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    Default Greenleaf Classics-THIS DAUGHTER SUCKS

    In the 70's and early 80, hundreds and hundreds of Adult Novels were
    published, known as 'Greenleaf Classics'.
    Starting some years ago, a number of them have been re-published in various
    groups and/or on various sites.
    I have a small collection of Greenleaf Classics myself and I intend to share
    them with you.
    by Tom Allison


    "Oh Jesus, Kelly! Would you look at the size of that fucker's cock!"
    Horny Marie Wallace spread her legs on the bed, staring open mouthed at the
    centerfold picture. She brushed the long black hair out of her eyes and
    furtively squeezed her plump tit through the blouse top.
    "God, it must be eight inches long," she continued wantonly. "I wish they
    didn't have those fucking laws that make him pose with a floppy cock. Fuck,
    I wish I could see him hard! What a big, stiff, fucking dick!"
    "Marie, you are so disgusting!" Kelly squealed. "Where did you learn to say
    words like that? You are the horniest little slut, I swear!"
    The two teenage sisters were in Kelly's upstairs bedroom with the copy of
    Playgirl spread out on the bed before them. Kelly was beginning to regret
    that she'd allowed her baby sister to look at her secret collection of dirty
    magazines. A blush colored her cheeks as she watched Marie look at them. It
    embarrassed her that her kid sister now knew how much she liked to jack off.
    Besides, she'd had no idea that Marie would react so violently. It was like
    she'd never seen a picture of a naked cock before. The little girl's eyes
    were glazed with passion, and she squirmed her ass repeatedly on the bed as
    she admired the stud in the centerfold. It was as if she'd forgotten that
    Kelly was even there.
    She looked so horny that Kelly wondered if her baby sister would start
    playing with herself. The whole thing made her nervous. She liked to finger
    fuck too, but Kelly felt she had more control. She wasn't just sex-starved
    like Marie was.
    She was only a year older, but Kelly felt like a completely different, more
    mature person. Her appearance was different. While Marie was slim, petite
    and dark, she was taller and extremely voluptuous, with an enormous pair of
    oversized tits. Kelly liked the way boys stared at her swinging D-cuppers
    when she walked down the halls in high school, but it bothered her when they
    shouted obscene things at her. She wasn't that kind of girl.
    Her hair was short and blonde cut in a pageboy that framed her wide-eyed,
    freckle dotted face. Kelly was pretty sure she'd be elected homecoming queen
    when she became a senior next school year, and she'd had her fair share of
    dates. She was still a virgin, though. She'd never allowed a horny boy to do
    any more than finger fuck her pussy a little. She wanted to save her cherry
    for the man she married.
    At least she was allowed to date. Kelly sometimes felt sorry for Marie when
    she considered her younger sister's predicament. Two years before, Marie had
    been so wild that she'd gotten herself raped by a gang of rowdies. Ever
    since, her parents had put sharp restrictions on her behavior. Marie was
    grounded almost every night.
    "Oh, fuck, this is making me horny!" Marie whimpered, squirming all over
    the bed. "God, why didn't you tell me you had these fantastic pictures
    "Well, I almost wish I hadn't! You're certainly acting crazy, Marie!"
    "Hey, Kelly! Do you think daddy has a dick as big as this?"
    Kelly felt her cheeks flush scarlet with embarrassment. "Marie! What a
    disgusting thing to say!"
    "Well, do you?" Marie's eyes shone with shameless lust. "I've seen the
    bulge of it in his pants. It looks pretty good to me! I'll bet his cock's a
    real whopper!"
    "Or maybe Uncle Bill's got a big one, or Hank," Marie continued,
    respectively naming the uncle and their older brother who shared the house
    with them, along with their father, Mitchell, and mother, Betty. "Have you
    ever seen daddy's cock, Kelly? You know, when he was coming out of the
    shower or something? Does he have a big one? Did it get nice and stiff when
    you looked at it?"
    "Marie, this is absolutely disgusting!" Kelly spat. "Now you shut your
    filthy mouth or I'm going to throw you out of this room!"
    Marie shrugged and returned her attention to the centerfold. She hadn't
    thought of turning the page, and now she seemed to be trying to stare right
    through it, as if enough staring would enable her to see what the man really
    looked like in the flesh.
    "Mmm, I just can't control myself," she whispered.
    Sliding up on the bed, Marie let her head and shoulders drop to the pillows
    clumped against the headboard. Then she shocked Kelly by pulling up the
    blouse, which was all she had on, exposing her long, slim legs and hairy
    pussy triangle.
    Kelly's mouth opened wide in astonishment.
    Before she could stop her little sister, Marie had splayed her milk-white
    legs wide apart and had slipped a finger into her wet, swollen pussy slit.
    Then she was finger fucking, moaning and humping her ass on the bed, staring
    at the centerfold as she fucked her fingers into the dripping mouth of her
    cunt slit.
    "M-M-Marie!" Kelly stammered. "What in God's name do you think you're doing
    to yourself'?"
    "Jacking off," Marie said slowly. Harder and faster she fucked her finger
    into her gushing pussy, jacking off so wantonly that Kelly could see her
    pussy mouth sucking around the digit.
    "I'm so hot ... unh ... gotta beat..."
    "Marie, stop that!" Kelly cried, raising her voice in spite of the fear
    that her parents would overhear. "You can't do that in my bedroom!"
    But Marie ignored her big sister. Her face became dazed with lust as she
    whipped her fingers into her dripping, curly haired cunt, shuddering as she
    rolled her clit under her thumb.
    Kelly didn't like the way she felt watching her sister. Her nipples were
    getting stiff, protruding through the sheer cotton nightie. Seconds later
    she felt a familiar wet heat invading her fleecy cunt.
    "Marie, get out of my bedroom!"
    "Noooo," Marie whimpered. She was rolling her head back and forth now, the
    centerfold momentarily forgotten as she lolled in the trance of feverish
    masturbation. "I want it ... I want something to suck!"
    Suddenly her little sister was all over her, moving with the quick ferocity
    of a sex-starved animal. Before Kelly could do anything to stop her, the
    horny brunette had pushed up her nightie, exposing her plump thighs and
    pussy triangle. Kelly gasped helplessly as she watched her horny sister bury
    her head between her legs.
    "Marie! Oh my God, you stop that!"
    "Wanna suck you!" Marie burbled. She pushed her hands under her sister's
    hips, clutching the firm, ball-bearing cheeks of her ass. Holding herself
    firm between her sister's legs, Marie rubbed her face all over Kelly's
    creaming cunt.
    "Oh fuck, it smells so good, Kelly," she whimpered. "Let me suck it for
    you. I want your juice in my mouth! Let me suck your hot cunt."
    "No!" Kelly was so shocked that she could only struggle fitfully to pull
    away. "Take your mouth off of my pussy! I mean it, noooo!"
    "Mmmmm ..."
    Clawing her sister's ass cheeks, Marie thrust her tongue deep inside her
    big sister's fuck hole, pausing to curl it tantalizingly around Kelly's
    cunt. Abruptly a lewd shudder coursed through Kelly's body. She'd never had
    her pussy sucked before.
    "Mmm, Kelly!" Marie giggled. "You really taste good!" Marie started to lap
    at Kelly's cunt slit like a horny dog, slurping noisily as she swiped her
    tongue quickly up and down.
    "Unh, stop!" Kelly squealed, making a last effort to push her away. Then
    the pleasure of the pussy sucking started to get to her.
    It felt much, much different than jacking off. Kelly whimpered, splaying
    her thighs wider apart, thrusting her plump cunt mound up to her sister's
    tongue. A befuddling fog seemed to wash over her mind. Dazedly she looked
    down at Marie's squirming black-haired head, unable to believe that her
    sister would want to taste her pussy juice.
    "Mmmm," Marie whispered. "I think I'm gonna cum just from sucking you!"
    Marie pulled her sister's ass cheeks apart and pressed them together again,
    making her pink virgin asshole pucker and throb. Her tongue rooted deep
    inside her sister's flowering pussy gash, drinking up the foaming fuck
    juices oozing from the depths of her cunt slit.
    "Ungghhh!" Kelly's face contorted. She bucked as if she'd been shot when
    she felt Marie's tongue tease the underside of her cunt nubbin. "Oh... oh,
    Marie! I shouldn't let you do this to me! I'm losing control of myself!"
    Marie giggled and rubbed her face all over Kelly's curly haired cunt mound,
    coating her cheeks with her sister's fuck juices. She was such a horny
    little slut, Kelly thought dazedly. But by now Kelly had realized how much
    she wanted Marie to do it, how badly she wanted to cum on Marie's mouth.
    Marie pulled her hands from her sister's ass cheeks, letting the round
    little ass hump and dance off the mattress as Kelly's lust soared. Tenderly
    Marie slid her hands between Kelly's quivering thighs and peeled apart her
    pussy lips, opening up the glistening pinkness of her cunt gash, making her
    hard swollen clit pop out of its fleshy hood.
    "Unggh! No, don't touch me there!" Kelly gasped. "It's too sensitive!"
    Marie ignored her. Tenderly she pulled the folds of Kelly's cunt back all
    the way, exposing all of the protruding bud. Then she started to tongue it
    gently, quickly swiping her tongue up and down, directly on her clit.
    "Aww, awwwww Goddddd!" Kelly convulsively grabbed the back of her horny
    sister's head, digging her fingernails into her neck. The sensations pumping
    through her loins flow were the most intense she'd ever known. "Fuck it!"
    she gasped, her voice rising. "Oooooh, fuck it! Lick my clit!"
    Marie licked her sister's cunt wildly, never missing the tiny swollen bud
    with her tongue, licking as if she'd been sucking cunt all her life. Kelly
    felt her clit popping out, getting harder, tingling and throbbing madly as
    fuck heat spread through, the inner depths of her cunt.
    Wrapping her lips around the kernel-sized bud, Marie sucked her sister's
    clit hard. Then she suddenly fucked two fingers into her cunt hole, burying
    them to the knuckles in Kelly's throbbing, juicing pussy.
    "Nunhhhh!" Kelly grimaced as she felt her pussy throb convulsively around
    the fingers, her ass burning as she started to cream. "Oh fuck, suck it,
    Marie! Harder, suck harder! Nnnnggggg fuck, fuck, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"
    Kelly's cunt spasmed, sucking uncontrollably around Marie's fingers.
    Sucking on her sister's aching cunt, Marie licked off her sister faster and
    harder, guiding her through the peak of her orgasm. Then she took her hand
    and mouth away from her gushing fuck hole and rested her cheek tenderly on
    Kelly's thigh.

    "Satisfied?" she asked softly.
    Kelly just rested there and panted. Her whole body was tingling, alive with
    a pleasure she'd never experienced before. Something in the back of her mind
    told her that she'd committed an act with her sister, an incestuous act that
    she'd never be able to atone for. But she didn't seem to care. It felt so
    good, she thought dizzily. No one had ever made her feel that way. It felt
    so fucking good
    "Now it's your turn to do me!" Marie cried.
    Rising from the bed, Marie hurriedly stripped off her blouse, leaving
    herself completely naked. Kelly's cheeks blushed with shame as she realized
    that looking at Marie was making her very horny. She had such a slim, lithe
    body, such firm, rounded tits and such stiff, purplish nipples. Her pussy
    creamed at the sight of Marie 's small ass cheeks and cunt triangle.
    "God, Kelly! Sometimes I wish I had really big tits like you!"
    Falling back onto the bed, Marie hurriedly stripped off Kelly's nightie,
    leaving her naked too. Burying her head in Kelly's cleavage, Marie rolled
    her small hands over her sister's huge cherry-capped tits. Kelly found
    herself shuddering in spite of herself at her horny sister's touch, her tits
    swelling, the nipples crinkling stiff with passion.
    Holding up one huge tit, Marie dropped her head and sucked the fat,
    crinkled nipple into her mouth. Furiously she sucked it, like a baby nursing
    for milk. Kelly squealed and twisted on the bed, rubbing her thighs together
    in a desperate effort to stop the wetness seething through her cunt.
    "Now you're gonna suck me!" Acting as self-assured as any man, Marie
    grabbed her sister's ankles and pulled her down the bed.

    Then she straddled
    her face, planting her knees on the mattress to either side of her ears.
    "Suck it, Kelly! Suck it just like I sucked you! Suck off my fucking cunt!"
    Kelly blushed at the sound of her sister's terse obscenities. Looking up,
    she found herself staring directly at the dark fur-fringed petals of Marie's
    cunt. The pink pussy gash was glistening with fuck oil, drooling from the
    depths of her cunt. Kelly could already smell Marie's pussy juices, and they
    were different from her own ... thicker, more musky.
    "Suck it, you bitch!" Marie cried. Grabbing Kelly's head, she dropped her
    ass and ground her mushy pussy onto her sister's mouth. 'I'm so fucking hot!
    Suck the cream out of my cunt!"
    Automatically Kelly slid her hands up Marie's sleek thighs, cupping the
    rounded cheeks of her tight ass. Kelly's mouth was covered by her sister's
    pussy, and she realized with some surprise how much the taste and feel of
    Marie's little cunt turned her on.
    Kelly pushed out her tongue. Marie whined girlishly as it stabbed into her
    pouting pussy hole, probing the inner pinkness of her cunt tunnel.
    "Lick it!" Marie hissed. Reaching down, she spread her pussy lips, making
    her swollen clit pop out. "You know where, Kelly! Lick my cunt!"
    Kelly twirled her tongue in and around her sister's throbbing fuck hole,
    making little smacking sounds as she lapped up the fragrant juices gushing
    out of Marie's cunt. Then she pressed her tongue on her cunt bud.
    Immediately Marie started humping, grasping and pulling Kelly's hair as she
    fucked her horny cunt all over her sister's face.
    "Oh, fuck it, oooooh, fuck!" Marie bit her lip as she ground her cunt on
    Kelly's tongue, rocking her ass up and down. "Suck it," she hissed. "Put it
    in your mouth and fucking suck on it!"
    Kelly rubbed her thighs together as she gave her sister head. By now her
    own pussy was so wet that she was afraid her fuck oil would foam out onto
    the mattress. Hornily she pulled apart Marie's ass cheeks, teasing her as
    her tongue danced across her arching cunt.
    "Suck it, suck it for me!"
    Kelly wrapped her lips around her little sister's clit. She sucked hard,
    pulling Marie's cunt out with her lips. At the same time, she pulled one
    hand from her bucking ass and slipped a finger deep inside her clinging
    "Nnnnnggggg!" Marie humped harder, making her pussy muscles contract around
    the probing finger. "Oh, Kelly! I want you to jack off my asshole!"
    "Wh-what!" Kelly was so astonished that she took her lips from her sister's
    throbbing clit.
    "You heard me!" Hissing at her, Marie grabbed her hand and directed it
    between her ass cheeks. "My asshole gets horny too! Play with it! Jack it
    Kelly gasped, feeling her finger touching the small puckered ring. Never in
    her life had Kelly connected her asshole and sex, and the thought of
    fingering Marie's rubbery asshole would have disgusted her five minutes

    But a strange, wanton heat had come over her, and she realized how utterly
    she'd succumbed to its spell. Returning her lips to Marie's swollen cunt,
    Kelly shamefully stabbed her finger into her small shit ring, burying it to
    the knuckle in the forbidden heat of her asshole.
    Immediately Marie started humping her asshole onto her big sister's finger,
    simultaneously rocking her cunt mound onto her sister's mouth. "That's
    riiiiiight, that's so fucking goooood! Jack me off ... unh, fuck ... gonna

    Kelly felt herself become increasingly aroused by the driven intensity of
    her sister's response. Almost violently, she slammed her finger into her
    sister's throbbing asshole, twisting it deep inside Marie's puckered
    shitter. At the same time, she sucked hard on Marie's clit, dancing her
    tongue repeatedly on the ultra-sensitive tip.
    "Unngggghhhh!" Marie's face contorted. She started humping much harder,
    fucking her wet pussy all over Kelly's face. "Suck it suck it for me! Jack
    off my asshole! Unh! Fuck, Kelly! I'm making it now! My asshole's
    throbbing! Cuuummmiiinnnggg!"
    Kelly felt her sister's whole body grow stiff, her thighs quivering as
    luscious heat mounted in her loins. Then her shit channel spasmed tightly
    around her fingers and the pouting lips of her pussy flooded her mouth with
    fuck juice.
    Pussy juice bubbled out of her curly haired cunt slit, as heavy an
    explosion as a man's squirting cum. Kelly stopped sucking her sister's cunt
    and burrowed her tongue in Marie's pussy. Eagerly she licked out all the
    foaming cunt oil, pounding her finger into her burning ass guts.
    "Unggghhh! Oh yes, lick me!" Marie kept humping and bucking. "Play with me!
    Finally totally exhausted, the nymphomaniacal teenager rolled off of her
    sister's head and collapsed on her back on the bed. For a long time she just
    rested there, panting as she stared at the ceiling. Then she turned on her
    side and gave Kelly a long, tongue-sucking kiss.
    "That was so fucking bitchin'." she whispered huskily. "You're a really
    good pussy sucker once you get started, Kelly! We'll do that lots more from
    now on!"
    Kelly blushed even as her pussy thrilled to her sister's horny embrace. She
    felt horribly ashamed for giving in to the pleasures of the mutual sucking,
    and she resolved never to do it again. But at the same time she knew that
    Marie's tongue had awakened something inside her that could never be
    suppressed again.


    It had also awakened something in Marie. "I'm so fucking horny," the little
    nymph whispered. At three o'clock the next day she was sprawled in her
    bedroom, holding the crotch of her bikini panties away from her pussy with
    one hand while rhythmically fucking two fingers of the other into her juicy,
    hairy cunt.
    Her skin-tight jeans were crumpled on the floor beside her bed. Marie had
    hardly been able to get out of them fast enough. She'd spent the whole day
    at school wiggling her horny ass on the hard wooden chairs, thinking about
    stiff cock.
    Her mind returned to Kelly's pussy, remembering how the clit had popped out
    and how good her sister's fuck cream had tasted. But her thoughts didn't
    stay there for long. Marie knew by now that she could never be a lesbian.
    If only her parents didn't ground her so much. She was dying to suck and
    fuck some stiff male cock.
    'I'm so horny. I'm such a horny bitch,' she thought, humping her ass on the
    springy mattress. 'Even my little asshole is horny. Shit, I really want
    someone to fuck me in my horny butt. Fuck, I need some prick meat!'
    Marie finger fucked faster, whimpering as she rolled her clit.
    'Yeah, I want to suck a big, hard cock! I'll bet jism tastes really good!
    And I want it to spurt inside my pussy too! I want to get fucked!'
    Marie pulled her panties off completely, leaving herself naked except for
    the skimpy t-shirt that clung to her small stiff-nippled braless tits.
    Splaying her thighs as wide apart as she could, she fucked her fingers into
    her gushing fuck hole.
    Just as she was wondering miserably how she would ever find the big prick
    to satisfy her, she heard the front door downstairs open and slam shut
    again. Marie stopped finger fucking and listened to the footsteps coming up
    the stairs. They were heavy, masculine. Her big brother Hank was home from
    Marie considered the possibilities, and then her virgin little cunt hole
    started burning harder than ever. She'd made it with her big sister. What
    was stopping her from getting her big brother to fuck her? Hank was a big
    muscular football star with a handsome face and a provocative bulge in the
    crotch of his pants. Marie was dying to see what his cock looked like in the
    The footsteps thudded up the top of the stairs and turned down the hallway,
    coming towards her. Marie hesitated only a moment before deciding on a
    brazen plan.
    'I'm such a little whore,' she thought mischievously. 'I'm not scared of
    anything! I'll do anything to get fucked! I don't care if he's my brother!'
    "Oh, Hank!" she called. "Is that you?"
    "Yeah" Hank grunted, and the footsteps paused outside her door.
    "Could you come in here for a minute, Hank? I wanna show you something!"
    "What is it? I had football practice," Hank muttered irritably. "I'm
    "Oh, you're not too tired to see this!" Marie retorted, suppressing a
    giggle. "Came on in! The door's open!"
    As she heard the door open, Marie shut her eyes, pushed two fingers
    securely inside her buttery pussy and started jerking off as hard as she
    could. She heard a gasp a second later. When she opened her eyes, she saw
    that her big brother had dropped his school books and was staring open
    mouthed at her hairy cunt.
    "Jesus!" Hank croaked.
    "Now, don't be shocked. I know you've seen a wet pussy before!" Turning her
    head, Marie gave him her most girlishly pouting expression. "Hank, you know
    what I want now! Please take off your clothes! I'm so horny! I want to see
    your big dick!"
    Hank just stood there, gaping at his sister as she shamelessly pistoned her
    fingers in her clinging, juicing slit. "Jesus, Sis! You're fucking crazy!
    I'm your goddamn brother!"
    Marie glanced down his body, giggling at the swollen lump protruding
    through his jeans.
    "I don't care if I'm crazy, not when you've got a big boner like that!
    Ummm, it looks so big and fat! Take it out for me, Hank! Awww, I wanna see
    your big dick!"
    Hank stepped closer in spite of himself, seemingly hypnotized by the sight
    and smell of his sister's teenage cunt. Suddenly Marie sat up on the edge of
    the bed facing him, swinging her slim legs over the mattress. Her brother
    did nothing to stop her as she pawed the bulging crotch of his slacks.
    "Well, if you won't take it out for me, I guess I'll have to do it myself!"
    Hank shook all over as he watched his horny baby sister swiftly undo his
    belt buckle and unzip his jeans. Hurriedly she pulled down his pants and
    shorts, releasing his cock from confinement.
    "Oh, Hank!"

    His cock was enormous, a meaty battering ram of flesh rising straight out
    of his prick fur and the hairy sac of his balls. It was the first cock
    little Marie had ever seen in the flesh, and his prick was just the long,
    fat, throbbing whopper she'd hoped for.
    His huge prick pulsed before her eyes, jerking obscenely up and down with
    its engorgement of cum and blood. The cock knob was puffy and rose in color,
    and sticky, clear fluid dripped from the piss slit. Her brother didn't want
    to admit it, but the sight of her wet pussy had really turned him on.
    "Oh, Hank, you've got such a big fucking hard-on!" Marie slid her hand up
    his thighs, brushing his balls as she wrapped her fingers securely around
    the root of his prick. "It's so fucking beautiful! Ummm, please let me suck
    it for you! I want to suck the cum out of your big fucking dick!"
    Hank could only moan as his massive cock leapt in her fist, leaking fresh
    jism onto her fingers. Marie squeezed his cock hard, massaging and tugging
    the steely stiffness of the root. She'd never even given a boy a hand job
    before, but she remembered all the techniques she'd learned from reading the
    dirty pages of cheap paperback books.
    "Does it feel good when I stroke it, big brother?" Slowly, teasingly, she
    milked her fist up and down the swollen cock shaft, pausing at the tip to
    pinch the flaring head. "I'm giving you a hand job, aren't I? Just like when
    you jack off your big, hard prick!"
    "Unnggghh!" Forgetting everything, Hank held her shoulders and started to
    rock his ass, fucking his prick through the tight oval of her fingers. "Oh
    fuck, Sis! I can't believe ... unh! Can't believe you're fucking doing this
    to me!"
    "Oh, I want to suck it now," Marie purred. Dropping her head, the horny
    teenager pressed her tongue to the puffy crown of his hard-on. Hank moaned
    as she licked the drooling jism from his piss hole, swiping her tongue all
    around the bloated cockhead.
    Holding his cock tightly, Marie licked up and down the entire length of her
    big brother's throbbing prick shaft. Finally she opened her mouth wide and
    stuffed the fat prickhead between her ripe lips.

    "Oh, fuck!" Hank dug his fingernails into her shoulders, watching as his
    baby sister eagerly started giving him head. "Unh, that's right, fucking
    suck on it, Marie! Oh fuck, gimme a blow job! Suck the cum out of my cock!"
    The musky aroma of prick meat filled her nostrils, making her pussy ache
    between her thighs. Slurping contentedly, Marie pursed her lips in a tight
    circle around the veined thickness of his cock. Then she caved in her cheeks
    and hungrily started to suck her brother's prick, treating his cock like the
    world's most delicious lollipop.
    Her enthusiasm made her a natural cocksucker, as if she'd been giving blow
    jobs her whole life. Remembering a steamy passage from one sordid novel,
    Marie remembered to fold her lips over her teeth, so they wouldn't nip the
    sensitive cock shaft. Slurping and sucking feverishly, she rolled her tongue
    lazily around the heart-shaped prick crown, darting it repeatedly onto his
    cum slit.
    "Unggghh!" Hank's eyes widened as he realized he was getting the best blow
    job he'd ever had. "Ummm, fuck it!" He thrust his hands behind his sister's
    head, curling his fingers in the raven tresses of her long thick hair.
    "Suck, suck deeper! Take more of my cock in your mouth!"
    Gurgling obscenely, Marie stuffed another two inches of his cock between
    her wide stretched lips. She nearly choked as the prick knob brushed past
    her tonsils, but fought back the reflex and flared her nostrils, so she
    could breathe around the thickness of his prick.
    "Jack me off!" Hank moaned. "Jack off my dick at the same time!"

    Tightening her fingers around the root of his hard-on, Marie obediently
    started pumping. Hornily she wiggled her tight ass on the edge of the bed,
    hopping lightly up and down in a desperate effort to satisfy her creaming
    pussy. She hoped that her big brother would keep his hard-on when she
    swallowed his jism. She had to feel his prick fucking into her buttery cunt.
    "Harder, harder! I'm gonna blow my rocks!"
    Now Marie's little hand flew up and down his swollen cock shaft, beating
    his meat fast and hard. The slurping, smacking sounds of energetic cock
    sucking filled the bedroom, as her lips and tongue nursed hungrily on his
    magnificent cock.
    His prick started getting longer and fatter, stretching her mouth even
    wider than before. Marie could tell that her brother was about to pop his
    nuts. Wanting to help him, wanting to taste his cum, she pushed her free
    hand between his thighs. Gently she cupped the hairy, wrinkled sac, rolling
    the twin globes between her fingers.
    "Ahhhh, fuck!"
    Hank pushed brutally forward, fucking her mouth with almost half of his
    cock. Then his balls exploded. The white tide of gooey jism rushed up from
    his ball sac, making his cock quiver as the first jet sprayed from the tip
    of his prick. "Ummmm..." Marie whimpered hungrily as she gulped down the
    initial blast of cock juice. It was delicious, even better tasting than
    she'd hoped. Her cunt throbbed and burned, as she relished the creamy, sappy
    thickness of his salty cum.
    His prick kept on squirting, blasting geysers of cock milk down her throat.
    Marie had read about men venting loads of cum into a woman's sucking mouth,
    but nothing had prepared her for the load of her brother's cock juice.
    Again and again she swallowed, frantically working her throat muscles, but
    she couldn't take it all down. The sticky jism bubbled out of her mouth,
    running obscenely down her chin and dripping onto her tits.
    "Augh! Take it out! Can't take anymore!" Hank winced, trying to push her
    away. "Oh Christ, you suck like a vacuum cleaner!"
    Marie whimpered with frustration, trying to keep his throbbing cock in her
    mouth. She wanted to suck down more of the sticky stuff. But Hank pushed her
    roughly away, and she licked her lips as she stared shamelessly at the big
    wet cock throbbing in front of her face.
    "Did I do good, big brother?" she asked eagerly.
    Hank gulped and nodded his head. He was staring at her body now, she
    realized, focusing hornily on her sleek, slim legs and her hairy pussy. His
    cock seemed to wilt slightly for a moment, then popped right up again,
    quivering before him as if he'd never cum at all.
    "Mmm, you've still got a big boner," she whispered huskily. Giggling, the
    horny little girl leaned back, squirming her ass on the bed and splaying her
    legs wide apart. "Look at my pussy, Hank. Isn't it nice and juicy looking?
    Don't you want to fuck me?"
    Hank moaned at the sight of his sister's tight pussy, wondering about the
    wrongness of giving his own sister a good fuck. But a stiff cock had no
    conscience, particularly when it belonged to a horny stud.
    "Move farther back," Hank whispered hoarsely. "Get right in the center.
    Spread your legs as wide apart as you can!"
    As her pussy burned and throbbed and juiced, Marie did as her brother
    asked. Anxiously she looked up, watching him mount her, seeing the steely
    cock shaft looming over her lower belly.

    "Fuck me, Hank!" she squealed, hunching her ass. "Fuck the shit out of me!
    I'm so fucking hot!"
    Hank's big dick pulsed before him, already leaking fresh jism from the slit
    in the tip. Holding his cock in his fist, he rubbed the crown up and down
    his baby sister's pussy furrow. Then he found the small opening and pushed
    it in, invading the virgin tightness of her juicy cunt.
    "Unh, Hank! Unnnggghhh!" Marie stiffened and arched her ass off the bed,
    shoving her pussy onto the fucking prick shaft. There was only a little pain
    as her cunt tunnel stretched around his invading prick, though the cock
    shaft was very fat. Her pussy was so juicy Marie felt as if she could have
    fucked a horse her very first time.
    "God, you're tight!" Hank, gasped, hunching over her. "Jesus, Marie! You've
    got the tightest little pussy I've ever fucked!"
    "That's 'cause I'm a virgin!" Marie squealed. Grunting, she tossed her
    slim legs around his waist, drawing him closer. "But it doesn't hurt, lover!
    Oh please fuck me, kink me good! My pussy's so hot!"
    Hank moved his muscular ass up and down and from side to side, helping to
    fuck the meaty stiffness of his cock into her tight, clinging pussy. He
    could feel her juicy cunt spreading around his prick as he fucked in, then
    clamping wetly around his cock shaft again.
    "Unh!" He felt his cum-laden balls slap the crack of her dancing ass and
    realized dazedly that he had all of his prick meat stuffed inside her.
    Beneath him, Marie was moaning loudly, her eyes tightly closed as she shook
    her head deliriously back and forth on the bed. Hank just rested on top of
    her, letting his cock soak in her juicy cunt. She was so tight he had to
    force himself not to spray her pussy with his second load of cum.
    "Fuck me," Marie gasped. She scissored her slim legs higher up his back,
    lifting her ass to get even more of his cock inside her. "Please Hank, start
    stroking your cock! Oh, I need it! I need it so much!"
    Hank pulled out slowly, feeling the velvety pressure of her pussy dragging
    along his prick. When only the tip parted her cunt slit, he fucked his cock
    back in again. Marie grunted and immediately started humping, making the bed
    shake as she bounced up her ass for another stroke of his cock.
    "Ah, fuck me, Hank! Fuck me, fuck!"
    Hank started stroking her, feeling her pussy tunnel loosen with the
    repeated, thrusts of his cock. He knew Marie had said she was .a Virgin, but
    it was hard to believe her. She fucked as if she'd been fucking all her

    "Oh Jesus, I'm gonna fucking cum!" Letting his chest flatten her
    stiff-nippled tits he cradled his head between her neck and shoulder. "Your
    pussy's so fucking tight ... gonna blow it, Marie! Gonna blow my fucking
    "Yes, yes, cum in me!" Marie gasped. Furiously she clawed her brother's big
    shoulders, then dropped her hands to grab the humping cheeks of his ass.
    "Cum in me, cum, cum! Cum in my juicy cunt!"
    Her pussy was wet, bubbling cunt cream around his fucking prick shaft,
    soaking the sheets beneath them. Hank wildly fucked his stone-hard prick
    into his sister's slippery pussy, fucking her cunt as hard as he could.
    Marie gasped for air as she met his rhythm. Their bellies slapped sweatily
    together, and the mattress creaked obscenely as they fucked.
    "I'm cummming!" Marie moaned. "Unnggghh! Fuck me, fuck me haaaaard! Awwww,
    I'm cuuummmiiinnnngggg!"
    Her pussy exploded, contracting convulsively around her brother's fucking
    cock. Hank felt every cum pulsation shoot through her pussy. Moaning as the
    jism swelled in his balls, he fucked his cock to the hilt in her cunt.
    The hot load rushed up from his balls, spraying out of the tip of his cock.
    Nothing in Marie's fantasies had prepared her for the explosion of her
    brother's cum.
    In one dirty novel, she'd read that a woman could hardly feel a man shoot
    off inside her. That was impossible to believe as her own pussy was deluged
    with her brother's fuck cream.
    She felt every spurt of it, the sappy spunk squirting onto the innermost
    walls of her pussy, filling her fuck channel. Hank groaned and fucked his
    spurting prick slowly in and out, draining his balls. Marie contracted her
    pussy muscles, milking out every drop.
    "Oh ... oh, Sis! Oh, fuck!"
    Hank collapsed on top of her, his cock finally going soft inside her
    ravished pussy. Marie squealed hornily as she felt the jism run out of her
    cunt to join the puddle on the sheets. As fantastic as fucking felt, as much
    as she'd loved sucking Hank's dick, nothing could compare with the feeling
    of having her pussy filled with his exploding cum.


    The first thing Marie felt when she awakened on Saturday morning was the
    heat in her itching, juicy cunt. Naked, the black-haired nymph pushed the
    sheets to the foot of the bed and lay spread-eagled on the mattress, staring
    anxiously at the door.
    The angle of the sunlight streaming through her window told her that it was
    already midmorning.
    The house was very still. Had her parents gone out shopping? Her father had
    said they needed to look for new drapes.
    Was Hank still home?
    Marie bit her lip as she looked at the closed door, hoping that her big
    brother would walk in with a big hard-on and fuck the shit out of her horny
    little cunt. They'd been fucking and sucking every chance they had, ever
    since their first session after school. But Marie was still constantly

    'I'm such a dirty little girl,' she thought, giggling playfully. She'd
    heard that men were generally hornier than women, but that certainly wasn't
    true of her. The more fucking she got, the wetter her pussy got and the
    longer her cunt stayed juicy. Marie felt ready to take as much cock meat as
    she could get fucked up her cunt.
    Quiet minutes passed, and Marie heard no indication that her big brother
    was about to come into her bedroom. Yawning, the horny vixen crawled off the
    bed and dressed quickly, throwing on a T-shirt and wiggling into a pair of
    pink lace bikini panties.
    I shouldn't go out of my room looking like this, Marie thought, and she
    giggled again as she pictured a surprised look on her father's face. Was he
    downstairs now? She'd love to see him get a big hard-on from looking at her
    little ass cheeks and slim legs.
    Marie padded down the hail to her brother's room, opening his door without
    knocking. He wasn't there. Shrugging, she went downstairs. There was no one
    in the kitchen or living room either. But just as she was preparing to go
    back to her room to finger fuck, Marie heard a muted sound from the den.
    It was her Uncle Bill she saw as she entered the cool, quiet room at a far
    corner of the house. He was sprawled on the couch with his back to her,
    wearing an old pair of pajama bottoms as he watched television. Marie felt
    an affectionate warmth as she entered the den to join him. Uncle Bill had
    lived in the house with them for as long as she could remember. He was like,
    a second father and a friend at the same time.
    "Hi, Uncle Bill," she said, standing beside him. "Did everybody go out and
    leave you by yourself?"
    "Oh, hi, Marie," Bill said, smiling at her. "Yeah, I'm afraid so. Mitch and
    Betty went off for the drapes, and your brother and sister went with them. I
    guess they're going to be pretty picky about what they get. I don't think
    they'll be home for awhile."
    "Oh, that's so awful," Marie pouted in a playful little girl voice. "They
    should have gotten me up too! Well, you'll keep me company, won't you, Uncle
    Bill grinned. "'Course I will, darling."
    Marie walked in front of the couch, and then, for the first time, her uncle
    saw what she was wearing. Immediately Bill had to struggle to keep his gaze
    on her face. But his brief downward glance was pointed. Marie saw the flush
    in his cheeks as he looked at her long, sleek, creamy legs, studying the
    outline of her pussy triangle barely visible through her pink baby-doll

    In only a second, as her uncle looked at her, Marie felt expectant heat
    coursing through her pussy. She'd never thought of Bill sexually before, but
    that didn't mean she couldn't learn to. He was a very handsome man, bigger
    and brawnier than Marie's father, Mitchell, his younger brother. Marie's
    daddy had a full head of hair, but Bill's bald head made him look even more
    masculine. Cunt cream started to soak through her panty crotch.
    "Uh, do you want to change the channel, Marie?" Bill said, trying to cover
    his sudden nervousness. "It's kind of a stupid show."
    "Oh, I don't mind. I'll watch anything you're watching."
    Deliberately she stayed in front of him, wanting to give him a long look at
    her body. Bill again tried to look away, but he couldn't help himself. Then
    Marie saw a big lump tenting the front of his pajamas. Her pussy throbbed as
    she realized he was getting an enormous hard-on.
    "Uncle Bill, will you do me a favor?" Marie pouted.
    "What's, that, honey?"
    "Gimme a kiss! Oh, Uncle Bill, I love you so much!"
    Marie crawled quickly on top of him, straddling his waist with her knees on
    the cushions to either side of his hips. Awkwardly, Uncle Bill put his arms
    around her shoulders.
    Marie kissed him passionately, rubbing her small ripe tits on his bare,
    hairy chest.

    "Oh, thank you, Uncle Bill!" Wantonly she ground her pussy on his cock,
    feeling the meaty thickness grow and swell by the moment. "I love you!
    You're just like another daddy to me. I love you so much."
    Then she looked at him and saw, how brightly, his cheeks were flushed with
    embarrassment. Marie climbed off the couch and smiled shamelessly, staring
    straight at his prick. Obscenely his cock stuck through the sheer cotton of
    his pajama bottoms, throbbing and jerking.
    "Ooh, Uncle Bill!" Marie giggled. "What's that big fat thing sticking out
    of your pants?"
    Bill blushed scarlet and tried to cover his straining cock with his hand.
    "Uh, you shouldn't ask questions like that, Marie."
    "God, Uncle Bill, you've really got a big one! Ooh, I wanna see."
    Then she fell her knees in front of the couch, sliding her hands up his
    thighs to the waistband of the pajama bottoms. Bill could only gape at her
    as she quickly tugged them down and tossed them over her shoulder, leaving
    her uncle naked.
    "Marie, for God's sake!"
    "Oh God, Uncle. Bill! You've really got a whopper."
    His cock was enormous, even bigger than her brother's. The huge pink shaft
    of blood-
    swollen flesh quivered straight out of his prick fur, capped by a gigantic
    puffy knob. His cock was so thick that Marie could barely get her hands
    around his prick shaft. She cooed as she gripped his mammoth prick,
    stroking, making pre-cum dribble out of the piss slit.
    "God, Uncle Bill, I've never seen a cock like yours before. Ooh, I want to
    put it in my mouth and give it a good sucking!"
    "N-n-no, Marie!" Wildly Uncle Bill looked around the den, as if afraid that
    Marie's parents would return at any moment. "Jesus, you can't give me a blow
    job. What's gotten into you?"

    "I'm just horny, Uncle Bill," Marie squealed. She squirmed close to the
    couch and started jacking on his cock, rhythmically pumping her fist up the
    hot throbbing prick shaft. "I'm just a horny little girl..."
    Holding his cock in position, the wanton teenager lowered her head and
    pressed her lips to the bulbous crown of her uncle's cock. Bill shuddered
    and squirmed on the couch, wincing as his big prick quivered eagerly. More
    jism dribbled out of his prick head as she lasciviously licked up and down
    his hard-on, finally pressing her tongue an his cock tip to lap up his
    juicing cum.
    "Unggghhh!" Bill's face gradually contorted with arousal. Marie felt his
    muscles relax as he succumbed to the pleasure of the licking. "Oh, Marie ...
    honey ... ahhhh!"
    "It feels good, doesn't it, Uncle Bill?"
    Pursing her lips on the crown of his hard-on, she kissed his cock
    adoringly. Then the horny little nymph opened her mouth wide, gurgling
    contentedly as. she took the first several inches of his swollen cock down
    her throat.
    Dazedly Bill locked at hey flushed face, seeing the way her full lips were
    stretched to bursting around his mammoth cock. "Oh fuck, Marie. I can't
    believe you're doing this to me. Suck it, suck hard!"
    Marie pursed her lips around his boner, puckering her cheeks and mewling as
    she inhaled the cunt-wetting aroma of his prick meat. Hungrily she started
    to suck his prick, shutting her eyes tightly, thinking of nothing but the
    magnificent cock stuffed in her mouth.
    Her nostrils flared. She made little panting sounds as she sucked, over the
    slurping smacking noises her lips and tongue made around his tool. Quickly
    Uncle Bill's cock grew longer and fatter in her mouth. Marie rolled her
    tongue all over the spongy head of his cock, darting it into his piss slit
    like a slippery sexual eel.
    "Where ... where did you learn to do that?" Bill gasped. "Oh fuck, I've
    never had my cock sucked like this before."

    Marie giggled, even as the throbbing cock shaft fucked between her lips.
    She took a deep breath through her nose and forced her head down, feeling
    his cock head push past her tonsils as she took a full half of his prick
    into her mouth.
    "Aahhh! Suck it, Marie! Suck the cum out!" Sprawling naked on the couch,
    the muscular uncle grabbed the back of his niece's head as he worked his ass
    off the cushions, fucking his prick down her buttery throat. "I'm gonna pop
    my rocks!"
    Marie's little pussy creamed as she anticipated the salty geysers of her
    uncle's aim. Wetly she puckered her cheeks, until golf balls could have fit
    into the indentations, tightening her fingers around his pulsing cock meat,
    she jacked her uncle's cock fast and hard, milking and tugging the cock into
    her mouth.
    "Ah! Ah, fuck. I'm gonna cream! I'm cumming, honey, suck me off,
    His cock trembled deep down her throat, nearly making the horny brunette
    choke as she tried to engulf all of its thickness. Then the big prick
    started spurting.

    Long sappy streams of jism pumped up from his balls, opening his piss slit
    wide as the viscous goo squirted down Marie's throat. Her suck sessions with
    her brother had taught her to love the taste of cum. Marie nearly came in
    her panties as she worked her throat muscles, gulping all the cum down.
    Even as he shot off between her lips, she remembered what her father had
    once said about his brother having spent a lot of his life alone. It was as
    if he'd been storing up the cock juice for years!
    It kept on coming out, squirting and shooting and oozing, emptying his
    hairy ball bag completely of its long stored load. Even after only a couple
    of spurts, Marie had a bellyful of cum. But she kept on swallowing, slurping
    and gulping loudly until she'd nursed the last traces of jism from the head
    of his cock.

    "Oh-oh-ohhhh!" Uncle Bill collapsed, throwing his head back and panting
    like a dog as his teenage niece finally released his cock. "I can't believe
    you did that to me, honey! Oh fuck, that was so goddamn good!"
    Licking the cum from her mouth, Marie studied her uncle's cock meat. His
    prick was still big and hard and showed no signs of wilting. Her cunt ached
    as she thought of how long he'd been saving up his wad.
    "Uncle Bill, looking at me was what made your cock get so big in the first
    place, wasn't it?" She stood up and faced him. "You got a big boner from
    looking at my legs and my pussy. Didn't you?"
    Bill gulped as he nodded his head. Marie giggled and skinned off her
    panties, peeling the lacy pink fabric over her small, firm ass cheeks. She
    pulled them down her legs and stepped out of them, leaving her naked except
    for her T-shirt. Bill's cock started throbbing again as he ogled her furry
    pussy mound, staring at the glistening pink slit.
    "Well, now you can see all of me! And you know what?" Marie slid to the
    floor and
    stretched out on her back on the carpet. "I want you to fuck me now, Uncle
    Bill! And I want you to do it hard!"
    Wiggling her ass, she splayed her legs wide apart and lifted her knees to
    her shoulders, opening her pussy for the invasion of his cock. Uncle Bill
    didn't hesitate. His cock quivered stiffly before him as he crawled off the
    couch, kneeling between her silky legs.
    "Go ahead and stick it in, Uncle Bill! I'm not a virgin! Umm, I want your
    cock inside me so much!"
    Bill just stared at her for a moment, as if unable to believe his good
    fortune. Then, gripping his cock meat as he hunched over her, he pressed the
    drooling prick knob between the puffy, pouting lips of her teenage, pussy.
    "Nunhhhh!" Marie groaned, humping up her little ass as she felt her pussy
    walls spreading around the cock. "Oh, Uncle Bill, you've got such a big one!
    It feels so good in my horny little pussy! Fuck my cunt, Uncle Bill! Fuck
    me, fuck meee!"
    Uncle Bill gasped, almost unable to believe the syrupy tightness of his
    niece's cunt. Slowly he started humping between her legs, gently fucking
    inch after inch of his throbbing cock into her pussy.
    Her cunt welcomed him in, clutching spasmodically around the veined
    stiffness of his prick. Bill gasped as he sank on top of her, burying his
    cock to the balls in her churning, clinging fuck hole.
    His prick was as hard as stone, and he could already feel the second load
    of jism welling in his hairy balls. He bit his lip hard as he fought to
    hold, back the cum.

    "Fuuuuck me, Uncle Bill!" Marie eagerly threw up her sleek legs and
    scissored them around his waist. Then she started humping, showing him how
    experienced she was with the rhythmic, bucking motions of her ass. "Fuck me,
    I'm so horny! Aww, love your big fucking dick! Fuck, fuck, fuuuuck!"
    Bill pulled out slowly, withdrawing until only the knob of his cock was
    spreading her pussy folds. Hungrily he fucked his throbbing prick even
    farther up her buttery snatch.
    "Fuck, unh, fuck, unhhhhhh!" Marie grimaced and shook her head wildly from
    side to side, almost unable to stand the pleasure of her uncle's prick
    throbbing inside her. "You've got such a big dick, Uncle Bill! Nuunhhh, fuck
    my pussy with it! I need to cum!"
    Bill let his weight fall on her slim body, flattening her small
    cherry-nippled tits beneath his hairy chest. Panting on her shoulder, he
    fell into a driving rhythm, fucking his drooling, throbbing prick in and out
    of his niece's cunt.
    "Unnnnggghh!" Marie wrapped her arms around his powerful body and hissed as
    she started scratching and clawing his back, battering his ears with a storm
    of shameless obscenities. "Fuck me! Do you feel my pussy sucking your cock?
    Isn't it nice and juicy? Fuck me faster than that! I wannnnt it! I want your
    big, fat, fucking cock!"
    His niece's words drove him to fuck her clinging pussy even harder. Wetly
    his swollen cock fuck into her juicing pussy. The fuck oil foamed around his
    prick, making an occasional pussy fart that only made his cock grow harder.
    "Nnnnggggg!" Marie shuddered all over as she felt the cum heat building in
    her belly, making the strong muscles surrounding her pussy hole milk and
    suck her uncle's cock. "Oh shit, I think I'm about to cum, Uncle Bill! Your
    cock is so goddamn big! Unnggghhh! Harder, fuck my ass off! Fuck my pussy as
    hard as you can!"
    Bill slid his hands down his niece's supple, slim waist, clawing the sides
    of her small humping ass. Then he started to ream out her tight little fuck
    hole as hard as he could, ramming his cock into her juicy pussy so hard that
    Marie's ass jerked obscenely with every thrust.
    The horny brunette's body stiffened as her pussy started cumming, the
    slippery pink walls working madly around her uncle's prick. "Fuck me! Fuck
    me, fuck my cunt!"
    Her pussy exploded, cumming again and again around her uncle's fucking
    cock. Bill kept fucking the piss out of her, whipping his long, swollen cock
    into her drooling fuck slit as hard as he could.
    Finally Marie couldn't take anymore. Her pussy was all swollen, and his
    fucking prick chafed her cunt so hard that the pleasure was unbearable. She
    pushed him off of her belly, panting as she looked up at his gigantic
    dripping cock.

    You didn't cum," she whispered breathlessly. "Oh, Uncle Bill, do you want
    to squirt off in my mouth again?"
    Bill started to answer, but before he could speak Marie had an obscene
    idea. Rolling onto her belly, she hunched up her ass, reached behind her and
    spread the peach-shaped ass cheeks wide apart. Bill moaned at the sight of
    her pink hairless slit hole.
    "Uncle Bill, go into the bathroom and get some Vaseline!" Marie cried. "I
    want you to fuck my asshole now! Nobody's ever fucked my asshole before!"
    Bill's jaw sagged open as he watched her tightly muscled asshole throb and
    pucker lewdly before his eyes. Rising to his feet, he hurried into the
    bathroom. A second later he returned with a big jar of Vaseline, his huge
    cock pulsing straight before him.
    "Smear it all over me!" Marie was so horny that she couldn't restrain
    herself from finger fucking her wet pussy as she waited, for her uncle to
    grease her asshole. "Get it good and wet so it can take your big fucking
    Bill did as she asked, unscrewing the jar and kneeling behind her upturned
    ass. Withdrawing a thick hunk of the goo on his fingers, he made his teenage
    niece squeal as he pasted it all over her tight asshole. Marie grunted as
    his finger parted her rubbery ring, boring up her ass guts.
    "Yes, oh fuck it, even your finger feels good!" she cried, whimpering as
    she flexed her asshole. "Now get your dick all juiced up, Uncle Bill! Awww,
    I want you to fuck my horny butt!"
    Withdrawing more Vaseline, Bill covered his swollen prick from base to
    crown with the sticky petroleum jelly. Then he dropped the jar and mounted
    her. Marie groaned girlishly as she felt his fat, swollen cock head pressing
    onto her asshole. Then it was going into her, stretching the little asshole
    wide, inch after inch boring into the forbidden warmth of her shit channel.
    "Yes, aww shit, ye-ye-yesssss!" Her hissing moan was long and pronounced,
    her whole body quivering as the long, fat hard-on fucked into her ass guts.
    Marie buried a finger into her pussy, feeling how swollen and drippy the
    cunt lips were. Again she began to jack off, shamelessly rolling and rubbing
    her cunt as her uncle fucked his boner up her asshole.
    "More, give me all of it! Oh, Uncle Hill! I love getting my asshole
    Her shit tunnel was very tight, even for a young girl. In spite of the
    Vaseline, Bill had to fuck hard to get all of his huge cock inside her. By
    the time he was all the way up her asshole, the pressure of her shit muscles
    had made his cock even harder. Immediately he fell into an ass-fucking
    rhythm, fucking his bloated, oozing cock into the rubbery depths of his
    niece's shitter.

    "Ooooh! Unh, unhhhh!" Eagerly Marie humped up her little ass to meet his
    strokes, simultaneously jacking off her cunt and slit with her fingers.
    Getting her asshole reamed out was nearly as good as being fucked in the
    pussy! Her ass muscles seemed to have a will of their own, spasmodically
    throbbing and clutching around her uncle's cock.
    Never in her life had she felt so utterly filled! And she could beat off
    her pussy at the same time! Marie groaned and squealed as she. whipped up
    her hips. There was no pain, only a deep-rooted, throbbing pleasure. She
    wanted even more of her uncle's cock up her ass.
    "Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me!" Her screams of incest passion filled
    the whole house, but she was too excited to care. "Oh fuck, I think I'm
    cumming, Uncle Bill! Harder, fuck my ass off! Unh .... fuck it... unh unh
    unnggghh! I'm cuuummmiiinnggg!" Her asshole spasmed violently. Marie
    thought she would black out as her pussy and shit hole came at the same
    time, gushing fuck juice onto her squirming fingers, making her asshole
    clench around her uncle's prick.
    "Oh, Marie!" Bill groaned. "Oh, Marie, I can't stand it! Your asshole's so
    tight. Fuck me, honey! Fuck... fuck!"
    He collapsed on top of her, burying his cock to the balls in her throbbing
    shit hole. Marie groaned as the second load of jism erupted from his
    straining prick, instantly deluging her asshole with creamy cum.
    Like a bitch in heat she worked beneath him, fucking tirelessly, flexing
    her asshole to drain out all of the cock juice. Now she had both her uncle
    and brother to fuck, Marie thought, giggling. She was such a horny slut!


    "Oh now, let's see," Kelly said, whispering to herself. "These go in here,
    and these, are permanent press, and these have to be taken out to ... oh,
    damn it! I'm just so horny I can't think straight!"
    It was a little after two on a muggy Monday afternoon. Kelly didn't have a
    last period class on Monday, which was a mixed blessing. It meant she could
    come home early and do the laundry, a substantial chore in a household of
    six. "Damn it!" She tried to concentrate on the task of sorting the
    clothes, but all she could think of was the heat burning in her cunt.
    Standing in the laundry room, alone except for the big washer and dryer and
    the concrete walls, the, sex-starved blonde shamefully started grinding her
    pussy on the flank of the washer.
    A week had passed since her baby sister had gone down on her, licking her
    pussy to a pinnacle of ecstasy she'd never known before, then forcing her to
    taste the nectar of Marie's cunt. Kelly had told herself that it was a good
    thing Marie hadn't come back to her bedroom for a second helping, but the
    victory of her conscience was unsatisfying.
    She was still horny. Sucking with Marie had unleashed something inside her.
    She wanted to do it again. On her date the night before, the big-titted
    blonde had barely restrained herself from letting her date lick and suck her
    pussy. It would have been only one step from there to letting him fuck her
    I'm so horny, Kelly thought over and over again as she tried to concentrate
    on separating the linens from her brother and father's jeans. Damn it... why
    do I have to be this way? So hot, so fucking hot...
    Kelly dumped the permanent press clothes in the washer, sprinkled in some
    detergent and turned the switch. The big washer cranked to life, filling the
    laundry room with its drone.
    Kelly still had her pussy mound pressed to the side of the machine, and its
    vibrations sent thrills through her cunt she hadn't anticipated.
    Then she just gave up. Blushing with shame at her own uncontrollable lust,
    the voluptuous blonde pulled off her athletic shorts, leaving herself naked
    from the waist down except for her tennis shoes.
    She climbed onto the running washer, feeling the vibrations rushing through
    her bare ass cheeks and rapidly moistening cunt. Moving quickly before her
    conscience could get the better of her, Kelly tore off her t-shirt and bra,
    letting her huge, stiff-nippled tits jiggle salaciously on her chest.
    No one was home. She was supposed to stay in the laundry room to add
    softener at the end of the cycle. It didn't matter ... good way to spend the
    time ... unhhh!
    Kelly shut her eyes and grimaced as she touched her fingers to the
    fleecy-haired lips of her cunt. Her pussy started burning immediately. She
    hadn't even realized how incredibly horny she was.
    "Ahhh, fuck!" Wiggling her ass on the top of the washing machine, Kelly
    started to finger fuck, slipping her fingers in and out of her throbbing
    cunt. "So good ..." Images of big, cum-spurting cocks danced before her
    mind's eyes, probing between her legs, trying to push into her virgin cunt.
    "I want it ... want it..."
    Soon Kelly was finger fucking as hard as she could, bumping her ass
    feverishly off the washing machine as she whipped her fingers in and out of
    her juicy, sodden pussy. A cum was already mounting deep inside her belly.
    She was so horny that she didn't even hear the laundry room door opening and
    closing, then locking.

    Then she felt strong hands on the insides of her thighs and, a second
    later, a wet tongue probing her pussy lips.
    "Awwk! What in the ... Hank! Good God!"
    Kelly just stared at him, unable to believe it was her big brother. But
    there was no mistaking the muscular, athletic body stretching his football
    T-shirt or the face rummaging between her thighs.
    "Hank, what do you think you're doing to me!" Kelly shrieked and tried to
    push him away. Her cheeks colored with shame as she realized he'd caught her
    playing with herself. "Aw, stop it! You can't suck your own sister's pussy!
    Let me alone!"
    Hank ignored her. Holding himself between her luscious thighs, he thrust
    his hands under her hips and firmly clenched her ass cheeks, making it
    impossible for her to squirm out of his powerful grip.
    He'd walked into the laundry room, seen her with her fingers in her pussy
    and decided to help himself to the juicy treat.
    "Awww, God, you're raping me with your mouth!" Kelly clawed the back of his
    neck and
    scissored her thighs shut on his ears. "No! Don't touch me! I'll scream!"
    "You want it," Hank muttered, whispering the words on her hairy cunt.
    "Shit, I can smell your pussy halfway down the goddamn hail! Come in here
    and you're jacking off ... I'm gonna suck you off!"
    His fingernails dug into her ass cheeks, making Kelly squeal and
    submissively open her legs again. Then her big brother started to lick and
    suck and kiss her juicy cunt in earnest. Within seconds, Kelly found herself
    responding against her will to his oral massage.
    Where did he learn to suck pussy like that? she thought dizzily. Her big
    brother was licking away at her hairy cunt like a wild man, slurping and
    smacking as his tongue burrowed between the swollen, pouting lips.
    "Unh..." Kelly started humping, spreading her legs wider. "Oh... oh, Hank!
    You can't do this to me! Unh!"

    Now that there was enough room between her milk-white thighs, the horny
    brother pulled his hands from her bucking ass cheeks and put them securely
    between her legs. Kelly gasped as he tenderly peeled apart her pussy lips,
    making her clit pop out of its glistening folds.
    "Nunhhhh!" Kelly started humping with shameless pleasure, squealing and
    gasping as her brother licked directly on her lust-swollen clit. "Nnnh,
    Hank, you're licking me! Yes, yes, lick my cunt! Unggghhh! Oh, Hank, I can't
    believe this ... unngggghhhh!"
    Her clit nubbin was like a little marble, completely hard and erect with
    blood. Hank wrapped his lips around it, nipping lightly with his teeth. He
    sucked hard, drawing it out. Then he jammed two fingers deep inside her
    buttery fuck hole.
    "Awww!" Convulsively Kelly bucked as if she'd been shot, spreading her legs
    as wide as she could and grabbing the back of her brother's head. "Stick
    me!" Her voice rose over the drone of the washing machine as she excitedly
    pistoned her ass, fucking her hairy pussy all over her brother's face. "Oh
    fuck, oh shit! Suck it, suck my cunt! I can't stand it! Suck my goddamn

    Hank twisted his fingers deep inside her churning cunt, making Kelly yelp
    like a wounded animal. Rapidly he fucked them in and out of her throbbing
    cunt hole. Her pussy was delicious, drooling musky fuck oil. Hank paused to
    lick it all up, then again glued his lips to her swollen clit bud.
    "I think... unh! I think I'm gonna cum!' Kelly humped faster and faster,
    making the washing machine shake. "Keep licking me, Hank! Lick it slow, lick
    it ... unh yes, oh Jesus, I'm cumming, big brother! Suck my cunt ... it's
    Her cunt spasmed violently, rewarding her pussy-licking brother with a
    mouthful of fuck juice. Hank kept his lips around the swollen cunt as it
    twitched in his mouth, fucking his tongue rapidly on the tip. His pumping
    fingers guided her pussy through the apex of her orgasm.
    Then he withdrew from her cunt and stripped off his clothes. Kelly gasped
    at the sight of his muscular body and felt her jaw sag open as he exposed
    his cock. His prick was huge, a perfectly sculpted column of meat rising
    stiffly from his ball bag, throbbing and pulsing with cum and blood.
    "Do you want it now, little sister?" Hank whispered, staring hungrily at
    her nakedness and lightly stroking his cock. "Do you want to get fucked by
    my big fat dick?"

    Kelly was frozen by the sight of his hard-on. His prick was far more
    tantalizing than any of the cocks she'd seen in her magazine collection.
    Nodding submissively, blushing with shame, she slid off the washing machine.
    Then she pulled clothes out of the hamper, and, as the washer continued to
    hum, scattered them on the floor.
    "Go ahead, if you want it. Come on and fuck me!" Kelly stretched out on her
    back an the clothes, wiggling her ass into a comfortable position as she
    spread her legs wide. Her enormous tits jiggled spongily, the nipples
    crinkled and as stiff as little pebbles. "Come on, if you really want to do
    it to your own sister!"
    Hank really did. Swiftly he mounted her, falling to his knees on the pile
    of clothes, aiming the tip of his smoking hard-on at the curly haired lips
    of her cunt.
    He pushed up one of her big tit mounds, until the pink, silver-dollar-sized
    nipple nearly touched her mouth. Kelly shuddered as he dropped his lips to
    the reddened cap, sucking it hard.
    Then she felt his spongy cock head pushing into her. Automatically the
    big-titted blonde spread her legs wide, humping up her ass to help him get
    his prick inside her. "Oh, oh, Hank! It feels good! Push it in me,- big
    brother! Fuck me ... want it now ... fuck my cunt!"
    Hank pushed his cock into her, unaware that she was a virgin. "Christ,
    you're tight," he whispered, squirming on top of her, forcing the meaty
    inches of his cock into her dripping pussy.
    "Aw, Hank, you're hurting me! Go easy! I'm a virgin!"
    Hank's cock only grew harder at the knowledge that he was popping his
    sister's cherry. Lightly he started humping, fucking his cock deeper and
    deeper into her fuck tunnel. Kelly felt pleasure spreading through her. The
    pain vanished as her slippery pussy walls clung tightly to her brother's
    "Ooh, you've got such a big one! Fuck me, Hank!" Eagerly Kelly tossed her
    legs around his waist, making her enormous tits jiggle as she moved
    excitedly beneath him. "I want it now! Fuck me, fuck my cunt hard!"
    Hank raised up on his outstretched arms, supporting himself so he could
    watch his teenage sister's agonized expression as he fed her pussy full of
    his prick. Then he started fucking his cock into her. In and out his swollen
    cock fucked, stretching her clinging pussy slit with every stroke.
    "So good," Hank moaned. He watched her big tits shaking, seeing the way the
    stiff nipples popped up from the milky surface of her tits. "So fucking
    tight ..." Harder and faster he fucked into her, working his lean ass like a
    machine between her thighs.
    "Hank! Unnggghhh!"
    Kelly lay motionless beneath him, her eyes shut and her lips curled in a
    dreamy expression of total arousal. For so long she'd dreamed secretly of
    getting her pussy reamed, and now the actual experience of fucking was far
    better than anything she'd ever fantasized.
    In and out, in and out ... filling her good, fucking her deep. Kelly felt
    her pussy walls spasming, clutching and sucking the turgid hardness of his
    cock. The fucking prick meat chafed her swollen cunt, sending electric
    tingles of sensations coursing through her naked body..
    "Unh! It feels good, Hank! Unnggghhh!" Kelly lifted her legs higher,
    twining them suddenly around the center of his back. "Unh! Fuck me!"
    Shamelessly horny, the stacked blonde started humping, forgetting everything
    as she pumped up her pussy for more stiff prick.
    "Do you like it now, little sister?" Hank asked hoarsely. "Isn't it nice to
    get fucked?"
    "Oh yes, yes, I wannnt it!" Now Kelly was fucking like a machine,
    surprising her brother with her lewd energy as she thrust and ground her
    furry cunt slit on the root of his prick. "I'm... unh, gonna cum! Keep
    fucking me! Yes, yes, do it deeper! Fuuuuuuck!"
    Sliding higher up her body, Hank dropped his chest to her lush tit mounds
    and slid his hands down her thighs to cup her ass. Then he started fucking
    his cock meat into her as hard as he could.
    Kelly clawed his shoulders and panted as she met his strokes. "Yes, fuck my
    ass off! Do it to me! Harder, oh fuck, my pussy's burning! Fuck harder,
    harder! Nnnnggg, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"
    Her pussy creamed gushing fuck oil around her brother's prick. Hank knew
    his sister was cumming as he felt her violent heaving, saw the sharp flush
    in her cheeks and felt the sudden contractions of her pussy around his
    fucking cock.

    He fucked her as fast as he could, helping her through the peak of her cum.
    Then he took his smoking prick out of her drooling fuck hole. As exhausted
    as she was, Kelly gasped as she saw his huge hard-on loom over her creamy
    belly. His prick was incredibly stiff now, uncontrollably oozing jism from
    the thin slit in the tip.
    "Suck it, Kelly."
    Moving up her sweating body, Hank knelt by her head, curled his fingers in
    her hair and jammed his drippy cock head against her lips.
    "Open your mouth like a good girl! I want to shoot my wad down your
    Kelly knew it was disgusting to give a blowjob to her own brother, but she
    was too horny by now to stop herself. Before she knew what she was doing,
    she'd opened her mouth wide. Smiling, Hank stuffed the first several inches
    of his cock between her lips. Kelly nearly choked as the fat cock head
    pushed onto her tonsils. But she clamped her mouth tightly around his veined
    cock shaft and feverishly started sucking, surprised by her own hunger for
    the taste of his prick.
    "Mmm, you like that, don't you?" Delightedly Hank looked at his sister's
    face, seeing how tightly she shut her eyes as her lips stretched to accept
    his cock. "Suck it." He pulled her hair and rocked his ass, lightly stroking
    his prick into her mouth. "Suck it good and drink my cum."
    Kelly sucked his prick wildly, feeling her pussy starting to itch all over,
    again as' she hungered for the taste of his spurting fuck juice Eagerly she
    rolled her tongue around the shiny-skinned knob of his prick, slurping and
    smacking loudly as she gave him head.
    Her hand came up, closing tightly around the meaty root of his prick. Kelly
    started jacking his prick as she sucked it, stroking and tugging his hard-on
    deeper down her throat.
    "Unh! You're doing good!" Clawing the back of her neck, Hank moaned and
    humped his ass much harder. "Suck it, suck off my prick! I want you to drink
    my hot fucking load."
    Kelly puckered her cheeks sharply until her whole face was caved in around
    the big prick. She panted through her nose as she sucked his cock as hard as
    she could. Rhythmically her hand pistoned up and down his prick, moving in a
    blur as she beat his meat.
    "I'm ... I'm cumming now!" Hank gasped. He lurched forward, fucking over
    half of his prick between the wet oval of her lips. "Suck it, Kelly! Suck it
    good! Unh, Jesus! I'm cumming, ahhhhh!"
    His cock started to throb violently. She was stretching her mouth to the
    bursting point around the drooling, jerking cock. Then his prick spurted.
    A hot stream of milky-white jism blasted out of the open piss slit,
    squirting hard down Kelly's throat. Kelly nearly choked on his cum. But the
    initial shot was followed by spurt after spurt of spunk, as his balls
    emptied themselves of fuck juice.
    "Mmmpphhh!" Jacking his cock, the big titted blonde started swallowing,
    frantically working her throat muscles in a lewd effort to get down all of
    his cum. His prick juice tasted delicious. Kelly felt her pussy creaming as
    the cum shot against the roof of her mouth, then oozed onto her tongue as
    the last droplets burned out of the head of his gushing prick.
    "Ah Christ,, that was fantastic!" Hank chuckled, patted her head and took
    his suck wilted cock put from her mouth. "Okay, Kelly. It's time to finish
    up the rest of the wash now. I think I'll get started on my homework. Let me
    know if you get so horny you have to jack off."
    Still laughing, Hank gathered up his clothes and walked out of the laundry
    room. Kelly just rested there, listening to the washer hum and feeling the
    musky fuck cream dribble out of her hairy cunt slit.
    First she'd sucked pussy with her sister, and now she'd let her own brother
    fuck her. Kelly knew she could have stopped him if she'd really wanted to.
    What kind of person was she turning into?


    Marie s father, Mitchell, worked as a private accountant in a big office
    building downtown. Marie had never cared about her father's work, but she
    now felt grateful that he had a private office. She'd made up her mind to
    fuck him, and she wasn't going to wait until she could safely corner him at
    home. She was determined to fuck her daddy at work.
    In the past several days, she'd fucked many times with her big brother and
    uncle. She loved both of their big spurting pricks and had worn them out
    long before her pussy was satisfied. Even two cocks weren't enough for her.
    Even if they had been they wouldn't have been able to take the place of her
    By now Marie was convinced that she was a nymphomaniac, and she was equally
    sure that only her big, beautiful daddy could satisfy the nagging heat of
    her lust. He was so handsome and masculine, with a full head of dark hair
    and a face like Gregory Peck.
    She was sure now that she'd harbored the desire to fuck him since the
    earliest days of her girlhood. Now her pussy creamed at the mere thought of
    his big prick. Even while Hank or Bill fucked her, she imagined her father's
    cock fucking into her buttery young cunt.
    With her pussy steaming in expectation, she entered the elevator and
    punched the button for her father's floor. Deliberately she'd worn one of
    her most provocative outfits, a tank-top t-shirt that showed the sides of
    her braless tits, and a tiny pair of terrycloth hot pants that dug into the
    lips of her pussy. Marie desperately hoped her daddy would get a big boner
    the second she walked in,
    It was nearly four o'clock, and as she walked down the hallway to his
    office Marie was sure that his part-time secretary had left hours before.
    She took a deep breath and knocked on the heavy oak doors.
    "Come on in," Mitchell said. "It's open."
    Marie entered her father's office, shutting the door behind her. It was a
    big square room with a view of the skyline, dominated by a massive desk and
    stacks of files lined up beside the filing cabinets.
    Her father was leaning back in his easy chair behind the desk, holding a
    manila folder. His tie was undone, he looked overworked. Marie's pussy
    burned as she saw the way he smiled at her when she entered.
    "Why, Marie! What a pleasant surprise. You must have taken the bus down!
    What brings you"
    Then he lowered his gaze and frowned as he saw what she was wearing.
    "Uh, Marie, I really think you're a little too old to be prancing around in
    clothes like that. Downtown isn't as safe as being in the suburbs. Someone
    might attack you when you look like that."
    "Oh, Daddy, I'm so glad you said that," Marie replied. "That's just what I
    came here to talk to you about."
    Mitchell pushed the chair away from his desk and looked at his daughter
    confusedly. Pouting her lips, Marie hurried across his office and jumped
    onto his lap, wiggling her tight little ass on the lump of his crotch.
    "Marie, I think you're a little too old to be jumping in my lap!"
    "Oh, Daddy, please don't be mean to me now." She lowered her voice to a
    whisper. "Daddy, I need some sex advice. Will you help me, please?"
    "Uh..." Mitchell paused, flushing slightly. "Well, of course I will, honey.
    What's on your mind?"
    "It's about Reginald. Daddy, I think I let him go too far with me."
    Reginald was a young bookworm Marie's parents had allowed her to date a
    couple of times, mostly because he looked so harmless. Marie would have
    happily fucked him, but Reginald had never had the courage to make a pass at
    her, and there was no possibility of her seeing him again now that she was
    fucking her uncle and brother. But her father didn't know that, and there
    was no harm in deceiving him if it suited her lustful purposes.
    "Too far?" Mitchell looked worriedly at his daughter. "Honey, what did you
    let him do to you?"
    "Daddy, I was bad. I asked him to do it! I asked him to suck my pussy!"
    The flush darkened in her father's cheeks. Before he could get angry, Marie
    threw her arms around his shoulders aid gave him a long tongue-sucking kiss.
    "Oh, Daddy, don't be mad at me! I swear I won't do it again. But, Daddy,
    I'm so worried. Can you get pregnant from letting a boy put his tongue
    inside your pussy?"

    "N-no," Mitchell stammered. "No, you can't get pregnant."
    "But he made me feel so funny, Daddy! I felt all tingly when I let him
    suck me! Daddy, I think he might have ruined my little pussy for life!"
    "He ... he didn't ruin your, your pussy," Mitchell stammered. "Honey, is
    this not the sort of thing..."
    "Oh, Daddy, you better take a look at it!"
    Her father looked on disbelievingly as his cunning, horny daughter jumped
    onto the desk and wiggled her ass to the edge of the wooden surface. Then
    she peeled off her skimpy shorts and spread her legs, giving her father no
    choice but to stare at the fleecy haired slit of her cunt.
    "Here, Daddy!" Giggling, Marie planted her small heels on the edge of the
    desk. "Does my pussy look the same to you?"
    All Mitchell could do was stare. He hadn't seen his daughter's cunt since
    her childhood. This was his first view after she'd reached puberty.
    His jaw sagged open as he studied the dark black curls covering her lower
    belly, running between her thighs to fringe her fuck opening. She had a very
    small, tight-looking cunt, with juice-glistening lips. He could even see her
    hard little cunt popping out of the hood at the top.
    "Daddy, does my pussy look okay?" Marie wiggled her ass, making her pussy
    folds squirm. "Daddy, why are you looking at me all funny like that?"
    Mitchell managed a weak chuckle as he stared at his daughter's horny cunt.
    "I'm not used to this kind of view of you, Marie. You've ... uh ... grown
    quite a bit since the last time I saw you without your clothes on."
    Marie felt her cunt throbbing as she looked at her father's crotch. It only
    took one glance to see that he had an enormous stone-stiff hard-on.
    "Why, Daddy, look at your pants! You're just like Reginald! You're got a
    big boner just from looking at my little cunt!"
    There was a long pause as her father's cheeks flushed more deeply, this
    time with the shame of incest. Marie deliberately flexed her pussy muscles,
    making her cunt hole throb before her father's eyes.
    "Daddy, I have a confession to make. My pussy's all wet, just like your
    cock is stiff! Having you look at me like this really turns me on!"
    "M-m-Marie, J think you'd better put your clothes back on," Mitchell
    stammered. "Your father is about to lose control of himself."
    "Okay, Daddy, but you haven't finished checking me. You've got to put your
    finger in m& pussy to see if it still feels the same too."
    A violent shudder passed through Mitchell's body. Slowly, shaking, he
    lifted his hand and touched his fingers to his daughter's inner thigh. Then
    he slid them up to the hairy mouth of her pussy. He groaned as he felt hot
    fuck juice running out of her glistening cunt. Tentatively he parted her
    pussy folds with his finger, then buried it slowly up her clinging fuck
    "Oh, Daddy! I must be okay after all! That feels really good!"
    Marie sighed and flexed her cunt again, making the slippery pink tunnel
    suck wetly around her father's probing finger. That was all it took to drive
    Mitchell out of his mind.
    "Oh fuck, I can't stand it!"
    Groaning miserably, the horny father slid his chair forward and pushed his
    finger deeper in her syrupy cunt. Then he buried his head between her slim,
    creamy thighs, groaning as he glued his lips to the fur-fringed slit of her
    "Ooooh, Daddy, what're you doing to me?" Marie squealed, pretending
    surprise. "You're going to suck my pussy just like Reginald did!"
    Mitchell made soft moaning sounds as he rubbed his face all over her cant
    bush, covering his cheeks with her pussy oil, inhaling the rich musky aroma
    of hot cant. Burying his finger deep in her clinging cunt, he started
    licking frantically around the outer lips of her pussy hole, tonguing up the
    foaming fuck cream that bubbled out of her cunt slit.
    "Unh! Daddy, Daddy!" Marie immediately spread her legs wider, eagerly
    humping her ass off the edge of the desk. "Oh, Daddy, I love what you're
    doing to me! More, Daddy! Suck my baby pussy!"
    Withdrawing his finger from her pussy, Mitchell thrust his hands under her
    lithe hips, cupping her small rounded ass. He mauled the cheeks as he
    pressed his mouth to her aching, itching pussy. Then he started to slurp
    away at her fuck slit like a hungry dog, thrusting his tongue deep inside
    the burning pinkness of her cunt.
    "Aww, Daddy, Daaaddy!" Marie grabbed the back of his head, pulling her
    father's hair in a desperate effort to get more of his tongue inside her.
    "You're way better than Reginald! Suck my pussy, Daddy! My cunt's so hot!
    Unh unh ummmm, make me cum!"
    Mitchell's boner as sticking out of his pants, throbbing and pulsing
    violently. The dress slacks were wet around his cock knob, where the prick
    juice seeped out, of his piss opening.
    He continued moaning as he sucked his daughter's tender pussy, as if
    starved for the taste of her cunt. Kneading and squeezing her ass cheeks, he
    pushed his mouth up her hole to the protruding bud of her clit. Mitchell
    took her clit between his lips and sucked gently, fucking his tongue on the
    "Nunhhhh!" Marie. gasped and immediately started bucking much harder,
    fucking her hairy pussy all over her father's face. "I love it, Daddy! Lick
    me, lick my cunt! Unh, Daddy! I'm gonna cum!"
    Needing even more stimulation, the lust crazed teenager pushed her hands
    between her legs and peeled her pussy lips back and up, making her swollen
    clit pop out completely. Mitchell took the hint and sucked all of her
    sensitive nubbin into his mouth.
    "Unh, Daddy, unh! Suck meeee!"
    Her pussy was throbbing and creaming, oozing fuck juice onto the desk.
    Mitchell pulled his right hand from her bouncing ass. This time he slipped
    two fingers into her aching cunt hole, burying then to the knuckles in the
    velvety pink pussy tunnel. Marie shuddered as her father jacked her off fast
    and hard, fucking his fingers in and out of her drooling pussy slit.
    "Gonna cum, Daddy! Suck me, suck me, I'm about to cum!"
    Then he surprised her by parting her ass cheeks with his free hand, probing
    for the puckered ring of her asshole. Convulsively Marie grunted as she felt
    his finger invading her ass, pushing deep between the rubbery walls of her
    tight young shitter. Then her father was jacking off both her fuck holes at
    the same time while sucking relentlessly on her stiff cunt.
    "I'm cumming, Daddy! Lick my fucking cunt! Unh, unh... ahhhhhhh!"
    Marie's thighs quivered as she came, shooting off on her father's mouth.
    Mitchell groaned as the creamy pussy juice overflowed her throbbing pink
    cunt slit. He burrowed his tongue in her pussy crack and sucked it all down,
    jamming his fingers deep inside her pussy and throbbing ass.
    "Unh, Daddy, I love you!" Furiously Marie humped, gasping as the spasms
    ravished her loins again and again. AI love you, love you!@ Finally she
    let her sweating hips fall back to the desk top, panting with the exhaustion
    of cumming Mitchell pulled his tongue and fingers from her pussy and ass. He
    sat back and looked at her dizzily, overwhelmed by the experience of sucking
    his daughter's cunt.
    "Oh, Daddy ..." Marie giggled as she looked at the front of his pants,
    seeing the way his enormous hard-on beat and throbbed. "You've got such a
    big boner. Licking my cunt off really turned you on, didn't it?"
    Mitchell just looked at her, too dazed to speak. Marie giggled and slid off
    the desk, kneeling on the carpet before her father's chair. Her cunt was
    already starting to burn again as she slid her hands up his thighs and
    pulled down his zipper. This was working out even better than she'd hoped.
    She was going to get to suck her father's cock!
    "No, Marie." Mitchell sighed and made a vague effort to push his horny
    daughter away. "Don't do it ... we better stop while we can!"
    "But I want to, Daddy! I've never seen a cock before!" Marie lied. Looking
    up at him poutingly, she swiftly pulled down his pants and shorts to his
    ankles, releasing the throbbing length of his prick.
    His prick was gigantic, even bigger than the oversized cocks of her,
    brother and uncle. Marie slid her hands up to the pulsating cock shaft,
    marveling at the way she could barely get her fingers around the length that
    still protruded from the grip of both her fists.
    His massive hard-on throbbed like a heart, warmly jerking and twitching in
    her hands. The balls were huge too, barely contained by the hairy, wrinkled
    sac. The knob was even thicker around than the prick shaft, a bulbous,
    mushroom shaped crown of flesh, flushed a dark red in color, freely oozing
    "Oh, Daddy, what a big cock you have!" Marie gushed. "Daddy, Daddy,
    Clenching both hands around his stiffened prick, she beat his meat hard,
    simultaneously revolving her fists to increase the frictioning pressure
    around his cock. Mitchell shut his eyes as fresh jism oozed from the tip.
    Helplessly he humped his ass off the chair, fucking his cock through his
    daughter's fingers.
    "Suck it, honey," he groaned submissively. "I can't stand it anymore!"
    "I want to, Daddy! I want to put it in my mouth and suck out your hot
    fucking juice! Mmmmm..."
    Extending her tongue, Marie pressed it on the flaring tip of her father's
    hard-on. His prick juice was delicious. A wanton thrill pumped through her
    pussy as she lapped it up, then licked up and down his throbbing hard cock.
    Mitchell pushed his hands behind her head, drawing her lips to his burning
    prick. Marie opened her mouth wide and took the drooling cock crown between
    her lips. She nearly choked as she sucked his dick down her throat. Her
    father had the longest, thickest hard-on she'd ever sucked.
    "Ummphhh!" Flaring her nostrils for air, the horny teenager compressed her
    lips in a tight circle around the veined stiffness of his cock. Then she
    feverishly started sucking, doing everything she could to give her father
    pleasure with her tongue and lips.
    "Unnggghh!" Mitchell opened his eyes, dazedly beholding the spectacle of
    his pretty young daughter with her lips stretched around his cock meat. "You
    ... you suck so hard, honey! Unh! Where did you learn ... to give head like
    ... oh, Christ!"
    Mitchell stopped speaking, giving in to the shameful pleasure of his
    daughter's cock sucking. Pulling her hair, he worked his hips harder off the
    chair, fucking his prick through the gripping circle of her mouth.
    "Keep sucking it, honey! Oh fuck, that's fantastic! I'm gonna cum!"
    Marie sucked and smacked and gurgled and slurped, shutting her eyes as she
    thought of nothing but the delicious taste and hardness of her father's
    prick. Her pussy was burning and juicing so hard that her inner thighs had
    already dampened with fresh fuck oil. Her fondest sex fantasies had come
    true it was her daddy's cock fucking deep down her throat.
    Opening her mouth wider, Marie panted through her nose as she forced more
    of his
    cock to enter her lips. Eagerly she swirled her tongue around the
    throat-jamming knob, pressing her tongue onto his cum slit.
    Her little hand started to move on his prick shaft, jacking him off.
    Daddy's got such a big one, she thought hornily. I can hardly hold it!
    But she managed. With a furious, violent rhythm, Marie jacked and stroked
    and tugged her father's cock. Immediately the big prick got even stiffer,
    and she could tell by the profusion of cum juice oozing from the tip that he
    was about to blow his wad at any moment.
    "Play with my balls!" Mitchell gasped suddenly, stiffening on the chair.
    "Please! Help me shoot!"
    Obediently, Marie dropped her free hand between his thighs and cupped the
    big nut sac. Her father's cock started trembling and jerking wildly in her
    mouth. Then the big prick spurted.
    Tides of jism squirted out of the swollen cock head, gushing down her
    throat. Marie thought she would drown in an avalanche of cum. As hard as she
    continued sucking, the more cock cream came up from his balls. It had to be
    the biggest load she'd ever sucked out of a prick.
    "Ummmh," Marie gurgled. Jacking his gushing cock, sucking his prick harder
    than ever, she swallowed every drop. Her throat muscles worked, nursing the
    sappy cum out of his prick. She refused to release his cock until her
    dancing tongue had cleaned the last traces of cum from the head of his
    Mitchell just sat there, too dazed to move. "Oh, Marie ... can't believe
    it. Oh, fuck!"
    "I know, Daddy!" Marie smiled and gave his wet cock a playful pinch. "You
    can't fuck me now. We've been in the office too long." Giggling, the
    nymphomaniacal teenager again popped her father's cock back into her mouth
    for a quick suck. "You've absolutely got to promise to fill my pussy
    Mitchell nodded.


    "Oh Jesus, your pussy's tight!" Mitchell gasped. "Marie, I don't know if I
    can even get my cock into you all the way without cumming!"
    "Oh, please fuck me, Daddy! My pussy wants your dick!"
    They were in the basement a little after midnight, a small, stuffy room
    filled by the furnace and junk stacked against the opposite wall. In a
    whispered conversation after dinner, Mitchell and his daughter had agreed it
    was the safest place to fuck.
    He'd taken an old mattress from the pile of trunks, old clothes and old
    furniture and had thrown it on the floor. His daughter was spread-eagled on
    it, naked, with her pajamas crumpled beside her on the floor.
    Crouched between her legs, Mitchell was trying to stuff his huge cock up
    her wet little cunt. Marie had told him that she was a virgin, but that
    frequent finger fucking sessions had enlarged her pussy opening. Still, it
    was very tight going.
    "Unh, Marie!" Mitchell swiveled his ass, cramming another inch of his
    straining cock into her juicing pussy. "Am I ... am I hurting you?"
    "No, Daddy! I love your cock!" Eagerly Marie twined her slim legs around
    his waist to hug him closer. Then she started to hump her hot ass, bucking
    her ass cheeks off the mattress, lifting up her pouting pussy for more of
    her father's cock.
    "Fuck it into me, Daddy! Awww, I want all of your fucking cock! Fuck me,
    fuck me!"
    Excited by his daughter's obscenities, Mitchell started to fuck his bloated
    prick into the tender sheath of her pussy. In and in and in his cock went,
    until Marie thought she felt the prick knob probing her very womb.
    It was like being fucked by a horse. Marie's pussy throbbed and burned,
    clutching around her father's cock, sucking it deep into her belly. 'She
    fucked harder and faster, lifting her legs higher up his back.
    "I want it all now, Daddy! Please, oh God, fuck the shit out of me!"
    Mitchell sank between her sweating, milk-white legs, fucking his throbbing
    prick as far into her pussy as he could. The blood engorged cock shaft
    spread her cunt folds, with his ball sac resting on the crack of her ass.
    Mitchell just rested there for several seconds, moaning as her slippery
    pussy tunnel sucked around his cock.
    "Oh, Daddy, it's so big! It's so big and hard!" She let him rest for a
    moment then started humping again, pounding her gurgling fuck hole onto his
    cock. "Now start fucking me, Daddy! Push it in and out!"
    Mitchell withdrew slowly, withdrawing until only his bulbous cock crown
    spread the folds of her churning cunt. Slowly, groaning with pleasure, he
    fucked his cock meat back into her. Her pussy was just a little looser now,
    slickened by her fuck cream, and he groaned with pleasure as he fucked all
    of his prick up her belly with one thrust.
    "Nunnhhh!" Marie nearly came on the first thrust, as the meaty cock shaft
    chafed lusciously on her clit. "Oh fuuuuuck, Daddy! Fuck meeeee!"
    Then Mitchell started fucking, heaving his ass between his daughter's
    thighs. His chest flattened her small tits. He spread his knees on the
    mattress to change the angle of his fuck strokes.
    The forbidden ecstasy of fucking a child, his own daughter, made his cock
    incredibly stiff. Mitchell fell into a driving fuck rhythm, reaming out his
    daughter's tender fuck hole with long smooth strokes of his blood-swollen
    "I love you, Daddy! Unhhhh! Fuck meee, fuck my pussy! fuck it, fuck it,
    Marie's face reddened, contorting with pleasure as her pussy clung to the
    fucking prick. "Harder, Daddy!" She humped faster beneath him, trying to
    increase the speed of their fucking. "I love you! I love your big fucking
    cock! Fuck my goddamn brains out! Spurt your cum up my little cunt!"
    She knew how much she excited him with her shameless obscenities and
    giggled hornily as she felt his prick swelling in her cunt. Gasping,
    Mitchell started fucking as hard as he could. His hips worked like a
    machine, grinding his hairy stomach on her smooth belly, jack-hammering his
    stone-hard cock into her clinging, juicing cunt.
    "I'm ... I'm gonna cum," Mitchell moaned. He winced as his ball bag swung
    heavily against her ass crack. "Can't hold it, honey!"
    "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck, fuck, fuck..."
    Mitchell buried his cock to the hilt in her pussy, moving up so that the
    base of his prick ground directly on her grape-like cunt. Marie gasped as
    the hot jism streamed up from his balls. Like a geyser, cum blasted up her
    cunt tube, instantly deluging her little pussy with the man-sized load of
    her father's cum.
    "I love it, Daddy!" Marie humped like a bitch in heat as her pussy started
    to burn in expectation of orgasm. "Fuck my cunt, Daddy! I'm cumming too!
    Unnggghhh! I love you, Daddy!"
    Her pussy exploded, sucking convulsively around his still-spurting cock.
    That made even more jism pump up from her father's balls.
    When both their cums had subsided, their stomachs were slick with fuck
    fluids, and a puddle had formed on the mattress under Marie's humping ass.
    And her father's cock was still as hard as a rock.
    Marie looked on in amazement at his big swollen cock, seeing the way his
    prick glistened stiffly as he slowly pulled out of her ravished cunt slit.
    His cock had lost none of its size and hardness. His prick looked even
    larger than before, the biggest prick she'd ever seen.
    "Oh, Daddy, you've still got a boner! Do you want to fuck my baby pussy
    some more?"
    Mitchell groaned and started to push his cock back into her cunt. But,
    before he could put his prick in, Marie suddenly turned over and presented
    her father with her upturned ass.
    "I guess your cock needs a tighter hole to suck out all your cum, Daddy!
    Here! Why don't you fuck me up the ass!"
    Mitchell gasped as he watched his daughter spread her ass cheeks with her
    hands, exposing bet hairless pink shitter. Immediately his cock began to
    twitch with fresh lust.
    "Go ahead, Daddy! You won't hurt me! I'm too horny! And your cock's all wet
    from fucking my pussy!"
    Giggling, the horny teenager made her tightly muscled asshole throb right
    in front of his face. "Do me dirty, Daddy! Fuck my goddamn butt!"
    Holding his cock in his fist, Mitchell tit the spongy tip to the rubbery
    ring of his daughter's asshole. Then he started to push his prick in, making
    Marie gasp as her asshole was invaded by the meaty thickness of her father's
    "Unh, unh, ungghhh, Daaaddy!" Hotly she wriggled her peach-shaped ass
    cheeks, squirming to help her father fuck his cock up her asshole. "It
    doesn't hurt me, Daddy! It feels good! Unngghhh! My asshole loves your big
    fucking cock!"
    Again her obscenities spurred him on, making his cock throb violently in
    the churning depths of her asshole. Holding her hips, Mitchell started to
    fuck brutally behind her. Inch after inch of his hard-on fucked up her
    asshole, spreading the tight walls of her shit channel around his fucking
    "Make me cum, Daddy! Fuck me, fuck my butt!"
    Gasping, Mitchell hammered his enormous cock into his daughter's ravaged
    asshole. Again he rested motionless on top of her, letting her shit muscles
    stretch to accommodate his huge prick.
    "Nnnngggg!" Marie felt her father's big prick throbbing up her ass guts,
    the wet pressure of her ass muscles clutching around his cock. "Oh, Daddy,
    it hurts me good!"
    She pushed her fingers under her belly, sliding them through the damp curls
    of her pussy. Grunting, the horny brunette sank two fingers up her cunt and
    caught her cunt under her thumb. Then she started jacking off as the big
    prick throbbed in her asshole.
    "Fuck me, Daddy!" She started humping as she finger fucked, pushing out her
    asshole muscles to encourage him to fuck her. "Fuck my asshole, fuck it
    Mitchell pulled out, then fucked his big cock slowly back in again. He
    groaned as the rubbery sheath of her shit chute clung to his turgid prick.
    Then he started fucking her asshole, holding onto her hips as he reamed out
    her hot channel with pile-driving thrusts.
    "Fuck, fuck me, fuck my butt!" Marie chanted the dirty words incessantly as
    she humped up to meet his strokes, feeling her pussy and asshole burning at
    the same time. "Make me cum, Daddy, make my asshole cum! Unnggghh, I love
    it! Oh fuck, do it harder! I'm going to explode!"
    Digging his fingernails sharply into her lithe hips, Mitchell started
    fucking his teenage daughter's asshole with all the strength he could
    muster. Violently he fucked his throbbing cock into her ass, fucking his
    prick all the way into her bowels. Soon he felt her shit tunnel spasming
    uncontrollably around his cock.
    "I'm cumming again, Daddy!" Marie grimaced as she rolled her cunt savagely
    under her thumb, fucking her fingers in and out of her pussy. "Fuck me,
    fuuuuuck my ass Daddy, I love you! Cuuummmiiinnnggg!"
    Her asshole exploded, sucking madly around Mitchell's pumping cock.
    Mitchell felt every pulsation of his daughter's shit muscles as the little
    rubbery tube clutched and sucked his cock.
    "Ohhhh, God!" He collapsed on top of her, burying his cock up her asshole
    as far as he could. "I'm cumming too, honey! Ahhhh!"
    The white prick juice flooded up from his balls, so heavy an explosion that
    it was as if he hadn't cum at all. Marie giggled as she felt the spunky goo
    shooting into her slit hole, filling the narrow tunnel with the musky
    hotness of her father's cum.
    Such a big load, she thought, such a big fucking load of daddy's cum up my
    ass! Shamelessly she flexed her slit muscles, milking the last drops of
    jism from the knob of his huge burning prick.
    Naked except for her nightgown, Kelly stood with her ear pressed to the
    door leading to the basement, atone in the darkened kitchen. She'd come
    downstairs to get a late night snack after fucking Hank in his room. She'd
    never even opened the refrigerator. She'd heard the soft moans from the
    basement immediately.
    Now her eyes were wide with shock as she left the kitchen and padded up the
    stairs to her room. Marie and her father! It was one thing to fuck with
    their brother, but this ... Marie had actually fucked her own dad!
    "Oh my God!"
    Shutting her door behind her, Kelly stripped off the nightgown and
    collapsed naked on her back on her bed. Clearly she remembered the grunts
    and moans she'd heard, the way Marie had praised the size of their father's
    prick, her pleas to have his cock fucked up her asshole.
    What was happening to them all? Their whole family was being driven wild
    with lust!
    And she was too! Blushing in the darkness, big-titted Kelly spread her legs
    and pushed her hand between them, sighing as she touched her cunt. Her pussy
    lips were dripping with fuck juice.
    Daddy, Daddy... thinking shamefully of her father, the young blonde started
    to finger fuck herself, humping her ass lightly off the bed.


    Uncle Bill's room was removed from the rest of the family, in the left rear
    corner of the house. There was a small mirror on the hallway wall beside his
    door, and Kelly blushed fiercely as she glanced at herself in it.
    Her huge tits were practically falling out of the flower-print bikini top,
    and the panty bikini bottom let out a few wispy cunt curls.
    I'm so ... so naked, Kelly thought embarrassedly.
    It still made her uncomfortable to know that she had to buy separate sized
    tops and bottoms to cover her enormous tits.
    Fighting back her shyness, the gorgeous blonde lifted her hand and rapped
    lightly on her uncle's door. This was the best time, she reminded herself.
    It wasn't every day that she was alone in the house with her uncle.
    And her pussy was throbbing so hard, oozing so much fuck oil that the inner
    lining of her bikini panties felt wet and drippy. She couldn't fuck her own
    father. She wasn't a total slut, not like her little sister. But she had to
    vent her lust with Uncle Bill.
    "Yeah?" Bill's voice sounded sleepy.
    "It's ... it's me, Uncle Bill," Kelly said softly. "Can I come in for a
    minute? I want to talk ... to ask your advice about something.
    Bill muttered that the door was open, and Kelly entered his bedroom. Uncle
    Bill lay naked under a single blanket crumpled around his midriff,
    groggy-eyed, as if Kelly had just awakened him from a nap. But his eyes
    opened wide when he saw her gorgeous teenage body in the bikini.
    "I'm sorry if I woke you up, Uncle Bill," Kelly began immediately. "I just
    wanted to ask you what you thought of my bikini. A boy from school is taking
    me to the beach, and I haven't worn it outside yet. I need an objective
    "It looks okay."
    Actually, both of them knew that Bill was much less interested in the
    scanty garments than he was in what they contained. Even the D-cup bikini
    bra strained to cover her swelling tits, and a lot of juicy tit flesh
    bunched out of the sides.
    Her nipples were stiff, protruding through the sheer fabric. Kelly blushed
    as she saw the way her uncle was admiring her slim waist, running his gaze
    up her sleek legs to the plump mound of her pussy through the bottom.
    "Is it too, you know, skimpy?" She stepped closer, embarrassed again as she
    felt the weight of her huge tits jiggling in their cups. "I had to buy a
    separate size top for my breasts. Can you tell that it's from a different
    suit, Uncle Bill?"
    Bill said nothing. Kelly realized with a start that something was moving
    under the blanket. Quickly she tried to turn her head away as she saw that
    it was his rapidly swelling prick.
    "Well? Can you tell, Uncle Bill?"
    "No, I can't tell," Bill said softly, his eyes glazed. "To tell you the
    truth, I don't think your boyfriend's going to be looking too much at the
    suit anyhow, not with you wearing it."
    "Why, Unc-Uncle Bill," Kelly stammered. "What a... a naughty thing to say!"
    Then his cock was as hard as stone, obscenely transforming the blanket into
    a tent over his crotch. Kelly gasped, unable to keep her gaze off any
    longer. The meaty prick throbbed and jerked and pulsed under the covering.
    Her pussy melted, creaming heavily on her panty crotch. Kelly made a soft
    groaning sound as her nipples started to throb. She stepped very close to
    the bed, panting softly, helplessly staring at her uncle's cock. Her face
    was flushed and hot. She was too horny to be any good at seduction now
    "Oh, Uncle Bill, I just hope you don't get mad at me for doing this..."
    Breathing hard, the big-titted blonde reached down and brazenly pulled off
    the blanket. Her uncle didn't bat an eye. He just looked up at her with his
    massive prick now throbbing in the raw before her.
    "Ohhhh, Uncle Bill!"
    His cock was gigantic. Kelly's eyes widened at the sight of the huge column
    of flesh, quivering in a steely crescent over his hairy gut. The knob was
    leaking, leaking hot cum, dripping onto his navel. His was the biggest,
    fattest cock head she'd seen in her life.
    "Oh, Uncle Bill, I just can't stand it anymore. I can't fucking stand it!"
    Her pussy was throbbing like a heart, aching for a stiff cock. Kelly
    reached behind her and undid the knot holding her bikini bra together. Uncle
    Bill gasped at the sight of her bare, unfettered tits, jiggling like huge
    mounds of Jell-O on her chest.
    Swiftly, Kelly pulled off the bikini bottom too, leaving herself naked. Bill
    just looked at her as she climbed onto the bed with him. Hurriedly the horny
    blonde straddled him, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his
    hips. Then she reached between her milk-white thighs and gripped the aching
    length of his prick.
    "Please let me fuck you, Uncle Bill! Please don't tell dad! I'm so horny!
    I'm so fucking hot!"
    "I won't tell," Bill gasped, looking intently at her drooling, pouting
    slit. "Go ahead!"
    His hands slid down, holding her lithe hips. Dropping her ass, Kelly
    shuddered as she rubbed his puffy cock crown up and down her hairy pussy
    crack. Then she centered the bulbous cock knob between the lips of her cunt.
    "Push it in, Uncle Bill! Push it in my pussy! My pussy needs to get
    Holding her hips, Bill pulled down. Kelly opened her mouth wide and groaned
    as the meaty inches fucked into her, spreading the swollen folds of her cunt
    hole around the fucking pipe of his prick.
    "Nnnggg! Ungghh! Unnggghhh!" Automatically she leaned forward, making her
    enormous cherry-nippled tits jiggle and dance over his chest as she dug her
    fingers into his shoulders. "Fuuuuuck me!" Kelly started humping, wiggling
    her ass, slowly stuffing her pussy with all of her uncle's cock. "I'm so.
    horny! Fuck me, Uncle Bill! Fuck my goddamn cunt!"
    Bill started humping, fucking his swollen cock into her juicing pussy
    channel. He moaned as he felt the slippery tightness of her pussy hole,
    wetly enveloping his burning rod. His hands moved around her hips, cupping
    her jiggling ass cheeks. Fascinated, he watched her enormous tits jiggle as
    he fucked his cock into her pussy.
    "Fuck me, fuuuuuck!" Kelly squirmed her ass in his big hands, shuddering as
    he fucked the last inches of his fuck stick up her creaming pussy. Then she
    just sat on him for a moment, her thighs flat on his hairy leg, groaning as
    her pussy pulsed around every inch of his cock.
    "Suck my titties, Uncle Bill! My nipples are so swollen!"
    Lifting one huge tit, Bill directed the silver dollar-sized nipple to his
    open mouth. He sucked it in, fucking his tongue on the rubbery tip. At the
    same time, he started moving again beneath her, fucking his prick
    rhythmically in and out of her gurgling, curly haired slit.
    "Unngghhh!" For a moment Kelly just sat on top of him, savoring his fuck
    thrusts without moving before she started humping on top of him. "Harder,
    Uncle Bill! Fuck my pussy, suck my tit! Harder!"
    Faster and faster she pumped her ass, pounding her gushing, juice-laden
    pussy onto his cock. Immediately she felt her cunt swelling with desire,
    protruding from the fleshy folds at the top of her cunt slit. Her uncle's
    cock was so long and fat that his prick stretched her cunt completely,
    chafing the sensitive nubbin with every bone jarring thrust into her body.
    Grunting obscenely, Kelly fell into a steady fuck rhythm, fucking her hot
    cunt crack onto the satisfying stiffness of his hard-on. Up and down her
    little ass heaved, moving in his hands. She pulled her hips up all the way,
    until only his cock head parted her pussy, before making his prick fuck all
    the way up her cunt.
    "You've got such a big one," she panted. "Such a big fucking dick ... oh
    Christ, I'm gonna cum on it! Fuck me harder, Uncle Bill! Harder, harder,
    fuck me as hard as you can! Awww, I need to cum!"
    Uncle Bill worked his hips like a machine, making the mattress creak
    beneath them as he fucked his aching prick into the slippery sheath of her
    fuck tunnel. Kelly felt her pussy throb violently, clutching his enormous
    prick. Then the spasms shot outwards from her cunt, and she knew she was
    making it, cumming on her uncle's cock.
    "Fuck me harder, Uncle Bill!" she gasped, coaxing him on. "Unhh! I'm
    cumming now! Oh please, oh fuck, fuck the shit out of me!"
    Gnawing on her swollen nipple, Uncle Bill fucked his teenage niece's
    gushing pussy as hard as he could. Shuddering, the horny blonde felt her
    cunt contract uncontrollably around his cock meat.
    "Cumming, Uncle! Fuck me, fuck me good! Nnnnggg, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"
    Her pussy exploded, thrilling her body with waves of ecstasy as the hot
    spasms rocked through her nakedness. Her clit burned and tingled and itched,
    so filled with lust that Kelly could barely stand the excess of sensation.
    Again and again her hairy cunt sucked around her uncle's cock, pulling his
    prick deep into her body for the full force of her orgasm.
    "Aah ... ohhhhh!" Kelly fell flat on his body, crushing her huge tits on
    his hairy chest, his prick still fucking in her pussy. "Cum in me, please! I
    want to feel you shoot in my cunt!"
    "Ah, Kelly!" Bill gave several short, savage thrusts as the jism welled up
    in his hairy balls. "Take it, baby! Ahhhh!"
    The cum rocketed up from his balls, spraying heavily up her pussy. Kelly
    squealed as she felt the boiling prick juice squirt into her creamy pussy,
    instantly deluging her pink cunt with hot cum.
    But her uncle's throbbing prick didn't stop squirting, even when the sappy
    fuck cream was running out of her cunt slit around his bursting cock.
    Torrentially the spunk flooded out, draining his balls in one jerky spasm
    after another. When it was finally over, the sheets under his ass were
    soaked with his own load.
    "Ohhh, Uncle Bill!"
    She rolled off of him, her pussy gaping open pinkly after being fucked by
    his cock. Dazedly she looked at the stiff prick shaft, expecting his cock to
    go down at any moment. But his prick lost none of its stiffness. Instead,
    the massive cock continued to pulse awl quiver wetly over his stomach, as
    hard as a hunk of bone.
    "God, Uncle Bill!" Playfully, Kelly pinched his spongy prick head, making
    his cock dance over his gut. "You've still got such a hard-on! Mmm, it's
    like you didn't cum at all!"
    Bill just looked at her with a pained expression, as his blood-filled cock
    throbbed with need for another cum. All at once, a lewd heat penetrated
    Kelly's guts. She remembered what she'd heard Marie doing with her daddy. It
    was time to get fucked up the ass.
    "Uncle Bill, if I let you do something new to me, will you promise to be
    gentle?" she asked, blushing shyly. "It's something I've always wanted to
    Bill nodded quickly. Kelly sat up, feeling the pendulous weight of her
    enormous tits swaying as she grabbed a pillow. Rolling onto her stomach,
    flattening her tits on the sheets, she stuffed the pillow under her pussy
    mound, arching up her ass.
    Bill's cock started pulsing wildly as he suspected what his niece wanted
    him to do.. Her cheeks burning, Kelly reached behind to her ass cheeks and
    spread them wide apart, revealing her pink, puckered asshole.
    "Go ahead, Uncle Bill! You know what you want me to do! Fuck that big cock
    of yours up my shitter! Go ahead and fuck me up the ass!"
    "Wait a minute!"
    Moving quickly to his knees, Uncle Bill opened the night stand drawer and
    took out a tube of some sort of lubricant he used when jacking off.
    Unscrewing the top with shaking fingers, he squeezed out a thick hunk of it
    on his fingers. Kelly squealed with obscene pleasure as she felt him pasting
    it on her little asshole.
    "Yes, that's right! Now get your dick all juiced up too!"
    Squeezing out some more of the lube, Uncle Bill coated his cock until the
    prick shaft was slippery from root to tip. Then he put the tube aside and
    mounted his niece before she had a chance to change her mind, aiming the
    puffy cock knob at the tightly muscled asshole.
    Kelly grunted as she felt his fat prick head fucking into her asshole,
    stretching the rubbery ass ring. Then she realized it was going into her,
    boring slowly into the depths of her shitter.
    There was no pain, only pleasure, intense, driving waves of pleasure as her
    asshole spread to accommodate the fucking prick.
    Oh fuck, I'm getting my asshole fucked! Kelly thought dizzily. Just like
    Marie! Uncle Bill's fucking his cock up my ass!
    "Do you like it, baby?" Bill panted. He had to move higher up her body to
    push his cock up her ass. Most of the muscles were m the ass ring, and it
    was like a throbbing clamp clutching around his prick. "Am I going too fast
    for you?"
    "Oh, noooo!" Clawing the sheets, Kelly started humping, pushing out her
    asshole to help her uncle fuck his cock in. "I love it! It feels almost as
    good as regular fucking! Unnggghhh! Fuck, Uncle Bill! Fuck my horny shit
    With his cock and her asshole dripping grease, Bill excitedly fuck his
    prick all the way up her ass with one thrust. For along time he just rested
    there, moaning as the rubbery pressure of her horny asshole completely
    enveloped his prick.
    Slowly he pulled out, making Kelly whimper as her hungry asshole ring
    dragged on his cock. But Bill quickly fucked his cock home again between her
    flushed ass cheeks. Then he started fucking his horny niece's ass, falling
    into a steady rhythm, fucking his prick through the puckered ring of her
    "Fuck me, fuck me up the ass!" Kelly was beside herself with pleasure,
    unable to stop the earthy moans of her lust. Reaching behind her again, she
    spread her ass cheeks as wide apart as she could, wanting every inch of her
    uncle's cock to fuck her burning ass. 'Fuck me, fuck me hard! Unggghhh! Yes,
    yes, fuck the shit out of me!"
    Bill's balls swung against her pussy crack, and he moaned as he felt . the
    second load of jism swelling his hairy balls. Sliding his hands up her lush
    body, he dug his fingers into the sides of her compressed tits. Then he
    started to fuck her asshole as hard as he could, furiously reaming out her
    shit tunnel with violent strokes of his turn-swollen prick.
    "Unh! Unnggghhh!" Kelly grimaced as her asshole spasmed, uncontrollably
    sucking around his cock. "Uncle Bill!"
    Her lust was mounting, spreading through her jism-dripping pussy. Uncle
    Bill's cock was so far up her asshole that she didn't need to spread her ass
    cheeks anymore. Kelly thrust one hand under her belly, searching through her
    pussy curls. She sighed with depraved pleasure as she buried two fingers in
    her juicing cunt.
    "Fuck me, fuck meeeee!" Hornily she began to finger fuck, humping more and
    more eagerly as she flexed her asshole around her uncle's prick and rolled
    her swollen clit under her thumb. "Fuck me, fuck my ass good! Unngghh! I'm
    making it, Uncle Bill! Fuck my asshole! Cumming, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"
    Her asshole contracted, sharply milking the turgid thickness of her uncle's
    cock. Kelly felt her pussy creaming as she came again and again, unable to
    stand the pleasure as she shook and shuddered and bucked.
    Bill winced, feeling the pressure of her rubbery shit tube madly clutching
    his prick. He started fucking her ass harder than ever, guiding her through
    the exquisite peaks of her orgasm. Then he started cumming too, shooting off
    deep inside her throbbing ass.
    "Ah, Kelly!"
    It was just as big a load as the first had been. Repeatedly the white
    torrents of cum erupted from his swollen balls, blasting up her shit tunnel.
    Kelly groaned as she felt the milky spunk splattering the inner walls of her
    asshole. Sighing, she flexed her ass, making her asshole milk out every drop
    of his cum.
    When it was over, her uncle's cock finally started to soften between her
    ass cheeks. Withdrawing, Bill rolled onto his back and stared dazedly up at
    the ceiling. Before he had a chance to rest, his niece was all over him,
    crouching at his hip as she lifted his wilted prick.
    "I'm still horny, Uncle Bill!" Kelly panted. "Oh fuck, I just can't help
    Whimpering, the horny girl opened her mouth. Her uncle's cock was coated
    with the grease and her shit juices, but she was too horny to care. She felt
    utterly depraved a slave to her own incestuous lust.
    Bill watched in surprise as the big-titted teenager stuffed his rubbery,
    half-swollen cock into her mouth. Immediately Kelly clamped her lips around
    his prick, forming a tight hungry circle. Then she started sucking her
    uncle's cock, rolling her tongue slowly all over the prick knob.
    "Oh fuck, Kelly!" Giving in, Bill rested his head on the sheets. "You're
    going to make my cock get stiff again!"
    That was just what she wanted. Kelly's cheeks puckered as she sucked her
    uncle's cock as hard as she could, shutting her eyes as she devoted all of
    her energies to his prick. Soon her pussy started burning as she felt the
    big prick swelling with fresh blood deep down her throat.
    She needed to get her cunt fucked again, and she needed to get it licked,
    and. she wanted another fuck up the ass. Kelly didn't care about what was
    right or wrong anymore. She was so horny, horny all the time.


    Standing in the kitchen, Marie's mother, Betty, looked guiltily through the
    doorway at her teenage son. Hank sat on the living room couch, a history
    book in front of him. But he was having a hard time concentrating on his
    Hard was the right word for it. Hank had on his gym shorts, and it quickly
    had become obvious to Betty that he wore no underwear. Protruding out of the
    crotch was a gigantic boner a huge, long, thick, pulsing shaft of flesh,
    clearly visible through the cotton, outlined so perfectly that Betty could
    see the shape of the knob even from the kitchen door.
    "Oh, fuck" the brown-haired mother whispered. "Oh fuck, he's got a big one!
    Oh, fuck!"
    She stared at his hard-on a moment longer, biting her lip as she watched
    her frustrated teenager try to push his prick down. Then she leaned against
    the kitchen wall and folded her hands across her crotch.
    Betty was only thirty-six years old, four years younger than her husband
    Mitchell. She'd had three children, but their births had done nothing to
    spoil her figure. When she looked in the mirror, she was always pleased by
    the unlined, soft-cheeked, wide-eyed face she saw greeting her there.
    Her hips had always been naturally wide, but they hadn't grown any wider
    after having children. Her waist was still slim, and her legs shapely, and
    her husband loved her full, firm ass.
    One look at her chest told anyone where Kelly had inherited the size of her
    tits. Betty's breasts were enormous, even a little larger than her
    daughter's. Perfectly firm, the D-cup globes pushed out of the blouse Betty
    now wore, with deep cleavage visible between the buttons.
    And if her appearance hadn't been spoiled by childbirth, neither had her
    appetite for sex.
    That was what her problem was. The horny mother was so frustrated she was
    jacking off all the time.
    Mitchell had only fucked her once in the past week. Once, just once! Betty
    thought, grimacing with anger. She didn't know how regularly he'd begun
    fucking their daughter's pussy, so she had no reason for his sudden apathy.
    She didn't really care what the reason was. All she knew was that she had to
    get fucked.
    Since puberty, Betty had been an extremely horny woman. She loved Mitchell
    very much, but the main reason she'd married him was that he was an
    exceptionally gifted fuck. Since their wedding night, the horny pair had
    fucked once a night without exception, and usually a lot more than that. Now
    the sudden absence of her hubby's familiar fucking prick was driving her mad
    with lust.
    Betty turned her head and looked again through the kitchen door. In the
    living room, Hank was having an even harder time concentrating on the
    history text. He kept squirming, frowning as he pushed down his swollen
    cock. Betty's cheeks flushed with shame as she realized how hard she was
    looking at his prick.
    For years she'd wanted to fuck her wonderful son, but her nightly fuck with
    Mitchell's tool had helped her to keep down her lust. Now she just couldn't
    control herself.
    I need to fuck him, Betty thought, watching her teenager squirm. 'I'm going
    to do it. I'm going to fuck my own boy.'
    She wore a heavy bra under the blouse, but now she went to the far corner
    of the kitchen to hurriedly take it off. Slipping the blouse back on again,
    the horny mother turned to study her reflection in the glass of the windows
    overlooking the back yard.
    It wasn't a clear image, but it told her enough. The shirt looked innocent
    enough, but the enormous globes of her tits made the sheer fabric stretch.
    Her fat dark-red nipples were clearly visible. Her mammoth tits jiggled and
    swung with every breath she took.
    Opening a cabinet, Betty stuffed the bra inside. Her pussy throbbed under
    her skirt as she opened the kitchen door and entered the living room to join
    her son. They were all alone in the house.
    As soon as he saw his mother, Hank retrieved the history book and tried to
    pretend he'd been studying it intently. Then he did a double take as he saw
    the massive tit mounds swinging under the button shirt.
    "M-Mom," he said. "I thought you were..."
    "The roast's in the oven," Betty said distractedly. "Put down that book for
    a moment, darling. There's something I have to talk to you about."
    Obediently, Hank dropped the history book. Betty stood directly in front of
    him, and he was unable to tear his gaze off her huge, pendulous tits.
    "Hank, I hope this doesn't embarrass you, but I have to say it," Betty
    began deliberately. "Look down at your shorts!"
    Hank acted for a moment as if he hadn't heard her. Then he shot a quick
    glance at his crotch, and his cheeks flooded with shame.
    Betty sighed. "Yes, that's what I'm talking about. Hank, you may be
    eighteen now, but you're living in a house with two growing teenage sisters.
    I simply can't have you sitting around with a huge hard-on jutting out of
    your shorts like that!"
    Hank looked like he'd just swallowed a fly. Never in his life had he heard
    his mother speak about sex.
    "I know you're at a special age," Betty went on, trying to sound weary.
    "But if you get a stiff cock like that, you're just going to have to go
    upstairs and relieve yourself. There's nothing wrong with masturbation. Or
    take it out on a girlfriend. Don't you have a girlfriend, Hank? A handsome
    boy like you?"
    "'Course... 'course I do!" Hank stammered awkwardly. "Jesus, Mom! What a
    thing to ask me!"
    The combination, of intimate dialogue and the sight of his mom's huge,
    jiggling tits was too much for him. In spite of his efforts to make his
    prick wilt, his cock got stiffer than ever.
    Betty gasped as she watched the huge, thick cock lift farther out of his
    shorts, stretching the fabric to the bursting point. Dizzily, she realized
    that cock-juice was constantly dripping out of the tip as she saw the wet
    stain spreading on the front of his trunks.
    "Hank, look at you! You're so hard your cock is leaking! What in the
    world's making you feel this way?"
    Shaking all over, Hank lowered his gaze and looked again at his mother's
    tits. Betty felt her cheeks color.
    "Oh, I see," she managed to say patiently. "You're looking at my tits"
    "You're ... you're not wearing a bra," Hank groaned.
    "Well, it's a hot day!" Shamelessly Betty lifted her huge tits through the
    blouse, then released them. Immediately Hank's cock got harder than ever,
    throbbing rhythmically with cum and blood.
    "You are looking at my tits!"
    With her pussy steaming and juicing, the horny mother fell to her knees in
    front of the couch. Hank looked down at her blindly as she slid her hands up
    his muscular thighs, cupping his pulsing prick bulge through the crotch.
    Then Betty started fumbling with the buttons of her blouse.
    "You should have told me I was turning you on so much, darling!" she
    whispered huskily. "The least I can do is help relieve my own son!"
    The blouse fell from her shoulders, leaving her naked from the waist up.
    Hank gaped at his mother's tits. They were so big they fell nearly to her
    stomach, milk-white mounds the size of baby watermelons. The nipples were
    enormous, two deep-red caps covering the tips of her tits.
    "They're nice, aren't they?" Betty smiled. "Your father loves to suck on
    "Oh, Mom, I can't fucking take this! My cock's going to explode!"
    "Now, now ... " Betty chided gently. "I can take care of you right here
    this time, darling! There's no rush. Your sisters aren't coming home for
    Her trembling hands slid back up her son's legs, cupping the hem of her
    boy's shorts. Hank lifted his ass from the cushion to help his mother pull
    them off. Then he was completely naked, with his cum-drooling prick pulsing
    madly over his stomach.
    "Oh, Hank! You really do have a hard-on!"
    His was the stiffest cock she'd ever seen. The prick's shaft was like iron,
    with the blue veins standing out clearly. The big prick throbbed and
    quivered and jerked, the cock knob soaked with the jism leaking from the
    piss hole.
    "T-t-take care of it, Mom," Hank stammered. "Do whatever you want!"
    Moaning, Betty wrapped her hand around the trunk of her son's hard-on,
    marveling at the way the root felt like bone on her palm. Slowly she started
    to pump and jack his prick, squeezing to make the jism drool more heavily
    from the piss hole.
    "Does this feel good, darling? Do you like the way mommy beats your meat"
    "Oh fuck, Mom!" Hornily he lunged his ass off the couch, trying to fuck his
    cock through her fingers. "Oh shit, oh fuck!"
    Betty's nipples were so swollen that they protruded a full half-inch from
    the crimson caps of her tits. Lowering her head, she extended her tongue and
    licked the sappy cock juice from the tip of Hank's prick. Immediately Hank's
    cock pulsed madly in her fist.
    "Do you want me to give you a blow job, darling?" she hissed hornily. "Do
    you want me to put this big prick in my mouth and give it a nice, juicy
    Frantically Hank nodded his head. Betty was starving for the taste of his
    cock. Opening her mouth wide, she made a contented gurgling sound as she
    engulfed the first several inches of her son's bloated prick.
    His cock tasted delicious. Stretching her lips around the circumference of
    the prick shaft, Betty eagerly compressed her lips around his cock,
    delighting in the obscene knowledge that she was now giving head to her own
    teenage son.
    Then she started sucking his prick very hard, puckering her cheeks sharply
    to increase the pressure around his cock. Betty's hand started to move
    again, pumping up and down. Wantonly she sucked and jacked her boy's hard-on
    at the same time, gurgling noisily as she sucked and licked and smacked
    greedily around the heart-shaped cock head.
    "Ahhhh!" Hank relaxed completely on the couch, dazedly watching his
    big-titted mother give him a blow job. "That's so good, Mom! So fucking
    Betty opened her eyes and looked at him, letting him see her eyes even as
    her mouth was stuffed with his cock. Then she closed them again, devoting
    her complete attention to the meaty hardness of his prick.
    Slurping and smacking loudly, she opened her mouth wider and pushed her
    head to his loins, forcing her buttery throat to accept more of his prick.
    With almost half of his prick in her mouth now, Betty started to suck harder
    than ever. The gurgling, slurping sounds of the blow job filled the whole
    living room.
    "I'm gonna fucking cum!" Hank thrust his hands behind her head, curling his
    fingers in her short brown hair. "Suck out the cum, Mom! Suck my dick and
    make it spurt!"
    Frantically, feverishly, Betty's hand expertly pumped the throbbing length
    of her boy's prick. She squeezed hard, almost hurting him as she beat his
    meat into her mouth. At the same time, her free hand slid between his
    For a moment Betty cupped his swollen balls, rolling the twin globes
    tenderly between her fingers. Then she astonished Hank by pushing her finger
    between his ass cheeks and stabbing its into his hairy asshole.
    Hank writhed wildly on the cushions, grimacing. "Oh fuck, you don't know
    what you're doing to me!"
    His cock was as hard as stone, and both his prick and his asshole throbbed
    in unison. Gurgling and slurping around her son's big prick, Betty jammed
    her finger into his asshole and pumped it rapidly in and out. All ten
    fingers were busy as she greedily stroked and jacked his painfully bloated
    "I'm cumming, Mom! I can't hold it in! Oh fuck, suck on it, I'm
    His prick trembled deep down her throat, getting so stiff and fat that
    Betty thought she would choke. Then his cock exploded. The salty, white cock
    juice blasted up from his balls, shooting torrentially down her creamy
    "Ummmlllppp," Betty gurgled. Immediately she worked her throat muscles,
    gulping loudly as she concentrated on swallowing every drop.
    Her teen's cum was delicious. Eagerly Betty milked and sucked the spurting
    cock shaft, nearly cumming in her panties as the hot spurts blasted the roof
    of her mouth. Cum kept on gushing out of his cock as if he'd been holding
    his load in for a year. Betty couldn't swallow all of his jism. Some fuck
    cream ran out from her lips around the throbbing prick, oozing obscenely
    down her chin.
    "Oh, Son!" Finally she took the drained cock out of her mouth and looked up
    at him with lust-glazed eyes. "That was fantastic! I swear, I've never drunk
    so much jism at one time.
    "I still want to fuck you, Mom," Hank" murmured hoarsely. Dropping his
    hand, he sighed as he hefted one enormous milky tit. "I still want to suck
    on these big fucking tits."
    Betty giggled as she responded to her son's touch. "Of course, darling."
    Rising to her feet, she walked toward her bedroom. "Now just follow me so we
    can have a bed to do it on!"
    The master bedroom was dark with the shades down, and the whole room still
    smelled of the finger fucking session Betty had enjoyed that morning.
    Standing before the bed, the big-titted mother bent to take off her skirt
    and panties, leaving herself as naked as her well hung boy. Then she crawled
    on her back on the bed.
    "Go ahead, Son!" Wiggling her ass hornily, she spread her legs wide to
    reveal her wet fur fringed fuck hole. "You can do anything you want to me
    Hank climbed on the bed, his cock already growing with fresh blood. The
    first thing he wanted to do was play with his mother's enormous tits. He'd
    never seen such big tits in his life.
    Succumbing to the forces of gravity, the huge tits lilted to either side of
    her chest. Stretching out beside her, Hank cupped her right tit. He dropped
    his mouth to the swollen dark-red nip. He took it between his lips and
    started sucking hard.
    Betty responded immediately, humping her ass as the fuck juices flowed
    instantly in her pussy.
    "Finger me at the same time, darling. Ooh, that feels so good!"
    Hank slid his hand down her sleek belly, cupping her furry pussy mound.
    Betty shuddered as two fingers dipped into her mushy cunt slit. Hank started
    finger fucking his mother's juicy cunt as he sucked the huge tit, tugging on
    the stiff nipple like a hungry baby nursing for milk.
    "Ungghh, Hank, oh, Son!" Betty started bucking wildly, unable to quell the
    forces of her burning lust. "Suck ... suck my cunt! I need a good cum!"
    Releasing her quivering tits, Hank slid down her body, planting teasing
    kisses on her lower belly and pussy curls as he positioned himself between
    her thighs. Dropping his head, he pushed his tongue into her pussy crack.
    Then he groaned as he tasted the musky heat of his mother's cunt.
    Her pussy tasted differently than his sister's thicker, a stronger more
    cock-stiffening aroma. Moaning, the horny teenager rubbed his face all over
    her pussy, covering his face with her fuck oils. Then he started to swipe
    his tongue up and down her pussy slit, lapping up the fuck juices as they
    drooled from the depths of her creaming cunt.
    Betty started humping and twisting and gasping as her cunt overflowed with
    desire and pussy juice. "Suck it, darling, that's so good. Suck my cunt, oh
    fuck, need to cum."
    Delicately Hank peeled apart his mother's pussy folds with his fingers,
    exposing the swollen nub of her clit. Betty bucked hard as he touched his
    tongue to her clit. Then he started licking it like a horny dog, swiping his
    tongue over and across the juice-slicked nubbin, pushing her cunt to and
    from with his lips.
    "Unnggghhh!" The moan was long and guttural, signaling the depths of the
    mother's arousal. Grabbing Hank's head, she gasped as she pulled his hair
    and fucked her cunt all over his face. "Suck my pussy, Hank! Unh, suck
    mommy's hot cunt! That's right, lick off my cunt! You're making me cum!"
    Hank wrapped his lips around her pink, swollen cunt, sucking hard. At the
    same time he pushed two fingers into her pussy. Betty shuddered as she felt
    her pussy walls clutching wetly around the probing fingers, sucking them
    into her cunt. Then her cunt started to spasm, and she knew she was getting
    "I'm cumming, Hank, keep sucking me!" She grimaced as she sank her fingers
    into the back of his neck. Her cunt was tingling and burning. "Suck it! Suck
    mommy's pussy! Unhh unh fuck, oh shit, I'm cuummiinngg!"
    Her pussy creamed, overflowing with the musky fuck juices oozing the depths
    of her fuck tunnel. Betty came again and again, tirelessly humping her ass
    off the bed. Fucking his fingers wildly in and out of her pussy, Hank
    continued to lick her clit, then burrowed his tongue into her pussy hole to
    suck out every drop of the fuck juice.
    "All right, all right, that's enough! Stop now!" Exhausted and panting,
    Betty pushed her son's head away. "I can't take anymore! That's one of the
    best cums I've ever had!"
    "But you've got to take more, Mommy," Hank sighed, rising between her legs.
    "'Cause now I'm going to fuck the living daylights out of you!"
    Betty's eyes widened as she looked at her naked son preparing to mount her
    body. His cock was as hard as stone again, as if he'd never cum at all. The
    steely cock shaft throbbed as he kneeled before her, the knob pink bloated,
    oozing fresh cum.
    "Okay," Betty murmured. Hurriedly she put herself in position, spreading
    her legs wider apart and lifting her knees until they nearly touched her
    shoulders. "I want it now, Hank! Go ahead, fuck me!"
    Crouching between her milk-white thighs, Hank held his cock shaft in his
    fist and teasingly rubbed the prick crown up and down her pussy furrow,
    tickling her clit. Betty groaned and tried to pull the prick shaft into her
    pussy. But her son beat her to it. He tit his cock head between the swollen
    lips and heaved forward.
    The next thing Betty knew, her creamy pussy was being stuffed with hot
    prick meat.
    Dropping her head to the mattress, Betty twisted wildly as she felt the big
    cock fucking into her pussy, stretching the walls of her cunt tunnel around
    the invading prick. "It's so fucking big! fuck me, lover! Fuck your mother!"
    Hank twisted between her legs, gasping at the unexpected tightness of the
    pussy sheath sucking around his cock. He had to corkscrew his hips to get
    his prick all the way inside her.
    For a long time he remained motionless with his cock buried to the hilt in
    her fuck slit, resting with his chest flattening her enormous tits. Then he
    started fucking. In and out his big cock fucked, his ass heaving frantically
    between her thighs. Hank fucked his horny mom harder and faster with every
    "Unhhh! Yes, oh fuck, I love it!"
    Panting and groaning with incestuous pleasure, Betty threw up her legs and
    scissored them tightly around Hank's heaving waist. Then she started to buck
    her ass like a machine. Frantically she fucked her burning pussy onto the
    satisfying stiffness of his cock, doing her best to compel him to intensify
    the delirious speed of his fucking.
    "Fuck me," she chanted, "fuck the shit out of me! I'm so goddamn horny!
    Unh, you've got such a big cock! Fuck me, fuck mommy's cunt! Fuck it, Hank,
    fuck hard!"
    Her pussy was throbbing uncontrollably, convulsively contracting and
    clutching around his rock-hard prick. Hank already knew he was about to blow
    it again. He started fucking much harder, fucking his stacked mother as hard
    as he could. Their bellies slapped sweatily together. Her huge tits jiggled
    under his chest as he fed his meat into her belly.
    "I'm cumming, Hank!" Betty shivered uncontrollably as the white-hot lust
    reached the bursting point deep inside her. Even her asshole throbbed and
    puckered as the spasms erupted in her pussy. "Fuck my cunt hole, fuck the
    piss out of me! Nnnngggg! Oh Hank, I'm making it now! Fuck me, Son!
    Her pussy exploded, rhythmically contracting around Hank's fucking prick.
    Hank couldn't stand the pressure around his stone hard prick. Sinking down
    between her thighs, he fucked his prick as far into his mother's throbbing
    fuck hole as he could.
    White cock cream poured out, erupting from his balls in spurt after spurt.
    Betty squealed obscenely as she felt jism splattering deep inside her pussy.
    It kept squirting out of his jerking, pulsing cock, blasting into her pussy
    in a tide of cum, until his prick had no more juice to give.
    Betty moaned as she felt her lovely son collapse on her sweating big-titted
    nakedness and felt his cock soften slowly inside her. Son fucker, she
    thought, repeating the obscene epithet to herself. 'I'm a son fucker. I fuck
    own child...'
    A shameless smile spread across her face. Betty tightened her thighs around
    Hank's waist and started humping all over again, hoping to make his prick
    grow stiff for another juicy fuck.


    "God, this is embarrassing," Mitchell said, muttering into the pillow. "To
    think that a man my age doesn't know better than to pick up a box better
    left for a truck driver. Unh! Christ, I deserve every bit of this misery!"
    He lay naked on his stomach in bed, with the blanket bunched around his
    waist, exposing his naked back. Kelly smiled sweetly as she rubbed the part
    of his back her father said hurt so much, trying to remember the
    instructions the physical therapist had given over the phone.
    Her father didn't know it, but the misery was about to turn into intense
    pleasure. Kelly was determined to give her daddy a good fucking. The
    opportunity was just too good to pass up.
    The day before at work Mitchell had strained his back while trying to lift
    a carton.
    Returning home immediately, he'd spent the day in bed while Betty cared for
    But Betty had had shopping errands to do all day, and, even though Mitchell
    was almost well, someone had to stay home from school to care for him. Marie
    had fought fiercely to have this chore assigned to her, and Kelly knew why.
    But Kelly had prevailed in the end, which left her all alone in the house
    with her father.
    "How's it feel now, Daddy?"
    "Oh, I could walk if I wanted to," Mitchell sighed. "Maybe I should have
    gone to work after all. I'm just about recovered. I just get so goddamn mad
    when I think about it. Of all the stupid things."
    "Now, Daddy, don't be so hard on yourself," Kelly purred. "Just relax and
    enjoy the massage."
    Mitchell quieted, pressing his cheek on the pillow. Kelly felt her pussy
    burning as she brushed her fingers lovingly up the muscular expanse of her
    father's back.
    He's so good-looking for his age, she thought adoringly. I'll bet he's got
    the biggest cock.
    "Am I doing good, Daddy?"
    "Mmmmmm," Mitchell murmured, half shutting his eyes.
    "You know, I practically had to fight to get mommy to let me stay home with
    you. Marie really wanted to stay with you herself. I wish I knew what's
    gotten into her. She practically had a tantrum about it."
    Mitchell immediately looked uncomfortable. "Uh, well, she's at a growing
    age, you know."
    "Oh, I know just what you mean," Kelly said, smiling behind her father's
    back. "Boy, this is pretty hard work! I think I ought to get out of this
    She took her hands from her father's back long enough to shrug off the
    bathrobe. Then she went back to kneading his back.
    Mitchell couldn't see it, but his big-titted daughter was now naked except
    for a filmy transparent negligee that barely reached her crotch. Her big
    tits pushed through the fabric, the shape and color of her nipples clearly
    visible. Even her pussy triangle was outlined. Kelly had carefully chosen
    the negligee for the seduction of her father.
    "Okay, Daddy, you can roll over now," Kelly said after another five
    minutes. "I think that's about as much as I can do right now."
    Smiling, Mitchell rolled onto his back. Then he saw what his daughter had
    on. Immediately his eyes opened wide, and he looked more uncomfortable than
    Kelly shrugged her shoulders, making her huge tits jiggle lusciously.
    Mitchell flushed as he fought to keep his gaze on her face. Smiling, Kelly
    carelessly dropped her hand to his leg, squeezing his leg through the
    blanket just under his cock. "What's wrong, Daddy? Why are you looking at
    me like that?"
    "N-nothing's wrong," Mitchell stammered "I just feel ... rested, that's
    all. That was a very good massage."
    "I'm glad you liked it, Daddy. Don't worry, I'll give you a back rub
    anytime you want!"
    She squeezed his thigh, pressing the edge of her hand almost imperceptibly
    to what she was sure was the outline of her father's prick. There was a long
    pause. Then the flush in Mitchell's face deepened as his cock helplessly
    started growing, pushing up the blanket as the meaty trunk swelled with a
    big load of cum and blood.
    "Why, Daddy," Kelly murmured, pretending surprise. "Look at you! You're
    getting a big hard-on!"
    Mitchell frowned and twisted under the blanket, surprised by his daughter's
    brazen observation. "Kelly, don't talk like that to your father!"
    "But it's true, Daddy! Mmmm, look at it! It's sticking up so stiff! It must
    be really hurting you!"
    Never would she have thought that she could be capable of such unabashed
    but her burning pussy was driving her on. Grabbing the edge of the blanket,
    Kelly threw it to the edge of the bed before her father could do anything to
    stop her. Both of them gasped at the sight of his naked throbbing prick.
    "Oh, Daddy! It's fucking huge!"
    His prick was as hard as bone, curving out of his cock fur and ball bag to
    pulse obscenely over his stomach. Without thinking, Kelly wrapped her hand
    tightly around the bloated cock stalk. Then she squirmed as she started to
    jack on his prick, making her huge tits start shaking under the negligee.
    "Oh, Daddy, you should have told me you had a big boner like this! You need
    some relief!"
    "Kelly! No, Kelly! No!"
    But Mitchell did nothing to stop her, and it shortly became obvious how
    easily he was going to succumb to his daughter's seduction. The knowledge of
    her impending success made Kelly's hot cunt throb. Eagerly she started
    beating his meat faster, catching some of the drooling jism on her pumping
    fingers, sucking his cock shaft with the grease of his own cum.
    "Oh, Daddy, you've got such a big one! You don't mind if I suck it a
    little, do you?"
    Mitchell gasped and made a vague effort to push her away. But before he
    could raise his hands his horny teen had his swollen cock stuffed between
    her lips.
    "Mmmppphhh," Kelly gurgled, nearly choking as she took the bulbous knob
    deep down her buttery throat. But she quickly fought back the reflex,
    flaring her nostrils so she could breathe around the meaty thickness of her
    father's cock.
    "It tastes good, Daddy! You've got such a big dick!" she murmured, burbling
    the words around the mouth-stretching shaft of his cock. Then Kelly eagerly
    began to suck, tightening her lips around the trunk, puckering her cheeks to
    increase the pressure around his cock.
    "Unggghhh!" Helplessly Mitchell stared at his gorgeous blonde daughter,
    seeing the intensity with which her lips clasped his burning cock. "Oh, oh,
    Grimacing, he started to move his ass, fucking his prick in and out between
    her lips. "That feels too good, honey! Oh fuck, you've got to stop!"
    Kelly ignored him, delighting to the taste of the enormous cock clogging
    her throat. Harder and harder she sucked, hearing the slurping, smacking,
    gooshing sounds of her own blow job fill the bedroom. Her tongue swirled
    greedily around his cock crown, licking up the fuck juices as they oozed up
    from his hairy balls.
    "Ungghh!" Mitchell twisted his fingers in her hair, pulling her head close,
    nearly making her choke. "I can't stand it anymore, Kelly! Unh, suck hard,
    suck harder! You're making daddy's cock get awfully stiff! I'm gonna shoot!"
    Kelly started to buck her head wildly, shamelessly fucking her face with
    her father's throbbing prick. Her hand came up again, tightly wrapping
    around the meaty base of his cock. Frantically she jacked his prick as she
    sucked, milking and tugging the shaft of his cock to her mouth.
    "Play ... play with my balls!" her-father gasped. He bit his lip, grimacing
    hard as he arched his ass off the bed. "Play with them, squeeze them! Oh
    fuck, Kelly, I've got to shoot!"
    Kelly pushed her free hand between his hairy thighs. His balls were as big
    as his prick, a wrinkled bag containing two cum-congested globes. Gently she
    squeezed and kneaded them, making her father's prick pulsate wildly down her
    throat. Then she felt his cock jerk uncontrollably, and she knew he was
    about to shoot.
    "I can't hold it, Kelly!" Mitchell gasped excitedly. "Unh! I'm cumming,
    His cock trembled between her lips as the cum welled up in his balls. Then
    the sappy cream gushed up his prick shaft, spraying out of the piss slit.
    Cum cascaded against the roof of his daughter's mouth, nearly making Kelly
    cum herself as she tasted the salty richness of her father's cock milk. The
    first blasts were followed by long gushing torrents of prick juice emptying
    his balls as his prick shot off between her lips.
    "Ummllppp," Kelly gurgled wetly. Her throat muscles worked hard and fast.
    She jacked and sucked his prick, gulping noisily, determined to milk out
    every drop. She didn't take her father's cock from her lips until she'd
    licked the last drops of jism from the swollen prick crown.
    "Oh, fuck!" Mitchell lay panting on the bed, looking up at his big-titted
    daughter dazedly as the blood started to drain out of his prick. "Oh, Kelly,
    you too," he said softly. "You too."
    "Me too what, Daddy?" Kelly asked, licking the cum from her mouth.
    Mitchell blushed again, remaining silent. Kelly smiled secretly to herself.
    She loved her father too much to force the admission of his incestuous fucks
    with Marie out of him.. But her pussy was burning very hard, and she knew he
    had to do something to help her cum too.
    "Aw, is my daddy's cock getting soft?" she said, screwing up her lips in a
    playful little-girl expression. "Did I suck it so hard that all the blood
    went out? Aww! Daddy needs to do something to me so he can get his cock
    stiff and give me a good fucking!"
    Mitchell just stared at her, again shocked by her dirty words. Kelly sat up
    and peeled off her nightie, exposing her creamy pussy and huge fat-nippled
    tits. Immediately Mitchell's cock started swelling with fresh blood.
    "How'd you like to suck my pussy Daddy?" Her big tits quivering, Kelly slid
    up his body and straddled his face. "How'd you like to suck your little
    girl's cunt and make me cum."
    She planted her knees on the bed to either side of his ears, with her musky
    scented pussy right over his mouth. Before her father could answer, the
    horny teenager dropped her ass. Mitchell found himself with a mouthful of
    "Do you like the taste of my pussy, Daddy? Doesn't my cunt juice taste
    Mitchell responded by sliding his hands up her sleek, shapely legs, digging
    his fingers into the peach-shaped cheeks of her ass. Hornily he moved his
    head between her creamy thighs, smearing her pussy oil all over his face.
    His tongue shot out, parting the pouting, swollen cunt lips. Kelly gasped
    as her father licked up and down her pussy slit, lapping up the fuck cream.
    Then he started to fuck her clit.
    "Nuuunhhhhh!" Immediately she grabbed the back of his head, pulling his
    hair. "That's right, Daddy! Lick me there, right there! I love getting my
    clit licked! Unh, Daddy, feels so good!"
    Automatically she peeled back her cunt lips, making her swollen clit pop
    out of the fleshy folds at the top of her pussy slit. Her father licked
    hard, showing his skill. Relentlessly his tongue assaulted the
    lust-slickened little nubbin, probing it, moving it back and forth with his
    "Unh, Daddy, unh..." Kelly started to grunt continuously, helplessly,
    feeling tingling waves of burning pleasure shoot through her cunt. "Suck me,
    Daddy! Suck my whole cunt!"
    Obediently, wanting to taste his daughter's cunt as she came on his mouth,
    Mitchell wrapped his lips around the lump of her clit. Furiously he sucked,
    tenderly drawing her clit out with his lips.
    Kelly gasped as her father fuck his tongue on her cunt, intensifying the
    sensations flooding through her body. Then he shocked her by pushing his
    right hand between her humping ass cheeks and touching his finger to her
    puckered asshole.
    "Daaaddy!" Kelly groaned, as her father's finger parted her shit hole ring.
    Eagerly Mitchell pushed his finger deep inside her ass tunnel, spreading the
    rubbery walls. He started to jack off her asshole in time with the fucking
    motions of his tongue on her clit.
    "Gonna cum, Daddy! Play with my pussy too!"
    Her pussy was throbbing uncontrollably, lubricating with fuck cream
    Mitchell thrust two fingers of his other hand between the flowering folds of
    her fuck slit. Expertly he jacked off both fuck holes at the same time,
    moving his hands between her thighs as his lips tenderly licked and kissed
    and sucked her.
    swollen cunt.
    "Cumming, Daddy! I'm cuuminiinngg!"
    Her pussy creamed, juicing heavily on her father's lips. By the time he
    tasted the full flow of bet fuck juices, Mitchell's cock had again grown as
    hard as a length of iron pipe.
    The massive prick shaft quivered over his stomach as he ate out her cumming
    pussy, alternating between tongue fucks into her throbbing pussy slit and
    gentle flicks on her clit. Kelly came like never before, humping her ass
    back onto her father's fingers, feeling her pussy tunnel contract around the
    digits probing her gushing cunt.
    Then she slid off his face, unable to stand any more stimulation. For a
    minute she just rested there on her back, panting as she stared up at the
    ceiling. Then she realized that her father was moving up between her
    sweating thighs.
    The back ache didn't seem to bother him anymore. Perhaps an excess of
    hominess was all that had been really required to cure it. His cock was as
    hard as bone, throbbing eagerly over her sleek belly, oozing jism obscenely
    into her navel.
    "Get ready, Kelly," he said softly. "I can't hold it back anymore! I'm
    going to fuck your juicy little cunt!"
    "Yes, Daddy!" Horny all over again, Kelly wiggled her ass and spread her
    legs very wide, lifting her knees towards her shoulders to open her pussy
    passage for her father's oversized cock. "I want it too! Fuck me, Daddy!
    Fuck meeee."
    The eager moans trailed off as the spongy head of his prick penetrated her
    fur-fringed pussy slit. Kelly gasped with pleasure, feeling her cunt tunnel
    invaded by her father's cock.
    His prick was so long and thick and hard. The meaty cock shaft fucked deep
    into her fuck tunnel, stretching the slippery walls around the burrowing
    thickness of his cock. Kelly felt like she was being fucked by a horse. She
    moaned continuously, deliriously shaking her head as her pussy was
    overwhelmed by his huge prick.
    Kelly started fucking when he had only half of his big prick inside her,
    bucking her ass wildly off the mattress. Her legs scissored convulsively
    around the middle of his back, hugging him close. Then she started a lewd
    fuck rhythm, grunting as she slammed her creaming cunt onto his prick.
    "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..."
    Mitchell worked his ass, fucking his stiffened cock up the velvety, gushing
    sheath of her pussy. He could feel her cunt muscles contracting around his
    prick, milking the bone-like center of his prick. It felt so good, he
    thought, so fucking good. He didn't know how long he could hold back the
    load churning in his balls.
    Mitchell pushed down hard, burying his cock to the hilt in his teenage
    daughter's pussy. Kelly thought for a moment that she would fuck as her
    little clit Hole stretched to accommodate all of her father's cock.
    Slowly he pulled out his prick meat, withdrawing until only the purplish
    cock crown parted the folds of her pussy. Then he fucked his prick back in
    again, until Kelly thought she felt his cock head piercing her womb.
    Then he started fucking his daughter, reaming out her juicy pussy with long
    driving strokes of his blood-swollen cock. The bed shook beneath them,
    creaking obscenely. Kelly's wet fuck tunnel made small, wet, syrupy sounds
    as her cunt hungrily sucked his fucking cock.
    "You're fucking me, Daddy!" she cried excitedly. "Unh, you're fucking my
    cunt!" Her legs folded tighter around his back. She grabbed his hairy ass
    cheeks, then raked her fingernails up his back. "Fuck me harder, Daddy! Fuck
    my cunt as hard as you can! I want to feel your hot dick juice squirting
    inside me!"
    His daughter's obscenities spurred him on. Spreading his knees between her
    thighs to change his angle of attack, Mitchell started fucking his daughter
    as hard as he could. Relentlessly his enormous prick fucked into her
    gurgling cunt, fucking her cumming pussy hole deeper with every brutal
    "I'm gonna make it, Daddy! You fuck me so good!" Even her asshole was
    throbbing now, rhythmically puckering to the cunt satisfying fuck strokes
    into her belly. Her nipples were painfully stiff, pressed against her
    father's hairy chest. "Unh fuck, fuck the holy shit out of me! Yes, Daddy!
    My pussy's gonna cum!"
    All at once spasms started deep inside her belly, thrilling her whole naked
    body with tingling sensations as her' pussy prepared to cream around her
    father's magnificent prick. Kelly whipped up her ass in a feverish frenzy of
    lust, humping like a bitch in heat as her cunt tunnel started contracting
    around Mitchell's prick.
    "Cumming, Daddy! Unh! Fuck me, fuck my horny pussy! My cunt's exploding!
    It's cumming, Daddy! It feels so good! My pussy's cuuummmiiinnnggg!"
    Again and again her velvety pussy sheath contracted, milking the stiffness
    of her father's cock. Moaning, no longer trying to hold back, Mitchell
    fucked his throbbing prick to the hilt in her cunt.
    Then he came too. The white cock juice flooded up from his balls, opening
    his piss slit as the cascading jism spurted into his daughter's cunt. Kelly
    felt every droplet of the salty load splattering into her pussy, instantly
    deluging her cunt with the sappy thickness of her father's hot spunk.
    "Oh, Daddy!"
    Hornily she flexed her pussy tunnel around his cock, helping her father to
    shoot out all of his load. The sensations washing through her naked body now
    were like none she'd ever felt.


    "Boy, Daddy, you must have had a hard time concentrating at work today!"
    Marie exclaimed with a wanton giggle. "Look at that big fucking cock
    sticking out of your pants!"
    They were on the mattress in the small cramped basement that had become
    their favorite place for incestuous fuck sessions. It was after midnight,
    and the house was silent.
    Marie was on her knees, naked, facing the obscene bulge in her father's
    Anxiously her fully dressed father looked down at her as she fumbled with
    the zipper of his pants. There'd been a lot of work to do, and he'd returned
    only a few hours ago.
    "I probably could have finished at seven if it hadn't been for this," he
    said, gesturing at his cock. "Give it a super good sucking tonight, honey.
    Daddy really needs to cum!"
    Eagerly, the slim teen undid her father's zipper and tugged down his pants
    with his shorts, giving her father a chance to step out of them. Then he was
    naked from the waist down except for his shoes and socks.
    His huge prick throbbed straight before him, crimson knobbed, swollen as
    stiff as a cock could get. Marie giggled vixenishly as she watched her
    daddy's big prick twitch and jerk and pulse in front of her face, leaking
    cock juice out of the tip.
    "Oh, Daddy, you realty need to get your cock sucked!"
    She wrapped her hand tightly around the root of his hard-on, holding his
    prick up for inspection. Then she opened her mouth wide and made a lewd,
    muffled sound as she stuffed the heart-shaped cock crown down her throat.
    "Unh!" Immediately Mitchell gasped and put his hands on her small
    shoulders, rocking his hips. "That's right! Suck it Marie! Suck daddy's
    Marie nearly choked as she took in his prick, feeling the puffy cock knob
    push past her tonsils. She stopped when she had nearly half of the mammoth
    prick shaft crammed own her throat.
    Taking a deep breath through her nose, the horny girl clamped her lips in a
    tight circle around the center of her father's blue-veined cock. Then she
    puckered her cheeks and feverishly started sucking, hearing her own
    slurping, smacking sounds fill the basement as the blow job began.
    "Ah, shit!" Mitchell's face contorted in pleasure as he watched his little
    girl giving him head. "That's good, honey! Oh fuck, you're the best cock
    sucking artist in the whole world!"
    Marie sucked and kissed and slurped and gulped, using every trick she knew
    to give her father pleasure. Her tongue swirled around the. swollen knob of
    his cock, lapping in the cum slit, drinking up his jism as it oozed. She
    wrapped her hand around the root of his cock and started jacking while she
    "Unh! Unh, honey!" Mitchell pulled on her hair and worked his ass, fucking
    his cock deeper down her throat. "Work out, baby! Make daddy shoot!"
    "You like having me to come home to, don't you, Daddy?" Marie asked. She
    released his straining cock from her mouth and continued to jack him off
    while she looked up at him with shamelessly adoring eyes. "You like having
    me here to suck your big fucking dick!"
    "Yes, of course I do!"
    "Aaah, Daddy, won't you please fuck me now? I can't stand it anymore! My
    pussy's so hot, it hurts!"
    Without waiting for his response, Marie turned into the dog-fucking
    position on one of the. mattress. She spread her knees and arched up her ass
    to show her father both her puckered asshole and the fleecy-haired slit of
    her cunt.
    "Do it to me, Daddy! Please, right now! My cunt's so horny! Fuck my horny
    With her saliva-slicked cock quivering before him, Mitchell hurriedly knelt
    into position behind his daughter's upturned ass. Marie smiled in
    expectation and dropped her shoulders. Her upper body was off the mattress.
    She wound up pressing her cheek to the floor as she waited for the invasion
    of her daddy's cock.
    Holding his prick in his fist, Mitchell tit the drippy tip to the pouting
    lips of her wet pussy. Then Marie gasped as she felt his cock going inside
    her burning cunt, spreading the slippery tunnel around the fucking shaft of
    his cock.
    "Fuck me, Daddy! Yes, you're doing it!" Immediately the nymphomaniacal
    teenager started humping her ass, grunting as she fucked her pussy onto her
    father's cock. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee!"
    Mitchell squirmed his ass, gasping as he fucked every inch of his throbbing
    cock into the tight, juicy sheath of his daughter's cunt. For a moment he
    simply hunched on top of her with his cock buried to the root, savoring the
    pressure of her cunt sucking around his cock.
    Then he started fucking. His hands slid up her body, squeezing her small,
    stiff-nippled tits. The fuck thrusts were long and brutal. He moaned with
    pleasure as he fucked his throbbing, swollen cock in and out of her hairy
    fuck slit.
    "Yes, Daddy! You're fucking me!" Eagerly Marie humped her ass to meet his
    strokes. "Yes, fuck, Daddy! Fuck, fuck, fuck...
    Then, with her ear pressed to the floor of the basement, Marie heard the
    The floor was the perfect conductor. It was like putting her ear to the wall
    and being able to hear what was going on in the whole house. Marie's
    interest was caught, even though her father was fucking her pussy very hard.
    She thought she knew what it was immediately, but she wasn't positive until
    a few seconds later. Then Marie swiftly motioned for bet father to pull his
    cock out of her.
    "What is it?" Mitchell said, withdrawing his aching prick and looking at
    her miserably.
    "Daddy!" Marie's eyes shone with a conspiratorial gleam. "Guess what? I
    think Kelly and Uncle Bill are fucking."
    "They are, Daddy! Don't get pissed off for nothing! Here, put your ear to
    the floor and listen!
    Mitchell looked at his daughter curiously for a moment, then followed her
    Marie his expression changes as he heard the same thing she had, faint but
    definite creaking noises and Bill's grunts and Kelly's groans.
    "Jesus!" Mitchell lifted his head and gaped at his daughter. His eyes were
    wide, and his jaw was slack with astonishment. "Jesus Christ!"
    "Oh, Daddy, don't be a prude!" Giggling, the horny brunette grabbed his
    hand and pulled him to his feet. "We're fucking. Why can't they make it too?
    C'mon! Let's go upstairs and surprise them!"
    Mitchell hesitated only a second. Then, still naked, father and daughter
    climbed the stairs.
    Standing in the darkened living room, it shortly became obvious that the
    fuck noises were coming from Bill's bedroom. Marie put her fingers to her
    lips and motioned for her father to follow her as she tiptoed down the hail.
    The door was almost closed, but there was a long, narrow crack between the
    jamb and the door, and light came through it. Marie looked through it and
    immediately felt a burning wetness gushing through her cunt.
    It was Kelly and Uncle Bill, all right. Her big-titted older sister was on
    top of their uncle, whipping her ass up and down in a frantic fuck rhythm.
    Bill lay on his back, sighing as he squeezed his niece's enormous tits.
    Marie could see the glistening shaft of his cock fucking in and out of
    Kelly's fur-fringed cunt.
    "Look, Daddy!" Marie whispered.
    Mitchell pressed his eye to the jamb too. In the dim light of the hail,
    Marie could still see his face contort with shock and anger. "That dirty son
    of a bitch!" he hissed. "To think of all the years I let him stay in this
    fucking house, and now he helps himself."
    "Daddy! Why don't you go in and fuck Kelly too!"
    "What?" Mitchell looked at his daughter in astonishment.
    "You know you want to! Look at your cock!"
    Mitchell glanced down at his prick. His cock was as hard as an iron shaft,
    throbbing and twitching straight before him. Marie wondered if she'd ever
    seen her father's cock so hard before.
    "Come on, Daddy! We can't keep everything secret much longer anyhow!" Marie
    wrapped her fingers around her father's cock and jacked lewdly. "Why don't,
    you go in there and fuck Kelly up the ass?"
    Mitchell looked at his daughter a moment longer, feeling his huge prick
    throb and ooze in her fist. Then he turned and silently pushed open the
    bedroom door. Marie sighed and followed him in, feeling her dripping,
    itching pussy squish between her thighs as she moved.
    "Fuck me, Uncle Bill!" Kelly moaned. "Oh more! Oh! ... Oh shit!"
    In her mirror she suddenly saw them. Her father and sister were both naked,
    approaching the bed. Marie giggled at Kelly's expression and leaned against
    the wall, rubbing her pussy mound hornily. Her father's face looked like a
    mask of lust and rage. His cock was incredibly stiff as he climbed onto the
    "So, you bastard," he said, looking at his brother. "How long have you been
    fucking my little girl?"
    Bill just moved his mouth helplessly, like a fish out of water. Kelly was
    afraid until she felt her father's swollen cock head pressing between her
    ass cheeks and realized what her father intended to do.
    "No daddy! I can't take two cocks at the same time! Don't fuck me up the
    ass! No!"
    Mitchell ignored her. He centered his drooling prick head on her puckered
    asshole, ignoring the fact that the little ass ring was only slightly damp
    with sweat. Then he started to fuck his cock into her, spreading her shitter
    muscles painfully around the invading thickness of his cock.
    "No, Daddy!" Kelly's eyes opened wide-as she felt herself being fucked by
    two huge cocks at once. Already her asshole had begun to throb, clutching
    involuntarily around her daddy's prick. "You can't, you'll hurt me! Nooo!"
    "Do it, Daddy!" Marie cried. The insatiable teen had slid to a sitting
    position against the wall. Now her legs were spread, and she eagerly finger
    fucked her throbbing pussy as she watched the incestuous sandwich fuck
    taking place on the bed. "Kelly wants it! She's horny! Fuck her, Uncle Bill!
    Daddy, fuck her up the ass!"
    Mitchell looked over his daughter's shoulder, giving his brother a long,
    penetrating look. Bill's cock was still as hard as stone in her juicing
    pussy. Mitchell started to buck his ass harder, fucking the meaty inches of
    his cock shaft up the rubbery tube of her shit hole.
    "Unnggghhh!" Kelly fell forward, flattening her huge tits on her uncle's
    chest as her father fucked her asshole slowly with his cock.
    "Daddy, Daddy!" She was limp between them, submitting helplessly to the
    rape of her ass. "You're hurting me! Unnggghhh!"
    "It's not going to hurt too much longer, baby!" Mitchell gasped. "'Cause
    you love getting fucked!"
    He corkscrewed his ass, fucking every inch of his gigantic hard-on into the
    clutching heat of her shitter. Then his cock was all the way inside her,
    buried to the balls between her ass cheeks. Only a thin membrane separated
    the big prick in her pussy from the even larger cock throbbing in her ass.
    "Unnggghhh!" Kelly started shaking uncontrollably, gasping as her shit and
    pussy muscles throbbed in rhythmic unison. "Daddy, Daddy! Unnggghhh!
    "Come on, Bill," Mitchell grunted. He pulled out slowly, then slammed his
    cock home again. "Let's give her the fuck of her life."
    He fell into a steady rhythm, fucking his rock-hard prick through the
    clinging sheath of his daughter's asshole. Bill started fucking too, holding
    onto Kelly's hips. His drooling prick fucked in and out of her pussy. Soon
    he was fucking her in time to his brother's fuck thrusts.
    "Ummm, Kelly, do you dig it?" Marie was jacking off very hard, pumping her
    ass off the floor as she fucked her fingers into her juicing cunt. "Ahh,
    good! Are they fucking you good, Kelly? Don't you love getting fucked by two
    Kelly's face was red, and her mouth lolled open obscenely. Her whole body
    looked flushed, and the room was filled with the squishing sounds of her wet
    pussy and asshole sucking spasmodically around the two cocks.
    Then, all at once, she started humping very hard. Up and down her horny ass
    pistoned, desperately trying to stuff her fuck holes with her uncle's and
    father's cocks at the same time.
    "You like it now, don't you, Kelly?" Marie hissed.
    "Unnggghh! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me, Uncle Bill! Keep fucking!" Kelly worked
    her ass like a bitch in heat, grunting and gasping as the intense pleasure
    worked through her stacked body. "I love it, Daddy! Your cock is so fucking
    huge up my ass! Unh unh, fuck me harder! Fuck my asshole as hard as you
    Mitchell intensified his fuck rhythm, fucking his painfully bloated prick
    through the rubbery sheath of his daughter's shitter. Catching on, Bill
    worked his ass harder off the bed. The two swollen cocks were fucking the
    helpless girl like a machine, fucking into the depths of her body with every
    "I can't stand it!" Kelly gasped. She was shaking and crying
    uncontrollably, overwhelmed by the most intense pleasure of her life. "Fuck
    me, fuck me, fuck my ass off! Unnggghhh! Oh Jesus, oh fuck!"
    Then she stopped moving, dripping sweat between the two hairy men. Kelly
    squealed again and again as she came. Her pussy and asshole clutched madly
    around the two cocks fucking in and out of her fuck holes.
    "Fuck me ... " She remained there, whimpering when the cum finally
    subsided, unable to move a muscle. "Fuck me ... keep fucking me. Feels so
    good... fuck my pussy, fuck my butt ... unngghhh..."
    "Oh, fuck!" Bill gasped.
    He reared up beneath them, burying his cock to the hilt in her throbbing,
    juicing pussy. Hot prick juice gushed up from his balls, spurting
    torrentially into Kelly's cunt. Feverishly he worked his hips, shooting his
    wad completely into her slippery cunt tunnel.
    "Aw, honey," Mitchell groaned. "I'm cumming too!"
    His balls exploded, shooting long streams of sappy jism up his daughter's
    violated asshole. Kelly groaned as she felt the jism pumping into her ass,
    splattering against the innermost walls of her asshole. Slowly she humped
    between her father and uncle, working her pussy and shit muscles to suck out
    all of the hot cum.
    Marie humped her ass wildly off the floor, rubbing her clit in a blur as
    she fucked her pussy slit with her fingers. Then she was cumming too,
    excited to bursting by the obscene spectacle she'd witnessed on the bed.
    Afterwards she just rested there, watching the sweat drip off the three
    naked bodies.
    A knowing smile spread across Marie's deceptively innocent face.
    Four down, she thought, two to go. She was sure her mother and brother were
    fucking by now. Once she thought she'd heard Betty and Hank groaning in
    Betty's bedroom when she'd come home early from school. They were such a
    horny family it was a wonder they'd kept their hands off each other as long
    as they had.


    It was a moonless night, and the bedroom was very dark, but Betty could
    still make out her son's sleeping form under the covers. Immediately she
    felt the lust inside her, wetting her pussy and making the nipples of her
    enormous tits throb with desire.
    It was almost two in the morning. No one else was awake. At her
    instructions, Hank had gone to sleep early, expecting to be awakened. For
    the next several hours, she could fuck her boy as much as she liked.
    "Hank, darling." Betty's huge tits jiggled under her sheer negligee as she
    gently shook his shoulder. "It's me, darling. Time to wake up and get
    Hank stirred, and Betty leaned over to turn on the small lamp next to the
    bed. Hank opened his eyes, rolled onto his back and smiled at her.
    Immediately Marie saw his big prick starting to swell under the blankets.
    "Did you have a good sleep, darling?" Kissing him lovingly, she started to
    pull down the blanket. "Now let's see what my wonderful boy has for mommy to
    take care of."
    With the blanket at the foot of the bed, Betty gazed hungrily at her son's
    throbbing cock. His prick was as hard as iron, quivering obscenely over his
    stomach. The piss hole was moist. Her horny boy was already leaking cum.
    "Mmm, darling!" Clutching his throbbing boner, Betty jacked it hard and
    fast. "Did sonny have a wet dream thinking about mommy's pussy? Mommy's
    pussy is all wet for you. Do you want to shove your big fucking prick up
    Mommy's cunt?"
    "Oh Mom, I'm so fucking horny," Hank groaned. "Please, suck on it first!"
    Betty's mouth watered at the thought of taking her boy's massive prick
    between her lips. Dropping her head, lightly stroking his cock, she licked
    all around the puffy cock head. Hank sighed as she took his prick deep down
    her throat.
    "Oh fuck, Mom, that feels so good..."
    Puckering her cheeks, Betty started sucking. Her lips compressed tightly
    around the veined stiffness of his prick. Slurping and gurgling, she bobbed
    her head slightly, fucking her face with his aching prick.
    "Unnggghhh!" Eagerly Hank pawed one of her enormous tits, rolling the
    spongy melon on his palm. "Okay, Mom! That's enough! Now I want to fuck your
    sweet cunt!"
    Betty took his prick out of her mouth, feeling her pussy burn with
    expectation. Hurriedly she stripped off her negligee, leaving herself naked,
    enjoying her son's expression as he relished the curves of her body.
    Then she climbed on top of him, planting her knees on the bed to either
    side of his hips. Reaching down, Betty took hold of her son's throbbing cock
    shaft. She squealed with pleasure, her huge tits bobbing as she directed the
    knob to the pouting lips of her hairy pussy.
    Centering his cock head between her swollen pussy lips, Hank lifted his ass
    just as his mother pushed hers down. Both of them gasped with pleasure,
    watching the meaty inches of his prick disappear into the fur fringed slit
    of her cunt.
    "Ungghhh!" Betty pushed her ass down all the way, until every inch of
    Hank's cock was crammed up her pussy. "It feels so big tonight, darling!"
    She leaned forward, letting her tits swing over his chest. "Fuck me, son!"
    Betty started humping, fucking her pussy up and down on his steely cock.
    'Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt!"
    Hank responded to his mother's fuck rhythm, fucking his prick into her
    pussy hole. But then, just as they were starting to really work out, the
    bedroom door opened behind them.
    "Ooh, Mommy!" Marie squealed. "I didn't know you and Hank were fucking!"
    Betty gasped and looked over her shoulder. Her small tits jiggling under a
    pajama top, Marie entered the room. Betty started to feel horribly afraid
    until she saw the look on her daughter's face. Marie didn't look shocked or
    angry at all.
    No, she looked horny! Lowering her gaze, Betty gasped at the sight of her
    little girl's pussy mound, realizing that she had nothing on except the top.
    "M-Marie," she stammered. "What are you doing in here? I can explain"
    "Don't bullshit, me, Mommy!" Giggling, Marie hopped into the bed. She
    spread her legs, baring her pussy and wiggling her ass as she got on the
    mattress beside her brother and mother. "I know what you and Hank are doing!
    And I won't tell anybody, but you've gotta do something for me!"
    Betty gasped as she watched her daughter start to finger fuck, pumping her
    fingers in and out of her gushing, throbbing cunt. "Suck my pussy, Mommy!"
    she demanded. "Suck my cunt so I won't tell! Mommy, my pussy needs a good
    Betty hesitated only a second. Then she felt Hank's massive prick throbbing
    deep inside her fuck channel, and realized that the path of least resistance
    was to do just what her daughter asked.
    It was hard to lean down far enough to get her tongue in Marie's pussy, but
    Betty managed somehow. Her enormous tits flattened on Hank's chest as she
    spread Marie's slender thighs with her hands. Then she stuck her tongue in
    her daughter's pussy, marveling at the taste of her drooling fuck oils.
    "Mommy, Mommy!" Marie grabbed the back of her mother's head and feverishly
    started humping, her bucking ass nearly touching her brother's waist.
    "That's good, Mommy! Suck me, suck my fucking cunt."
    Hank started to move again, fucking his stiffened prick in and out of her
    swollen cunt lips. Betty started to get very horny as she sucked her
    daughter's pussy. Holding Marie's thighs wide apart, she licked rapidly up
    and down her hairy fuck slit. Marie nearly bucked completely off the bed as
    she felt her mom touch her tongue to her swollen clit.
    "Unhh that's right, Mommy! Lick me there!" Marie reached down to peel her
    pussy lips back, making her glistening nubbin pop up enticingly. "Lick it!
    Lick it for me, make me cum."
    Betty licked he daughter's clit avidly, pushing it from side to side with
    her tongue. Her hand slid up and she parted her little pussy with her
    fingers. Then she started to jack off Marie's cunt as she sucked, groaning
    as Hank's massive cock speared deeply into her own throbbing cunt.
    "Jesus!" a voice rang out behind them. "What the fuck is going on?"
    "Oh, look!" Marie cried. "It's Uncle Bill!"
    Betty had to fight the impulse to faint before she finally managed to turn
    her head. Her husband's brother wore only a pair of boxer shorts, through
    which his huge cock was obscenely visible. His hair was mussed, as if he'd
    just woken up. His eyes were wide as he beheld the obscene spectacle on the
    "Don't tell Mitch!" Betty squealed in fear. "Please, Bill! He'll kill me!
    Don't tell!"
    "You horny bitch!" Bill said. Shaking his head, he advanced towards the
    bed. "Jesus Christ! You fuck your own kids!"
    Then Betty saw how stiff her brother-in-law's cock looked in his shorts.
    Bill grinned broadly as he saw where Betty was looking. Swiftly he peeled
    off his underwear, making her gasp as she saw his huge cock in the flesh.
    "Bill! What are you going to do to me?"
    "You know what I'm going to do, Betty," Bill whispered. He climbed onto the
    bed, crouching between her thighs, behind her upturned ass. "This is
    blackmail. You're about to get fucked up the ass!"
    Betty was helpless as Bill spread her ass cheeks, leaning forward to center
    his drooling cock head against the puckered ring of her asshole. A second
    later she groaned as she felt the meaty thickness of his prick penetrating
    her shitter.
    "No, Bill!" she cried, wincing. "It's too dry! Unh, you're hurting me!"
    "Do you want me to tell your husband?" Bill cried threateningly. "Forget
    it, Betty! All you can do is lie there and take it!"
    Betty squealed and let her weight fall back to her son, feeling the weight
    of her enormous tit press onto his chest. Submissively she lay there as Bill
    fucked his bloated cock all the way up her asshole.
    "Fuck her, Hank!" Bill started to fuck his throbbing cock in and out,
    packing her shit channel deeper with every thrust. "Let's really make your
    mother hot!"
    Hank's cock was still as hard as stone inside his mother's pussy. He
    shocked Betty by grabbing her hips and bucking to meet his uncle's thrusts,
    fucking his prick relentlessly in and out of her cunt.
    "Unnggghh! Oh God, what's happening to me?" Betty gasped as heat built
    inside her loins, spreading through both her pussy and pleasured asshole.
    "It feels ... oh fuck, it feels so good!"
    "Mommy! My pussy's still horny!" Marie cried, jacking off in front of her.
    "I want you to suck me off some more!"
    The voice of her conscience told her how depraved her actions were, but
    Betty was too horny to pay any attention. Giving in completely, she started
    humping between her son and brother-in-law, moaning as she pushed up and
    down to take more of their pricks in her cunt and asshole.
    "Suck me, Mommy!" Marie cried, jacking off harder. "Suck me, suck me!"
    Marie dropped her head again, whimpering as her asshole was ravaged by
    Bill's fucking prick. Her boy's cock continued to swell inside her cunt. She
    burrowed her head between Marie's slim legs, pressing her mouth to her
    daughter's pussy. Then she started sucking all over again, licking the cunt
    cream from the flowering pussy folds, sucking and licking her daughter's
    aching cunt.
    "Yes, Mommy, yes!" Pulling Betty's hair, Marie fucked her drippy pussy all
    over her mother's face. "You're sucking me! Unh, it feels so gooood!"
    "Oh shit, you're tight, Mom!" Hank groaned. "I'm gonna cum!"
    He started fucking his mother much harder, brutally fucking his throbbing
    cum-oozing cock into the gurgling depths of her cunt. Betty felt the steely
    length of his prick chafing her cunt, sending waves of pleasure pulsing
    through her naked body.
    "Unh! Fuck me, Hank! Fuck harder, Bill!" The bed creaked loudly as she
    whipped up her ass in a frenzy of lust, pausing between shrieks.
    "Keep fucking me! Awww, I'm gonna cum! Fuck haaaard!"
    "I can't hold it, Mom!" Hank moaned suddenly. "Oh fuck, here comes the
    He whipped his hips off the bed, burying his cock to the balls in his
    mother's gurgling pussy. Then the hot cock milk blasted up from his balls,
    draining his prick in salty torrents of cum.
    "Aww, keep fucking me!" Betty whimpered hornily as the jism deluged her
    hairy pussy, splattering on the pink walls of her aching fuck tunnel. "I
    love it! You're cumming in me, Hank! Keep fucking, keep cumming!"
    Then her whole body started to churn, aching with the horniest sensations
    she'd ever known.
    Betty stopped trying to suck her daughter's cunt. She raised her head and
    shuddered violently, feeling her pussy and asshole contract uncontrollably
    around the meaty shafts of the cocks fucking her body.
    "I'm cumming! Fuck meeeeee!" Bucking and humping, gasping and groaning, the
    naked mother voiced her lust. "Fuck my pussy, Sonny! Aww, Bill, fuck your
    cock up my asshole! I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"
    Her whole body seemed to explode, all sensation centered in her ravished
    asshole and cunt. Betty nearly blacked out, humping tirelessly between her
    son and brother-in-law, wanting both their pricks deep inside her at the
    same time.
    Marie watched and finger fucked as her mother got off. Finally Betty
    collapsed between Hank and her husband's brother. She was so exhausted that
    she hardly felt Bill starting to blow his wad inside her.
    "Aw, fuck!"
    Bill collapsed on her ass, fucking his prick to the balls in her asshole.
    Milky cum juice erupted from his rod, shooting her shitter full of cum.
    Betty shuddered as she felt the hot load filling up her asshole, bubbling
    out of her puckered ass ring around his cock.
    And then the bedroom door opened again.
    Naked, arm in arm, Mitchell and Kelly surveyed the fuck scene on the bed.
    As Betty looked into her husband's eyes, she was too tired to wonder what
    horrible things he might do to her. It was just as well. A second later
    Mitchell's face broke into a broad smile.
    "Looks like you had a good time, honey!" he said.
    The four of them on the bed watched as a giggling Kelly knelt in front of
    her father. Betty could only gasp as her big-titted daughter eagerly took
    Mitchell's huge cock in her mouth.
    "If you don't tell on me, I won't tell on you!" Mitchell laughed.
    As Hank, Betty and Bill watched Mitchell getting sucked, they all began to
    feel horny again. Betty groaned as the two cocks started to swell again in
    her pussy and asshole. Soon they were all fucking, ignoring Mitchell and
    Kelly as they concentrated on satisfying the heat of their own lust.
    And Marie went back to finger fucking. She was in no hurry to join them,
    though she wanted to suck a stiff cock. It would be her turn soon enough.

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    Default Great Job

    I love them and hope you post more,I am ready.
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    great story made me wet I would love a family like them
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    There used to be a crap load of these books posted on a a website.... wonder if it's still up.
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    omg i cum over an over mmmmmmmm
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    Quote Originally Posted by il-pam View Post
    omg i cum over an over mmmmmmmm
    verrrry nice!
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    Post more soon, please.
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    Talking if you like greenleaf classics

    come and read this ...
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