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Thread: WoW erotica

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    Default WoW erotica

    So I am jsut throwing this out to the public I really wanna be an erotic writer I am just throwing this one out to see peopels reactions to my work if there is anything I need to improve on PLEASE let me know and I hope you really enjoy it guys =)

    The rain had come to a light drizzle, the drops of water patting on the leaves of silverpine forest trickled off lightly before smacking the the damp soft mud below, the sun had long set before the rain clouds had covered the surrouning wooded area. The woods expanded for miles around. One could get lost and if unlucky enough die to the hands of a bandit or some bulking beast... Nothing can be heard from miles around as if all life had paused to listen to the soft patting of water smacking against brush, tree, and dirt.
    Walking along the dirt road to Tarren Mill, the large hooded figure's face was completely covered except for the large amber curved horns poking out of the opening and a large black snout that was pierced through the nose with a golden nose ring. It was clear this creature was not man nor was he beast, he trecked along the dark path quietly enjoying the sound of the hard rain patting on the top of his hood the light thunder off in the distance it was these things he enjoyed most, the earthmother has blessed me with a pleasant walk this night the Tauren thought to himself. As he continued his journey for personal ambassador buisness to the now Forsaken controlled town of Tarren mill, his ears caught something out of place, he stopped and scanned the area. What was it that he had heard, an animal rumbling through the bushes? Surley no predator would attack him nor would it be able to pounce on him if it tried... There it was again the faint footsteps moving around the brush, it was loud... metal clanging together. "Come out." the taruen said in a large booming voice that could made the birds in the trees in the surrounding area fly out of their nest... No movement, had it beem my imagination? he thought, no of course the ears of his people were gifted in hearing sounds, especially those that did not belong in the forest. Another brustle and in the blink of an eye the attacker leaped out and revealed themself in a fierce battle roar, swinging a silver glowing rune blade... attempting to clash it down on the startled taurens skull it would have chopped the druid in two had he not moved a second sooner, The sound of metal clashing against mud making a splooshing sound. The druid backed up only to murmer a spell and the roots of the earth surrounded the blade swinging assassin, locking their in place. Finally regaining his footing, he could observe his would be killer.
    To his suprise it was female much smaller than him, he could literally crush her had he sit on her, the pointing ears and light tanned skin showed she was a blood elf ...a child of the Sin'dorei, gorgeous and stunning like all her people, hair lightly waving in the wing. But why had she chosen to strike him, from what he had known the elves of Quel'thalas had joined Thrall's horde, was this a rogue attempting to kill and rob him? As he looked closer his heart dropped, this was no ordinary elf he had ever encountered in the wonderous city of silvermoon, the dark cold plate that guarded the vixens heart, the glowing blue eyes that had glared at him with such hatred such desire to end his life, he could feel it wraping around him.
    "Who are you? Answer me!' He demanded, she only replied with a devilish smirk and she raised her hand out out to him and he felt her dark magic working against him, a burnign sensation aroudn his throat and a tight vice grip embracing his neck the invisible hand pulling his body to her in a dark binding as if a mammoth had tanken off at full speed with him tied along, she raised her blade to swiftly behead him but ducked the swing again barley barley missing she raised it one more time but tripped under the binding of the roots as the large bulking druid attempted to regain his footing once agains and murmer an incantation to freeze incapacitate her, he found his voice gone no sound coming out.... Then he felt the blade pressed lighty against his throat, cold to the bone even against his thick black fur.. She had beaten him.. Awaiting the painful plunge of the sword into his neck, he could not help but wonder what had caused this beautiful harpie to strike out at him and defeat him with ease. Then the blade pulled away from his throat but still at point blank range of his face, she lifted the cowl that concealed it, he looked up at her to, he couldn't help but marvle at her beauty and battle prowess even for a knight of the damned."Get up!" She ordered in a hollow wicked voice.
    Having little choice, he rose to his feet, wondering what she wants with him. Looking down at the little elf, she motioned for him to remove the rooting spell, at last getting his voice back he murmered for the roots to release her and obeying him they let go and slowly subsided back into the earth. he couldn't believe he was the victim in this situation. She continued to smile at him wickedly looking him up and down eyeing whatever it was she wanted out of him, as if he were piece of meat and she was deciding which piece to take first. After a tense moment of glaring at one another, she finally spoke again "Your will follow me, without question druid, if you attempt to escape me I will run you through. Is that clear?" he only answered with a slight nod. and she casually noded in approval and walked off the road makign sure her prize was close behind.
    The seductive vixen lead him through the brush of the forest..Quiet once again just as it was before the life ending encounter. Only the occasional clang of the elf's plated armor clangling together lightly, ringing his ears now and again.
    He couldn't help himself staring at her, watching every movement she made. A great posture like all of the elves he had met on his journeys. But it was her hips thats caught his eye in particular, the way they swayed back in forth in a perfect fashion, tempting him to reach out and carress her ripe round ass. Had he been one of the younger more lustful races and not in this prediciment he surely would have reached out to answer the call her backside was making towards him. His eyes wandered up north towards her long black her, moist and dripping wet from the pouring rain, the shine it gave off even in the pitch black night and the scent of ebon rose petals she must use in her baths told him she kept herself groomed even for an agent of the scourge she had not lost her urge to look, smell and to a lucky sex starved male..taste royal.
    What seemed like hours of walking through mud and catching a hoof on a tree root now and then, they finally entered a large clearing to a run down farm. The crops long shrivled up and died here he thought. the wooden fence border lining the property had long since been destroyed by weather, animals, or some other forces that worked in the forest. The house that once stood on the far right burned to the ground perhaps an accidental fire of a flickering candle caught on spider silk drape or intentional, maybe bandits he pondered to himself. The blue glazed eye elf turned to him with eye that could chill him to the bone if he looked into her for too long. she motion forward with her head the long black hair smacking her in the cheek as she did. Off in the distance a large barn, even from this far on a piss pouring rainy night one could tell that it was in terrible condition.
    The inside was just as he imagined judging from the outside appearance, the barn wreaked of mildew. The deep inhale of a sour taste in the back of his throat almost made the large taruen gag, the death knight payed no attention to the odor, he doubted she even drew breath into her long dead lungs. The boards beneath him creaked and groaned over pained over his overwhelming mass as he stepped onto the swollen wood. Rained dripped in many openings in the top of the roof patting lightling on the already soaked wood. The middle of the barn however had been sorrted around, a roaring fire had already been burning when they walked in, A large black woolen blanket, covering hay, a makeshift bed she had prepared for herself. She had apparantly been camping here for a while.
    The elf turned to face him, expecting the cold stare she had always gave him before he shuddered and prepared to look away, but to his suprise her eyes did not give him the chill of hatred. Instead her eyes calmy meeting his, The blue glaze of all death knight's still flaring her opals bright but he could see past them to the emerald green of the her people a beautiful diamond her eyes were. Her expression clam and delicate she finally broke the long pause between them. "I apologize if I had frighten you tauren." Her voice not so hollow but calmer and more gentle, but still having a sort of dominating vocal to her elegant sound. "I mistaked you for a noble of Stormwind I was sent to... 'collect.' and if you had nothign to hide from me you would not run. "
    "No trouble my lady a simple mistake, now if it is not too much trouble and our buisness is through I must be going on my wa...." He replied, however he was cut off, she had slowly unlased the top armor that protected her chest and shoulders, it smacked the floor with a hard thud, now revealing her large lucious breast her milk white skin shining a more copper tone in the firelight. flickering shadows moving their dark hands over her well toned upper body.
    "I hope you are not planning to go anywhere." She said in a seductive voice, moving towards him, her fire blue glazed saphires scoping him up and down surveying every beastly feature about him.
    "Because I for one must pay you for the trouble I have caused you and second.." finally reaching him and shoving him back into a wooden post with strength that decieves her small petite size, his heart pounding in his chest in fear of what she would, and at the same time excitment at how she would go about it. "I need something hard between my legs and I'm sure a druid of the wild will be more then willing to assist me." she finally finished that triggered a burning sensation in his groins, he had never wanted to mate so badly. She smiled at him, reaching for the back of his mane and leaning into him to press her lips into his. A rush of cold wind overcame him, a feeling no blizzard could even come close to, so cold... freezing him to the core, and at the same time so hot it burned him to the boned, her tounge and saliva mingling with his, a struggle between the two slippery muscles neither side giving into the other's will. Their two oh so different taste mixing together in such a zesty and other worldly flavor.. His, sweet and sticky like honey almost gluing their warm pink tounges together, and her's cold and slippery a hint of a minty flavor could be savored in her taste. So overwhelming the sensation was he could barley hold himself up, the thought of being inside her raged in his head running it into a dizzy spin
    Delicious.. he thought, he needed more of her, his senses reaching out to know every detail of the elf's magnificent body. Already his shaft was fully hard, throbbing through his robes, wanting to merge and mate with her, aching to have be inside her slippery tight wet cunt, that he knew was wanting him as well his hard cock as well.
    Pulling away she met his large blue eyes, observing his expressions as she finally removed the rest of her rugged plate that locked him from her sweet snatch, the leggings once removed released the smell of her sweet pussy, replacing that nasty odor choking him prior filling his nostrils with that of summer roses and strawberries, a sweet bliss scent only driving his sex organ into a bigger larger frenzy. Now finally free of her confined armor the fire's shadows dancing a perfect dance across her, as if teasingly giving glimpses of her spectacular features before covering them back up. Her black hair now only partially damp thanks to the heat of the fire, swaying past her shoulders and only partially concealing her breast. He could see the amber colored flesh or her rising nipples peeping through to him, his eye wandered down farther wanting to see the slit of her doorway to pink moist bliss he desired so much right now to have, but shadowy hands giving it to the darkness to tease him further for the time beaing...such cruelty he cursed to himself.
    he moved closer to her, trembling enough to creak the boards, he had never been with any other female other then of his own kind, but there was something about the elves he had always found so gorgeous, many times he found himself wanting to reach out and touch their hair but contained himself, but not this night, the most elegant creature he had ever layed eyes on had offered herself up, yet cruel and maniacal as she seemed to him he could not resist this night, he couldn't resis the beauty this time. Her glazed glowing blue eyes sparkled at him, had they been anymore breath taking they would of produced stars. So calm they were, and reassuring... as if knowing she was his first true mate outside of his own people. She smiled and met his lips again to take his breath even faster then she had done before, pressing her chest against his, so smooth and creamy brushing over the tickling fur covering the muscles of his large body. So different they truely were he thought.. two different worlds even in their specialties, a protecter of life and nature and a bringer of death and disease laying together. Perhaps it is these opposites that makes the juices in their mouths seem so delicious...so desiring.
    Her hands moving in an almsot artistic fashion, finger imitating a brush painting imaginary lines through warm thick fur that heated his body, now moving lower to the lonely cock throbbing agaisnt her leg aching now for her touch... her attention. Moving both hands over his hard shaft and pulling away from the locked embrace of their lips, she moved to her knees scraping the wet wood lightly as she situated herself ass now resting on the back of her heels.
    Slowly slipping her cold but soft lips over the heated head of his shaft and teasingly swallowing as much of him as she could, only so much she could take in of him. He throbbed so hard agaisnt her jaws it ached, but she wanted more of him to take him all the way down to his enormous cherries. He was overwhelmed of this sensation, no female tauren had ever blessed him with this kind of pleasure. Moving farther and farther down his long veiny pink flesh, his head was again spinning except this time more faster and violent, showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. His balls pounding and pulsing like a heart beat in chime with his stone hard cock, He looked down at her gently biting his lips as she bobbed her head up and down him, her eyes met his again freezing him in place, bright blue sapphires begging for him to cum, needing him to release inside her mouth, and he had never wanted to cum so hard before the ache to reach his orgasm was almsot painful and unbearable. Her tounge swirling over the tip tickling the hole where his seed waited for release. His peak was indeed a long awaited one he couldn't hold back as she moved faster and stroked harder, it was hard and uncontrolling, even catching her off guard at his the massive amount quickly filled her mouth and spilling down her chin. She pulled away to bask and shower in his sweet nectre.
    It sparkled like that of the most purest moonwell of the night elven people of Darnassus, It's radiant glow making her face and breast shine. His legs shook, finally buckling under the strain of every muscle in his thighs and hamstring squeezing together too tight, sliding off the wooden pillar and falling back gently on the makeshift wool covered hay bed. So comfortable it was beneath him, it smelled of tranquil perfume, highly regarded as the most royal of all their scented products, she must of been royalty maybe the daughter of a high elven lord. So many night she must have layed here alone perhaps slipping a finger into her moist hole, wanting something thicker and more filling piercing her womb, and he cursed the idea of not being there to satisfy her. Finally finding the strength to pull himself up and observe the glowing beauty before him, now basking in the glowing spunk he had covered her with, gently massaging it into her smooth skin as if it were lotion, speading the radiant light that now lit the barn and covered most of her body, she had turned herself into a living moonstone, glowing brighter and spectacular as she rubbed, Elune herself could not come close to this beauty he thought.
    She finally paused as if waking from a trance, looking up at him. Lusting for more her eyes told him, and he was sure his was returning the signals, wanting to fill her womb full with his hot glowing load to the point it would flow out like a waterfall over a cliff. The glowing goddess moved over him to mount, to finally conjoin with him at long last, he was still hard throbbing harder then ever, eager to feel her wrap he flesh around his cock. A Small drip of cum seaping out of him as she slowly lowered herself down. The lips of the opening lightly brushed against the tip of his long pink shaft but already it drove him into a frenzy, wanting to make his cock disappear into her. After a breif pause that seemed like an eterinity to him she finally took in the tip of his rock hard erection. A rush of her scent filled his nostrils and she buried him inch by inch into her tight gaping cunt. Her juices trickled down his enormous rod oiling it up and melting their love organs into one another, she had to be careful to not lose control one wrong move he would tear her in two.
    Not even halfway down and he had already filled her up full to the brim with his cock. She screamed out in pain as she took more of him never had she been so stuffed, his cock jabbing and at her womb like a knife but at the same time his size cluttered ever inch inside her and the stimulation of him rubbing agaisnt her clit drove her to want more and more until he was balls deep inside her. "Yes!" they both cried out in joyful ecstacy to one another as she drove into him penetrating herself repeativly with his long pink shaft. Her hands resting on the muscles of his furry black chest, granting leverage to slam her lump sweet lucious ass down all the way to his swollen balls.
    He was slowly losing control over himself in more ways then one, the land he had at his disposal just moments prior rebelled to his will. Vines sprouting out throught the boards as if wanting to take in the full effect of this moment, the sweet sex that could drive plants into a sexual perversion of their own. Her sweet cum dripping off his cock through the boards moisturizing the dirt. The liquid miracle growth that could make a plant grow faster then any other water the world could offer. "More!" she cried out, their mating intensifying in return the growing of lush green vines and flowers rapidly rising to full bloom as well as feeling up both the lovers bodies before resting themselves around them, a living breathing plant orgy with them as the sweet sunlight and water fueling the growth. Leafy hands imitating fingers and tounges getting their feel of them both carressing balls, muscles, nipples, lips even flicking at both their assholes teasingly threatening to venture deep within them just as he was as deep as he was inside her. Sweat pouring from both of them onto the plants feeding and thickening around them.
    Finally reaching the peak of his sexual mountain climb, shaking him to his very hoofs, filling her womb with this hot sticky moonglow spunk, causing it to literally erupt out of her already slippery wet cunt, splashing the vines under them in it. The plants in response with a a glorious and beautiful orgasm of their own, the rose petals bursting and blooming off the vines filling the room with a reign of dark red flowers and mixing a sweet scent in with their heavy sexual musk that surrounded their sweat and cum stained body.
    He looked up at her... His littler flower he had grown and fed with his sex, the masterpiece of his own healing powers surrounded by a beautiful garden and her glow radiatining the middle of the room was truely spectacular. The continued to stare into each other locked in a gaze no one could break, lost in the garden they had gave birth to together, a symbol of their union. The sun had finally started to rise in the east, now clearly poking it's bright golden beams through the loose and broken boards of the barn, settling on her face she truely was magnificent shining in the sunlight with a mix of the moon covering her, a sort of eclipse in an erotic sort of way he thought.
    Would she continue to stay or move on?... Was this the start of a bold new new beginning or the end to a hot passionate night?.. He did not know, nor did he care.. For this was their moment and he would not ruin it with mindless questioning and chatter, instead he allowed her to rest her small now seemingly fragile body on top of his and allow their fatigue and exhaustion to get the better of them and slowly drift off into the dreams of Ysera together.
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    Nice story, it was a good read. You should definitely continue writing,
    though there were a few typos and missing full stops.
    You also you need to use paragraphs, it just makes it easier to read.

    Anyways good story, hoping to read more from you.
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