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    Default Me and Mommy Early Years (incest, F/b, F/F, g/b)

    This is my first post on XNXX. I have browsed around the forum and believe that I will enjoy myself here. Hope you enjoy the stories.

    My stories are masturbation fantasy for me. None of them contain a shred of truth. They are merely the product of my cock's desire of the day. I tend to write about power exchanges and often am inclined to add bisexual scenes. It all depends on my perversion of the moment. I tire of a fantasy then skip on to another: my dick the dictator. If you get off on a story that is nice. It's basically about my lewd wants. However, I may continue with a scenario if I find lots of interest. I can get off for a while, knowing others are wanking to the fantasy. If something upsets you please stop reading. I will give notice about the basic content of the story. If the subject matter raises your hackles. Don't fucking read it. If it raises something else, let me know. Writers love feedback. I may even bend the story towards your inclinations. It will depend on my prick at the time...


    First let me tell you about my mother. She had me when she was very young and was abandoned by my father when I came along. Her sister Rose encountered the same sort of man and fate; so, our household was unusual in many respects. There was my mother and I, her younger sister Rose and my little cousin Beth all sharing a tiny two bedroom home in the suburbs of Toronto. The best way to describe what happened to me is to relate an image which reminds me of my mother's behaviour.

    I once saw a documentary on PBS of a Greek woman with a string of worry beads. She flicked and sifted through them constantly, working intricate finger patterns and rituals as she sat speaking with a group of her friends. The camera zoomed in on her constant and complex workings. That, I thought is my mother. She however used my body as her beads. I remember from the time I was six she would be watching television. It could be the news or a movie and she would pat the couch beside her, signaling that I should sit close beside her. Her hand would snake into my underwear, or lower my fly, depending on her whim. And she would begin toying with my cock. She would pull on my foreskin and roll it with her fingers. She would caress or tickle the shaft. She would prod and poke at my pee hole. She would cup my ball sack or stretch it painfully. Her mind would stay focused on the show but her hand worked my little cock furiously. This could last for hours. I was not to cum or to pump my bottom. She liked the feel of my "dickie" as she called it when it was painfully stiff. At times her hand would get tired and she would have me shift sides so that she could continue her manipulations with the other hand. My "little ring" received the same sort of attention and she would reach under me to insert her finger or just encircle and tickle the opening. She would arrange my legs as she wanted them ;and, regardless of the agony which maintaining that position caused me, I was not to squirm or complain.

    Often, when she was on the phone, she would beckon me over to her. She would undo my trousers and have them drop to my knees. As she spoke to a friend or conducted business she would finger and yank on my dickie or spin me around to give her access to my little ring. It was a constant thing. If she had trouble sleeping, I would be summoned to her bed. She would often read one of her magazines or a novel and fondle my dickie and ass hole till she nodded off. She would call it HER little dickie, her little toy, her plaything. "Christopher, bring my little pacifier over here." The fact that it was attached to my body did not bother her at all. There were times she just wanted to look at me and I would splay my legs and pull back my foreskin or stretch my cock. Whatever she desired. Then with the elasticity of a child she would have me flip my legs over my head and stretch my cheeks wide. At these times she would have me wank for her or insert things in my pee hole or poke my fingers into my own bum. Her orders at all times remained the same however. I was not to spoil myself. This meant that I was not to have one of my little boy's dry climaxes and lose my "stiffy". "Don't you dare spoil yourself but go faster, pull harder, harder. You look so funny."

    You may rightly ask, where were Auntie Rose and my cousin Beth during all this. They were anywhere they happened to be. They might be sitting on the same couch or on the Lazyboy or curled up on the floor. If mommy were just toying with my dickie with her hand down my pants, Auntie Rose might chime in.
    "Take his pants off Doris, I want to see." "Christopher, finger your little ring while mommy plays with you, hurry up. I want to see." Move your leg aside. Let's have a good look." Auntie Rose and mommy were both beautiful with round and chiseled bums and titties. They looked very similar and were often confused for each other, even by close friends. My mommy's eyes were green, however and Auntie Rose's were blue. Both of them had black, black hair and a lot of black hair between their legs. Their noonies as they called them stuck out from their bodies whenever they stood sideways or when they were lying down. I know all of this because they often played with each other and would use their hands or their toys on each other whenever they were feeling "warm". They did what they wanted in front of both Beth and I. I can still vividly picture either of them writhing and screaming on the carpet as the other one's face was buried between their legs. Auntie Rose had the same privileges with my body as mommy did. She liked to have me on her lap while she attacked my dickie or my bum. She was a little more intense than my mommy and paid a great deal of attention to my stretched bum hole, starring and inserting things all the time.

    My mommy would often be thinking of other things but Auntie Rose was always riveted on what she was doing to me. She liked me sitting on, or bent over her lap; not because it was easier on me but because she wanted a close view of everything my dickie and bum were going through. Auntie Rose liked to see, see, see. She also like to show. Much more than mommy did. "Look at this Christopher." She would open her legs and open herself up wide. She was all wet and squishy in there. Even the thick mat of hair around her "prize" was soaking. I would be sitting on the floor between her legs. "Pull on your dickie and look at this. Do you like it? Do you want to feel it? Do you want to taste it? Pull harder. Faster. Don't you dare spoil yourself. Look at him go Doris. His hand is just a blur." Often she would then start to finger her "button" and she would pump and wiggle her bum and even yell out sometimes. There were days when Auntie Rose would let me do all those things to her: the touching, the tasting, the licking. Even mommy let me do that but not as often. I think they preferred to watch me wank while they fingered and played with each other. I remember that happening all the time. Aunt Rose was much bossier than mommy. But, she was an angel compared to my little cousin Beth. Wait till I tell you about her.

    I don't know if you have ever known or seen a bossy little girl. They can indeed be merciless creatures. Beth was one year younger than I and was a bossy controlling little bitch even at the age of five. I remember getting a cold and dreadful chill when she got any new and potentially damaging information. Her eyes would light up. She would bite her lip in anticipation and you could see her mind whirling into overdrive. For example, she was once watching me being fondled by mommy, who was yanking steadily and rhythmically on my cock as she read a magazine and enjoyed a cigarette. Beth had her elbows up on the cushion of the couch and her chin cupped in her hands. She was starring curiously at my skin stretching back and forth. My breathing was coming faster and faster and my stomach muscles were clenched. Mommy flicked the head of my dickie hard with her forefinger. "Don't you dare spoil your stiffy, Christopher."

    "What do you mean by spoil?" Beth asked and stared up at mommy.

    Mommy smiled at her."You see sweety. When boys and men start breathing heavy and fast and pumping their bums and their stomach goes all tight and their legs straighten out, it means they are going to shoot their "daddy milk". Then, their dickies go all soft and useless and they are no fun to play with. If you keep them stiff and squirmy and don't let them shoot. You are in charge and you can make any man do anything you want him to do. They are really stupid and easy to control when they are hard like this. And their dickies are much more fun to play with."

    "Hm," said Beth. "Any boy or man?"

    "Yep," answered mommy, "they are all the same when they are stiff like this."

    "I wanna see him spoil himself." Beth demanded. Auntie Rose looked up from her book.

    "This should be fun." she giggled.

    "You know you can do anything you want to your cousin," mommy laughed. "He is your toy too. We don't like to have him shoot because he's not as much fun if one of us wants to play with him. So you have to ask if you want to see him shoot."

    "Sure" she replied. "What do I do?"

    Auntie Rose and mommy put down their reading and moved to either side of me in order to watch the show.

    "You can jack him off yourself, like this." Mommy spoke up. "She began a hard rhythmical stroke on my dick. "You just keep doing that and he'll shoot for sure."

    "Or," Auntie Rose added. "You can tell him to wank his own cock. Show her how you jerk off, Christopher." Ashamed, I took my cock in my hand and began to stroke away. All three of them laughed.

    "I wanna do it." Beth blurted out and slapped my hand away from my dick. With her tongue poking out of the side of her mouth she set in thrashing my dickie. I began breathing hard as she flailed away.

    "Stop." mommy yelled. Beth let go immediately and I squirmed and raised my hips towards her. "See, he wants more. He really, really, really, wants to shoot honey. That's the fun. Get him breathing and pumping and stiffening out, then stop. It teases him and it hurts him and its such fun to watch him begging to shoot. Beth, ever the quick learner, was skillful from the start. She brought me to the edge over and again to the applause and praise of her mother and auntie.

    "I like this... I like it a lot." she crowed and then set back to work. Her experiment seemed to last forever as far as I was concerned. A number of times the three of them collapsed on the floor in glee.

    "Oh, Beth, you are a natural." Her mother cried.

    "You shoot now." Beth stared into my eyes. She hammered away at my dicky. The constant denial left me unable to cum on demand. " Shoot now. Shoot your dickie Christopher or I'll spank your bum." She was yanking on me like a fiend. Her brow was covered in sweat.

    "He wants to shoot so badly that he cant." Auntie Rose observed. Beth was listening to her but her eyes were transfixed by my tortured cock and pumping hips." He wants it so badly, honey. And here is a little trick. When he does start cumming: thrashing and pumping and flipping around. Then, he will want you to stop. It will become painful. You just keep going and pump even harder. You'll see how much fun you can have with him." Beth smiled that wicked...Good information....smile and chuckled to herself. I knew this meant big trouble for me.

    "Shoot, shoot, shoot" Beth continued to yell, looking into my face.

    "Stick your finger up his bum hole now..." mommy almost whispered to her.

    When Beth did so, I started to jerk uncontrollably. I was not old enough to produce anything but a clear stream of weak liquid, but the relief was spectacular. I pumped and bucked, grabbing her hand and locking it about my dick. I had never done such a thing to any of them before.

    "Look at him thrash around." Mommy said to Beth. "You are making him lose control sweety. Isn't it fun. Keep going. Soon he'll beg you to stop."

    I thrashed in ecstasy for a minute. Then, I began bucking my back off the couch. The shooting felt like it was tearing out my spine. "Stop, Beth." I reached to pull her hand away. Aunt Rose grabbed both my hands and laughingly held them over my head. "Keep wanking honey. Milk him dry."

    Mommy grabbed my ankles and the two women were in tears of laughter. Beth was not laughing but rather reveling in her torture. Her hands increased in speed. She jumped up and over me straddling my hips. She now had both hands yanking away feverishly . "Does that hurt? Does that hurt your dickie? Oh I love, love, love this. Eventually, I think I passed out with Beth screaming and cackling..."More, more, more..." I know I was begging and pleading with her to stop. I promised to do anything. She just kept grinning and wanking with both hands.
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    that was exciting
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    Thanks and thank you for the welcome.
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    great story, like to reed more F/b
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    i like how you think and express yourself through your story .
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    Quote Originally Posted by robemo View Post
    great story, like to reed more F/b
    Thanks.I'll get back to that story soon.
    Don't worry... It only feels kinky the first time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muffinluvr View Post
    i like how you think and express yourself through your story .
    Thank you. I have left this story alone for awhile but, I shall get back to it.
    Don't worry... It only feels kinky the first time.
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    Very good and creative story idea. I enjoyed it.
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    FABULOUS! How I wish I had a cruel sister like Beth. Love these momdom stories, so rare these days. Love to see more FFFF/b stuff. Probably the best FFF/b story I've read! Keep it up. Thanks
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    Exclamation mom's hand

    I have a similar story only mine is rue. I was fooling aroundwith the girl next door - we were both 13 - and mom caught me and said "You come home right now" I did and when I gotinto the kitchen she said drop your pants for me. I did and I was embarassed because I still had a half erection. Mom put her hand around my dick and started to stroke it sayomg "is this what she was going to do for you? I tried to egt away but she wouldn't stop finally I came with the first orgasm of muy life. I sprayedall over he blouse and she told me what a bad boy I was and that I must never tell anyone what I did. I didn't but a few days later when I was alone in the house I thought about what had happened - I got hard and stroked myself as she had and I came - it was the start odf daily "jerking off" for me.
    Periodically she abused me for the next 5 years until I left to go into the military - the last time she took oput her false teeth and gave me her sucking off special
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    Default good story

    PokerStroker, i really liked your story. it turns me on when little boys are contolled and humiliated like that; especially by younger girls. Please write more.
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    Default nice

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    im kinda likeing some younger boys around my house .its kinda hot
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    tell us what you would like to do with them, Pam
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    I bet il-Pam would want to take his little dicky out and rub it against her clit. Then she'd start deep-throating his dick and hairless balls while she fingers his cute tight ass. She'd reach back in her bag and get him to suck on her strap-on, to get it all wet so she can shove it up his ass!

    Yea, I'd bet that's what il-Pam would do.....
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    good story
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    Great story! My aunt used to jack me off in front of my 6 and 8yo cousins when I was 14. Then she would have them play with me too. She even had the 8yo put me in her mouth.
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    i would love to jack off using your cum
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