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    Star Wars – The Restricted Files
    Chapter 14 – Anakin Solo... Super Stud

    Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise.

    Story Codes: Mf, mf, mf, x-mast, cream pie, grope, hp, oral, spank, voy

    Anakin Solo had returned back to the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 with his brother, sister and Uncle Luke. Although it was Jacen and Jaina’s birthday, Anakin had been welcomed back with just as much vigour as his fellow siblings and after he parted with his brother Jacen, he quickly sought out his best friend, Tahiri Veila. Tahiri may have been his best friend, but after watching several holovideo’s of very hot and sexually explicit action, some involving his own grandparents, Anakin had only one thing on his mind. After searching throughout the Praxeum and accompanying Massassi Temples, Anakin finally found Tahiri, wandering through the forest in barefoot, as was customary for the former member of the Sand People of Tatooine. The cool forest floor and stone temple floors of the Praxeum was often soothing for the curly blonde haired Jedi student.

    ‘Hey Tahiri... Guess who’s back?’ Anakin called out as he approached the seemingly inattentive unbothered Tahiri. In the few weeks that he had been apart from his blonde headed friend, Tahiri had grown even more beautiful. Whether it was because he had recently been subjected to so much sexually graphic material or Tahiri was just getting more and more attractive to the fourteen year old, but she looked really good to Anakin.

    ‘Anakin Solo... What took you so long?’ Tahiri shouted back, sounding a little pissed off at her long time friend.

    ‘Geez Tahiri... What the hell did I do?’ Anakin replied back, looking confused and a little afraid.

    ‘I knew you’d forget while you were on your grand vacation... You forgot all about my birthday last week... You didn’t even send me a happy birthday message over the HoloNet.’ Tahiri responded, sounding as if she was hurt by her best friend’s oversight.

    ‘But... I... Uhhhh...’ Anakin started before being cut off with a wave of Tahiri’s arm.

    ‘But nothing Anakin... Clearly your little vacation was more important than sending me a simple message over the HoloNet!’

    ‘I’m sorry Tahiri... I really am... I’ll do anything to make it up to you.’ Anakin replied, looking genuinely sorry and concerned that he could have damaged his friendship with Tahiri for the sake of a holochip full of sexually explicit content.

    ‘Really...’ she replied, thinking up of something that would be suitable to repair the damage Anakin’s lack of compassion had done. ‘... One heartfelt hug should do it!’

    ‘I think I could do that!’ Anakin replied, walking over to Tahiri and giving her a big friendly hug. Half way though it however, Anakin’s sexually tainted mind took control and instead of just a simple friendly hug, he reached down, took hold of Tahiri’s surprisingly ample young ass and gave it a good hard squeeze.

    ‘What the fuck Anakin?’ Tahiri shouted in protest as she pulled away from his grasp and left him standing there looking like a real pervert. ‘I’m not some Tusken whore you can just feel up when you want! I’ll talk to you later Anakin... GOODBYE!’ Tahiri finished before stomping off into the wooded forest and leaving a shocked looking Anakin to think about what he’d done wrong. Stunts like that had seemingly worked for all the people who had tried that on the holovideos. Anakin had no idea why it hadn’t worked for himself.

    ‘I better do some more research before I try that again.’ Anakin said to himself before running back to the main temples and towards his sister Jaina’s room. Jaina was the one who had been keeping the holochip containing the holovids from C-3PO’s restricted files and if Anakin were to get any answers to why he had failed in his attempt to seduce Tahiri he would get them there. As Anakin approached Jaina’s quarters however, he could hear something going on inside her room.

    ‘That’s it... That’s it... Keep doing that!’ sounded Wurth Skidder’s voice inside Jaina’s room as Anakin approached the door and slid it open just slightly to see what was going on inside. To his utter amazement, Jaina was on her knees, sucking off a very pleased looking Wurth Skidder. Both Jaina and Wurth appeared to be having so much fun, Anakin was a little tempted to join the two and maybe have Jaina suck him off as well, but as Wurth’s panting became laboured, Anakin was quite sure Jaina’s little sexual foray was about to end in a sticky mess.

    ‘GONNA CUM! UNGHHHHHHH!’ shouted Wurth as he exploded all over Jaina’s pretty face.

    ‘It’s so hot!’ Jaina moaned as Wurth’s cum splashed against her cheeks and splattered across her face. Anakin had gotten his cock out at this point and was jacking it off as Wurth and Jaina bantered on for a few more seconds. As Wurth finally came bursting out of Jaina’s room looking exhausted and disoriented, Anakin hid from view until he had stumbled around the corner and fallen asleep, nearly comatose from the experience. Anakin put his stiffening shaft back in his pants and entered Jaina’s room as soon as she departed for her washroom to clean herself up. He searched through her clothes and belongings quietly but after not finding the holochip, Anakin had come to only one conclusion.

    ‘Jacen must have it!’ he said to himself before stealing a pair of Jaina’s panties from her drawer and running off towards his other sibling’s bedroom. After finally reaching Jacen’s room, Anakin was shocked again to see his brother getting just as much action as his sister had gotten only moments earlier. Not only that, Jacen was watching a holovid of Ahsoka Tano getting double teamed by two clone troopers on a wooded planet. ‘Holy Fuck... Is that Tenel Ka?’ Anakin said to himself again as he watched Tenel Ka’s pretty little mouth move up and down over Jacen’s throbbing cock. Once again, Anakin pulled out his cock to jack it off again, dreaming that it was his cock getting sucked by the beautiful redheaded warrior princess instead of his brother’s. Within a few minutes Jacen had fired a massive load of cum over Tenel Ka’s pretty face and Anakin could barely contain himself as he neared his own climax. Luckily he was able to hold off and after only a few seconds, both Tenel Ka and Jacen walked out the door, not seeing Anakin and left the temple for a little sparring match outside.

    ‘You fucking idiot Jacen! You just left the holochip playing in your projector!’ Anakin said to himself as he entered Jacen’s room and pulled the chip from the holo-projector. Anakin then left for his own room, some privacy and what would surely be a very interesting holovid. Anakin opened the door to his quarters and got ready for another exciting instalment, but stopped dead in his tracks when he laid his eyes on the most beautiful sight of his young life; his good friend Tahiri Veila completely naked and splayed out on his bed, just waiting for him.

    ‘What the fuck...’ Anakin muttered as his eyes nearly popped out of his skull. Tahiri had a little sexy smirk on her face and a look of mischievousness behind her gorgeous green eyes.

    ‘Oh hi Anakin... I thought I’d just make myself comfortable while I waited for you... You don’t mind, do you?’ Tahiri said playfully as she got off Anakin’s bed and walked towards him with a little sexy sway in her hips.

    ‘I... I... Thought you were mad at me?’ Anakin stuttered as he had a hard time taking his eyes off Tahiri’s perfect little body. Being under five feet tall and less than a hundred pounds didn’t at all take away from her unbelievably sexy teenage figure. Her tight little ass, firm little breasts and perky rosy nipples highlighted what was surely one of the best bodies Anakin had ever seen. It was Tahiri’s cute round face and sly little smile that capped off the package and made her one of the most attractive women Anakin had ever seen.

    ‘I was mad at you until I realized that you only hugged me like that because you really like me!’ Tahiri replied with a smile as she approached Anakin and leaned into kiss him. ‘Back when I lived with the Sand People, the men would take girls who had just come of age, and bring them into the caves.’ Tahiri told Anakin after kissing him and leading him back to the bed by his hand.

    ‘Why... What happened in the cave?’ Anakin asked innocently, still reeling from his first kiss with his childhood friend.

    ‘What do you think silly?’ Tahiri laughed at Anakin as she made him lie down on his bed. ‘When they came out the next day they were women and were ready to bear children.’ Tahiri said as she slowly got on top of Anakin and rubbed up against his hardening shaft.

    ‘And when do girls come of age in the Sand Tribes of Tatooine?’ Anakin asked Tahiri as he grabbed her tiny hips and helped her move up and down over his hard shaft.

    ‘Fourteen of course!’ Tahiri moaned into Anakin’s ear as she leaned in to kiss him again.

    ‘Just like the Old Republic!’ Anakin said in response before ripping off his clothes and making out with Tahiri.

    ‘Old Republic... What the fuck are you talking about?’ Tahiri replied after breaking away from her kiss with Anakin.

    ‘Never mind... Let’s just fuck!’ Anakin responded, distracting Tahiri from his odd comment and steering her back to what she had actually intended to do with Anakin. Neither Tahiri or Anakin had any real sexual experience, other than seeing male Sand People fucking young teenage girls and a few holovids involving people having sex nearly fifty years ago. Both Anakin and Tahiri had picked up a few tips though and after Tahiri slid down Anakin`s naked body and started playing with his swollen balls and hardened cock, things became a little more fluid.

    ‘Mmm Anakin... I don’t have anything to compare it with but your dick tastes really good!’ Tahiri moaned into Anakin’s cock as her tongue swept up and down over his full six inches. Anakin shuddered every time Tahiri’s delicate little fingers squeezed his swollen balls and after nearly five minutes of having his shaft bathed by Tahiri’s warm and wet tongue, he was more than ready to blow a load over Tahiri’s pretty features.

    ‘That feels so good Tahiri... I think I’m gonna cum!’ Anakin said in distress as he started to buck his hips upwards to further along the sensational process.

    ‘Wait...’ Tahiri replied, lifting her head up to look at Anakin and letting go of his tightening balls. ‘Aren’t we going to fuck first?’ she said with a smile before sliding back up Anakin’s body and kissing him again for good measure.

    ‘Just give me a second here to catch my breath.’ Anakin responded after breaking away from the kiss and feeling his cock rub up against his best friend’s delicate and warm twat. While he recovered from a great blowjob, Anakin revelled in the fact that it was he, not Jacen or Jaina that would be the first one to lose their virginity and actually have sex. Not only that, he was about to fuck one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

    ‘Ready Anakin?’ Tahiri moaned into Anakin’s ear as she rubbed up against his body and made sure to continually massage his throbbing shaft with her now wet pussy.

    ‘Unnnn Tahiri... That feels so good!’ Anakin groaned back as his cock was massaged by her warm slit, just egging him on to thrust upwards and inwards and take her sweet cherry with ease.

    ‘If you like that... UNGHHHHHHH... You like this... UNGHHHH... Even better... UNHHHHHHHHH!’ Tahiri shouted in some discomfort as she used her hand to guide Anakin’s thick six inch shaft into her extremely tight cunt, breaking her hymen and forever taking her sweet virginity. Anakin groaned back in similar discomfort as he took Tahiri’s innocence and sank half of his six inches into her tight love tunnel.

    ‘Its... UGHHHH... SO TIGHT!’ Anakin shouted in pain as Tahiri sank even more of his cock into her until he was completely balls deep inside her and filling every inch of her tight hole with his hard throbbing cock. The next ten minutes were very pain filled and uncomfortable as Tahiri and Anakin became accustomed to each other’s tightness and size.

    ‘It’s Ahhhhhh... Starting to feel really good Anakin!’ Tahiri moaned into Anakin’s ear before she sat upright on Anakin’s pulsing hard shaft and started bouncing up and down on it at an increased pace.

    ‘Ohhhh... You’re telling me... I think I’m gonna cum really soon Tahiri!’ Anakin shouted as Tahiri’s pace quickened and her sweet teenage ass started slapping against his hips. Remembering what he had seen in the holovids he had been recently watching, Anakin reached up and took hold of Tahiri’s small breasts before beginning to massage them to further along her own orgasm.

    ‘Mmmm... That feels really good Anakin... I think... I think I’m gonna... AHHHHHHHH.... MMMMMM!’ she screamed as her pussy contracted around Anakin’s throbbing shaft and a tremor shook through her body. Her first ever orgasm was nearly too powerful for Tahiri to even handle. It felt like every bone in her body was ready to snap in satisfaction as her toes curled and her fingers dug into Anakin’s chest.

    ‘ME TOO... UNGHHHHHH... YESSSS!’ Anakin grunted in response as his cock was coated in Tahiri’s hot slick juices which finally pushed him over the climactic threshold. ‘I’m cumming in you... I’m cumming in you!’ he shouted in sweet release as his cock began to jerk inside Tahiri’s tight pussy and pump her virgin womb full of his very potent Jedi seed. Both Anakin and Tahiri groaned in appreciation as his cock pumped out load after load of hot sticky cum as deep into Tahiri as Anakin could manage.

    ‘It’s so hot Anakin!’ Tahiri moaned after Anakin’s cock finally subsided and the last of his hot seed was fired deep into her fertile womb. ‘And it feels so good to have your cum inside me’

    ‘We’ve been missing out on so much... We need to do this like ten times a day... Okay Tahiri?’ Anakin asked his long time friend as Tahiri collapsed back onto him and lay her head down on his glistening chest.

    ‘Anytime you want Anakin... Anytime you...’ Tahiri sighed as she fell asleep on top of Anakin with his softening cock still firmly buried in her warm cunny. Anakin just lay there; comforted and satisfied with what he had just done as Tahiri quietly slept on top of him.

    Whole new realms of possibilities were now open for Anakin. Having finally planted his seed in Tahiri, Anakin could truly begin to live and experience everything the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic seemed to experience almost every day in their travels across the galaxy. Anakin was well on his way to following his grandfather in the wild oats he sowed during his time before the first great Jedi Purge. There were nearly fifty female Jedi students, apprentices and Knights within the New Jedi Order and Anakin had an inkling that he would have plenty of opportunities to test out what he had learned from C-3PO’s restricted files. If the inexperienced Tahiri Veila could turn him on so thoroughly, Anakin could only dream of what the Twi’lek Rar sisters, his Aunt Mara, and especially his smoking hot sister Jaina could do for him in the days to come. For now however, Tahiri was more than even Anakin could handle and with her, along with the holochip from C-3PO’s restricted files, Anakin would learn all that he needed to know to get into any woman’s panties.
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    Great chapter, as usual. This is a awesome story, exhibits a lot of talent.
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    Too bad to see this go quiet, it's been a great series. I hope you find the time and/or inclination to continue.
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    I agree, hopefully we get another installment!
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    I third this motion. Bring this series back from the dead Avatrek!!
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    Not done reading them all yet but very creative!
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    Star Wars – The Restricted Files
    Chapter 15 – Strip Sparring

    Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise.

    Story Codes: mf, Mf, cream pie, exhib, grope, hp, oral, spank, voy

    Ganner Rhysode paced back and forth between his two good friends, Wurth Skidder and Kyp Durron, thinking of a way to seduce the young and very attractive, just legal, Jaina Solo into having sex with him. The three Jedi friends had made a bet between themselves; whoever popped Jaina Solo’s cherry first would win the undying respect of the other two competitors. The reward for winning the bet was not nearly as important as the act of winning it and as Ganner paced back and forth pondering his next move in the competition, both Wurth and Kyp were already thinking they had it in the bag. Wurth had already succeeded in getting one of the best blowjobs in his life from the horny sixteen year old Jaina and therefore thought he was well on his way to winning the bet. Kyp was his confident self as he watched Ganner pacing; he knew he had the best tools for the job and had therefore allowed both his less experienced counterparts to have their go at cracking Jaina first. Once he got his shot, it would be all over, so he thought that he should at least let his good friends have a little fun trying to win the bet before he actually did.

    ‘Well... If she sucked you off Wurth, this shouldn’t be very hard!’ Ganner said in jest to his two friends as he continued to think up a suitable plan.

    ‘Ya... Ya... Ya Ganner... You’re all talk, but I don’t see you any closer to winning that bet.’ Wurth replied with a smirk as he pulled out his lightsaber and levitated it in the air in front of him for sport.

    ‘Come on Wurth... Give him a break... Ganner always picks up his chicks with his looks alone...He’s never taken a crack at something as hard as Jaina.’ Kyp joined in, taking another shot at Ganner, who was still deep in thought. Wurth ignited his lightsaber with the Force and levitated it in front of Ganner, waving it back and forth to get his attention.

    ‘Hello Ganner... Anyone home? We just took two cheap shots at you and you didn’t even budge... Don’t you usually challenge anyone who offends you to a duel?’ Wurth kidded, shutting off his lightsaber and looking over at Kyp questioningly.

    ‘I got it... The perfect plan!’ Ganner finally said triumphantly after seeing Wurth’s little Force demonstration and his waving lightsaber. ‘Find a good hiding place at the old courtyard behind the Massassi Temple in the North East at two o’clock this afternoon... And be ready for a show!’ Ganner told his friends before running off in the direction of Jaina’s room with a smile on his face and an unstoppable plan in mind.

    ‘What the fuck... Do you think his plan will work?’ Wurth asked Kyp with a little concern in his voice. It had been him who had won the first victory in turning Jaina into a Jedi slut, and it was him who wanted to be the one who finally broke her cherry and gloried in the destruction of her sweet innocence.

    ‘I don’t know... But we’ll see in a couple of hours.’ Kyp replied, looking down at his watch and trying to think of what Ganner was up to and how good his plan was. If Kyp wasn’t careful, Ganner would win the bet and hold it over both him and Wurth until the end of time.

    Ganner Rhysode had the perfect plan for fucking Jaina Solo. After seeing Wurth’s lightsaber waving back and forth, and his joking words about duelling, Ganner had come up with a sure fire plan. He would ask Jaina to spar with him in the old empty courtyard behind the Massassi Temple in the Northeast and after explaining to her some of the new rules he had come up with for a more interesting sparring match, he would take whatever he liked from the smoking hot sixteen year old Jedi apprentice.

    While Ganner finalized his brilliant plan for popping her cherry, Jaina was confronting her younger brother about the holochip he had stolen from her room. After looking everywhere for the valuable chip, Jaina had gone to confront Anakin in his room. As she approached his bedroom door, she could hear the faint sounds of moaning and slapping sound of skin smacking against skin. She quietly slid Anakin’s door open and was greeted with a most peculiar and very hot sight. Her youngest brother was lying on top of Tahiri Veila, pounding his cock downwards into her tight bald snatch with as much speed and power he could manage. Tahiri was moaning like a whore and Jaina couldn’t blame the young blonde-headed Jedi. Anakin’s cock was moving at a blistering speed and with each thrust he was going balls deep into the petite girl’s young twat, pounding it mercilessly from above. Jaina was quickly getting hot just thinking about being the one under Anakin, having her twat filled with his thick six inch shaft. It didn’t take long for both Anakin and Tahiri to both scream out in orgasm as Jaina watched her brother tense up and fill Tahiri’s little cunt full of his hot sticky cum.

    ‘Holy fuck this is hot... I wonder how long he’s been hitting that?’ Jaina muttered to herself as she put her hand between her legs and rubbed her clit up and down, wishing it had been her and not Tahiri being filled with Anakin’s hot Jedi seed. In truth, Anakin had been fucking Tahiri almost non-stop for two days, continually filling her pussy with his seed and getting her off nearly twenty times a day. As Anakin collapsed on top of Tahiri, totally spent and completely satisfied with what he had done to Tahiri yet again, Jaina caught a glimpse of the holochip under Anakin’s discarded clothes. ‘There you are...’ Jaina mumbled to herself as she used the Force to levitate the chip quietly back to her hand. She took one last glance at Anakin’s softening cock and closed the door without either him or Tahiri ever knowing she had just watched them fucking. She would have time enough later to berate her younger brother for stealing the holochip from her without telling her and besides, after seeing Anakin pounding his cock into Tahiri’s sexy slit, Jaina was horny to watch yet another instalment of C-3PO’s restricted files.

    ‘Jaina... Wait up a minute!’ Ganner Rhysode called out to Jaina, just as she neared her bedroom door.

    Fuck... I’ll I want to do is rub my pussy in peace, Jaina thought to herself as she turned around to see a very handsome figure approaching her. Ganner Rhysode was probably the most handsome Jedi Knight of the entire Jedi Order and Jaina had always had a crush on the older man.

    ‘Oh hey Ganner... What are you up to?’ Jaina asked Ganner with a sexy voice, crossing her legs and batting her eyelashes at him as he approached.

    ‘Damn Jaina... Looking good... But I think I liked that outfit you arrive in even more.’ Ganner replied to Jaina’s obvious flirting as he stopped in front of her and took in the beauty that was Jaina Solo. Jaina was wearing a very short pair of black spandex shorts and a very small and tight black sports bra. Ganner couldn’t help but take notice of her burgeoning teenage curves and extremely hot teenage ass.

    ‘Oh I still wear that outfit... But usually only when I’m sparring.’ Jaina teased playfully, moving her hand down to her luscious hips and running it up and down in a sexy manner.

    ‘Good... That’s kinda of why I came to see you... I wanted to see if you wanted to spar a little in that empty courtyard back behind the Massassi Temple in the Northeast.’ Ganner asked her with one of his trademark smiles. Or I could fuck you right now in this very hall you hot little slut! Ganner actually thought to himself after looking over Jaina’s amazing body one more time.

    ‘Oh sure... Just let me get changed and I’ll meet you there in an hour... Okay?’ Jaina replied with another sexy smirk before turning around, opening her door and running to her bathroom to have a quick shower and get changed to meet Ganner in the courtyard, smelling great and looking sexy as hell. Jaina had an inkling that Ganner was up to the same thing Wurth had been up to two days earlier on her birthday, and if Ganner’s cock tasted as good as Wurth’s had, Jaina had no problem with sucking him off too.

    Nearly an hour later, Jaina arrived at the courtyard dressed in her little leather Ahsoka Tano outfit; a tiny leather tube top that emphasized her small firm breasts and perky little nipples, an extremely short skirt that was so short, the bottom of her supple ass was visible, and long white leggings that went up just past her knees. Jaina had even added a two red leather wrist guards and gloves to her outfit, only making the overall effect even hotter. The outfit was every bit as outstanding as Ganner had remembered it and although Jaina was wearing a small white thong this time instead of nothing at all, Ganner was very confident that both her panties and the rest of her clothes would be off in short order.

    ‘So... How are we gonna do this Ganner... You said something about special rules?’ Jaina asked Ganner after spotting the Jedi Knight with his lightsaber in his hand.

    ‘Simple Jaina... Every time one of us scores a point by advantage, the opponent has to remove one piece of clothing.’ Ganner replied, trying to be as serious as he could.

    ‘Interesting... Very interesting!’ Jaina responded, knowing now for sure what Ganner was up to. ‘... And what happens when you’re completely naked Ganner?’ Jaina continued confidently.

    ‘Ha ha ha... Very funny... But when you’re completely naked, you have to do whatever I ask of you.’

    ‘I wonder what you want from me Ganner... Could it be this,’ Jaina jested, as she turned around, bent over and showed Ganner her sweet ass and tiny thong, ‘Or this?’ She said turning back around to pull down her tube top to show Ganner her perky little pink nipples.

    ‘So... Do we have a deal?’ Ganner said after Jaina had pulled up her tube top and he had recovered from the pure perfection he had just been subjected to. He tried to cover up his stiffening cock, but Jaina wasn’t fooled and she already knew she had scored the first point against him.

    ‘Deal... But when I win... You have to do whatever I say.’ Jaina agreed, making sure that their little competition was a two-way street.

    ‘Don’t worry honey... You won’t have to worry about winning!’ Ganner laughed before thumbing on his lightsaber and diving forward to take Jaina by surprise. Jaina was too quick though and ignited her own lightsaber in a flash, defending herself and striking back in the process.

    Wurth Skidder and Kyp Durron watched on in fascination as their good friend Ganner engaged the smoking hot sixteen year old Jedi apprentice with all his impressive lightsaber skill. Not only was Jaina’s sexy outfit distracting to both Kyp, Wurth and especially Ganner, her lightsaber skill was almost at par with Ganner’s. Within a couple of minutes however, Ganner had taken two points against Jaina and had forced her to remove her clothing with each advantage. The first pieces of clothing Jaina removed were her two leather boots, giving Ganner an even larger advantage in the duel. Jaina held out strongly however, and Ganner was unable to gain another victory for almost another five minutes. When Jaina was forced to remove another piece of clothing she pulled off one of her wrist guards with a sigh of dissatisfaction, obviously perplexed at how Ganner was still beating her, despite her distracting outfit she resumed her guarded defence. Kyp and Wurth were also perplexed; if it had been them duelling with Jaina, they would have been distracted into submission every time she did a back flip or cartwheel. The match proceeded with Ganner continuing to out-duel the less experienced Jaina with both his physical strength and finesse with the blade. After a few more minutes, Jaina was forced to pull off her other wrist guard and was in serious jeopardy of losing the match.

    ‘Dammit... Ganner’s got her beat for sure... He’s gonna fuck her and we’re both going to lose the bet!’ Wurth swore to Kyp as they watched Ganner again take the offensive against Jaina and nearly score another point only moments after scoring his last.

    ‘I don’t know about that... It looks like Jaina’s holding back for some reason... I wouldn’t count her out just yet.’ Kyp replied, sensing some sort of deception emanating from Jaina through the Force.

    Whatever Kyp sensed however, didn’t seem to have any effect on the battle at hand. Ganner quickly scored two more points on Jaina in quick succession.

    ‘Uh Uh Ohhhh Jaina... Looks like you’re running out of clothing... After you take off those leggings, all you have left...’ Ganner started, until he was interrupted by a strange but fantastic sight. Jaina was not pulling off her two leggings; she instead had opted to remove both her tight little tube top to reveal her perky little breasts, and her tiny skirt to reveal a ridiculously undersized blue thong and a perfect little ass. ‘Holy fuck!’ Ganner said out loud, after seeing the Jaina’s perfect body. His guard dropped a little and his cock got a little stiffer as he took in the sight of perfection. Jaina, noticing Ganner’s drop in guard, took the initiative and dove at Ganner, scoring four straight points in less than a single minute, forcing Ganner to start removing his clothing.

    ‘Brilliant...’ Kyp said to himself as he watched Jaina now take the fight to Ganner.

    ‘What...? How amazing that sexy little body is?’ Wurth asked Kyp, too engrossed with Jaina’s fantastic body to realize what Kyp had meant and why Jaina was now taking the advantage against the more experienced Ganner.

    ‘No you dolt... Jaina’s using Ganner’s weakness for wanting to fuck her to her advantage and distracting him with her body to beat him. This was her plan all along and unless Ganner thinks of something quick, I’ll be getting my crack at that sweet pussy very soon.’

    While Wurth and Kyp discussed Jaina’s brilliant tactics, Jaina had successfully worn down Ganner’s defences until all he was wearing was a pair of white underwear.

    ‘Fuck Jaina... You’re a lot better than I thought!’ Ganner sighed after pulling off his shirt and pants.

    ‘What... Uh... Yeah’ Jaina spat out after quickly checking out Ganner’s very fit body and huge bulge in his underwear. Fuck... I bet he’s got a huge one, she thought as the moment of distraction allowed Ganner to make his move and finally score another point against Jaina. Jaina swore at herself for being so weak and falling into the same trap she had set for Ganner. She knew however that after taking off her next piece of clothing that Ganner would be practically defenceless and her victory assured, so she wasn’t too angry at herself. Jaina turned her back to Ganner and slowly slid off her tiny thong to reveal a young pert ass and just a trace of her sweet little pussy. Ganner nearly went comatose after being treated to such an exquisite sight, dropping his lightsaber and pulling off his last piece of clothing in forfeit.

    ‘You win... I can’t beat that!’ He sighed to Jaina, checking out both her ass and then her bald pussy as she turned around to give him a full view of her perfect body. ‘I’ll do whatever you want.’ Said a dejected Ganner as he stood there watching Jaina, completely naked with an eight inch, fully erect cock pointing out straight at her.

    ‘Good... Cause I want to suck your big tasty cock while you eat my pussy!’ Jaina surprised Ganner before jumping into his arms and kissing him hard.

    ‘I’ll take it!’ Ganner replied, upset that he had lost the duel and his chance at fucking her, but happy that he’d at least taste her sweet teenage pussy and have his dick sucked by the sexiest teenager he had ever seen in his life. Jaina would have liked to have gotten fucked by Ganner’s big dick but she knew that she could better control and influence men like Ganner and Wurth by giving them a piece of the pie and not the whole thing. By only sucking his cock, Jaina would effectively own Ganner’s allegiance and could call on his support whenever she liked.

    ‘Mmm... You’re so strong Ganner!’ Jaina moaned into Ganner’s ear as his cock brushed up against her thigh while he held her up in his arms. Ganner wanted more than anything to just drive his cock into Jaina’s twat right then and there, but he had lost the duel and had promised Jaina to follow whatever she had asked if he had lost. He did make sure that his cock brushed up against her tight teenage pussy once before using his Force enhanced physical strength to flip Jaina around in mid-air until her mouth was inches away from his cock and his face was a fraction of an inch away from her tantalizing and tasty snatch. As Ganner’s tongue explored the outer edges of Jaina’s twat, Jaina was busy at work licking back and forth over his engorged shaft. Both partners moaned in appreciation as they went to work on each other with a lust that had been building for nearly three straight days.

    ‘FUCK... This is the best pussy I’ve ever tasted!’ Ganner moaned into Jaina’s pussy as his tongue began delving deep into her moist folds. Jaina cried out in ecstasy after only a few minutes of having her pussy eaten out and gave Ganner a taste of her sweet Jedi nectar. It was the first time Jaina had ever had her pussy licked and the first orgasm of her life. Jaina nearly blacked out from the spine shattering and epic orgasm, but instead screamed out for Ganner to keep going. Jaina reciprocated for Ganner’s skilled tongue-work by nearly deep-throating his entire eight inches. Ganner groaned and panted in obvious pleasure as Jaina’s hot wet mouth did her magic on his swollen cock and after Jaina deftly used the Force to help squeeze and massage his constricting balls, it brought Ganner to the very edge of cumming.

    ‘OH FUCK Ganner... I’m gonna cum again!’ Jaina shouted a few seconds before Ganner shouted nearly the same thing. Jaina’s pussy exploded in another torrent orgasm, just as Ganner slammed his hips forwards and grunted out in similar relief.

    ‘I’m CUMMING! UNGHHHH!’ He shouted in release as his cock shuddered in Jaina’s mouth and started spurting out a massive hot load of sticky cum in her mouth. Jaina’s lips clamped around his swollen and throbbing cock and she tried her best to suck down every stream of Ganner’s tasty Jedi seed. Eventually it was simply too much for the sixteen year old Jaina and she had to pull off his jerking cock to take the last two loads across her rosy pink cheeks. Ganner nearly dropped Jaina as his knees got weak from his orgasm, but managed to flip her around and set her on her feet before falling backwards and nearly passing out from overstimulation.

    ‘It looks like I’m gonna get my shot Wurth, and I guarantee you, I’ll be the one to make it past that tight pussy and into the record books as the first man to fuck that gorgeous Jedi slut!’ Kyp announced to Wurth triumphantly before both the peeping toms left the courtyard quietly.

    ‘That was pretty good Ganner... I’ll spar with you anytime you like!’ Jaina slyly said to Ganner before gathering up her clothes and cleaning off her face. ‘Maybe next time I’ll even let you win.’
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    Alliedforce - I believe sex with One person the most beautiful thing on the planet, with Five it's fantastic.

    My ex gf - teen girl who loves being dirty
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    Wow, you've got some serious talent! Thanks for another great installment in the series!
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    Star Wars – The Restricted Files
    Chapter 16 – The Duchess Gets Dirty

    Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise.

    Story Codes: MMF, mmf, cream pie, hp, grope, oral, spank

    ‘Anakin! You little bastard... I found this holochip in your room... I thought we made a deal that we’d only watch these holovids together!’ Jaina shouted at her younger brother in Jacen’s room as they got ready to watch the next exciting instalment of C-3PO’s restricted files. Anakin had in fact stolen the holochip from Jacen’s room after Jacen had stolen it from Jaina’s. All three Solo children had used the holochip as inspiration to explore their sexual curiosities over the past few days. Jacen had gotten his cock sucked by the beautiful and tenacious warrior princess, Tenel Ka. Jaina had given out two amazing blowjobs in the course of three days; one to Wurth Skidder in her own room and one to the handsome and dashing Ganner Rhysode in one of the old courtyards behind a Massassi Temple. Anakin had fared the best out of the three siblings; he was able to nearly fuck Jaina while she slept and then succeeded in popping his best friend’s cherry, Tahiri Veila, and proceeded to pound her pussy several times a day since. Anakin had finally gotten caught red-handed with the holochip when Jaina had gone looking for it and found her brother in mid-stride with Tahiri, slamming his cock down into her without mercy.

    ‘I stole it from Jacen... I swear... I’d never steal it from you.’ Anakin said slyly before looking over at a silent Jacen, who had remained quiet the entire time, trying to evade any blame.

    ‘Oh fuck you Anakin... Tattle-tale... Always telling mommy!’ Jacen berated his younger brother, implying that Jaina was like a mother figure.

    ‘Do you think Mom would be wearing this asshole?’ Jaina replied in short order, turning around and twirling for her brother’s benefit; showing off her gorgeous thong covered ass and near perfect physique. ‘I doubt he thinks of Mom when he sees this.’ She continued, bending over and exposing her perfect tight teenage ass. She knew she was being a bit of dirty slut by acting like a complete whore, but whenever she wore her Ahsoka Tano imitation outfit, she just felt like showing off her body.

    ‘I definitely don’t think of Mom when you do that!’ Anakin replied, with Jacen nodding in agreement and both boys grabbing their stiffening bulges to hide their shame.

    ‘Already excited brothers? We haven’t even started watching the next holovid.’ Jaina teased them before inserting the holochip into Jacen’s holo-projector and sitting down on the end of his bed, between her two brothers.

    ‘Can you blame us Jaina? With your smoking hot ass being waved in front of us every five seconds... It’ll probably take every ounce of our resolve not to bend you over during the holovid!’ Jacen sighed as his hand remained firmly secured around his massive erection, while his other hand absent-mindedly moved towards her inner thigh.

    ‘Maybe I’ll let you...’ Jaina teased again, secretly fantasizing about being sandwiched between both Jacen and Anakin’s big cocks before smacking away Jacen’s hand which had started rubbing up against her pussy. Both Anakin and Jacen stared at her with their mouths open in surprise as she clicked the play button and got settled down to watch what would surely be another exciting and erotic adventure in the Old Republic.


    ‘No choice, there is... Master Kenobi and his old apprentice will protect the Duchess, they will.’ Master Yoda spoke in his odd dialect of basic in front of the entire Jedi Council on Coruscant. All Masters were either present at the Jedi Temple or appearing as holograms to account for their physical presence. Obi Wan Kenobi was one of those holograms as he was given his orders by the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Obi Wan didn’t much agree with the Council’s decision on this matter, but because he and Anakin were the nearest Jedi to Kalevala and the Mandalore system, they had been given the task of protecting the Duchess of Mandalore while she gave a very important speech about unity and pacifism to a somewhat hostile crowd of Mandalorians. The Duchess had recently been through quite an ordeal after the Death Watch had tried to have her killed and replace her pacifist government with the far more barbaric one that had been traditional among Mandalorians in generations past. Both Obi Wan and Anakin had helped save her life and expose Death Watch in the time that they had been together and in the process had brought up some old feelings between both her and her old friend, Obi Wan Kenobi. Little did anyone know however, she and Obi Wan had had a secret love affair between them for years which had even bore a secret love child that the Duchess still kept secret and safe from everyone, including Obi Wan. Their recent time together had brought up some old feelings and although she had been unable to really rekindle their relationship during their brief reunion, due to the constant attempts on her life, she was very happy to know that she’d have another chance when both he and Anakin Skywalker came to protect her in the days to come.

    ‘What’s wrong Obi Wan, afraid you won’t be able to control yourself around your old girlfriend?’ Anakin laughed at his old Master as he engaged the landing gear and put the ship down on the landing pad in the capital city of Kalevala, where the Duchess’s speech was supposed to take place.

    ‘Be quiet Anakin... The Duchess and I are simply good friends and that’s all!’ Obi Wan replied with finality as he prepared himself to depart the ship and make his way to the capital building to begin his protection of Duchess Satine. In truth, Obi Wan was afraid that he’d lose control of his emotions around the Duchess and make an ass of himself and the Jedi Order. Obi Wan and Satine had been lovers years before and the effect she had had on him, had been profound for years after their separation and agreement that they couldn’t stay together while he remained in the Jedi Order.

    ‘Yeah... Okay Obi Wan... Whatever you say.’ Anakin replied before they both departed from the ship and made their way to the capital building where they would both serve as the Duchess’s personal guards before, during and after her speech until the threat was identified and dealt with accordingly. Obi Wan and Anakin quickly moved through the growing crowd around the building and eventually found their way in without much difficulty. The Duchess already had quite a large guard contingent for her usual safety in day to day matters, but with such a substantial disgruntled crowd attending her speech, her usual guards would be too overwhelmed to deal with so many possible threats. Both Obi Wan and Anakin could use the Force to scan the crowd for malicious intent and deal with anyone who was thinking about attacking the Duchess before he or she actually had a chance to.

    ‘Wow... Duchess Satine... You are looking very well!’ Obi Wan stuttered after accidently running into the Duchess as soon as he and Anakin opened the door and walked into her waiting room. As always, the Duchess was looking fabulous in a very regal but oddly revealing short dress that truly emphasized her fantastic figure. Her hair was fashioned in elaborate curls and twists and her face was as pristine as ever. The Duchess had been pacing around with racked nerves for over an hour, fretting over the speech she was to give and whether she would be able to calm the restless crowd and stop any further violence from the Mandalorian people.

    ‘Oh... Obi Wan... And Anakin... You’ve finally arrived... Don’t mind me; I’m just a nervous wreck!’ Satine told Obi Wan and Anakin as she gave them each a small hug and sat down in a nearby seat, shaking with nervousness.


    ‘Ten credits says Obi Wan and Grandpa Anakin both fuck the Duchess!’ Jacen shouted out as they watched both Anakin and Obi Wan sit down near the Duchess and go over the details of her security.

    ‘Well... We know at least Obi Wan is going to fuck her... I mean, you could cut the sexual tension between the two of them with a knife!’ Anakin replied, looking over at his sister’s hand, which had slowly slid beneath her skirt and had started brushing up against her moistening pussy. No actual sex had taken place and she was already as horny as hell. Both Jacen and Anakin were hard as diamonds and still horny as hell, but that wasn’t because of the action on the holo-projector; their horny little sister between them had been all the motivation they needed to keep their cocks rock hard.

    ‘I just can’t wait until she’s being roasted between the two.’ Jaina moaned as her fingers crept past her thong and moved towards her wet slit. She looked over at both her brother’s huge bulges and smiled playfully before looking back at the holovid and thinking about how she could really toy with them.


    Obi Wan and Anakin talked through the protective security detail they had come up with and Duchess Satine seemed to relax a little. Having her old lover and past saviour in the same room seemed to calm her nerves and although she was still nervous as hell, she could at least take solace in the fact two powerful Jedi would be protecting her at all times.

    ‘You’re perfectly safe with us Satine, there’s nothing to be nervous about.’ Obi Wan assured her, patting her shoulder and taking a seat next to her. Satine looked over at Obi Wan and placed her hand on his lap before smiling and looking pensive.

    ‘Remember what we used to do to calm my nerves before a big event.’ Satine said seductively as she nodded at her two other personal guards and ran her hand up Obi Wan’s thigh and towards his crotch. As her two personal guards left Satine’s personal quarters with smiles on their faces, Obi Wan quickly pushed Satine’s hand away and looked over at Satine wide-eyed and understandably confused.

    ‘Satine... Anakin...’ Obi Wan said, gesturing at Anakin, and trying to convey the fact that Anakin was in the room and that he had no idea of the totality of their previous relationship. For years, Obi Wan had helped calm Satine before her big events with a healthy serving of a little Jedi cock and a lot of Jedi cum.

    ‘Oh don’t mind me Obi Wan... I’m sure you and your girlfriend need to get... reacquainted... If you know what I mean.’ Anakin said with a smirk, winking at Satine and walking over to the door to leave the two past lovers alone.

    ‘Anakin... It’s not what you think... Don’t bother leaving.’ Obi Wan lied as he tried to urge Anakin to stay and help him stave off the temptation of actually taking Satine up on her obvious offer and fucking her silly.

    ‘Yeah Anakin... Don’t go... The only thing better than one Jedi stud, is two Jedi studs!’ Satine said sexily as she quickly grabbed hold of Obi Wan’s soft cock with one hand and gestured for Anakin to join them with the other.

    ‘Uhhh... I don’t know... I wouldn’t want to, you know, intrude.’ Anakin replied a little flustered, and surprised by Satine’s open attempt to lure her into her bed.

    ‘Satine! This is not the Jedi... Unghhh... Way!’ Obi Wan groaned as Satine’s hand firmly grasped his stiffening shaft.

    ‘I don’t know Obi Wan... You seem to be enjoying it nevertheless!’ Satine cooed in his ear as she let go of his cock, stood up and guided Anakin to the couch beside a shocked looking Obi Wan.

    ‘Come on Satine... This is ridiculous... I mean we’re supposed to be your security’ Anakin pleaded without much effort as Satine ripped off both his and Obi Wan’s pants. Before either Obi Wan or Anakin could protest any further, Satine had both her hands grasped around their hardening shafts and was moving her hands up and down them in a slow and seductive manner. Obi Wan tilted his head back in defeat and exhilaration as Anakin smiled in amusement at being involved in Obi Wan’s and Satine’s little love relationship.


    ‘Damn... That slut’s giving me ideas!’ Jaina said out loud as the Duchess continued to jack off both Obi Wan and her grandfather on the holo-projector.

    ‘Really?’ Anakin asked with hope in his eyes as he held his hand on his bulge and tried his hardest not to whip it out and rub one out right in front of his horny little sister.

    ‘Stop being such a teasing whore Jaina!’ Jacen replied, holding back his urge to do the same thing Anakin was thinking.

    ‘Maybe I’m not teasing...’ Jaina responded with a smirk before taking her fingers out of her own pussy and lifting them up to her lips to taste her own pussy juices. She then proceeded to place both of her hands both Anakin and Jacen’s laps. ‘And if you’d just pull down your pants I’d show you.’ She finished, just in time to see both Anakin and Jacen strip out of their pants and sit back down on either side of Jaina with two huge hard shafts erect and completely visible to Jaina for the first time. She licked her lips and slowly slid her hands across their laps and took hold of the two pulsing hard dicks. ‘Nice cock Anakin, but I think Jacen’s got you beat by half an inch’ she teased as her hands slowly pumped up and down across their shafts.

    ‘Am I dreaming?’ Anakin moaned, as his deepest desires finally came to fruition.

    ‘I hope not, otherwise, I’m having the same one... And it’s too good to be true.’ Jacen groaned as Jaina’s soft delicate fingers slowly slid up and down his shaft.

    ‘Oh... It’s no dream... It’s just a fantasy come true!’ Jaina replied back to her brothers and increased the pace of her jacking as Satine did the same on the holo-projector.


    The Duchess of Mandalore was acting like a real slut; switching between Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, the Duchess jacked and sucked off her two powerful Jedi protectors as the crowd outside the capital building started to grow, signalling that the Duchess’s speech was about to begin.

    ‘It... Ughhh... Sounds like the crowd’s getting... Unghhh... restless... Maybe we should... Unghhh!’ Obi Wan groaned, as Satine’s perfect little lips clamped down around his cock and blew him to perfection.

    ‘What... Maybe we should get to the good part?’ Satine said slyly as she let go of both Obi Wan and Anakin’s cocks before standing up and moving toward Anakin. Without even a warning, she got on top of Anakin’s lap, pulled up her short dress and guided his amazingly hard eight inch shaft into her unbelievably tight and panty-less pussy.

    ‘So tight!’ he groaned as Satine wasted no time in sinking four of his inches into her with a slight groan of pain.

    ‘I usually only save myself for Obi Wan... Unghhh... And we haven’t had sex for ages... Ahhh...’ she whimpered as Anakin took hold of her ass and sank the rest of his cock into her tight snatch. Not wanting to leave out a lonely looking Obi Wan, Satine ushered him to over to stand beside her while she rode Anakin’s cock. ‘I’d never forget you honey.’ She purred at Obi Wan, as she took hold of his eight inches and started sucking it like it was her profession.

    ‘I forgot how much you... Ughhh... Loved this!’ Obi Wan said with a smile as Satine bounced up and down on Anakin’s cock and engulfed almost all of Obi Wan’s eight inches in a steady rhythm.

    ‘Mmmppfff... Mmpppfff... Mmmmm!’ Satine mumbled back.


    ‘Oh fuck Jaina... I’m not going to last very long if you keep up this pace!’ Jacen groaned as his cock throbbed with excitement.

    ‘Me neither... Come on Jaina... At least let us fuck you before we blow!’ Anakin pleaded with his sister as her hands slowed down just a little at the behest of her brother’s wishes.

    ‘Fuck me? I don’t think so brothers! This is only an appetizer and that’s it... So enjoy it!’ Jaina smirked as she gave a wink to both Jacen and Anakin. ‘You can rub my pussy though Jacen... And you can do the same to my tits.’ Jaina compromised as she let go of both her brother’s shafts for an instant to pull down her tube top and reveal a perfect pair of perky little teenage breasts.

    ‘I guess...’ Jacen and Anakin said in exasperation and excitement as they each moved one of their hands towards their assigned positions. Jacen’s hand slid underneath Jaina’s short leather skirt and into her already wet panties. He felt the warmness of her moist pussy even before two of his long fingers plunged inside his sister’s tight snatch.

    ‘Fuck it’s nice and warm!’ he groaned as the desire to actually fuck her increased tenfold. Oh well, if she’s letting me finger her pussy, it won’t be long until I have her bouncing on my cock!, he thought to himself as his brother’s hand took a firm grasp of her firm little breasts and squeezed her perky and rosy little nipples.

    ‘Mmmmm... That feels really good boys... Keep that up and I might have a special prize for you!’ She teased them as she looked up at the holo-projector to see that Satine had reversed positions and was now on her knees, getting pounded from behind by Obi Wan, while sucking off the now standing Anakin Skywalker.


    ‘OH FUCK SATINE... I’ M FUCKING CUMMING!’ Anakin shouted after only a few minutes of having his cock sucked again by the insatiable Duchess.

    ‘Don’t cum on my face... Or my dress... Or my hair... I have a speech to deliver in a few minutes.’ Satine replied thoughtfully as Anakin tried to stave off an imminent orgasm.

    ‘Where... UGHHH... Should I cum then?’ Anakin struggled to say as his cock began to jerk.

    ‘In my mouth... In my mouth!’ Satine shouted in the nick of time before Anakin jammed his jerking cock back in her mouth and unleashed a torrent of hot seed down her throat. Satine did extremely well to swallow the entire hot load of his sticky seed, even licking her lips in enjoyment after Anakin had finished cumming and had pulled out of her hot wet mouth. ‘Delicious... AHHHH... Yes OBI!’ she moaned as she hit her third climax of the day and coated Obi Wan’s piston-like cock with a dose of her warm juices.

    ‘I think there’s only one place I can shoot this load... UNGHHHH... Mmmmm!’ Obi Wan groaned as he slammed his hips forwards one more time and filled Duchess Satine with four streams of very hot and sticky Jedi cum. As her womb filled with Obi Wan’s hot seed once again, she was quickly reminded of the last time she had let that happen and what had come out of it. She only hoped that the results would be the same and Obi Wan would father another secret love child that she would always treasure.

    ‘I think that did it... I don’t feel nervous at all!’ Satine sighed as she let Obi Wan pull his softening shaft from her cum-filled pussy. Satine proceeded to pull her dress back down and not even bother to wipe away the stream of hot cum still leaking down her leg as she walked out of her chambers and onto the podium outside the capital building to give her speech.

    ‘I think I know what you see in her Obi Wan.’


    The holovid ended just as all three Solo children were ready to hit their peak and scream in orgasmic ecstasy. Jaina was the first to reach the ultimate goal and moaned out in pleasure as Jacen’s fingers were covered in her sticky warm juices.

    ‘I guess you’ve earned your reward then!’ Jaina sighed, after coming down from her orgasm. She leaned over towards Jacen’s throbbing cock and just before she was able to open her mouth and enclose it around his warm stiff shaft, Jacen cried out in release without warning.

    ‘Uhhhhhhh!’ he shouted as his cock jerked in Jaina’s hand and spurted his warm seed out all over her face and in her mouth.

    ‘Jacen... You fucker... You could have warned me!’ Jaina shouted at him as she licked her lips and let go of his softening cock to wipe away a string of cum that had nearly blinded her. Before she could even lean over towards Anakin’s throbbing shaft and suck him off to conclusion, she felt his cock begin to jerk and after he grunted out in relief, she felt his sticky cum leap up from the tip of his cock and land on her arm and hand. ‘Well... It looks like you both blew it... But at least one of you will end up with a souvenir.’ she laughed as she stood up from Jacen’s bed, took the holochip out of his holo-projector and proceeded to walk to the door.

    ‘What souvenir?’ Jacen managed to say before collapsing on his bed along with an equally exhausted and satisfied Anakin and licking off his own fingers to savour his sister’s sweet juices.

    ‘These!’ Jaina replied with a smirk before hiking up her skirt and pulling off her panties. As both boys turned around to see Jaina’s bare ass, she flung her tiny wet thong across the room before leaving them for a shower. As the door closed behind her, she laughed as the sound of crashing and banging came from Jacen’s room signalling the all out battle for her sweet smelling and sweet tasting panties.
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    to hot
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    more plz
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    WOW, incredible story. Thank you for sharing this with us, I can't wait for more, they are really hot.
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    Default good stuff

    very impressive
    i am a star wars fan so i really enjoyed it
    although sometimes u could use some more discriptive details of the sexual scenes also maybe speed it up a lil so the sex comes sooner

    but great shit
    and check my stories out sometimes although i dont have 20 like u i just started
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    Loved it. Can't wait for the next one
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    Star Wars – The Restricted Files
    Chapter 17 – The Twins Finally Lose It Part 1

    Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise.

    Story Codes: Mf, Mf, cream pie, grope, hp, inc, oral, spank

    ‘Shut up Ganner... We all saw it and we all saw you get beat by a sixteen year old girl!’ Wurth shouted at Ganner as he finished recounting his story for the fifth time. Ganner had tried to trick Jaina into having sex with him by challenging her to a strip sparring match. Unfortunately, he got distracted by Jaina’s immeasurable beauty and although Jaina had let him eat her pussy while she sucked his cock, he still didn’t get what he had truly wanted. The bet between Ganner, Kyp and Wurth was to see who could fuck the brunette beauty first and after both Wurth and Ganner were only able to manage a blowjob from Jaina Kyp finally had his shot at the budding teenage slut. ‘So Kyp... Are you at least going to tell us your plan?’ Wurth asked Kyp after smacking Ganner to force him to finally shut up.

    ‘I really don’t think I should... Just in case you two think it prudent to interfere with my plans.’ Kyp joked as he stood up and stretched his legs.

    ‘Oh come on Kyp... It’s not like it’s going to work... If slick over there and the dashingly handsome Ganner Rhysode can’t crack the egg, you won’t be able to!’ Ganner said proudly, pointing to Wurth and himself in succession as he basically begged his friend for details.

    ‘If you don’t think it’ll work then why are you sweating Ganner?’ Kyp replied wisely as he made his way to the door. ‘Besides... I really don’t have time to elaborate on my master plan... Especially since it’s about to unfold!’

    ‘What... Already... Wait... Where are you going?’ Wurth called after Kyp as he disappeared through the doorway and into the dark hallway. By the time Ganner and Wurth sprinted to the door to see which way Kyp had gone, he was nowhere in sight with no indication of where he had gone.

    ‘Whatever... He’ll never fuck that little slut... She only teases, never treats!’ Ganner sighed, closing the door to his quarters and regaling Wurth with his story for a sixth time.

    Kyp Durron, Jedi Master and self-proclaimed ladies man made his way to Jaina Solo’s bedroom, and after making sure she wasn’t inside, he entered the dimly lit room and walked over to her bathroom where he enacted the first and most crucial part of the plan by turning on the shower.

    While Kyp stepped into Jaina’s shower, Jaina was just finishing up giving both Jacen and Anakin a fabulous handjob in Jacen’s bedroom. After receiving two unexpected but enjoyably tasty loads of their hot sticky Jedi cum, Jaina left the two siblings wishing for more. With cum still on her face and hands, Jaina walked back to her bedroom for a nice hot shower and a nice long rest, where she would no doubt replay the incestuous acts she had just performed. As soon as she opened her bedroom door however, she knew something was wrong. The sound of her shower could be heard all the way across the room and Jaina could tell that it was on by the steam escaping through the cracks in the bathroom door.

    ‘Who the fuck is in my shower!’ Jaina shouted out towards the bathroom as she crossed the room and opened the door to see a naked Kyp standing in the middle of a steaming hot shower. Her jaw dropped a few inches after laying eyes on Kyp’s enormous soft cock and the look of confidence in his eyes as he watched Jaina looking stunned. ‘Ummmmm... Uhhhhh... What... Uhhhh... Are you doing in my shower?’ Jaina asked Kyp, both confused and bewildered to why he was just standing there, not covering up or trying to hide his huge dick from her.

    ‘Oh sorry Jaina... My shower was on the fritz and I thought you wouldn’t mind.’ He said nonchalantly as he lathered soap on his fit lean body. ‘But it looks like you need this shower even more than me... Care to join men?’ He asked a still stunned Jaina with a smile on his face, unfurling the second step in his diabolical scheme to get into her panties.

    ‘Well... Uhhhh... I do need a shower.’ Jaina admitted, trying to wipe a little of Jacen’s hot sticky seed from her face as her eyes again drifted towards his slightly hardening shaft. ‘I guess I should join you then.’ She admitted, giving into her desires to be with Kyp as she slipped out of leggings, skirt, top and wrist guards.

    HOLY FUCK! No wonder Wurth and Ganner were so happy to just get a blowjob from this slut. LOOK AT THAT BODY!, he thought to himself as he scanned her beautiful teenage body; her supple teenage ass, tight stomach and firm little breasts.

    ‘Hop on in then... I won’t bite!’ he jested as Jaina jumped into the hot shower in front of him and started lathering her pert teenage body with ample amounts of soap. ‘It looks like you’ve been a dirty girl Jaina.’ Kyp said as his hands found their way around Jaina’s waist before they slowly slid up and down her wet body to help her clean up.

    ‘Mmmmmm... Not as dirty as you, I’m sure!’ she purred back to him as her hand reached slowly back and took hold of his enormous and now hard nine inch shaft. As her hand slid back and forth over his soapy cock, Jaina could hear Kyp moaning in her ear.

    ‘Such a dirty mouth on such a young girl... Maybe I should wash out that mouth of yours!’ Kyp said after a few more minutes of groping and moaning. Taking the hint, Jaina turned around to face Kyp, before dropping to her knees and placing the tip of his cock at the entrance of her mouth.

    ‘I’m sure this could do the job.’ She replied, looking at the soapy dick before engulfing half of it and doing her best to give Kyp the best blowjob of his life. Kyp placed his hands on either side of Jaina’s head and slowly moved her head back and forth; controlling her every motion and the pace at which she sucked his dick. Jaina had no problem with letting Kyp take control; she had sucked so much cock recently, she was relieved not to be the one in charge for once. Within minutes, to Jaina’s surprise, Kyp started panting and grunting; a sure sign of a sticky end in Jaina’s experience.

    Fuck, I was gonna let him fuck me!, Jaina thought to herself as Kyp quickly pulled his shaft out of her mouth and rubbed it for a few moments before exploding all over her face. With a loud grunt, he pasted Jaina’s pretty face with a sticky layer of cum before the water showering down on her washed away Kyp’s warm load and left her smiling up at him as pristine as ever.

    ‘Well that didn’t take very long I thought you were gonna fuck me... Whoa are you still hard?’ Jaina asked, stunned to see Kyp’s nine inch shaft still as hard as ever. ‘How...?’

    ‘I’m a Jedi Master baby... We can do all sorts of things!’ he replied with a smirk before lifting Jaina up by her waist and carrying her out of the shower and bathroom. ‘Are you ready to become a woman, Jaina?’

    ‘I... I guess so.’ Jaina stuttered as she took in the seriousness of the situation and what was about to happen. Kyp carried her over to a nearby table and laid her down on her back. Spreading open her long flawless legs, Kyp guided his cock towards Jaina’s bald pussy. He ran the tip of his shaft up and down over her tight wet slit and just as his cock head started penetrating her tight snatch, an invisible hand seemed to grab Kyp by his shoulder and tug him backwards into the wall across the room, instantly knocking him unconscious. ‘Holy fuck... Did I do that?’ Jaina said in shock, with her legs still wide open and confusion plastered on her face.

    ‘NO JAINA! I DID IT!’ Shouted a very angry looking Luke Skywalker as he stood in the threshold of her doorway with his hands in the air from manipulating the Force to throw Kyp away from Jaina.

    ‘Uncle Luke? I... Ummmm... I...’ Jaina stuttered as she slowly closed her legs and looked up at her uncle blushing and looking extremely embarrassed. ‘I’m legal... I mean it’s my choice!’ she finished a little more confidently as she sat on the table completely naked.

    ‘Get dressed and follow me!’ Luke replied firmly, not phased in the slightest by Jaina’s words or her gorgeous glistening naked body. He was too angry to concern himself with the fact that Jaina had one of the best bodies he had ever seen and the fact that he secretly had lusted after the horny little Jedi ever since he had met with her on Bilbringi and laid eyes on her skimpy little outfit.

    ‘Okay... Okay!’ Jaina replied, extremely embarrassed that her uncle had nearly caught her in the act and was now ordering her to get dressed like she was some kid that had done something wrong. Jaina quickly pulled on her skirt, tube top, white leggings and wrist guards before walking back out into her bedroom and opening up her clothes drawer to get another thong. Luke stood in the doorway and watched as she slid on her tiny little thong and pulled her skirt back down to cover most of her luscious ass. Without saying a word she followed her uncle through the Massassi Temple and towards his personal quarters. As soon as Jaina walked into Luke’s quarters, her uncle was standing in front of her looking stern again.

    ‘Come over here now!’ Luke commanded his niece, pointing down to the floor in front of him. Jaina obediently walked over to him and stood in front of her uncle, red from embarrassment. ‘Bend over and touch your toes Jaina.’

    ‘What?’ Jaina asked, both a little confused and a little turned on at sticking her gorgeous thong-covered ass out for her uncle.

    ‘You want to act like a naughty girl; you’ll get treated like a naughty girl!’ Luke said sternly but with a hint of excitement in his voice as he ran his hand down her thigh and lifted her tiny skirt over her soft luscious ass. Fuck! Look at that ass. If only her mother could see her now!, Luke thought to himself as he felt a twinge in his pants from groping his sixteen year old niece. He had been waiting for almost an entire week for this chance to play the adult and feel up Jaina; ever since seeing her in her newest slutty outfit and her seemingly lack of discretion when sitting on his lap days earlier. Her lack of constraints about family and the fact that she had no problem sitting her gorgeous ass on his lap all told Luke that she really wanted something more from him.

    ‘Well... I have been pretty bad.’ Jaina replied with a hint of sexiness in her voice as she wiggled her ass just a little for Luke’s benefit.

    ‘Smack...Smack... Smack!’ sounded Luke’s hand, as it came down on Jaina’s juicy wiggling ass, spanking her like the naughty girl she was.

    ‘Now... Are you going to stop acting like such a little slut, Jaina?’ Luke asked her as Jaina cringed in pain and exhilaration. Jaina’s ass glowed with redness as she felt Luke’s hand run across her reddening cheeks. He slowly stroked his hand back and forth before he grabbed her miniscule thong and tore it roughly from her ass, pinching her pussy and causing her to scream out in discomfort.

    ‘I promise I’ll stop... I won’t be such a slut from now on.’ Jaina lied as she felt her Uncle Luke’s hand lift from her ass ominously, as if to spank her again.

    ‘You don’t have to stop right now.’ Luke replied looking sinister as he used the Force again to tear off all Jaina’s clothes in one fell motion.

    ‘What are you doing Uncle Luke?’ Jaina said in shock as she stood stark naked in front of him with her ass still sticking out at him. ‘You gonna fuck me?’ she asked sweetly as she wiggled her ass again and moved it back into his fully hard cock. ‘I don’t think my Mom would like it if her big brother fucked her teenage daughter.’

    ‘Actually... I think your mother will be happy to know that I was the one to fuck his precious little Jaina first... There are a lot of sickos in the galaxy.’ Luke reasoned with a twinkle in his eyes as he remembered back to when he and Leia were young, impetuous and horny like Jaina.

    ‘Really?’ Jaina asked Luke, honestly believing that her mother would want Luke to fuck her. ‘Then I better not disappoint Mommy!’ she finished, backing up again into Luke’s crotch and rubbing her naked ass up and down until Luke could take no more. Tearing off his all his clothes in a heartbeat, Luke grabbed Jaina’s sexy hips and pulled her in line with his throbbing hard eight inch cock.

    ‘I’m gonna show you why Mara can’t get enough of my cock... You don’t think she loves me for just my sense of humour and personality, do you?’ Luke asked Jaina as his cock ran up and down her sensitive clit, causing her to shiver in anticipation. She was finally going to get fucked and the way her Uncle Luke was talking, she was going to have the greatest experience of her life. Without any further ado, Luke leaned forward a little further and drove his cock forward, past her tight slit and against her fleshy hymen.

    ‘Ummmmmm!’ Jaina groaned at the sudden intrusion of something so long and thick. ‘Are you sure I can take one that big.’ She moaned as the pressure on her hymen increased.

    ‘Your Mom sure could! UNGHHHHHHHH!’ He grunted as his cock was slammed forward, through her innocence and four inches deep in her pussy. Luke’s comment about Leia went totally unnoticed as Jaina screamed out in pain. With her virginity taken and a small stream of blood dripping down the inside of her leg, Luke slowly pulled out and pushed in, keeping a steady rhythm and trying his best to limit the discomfort Jaina was obviously still feeling. Using the Force as his ally again, Luke manipulated both the air currents in and heat around his cock head to further stimulate the groaning Jaina until after only a few minutes of fucking her sweet bald teenage pussy, Jaina’s pain had turned to pleasure.

    ‘Ummmmm... Ahhhhhhh!’ Jaina screamed as she hit her first orgasm and her body shook in ecstasy. Luke smiled to himself, knowing that that was only the first of several more to come if he had anything to say about it. Without skipping a beat, Luke began thrusting more and more of his eight inches into her tiny pussy until he was nearly balls deep. ‘Ohhh Godddd Uncle Luke... I think I’m gonna cum again!’ Jaina cried as she felt her Uncle Luke’s balls slap against her ass and trigger her second orgasm in only a few moments.

    ‘Let’s get a little more comfortable!’ Luke muttered after feeling Jaina’s pussy twitch again and cover his thrusting cock with another healthy serving of her warm cream.

    ‘What ever you say Uncle Luke... I can’t believe how good this feels!’ Jaina moaned as Luke lifted her up by her waist with his cock still firmly inside her. He easily carried his moaning Jedi niece over to a sofa chair at the opposite side of his room. Sitting down, Luke held Jaina overtop his lap while he readjusted himself and got ready to bounce his sixteen year old niece on top of his eight inch cock.

    ‘Sitting on my cock again Jaina... You naughty little girl... This time though I’m actually fucking your horny pussy!’ Luke whispered into Jaina’s ear as she leaned back against his chest and let his hands move to her small pert breasts where he began massaging them to Jaina’s joy. With his cock still slowly moving in and out of her, Luke moved one hand away from her breasts and down to her bald wet pussy, where he proceeded to rub her clit.

    ‘Fuck Uncle Luke... You’re gonna make me cum again! Ahhhhh!’ she moaned again, after only a few minutes as the stimulation of her uncle’s hands and cock overwhelmed her senses for a third time. This time however, Jaina was greeted with an unsuspected surprise after coming down from her massive orgasm; the wonderful sensation of something warm and sticky being shot into her pussy.

    ‘UNGHHHHH!’ Luke grunted seconds after Jaina’s orgasm, thrusting his cock upwards and planting a huge sticky load of his Jedi cum, deep inside her sixteen year old womb. Jaina moaned in joy as she felt her very first serving of hot cum splash inside her and quickly fill her up to the brim. After several warm streams and a few savage thrusts, Luke didn’t even miss a beat; thrusting his cock up into Jaina’s twat like he hadn’t even cum.

    ‘How...? Right... Jedi Master. Uhnnnnn... Your cum feels so good inside me!’ Jaina replied after the shock of feeling his load being buried deep inside her and then the even bigger surprise of feeling her Uncle Luke’s still hard cock still thrusting up into her cum-filled pussy.

    ‘Don’t worry Jaina... I’ve got plenty of reserves... More than enough to last the night!’

    ‘Good... I love when you cum in me Uncle Luke! Wait... The whole night?’ she asked, already looking exhausted.

    ‘You wanted to be a slut sweetheart... Now you’re going to experience the consequences.’ Luke said as his speed increased and his cock began moving back and forth inside her at a blinding speed. For nearly four straight hours Luke hammered his cock into her sweet teenage pussy, testing out multiple positions and experiencing multiple orgasms. In the end, Jaina was nearly unconscious from both exhaustion and over-stimulation. After hitting roughly her thirtieth orgasm and having her Uncle Luke fill her pussy with his fifth load of sticky Jedi cum, Jaina found herself in the same position she had started her sex odyssey at. Bouncing up and down on her uncle’s cock, with cum dripping down her inner thigh and onto the floor, Jaina was just about to black out when the door to Luke’s quarters suddenly opened to reveal two shocked looking individuals.

    ‘Mom! Aunt Mara!’ Jaina cried, fearing for her life as Luke continued his savage thrusts up into her.

    ‘Well Luke... I see you’re giving Jaina her birthday gift without me.’ Mara Jade Skywalker quipped as she and Leia entered the room with Jaina still being bounced up and down on Luke’s cock. Mara actually looked disappointed and not mad that her husband was fucking his teenage niece. She was madder at the fact that she was not involved then the fact that Luke was slamming his cock into another woman.

    ‘You’re such a lucky girl Jaina... I remember back when Luke fucked me back on the first Death Star... He was no Jedi Master then, but his cock was just as big.’ Leia sighed in remembrance as she watched her daughter being fucked by her only sibling.

    ‘I fucking knew you had fucked Luke!’ Mara said in reply, not angrily but smugly, as if she was proud at the fact the she had suspected exactly that. ‘Okay Luke... If you get to fuck Jaina, I get to fuck both Jacen and Anakin... At the same time.’ Mara continued, getting back to the fact that Luke hadn’t missed a beat and was still pounding up into Jaina’s cum-filled pussy.

    ‘Okay honey... I figured you’d want to do that anyway... That’s the only reason I went ahead with Jaina.’ Luke lied, not wanting to tell Mara or Leia that he was fulfilling a long held fantasy. In reality, Mara, Luke and Leia had decided that Luke would be the one to teach Jaina about sex first, while Mara would do the same with Jacen and Anakin.

    ‘It looks like you’ve already cum in her a few times brother.’ Leia said, getting onto her knees in front of Jaina and examining her pussy and Luke’s cock as it slammed upwards into it. ‘Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have a little Skywalker growing inside you... I know I wasn’t.’ She continued looking disappointed before pulling Luke’s cum-covered cock out of her daughter’s pussy and sucking off both her brother’s and Jaina’s cum. She quickly licked her lips, slid Luke’s now clean shaft back into her daughter’s dripping wet pussy walked out of the quarters, horny as hell and in serious need of having her pussy fucked like Jaina’s.

    ‘Well then... Have fun honey.’ Mara said with a smirk before walking over to Luke and kissing him and Jaina in turn. As Luke grunted out for the sixth time, pasting Jaina’s already full womb with another healthy adult sized load of his Jedi cum, Mara smiled at her husband and left her him and Jaina to find Jacen and Anakin and teach them the same lesson she was sure Luke would be teaching Jaina for the next few hours.
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    Star Wars – The Restricted Files
    Chapter 18 – The Twins Finally Lose It Part 2

    Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise.

    Story Codes: mmF, blackmail, cream pie, grope, hp, inc

    Ever since Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo had stolen the restricted files from C-3PO’s memory drive, only one thing had dominated their minds – SEX, SEX, and SEX! Every chance they had gotten, they had either been watching another one of the several hundred educational videos from C-3PO’s restricted files or finding some way to pleasure themselves and those around them. Anakin had fucked Tahiri several times and violated Jaina while she slept; Jacen had gotten his dick sucked by the beautiful Hapan Princess Tenel Ka and received a top-notch handjob from his sister. Jaina meanwhile, had been the most sexually active, sucking off Wurth Skidder, Ganner Rhysode and Kyp Durron, along with giving both her brothers and a handjob and finally getting fucked like the whore she was before being filled to the brim with her uncle’s hot cum. Little did Jaina, Jacen and Anakin know however, their mother, uncle and Aunt Mara had been planning on how they’d introduce the three Solo children to sex, long before the restricted files had ever been found. Luke was given the important task of taking Jaina’s sweet sixteen year old innocence and he accomplished this goal several times over. Mara was given the even more important task of dealing with the other two Solo siblings and to make sure their first time was every bit as exciting and informative as Jaina’s was.

    While Mara made her way towards Jacen’s bedroom to find the two Solo brothers, Jacen and Anakin were sitting outside in one of the Massassi Temple courtyards, watching an intense sparring session between Tahiri and Tenel Ka. The four Jedi in training had made a very interesting bet – whoever lost the sparring match would have to have sex with both Jacen and Anakin. It was a win-win bet for Anakin and Jacen and since both Tenel Ka and Tahiri had already had sex at least once prior, the excitement of such a bet intrigued both teens.

    “This was a great idea Jacen; I can’t believe you got Tenel Ka to go through with this though... I mean you haven’t even fucked her yet, and she’s willing to take on both of us at the same time!” Anakin said excitedly as the sparring match’s intensity continued to increase.

    “After watching that last holovid and sucking my dick, she would basically do anything I ask her to.” Jacen replied with a smirk, remembering how good Tenel Ka had looked with his cock in her mouth and the huge sticky load of cum he had plastered her with.

    “Yeah... I’ve got Tahiri wrapped around my little finger too... And anyway, she said she had a bit of a crush on you.” Anakin responded, just as Tenel Ka took a serious advantage against Tahiri by knocking her off her feet with the Force.

    “So boys... This is what you’ve been doing with your spare time... Making your girlfriends fight over the two of you to see who gets fucked?” Mara Jade Skywalker asked the two Solo brother’s from a few feet behind them. Mara had looked for both Anakin and Jacen in their rooms and after meditating for a few seconds; she was able to successfully pinpoint their location in one of the courtyards nearby. After listening in on their conversation and realizing what they were up to, Mara had come up with a very innovative way to make sure she was Jacen and Anakin’s first sexual conquest and not a couple of slutty inexperienced teenagers.

    “Ohhh Aunt Mara... What do you mean?” Jacen replied non-convincingly, as Tenel Ka and Tahiri stopped sparring and came over to see what Mara was doing there.

    “Oh really... Then you and your brother weren’t planning on fucking the loser of this little sparring match?” Mara asked them as she looked over at the two blushing girls. “Have either of you even had sex before?”

    “I have, but Jacen hasn’t.” Anakin said smugly, before looking over at Tahiri and winking.

    “Her...? That’s not much to gloat over... Having sex with someone who’s just as inexperienced as you is nothing to be proud of.” Mara said snidely, giving Tahiri a little shrug of contempt.

    “Fuck you Mara... You’re just jealous you haven’t had a taste of this!” Tahiri replied angrily, grabbing Anakin’s soft cock and showing it off to Mara like a trophy.

    “If you think it’s so great, why don’t we make a new bet?” Mara said confidently as Tahiri let go of Anakin’s package and turned around to converse with Tenel Ka.

    “What kind of bet?” Tenel Ka asked, a little bit interested in the stakes.

    “Same basic idea, except whoever wins a fight between me and you two as a team, gets to fuck them both at the same time. If you girls like their cocks so much, you won’t mind sparring me to keep them to yourselves.” Mara said, revealing her master plan and a sure way to make sure she was at least Jacen’s first.

    “Deal!” Tenel Ka and Tahiri said together, reigniting their lightsabers and preparing themselves for what would surely be a challenging match. They weren’t too worried though, both Tahiri and Tenel Ka possessed amazing Jedi abilities and sparring skill. Even though Mara was a Jedi Master and clearly better than them individually, Tenel Ka and Tahiri were fairly confident the two of them could take her down and protect their boyfriends from a jealous Jedi slut.

    “Uhhhh... Aunt Mara... I don’t know if Uncle Luke would want us fucking you...” Anakin said to his aunt as she ignited her own lightsaber and got ready for the dual assault.

    “Oh don’t you worry honey, Luke knows all about this... In fact he’s introducing your big sister to the art of lovemaking right as we speak.” Mara said, lunging forward to begin the sparring match.

    “Holy fuck! I’m not really sure who I want to win this sparring match.” Jacen whispered to his brother as he felt his cock harden just a little. Tenel Ka and Tahiri had the advantage of being young, sexy and horny as hell, but their Aunt Mara had tits, experience and a faux pas about her that turned on both Anakin and Jacen. The sparring match was one of the most exciting matches either Anakin or Jacen had ever seen – Tenel Ka and Tahiri were attacking from two different sides and Mara was having a little difficulty fending off their combined attack. But that was all a ruse to draw in the two young inexperienced Jedi. Within seconds, Mara had countered the attack and had knocked both girls to the ground using the Force. The girls were down but not out as they stood back up shakily and resumed their attack on Mara one at a time. When one of them tired out or was being overpowered, they quickly switched up and try to use their combined endurance to outlast Mara. It was to no unveil however – Mara had the endurance of a seasoned Jedi Master, and neither Tenel Ka or Tahiri could find an advantage. After a few more minutes of fierce lightsaber sparring, Mara again drew in the two girls and used a massive Force blast to knock both Tenel Ka and Tahiri into a nearby wall and unconsciousness.

    ‘Whoa... You fucked them up Aunt Mara... I hope they’re alright!’ Jacen called out to her after both Tenel Ka and Tahiri hit the wall and stopped moving.

    ‘Don’t worry boys... They’re just unconscious... They’ll be up and about in a few hours without any serious injury.’ Mara called back to them, turning off her lightsaber and walking over to the two stunned Solo siblings.

    “Wow Aunt Mara... You really socked it to them!” Anakin said impressed as his aunt approached with a sexy sway in her hips. Her form fitting jumpsuit that she had thrown on before arriving at Yavin 4 really showed off her curvy ass, tight body and beautiful breasts.

    “Now you two can sock it to me!” Mara said with a smirk before tearing off her jumpsuit with a single motion.

    “Holy FUCK!” Jacen said out loud after getting his first look at Mara’s near perfect body. Jacen’s cock went immediately from semi-hard to rock hard in moments and before either he or Anakin could say another word, Mara was on her knees pulling down their pants and underwear.

    “You’re so hot Aunt Mara!” Anakin exclaimed as Mara pulled out his rock hard shaft and began jacking him off alongside Jacen. Anakin wasn’t kidding either – Mara had the body of a twenty year old; perfect tits, a nice round juicy ass, a beautiful face and the sexual knowledge that only age and a liberal attitude towards the tantric art of sex could give her. After giving a handjob that nearly made both Anakin and Jacen cum within minutes, she used her keen Jedi senses to stop just in time to avert any premature ejaculations. Cupping both Jacen and Anakin’s tightened balls; Mara started moving her tongue up and down both brothers’ cocks in turn, causing both to moan out in pleasure.

    “Hmmmmmmm... So good!” Jacen moaned as he felt his Aunt Mara’s skilled tongue moving up and down his cock. ‘Slow down Aunt Mara, or I’m gonna cum!’ He groaned, not sure if he’d even make it to fucking her.

    “Don’t worry Jacen; I won’t let you cum to early.” Mara replied, moving over to Anakin’s shaft and causing him to moan out in similar satisfaction. “Just use the Force to help sustain yourself longer.”

    “You can... Ummmm... Use the Force.... Unnnn... For that?” Anakin asked as Mara’s tongue slid back and forth over his dick. Mara continued to fondle both brothers’ balls as she licked and then sucked them off in succession.

    “You sure can Anakin... Just focus on the Force and use it to redouble your sexual reserves.” She replied with a smirk before getting back to suck off both Jacen and Anakin. After a few more minutes of Mara showing Jacen and Anakin what a real woman could do with her mouth, Mara stood back up and let the Solo brothers take another nice long look at her gorgeous body and tight shaved pussy.

    “Dibbs!” Jacen shouted out first, looking down at her tasty pussy.

    “Unnn... Unnn... Unnn... First you’ve gotta pay me back first and because you called it Jacen you get to do it!” Mara replied, lying down on her back and spreading her legs to show Jacen and Anakin her delectable pussy.

    “What do I get to do?” Anakin asked as Jacen got down on his stomach and started slowly licking her wet twat.

    “You just march your little ass over here and straddle my stomach.” Mara replied, patting her tight stomach as Jacen’s tongue started moving in and out of her pussy.

    “Now what?” Anakin asked his aunt after straddling her chest with his hard cock sitting between her firm breasts.

    “Do I have to tell you?” She responded smartly before squeezing her breasts together to let Anakin start titty-fucking her. She spat on his cock as it moved back and forth with increasing speed for extra lubrication, causing Anakin to moan out in pleasure again. “Mmmm... Not bad Jacen... Not bad at all!” She murmured with surprise as Jacen slid his tongue in and out of her like a pro.

    “God Aunt Mara... You taste so good...” Jacen groaned as he moved his hand up to her dripping wet pussy and moved a couple of fingers in and out of her while continuing to lick her snatch.

    “Ahhhh... MMMMMM!” Mara moaned in orgasmic bliss as Jacen hit just the right spot and put her over the edge, splashing his tongue and face with her sweet nectar. “Okay... Now you can fuck me!” Mara sighed, coming down from her orgasm and needing a big cock inside her immediately.

    “Can I keep fucking your tits Aunt Mara?” Anakin asked, pleading with his aunt to continue slamming his cock back and forth between her perfect plump breasts.

    “Of course Anakin... I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She replied as Jacen started to guide his six and a half inch cock into her wet snatch.

    “Unnhhh... Tight!!!” Jacen groaned as the head of his hard cock started to penetrate Mara’s extremely tight Jedi twat. Her mastery of the Force and high level of physical training made Mara’s pussy one of the tightest that Jacen would ever experience. Mara often took pride in the fact that her pussy was in many cases tighter than most teenagers.

    “Tight just for you nephew!” Mara screamed as Anakin started thrusting his cock between her breasts faster and Jacen moved over four inches of his shaft into her cunt. It took several minutes of readjustments and several more painful groans of discomfort before Jacen was completely balls deep in Mara’s sweet snatch. Anakin had moved over to Mara’s face and was getting another skilful blowjob from his Aunt and waiting impatiently for his turn at Mara’s hot pussy.

    “Hurry the fuck up Jacen... I wanna fuck her soon!” Anakin pleaded as Mara’s fingers clenched around his tightening balls.

    “Hold your horses bro... I just got into this sweet pussy.” Jacen replied with a smirk before increasing his speed and pounding his cock down into her with a little more power.

    “Okay Jacen... Let your brother have a try.” Mara told Jacen after Anakin finally pulled his six inches out of her mouth to let her breath again.

    “Come on Aunt Mara... I was just getting a good rhythm going.” Jacen said a little annoyed before plunging his cock down into her completely one more time before pulling out to let Anakin have his turn.

    “Don’t you worry Jacen... I’ve got something special planned for you.” She said, pushing Anakin onto the ground so he was on his back and climbing onto his waist. Anakin took this as a sign to slide his six inch cock into her wet pussy and begin bouncing his aunt’s fabulous ass up and down on his cock. After a couple of minutes of readjustment, Anakin had his entire six inches in her hot twat. “Okay Jacen, now you have the privilege of fucking my ass!”

    “Really?” Jacen said excitedly, as Anakin pulled her down by the waist and Mara wiggled her ass for Jacen’s pleasure.

    “You’re so lucky Jacen... I don’t think I’ll make it much longer in her pussy!” Anakin replied, both a little dejected and already a little stressed. Jacen had already lined up his cock and was pressing it against Mara’s tight asshole before anyone could even say another word.

    “This is even tighter than your pussy, Aunt Mara.” Jacen groaned as he tried to force the head of his cock into her tight ass. As Jacen did his best to force his six and a half inch cock into her ass, Anakin had already started slowly thrusting his hips upwards, moving his cock in and out of her twat in a smooth rhythm. Mara was pretty impressed by both boys stamina and natural skill and although they were young and inexperienced compared to Luke, they were both vigorous and eager to please. After another five minutes of grunting, sweating and discomfort, Jacen was finally able to slam the last inch of his cock into his aunt’s tight ass and after a couple more minutes of awkwardness with Anakin, soon fell into a steady rhythm with his brother and started giving Mara the fuck of her life until she screamed out in orgasm again.

    “Oh My Goodness!” she moaned as her pussy exploded in a shower of juices, coating Anakin’s cock in a layer of her warm cum and setting in motion both Anakin and Jacen’s own orgasms.

    “UNGHHHHHH... FUCK YESSS!” Jacen and Anakin grunted in unison before filling both of Mara’s tight holes with two massive loads of hot sticky Jedi cum.

    “SO HOT! I can feel you two shooting inside me!” she groaned as both Jacen and Anakin’s cocks jerked inside her ass and pussy, filling her rectum and womb with what felt like a gallon of cum. Jacen and Anakin had a hard time stopping, they were so turned on by what they had just done to their Aunt Mara. After nearly thirty seconds of straight ejaculation, their cocks finally ceased jerking and they were able to at long last pull out and enjoy the afterglow of fucking their aunt.

    “Good job boys... I have to say I’m really impressed... Especially with that finish,” Mara gasped, as she felt both Jacen and Anakin’s hot Jedi cum start to leak out of her ass and pussy. “I don’t think I’ve ever been filled with so much hot cum!” She sighed before standing up and getting dressed back in her form fitting jumpsuit. She gave Jacen and Anakin one last wink, wiggled her ass, picked up her lightsaber and left the two stunned teenagers with a dumb look on their face and memories that they would never ever forget.
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    Star wars how I like it
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    Another great chapter.
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    I check this thread every night, thanks for some more great material. You rock!
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    Star Wars – The Restricted Files
    Chapter 19 – Leia Organa Solo... Super Slut!

    Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise.

    Story Codes: MF, Mf, cream pie, grope, hp, oral, voy

    Yavin Four was quickly becoming a Jedi sex academy with teenagers, Padawans, Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters succumbing to their primal instincts and any control they once had over their sexual inhibitions. The Jedi academy and the men and women who composed its order had always been more susceptible to their sexual instincts than ordinary men and women, but ever since Jaina, Jacen and Anakin had returned to the academy, a fervour of sexual deviancy had gripped the Jedi Order. Mara Jade Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo had also recently been immersed in the sexually charged underground slave trade near Hutt Space; they had been thoroughly used and abused before conquering the Hutt syndicate. While they were fucked mercilessly by bandits and lowlifes alike, Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo had discovered a massive collection of pornographic holovids of their grandfather Anakin Skywalker and several Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. The restricted files of C-3PO`s memory hardware had immersed the three young Solo children in a number of fantastically sexually charged situations with each other, their uncle and the Jedi Knights and Masters on Yavin Four. Believing Jaina, Jacen and Anakin were now of age to know about sex and everything it entailed; Mara Jade, Leia and Luke had decided that they would be the ones to welcome them to adulthood and the advantages of being a Jedi when it came to the bedroom. Luke had been given the ominous task of popping his sexy young niece`s cherry while Mara Jade had taken it upon herself to welcome both Jacen and Anakin to adulthood and the advantages of having an extremely hot and sexy redheaded slut of an aunt. Jaina was having the night of her life; having orgasm after orgasm while her Uncle Luke filled her pussy over and over with his sticky potent Jedi cum. Both Anakin and Jacen were having just as much fun with their Aunt Mara; pumping both her ass and pussy as hard as they could before filling both of her holes to the brim with their own teenage Jedi spunk. Needless to say, Leia was feeling lonelier than she had ever felt before; with no husband and an itch that only a good cock could scratch, Leia was horny as hell as she roamed the halls of the Massassi Temples, until she came upon a most peculiar sight.

    “What the fuck?” Leia said out loud as she came upon Jaina’s room and an open door. Just inside, lying on the ground and completely naked, laid an unconscious Kyp Durron. Leia wondered why Kyp Durron would be lying naked in her daughter’s room but before Leia could even come up with any reasonable excuse, her eyes were quickly drawn to his massive nine inch cock, standing completely erect in front of her. That wasn’t all that had caught her eye either; Jaina’s holo-projector was turned on and a paused image was visible from across the room. Jaina had wanted to watch another one of C-3PO’s restricted files after washing her brother’s cum off her face, but she had been interrupted in the shower and was currently bouncing up and down on her Uncle Luke’s big eight inch cock, so she had been unable to turn off the holo-projector and keep hidden C-3PO’s restricted files.

    Leia ignored Kyp for the time being to take a closer look at the paused image. Leia couldn’t put her finger on it but she could swear she recognized not only the image but the holovid that was currently paused.

    “It couldn’t be... How could they’ve found out?” Leia said to herself as she hit the play button and was shocked to find out that her suspicions were indeed accurate. Jaina, and probably her two sons had discovered, downloaded, and had been watching the restricted files only she, Han, her brother and Mara Jade knew about. “I’ve got to tell Luke and Mara Jade... If they keep watching these holovids in chronological order, they’re bound to find out about me, my sordid past and the true history of the fall of the Old Republic and what really happened during the Rebellion!” Leia said to herself frantically as the holovid on Jaina’s holo-projector began to play and Leia watched as the sexy and slutty Togrutan Padawan, Ahsoka Tano skipped across a desert-like planet towards a Republic-held fort.

    Leia looked back over at Kyp’s hard nine inches and quickly decided that she better not interrupt her dear brother and sister-in-law with this new information while they were busy fucking her children. Besides, one quick fuck and holovid wouldn’t take too long, and lord knew that she needed something to occupy her naughty mind. Grabbing hold of Kyp’s ankles, Leia pulled him over in front of the holo-projector and got on her knees beside the unconscious Jedi Master. Leia knew Kyp wouldn’t need any further stimulation before she rode his cock for all it was worth, but she kind of wanted to see how it tasted before she got her own rocks off. Leaning down, she engulfed half of his nine inches as the holovid in front of her started to get interesting.


    Ahsoka Tano ran across the desert terrain with an itch in her groin that had become steadily worse over the last few hours. It had nearly been a whole day since she had been fucked last, and the need for an orgasm and relief was beginning to overwhelm her. Her Jedi senses had continued to improve time and again after getting fucked by her Master, Anakin Skywalker, but every time she went without the sweet release of an orgasm, her skill and powers had become erratic and uncontrollable. Ahsoka had just finished a little solo recon work for the Republic on the desert planet of Bonadan. Heavily mined and home of several large spaceports, it had become a prime target for the Separatists and Ahsoka had been tasked to do some recon work in the nearby mountains. Finding nothing and needing some sweet release, Ahsoka had quickly returned back to the Republic-held fort where her Master and over a thousand clone troopers were stationed. Ahsoka didn’t really care whose cock she’d been bouncing on in a few minutes; her Master’s big Jedi cock would be preferable, but any one or every one of the clone’s identical shafts would do.

    “I don’t think I can make it!” Ahsoka groaned as her hand slipped beneath her skirt and fingered her pussy to quell the Urge that had nearly taken her over. She ran at top speed through the gate and into the Fort, looking for anyone to help her with her little problem. She ran straight to her Master’s quarters, opened the door and shouted out at who she thought was Anakin sitting at his desk.

    “Master! I need to get fucked SO BAD!” she moaned like a whore before realizing that it was not Anakin Skywalker sitting at his desk, but his former Master and best friend, Obi Wan Kenobi.

    “Excuse me young Padawan?” Obi Wan replied, with an astonished look on his face. He had had an inkling that his former Padawan had been fucking Ahsoka, but because he had no real concrete proof that he was actually having a romantic affair with his student and the fact that he had been fucking his wife Padme, Obi Wan felt it prudent to leave the matter alone.

    “Oh... Master Kenobi... Where’s Master Skywalker? I really need to see him!” Ahsoka pleaded with Obi Wan, hoping that he hadn’t really heard what she had just said and noticed that her hand was still fingering her pussy beneath her skirt.

    “Ahhh... Anakin has been sent on an important mission... I have been tasked with the defence of this outpost and the planet of Bonadan,” Obi Wan replied, largely ignoring what he had heard Ahsoka scream out as soon as she had entered his quarters. “Is there anything I can help you with, Ahsoka?” He asked, looking down at Ahsoka’s skirt and her hand that was working furiously beneath it to help quell the powerful itch that the Urge caused in her pussy.

    “Maybe you could help me Master Obi Wan... I need help scratching and itch I’ve got!” She pleaded with Obi Wan, realizing his interest in her hand’s movements and the fact that she knew she couldn’t make it to somebody else in time before she exploded with agony. She would take the chance that Obi Wan would report her, only if she could get fucked first.


    Leia watched with interest as she continued to engulf nearly every single inch of Kyp Durron’s massive nine inch cock. She had thoroughly enjoyed the taste of Kyp’s big Jedi cock and although she was pretty sure Kyp would soon explode from overstimulation, she really needed to get fucked before he actually did cum. Removing all of clothing and climbing onto his waist so that she could continue to watch the holovid, Leia lifted her ass up just above the tip of his cock before slowly lowering herself onto his dick and engulfing half of it. Slowly rocking back and forth, Leia quickly got accustomed to Kyp’s size and started bouncing up and down a little faster.

    “Ohh Fuck! His cock is so big!” Leia moaned to herself as she started bouncing up and down on his shaft faster, engulfing more and more of his cock with each thrust.


    “How can I help you, Ahsoka?” Obi Wan asked her as she drew nearer to the desk he was sitting behind. Obi Wan could hardly believe how much of a slut Ahsoka had turned into as she came into the light before him. Wearing her now trademark dark red leather miniskirt and tube top, Obi Wan was pleased to see that Ahsoka’s ass and tits had started to develop even more since the last time he had seen her. Her dark orange skin and white tattoos, coupled with her outstanding figure and obvious need to flaunt her gorgeous ass with a short skirt and tiny thong made Obi Wan question why he hadn’t yet conquered the young Togrutan Padawan.

    “I was thinking that we could help each other out.” Ahsoka replied smartly as she sat on the edge of Obi Wan’s desk and showed off her long white leggings and gorgeous orange teenage ass.

    “How’s that?” Obi Wan replied somewhat thickly, knowing exactly where Ahsoka was going with this and where it would clearly lead to.

    “By doing THIS!” Ahsoka replied sexily, clearing off Obi Wan’s entire desk with on wave of the Force and sliding herself over in front of Obi Wan. Before Obi Wan could even say a word, Ahsoka used her considerable Force talent to rip off all of his armour and clothing, leaving him completely naked in front of her.

    “I guess I don’t have any problem with helping you out with this.” Obi Wan said slyly as he stood up from his chair and leaned in to kiss the young teenager. Obi Wan’s hands worked their magic while his tongue delved into Ahsoka’s mouth; pulling off her tube top, skirt and panties with ease before breaking the long kiss and pulling her towards him by her tiny waist.

    “I’ve bet you’ve waited a long time to fuck this pussy!” Ahsoka said with a smirk as she reached down and grabbed Obi Wan’s cock to help stiffen it faster. “I know I’ve been wanting this ever since Anakin first fucked me... If he’s that talented, I knew you’d be even better.”

    “I was his Master and taught him almost everything he knows.” Obi Wan replied, as his cock hardened and the need to slam his cock into the young teenager started to overpower his keen Jedi senses.

    “What do you mean ‘almost everything’?” She asked with a smile as she lined his now stiff eight inch shaft up with her quivering and slightly wet pussy.

    “You’ll see soon enough!” He groaned as he slammed his hips forwards and nearly bottomed out inside Ahsoka in one hard thrust.


    “I forgot how fucking hot these holovids were... No wonder the kids are getting so horny all of a sudden... I thought it was just teenage hormones!” Leia moaned to herself as she watched the holovid of Ahsoka and Obi Wan Kenobi getting it on while simultaneously bouncing up and down as fast as she could on Kyp Durron’s hard nine inch cock. As she bottomed out over and over again on his stiff shaft, she was astonished to realize that she was already nearing her orgasm, while Kyp remained as hard as a diamond. The fact that he could stay so hard even while unconscious was mind-blowing, but the fact that he had lasted so long with such a tight pussy engulfing his nine inches over and over again was even more monumental.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” She screamed out in ecstasy as her pussy finally began to spasm and coat Kyp’s entire cock with a healthy warm dose of her tasty juices. Leia somehow continued bouncing up and down on his shaft the entire time, now dead set on getting Kyp to at least cum once inside her before the holovid in front of her ended.


    “OH FUCK OBI WAN... You’re just as big as Anakin!” Ahsoka screamed as Obi Wan forced the rest of his cock into Ahsoka’s extremely tight teenage cunt. Holding her firmly by the waist, Obi Wan slammed her back and forth across the desk, going balls deep in the young Padawan time and again with Ahsoka screaming out in orgasmic relief every few minutes. Obi Wan smiled to himself as he lifted her up by the waist and held her up against his body with his cock still thrusting in and out of her at an ever-increasing speed. This bitch hasn’t experienced anything yet, he thought to himself as he felt Ahsoka’s warm juices flow down his shaft and onto his tightening balls. “You’re even better than Anakin!” Ahsoka groaned, trying to compare both her Master and Obi Wan’s performance as she was lifted up from the desk and fucked like the whore she aspired to be. She wasn’t completely sure that Obi Wan was actually better than her Master, but after getting off three times in less than fifteen minutes, she was willing to tell Obi Wan anything to keep him fucking her like he was.

    “You don’t mind if I cum in your pussy, do you Ahsoka?” Obi Wan asked the moaning Padawan as his thrusts started to get a little wilder.

    “No, Master... But are you done already?” Ahsoka replied a little disappointed as she felt the wonderful sensation of the cock in her pussy begin to swell and hot sticky fluid start to fill her young Togrutan pussy.

    “Oh don’t you worry little Padawan... Unghhh... I’ll show you what a true Jedi Master can do before I’m finished... UNGHHHH!” Obi Wan grunted as his cock exploded inside Ahsoka’s young cunny and filled it to the brim with his hot Jedi cum. As his cock shuddered once last time and he miraculously continued to slam his cock into her, Obi Wan wondered to himself whether Ahsoka realized the dangers of letting him or anyone else cum inside her. Not really caring too much about Ahsoka’s possible future pregnancy problems, Obi Wan slammed Ahsoka into a nearby wall and started thrusting into her with even more speed and precision.

    “It feels so good Master!” Ahsoka screamed out once again as her pussy exploded in orgasm for a fourth time and she felt Obi Wan’s hot cum roll down her thigh and onto the floor beneath her. Obi Wan was now fucking her so hard she was surprised she had actually remained conscious during the onslaught. Ahsoka was used to a hard fucking, but the way Obi Wan slammed his cock into her, she was certain that before the day was out, she’d be needing a few hours in the Bacta tank to recover.


    “Come on Kyp... Give me that hot cum!” Leia moaned at the unconscious Kyp as she bounced up and down on his cock with even more reckless abandon. Just as she was about to give up on ever getting Kyp to cum, she felt the familiar sensation of the cock in her pussy begin to throb and expand; signalling what would surely be the largest orgasm ever.

    “Unghhh... Mmmm...” Kyp grunted silently as Leia slammed her hips down on his cock and he unloaded stream after stream of his sticky Jedi cum directly into her fertile womb. Leia gloried in the sensation of having the handsome and dashing Kyp Durron blasting a load deep inside her wet pussy and in the process, satisfying her need to get off the young Jedi Master.

    “Mmmmm... Keep filling me up!” Leia moaned in ecstasy, as she felt his hot ropes of cum splash inside her and trigger another powerful orgasm. “Holy Fuck! He’s still hard!” Leia exclaimed to herself a few seconds later, as she stood up to let Kyp’s cum pour out of her pussy and down her leg. “I better not let this go to waste... I’m sure the kids are still busy!” She reasoned with herself as she sat back down on his cum-covered cock and continued to thrust up and down on it.


    “Ummmmm... You’re cumming in me again!” Ahsoka moaned as she felt Obi Wan paste her insides with another five ropes of his hot sticky seed. “Fuck it feels so good to have hot cum inside me again!” She moaned as Obi Wan turned her around in his arms and placed her on the ground in front of him. With her feet on the ground at last, Obi Wan, forced her to bend over and take hold of the desk while he continued to slam his cock in and out of her now well-satisfied and cum-filled pussy.

    “And don’t worry Ass-hoka... I’ve still got hours and hours of reserves left... I’m sure I can show you a few more tricks that even Anakin doesn’t know about!” Obi Wan jested as he grabbed her small firm tits and rammed his cock into her even harder.

    For the next five hours, Obi Wan and Ahsoka fucked like there was no tomorrow, almost never pausing or slowing down. It was only after six hours of straight pleasurable and unforgettable sex that Ahsoka fell asleep while sitting on Obi Wan’s lap. After pumping her full with one last small load of cum, Obi Wan too fell asleep with his softening cock still buried in her teenage snatch.


    The same was true with Leia and Kyp, and after nearly three hours of torrent sex with a seemingly unconscious Kyp Durron, Leia finally fell asleep with Kyp’s softening cock still buried in her tight Jedi pussy.

    “It’s about fucking time!” Groaned an extremely exhausted Kyp as he looked up at his latest conquest and wondered whether Leia ever realized that he had been awake and conscious the entire time. Kyp might not have scored with youngest female Solo, but he had surely scored with the most experienced and talented one, he thought to himself as he too drifted off to sleep to some very pleasant dreams.
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    Very nice; hope there's more Ahsoka/Anakin and Jaina/Jacen/Anakin in the future.
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    How many of you have pleasured yourselves to this? I know I have... Not gonna lie...
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    Awesome Story You Rule
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    Star Wars – The Restricted Files
    Chapter 20 – Blackmail and Betrayal

    Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise.

    Story Codes: MF, anal, blackmail, exhib, hp, grope, spank, voy

    Han Solo was feeling quite lonely as he made his way down the busy streets of Coruscant. Night time was always the busiest time of day on the city-planet, especially the area in which Han slowly walked through. Han would never admit it, especially since he was quite used to being a loner, back when he had been a smuggler, but now that he had a family, a beautiful wife and his best friend Chewbacca around him almost daily, Han felt lonely without them. It was because of this that Han had decided to head down to a local bar and have a few drinks. He would usually take Chewbacca with him but furry co-pilot had left Coruscant aboard a local transport ship to his home planet of Kashyyyk to spend some time with his own family. Han had told him to borrow the Millennium Falcon but after Chewbacca persuaded him that he may in fact need the ship while he was away, he took a simple transport back to Kashyyyk.

    “Man, this bar is a dump... Just my kind of place!” Han said to himself as he approached a very seedy looking bar in the heart of an extremely dangerous part of the city. The bar was notorious for outlaws, slavers and of course smugglers and Han was certain he’d feel right at home. Filled with lowlifes and criminals alike, the bar was everything Han thought it would be. With grimy walls and several attractive women stripping around the bar, Han took a seat at the nearest table and looked up to watch a young female Twi’lek swaying her hips back and forth, removing her clothing seductively for Han.

    “Can I get a drink here?” Han shouted, slapping a nearby waitress’s ass to get her attention.

    “Owww... Watch it fucker... I’m not one of these sluts!” She shouted at Han, pointing at the nearest naked dancer before realizing who had slapped her ass. “Han Solo... You’re a legend here... What can I get for you?” She asked more politely, looking a little overwhelmed to see a galactic hero in the dingy little bar she worked in.

    Han smiled to himself as she ran off to get him a drink as fast as she could. He clearly still had it and he was obviously still an icon even among the scum that filled the dirty little cantinas that ran throughout the planet.

    “Han Solo... You old bastard... How are you?” Called a young and attractive young man from across the room who clearly had a past relationship with the old smuggler.

    “Captain Chaff... You deranged psychopathic slaver!” Han shouted back after realizing who it was. Han and Chaff had had some dealings in the past and although Han had never been betrayed by him in those dealings, he never could trust someone who trafficked primarily in innocent souls.

    “I didn’t think I’d see you down in a cantina like this Han... I thought you were too important for the little guys like us.” Chaff said with a smirk of arrogance.

    “I’m surprised they even let you in this place Chaff... I knew they let lowlifes in here but this is ridiculous,” Han laughed, taking a good shot at the slaver before getting down to business, “What do you want Chaff... You know I don’t smuggle anymore and I definitely don’t want anything to do with your little slaving business.”

    “Actually Han... I was just on my way to see you at your mansion when I caught you walking into the bar.” Chaff said, slowly pulling out a small holovideo player from his pocket.

    “And why were you looking for me?”

    “Oh... I just have a little business proposition for you... Either you pay me one million credits in the next twenty-four hours or I’ll sell this little holovid to the highest bidding HoloNet provider as soon as I can.”

    “What’s so important that I’d ever pay you that kind of money?” Han replied a little distressed at how confident Chaff was looking. Without saying another word, Chaff started playing the holovid in front of Han and as he watched Han could hardly breathe. He had known that Leia and Mara had gone on a secret mission to stop a slaver ring, but he would have never thought that she or Mara were capable of taking part in what they were evidently doing on the holovid. Han watched in horror as Leia was fucked like a whore by Chaff and then covered in his cum a few moments later.

    “...And that’s just a few of the highlights old buddy... I fucked both of those sluts long and hard and let me tell you something Han... They loved it!” Chaff said with a smirk, before reaching to put away the holovid. Before Chaff could even react however, Han had pulled out his blaster and blown the holochip and player out of Chaff’s hand and into tiny pieces.

    “There... Now you can either get up and leave, or end up like that holovid of yours!”

    “You son of a bitch! That was my only copy!” Chaff said reaching for his blaster. Before he could pull it out however, Han had fired again, stunning the slaver Captain and knocking him backwards off his chair. Chaff was dragged out of the bar and thrown into a nearby dumpster while the rest of the cantina got back to business as usual as if nothing had even happened.

    “Here’s your drink sweety!” The waitress said to Han as she placed the drink on his table and walked away from the downtrodden former smuggler. Han could hardly believe what had just happened; he had just seen proof of his wife’s infidelity. Han could not believe that Leia could ever betray his trust like that and as the Twi’lek dancer above him started to gyrate her hips and wave her naked ass in front of him, all Han could think about was getting absolutely plastered and doing something stupid.

    Han followed through on his plan and over the next three days, spent nearly the entire time in the grimy bar getting drunker than he had ever been in his life and trying to forget what he had saw. Even after three days of drinking however, the images of Leia getting pounded like a slut and then taking a face-load of hot sticky cum kept playing through his mind time and time again.

    “Han... What are doing down here... I heard from a few of my sources that you’ve been down here drinking for the past three days... What’s happened?” A voice said just behind Han.

    “Leia is a whore and you think there’s something wrong with me?” Asked a drunken Han, turning around to lay eyes on Leia’s oldest and dearest friend, Winter Celchu.

    “What do you mean by that?” Winter asked quizzically, knowing exactly what Han was referring to. Winter had known Leia almost her entire life and because of her perfect memory, she could recall all the instances that could easily qualify in proving the truth of Han’s statement. Han of course knew of Leia’s sordid sex crazed past, but nothing to what Winter was privileged to.

    “I saw proof of that whore fucking another man!” Han shouted, alerting the nearby patrons to what he was shouting about.

    “Shhhh Han... Leia was on a mission... She might have been required to do that... Have you thought about that?” Winter reasoned smartly, knowing for certain that Leia probably did cheat on Han and it probably was more for pleasure than for business.

    “Oh No... You didn’t see the holovid of it... She was enjoying it!” Han shouted back at Winter before returning to his drink and ignoring the eyes now trained on the old smuggler.

    “You’re probably right Han, but you knew all about Leia’s vices before marrying her, so this shouldn’t be such a shock, should it?” She asked him, as she took a seat next to him.

    “Why are you here anyway, Winter? Where’s your hubby?” Han asked the white haired beauty before looking up at Winter and realizing how truly gorgeous the stunning former covert spy was. Han and Winter had history, but nothing since he had married Leia, and although Winter was now married to Tycho Celchu, Han still felt a twinge of excitement in his groin at seeing her perfect body and pristine face.

    “Tycho is off planet for a special meeting and for your information, I’m here because I’m your friend and I didn’t want you to make a complete ass of yourself.” Winter said with a little edge before leaning in closer to Han.

    “Thanks, but all I need is this scotch and a little revenge sex!” Han said more to himself than Winter as he looked over towards one of the Twi’lek dancers who had been giving him signs all night long.

    “You’re not going to fuck one of those dirty sluts... You should at least talk to Leia before you do anything really stupid!” Winter pleaded with Han, taking his hand in hers and making him truly listen to her reasoning.

    “You know... I still think about us... How we’d fuck for hours in the cockpit of Millennium Falcon during the Rebellion?” Han whispered into Winter’s ear, before using one of his hands to seductively stroke his fingers up and down her inner thigh.

    “Han... What would your wife say...? Ohh Yeah... Well, we still shouldn’t!” Winter pleaded with Han as his fingers persisted to grope her near her moistening pussy. Although happily married and not wanting to betray the trust of her oldest and dearest friend, Leia Organa Solo, she still couldn’t help but remember how it used to feel when she and Han gave into their animalistic attraction to each other.

    “It never used to matter!” Han whispered in her ear as he leaned over to kiss her neck. Winter was initially repulsed by Han’s alcohol tainted breath and stale smelling clothes, but all that seemed to melt away once she felt his lips make contact with her soft neck.

    “Well... Mmmmm... That was before we were married and besides... Mmmmm... That feels good Han – What about all these people though?” Winter replied, clearly enjoying Han’s foreplay.

    “If I remember it right Winter... You used to like it when people watched!” Han said playfully before quickly tearing off her long soft white skirt, revealing only a tiny pair of panties.

    “Han... You little scoundrel!” Winter teased back at Han before standing up and turning around to show Han her perfect tight ass.

    “Fuck Winter... You haven’t changed a bit!” Han sighed to himself before standing up with Winter and turning her around so her hands were on the table and she was bending over. At this point, the entire cantina was staring over at the two with their mouths open in astonishment. Here were two of the most famous Rebel heroes of the New Republic and they were about to get it on in a dark dirty cantina in front of number of lowlifes and thugs.

    “You’re right Han... Let’s just fuck right here in front of everyone!” Moaned Winter as Han’s fingers groped her tight perfect ass and slowly slid down her little white thong. Han slid two of his fingers slowly into Winter’s wet pussy, causing her to moan out in ecstasy. A small crowd was beginning to form around the two horny lovebirds and both Han and Winter seemed to be feeding off the growing audience. “Mmmm... Smack my ass!” She screamed as Han’s two fingers bottomed out inside her.

    “Smack... Smack... Smack!” Sounded Han’s hand as it made contact with Winter’s firm ass.

    “NOW FUCK ME!” Winter screamed, extremely turned on and ready to get roasted in front of everybody.

    “Fuck Winter... I forgot how much of a nymph you were!” Han said with glee in his voice as took hold of Winter’s hips and rubbed his hardening cock up against her tight pussy. Winter moaned out in anticipation as she felt Han’s hard prick through his pants make contact with her moist slit. Without any further hesitation, Han, pulled down his pants and underwear, and started rubbing his cock up and down against her tight twat until he could feel Winter’s warm juices coat his stiff eight inch prick. “Here goes nothing!” Han groaned as the head of his cock slowly slid into Winter’s unbelievably tight pussy. Fuck Leia! You made me do this!, Han thought to himself as he slammed four inches of his hard shaft into Winter.

    “Yes Han... Fuck me like you used to!” Groaned Winter as she felt her pussy being stuffed by Han’s big hard shaft. “I can’t believe Leia would ever jeopardize this!” She screamed as Han forced more and more of his cock into her tiny pussy, reaching forward in the process and groping her buxom breasts. The entire crowd of people clamoured around each other to get a better look at the former smuggler hero fuck the beautiful white haired Winter Celchu. A couple of the more disgusting onlookers actually pulled out their own cocks and began stroking themselves off at the sight of the two rebel heroes going at it. Han and Winter couldn’t care in the least however as Han started to really give it to Winter, slamming his full eight inches into her tight snatch with increasing speed and determination. Han continued to massage her breasts through her blouse and squeeze her nipples to the enjoyment of Winter until as if suddenly struck by lightning, Winter screamed out in orgasmic relief.

    “Ahhh... Mmmmm... That’s it Han... I’m fucking CUMMING!” She shouted before her pussy clamped down around Han’s moving cock and coated it with a nice helping of her warm juices. Han instinctively reached down with one of his hands to scoop up a small amount of her sweet nectar to taste.

    “Every bit as tasty as I remember.” Han said with a smirk before continuing to pound his cock in and out of her tight twat for the next ten minutes. A few of the onlookers were actually cheering in approval as Winter came twice more in the next ten minutes and just as it looked like the famous Han Solo was ready to explode, he pulled out of Winter’s tight pussy with a wince of regret.

    “What... Come on Han... You were so close!” Moaned Winter as Han smacked her ass and smiled down at her looking even more mischievous.

    “Has Tycho fucked your ass yet...? Or is that hole still mine?” Han asked Winter seriously as his cock brushed up against her very tight asshole.

    “You know that’ll always be yours, baby!” Winter cried as Han didn’t even wait for a response and instead plunged half of his eight inches into her tight ass.

    “Fuck Winter... I think this ass has gotten tighter... Ughhhh!” Groaned Han as he started plunging his cock in and out of her tight hole, getting more and more of his shaft into her ass with each stroke. It was only a matter of time before Han was slamming his cock into her ass balls deep, with the entire crowd of onlookers cheering his name with joy.

    “Looks... Unghhh... Like we’ve got quite the crowd... Ahhh... Han... Let’s not disappoint them!” Moaned Winter with a smile on her face as she felt Han’s thrusts become frantic and his panting grow louder. As if on cue, Han quickly pulled his cock out of her ass just before Winter dropped to her knees in front of him and got ready for a sticky end. “Cum on my face Han!”

    “You got it baby... UNGHHHH... YEAH!” Shouted Han moments later as his cock exploded all over Winter’s beautiful face and white hair, covering her features with a healthy dose of his hot sticky cum. Winter took each stream without complaint, even opening her mouth to catch a few ropes of cum and enjoy the flavour of the old smuggler’s hot seed.

    The crowd around them erupted with joy at Han’s climactic finish on Winter’s face, with even a few of them more disgusting men in the onlookers, spraying the satisfied and clearly overjoyed Winter with a number of their sticky loads. Winter didn’t seem to care as a few of the disgusting lowlifes and thugs stepped up beside Han and shot a few loads of their own hot seed across her face. After cleaning themselves off and getting dressed, Winter and Han received a few hardy handshakes from a number of adoring fans before leaving the cantina hand in hand.

    “I really do think you should confront Leia about all the rumours and holovids of her Han.” Winter said as they walked back to the docking bay and the Millennium Falcon.

    “I know... It’s just... I’ll be awfully lonely on my trip out to Yavin Four... If only I had company or a way to occupy my time while I made the long, nearly weeklong trip.” Han said playfully before grabbing Winter’s ass and lifting her up into a strong embrace.

    “Well... Tycho did say he’d be a few weeks at least... I guess it wouldn’t kill me to see Leia and the kids again... And I’m sure I could find away to entertain you on the way to Yavin Four!” Winter replied playfully, before pushing Han away and leading him back towards his ship and what would surely be a very interesting and pleasing week of travel.
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    Awesome Winter chapter!
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    nice!! keep it up man!
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    More needed, i love your stories. I'm also liking the legacy of hogwarts which you should continue.
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    Star Wars – The Restricted Files
    Chapter 21 – Jaded Aftermath

    Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise.

    Story Codes: Mf, MF, cream pie, grope, hp, inc, oral, spank

    Mara Jade Skywalker was in a terrific mood; she had recently stopped a major slave ring near Hutt Space with the help of her sister-in-law, Leia Organa Solo, and now after fucking both of her nephews long and hard, she was making her way back to her and her husband’s quarters to get some much needed rest. She had let the two Solo brothers fuck both her holes and fill them to the brim with their hot Jedi seed and as she walked down the Massassi Temple hallway, she could feel the two loads slowly leak down her thighs. Mara Jade wasn’t the only one basking in the afterglow of a tremendous night. Back on Coruscant, Han Solo was just about to depart aboard the Millennium Falcon with his good friend and fuck-buddy Winter Celchu. After learning of Leia’s supposed infidelity from an old smuggling acquaintance, Han had taken it upon himself to seek a little revenge sex with the former rebel spy. The two had fucked long and hard for all to see in a raunchy little cantina and although Han had gotten what he had needed from Winter’s pussy and ass, he had decided to take her along with him on his trip to Yavin Four to confront his cheating slut of a wife. Han had a point to be angry with his wife; at the very moment Han was departing for Yavin to confront her, she was fast asleep on top of Kyp Durron, with his cock lodged inside her and a good deal of hot Jedi cum inside her. After finding the Jedi stud seemingly unconscious, naked and hard in her daughter’s bedroom, Leia had decided not to let a good thing go to waste. The most important development at the Jedi Temple on Yavin Four however, was the fact that the sexy and irresistible sixteen year old Jaina Solo had finally lost her innocence and by none other than her uncle and Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker. Fucked for nearly six hours straight, Luke filled Jaina’s pussy full of his sticky Jedi cum over and over again. In fact; of all the people that had hooked up on that faithful night, it was Luke Skywalker and Jaina Solo who were still going at it. Jaina had passed out four hours into the marathon fuck session, but Luke had decided to continue his little act of incest until he was good and satisfied. After over six hours, Luke finally decided to bring the exhausted and unconscious sixteen year old Jaina back to her room.

    “Unghhhhhh.... Fuck!” Luke grunted for the tenth time in the last six hours, pumping Jaina full of another few hot loads of his Jedi seed. Luke had pumped Jaina so full of his cum, that it was now leaking down her inner thigh and onto the stone floor as he continued to fuck and cum in her as he carried her back to her room. Opening Jaina’s door, Luke was surprised to see Leia, completely naked and apparently unconscious on Jaina’s stone floor with a puddle of cum leaking out of her pussy. It was clear to Luke that Leia had been fucking someone, but whoever it had been, had left before he had arrived. Luke also saw no sign of Kyp Durron and assumed he too had left after waking up from Luke’s attack earlier that night.

    “Mmmmmm... Don’t stop Uncle Luke!” Moaned Jaina in her sleep as Luke finally dislodged his semi-hard cock from her cum-filled pussy and dropped her onto her bed. Luke smacked Jaina’s ass one more time, pulled the covers over her naked and glistening body, and turned off the blank holo-projector.

    “That’s my slut... Always wanting more,” Luke said to himself, staring down at the sleeping Jaina before looking over at his naked sister and saying, “Speaking of sluts... Here’s my number one slut!” Luke leaned down and smacked Leia on the ass before picking her up and carrying her back to his room to let her sleep off whatever she had done. Carrying her unconscious body over his shoulder, Luke walked naked back to his own quarters and was delighted to see that his fully nude wife had finally returned from her little sexual expedition and was waiting for him as he dropped Leia onto the nearest couch.

    “I hope that wasn’t your handiwork baby.” Mara Jade asked Luke as she pointed to the sticky mess that was Leia’s tight cum-filled pussy.

    “It wasn’t me... I’ve been fucking Jaina for the past six hours... Whoever did this was gone when I found her.” Luke replied truthfully as he sat next to his wife on their soft plush bed.

    “If you’ve been fucking Jaina all night, how the hell are you still hard?” Mara asked Luke sceptically as she pointed down at his rock hard eight inch cock. Mara Jade knew that Luke’s skills as a Jedi allowed him to fuck for hours; but six hours was definitely pushing it.

    “I’ve been thinking about you, of course.” Luke lied, knowing full well that his hardness was due partly to how hot Jaina had been and how turned on he was to find Leia fully naked and full of some random person’s cum. “You must have really done something serious to Leia on your mission to turn her back into the mega-slut she used to be, honey.”

    “Well... Leia always had it in her... I just helped her reawaken it.” Mara Jade replied before reaching down with her hand to stroke Luke’s already wet cock. Jaina and Luke’s juices were still covering his cock as Mara leaned over to lick his shaft and balls.

    “Mmmmmm... It’s good to have a professional’s touch!” Luke groaned in pleasure as Mara’s mouth enclosed on the tip of his cock and she started giving her loving husband one of her trademark blowjobs. Mara may not have been the most faithful wife since marrying Luke, but she did truly love the Jedi Master and especially his unique Jedi abilities in bed. His endurance, recovery and pure skill in the sack were more than enough for Mara to look by his infidelities and unceasing lust for tight young pussy.

    “I bet you didn’t mind Jaina’s little mouth on your cock though, didn’t you honey?” Mara said with a devilish grin as she stopped to look up at him. Although she, Luke and Leia had agreed on letting Luke pop Jaina’s cherry, she was a little concerned at the fact that he had fucked her for so long and hard.

    “She never had a chance to suck me off... I fucked her as soon as I could.” Luke said truthfully, knowing that he hadn’t been able to hold off penetrating Jaina’s tight teenage pussy any longer and her mere presence in the same room as him was more than enough to get him fully hard.

    “Really? Well then, maybe you’d rather have her sucking your cock then?” Mara replied with a little anger in her voice. Mara knew that Luke had a crush on the budding Jedi slut, but she had no idea how badly Luke had wanted to fuck her. “And did you really have to cum in her that much? I mean really... She’s only sixteen... Do you think she wants a bun in her oven already?” Mara continued, lifting her head off Luke’s lap completely to stare into his eyes.

    “Why the fuck are you so angry... We agreed on this beforehand, and you don’t hear me complaining about all those thugs and assholes you’ve fucked and how you no doubt enjoyed every second of having your pussy and ass filled with Jacen and Anakin’s cocks!” Luke argued back a little testily.

    “I didn’t think you’d like fucking Jaina so much!” Mara argued back, absentmindedly lowering her hand back to Luke’s shaft to continue stroking it.

    “I knew you’d say that, but don’t you fucking forget Mara; you wanted a piece of that ass too!” Luke quipped back, knowing that Mara had wanted to introduce Jaina to sex even before Luke had.

    “Fuck you Luke!” Mara shouted back at him before jumping right on his lap and sliding his eight inch cock right in her tight snatch without warning. “Or fuck me at least!”

    “What the fuck Mara?”

    “I love it when you’re angry... It gets me so hot!” Mara moaned in his ear as she started bouncing up and down on his shaft.

    ‘You slutty little she-devil!” Luke groaned back as Mara increased the tightness of her pussy with the Force, trying to get the Jedi Master to cum before her. Mara and Luke usually competed against each other in bed; often using the Force and their years of experience in bed to try and get each other to cum first. Mara may not have as much Force ability as Luke, but she was no novice when it came to sex.

    “I couldn’t give a shit if you fucked Jaina or any other slut every night for the next year Luke... I’m sure I’ll be getting double teamed every other night by anyone who wants a piece of this!” Mara moaned, pointing down at her ass as Luke gripped her hips and used his Jedi speed to slam her harder and faster down on his cock. “I just wanted to get you angry... You always fuck me harder when you’re mad!” She moaned as she slipped one of her hands beneath Luke’s balls and started to massage them with only the skill that Mara Jade Skywalker could muster.

    “I knew you were just messing with me honey... Ughhhhh... I was only yelling at you to get you angry. You always turn into an insatiable slut when you get mad!” Luke laughed as he realized how alike he was to Mara. The stereotypical view of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade was that the two married lovers were nothing but honourable and respectable Jedi Masters, who would do anything to protect the innocent from harm. The traditional view of the Jedi Order and Luke and Mara was not however the correct view. Both Luke and Mara were two of the horniest people in the galaxy and although they would do anything for the innocent, they could hardly be called respectable.

    While Luke pounded his cock up into his wife’s ridiculously tight snatch, Jaina was finally starting to recover from her six hour night of pure, unbridled and untamed sex. Her uncle Luke had fucked her for so long and hard, she was sure she wouldn’t be able to walk straight for a week without proper Jedi healing. Knowing no one else with the Jedi healing skill talented enough to do the job right, Jaina struggled to her feet and felt her Uncle Luke’s boiling seed drip down her inner thigh. Still naked, sweaty and full of hot and sticky Jedi cum, Jaina stumbled over to her shower to at least clean herself off before seeing the Mon Calamari Jedi healer, Cilghal.

    As Jaina washed off her gorgeous teenage body and tried to regain at least a little bit of her sexy composure, Jacen and Anakin were carrying their two girlfriends back to their rooms to sleep off the severe beating they had received from their Aunt Mara. Tenel Ka and Tahiri had challenged the redheaded Jedi Master to the right to fuck their boyfriends and after Mara systematically knocked the two teenage Jedi girls into unconsciousness, she had proceeded to give Jacen and Anakin a true taste of sex with a real slut and not just their horny inexperienced girlfriends. Jacen and Anakin had fucked her hard in both her ass and pussy, and after finally blowing their loads deep inside Mara, they agreed on carrying Tenel Ka and Tahiri back to their respective rooms for some much needed rest.

    “Do you think Jaina... Mmmmm... Will be able to walk for the next week after getting fucked like she did?” Mara asked her husband as her ass continued to slam up and down on his full eight inches.

    “I doubt it baby... Fuck, I nearly came... I remember you not being able to walk for that long after I first fucked you all those years ago, and you at least had some experience.” Luke replied with a smirk as he slapped Mara’s ass as hard as he could.

    “Yeah... That was a tough... UHHHH... Week for me. Talon Karrde couldn’t understand why I was bed-ridden for three or four days... He had no idea I was recovering from that first night!” Mara replied with a twinkle in her eye as she remembered back on the faithful day.

    “So... Unhhhh... How’d you get the boys to fuck you, honey?” Luke groaned as Mara turned around on his lap to face the opposite direction and ride his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Luke’s hands instinctively reached up to her ample but firm breasts and took hold of them. Neither Luke or Mara had given into their need to cum thus far and although they usually each gave in eventually, both lovers were committed to forcing the other to cum first.

    “Oh... It wasn’t so hard... Unhhh Yes... I had to fight their little girlfriends for the right, but I beat them silly pretty easily.” Mara said with a wicked grin before leaning back and kissing Luke deeply. “You know I like to fight dirty baby, and besides, those sluts wouldn’t have been able to get those two boys off like I could!” Mara replied with air of pride as she felt her husband’s balls begin to tighten and his panting increase.

    As Luke was getting close to cumming, Jaina was just finishing her shower and was putting on a new outfit to wear to Cilghal’s quarters. Jaina had run out of all her Ahsoka Tano outfits she had made up and therefore decided on something a little different. A tight pair of black spandex shorts and black spandex tube top seemed to fit Jaina just right as she remembered to take C-3PO’s holochip from the holo-projector and cursed herself for leaving it on. She slowly made her way to Cilghal’s, walking awkwardly and wincing in pain as she walked the Massassi Temple halls with an obvious limp.

    Jacen and Anakin had almost made it to Tenel Ka and Tahiri’s rooms when they realized that it would probably be better to check in with the Jedi Healer Cilghal first before returning the girls to their rooms. Their injuries didn’t look too serious, but it couldn’t hurt just to make sure. Besides, the Solo brothers needed their little sluts at their fittest for when they next got them on their own.

    While Jaina, Jacen and Anakin all headed off towards Cilghal’s for a little healing, Mara was in serious trouble. Luke had feigned a near orgasm to put Mara on edge and make her expend all her reserves to push him over the edge.

    “You fell for it honey... You... Unghhhh... Should have realized that that I had more than that to offer!” Luke moaned in her ear as he twisted her perky little nipples and slammed his cock upwards with more power and speed than ever before.

    “FUCK... Unghhh... AHHHH... YOU WIN!” Mara shouted out as she went through a powerful orgasm and coated Luke’s shaft and balls with her sweet nectar. Mara slumped backwards into Luke’s chest as she came down from her orgasm and got ready to receive Luke’s imminent seed. “FUCK LUKE! FILL ME UP BABY!” Mara encouraged her husband as his tempo increased and Mara started to feel his shaft begin to twitch in her pussy.

    “UNGHHHH... TAKE IT ALLLLLL!” Grunted Luke as he slammed his cock up into her as far as he could and planted his seed deep inside her womb; trying his hardest to knock up his lovely redheaded wife.

    “Oh Yeah baby... At least I hope so! It’s so hot!” Mara moaned as Luke fired off the last of his cum inside her and pulled out of her cum-filled pussy with a small pop. Mara slumped to the floor and closed her eyes in bliss as she felt her husband’s cum slowly leak out of her and onto the floor. Noticing that Leia was still in the room, unconscious, Luke was struck by a sudden idea. Luke moved over to wear she was lying naked, kneeled down over her mouth and sank his softening cock into her mouth to clean it off. After a few seconds, Luke pulled his now saliva covered cock out of her mouth and wiped it off in her long luxurious hair before picking up his wife and carrying her over to their bed, where they continued their little fuck session for the next few hours.
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    Star Wars – The Restricted Files
    Chapter 22 – Medical Research

    Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise.

    Story Codes: mf, mf, f-mast, cream pie, exhib, hp, grope, med, voy

    It had been a tumultuous day for nearly everyone on Yavin Four; Jacen and Jaina had lost their virginities to their aunt and uncle, Leia had fucked a seemingly unconscious Kyp Durron to exhaustion and Mara and Luke had consummated their love for each other again, by fucking like wild animals all night. All of this had culminated in Jaina, Tahiri Veila and Tenel Ka needing medical attention and as Jacen and Anakin carried their two girlfriends to see the Jedi Healer Cilghal; their sister was also stumbling on her way there to get treatment for her sore pussy. Tahiri and Tenel Ka were on their way to Cilghal after getting in the way of Mara Jade fucking her two handsome nephews while Jaina was on her way there after getting her pussy pounded and filled to the brim with hot Jedi cum for nearly six straight hours by her Uncle Luke. Jaina was the first to arrive at Cilghal’s quarters and just before she hit the door buzzer, Cilghal opened the door and welcomed the young Jedi slut into her living quarters.

    “Welcome Jaina... I thought I sensed you at my door.” Cilghal said calmly, as she led Jaina into her plain but homey living quarters. There was a large table at one side of her room and as Jaina entered the living space, she wondered what Cilghal would think of her extra-curricular activities and whether she would help heal her of her pain. “What can I do for you, young apprentice?”

    “I hoped you would be able to do a little healing for me, Cilghal?” Jaina asked, quickly snapped back to reality by Cilghal’s question.

    “Of course young Jedi, what do you need healing, may I ask?” Cilghal asked innocently as Jaina walked over to Cilghal’s medical table leaned against it, already blushing. Although Jaina had no problem being the biggest Jedi slut in the galaxy, she still did feel embarrassed when she had to reveal to other respectable people how big of a slut she actually was.

    “It’s... Well... It’s my pussy,” Jaina told the Jedi healer, looking slightly redder and even more embarrassed. “It’s really been hurting since I got fucked last night.” Jaina finished bluntly.

    “Fucked?” Cilghal asked, with her huge fish eyes getting even bigger as she considered what Jaina had just told her.

    “Yes... I am of age!” Jaina replied defensively.

    “No... It’s not that, it’s just I thought I’d be seeing you about this subject a lot sooner than now.” Cilghal replied, not looking angry or disturbed in the slightest by the fact that Jaina was telling her about her sex life.


    “I assume that you lost your virginity last night and got fucked hard to boot.” Cilghal replied, still unfazed by the fact that Jaina was coming to see her about sex.

    “I... Well... Yeah... How’d you know?” Jaina asked, understandably confused.

    “Most young Jedi women who come to train at Yavin see me long before their sixteenth birthday about the very same thing you are here today for.” Cilghal told Jaina as she pulled out a few medical tools.

    “Oh... Can you help me them? It really hurts.” Jaina complained.

    “Of course Jaina. This is one of the reasons I have stayed on Yavin.” Cilghal informed Jaina. “Please remove all of your clothing and sit on the table.”

    “Okay.” Jaina said nervously; quickly pulling off her tight spandex shorts and top before sitting on the cold metal table. The cold table felt good on her sore pussy as she waited for Cilghal to start examining her and hopefully heal her.

    “Now... How long were you fucked for?” Cilghal asked, placing an instrument that looked like a thermometer in her pussy before looking back up at Jaina for an answer.

    “Ummm... About six hours I think... I think I was unconscious for the last couple of hours though.” Jaina answered truthfully, wincing slightly at the sensation of having the cold metal instrument placed without warning in her pussy.

    “Six hours? Ah... And how many times did your Uncle Luke cum in your pussy?” Cilghal asked Jaina with a smile, knowing for certain that the only male Jedi on Yavin actually able to fuck for that long had to be Luke Skywalker.

    “What does that matter?” Jaina asked, as Cilghal made her spread her legs wide open, placing them each into leg holders so she could more closely examine her tight teenage pussy.

    “I’ve been doing some research into Midi-Chlorian counts lately and I believe I have discovered a breakthrough, but I need someone to test my theory out on.” Cilghal told an interested Jaina.

    “And what do you need me to do?” Jaina asked as Cilghal placed another cold metal instrument in her pussy. Jaina would basically do anything for Cilghal if she could heal the soreness from her pussy and allow her to be her slutty self again as soon as possible.

    “I just need a blood sample from you now and after every time you either have your pussy filled with Jedi cum or when you orally ingest any Jedi cum.” Cilghal explained, as she picked up a small data pad and began recovering some data that she had stored on the device.

    “Okay... But why?” Jaina asked as Cilghal quickly took a small sample of blood and fed the analysis of her blood to the data pad for a quick comparison.

    “Excellent... I think I’ve just had a breakthrough... You see Jaina; I’ve been working under the theory that when a female Jedi is either inseminated or orally ingests male Jedi cum, their Midi-Chlorian counts increase. And it appears that my hypothesis is correct.” Cilghal said happily before leaning over towards Jaina to show her the data pad. “You see this Midi-Chlorian count I got from you a few months ago and the one I just took from you now?”


    “This data shows that your Midi-Chlorian count has increased by over four hundred in a matter of only a few months. Assuming that you’ve only been sexually active a few times since then, male Jedi cum ingested in any form increases your own Midi-Chlorian count.”

    “Wow! So you’re saying the bigger the slut I am, the more powerful in the Force I become?” Jaina asked a little intrigued.

    “Yes... But I need more data and more test subjects to make sure my hypothesis is correct. If only I had one or two more volunteers to prove my theories correct. As if Cilghal’s prayers were instantly answered from above, the door chimed again and after Cilghal answered the door without any regard for Jaina and her complete nakedness, she allowed both Jacen and Anakin to enter, carrying their two unconscious girlfriends in with them. Anakin and Jacen nearly dropped Tahiri and Tenel Ka on the stone floor after seeing Jaina completely naked with her legs wide open and two metal medical instruments sticking out of her pussy, but they were able to hold themselves together and gingerly lay their injured Jedi companions on the floor without further harm.

    “HOLY FUCK JAINA!” Anakin blurted out after putting Tahiri down and moving closer to Jaina to examine her pussy. Both Anakin and Jacen had wanted a piece of Jaina’s sweet snatch ever since she had started acting like such a slut, and now that it was just sitting there, spread out for the both of them see, they could hardly believe their eyes. Jaina went to cover her pussy up and at least retain some amount of her dignity, but before she could, Cilghal intervened.

    “Stop Jaina... I’m still running tests and I need you to remain still.” Cilghal told her as she used the Force to levitate Tenel Ka and Tahiri to a nearby bed. “I see that there is no serious harm done to these young ladies.” She said, quickly examining them using the Force and a medical scanner.

    “Oh yeah good... I guess we should stick around though, just to make sure and everything.” Mumbled an entranced Jacen as his eyes remained glued on his twin sister’s unbelievable tight shaved pussy, immaculate body and perky little teenage tits. Neither Jacen or Anakin could have cared in the slightest about their girlfriends’ wellbeing at the moment; they were far too interested in ogling their goddess-like sister.

    “I agree actually.” Cilghal replied, picking up her data pad before collecting a blood sample from both Tenel Ka and Tahiri.

    “Really?” Anakin replied with shock.

    “Yes... I was hoping you’d be able to help be complete a little experiment of mine. Jaina has already provided me with the first piece of viable data, but I need more to make certain my theories are correct.” She replied.

    “And what do you need us to do... Fuck Jaina?” Jacen replied in jest, but actually hoping that Cilghal wanted him and his brother to give it to his whore of a sister.

    “No, but I do actually need you two to fuck Tenel Ka and Tahiri for me, and make sure you cum inside them.” Cilghal responded, without sounding the least bit concerned with what she was asking them to do.

    “Really? Right here...? Right now? What if we you know, get them pregnant?” Anakin asked shocked.

    “Don’t worry young Jedi; it is extremely difficult for two Jedi to conceive a child, so there is almost no chance of that. It will be for purely scientific reasons.” She replied, taking a blood sample from Jacen, Anakin, Tenel Ka and Tahiri in turn before using the Force to rip both Tahiri and Tenel Ka’s clothes off. Jaina looked over at the two unconscious Jedi teens with intrigue as she examined their tight attractive bodies. Tahiri was petite, fit and had beautiful curly blond hair with a completely bald teenage pussy that was just asking to be fucked, while Tenel Ka was taller, with a fantastic juicy ass, finely trimmed pussy, firm buxom breasts and perky little rosy nipples that Jaina herself wanted to suck on.

    “For you maybe.” Jacen whispered to his brother with a grin before tearing off their own clothes and walking over towards both Tenel Ka and Tahiri. Although Anakin had had several opportunities to fuck Tahiri, Jacen had never been lucky enough to slam his seven inches into Tenel Ka, and although she was unconscious, Jacen knew she would be one hell of a fuck. Side by side, the brothers spread open Tahiri and Tenel Ka’s legs and slowly started to guide their hard shafts into their unconscious girlfriends while Cilghal and a very interested Jaina watched. Remembering how great it felt to have his cock stuffed in his little Tattooine slut, Anakin rammed his full six inches as deep into Tahiri as possible.

    “Mmmmpf... Unnnnnnn!” Tahiri moaned quietly as Anakin bottomed out inside her and felt his balls slap against her tight pussy.

    “Fuck... I forgot how tight this slut was.” Anakin groaned as he slowly pulled out and imagined he was ploughing his sister instead of Tahiri. Jaina was imagining nearly the same thing as she started driving the two medical instruments in and out of her pussy while Cilghal took notes and ran a scanner over everybody as if nothing abnormal was going on.

    While Anakin started slamming his hips forward at an ever-increasing speed, Jacen had only managed to fit the head of his cock inside Tenel Ka’s warrior princess pussy. Jacen had only recently lost his virginity to his Aunt Mara and although she had been the tightest thing he had ever experienced, the pressure being exerted by Tenel Ka’s pussy was nearly overwhelming. Throwing caution to the wind and needing to be fully inside the gorgeous red-headed Hapan Princess, Jacen used all his skill with the Force to help him slam the rest of his cock into the unconscious teen.

    “Good Jacen, slam it into that fucking whore!” Jaina chanted as her hands moved like a blur and the medical instruments moved in and out of her even faster.

    “Wow Jaina... It appears that the temperature inside your pussy is increasing at an accelerated rate!” Cilghal said, extremely interested at the data now being fed directly to her data pad. Still examining her data pad, Cilghal picked up another small medical instrument nearby and slowly slid it into Jaina`s extremely tight teenage ass. Jaina shuddered in orgasm as she felt the cold instrument slide a couple of inches into her asshole before Cilghal let go and started typing something into her data pad. Jaina had never had anything in her ass before and as she watched her two brothers fuck their girlfriends even harder than before, one of Jaina`s hands slid down to the instrument in her ass.

    “So fucking tight!” Jacen groaned as he bottomed out and slammed his balls against Tenel Ka’s tight teenage ass. Feeling the need to really give it to the Dathomir warrior, Jacen lifted her legs up and got on the bed with Tenel Ka to slam his cock down into her.

    “Good idea bro... I think I might do the same thing!” Anakin panted, mimicking his brother’s movements and getting up on top of his unconscious partner. With their two girlfriends moaning in unconsciousness and Jaina fucking herself with three medical instruments in her pussy and ass, Jacen and Anakin preceded to really give it to Tenel Ka and Tahiri. Had the two Jedi sluts been awake, they’d have welcomed being used like the dirty whores they wanted to be, but since they were unconscious and unable to hamper the power and speed of the Jedi brothers, both Jacen and Anakin were able to use their incredible Jedi speed to fuck them faster than anything they would ever experience.

    “Holy fuck... There really giving it to those lucky sluts, aren’t they?” Jaina moaned out loudly as Cilghal got closer to Jaina’s pussy to examine the heat coming off of her and how fast Jaina’s hands were moving.

    “Yes... As a Mon Calamari, I never usually get to examine such a ritual up close, so the breeding traditions of human Jedi is extremely fascinating to me on both a personal and scientific level.” Cilghal recited unemotionally, with Jaina not paying attention in the slightest. Her eyes were glued on her two brothers who had started to pant and moan; signalling an upcoming end to the brother’s little show. Anakin’s face was in a grimace as he did all he could to avert his orgasm. Knowing it to be fruitless however, Anakin grabbed hold of Tahiri’s small perky tits and slammed his cock as deep into her as possible while Jacen started to suck on Tenel Ka’s tiny perky nipples and groan in similar distress.

    “FUCK YES! Fill those sluts up brothers!” Jaina screamed out in orgasmic relief, as she quickly pulled out the three medical instruments from her spasm-stricken pussy and ass, and let her warm juices gush out onto the metal table. As if waiting for something to trigger his orgasm, the moaning and groaning of his sister having her own orgasm was just what Jacen needed to hit his peak as well.

    “UNGHHHH... Ahhhhh... UNGHHHHHHHHH!” Grunted both Anakin and Jacen together. With both of their shafts fully inside their tight unconscious girlfriends, Jacen and Anakin exploded inside their pussies, pumping each of them full with their hot sticky Jedi cum as their sister watched with envy. Little did Jaina know however, that both Jacen and Anakin were actually dreaming about the same thing as they fired off a few more hot sticky loads each inside Tenel Ka and Tahiri, fulfilling Cilghal’s wishes for them to fill them to the brim with their warm Jedi seed.

    “That was so hot!” Jaina moaned in exaltation as Jacen and Anakin slowly pulled their cum covered cocks from their girlfriends full pussies and stood back up to examine their handiwork. With their cum leaking out of both Tenel Ka and Tahiri’s tight teenage pussies, both brothers looked over at the sweaty and glistening Jaina, whose own juices were now dripping from the metal table. As Cilghal collected a sample of Jaina’s cum for her own scientific purposes, Jaina eyed both of her brother’s cocks with a clear desire to suck off the last remnants of their cum.

    “Here you go Jaina... I can tell you want to clean us off!” Jacen said with a smirk as he and Anakin walked over to either side of the table Jaina was on. Not denying her desire in the slightest, Jaina leaned over in turn and sucked off as much cum from both her brother’s softening cocks as she could.

    “Mmmmm... Tenel Ka and Tahiri taste good on your cocks!” Jaina moaned as she lay back to bask in the glory of her own orgasm and the flavour of both her brother’s shafts. Before Jacen or Anakin could make a witty response, Cilghal had pricked all five of her test subjects for a Midi-Chlorian count.

    “Amazing... It appears that my hypothesis was correct!” Cilghal said out loud with a sense of pride in her voice as Anakin and then Jacen moved over to Jaina’s pussy to have a quick taste of her tight teenage pussy. As Jacen’s and then Anakin’s tongues delved into her pussy one after the other, Jaina moaned out in pleasure before being snapped back to reality by Cilghal’s words. “Both Tenel Ka and Tahiri’s Midi-Chlorian counts have increased by fifty after their insemination and even your Midi-Chlorian count Jaina has increased slightly from sucking the cum off your brother’s cocks.

    “Wow... That’s so amazing Cilghal! So the more female Jedi fuck and suck, the stronger they get in the Force?” Jaina asked as she sat back up and watched her brothers get dressed.

    “Yes, but not just female Jedi. It appears that both Jacen and Anakin’s Midi-Chlorian count has increased by fifty as well after having sex with Tenel Ka and Tahiri. It seems that the more cum and Midi-Chlorians they pump out into their partners, the quicker their count regenerates and increases. In fact, I would wager that if I were to take their Midi-Chlorian count again after licking your pussy and juices, their count will have increased again.” Cilghal told all three of the Solo siblings as she paced around her room.

    “And can you use your Jedi healing to stop my pussy from hurting so much... Uncle Luke’s cock must have done some internal damage or something.” Jaina said out loud, catching Jacen and Anakin’s attention.

    “Of course... Here.” Cilghal said, quickly waving her hands over Jaina’s pussy and healing the harm Jaina’s first fuck had caused her.

    “Wait... Uncle Luke fucked you last night Jaina?” Anakin said with a twinkle in his eye. Instead of being angry at his Uncle Luke for taking away her virginity, both Jacen and Anakin looked overjoyed at the fact that Jaina was no longer a sweet innocent teasing slut.

    “Yeah... So... Oh... That feels much better Cilghal, thank you!” Jaina said in relief as she hopped down from the cold metal table and put her tight-fitting spandex shorts and tube top back on. “Why...? Do you two want a turn now?” Jaina said sexily as she slowly walked by them and wiggled her ass at them as she opened Cilghal’s door and exited with a wicked grin on her face.

    “Please let her be serious!” Jacen groaned as he and Anakin followed after her as quickly as they could, completely forgetting about their two cum-filled, naked and unconscious girlfriends and thinking about only one thing as they left Cilghal alone to clean up their mess.
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    Brilliant story still. I cant wait to see the rest.
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    can't wait for more.
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    U have gift to make these series spiced!
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    Star Wars – The Restricted Files
    Chapter 23 – Another Lesson Learned

    Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise.

    Story Codes: Mf, blackmail. cream pie, exhib, hp, grope, voy

    Jaina Solo was hornier than she had ever been in her short life. She had just watched her two brothers use their girlfriends like a couple of little fuckdolls for medical research. After discovering that there was a transfer of Midi-Chlorians during sex to both male and female participants which increased both partners Jedi abilities, Cilghal, the Jedi Healer asked the two boys to participate in her little experiment. Filling both Tenel Ka and Tahiri with their hot Jedi seed, Cilghal’s theories were proven correct and both girls as well as both boys showed an increase in Midi-Chlorian counts after sex. Jaina had watched the entire scene, fucking herself and cumming at the sight of her two well-hung brothers slamming their cocks down into two unconscious and very attractive Jedi sluts. All she could think of as she walked back to her room was being double-teamed by those two very same cocks as soon as possible.

    “Fuck... I need to get fucked again!” Jaina moaned to herself as she slid her fingers into her tight spandex shorts and rubbed her sensitive shaved pussy. Jaina may have just came only minutes earlier, but the need to cum and get drilled by a big Jedi cock was overpowering her senses again. It was almost as if she was mimicking the symptoms of her sex idol, Ahsoka Tano, who needed constant sexual stimulation to subdue her specie’s teenage sickness, called the Urge.

    “That’s it! I’ll just watch another one of those holovids... Maybe they’ll give me some answers to why I’m always so horny... And if they don’t, at least I’ll get myself off!” Jaina sighed to herself as she walked through her door and locked it behind her for some privacy. She knew both Anakin and Jacen would be on the prowl soon for some more pussy and Jaina was definitely on the top of their lists to fuck. Although she wanted nothing more than to get fucked like a whore by her two handsome brothers, she wanted just a few hours of time to herself to figure some things out before indulging both her and her brothers’ fantasies. Stripping out of her tight spandex shorts and tube top, Jaina quickly walked over to the holo-projector at the other side of her room and slipped the holochip into it before taking a seat on the nearest couch. As the holo-projector began to play, Jaina secretly wished she had at least had a cock to play with as she watched another thrilling instalment.


    “Ahsoka... My cum is running down your leg. Clean if off before we land, I don’t need the whole Jedi Order suspecting me of fucking my young apprentice.” Anakin told his Padawan as she redressed and got ready to disembark from their ship at the Jedi Temple, where she was to meet with Shaak Ti, while her Master spoke with the Jedi council about some interesting intelligence that they had discovered during their last mission. The trip back to Coruscant was long and a little bit pointless considering the fact that they could have transmitted the intelligence via HoloNet, but since the Council believed it unsafe to do so, Anakin had agreed to return back to Coruscant and deliver it personally. The trip may have been long and pointless, but in no way was it uneventful. Ahsoka had been lucky enough to ride her Master’s cock several times a day, getting filled over and over again by his hot Jedi seed and in the process, satisfying the Urge that constantly made her hunger for more cock.

    “How long do you think you’ll be Master, I don’t know how long I can last without your cock inside me.” Ahsoka said sweetly as she readjusted her skirt and started to put back on her tiny white thong. Anakin reached out with the Force and snatched them out of Ahsoka’s hands before she could put them on however.

    “I’ll be keeping those Ahsoka... I want you horny and ready for when we get back to the ship.” Anakin said with a grin, as he put her little white panties to his nose and sniffed deeply.

    “Why wait Master, when we could fuck right now?” Ahsoka asked Anakin as they got ready to depart.

    “I’ve got a meeting with the Jedi Council in a few minutes and you can’t miss your appointment with Shaak Ti.” Anakin told his apprentice, staring down at her beautiful orange legs and short skirt.

    “Please Master! I’ll do anything you want when we get back if you fuck me now!” Ahsoka begged like a little whore. Although the Urge was not yet affecting her judgement and mind like it usually did before she turned into an even bigger insatiable slut, Ahsoka could think of nothing better than being stuffed full of her Master’s cock one more time before her meeting with Shaak Ti.

    “I guess... If you let me fuck your ass when we get back.” Anakin bartered with his Padawan skilfully, knowing full well that Ahsoka’s ass had yet been untouched by him or any other and that Ahsoka was such a whore she’d do anything he’d ask for another quick fuck.

    “Ummmm... My ass... I guess so...” Ahsoka replied, unsure whether she wanted to have her ass fucked.

    “Then we have a deal... But we don’t have much time, so it needs to be a quickie. Hike up that sexy skirt of yours!” Anakin said to his Padawan with a smirk of glee on his face as Ahsoka obeyed his every command and got ready to take his eight inches in her tight pussy.


    “Fuck... I can’t blame her... I’d let him fuck me in the ass too if he was fucked me right now!” Jaina moaned with her fingers driving in and out of her pussy, fantasizing about having her dead Grandpa slamming his big eight inches into her tight teenage pussy.


    “Ooh Master... So good!” Ahsoka moaned liked a whore only a few seconds after being penetrated by Anakin’s eight inch cock and stuffed full moments later. It didn’t take long for Ahsoka to cum and after only a few minutes of hard and fast fucking, Ahsoka could feel his shaft expanding inside her; a telltale sign of her Master’s impending orgasm.

    “Here I cum Ahsoka! UNGHHHH!” Anakin grunted in pleasurable relief as his cock shuddered and began filling her tight Togrutan pussy with another helping of his hot and sticky Jedi cum. Ahsoka closed her eyes in bliss as she felt the familiar sensation of her Master`s eight inches, pump out load after load of his warm seed inside her and fill her to the brim with his potent cum. “Well... I gotta run... I’ll fuck your ass when we get back!” Anakin told his Padawan with sweat on his brow, as he pulled his softening cock out of her cum-filled pussy, got dressed and left for his meeting with the Jedi Council. Ahsoka enjoyed the sensation of her Master’s cum leaking out of her pussy for a few moments before pulling down her skirt and running off to her meeting as well.

    “Padawan Tano... You are exactly five minutes late for our scheduled meeting.” Shaak Ti said out loud to Ahsoka with her eyes closed as she ran through her door, out of breath.

    “Sorry Master... I was delayed.” Ahsoka said truthfully, leaving out the fact that she had been delayed because of her Master’s eight inch cock.

    “Delayed no doubt by your Master’s cock.” Shaak Ti replied quickly without any emotion.

    “What... Master Shaak Ti... I... Ummmm...” Ahsoka stuttered terribly before Shaak Ti lifted up her hand for silence.

    “I know what you are going through young Padawan. I myself went through the same thing during my age of maturity, and by the steady stream of cum dripping down your inner thigh, I see you have already started feeling the Urge.” Shaak Ti said, finally opening her eyes and looking at the embarrassed young Togrutan Jedi.

    “Yes Master.” Ahsoka replied truthfully, now realizing why the Togrutan Jedi Master had called her to this meeting.

    “As I was saying, I too felt the Urge and succumbed to it time after time until I finally reached maturity and was able to at least control my most primal urges. I remember how good it felt to have my pussy filled with hot cum and although I can’t say I tried my hardest to fight the Urge during those years, I did learn much during that time that I can share with you now.” Shaak Ti explained to a very interested Ahsoka Tano.

    “What kind of things?” Ahsoka asked Shaak Ti, eager to hear a fellow Togrutan tell her about the Urge and ways to help Ahsoka through the difficult years ahead of her. At the moment however, Ahsoka had no intention of ever fighting the Urge, especially when it felt so could to satisfy it.

    “My first and only important piece of advice is, don’t give it up so easily. I’m not saying you can’t have sex whenever you want, but just make sure it is on your terms. The Urge can be used as a tool against both friends and enemies to get what you want and escape certain harm. Men will do almost anything for you, just to get a piece of your fine ass, something that I have learned is true for every attractive woman, Togrutan or not.” Shaak Ti told Ahsoka, as she levitated a small data chip towards her.

    “What’s this?” Ahsoka asked as she took hold of the data chip out of the air and looked up at Shaak Ti for answers.

    “This data chip has all the relevant information I have collected about our species mating rituals and the Urge in particular. I wish you to read through this when you have a chance, but before you do, a friend of mine and the Jedi Order has agreed to teach you some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to sex and how to use it to your advantage.”

    “Really? But I kind of like be used like a slut.” Ahsoka admitted to Shaak Ti. Ahsoka wouldn’t mind being able to use her sexiness as a tool to get what she wanted, but by no means did she want to give up being a total slut.

    “Of course you do not have to always control the Urge and even if you try, there will be many times when you will have almost no control over your actions. I myself could not control the Urge many times during my youth and was impregnated no less than five times in a few short years. This will no doubt happen to you, as it does to every Togrutan female during their early life, but with a little self-control and patience, you will at least be afforded some respect during and after the age of maturity.” Shaak Ti explained to Ahsoka.

    “Okay Master... But who’ll be teaching me these tricks.” Ahsoka asked as she slipped the data chip into her tube top and got ready to leave.

    “You will accompany the Senator from Naboo, Padme Amidala while she makes her daily rounds, using her skills as a temptress to secure votes and allies for herself and her planet.” Shaak Ti said; as she waved her fellow Togrutan goodbye and sat back down to meditate once again.


    “Grandma? Looks like I’ve got some more things to learn from her.” Jaina said to herself as she finally pulled her fingers out of her pussy and looked at the holovid with a new sense of interest, not just a sexual one. Jaina had already started manipulating the male Jedi around her using her sex appeal, but lately she had indulged herself and forgotten all about her ability to get what she wanted, using nothing but her body as a means to take control of every situation.


    “Senator Amidala... Ummm... Master Shaak Ti said I’m supposed to accompany you during your daily routine to learn--” Ahsoka said before being interrupted by Padme in mid-sentence.

    “... How to use that fine ass of yours to get whatever you want.” Padme said with a grin before taking a good long look at her. “Well... At least you’ve got a lot to work with... We just need to work on your self-control.” Padme continued, as she got up from her desk and walked over to Padme to shake her hand. After getting her first glimpse of the Senator from Naboo, Ahsoka could easily understand how the young woman had attained such an esteemed position so early in her life. Padme was wearing a glittering short black and gold dress, with black high heels a beautiful gold belt wrapped around her waist. It was her physical appearance however, that stunned Ahsoka the most – long smooth legs, small firm breasts, a juicy heart-shaped ass, petite frame, and beautiful face really made the young Senator stand out like no other.

    “What should I do Senator? Just follow you around and watch?” Ahsoka asked; still a little shocked at how gorgeous Padme was.

    “Yes, but you’ll be acting as my aide today as I negotiate a few points of interest with the Supreme Chancellor.” Padme told Ahsoka as she led her out her office and towards the Supreme Chancellor’s.

    “What do you have to negotiate about?” Ahsoka asked, as she was given a clipboard from Padme and followed her down the long elaborate halls of the Senate house.

    “Although I am a staunch supporter of stopping the war as soon as possible, I know such a request would never succeed in changing anything. I therefore will chip away at the Chancellor’s resolve by asking for only minor changes in the Republic’s stance on the war.” Padme told Ahsoka as they turned a corner.

    “And what are you going to ask for today?”

    “Oh... Just for the Chancellor to hear out a few of the more disgruntled Separatists and hopefully resolve the war without as much bloodshed.” Padme said as they reached the Chancellor’s outer doors.

    “What are you doing?” Ahsoka asked Padme as she watched the young Senator from Naboo, hike up her dress a couple more inches until Ahsoka could see the bottom of her juicy ass.

    “Making myself look a little more presentable,” Padme replied, grinning as she made sure she was showing enough cleavage to make any man stare at her perfect little breasts. “I’d ask you to do the same but I don’t think that skirt can be any shorter,” She said, looking down at Ahsoka’s short little leather skirt and catching just a glimpse of her bare bald pussy. “And I see we have something else in common... No panties!” She said, lifting her dress right up to show Ahsoka her bare ass. Before entering, Padme readjusted her dress and opened the door to find the Chancellor’s main office doors guarded by four highly trained Senatorial Guards. Nodding their heads and waving her on ahead to enter the Chancellor’s main office, Padme and Ahsoka walked into to find the Supreme Chancellor ready for their meeting.

    “Ah... Senator Amidala and Padawan Ahsoka Tano, I believe... Please have a seat.” The Chancellor greeted them warmly as he bade them to sit down opposite to him. Noticing that the Chancellor’s eyes had roamed over both of their tight little bodies, Padme took the initiative and sat down in her chair with her legs open just enough so the Chancellor could see her finely trimmed pubic hair and tight little pussy. Ahsoka did the same thing seconds later, following in Padme’s footsteps and taking a seat opposite the Chancellor and opening her legs wide enough for him to see her delectable little orange pussy.


    “Oh my God... I hope Grandma doesn’t fuck that evil old fucker!” Jaina cried in shock as her fingers again started probing her horny pussy. Jaina knew from historical holovids that the Emperor had once been known as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and although the Palpatine was not yet scarred and cloaked in black, she knew what he would become.


    “Ummm... Ahhh... We... You... Had something to discuss with me about?” Palpatine stuttered as he stared down at both Padme and Ahsoka’s pussies.

    “Yes Chancellor... I was hoping I could persuade you to speak with a couple of representatives from the Separatists to help expedite this costly war.” Padme reasoned, not phased in the least by the fact that she was being ogled by the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.

    “Ahhh... Ummm... I am sorry Senator, but my stance on the matter prevents me from doing so.” Palpatine replied, regaining at least some of his composure.

    “But Chancellor... I thought we could at least discuss the matter as well as others during a few ‘private’ sessions.” Padme said with a wicked grin as she opened her legs more widely and ran her fingers up and down her slit seductively.

    “Pretty please Chancellor.” Ahsoka chimed in sweetly seconds later; catching onto her mentor’s ploy and widening her legs likewise to show off her tasty bald orange pussy to the Chancellor.

    “Ummmm... I guess I could be persuaded to at least hear you out. Shall we meet next week in my personal quarters for some more private discussions? You are welcome to join us as well Padawan.” Palpatine replied hopefully as Padme made to stand up. Ahsoka considered the invitation briefly before Padme spoke for her.

    “Unfortunately Ahsoka will be leaving Coruscant before then, so you’ll just have me to deal with... I’m sure that I’m more than a match.” Padme said seductively before leading Ahsoka from the room and shaking her ass one more time at the Chancellor to seal the deal.

    “Wow... That shit really works!” Ahsoka said out loud after leaving the Chancellor’s office and following Padme back towards her office.

    “You bet... So remember that, the next time you need something from a man.” Padme replied wisely, before giving Ahsoka a firm hug goodbye and squeezing her ass in the process. I can see what Anakin sees in her, Padme thought to herself as Ahsoka rounded the corner.

    “So Ass-hoka, ready to earn your namesake!” Anakin Skywalker said after boarding his ship and finding his Padawan at the helm.

    “I’m too tired Master... Maybe later, when I think you’ve earned it.” Ahsoka replied bluntly before closing the bridge door in his face and smiling to herself as she started reading through the data chip Shaak Ti had given her.


    As the holovid ended, Jaina found a new respect for both her idol, Ahsoka Tano, and her grandmother, who had imparted some pretty good advice to both her and Ahsoka.

    “Hmmmm... I guess I should tease more than I treat.”
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    Another great chapter. Keep writing.
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    definitely booker material
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    Thumbs up clone sex PLEASE

    If possible, PLEASE more clone sex, and not them being completely absorbed in what they are supposed to do. I know, it's bred into them, but make them real men, please. A long orgy scene would be incredible. If possible that is. I don't want to hinder what you've got going here because it's effing fantastic.
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    Super Cool.
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    Star Wars – The Restricted Files
    Chapter 24 – It’s a Family Affair

    Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise.

    Story Codes: mmf, Mf, blackmail, cream pie, grope, hp, inc, oral, voy

    It had been a few hectic and sexually charged days at the Jedi Temple on Yavin Four since Jaina, Jacen and Anakin had lost their virginities, and although neither Jacen or Anakin had had the pleasure of fucking Jaina’s sweet barely untouched snatch, their efforts were at last getting them somewhere. Little did they know however, Jaina had been stringing them along for the last few days, using all the feminine wiles she had picked up from both her Grandma and Ahsoka Tano to get whatever she wanted. ‘Always tease, never treat’, seemed to be Jaina’s new motto and although she had enjoyed having her pussy stuffed with cock and filled with hot cum, Jaina found it far more fun and profitable to simple tease those who clearly wanted her. Jaina had been getting everything she had wanted from Jacen and Anakin; if she needed something fixed, cleaned, or delivered to her quarters, her two devoted brothers did it for her as quickly as possible. In fact, Jaina had asked them to her room one afternoon to fix her malfunctioning holo-projector.

    “It seems to be on the fritz Anakin, I was hoping you and Jacen could get it working and we’d maybe watch another holovid from C-3PO’s restricted files.” Jaina told her two brothers as they entered her room and were stunned to see their darling sister wearing a little pink see-through teddy. Not wearing any bra or panties, both Jacen and Anakin gawked, wide-eyed at the brunette beauty as she beckoned them into the room. So short was the teddy, that the bottom of Jaina’s sweet teenage ass and the smallest trace of her tight little pussy were visible while she stood there waiting in front of them. “Uhhh... Hello?”

    “Ohh Yeah... The holo-projector... Why don’t you fix that Anakin and I’ll go make sure Jaina’s comfortable.” Jacen suggested as Anakin continued to stare at Jaina’s gorgeous little outfit.

    “What? Why do I always have to fix everything?” Anakin complained, snapping out of his reverie as Jacen walked over to Jaina and guided her back over to the couch in front of the holo-projector.

    “You’re the youngest... Besides, I seem to remember letting you have Jaina’s thong!” Jacen said with a smirk as he grabbed Jaina’s ass quickly to rub it in a little. Jaina slapped his hand away with a smile before taking a seat with Jacen next to her.

    “Don’t worry Anakin; you’ll always be my favourite brother. Besides Jacen, you can fix my shower while Anakin works on that; the hot water doesn’t seem to be working.” Jaina teased Jacen as she lightened the darkening mood. After fingering Jaina’s tiny little thong stuffed in his pocket, Anakin got to work with a smile on his face while Jacen stamped off to the shower to see what he could do. The holo-projector wasn’t in too bad of condition and before long; Anakin was making the final repairs. Looking back at Jaina to make sure she was still sitting on the nearby couch, Anakin was delighted to see between Jaina’s legs. Nearly setting the holo-projector on fire by crossing the wrong wires, Anakin quickly regained his composure and started up the now perfectly functioning projector, just as Jacen came out of the bathroom looking slightly wet but clearly triumphant.

    “Great work you guys, I guess we should watch a video now to make sure it works properly. Don’t you think?”

    “Maybe you should test out the shower quick, just to make sure it works properly.” Jacen basically begged as he and Anakin took a seat on either side of Jaina.

    “Why Jacen? Do you want me all wet before we start watching the holovid?” Jaina replied, knowing full well her teasing would get both Anakin and Jacen harder for her than ever before. “... Besides... I thought I’d let you fuck me while we watched a vid, but if you think I should test out the shower...”

    “What... NO! Really!” Jacen and Anakin said in unison as their eyes lit up and the holo-projector started playing. With a wicked grin, Jaina pulled off her little pink see-through teddy and placed both of her hands on Jacen and Anakin’s stiff cocks.


    “So Master... Unghhhh... You said the Jedi Council is certain Count Dooku and Ventress are on the junk planet... Unghhh... Raxus Prime.” Ahsoka Tano panted, nearing orgasm as she bounced up and down on her Master Anakin’s lap.

    “Exactly... Unghhh... The Council believes they’re searching for something that will help them make a direct attack on... Ughhhh... Coruscant.” Anakin replied looking overjoyed that he was yet again fucking his hot young Padawan aboard his vessel on the way to their next mission. It had been some time since Anakin had been fortunate to have his cock being bounced up and down upon and even longer since Ahsoka had been willing to let him fuck her. Lately the young Togrutan nymph had been exercising a little more restraint when it came to sex, and although she had allowed her Master and others to eat her pussy, she had been stingy when it came to actually letting them fuck her. Instead of just fucking everything in sight, Ahsoka had taken her Togrutan friend’s advice as well as Padme Amidala’s and had used her sexual wiles to make the men around her, do what she wanted. The Urge, coupled with the importance of the upcoming mission and the fact that her Master was in dire need of a good fuck, had led Ahsoka to giving it up to her Master on their way to Raxus Prime.

    “Do they... Uhhhhnnn... Know were coming? I’m cumming again Master!” Ahsoka moaned as she started grinding back and forth over her Master’s cock, making sure to get as much of Anakin’s eight inches inside her as possible as she came.

    “Again Ahsoka... That’s ten times in only a couple of hours! And no, I don’t believe they know were coming, but we should... Unghhh... Be ready for anything.” Anakin said, feeling the familiar sensation of Ahsoka’s warm sweet juices coat his cock for the tenth time. Besides, I don’t think Ventress will be very happy to see me, Anakin thought to himself, remembering back to when he planted his seed deep within her womb. Impregnation of another Force-sensitive individual is extremely rare, but it was not unheard of and Anakin was pretty sure Ventress would not be happy to see him, whether she had a bun in the oven or not.

    “I’ve been so horny for your cock Master and I haven’t had a good cock inside me for weeks!” Ahsoka admitted as she recovered from her last orgasm.


    “Wow... They’re already going at it! Fuck, it’s making me hot!” Jaina moaned to her two horny brothers as her hands worked up and down on their cocks and they in turn massaged her breasts and pussy.

    “So... We can fuck you now?” Anakin asked, eager to slam his full six inches into his sister’s tight teenage pussy.

    “Yep... You can both fuck me as hard as you want!” Jaina moaned as she felt Anakin’s finger penetrate her pussy and Jacen squeeze her sensitive little rosy nipple.

    “I’m going to fuck your pussy raw Jaina!” Jacen said in eager anticipation as Jaina was forced to lie down on the couch with her legs open and her head sticking over the end of couch. As Jacen took off his clothes and proceeded to probe her pussy with his cock, getting ready to slam it forward, Anakin did the same and placed his cock next to Jaina’s overhanging head. “What the fuck Jaina? Are you using the Force to create a barrier around your pussy?” Jacen asked his sister in distress as he tried to force the tip of his cock past her tight entrance.

    “Ha ha ha ha... No one said you could fuck my pussy... I just said you could fuck me, and I meant my tits and face!” Jaina teased them, thinking it hilarious that she had just strung them along so beautifully.

    “FUCK... Come on Jaina... Stop being such a fucking tease!” Jacen shouted in anger and frustration as he slammed his hips forwards to no avail. “Fucking slut! Fine... but you’re going to pay for teasing us!” Jacen said with a smirk as Jaina quickly looked back up at him looking a little worried. Getting the hint and feeling just as frustrated and disappointed as Jacen, Anakin pulled Jaina’s head back with the Force and slammed half of his six inches into her mouth without warning. “Good one Anakin... I’ll do the same with her tits!” He said looking a little more pleased as he climbed onto her chest and placed his hard six and half inch cock between her small but firm breasts.

    “Mmmpppff... Mmmmm... Mmmpfffff!” Jaina managed to mumble as Anakin slammed his hips back and forth, forcing her to deep-throat his entire six inches every few seconds.


    Anakin Skywalker was now on top of Ahsoka Tano and was driving his cock down into her with as much speed as the Force could muster. Ahsoka was screaming and moaning as loud as she could as her pussy was assaulted from above and her body was continually slammed down into the deck plating of the ship, leaving a slight dent in the floor.

    “HOLY FUCK MASTER! You’re going to fuck me right through the bottom of the ship!” Ahsoka moaned as sweat dripped from Anakin’s brow and onto her forehead.

    “It’s not my fault... Unghhh... You’ve been holding on me for too long!” Anakin groaned as he slowed down a little in order not to punch a hole through the hull.


    “I’m flipping her over Anakin, I need to see that ass again!” Jacen said in excitement as he got off of Jaina’s chest and flipped her around with Anakin’s cock still in her mouth. “As sweet as ever!” Jacen sighed as he placed his cock between her beautiful ass cheeks and started hot dogging them for all they were worth.

    As Anakin and Jacen basically molested their teenage slut of a sister, Han Solo had finally arrived at the Jedi Temple on Yavin Four. After a week of traveling aboard the Millennium Falcon with Winter Celchu and fucking every day for hours at a time with the white haired ex-Rebel spy, Han had finally made it to Yavin Four to confront his cheating whore of a wife.

    “Thanks for taking this trip with me Winter... I had a great time, and I know you did too!” Han told Winter as they embraced each other one more time before exiting the Millennium Falcon. Winter was off to find Leia and say hello to Luke and Mara while Han made his way over to the other Massassi Temples in order to find his children.

    “I’m getting really close here Jacen!” Anakin panted, finally pulling his cock out of Jaina’s throat long enough for her to take a few deep breaths and recover from the incredible face fucking she had been getting from her younger brother.

    “Let’s switch up then... I want to feel her mouth on my cock before I cum anyway.” Jacen reasoned as he got off of Jaina’s back and moved over to where Anakin had been standing.

    “Hold up a minute Jacen and let me catch my breath... Anakin didn’t let up a bit.” Jaina whined as she quickly regained her stamina and got ready to taste her other brother’s cock.

    “I hope you’re ready Jaina, because Anakin has nothing on me!” Jacen said with a grin as he slammed his hips forwards and made Jaina basically choke on his entire six and a half inches. As Jacen made Jaina deep-throat his entire shaft, Anakin had climbed up behind her, took hold of both her supple ass cheeks and began sliding his cock back and forth between those cheeks.

    “Fuck Jaina... You have the best ass in the galaxy!” Anakin moaned as he fantasized about taking his cock out from between her ass cheeks and slipping the head of his cock into her tight little pussy while Jaina was caught unaware. He had once been lucky enough to have the head of his cock in her pussy before, but he had never been fortunate enough to get any farther than that. As he watched Jacen use the Force to face-fuck Jaina even harder than he had, Anakin decided to go for it and hope that Jaina’s attention would be too occupied to notice the initial intrusion of the tip of his cock. Being extra careful not to attract any further attention to his actions, Anakin slowly slid his cock from between her cheeks and lightly placed the head of his cock against the tight slit of her pussy. With Jacen fucking her face harder than ever, Anakin moved in one quick motion and just as Anakin felt the tip of his cock begin to penetrate the tightest pussy he had ever felt, Jaina’s focus with the Force intensified and she flung the unprepared Anakin back off the couch and onto the floor with a thud.

    “Nice try buddy!” Jacen said with a smile as he pulled his cock out of Jaina’s mouth and let her make her own remark to Anakin’s attempt at fucking her.

    “You crafty little bugger... I’m not going to give it up to you that easily.” Jaina replied before rolling back around on her back and getting ready to let Jacen fuck her face again and Anakin have a try at her pert little tits.


    As Jacen, Anakin and Jaina continued to enjoy themselves, Anakin Skywalker was getting ready to cum. He had been fucking his Padawan Ahsoka for nearly three hours on their way to a very important mission and although Ahsoka had cum nearly fifteen times already, Anakin had held off as long as he could, hoping to magnify an orgasm that was already going to be legendary.

    “TOOO TIGHT... I’M FUCKING CUMMING!” Anakin groaned as he slammed his full eight inches into Ahsoka and started unloading inside of her, plastering her womb with over a month’s worth of pent up sexual frustration for his teasing whore of a Padawan. “Take it all you slut!” Anakin grunted as he continued pumping her full with his hot sticky cum. Anakin had been unable to fuck Ahsoka for some time due to her new policy on teasing him instead of pleasing him, so the chance to finally blow another load inside her only magnified his extraordinary orgasm.

    “It’s so much Master! It’s so hot!” Ahsoka squealed like a satisfied whore as she felt her womb being painted with stream after stream of her Master’s warm seed again. She had gone a long time without having the familiar sensation of her pussy being filled to the brim with her Master’s hot sticky cum and as his cock finally stopped jerking inside her, she smiled up at him and slipped into unconsciousness.


    Han Solo had looked all over the Massassi Temples for his children, but after searching both Jacen and Anakin’s rooms, he had still not found any of them. ‘Maybe they’re in Jaina’s room’, Han thought as he walked down one of the Massassi hallways towards his daughter’s room. As he approached, Han could hear the sound of someone moaning Jaina’s name. Opening the door ever so slightly, Han peered inside to see a most peculiar sight. His two sons Anakin and Jacen were double teaming some girl on a sofa in front of a holo-projector which had stopped playing. ‘Holy fuck, they’re really giving it to that slut, but I could have sworn I heard Jaina’s name and this is Jaina’s room’, Han thought to himself as he watched Anakin slam his cock between the girl’s firm little tits and Jacen ram his hips forwards into her open mouth.

    “I’m gonna cum... Get on your knees Jaina!” Jacen moaned as he pulled his saliva-covered cock out of her mouth and got ready to blow a massive load all over her face. Anakin beat him to the punch and just as Jaina looked up to see if he was going to get off her, Anakin grunted out in relief.

    “Mmmmmm... Yes!” Anakin moaned as he slammed his cock forward one more time between her tits and fired off five thick streams of his hot sticky cum across Jaina’s chest, chin and face. Jaina had no time to open her mouth but took the hot load without flinching. Just as the last stream of Anakin’s cum struck her right cheek, Jaina heard Jacen walk over to her side and grunt in similar relief.

    “Unghhhhhhh... Mmmmmm!” Jacen groaned, aiming the tip of his cock at her face and pasting her completely with several hot strings of his sticky cum. Jaina was able to open her mouth just in time, swallowing half of the salty seed with a smile on her sticky face.

    “What the fuck!” Han said to himself as he watched his two sons cum all over her smoking hot daughter’s face and tits. “Those lucky bastards!” Han said as his hand drifted down towards his stiffening cock and he watched his gorgeous cum-soaked and naked daughter stand on her feet and wiggle her ass at her two brothers before making her way to her dresser.

    “Here... These should hold you until next time.” Jaina said sexily with cum still dripping from her face. She picked up two colourful thongs and flung them over at her two exhausted brothers. Catching the panties and instinctively sniffing the sweet smelling underwear, Jacen and Anakin smiled backed at Jaina, got dressed and high-fived each other before making their way to the door.

    Knowing he needed to hide, Han dove behind a nearby pillar and waited until Jacen and Anakin exited the room and went in opposite directions. Curious to get another look at his slut of a daughter, Han peered back inside the room and heard Jaina curse at the fact that she had only one pair of panties left. After closing her panty drawer in exasperation, Jaina opened her bathroom door and proceeded to clean up before going to a training session with her Aunt Mara. Horny and feeling a little rebellious, Han snuck into the room, opened the panty drawer and stole his daughter’s last thong. Stuffing the sweet smelling panties in his pocket, Han left the room and considered what he had just seen and what he should do about it.
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    Man it was awesome.
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    when can we expect another chapter avatrek this story is awesome
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    Very good... Thx.
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    good storie
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    plays on old childhood faivouret
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    bring on more
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    awesome keep writing
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    the force is with yo
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