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    Post Babysitter Bonus Part 1

    This is my first story. All fiction but wish was real.

    I was 16 when i started babysitting. Most of the time I was looking after my mums friend's kids. And when I was around 18 I had been looked after the kids of my mums friend Ronda. She was a divorced mother but had a new boyfriend named Chris who was a truck driver. And they liked to go out at night and go to a few local bars with there friends.
    Well over the school holiday period I got a full weeks worth of babysitting for Ronda. And now i had been fantasizing about a few of my mums friends who i babysat for since i had started. But never ever though that one day I would have the chance to fulfill one of them.

    It all started just after I had got back from school it was Friday and the two week holidays had just started. And I was hopping I would be able to use the first week babysitting to earn me some money for the second week. As i dropped my bag on my beg and flicked the tv on my mum yelled out to me from her room.
    "Daniel, Ronda called before she wants to know if you can babysit for her for the first week of the school holidays. And she wants you to call her to work things out."
    "Ok mum" i yelled back "I'll give her a ring after I had my shower" I flicked the tv off and finished replying to a txt from my mate and added in that I would be babysitting for the first week and would have enough money to head off for the second week to the hot pools.

    Once i had my shower and was all changed, giving my hair a quick last minute rub over with my towel as i picked up the phone and dialed Ronda's number. The phone rang for a little bit until.
    "Hello, Ronda speaking."
    "Hey Ronda its Daniel, my mum rang and said you wanted to know about me babysitting?" I asked her as i chuck my towel into my washing basket in the corner of my room.
    "Oh hi Daniel, yes that's right, I wanted to know if you could look after the kids for the first week of the school holidays but start tonight and finish on Sunday?"
    Now the thing you need to know is that whenever I babysat over the school holidays I always stayed over in the spare room for the whole time, as Ronda and Chris also liked to head out during the day as well as the night, so having a babysitter around the house for the full week gave them the chance to be more free for what they needed and wanted to do.
    "Yeah sure I can do that."
    "Great, oh also Tonight me and Chris will be going away and we won't be back till late on Wednesday. So you will be on ya own with the kids for three days is that ok?" she asked me.
    "Yeah sure no problem here, I'll be over tonight around eight." I answered.
    "Sounds great, me and Chris will be leaving at ten so I'll see you around eight then, Bye." And with that she hung up and so did I putting my phone back on the stand.
    I picked up my school bag and emptied it and started to fill it with clothes that i would need for the days i was over there.
    As i was packing I began thinking about Ronda, she was 37 years old and she did have her curves, her ass being the biggest part of her body, but then again she was very sexy looking and was not a whale and was no stick either. And she was around 5ft 5, green eyes, long dark brown hair that just came over her shoulders, with perfect DD tits that would knock any man dead. And just thinking about the time I went to the pool with the kids and Ronda came along wearing her one piece bathing suit made my cock get hard quick. It was just a shame that I wouldn't be able to see her until late night Wednesday.

    Soon enough I was around at Ronda's, the Truck wasn't there so that meant Chris wasn't back from work or that he was over at his place. Sometimes when I looked after the kids Ronda wouldn't come home she would stay over at Chris the whole time until I was done babysitting.
    I pulled up the driveway and parked my car around next to Ronda's car. I walked up to the door and knocked and was greeted by Brendon, Ronda's oldest who was ten.
    "Hey Dan!" he said and walked away back to the couch where he sat back down to watch tv. I closed the door behind me and walked in and thats when Sarah who was two and Lizzy who was three almost four came running down the hallway grabbing onto me and began hugging me "Dan-Dan" They yelled as they hugged me.
    The reason I was a good babysitter is I liked kids, and they seemed to like me as well and I got along with kids. I hugged them back and they followed me into the lounge where Ronda was feeding Nathan who was around seven or eight months old.
    Brandon, Sarah and Lizzy were all kids of Ronda's ex husband. Who had moved over to some country for some job and some younger female. And Nathan was Chris kid.

    "Hey Daniel how are you?" Ronda asked looking up from spoon feeding Nathan some kinda mashed up food.
    "I'm good how are you?" i asked resting my bag down on the ground next to the couch.
    "I am good. Look I'm sorry to have to up and Run on you but I'm heading over to Chris's place now and then were are leaving from his place."
    "Oh no problem"
    "Great, thanks again, I'm just gonna put Nathan down to sleep so it's one less little monster you have to deal with tonight" Ronda chuckled at her own joke and I laughed along, to it as Sarah and Lizzy had already run off to go get something to show me and Brandon was too busy watching some show it was then I realized that Ronda was in a very nice skirt that fell just above her knees, and wrapped nicely around her ass and tits and she walked away I just watched.
    Lizzy and Sarah came running back both carrying a piece of paper each, they had been painting today and they both wanted to show me. I bent down to there level grabbing the papers all covered in different colors and commented at how colorful and pretty they looked which made them smile and then they took the painting back and ran back off to there room.

    Ronda was pretty well off since her divorce and her house was a two story house on a nice sized piece of land. A nice front area full of flowers. And the backyard had plenty of room for the kids to run around in, as well as a couple trees, and a small veggie garden.
    Inside the house had a large dinning room/lounge area the was connected to a open kitchen. That lead to the backyard with the deck or the other door lead to the hallway which lead off to the right was Brandon's room, and the toilet. Down left of the hallway was first door on right was the bathroom, first door on left was Ronda's room. Then there was the stairs and past them was Sarah and Lizzy's shared room. And there was Nathans room just in-between Sarah and Lizzy's room and the bathroom.
    Upstairs was the guest room, a games room/mini bar which had a pool table in it a dart board and all these knickknacks hanging around on the walls, and there was also the guest toilets/bathroom.

    Ronda came back and moved past me to go to her bedroom. But she turned back. "Do you think you can play the tickle monster game again with the girls since you know how they get when I leave."
    Lizzy and Sarah had always been big mummy girls since not really having a dad around and always cried and were a very very big hassle if they knew Ronda was leaving but if I played the game tickle monster where I just put on a little deep voice and chased the girls catching them and tickling them they didn't really notice that she had left and then when they were told in the morning that mum was gone they got a little sad until I told them she would be back and then offered to play a game with them or watch a movie and soon enough the tears went away.
    "Sure thing." I said, and as Sarah and Lizzy came running out of there room again this time carrying there new teddy bears they had got. I quickly turned around and held out my hands in a tickle motion and put on a deeper voice saying. "I am the tickle monster."
    And with that they smiled and run back to there rooms giggling. And I stopped my feet a little louder as usual as to make out monster footsteps to play along. And moved down to the girls room.

    Before i knew it. It was Tuesday and after the usual past couple of days of games, tea parties, kicking the soccer ball around with Brandon, movies and trips to the park and pool. Time had travel pretty fast. It was late at night and everyone was asleep except for Brandon who I let stay up late watching Tv in his room a couple hours later that Ronda told me as I knew what it was like to have to go to bed when you were younger. Also it was good for me cause they older kids also liked me looking after them which put me in the good books with the parents.
    I was in the lounge watching cable on the big tv, watching a horror movie on the horror channel when there was a sound of a something or someone at the door. I pushed mute on the tv remote just to make sure it wasn't my imagination playing tricks on me and now I could hear it more clearly. I grabbed the baseball bat from along side the couch which Brandon had left on the floor. I moved to the door and unlocked it opening the door to see Ronda fumbling with her keys.
    "Oh sorry Daniel, didn't mean to wake you." she said, by the sound of her voice and the way she walked as she walked inside and past me i could tell she had been drinking a little and that is why there was noise at the front door cause Ronda had been having a little trouble figuring out what key unlocked the door. I closed the door and locked it and moved back into the lounge placing the bat down and looked at Ronda who was now sitting on the couch.
    "I though you said you and Chris would be back tomorrow night" i questioned.
    "Oh yeah, thing is Chris got a call from work for some stuff or something that needed to be taken up to some place and that he would get a nice bonus for doing so, and since we would only be cutting the trip by a day Chris saw no harm in taking the job. So here I am and Chris is halfway to Timbuktu for all I know and won't be back for a couple days. And this little get away of ours was suppose to be all about us he told me Romance and Hot times i was gonna get, and I hardly got anything"
    I sat down next to her and just nodded my head. She didn't say much more and saw the tv was on and turned the sound back on cause she liked horror movies just as much as I did.
    After the movie was over, I looked over to Ronda who was now fast asleep. I turned the tv off and moved her arm over my shoulder and took her to her bedroom where I laid her down on her bed. As I was about to walk away i realized she was fully out and that seeing her like this was giving me ideas.
    I moved back to the bed looking at her just laying there. I poked her with my finger a couple times and got no response. I then decided to be dearing and poked one of her tits and still no response. Then my hormones just took control, I moved both hands over her tits and slowly massaged them in my hands, my cock was already hard and pushing around my boxers and jeans. I massaged them for awhile before next thing I knew I was unzipping her top until it was fully open to show her tits sitting there in a red lacey bar. I swear I could of blown my load right there and then. I massaged her tits a little more before looking down her body to her long skirt she was wearing. I took heavy deep breaths as I moved one hand down her legs until I came to the bottom of the skirt, slowly my hand peeled it back until it got high enough that my hand disappeared and then it reached her panties. Slowly i began to rub my hand against Ronda pussy though her panties, my cock was twitching in my pants begging to be free. But the Ronda moaned a little and mumble and began opening her eyes.
    I quickly slipped my hand away and shuffled to the door closing it behind me I made a bee line right for the guest room.
    When i got there i stripped down to my boxers and got into bed. One in bed I listened to see if i could hear footsteps coming up the stairs. Thinking to myself at how foolish I had been.
    After awhile i realized i still had a massive boner. I pulled my dick out and began to quickly masturbate while thinking about Ronda.
    After my close encounter with Ronda I had just had it wasn't long before I was ready to blow my load and i quickly grabbed some tissues to contain the mess and then blew my load right into the tissues.
    I put the tissue on the small beside table next to me. And was pretty tired after my little experience and one of the best masturbation sessions I had ever had. I fell asleep.

    The next morning I woke up to the morning going-ons that normally happened around Ronda's place. I could hear the tv going and the kids laughing and the sound of toast popping and cereal being poured. When I looked to the bedside table to grabbed the tissue I had blown my load in. So i could get rid of it when I went to the toilet it wasn't there.
    I got out of bed to see if i had knocked it down while asleep but I couldn't see it anywhere and was a little freaked out to what had happened to it and all sorts of things started running through my mind. Did one of the girls come in and pick it up when they tired to wake me, did Ronda come in and pick it up when she might of come to wake me or even Brandon.
    God I didn't know what I was going to do. But I got dressed and started to make my way down for breakfast.

    Well that is the end of part one. If I get some good feedback I will make the more wild part two. Well Thanks for reading my story.
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    Any and all comment welcome.
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    Sexual orientation : DangeriousDan's Avatar
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    Location : New Zealand
    Age : 26
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    Hey some feedback would be nice. So if there are some problems with the story I can fix them in part two. And thank you for to the people who have voted in the poll at least that is a little feedback.
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