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    Default Catching My Mom.

    I was an only child (a boy) and my dad was always away on business, usually for months at a time, so it was pretty much just me and my mom by ourselves at home. When I was a 12 y/o I got out of school early, around noon. I'm almost sure I told my mom we were just having half a day that day but it was soon to become clear to me that she had forgotten. I rode my bike home from school and went in the back door to the kitchen. There was nothing out of the ordinary when I got home except my mom was nowhere to be seen. I called for her a few times while I got something to drink from the refridgerator. I got no answer so I just sort of walked down the hallway toward her bedroom. I hear noises coming from the guest bedroom halfway down the hall. I couldn't quite make them out but it wasn't conversation, more like grunting and moaning. The door to the guest bedroom was slightly ajar. For some reason I seemed to know something out of the ordinary was going on so I quietly crept up to the slightly opened door and and looked in. Well, not really looked all the way in but I got a clear view of the big dresser mirror against the wall that gave me a very clear view of what was going on in the bed. In the big mirror's reflection I saw my mom, completely naked, on top of a man I had never seen before. I couldn't see his face but I knew I'd never seen him before. He was big...and hairy. My mom was riding him and they were VERY envolved in what they were doing. I could see that the man's penis was completely inside my mom's pussy and he was thrusting hard. His penis never completely came out of my mom but it looked absolutely HUGE to me. My mom was sort of leaning over him bouncing up and down. I could get a glimpse of my mom's long titties swinging around ever now and then. The man's big hands had my mom's asscheeks spread as wide as they could possibly get and two of his fingers were digging in her anus. She didn't seem to mind at all. I just stood there and watched them in total amazement, not really knowing what I should be feeling. I probably could have walked in the room with them without them noticing me but I just stayed where I was and watched them for no more than a minute or so I guess. I was feeling shocked, betrayed, jealouse....and aroused..all at the same time. I almost lost my breathe. A part of me wanted to stay and watch them finish it and another part of me wanted to run away. After watching them for as long as I thought I possibly could I quietly left the house without either my mom or that man having any idea that I had seen them fucking. I returned home an hour or so later. The man was gone. I guess his car was in the garage next to my mom's car. I never mentioned to my mom that I had just seen her fucking a man that wasn't my dad or her husband. She seemed truely shocked to see me home that early. I just told her I got out of school early and left it at that. I'm sure she felt that she'd dodged a bullet....but she didn't. I never saw her with that man, or any other man for that matter but I'm fairly certain that that wasn't her first time...or her last. A day or so after that I masturbated while thinking about what I saw my mom doing with that man. I had a friend my age at the time that I had been sucking off fairly regularly. I was very submissive to him but I never told him what I had caught my mom and that man doing but I did let him peek at her through her bathroom window when she took her evening shower sometimes. My friend loved seeing my mom naked and using the toilet. After she got in the shower the windows would fog up my friend would hop down from his perch and have me suck him off while he told me what he had seen my mom doing and how he wanted to fuck her. Again...I never told my friend....or anyone else what I caught my mom doing that afternoon I came home early from school.
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    y nott
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