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    Default A day at the nudist beach (Teen Male/Males, gay)

    This is a story about a boy named Jake.

    "Bye Mom"
    "Bye Jake"

    I waved as my mom drove away to the airport, finally I was home alone. It was summer, the beginning of August and my dad was away on business and my mom was having a girls week in the Caribbean. I was finally home alone.
    Now I know what You're thinking, throw a party, get drunk etc. but that wasn't me, my body was hugely intolerant of alcohol, and being with a group of drunk people whilst being sober wasn't fun.

    Also I had recently come to terms with the fact that I was gay, and I wanted to find a boyfriend or someone to fuck, so I started scouring the internet, looking for boys, but they were all either fat, or 60, which wasn't what I wanted, I wasted a whole day looking, so I sat down that night and decided I needed a wank, so I googled naked boys, turned off safesearch and lots of pictures came up of well hung men. Black, White, Asian, tall, shot, thin, muscly and so on. Then I came to a picture of a family standing naked on a beach, with a well hung father, developing daughter and naked young boy I realized, I could go to a nudist beach.

    Then I began scouring the internet in search for nearby nudist beaches and found out there was one just 20 minutes away on the bus, and with an age of entry 15 or over I could get in by only a few months, so that night, I prepared for my journey, and hoped to find some boy to "play" with, or atleast see some nice cocks.

    * * * * * * * * *

    The next morning I got out of bed naked and looked at myself in the mirror, I didn't have a huge cock, at just under 5 inches erect and only 2 soft, I was definitely a grower. I had big balls though, which didn't help my cock look bigger, but I didn't really have any problems with my body and people seeing it. I was a swimmer so I was toned and muscly and had a six pack coming along. I had dark blue eyes and medium length hair that was light brown and naturally highlighted in some parts.

    I made my way to the bus stop with a bag with a towel, water, food, money and a phone inside and my passport incase of need for proof of age.

    When I got there I went into the changing rooms, took off my clothes, put on my towel and stepped outside. There were hundreds of people, chattering, laughing and the noise of the waves on the beach combined to make a sound that captured summer. I took off my towel and wandered for a bit, the beach was beautiful, there was the beautiful ocean that swelled and crashed down onto the beach which was lovely and sandy. About 100 metres from the shore was a cafe that served Ice Cream, hotdogs, fries and snacks and beyond there was a group of villas that made a sort of village with about 40 buildings.

    I got my iPhone out and pretended to phone and text as I got pictures of sexy men and teens who were walking around the beach. Unfortunately teenage boys were the least common group, probably because of embarrassment over size, but there plenty of people in there 20s and 30s. After a while a man caught my eye, he had a shaved head, huge muscles, was about 6 foot 2 and most importantly, a massive cock. The head of his alone was probably bigger than mine and he had balls to match. I got my phone out and tried to subtly take a picture whilst looking like I was phoning someone.
    My cock couldn't really hold out any longer and I wrapped a towel around myself and wandered over to the cafe and ordered a drink and got some snacks.

    Just as my cock had returned to it's flaccid state the man with the big dick sat down opposite me on the picnic bench, with his towel now wrapped around him.
    "I saw you looking at me" He said, smiling
    suddenly I was nervous, not wanting to be found out "Umm, no"
    "Are you sure, what else gave you that erection?" He laughed as he spoke and I didn't really understand his motives "Are you here on your own" I nodded my head and he continued "And are you gay?" again he chuckled
    My face must have gone bright red and he looked at me and said "It's okay, I am too, I was wondering, would you like to go back to my villa" he nudged his head in the direction of the villas and smiled.
    Thoughts raced through my head, is he a pedophile, I tried to reason in my head, I look about 16, so certainly not a child and I could pass for a young looking 18 year old, maybe he thinks I'm legal?
    "Sure" I said, getting the word out before I decided against it.

    Once we were back at his place we were both standing there, me with my throbbing erection, him with his cock still hanging low, yet bigger than mine, his flaccid must have been 5.5 inches, mine was 4.9 inches erect and his was almost twice as thick.
    We were talking and he asked "how old are you"
    "15" I repied
    He looked me up and down "You still wanna do this?"
    "Yes" I shook my head, even though I was very nervous I smiled.
    He took my hand and lead to a bedroom and closed the door, he kissed me fiercely, his tongue penetrating my whole mouth. I felt all over his body, his pecs, his 6 pack, his butt.
    Then I knelt down and faced his cock, it was still soft, but not for long. I licked the of it, then continuing with my tongue through his pubes, which were dark blond. I bent my head back and placed his cock on my face and lick the underside of his penis. The slightly salty, musty taste got me even hornier and then I moved onto his balls, they were too big to get them both in my so I sucked them one by one, the skin was soft and they sagged a lot, and the hair on them gave them a weird but sexy texture, as you can gather I like hair and don't like it when men shave their balls.
    By the time I had coated his balls in saliva he was now fully erect, I looked up at the head of his cock circumcized cock and began to suck his gorgeous purple bell end.
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    Great story. I too love the nude beach.
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    what do you think I should do after the blowjob, group sex, fetishes?
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    Its almost time to fuck him, lube up his cock, and have him lube up your man pussy, and play between your legs, kiss your cock and balls, surely this is a two-way street.
    I can understand that you're an under, but dude if I'm going to do that for him, it has to be mutual.




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