Okay don't give me shit I warned you. Criticisms besides bitching about the topic is welcome and encouraged. I'm just gonna say, if your expecting just normal sex between Ben and Gwen your not going to get that because as I have said this is yaoi (gay) themed so seriously don't whine to me about it. Also the attitudes of the characters do not portray there actual attitudes or situations in the show, this is just fantasy.

Ben Was sitting around in his tent listening to grandpas snoring when Gwen sneaked into his tent wearing too-tight black spandex hiking shorts, a thin sleeveless shirt, hiking boots and white knee high nylon stockings that complimented her girlish near flawless toned gymnast body. Ben admired her thin but shapely toned legs and her gorgeous smug face.

Gwen winked at him slyly and hissed, now that Grandpas asleep let's have a little fun she said yanking off her clothes except for her stockings and yanked Ben's pants and underwear down violently.

Whoa! Ben gasped as she gulped down his already stiff meat and slid her tongue across his balls and near his ass. Gwen continued engulfing his thick cock and smiled wickedly as she did something he didn't expect. Ow he said as she slid her finger into his ass causing him to pour his cum in her mouth and deep inside her throat and shooting out her nose as her green eyes shined in ecstasy.

Ew gross shouted Ben. Don't be such a dweeb Ben Gwen said a lot of guys would love me to jam my fingers up there ass while I swallow there meat and let them shoot there jizz in my mouth.

Ben glared at her. Alright Ben I'll tell you what if you do what I say I'll let you pack your dick in my asshole until it overflows with your hot jizz if you follow my instructions. Alright said Ben Reluctantly.

Good dweeb. First lie on your back and open your mouth. Ben did as he was told and then felt something warm and soft on his mouth. He opened his eyes to find Gwen kissing him and spitting his own thick and sticky jizz all over his mouth as he unsuccessfully tried to pull away. Alright said Gwen now lube up my ass with that jizz so we can put that fat baby maker in.

Gwen spread apart her ass cheeks and hovered over ben face before settling her small but toned teen ass onto his face and smothering him with it. Start licking dweeb said Gwen lovingly as she pulled his faced up and slam her ass down on his face like she was riding a thick cock. Gwen ass was very salty and very moist Ben thought. Oh sorry dweeb looks like I "forgot" to take a shower beforehand. But I'm sure your tongue will do a good job of cleaning sneered Gwen.

After several minutes of Ben digging his tongue into Gwen asshole and lathering her salty hole with saliva and thick jizz Gwen let out a lewd moan and put her ankles behind her head as she balanced herself with her hands on the ground so it put all her weight onto Ben's face and loosened her tight asshole considerably.

Oh Ben you are going to love this Gwen said as she pushed down on Bens chest causing his mouth to open as huge thick, creamy white globs of hot ass flavored Jizz poured into his mouth while Gwen's ass smothering held his mouth in place. Ben coughed it up all over Gwen's Salty jizz ridden fuck hole. You're so lucky you've got a great cousin like my Ben, when Kevin and grandpa packing there thick meat in my ass down by the river while you worked to set up those tents I told them both to bust there nuts in my ass just because I knew you'd want some to so I saved it all for you with a spell charm caster taught me.

Ben glared angrily at her. Well fine said Gwen, if your going to do that then I'll just have to teach you some manners. Ben was about to rush out but before he got up She chanted a magic spell that made him unable to leave when Gwen said stay. Then Ben realized with a shock he was completely helpless.

Alright said Gwen since you can't even appreciate me saving all that splooge for you I'll have to teach you a lesson. Gwen gracefully stretch her legs into position as her ass gaped open in front of Bens eyes. Clean it all out. Ben had no choice as his tongue greedily slurped his friend and grandpas hot jizz. Stay and be quiet Gwen told him.

Gwen came back ten minutes later with a massively thick purple strap on around her curvy hips. Lay down on your back and open your mouth you stupid dweeb Gwen commanded. Ben again obliged unwillingly as Gwen rammed her strap on down his throat causing him to gag and slapped him repeatedly with it.

This is what Happens to little dweebs who give me attitude Gwen said as she reached in her ass and lathered the dildo with the cum of the men she had fucked that day. Actually I changed my mind said Gwen, you don't deserve this lube. get it all off you bitch! Gwen hissed at him as he began gently licking. Not good enough gwens said as she pushed his head down to the point that he couldn't breath and holding it there for five seconds.

Gwen frowned as she saw there was still some residue left. Turn over onto your knees we're doing doggy style said Gwen She grabbed a paper towel from her bag and wiped the strap on until she was sure it was dry then without warning rammed 3 inches into Ben's ass causing him to shrink away despite the spell. Ugh uh said Gwen Lustfully as she jammed the entire rubber shaft into Ben's hole causing him to nearly cry. Don't be such a baby Gwen said as she position her feet near Ben's shoulders with the rubber cock in his ass so she could get maximum penetration. Ugh your starting to annoy me Ben Said Gwen as she Put her feet in the air putting the weight of her body on Ben's back and driving the fake cock deeper and pulled off her stocking. She put them in front of Ben's face. Bite she ordered and Ben did effectively silencing him besides a few muffled cries.

Alright Now we get down to business said Gwen as she Moved her Tight Hips back and forth tearing up Ben's ass as fast as her flexible gymnast body could move. Oh yes Ben! Gwen cooed here's the part you'll really love.

She Rolled over so that he was on top with his feet on her thighs and thrust deep. Come on in Grandpa he's ready for you.

Alright Gwen said Grandpa as he pulled down his working Pant's revealing the biggest, meatiest cock Ben had seen in his life measing at least 11 inches long and 4 inches wide. Grandpa Max positioned himself for double anal prodding Ben's formerly virgin ass, oh this is gonna be be good he groaned. Let's make it even better said Gwen as she put Ben in an anal nelson putting his legs in the air and his head down.

Alright Ben get ready because I'm gonna rock your ass better than you can imagine said Grandpas Max as he buried his dick as far as he could into Ben's once tight ass and rocked his hips back and forth causing Ben to sniffle and cry. Ben's ass contracted and constricted many times over as Gwen and Grandpa rocked him back and forth then lifted him in the air and carried him out setting him on a table with Grandpa Max's thick meat still jammed inside.

he's getting a bit loud Gwen could you occupy his mouth please. Sure thing Gwen said as she slammed Into Ben's' throat like he was a well paid prostitute. After Grandpa was ready to change position after shagging Ben as hard as he could in the ass and gaping him considerably Gwen spoke up. Well I did promise he could have my ass grandpa she said. Alright Said Grandpa let's have him do it missionary so I can get in on it to. Sounds good to me Gwen winked. here grandpa your dick looks a bit dry I'll lube it for you Gwen said as She smiled then amazingly took Grandpa maxes entire rod down her throat without gagging.

I'll be fine for now said Grandpa. Ben put it in her ass. Ben obliged then felt Grandpa maxes stiff member pile into him with it's entire length. Ben paused. Well if you won't start then I will said grandpa thrusting back and forth so hard it causes him to fuck Gwen at the same time. see Ben your such a dweeb you need Grandpas help to please me said Gwen you better be appreciative of him taking the time to shove his nice bigf dick in your ass for you. This is all the thanks I need Grandpa Max said as Ben felt a warm sensation in his ass. Gwen get the bowl. Gwen pulled Ben's dick out and got a bowl to collect all the thick white liquid gushing out of Ben's ass after Grandpa was done and moved to Ben's mouth to clean off his meaty cock.

Ben swallow and clean it Grandpa Max said as he slammed Ben's head down causing him to pass out for a few seconds. Alright Ben time to Drink all the jizz Gwen said as she squirted her womanly fluids into the bowl and titled Ben's head. The liquids that came out was thick and especially sticky making Ben gag and groan but none the less the swallowed it all. But I didn't get to cum Ben complained after he was forced to drink the splooge of his grandpa.

Okay Ben this is what it takes to Cum in Gwen's ass. Gwen go get your bathing suit on. Yes Grandpa said Gwen. She returned momentarily with a skin tight red latex bathing suit. Hop on grandpa said as Gwen Jumped up and nimbly landed on his once again hard meat.

Grandpa got focused and pounded into Gwen as she made faces of pleasure and delight whiled being dominated so thoroughly and getting roughly pounded in the ass until grandpa finally filled her up with so much cum her stomach got a bit bigger.

If you want to cum in Gwen you're going to have to clean up yours and all THAT afterward. Grandpa said pointing to the gushing jizz flowing from Gwen's ass.

Ben nonetheless pounded into Gwen with reckless abandon and came a fraction of what his Grandpa did.

Alright Ben we are going to do it a bit different this time said grandpa as he eased into Gwen causing her to moan with delight. As Grandpa pressed in his Splooge came running down his cock and onto his balls, suck my balls said grandpa Max, lick all of my cum off of them. Ben wanted to run but Grandpa Max's strong arm pulled him close and he had to lock his lips onto his now sweaty sticky balls and slurp the cum off them. After a while Ben became light headed but nonetheless continued. Ben had no idea how long this had gone on for but he started enjoying the salty cream after a while. Alright Ben time for something special.

I gave this to Gwen when I thought she was ready and now you will get it. Grandpa Max held Ben's head and placed half his cock down Ben's throat and starting to jizz a thick and salty stream of jizz while hold Ben's nose. Ben love the taste of the cum. HE felt it warm and gushing down his throat and he loved everything about it. You see Ben it takes a while but at your age once you get it enough you love it. Grandpa Max let go of Ben's nose and Ben slid off and opened his legs,give it some flavor he said.

Grandpa obliged and rammed his dick into Ben and the slid it back into his mouth over and over until Ben lay in ecstasy.

Alright Ben I've got a surprise of my own but I think you'll like it Gwen winked. Lay on your back Ben. Ben laid on his back and waiting for the surprise. Gwen took the strap on and put it on. Gwen put it down Ben's throat but It was different some how, realer. This is a special strap on that charm caster gave me Gwen explained. I can cum with it. Oh yes smiled Ben as she held his head upward. Gwen got to chard a positioned them between Ben's head then squatted down putting it all down Ben's throat effortlessly. Oh yeah Gwen said that's the stuff as she felt her cock slide in and out of Ben's throat. You like my fat meat dweeb? You want me to cum down your throat? Gwen snickered. Alright you naughty naughty boy you she said as she wrapped her leg around Ben's face and shot her thin but plentiful Jizz down his welcoming throat.

I Love you Gwen Ben said as the kissed and shared her Jizz.

The end