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    Arrow Love My Messed Up Mom

    I stood in the middle of my mother's bedroom staring at her half naked body. She was beautiful with her milky white skin, and perfectly sized breast for me to fit in my mouth. It was all I had been thinking about all day in school; today was the first of a week long fuck fest; a week long fuck fest I had been building up for.

    “Are you fertile?” it was the first thing I asked my mother when I approached her; she had been using an ovulation test for the past three months; which was as long as we were trying to get her pregnant, but till now even my own extremely fertile twelve year old seed had not done the job.

    “Yes baby; mommy's fertile.”

    My mother answered me and then as I watched she removed the rest of her clothing. Man was she hot; not like all the other kids mother's who were old and decrepit; no my mother was smoking hot... My mother was smoking hot and and prime for the pumping; but then again she was only nine years older then me and I'm twelve.

    Oh yeah I'm sure you're all thinking it's impossible for a woman to be nine years older then her child, but since she got her period at eight which was a year after the first time her father first brutally raped her it's more then possible; it's true.

    “You want me to make you cum first; get your cervix open?” I knew it would be better if she were relaxed when I entered her; I had been fucking her for over a year now, but since the first time she'd gotten pregnant {the first time my seed shot out of me} by accident {she lost the baby in her third month} we've limited it to her fertile times.

    “Yes please.” My mother was always so polite; so sweet and innocent.. It angered me that my grandfather had hurt her so badly and so young. Especially after my mother told me about the abortions he made her have after she had me. She told me that her first had been three months after she had me. I asked her why he never wore a condom, and she told he liked knocking her up because she was still under ten years old.

    “You want me to finger fuck you; or eat you out?” I always asked what my mother wanted from me. After all my grandfather, the sick fuck, would just take it from her; take it from her, leave it in her and then rip it back out of her.

    “Both...” She blushed when she sat on the bed; I loved how shy she would become when we began. It was like she'd never grown up; like I was the one having sex with a minor and not her. “Finger me first; make me cum then eat me and do it again please.”

    “Sure mom; you know I do what ever you want baby girl.” I walked over to the bed and dropped my pants; I wasn't gonna fuck her just yet but I knew after both finger fucking my mother's pussy and then eating it out the chanced of me not cumming in my pants while I tried to get them off were like slim to none. “Spread your legs, then put them over my shoulders when I get on the bed.”

    “Okay.” Again she blushed and smiled; she was so sweet and I loved her so much.. One of these days I swore I would get back at my grandfather for hurting her and I had just the friends who would do it. Rape him up the ass like he raped her in her little tiny virgin pussy; only they wouldn't let him live.. They would fuck him and leave him to die.

    “How many fingers?” I asked when I got right up to her pussy and felt her legs go over my shoulders. Man did she smell so sweet with her pussy juices already dripping from that fuck hold. “Start with one then go to three.”

    “Uh huh...” I watched her nod and then start to play with her own tits; they weren't big but big enough to fit in my mouth when I would suck them.

    “Okay get ready to cum hard mom.” I slid the first finger into her and she bucked up; for someone who'd given birth at nine and had several miscarriages and abortions thereafter she was still so fucking tight.

    “Do you want another one.” It was several thrusts in and out of my middle finger before I asked her, and when she nodded I added another one and started to lick her clit. I know I said I would do it one at a time but why waist her flowing juices when I could finger and eat her... Oh yea fingering and licking my mother was so good.”

    “More please.” It was her little girl voice; I loved her little girl voice that came out when the sex started; sometimes she would even call me daddy and pretend I was raping her. Guess it was the only way she could get off with the way she was brought up, but I swore I would break her out of that and I kinda have.

    “Feel good mom?”

    “Faster daddy; it hurts less” Okay so I didn't really break her out of it, but since I love her I just learned to like it and eventually it started to turn me on. Me fucking my twenty year old mother who sounded like she was six calling me daddy as she pretended I was raping her.... That and she wanted me at twelve to knock her up.... Come on...


    “Yes daddy... owie.. Owe...”

    “Oh you naughty girl liking daddy raping you.” I knew exactly what to say that would get her going; get her thrusting rocking and crying at the same time. I hated doing it to her, but it was what made her feel good so I had to.

    “Don't fuck me daddy... Don't make me cum with your fingers.” I felt her bucking up and down and I knew she was sucking her thumb; it was what my mother did to prevent her mind from staying with her body. “Don't eat me...”

    “Oh I'll eat you baby; then I'll stick my cock in your cunt and hump you”

    “Oh no... no....” Back and forth, up and down, side to side, rotating her hips grunting groaning and crying... I could feel her starting to cum; my mother was getting off while screaming for me to stop; screaming that I was hurting her...

    “Rape me daddy.. Rape me...” I would pump her harder when she said that; it was a way for me to know I wasn't hurting her enough till she got what she wanted and started crying for her mother. “ Mommy! Mommy! Help me... Daddy stop... Owe... Stop...”

    “Cum you little cunt; get wet so I can pound that pussy” I put my hand on her pelvis and jammed my three fingers plus my pinkly into her; it always started off sweet and innocent but with in a few minutes my hand was all the way inside of her pumping her.

    “Daddy... no... Gonna cum... Don't want to...” I could feel the bed moving an knew she was thrashing her head side to side as she lifted her body up and of the bed and dropped and did it again as she squeezed her legs around my head. “Gonna cum on daddy's fingers.. gonna.. Mommy help me!”

    That was always the last she would say before she would cum on my hand; it would last anywhere from three to five minutes as soon as she jammed her fingers into her clit the minute the first wave hit her. And when she was done I would pull my hand out and let her suck the juiced from it as I ate the rest of it out of her.

    “Mmmmm tastes so good daddy; cum... my cum...” I listened to her lap and lick my hand like a lolly pop; holding it and sucking my fingers till she would go off again in my mouth. This time it was good for her; like a little girl who had no clue what was going on between her legs even when she would violently shutter and cum hard.

    The it was the next step; I had to lay over her and shove my dick down her throat and hold it there till she choked me into cumming; I couldn't cum though cause remember I had to knock her up; but still no matter how much I tried not to have to do this step she would flip out if I skipped it.

    “Oh yeah.. Oh yeah suck daddy's cock.” she couldn't speak now; not with me doing push ups with my cock going down her throat on each decent. “Oh yeah.. just like that.. take it deep... gag on daddy's cock... cum with your little throat... cum on my cock and squeeze it out...”

    There were a bunch of ugs and sound of gurgles which indicated it was almost time to come out before she grabbed my balls and shoved her finger up my ass as she was forced to do with her father. Once that happened she would be eating sperm and I couldn't let that happen.

    “What? No No No...”

    “Don't tell daddy no; you're getting it in that cunt.” I grabbed her and lifted her up on my thighs as she fought me.

    “No, no more babies daddy...” I listed to her cry. “Hurt daddy; no pushy pushy out my pussy.. hurt baby bumb”

    Another thing; just for you to understand why she's like this while fucking. When she was pregnant, and when she would miscarry in her later months, her father would wait till she was in hard labor and pushing to shove his cock up her asshole and fuck her. Can you imagine, fucking your own daughter up the ass while contractions caused her to push her still born baby out her cunt. She said one time he was up her ass for twelve hours strait, but that's when she was having me and the orgasms she had did help me come out faster.

    “fuck you no babies... when I blow it will go right into your womb and knock you up.”

    “Oh fuck me daddy... fuck me... Give me your baby. Make me pregnant fill my womb and fertilize my egg with your seed.”

    “I... I willllllllll. “ By that time I would shutter and blow into her; thrust after thrust deeper and deeper more cum would leave me and enter her. She would masturbate her clit more and again cum but when she was done and I was empty it was like nothing ever happened with the bad stuff and everything we did was normal.

    “Oh god babe that felt so good; you think you might have gotten mommy pregnant this time.”

    “Two weeks babe and we'll know?”
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    Need to work on your spelling, but a good story.
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    Goodness, how erotic , but ever so good do write soon,,,,,,xxxxx
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    That's simply disturbing.
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    hot story
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    Great, wonderful story but "what happen", did you or did not!!
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