she had ever known and she wanted him to fill her up, but she didn't know how. His finger went in her again. Two, and then three. She was ready for his fat cock and she wanted it.

    Rachel's father pushed her up toward the roof of the car. Rachel had to stand up. Pulling herself up using her mother's headrest, she get herself in position over his pulsing, fiery cock. She pulled harder her mother's seat, feeling her dad's cock slip across the back of her thigh before it pressed against her tight, dripping sex.

    Rachel's mother, irritated, looked at her in the rearview mirror. "What are you doing back there?"

    "Oh, sorry, Mom, I'm just getting comfortable" Rachel said her father's cockhead popped through her tight, slick opening. The blanket still covered her completely.

    "Well for God's Sake SIT DOWN!!" Her mother responded.

    "OK!" Rachel replied enthusiastically as she quickly impaled herself on her father's cock. Her breath caught as he filled her up. She didn't know if she was going to be able to take all of him. She rose slightly and pressed down hard. She felt a pop when his hard cock slammed into her deeply and she settled down onto his lap once more, leaning forward slightly. They both sat still as her pussy muscles clenched and twitched adjusting to the huge intrusion of his pulsing cock. Rachel's hands went between her thighs and under her as she reached for her father's balls. She wanted to feel them.

    Her hand closed around his hairy, heavy balls. They were twitching with excitement. Her pussy clutched in unison, and then her father's hands went to her hips under the blanket and started moving her slowly up and down. In the confines of the car, with her weight resting on the bottom of her thighs as they sat on her father's knees, Rachel couldn't move much. She could only raise up about five inches before she had to lower herself again. It felt as if the huge cock inside her barely made it halfway out before it pressed back into the soul of her. She loved it. Her pussy was running madly inside, cumming repeatedly to lubricate against the thick wall of fresh that filled her.

    She fucked her father right there and then, in five inch pulses, slamming quietly and forcefully down. Impaling herself over and over on his thick rod until she felt as if he filled her whole body, a knot rising in her throat. They fucked slowly and with power, she squeezed his balls hard and felt his thick, slipper shaft with her hand as it went in and out like a machine. He tugged at her nipples until they were red and raw. Rachel came in a steady stream, holding her breath and biting her lower lip, her eyes shut tight.

    She felt her father's cum rise at the same instant he did. Rachel's hand firmly squeezing his balls, she felt them contract mightily, and then again. A split instant later his fingers dug into her hips and pulled her down forcefully into her lap. His cock swelled and exploded inside her, sending her over the edge again. Her cum mixing with his as they both came with a low groan and a squeal. The volume of the radio saved them from discovery.

    He continued to pump his cock into is little girl for five more long minutes. It never reduced in size. Cum oozed out around the shaft and ran down his balls to the seat. Rachel slipped her finger across his balls, getting it wet before sucking it into her mouth. Then she leaned back as her father scooted down slightly in the seat. She rested the back of her head on the top of his shoulder, her cheek against his and went quietly to sleep, her father's firm cock filling her up and bringing her dreams as he played softly with her nipples and ran his hands across her smooth breasts and stomach.

    Four hours later they stopped at a roadside restaurant. Rachel's mother rushed from the car for the bathroom, in a whirl, giving her time to kiss her father again, deeply, before retrieving her panties and straightening her clothes, as her dad pulled up his pants and stuffed his still hard cock into them.

    The rest of the trip they slept, and were delighted to find that the entire family would have to share a bed at Rachel's aunt's house, because of all the company she had. Rachel didn't mind at all. That night, her mother laying between Rachel and her father with her back to Rachel, the young girl slowly slipped off her nightgown and quietly began touching her mother's full body as she rasped her nipples across her mother's smooth back. If Daddy was so fantastic, I wonder what mom is like, she thought with a smile.

    The end.
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    Oh yes, this one is hot!
    Everybody knows this is your finest hour.
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    This is your time!
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    Excellent story. Secret sex is sooooooo hot.
    Seize the day! BRUCHETTA
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    Sooooooooooooo hot!!!

    Left me mega horny and very wet!!
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    One of the best I've ever read. I was extremely hard. Good work, and I hope to read more.

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    wow very very well writen
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    Default Excellent!

    Wow!! I can't say enough about how hot this story was. I'll look out for more to come.
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    Great story, one of the best Ive ever read on this site.
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    ttt i love stories like this, ty
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    This story got me so incredibly wet.

    I agree with Bruchetta, secret sex is so fucking hot.
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    very hot. loved it
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    do one about the girl and her mother
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    very nice done,dad daughter are the best
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    do one about all of them after you do one with just mother and daughter (twins excluded obviously)
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    I love reading such stories. I am trying to write about how a father does it with his son's wife. The starting part is a bit like this story where the daughter in law had to sit in the dad's lap cos the car is too small.

    The problem with me is I am too lazy to write I write a few paragraphs and stop for a few months.

    People who manage to write out full stories and post them really deserve our respects. Espicially if their stories are so good.
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    excellent.......can't wait for the next episode.........please

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    Yeah do one with the mother and daughter.
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    Very good story. I love it when a father cums deep inside his daughters unprotected pussy. I think this was a great story and hope it continues with her getting pregnant from her dad and bringing mom in on some of the action as well. Good stuff keep it up and knock her up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WifeUser View Post
    Very good story. I love it when a father cums deep inside his daughters unprotected pussy. I think this was a great story and hope it continues with her getting pregnant from her dad and bringing mom in on some of the action as well. Good stuff keep it up and knock her up.
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    Default Rachels Bumpy ride

    Loved your story. Lets my imagination really work about my daughters. Thanks for sharing.
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    Default great story

    When part two with the mum
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    Default holy smokes

    That story is so fucking hot im still cummig............
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    Excellent Story
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    Good job, please keep it up !!!
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    I read this story a while back and I love it. Very dirty. Makes me wet every time.
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    Wow very hot story, please please do more
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    Default Hot Story

    Very good story, Enjoyed it all! Thanks!
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    Awesome story very good got me drenched
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    WONDERFUL....now she needs the MOM!!!!!!!!!!
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    great read
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    go on please hoping for more
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    realy good stuff
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    good 1 loved every min of it....!!!!!!!!!!
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    Default Rachel bumpy ride

    I just love this story. It always makes me think of my wanting a couple of my girls. Thanks
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    Very nice.. Love this one. Would be great to see it continued.
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    Was she on the PILL or did she get knocked up.
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    mmmmmmmmmmm i want to be mommys an daddys play toy sooo bad. daddy fucks me good with his huge cocki want mommy to guide him all in my lil smooth pussy
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    I remember this story from the first time I read it in Jan. 2011 !!! I've been looking all over for it every now and then and now I finally found it !!!

    Once again, great, great story !!!
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