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    Post Passionate love (teen)

    Passionate Love

    I had known you since I was 8 and you had welcomed me into my new school; I was scared and nervous of everyone, I had travelled far and just wanted to go home; but you encouraged me to get through the day; squeezing my hand under the table when I got anxious and hugging me when I cried; just wanting to go home to see my old friends and live in my old home.

    We built a strong bond over the next few years and you were always there for me when I needed you; but as we grew older (about 14) I began to realise how strong my feelings were for you, you had changed so much over time; your blond hair flopped down over your eyes and onto your neck; you never brushed it but instead left it naturally. Your striking blue eyes were darker and reminded me of the ocean; they were deep and often cold. You had grown strong and tall (We often joked this was due to the milk you drank; I always disliked milk) and at 6.1” stood over me, at 5.7” I was of average height. I didn’t think you were interested in me; you always seemed to have interest in girls around school but never seemed to notice me; I suppose it was because of the brotherly state we had become over the past years. *We shared a bed when you stayed over at mine, before it had just been normal, but now I wanted to lie in your arms and feel you cuddle me close and it was driving me insane. You never noticed this and slept soundly; unaware of the shadow of the girl who knew only love for you, as it watched you sleep; watching your every breath.

    I had put up with it long enough, I was sick of not being the girl you wanted and not being the one you dreamed about. It was 12am and you were once again sleeping by my side; you were peaceful, not moving very often, your breathing was light and soothing. I didn’t think you would wake up anytime soon and so I lay close; sliding under your right arm and resting my head on your chest; I could almost hear your heart beating from where I lay; if I hadn’t known you were asleep I would have sworn it sped up when I had laid next to you. I looked up carefully at you and smiled at the expression on your face...my eyes were closing but I had to stay awake so that you didn’t find me lying here.

    “What...? Err...Hannah...?” I jumped up, my eyes wide, I had been caught. What could I say? You had woke up and found me sleeping in your arms. I blushed and you stared at me; you looked so confused and shocked that I had done it. I got up and walked out of the room, locking myself in the bathroom. You were still silent in the bedroom and I wondered if you would just leave without saying anything.* Chance would be a fine thing. You knocked lightly on the door, “Hey? You gonna let me in?” you sounded amused and I felt ever worse,

    “Please go away” I replied

    “We have to talk. You do know that?” I stayed silent but unlocked the door and slid backwards so my back was rested on the door; you opened the door and sat next to me. We stayed in silence for several minutes; I held my breath as I felt your hand take mine; our fingers entwining tightly. You squeezed tightly and I replied by tightening my own grip. You laughed quietly and pulled me to you; lightly kissing my forehead as you hugged me close.

    “So you’re not angry?” I asked hopefully

    “Of course I am.” you sighed and continued, “But I have wanted to do that for so long and I’m glad you did” I looked up at you surprised and your lips pressed to mind; pulling me onto your lap and wrapping your arms around my waist, trapping me in your grip, making it impossible for me to break free; of course I had no reason to want to get away, this is what I had dreamed about for so long.

    In those few seconds there was nobody else on earth; no noise, no humans, no life, just us. I felt weak in your arms as shivers ran down my spine; your hands catching them gently. Your lips contrasted them cold air around us; they were warm and soft, brushing against mine with a certain desperation I did not recognize too well.

    You soon pulled away; your breath heavily and as you tried to catch your breath you smiled at me; it seemed so different to the smiles you had given me just yesterday. They were filled with hope and happiness. My heart was racing still and I wondered if you could hear it; then again I was sure yours would be just as loud.* I slid off your lap; feeling slightly awkward; but you stood up and lifted me into your arms; carrying me through into my bedroom where you lay me on my bed; climbing eagerly on top of me to allow our lips to resume their dance. Feeling your body so close to mine was fogging up my judgements and I considered this could all be just a dream; but your tongue gliding across my lip persuaded me that every second of this sexual encounter was very, very, real. Your shirt was my first priority and as I began to tug it off you, you pulled my own tee up over my head; leaving us both exposed under the others gaze. I blushed; I felt so imperfect in front of your toned, muscular body; I was nothing compared to your beauty; but I felt your nose brush against mine and I seemed to forget all my doubts; you wanted me just as much as I wanted you. *

    Soon we were as naked as the day we were born; lying in each others arms; just taking everything in; there was so much to think about now; a few hours ago we were best friends; now we were passionate lovers rolling around the bed; exploring one another’s bodies with lust.
    Who wants part two?!
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    Me, I would love to read part two.
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    Please write another part!
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