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    Talking I Know How to Make My Wife Help me Rape her Mom

    My wife is going to help me rape her mother. She will hate me for the rest of our lives for it, but I know how to force my sweet, devoted wife to help me rape her bitch of a mother. My wife will sob uncontrollably as she holds her mother down in her own bed. I will force her to strip her mother and herself, so that their hot, sweaty, beautiful naked bodies rub up against each other all night long.

    I'll force her to finger her mother's nasty, mature pussy - the pussy she came out of. Then I will make her lay on top of her mother's naked body while I stand beside the bed, between both of their luscious, sweet thighs, and rape my wife's mother. She will feel and see her mother's pain and horror up-close as I pound her mom's worthless pussy. I will lovingly grope and caress my wife's thighs, hips and back as I pound between her legs, into her mother's cunt.

    I will dip my hard cock back and forth between them - mixing their fluids and my pre-cum. I can hear my sweet heart whispering through her sobs, "I'm so sorry mom..."

    I will cum deep inside my beautiful, loving wife's pussy, then make her straddle her mom's face. Commanding the mother in law to suck her daughter's hot pussy - or else - I will then straddle her stomach, and lovingly kiss my sweet, devoted wife.


    Horrible, worthless story with no redeeming qualities? Sucks to be you! I really don't care what you think of my writing or the subject matter - but I'll be happy to accept your 'bumps' of my thread to tell me so!

    Meanwhile, anyone who finds the subject matter of this fantasy story interesting should PM me to chat about it.

    You people are fucking pitiful
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    Default hi

    what a hot fantasy...I'd do the same with my wife (51) and her mom (75)....take a look at both of them....should we chat about sharing?
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    or my wife 64 and her mom 86
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    good story
    before i meet my wife i knew her mom and we would flirt and exchange sex talk but i foolishly did not go any further with my dumb self and i was staying at her house for a few days and she sleep alone, and now i met the daughter i married and she totaly turn 180, that was 5 yrs ago and i still want to fuck her silly her mom.. i teas her and say have your mom join us and its not cheating if we keep it in the family but more i insist more they push back....damn
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