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Thread: my grandpa

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    Default my grandpa

    It was summer and I had just turned sixteen. The braces were off, my boobs had grown into a nice “B”, and I looked damn good in my bikini. I was psyched for a great summer, but little did I know how things were gonna develop.

    My grandpa came for his yearly visit. My grandpa is the coolest guy. He’s my mom’s dad and alotta fun to be around. My dad is the disciplinarian in the house, so I tend to stay away from him as much as possible. I loved when grandpa came, and he, me and my mom did all sorts of cool stuff. He arrived on Friday and we all went out to dinner and had a great time. Saturday, we went to the amusement park and we couldn’t keep grandpa off the rollercoasters! I was about to barf myself from all the twisting and turning. That night I had a date with my boyfriend and left the old folks to their own doings.

    Our house is a split level with my parents’ room upstairs and mine downstairs. It’s great for a teenager, because I can easily sneak in the backdoor and have sex with boys whenever I want. I had to be careful that night as the guest room is right next to mine, and I didn’t want my grandpa to catch us. I let my boyfriend strip me and then went to my knees and freed his cock from his shorts. I squeezed his balls hard a couple of times as he was moaning too loudly as I sucked him off. I finally gave up as he was being too loud and we were gonna get caught. I climbed up and mounted his cock, placing my hand over his mouth. I humped him hard as I was horny as hell and needed a good fucking. Within two minutes, however, I felt him tense up and shoot his load deep inside me. I didn’t care as I’m on the pill, but for once I would like a good long fuck! I went to the bathroom to clean up and when I came back he was dressed and ready to leave. That was fine by me and I gave him a quick kiss and shuffled him out the door.

    I was nervous as hell the next day that grandpa had heard us. But, to my relief, not a word was said. We all went to the beach and had a great day. Grandpa was teasing me in front of my mom about how I finally filled out my bikini and she’d better keep an eye on me. I laughed knowing he had no clue. We went to a movie that night and then all went to bed.

    Monday was a free day for me. My parents had to work and soccer camp didn’t start til tomorrow. I slept in and took a shower when I woke up at noon. I had all but forgotten Saturday night until, headed to my room from the shower, my grandpa popped out of his room and said “I sure hope that boy was using some protection, I’m not ready for GREAT grand-kids yet.” My jaw, and my heart, dropped. I looked at him but couldn’t speak. “You heard us?” I finally stammered. “And saw you” he replied. “My door wasn’t closed.” “Please don’t tell mom and dad” I pleaded. “Daddy will kill me!” “Yes, he would….. And was it even worth it?” he asked. “That boy was finished faster than Santa Claus!” I admitted that the sex with my boyfriend wasn’t the greatest and again pleaded with him not to tell my parents. “Well, your parents should know that you’re having sex. But I guess they don’t have to hear it from me” he said. “But my silence comes at a price. Why don’t you take off that robe.”

    I was shocked. He was looking me straight in the eye and I knew he wasn’t joking. I looked down and saw that his cock was getting hard and pushing against his boxers. I didn’t move until he said “unless you’d prefer I talk to your father”. I didn’t prefer that and slowly untied the belt on the robe. I shrugged the robe from my shoulders and let it fall to the floor, revealing my naked body to my grandfather. His eyes lit up as he took in my body and I noticed his cock was now straining his shorts. “Beautiful”, he muttered as his hands roamed from my breasts to my trimmed bush. “Just one thing we need to fix” he said, leading me into his room. He placed a towel on the bed and sat me on it. He reached into his suitcase and pulled out his electric razor and popped the trimmer open. “No need for this” he said under his breath as he shaved off my pubic hair. When there was nothing but stubble left, he gave my pussy a little kiss and left the room. I just sat there in shock and looked at my newly trimmed pussy. Grandpa returned with a can of shaving cream, my razor, and a cup of water. He had stripped naked and had the biggest, fattest cock I had ever seen sticking straight out from his body! He proceeded to spread my legs and lather my pussy with the shaving cream. I was nervous as he put the razor to my pussy, but soon relaxed when I realized he was being very careful. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the attention until he stopped.

    When I opened my eyes, I glanced down at my newly shaven pussy and saw the hungry look in my grandpa’s eyes. He admired his work for a moment before leaning his face into my pussy. I jumped as I felt his tongue push into my slit and work its whole length. He pushed it up into my vagina, then out and up to my clit. Grandpa was awesome with his tongue and I was soon bucking at his touch and pulling his face deeper into my pussy. No boy I had ever been with had ever made me feel like this! After I came for, like, the fourth time, Grandpa pulled his mouth from my pussy and stood up. I knew what was next, but his cock was so big I was scared.

    Grandpa moved over me and started sucking on my nipples. I felt the big head of his cock push into my slit. I reached down and wrapped my hand around it as best I could. It was so big, I couldn’t touch my fingers around it. Grandpa then kissed me, and I kissed him back. I slid the head of his monster up and down my slit, getting him lubed up enough to where it wouldn’t hurt. Or so I hoped. He raised himself up on his arms and began pushing his big cock into me. I felt like I was fucking a baseball bat as the big head penetrated my pussy. It hurt a lot, but felt really good at the same time. Once the head popped in, grandpa wasted no time giving me the whole thing! I have never felt so filled-up in my short life. Grandpa’s cock felt so good pistoning in and out of my little pussy. I wrapped my legs around his back as he fucked me harder and harder.

    Finally, I knew what sex SHOULD feel like and I wanted more. I was moaning to my grandpa to fuck me harder, and he did! Just when I thought I was getting the best fuck of my life, grandpa pulled my legs from around him and placed them over his shoulders. I didn’t know what to expect, but let him do as he pleased. He proceeded to drive his cock so deep into me that I screamed in pain AND pleasure! And he kept going. His big cock was actually pounding the tip of my cervix, and it felt damn good! After 3 or 4 minutes of this I felt him start to tense up and knew he was about to come. Instead of cumming inside of me, he pulled his cock out and shot a huge load of cum all over my tummy and pussy. I rubbed the cum into my skin, and tasted some of it, as grandpa rolled off of me and laid on the bed. I looked at the clock and realized that we had been at it for almost an hour. Grandfather or not, I had finally gotten the fucking I needed and wanted!
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    Hot story
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    that was so incredibly sweet
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    Great story,, do more pls.
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    Default Fun story.

    I would say stretch out the sex a little more, but other than that, very hot.
    It points up a sad fact as well. Now that I am arguably better at fucking teen aged girls than I've ever been, most of them look at me, and think, "Eeww, old dude!" (sigh)
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    when i was 12, my parents let me sleep over at my grandpas house for 2 weeks in the summer. so i went, and one night i woke up with my grandpa sucking on my cunt. i knew i was supposed to tell him to stop but it felt so good that i couldnt. after that, i did everything he told me to just so he would teach me more about sex. his rules were: i wasnt allowed to wear clothes while i was staying at his house, i wasnt allowed to talk when he put my leash and collar on, and i couldnt cum until he let me. also i couldnt tell anyone. my favorite parts of being his slave was when he would put my leash and collar on and make me crawl around lick a whore dog. if i had to go to the bathroom, either piss or shit, i had to do it on the floor and eat it and lick the floor clean after.
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    with me it was at my uncles house an i never told mom anything about her brother fucking me
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    Hot fucking story, can't wait to read part two.
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    Thumbs up

    Good story alma
    I liked that.
    used for sex and better for it
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    I peeked!
    Forget about Love
    “Love is just lust with jealousy added”
    'Cunt is the one thing we do not fully own; as it is there for other peoples' use'
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    Default yep

    Too bad Alma hasn't logged is in 3 years
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