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    Default Mr. Jenkins love (Rape, Teacher-Student)

    This is my first story I have ever written that contained anything sexual so any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated. I have been thinking about doing writing like this for XNXX for quite sometime after reading a lot of the other stories that are posted here but when it actually came time to write it I completely drew a blank on any of the actual good ideas I had for stories so this was kind of the “free styled” Teacher student rape story. I may choose to continue on this story and be more detailed in the actual sex scene but i chose to do more of a foundation work with this piece to give myself something to work off of at a later time if people like this piece.

    Enjoy, S7evin

    Ashley sat there looking out of the window wondering why life couldn’t be more like what she saw in movie’s or the tabloids, Guys told her she was good looking but to her she was still just a little too fat, short, breasts weren’t large enough and never felt good enough to be deserving of anyone’s love. She had friends but she never saw them out of school the one boyfriend she had this year ended up cheating on her because she didn’t want to put out. Maybe if she would have been paying more attention to her surroundings she may have noticed Mr. Jenkins her Math teaching staring at her much more than usual, She could have noticed that instead of standing up to teach class he chose to sit behind his desk the entire time, And she could have even noticed that this wasn’t the first time Mr. Jenkins has stared at her to intently. But she didn’t.

    The bell rang and another day was completed Ashley gathered her belongings and started heading for the door when Mr. Jenkins asked her if she would stay for a second after class so that they could discuss something. Grudgingly she obliged thinking it would be something important since he had never asked her to stay late before. Mr. Jenkins proceeded to close the door and was able lock the door as he turned around to return to his desk. “What is it Mr. Jenkins? Did I do something wrong” Mr. Jenkins smiled disarmingly “No, Not exactly. I have just noticed that you are staring into space much more lately and your grades are slipping and I am becoming concerned. Is there anything going on you can tell me anything” She stared at the floor thinking about her reply. It is true she was having a lot of issues in life right now but would he be the correct person to confide in? Would he take her seriously and not just try to make her feel better but be honest with her? As she was thinking to herself Mr. Jenkins was staring at her chest intently and how it moved up and down slowly as she breath, he was becoming erect slowly and starting to lose his patience with his student. Ashley picked her head up and asked Mr. Jenkins something he didn’t expect “Do you think I’m pretty?” He stared at her and wondered if it was maybe some ploy..maybe she saw him staring a little to intently in class so he decided to play it semi safe “If I had to answer it not from a teacher’s perspective I would say you are average at best, good enough to fuck but not to date”.

    After hearing this Ashley lost it and started crying hysterically that was the same line her BF had used when they broke up Good enough to fuck, But not to date. Is that all she was destined to ever be? Some mans fuck toy while he finds someone to spend the rest of his life with?! Little did she know but seeing her cry was the last straw for Mr. Jenkins he could no longer hold in his lust and moved over behind her and put both hands on her shoulders making it look like he was going to comfort her but slowly slid his hands down from her shoulders to her chest. He managed to get one hand onto her breast before Ashley noticed what was happening and squirmed away “What are you doing! You’re my teacher!!” she screamed. He just stood there smiling with his obvious bulge showing and said calmly to calmly “You already know what is about to happen why not just enjoy it” she looked at him disgusted and looked for a way out. She tried to run through him to get to the door but he intercepted her, He was strong impossibly strong for a guy of his age and then his arm was around her neck and he was squeezing the world started to fade out as she gasped for breath the world was going dark and then she felt nothing as she slipped off into unconsciousness.

    She blinked slowly the light was hurting her eyes and had forgotten where she was at first, She tried to move her arms but they wouldn’t budge she was tied to something and so were her legs. She tried to scream but then noticed she had a gag in her mouth. Fear set in and she started to panic finally looking around the room then she saw someone in the corner of her eye it was Mr. Jenkins but he was naked rubbing his hard cock slowly while sniffing her panties..SNIFFING HER PANTIES!!! She finally noticed that she was naked and tied down why her Math teach masturbated while sniffing her panties, She wanted to cry, scream, die, or just fall away from herself knowing what was to come either now or in her near future. She was going to get raped and there was nothing she could do in her situation and since Mr. Jenkins had his classroom in a modular away from the main school she knew no one would come looking. She faded back into blackness…

    She was awoken sometime later to something warm being shot onto her face she opened her eyes to catch the last strand of cum leaving his penis onto her face while stood there smiling “Good morning sunshine did you have a good nap” she stared at him scared and repulsed but made no move. She was glad he already cummed maybe that was the last of it and she would just be let go but as she thought this she noticed that he was already becoming hard again! He knelt down between her legs and started rubbing her pussy softly with the head of his penis staring into her eyes looking for a reaction. She gave him nothing and just closed her eyes ready to accept the inevitable and then it happened He was inside of her stretching her barely used pussy apart she screamed out in pain as he paid no heed to any type of pain she may have been in. He slid his hard shaft in and out harder and faster grabbing her breasts and squeezing them as tight as he could making tears come to her eyes. As she sat there and cried he continued to just thrust himself inside of her grunting. He started to pick up the pace out of nowhere and then buried his dick inside of her pussy releasing a huge load of cum inside of her. She screamed out in denial and all he could do was laugh about it “You’re going to carry my baby and make weekly visits to me so we can go over your grades” he got up and walked behind her and grabbed something as he walked back she could hear him talking about how good the quality was. He reached down and showed her what he had in his hand, a Video camera..He had taped it! “If you ever tell on me you will always be known as the little slut who got fucked by the math teacher. I will make sure everyone you love sees this as well as everyone in the school is that what you want to let everyone see how I cummed inside you bitch” she shook her head vigorously no if her father ever found out he would be destroyed..

    This has been going on for 2 months now; I have started to enjoy it. It finally feels like someone actually loves me. He cares about me because he wants me to carry his baby..
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    Good in an odd sort of way. A nice first effort. A plain girl is taken and held against her will by a perverted math teacher who ties her up and can fuck her but he'd rather smell her panties, jerk off and cum in her face. Then he fucks her, cums in her and films her... all to blackmail her so that he doesn't show anyone the video that shows he's a perverted rapist. Then, it turns out, she loves him in the end because he cared enough to cum in her.

    I liked it.
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