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Thread: First time anal

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    Default First time anal

    Wow guys all i can say is wow my wife and i were getting very horny last night so had an hour session. She came 3 times me once we stopped watch tv for 10 mins and then went again ( i never normally do that). She found it sooo horny i couldnt belive. As we were having sex misionary i was grabbing her ass as normal when she told me to put a finger in her ass (she normally hated ass play). I pushed a finger in and she moaned and push back on to it. I was getting soo turned on i couldn't belive what was happening after about ten mins she was telling me that she wanted to try my cock up her ass. This nearly pushed me over the edge if i hadnt cum allready then i would of now. I got the lub and worked a bit into her ass with my finger wow was she tight a complete anal virgin.

    After a short while she got up removed my condom as said she wanted to be able to fuck me in her pussy after and didnt want an infection. next thing i know she is lowering herself on to it reverse cowgirl. Now im not massive but ok in lenght (7.5 inch) ok girth. The feeling i felt next was amazing i could see my bell end pushing up against her puckered asshole. Then wow the tip started to streach that little hole open and within a few seconds i was about an inch in. The feeling was amazing so tight ive never had my dick squeezed like it before. She lowered herself down a bit more and begain to bounce she must of had about 2-3 inchs in her i was in heaven. After about 5 mins she slid it out (the bit she said hurt the most) and looking very pleased with herself put the comdom back on and sucked me. We then fucked again tell 1am bearing in mind are session started at 8pm. i got to finger her ass again and also do double vaginal with her best toy an 8inch rampent rabbit. She came a total of 9 times that session and i ended up filling a jonny for the second time that night.

    This was are first time trying anal and well we both loved it. If you havent tryed anal yet then all i can say is do it. This is a true story from last night and she said she will try to get more of me in next time. Any tips or best posions would be great to help us im prove. Thanks (sorry about poor spellings or grammer)
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    Wow nobody like my story then?
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    Well I loved your story, got me super hard.
    Each time will make it easier.
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