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    Default True Incest Stories

    Seeing that we already have a thread for fans of incest, I thought it might be a cool idea to see how many true incest stories there actually are. Please don't repost true stories that have already been put up or any fantasies; real stories between you and a close family member or any such encounters that you might have witnessed.
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    I love incest stories. Now I wish for an older man to role play with.
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    when i was 12, my parents let me sleep over at my grandpas house for 2 weeks in the summer. so i went, and one night i woke up with my grandpa sucking on my cunt. i knew i was supposed to tell him to stop but it felt so good that i couldnt. after that, i did everything he told me to just so he would teach me more about sex. his rules were: i wasnt allowed to wear clothes while i was staying at his house, i wasnt allowed to talk when he put my leash and collar on, and i couldnt cum until he let me. also i couldnt tell anyone. my favorite parts of being his slave was when he would put my leash and collar on and make me crawl around lick a whore dog. if i had to go to the bathroom, either piss or shit, i had to do it on the floor and eat it and lick the floor clean after.
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