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    Default An incest birthday (as posted in the stories section)

    Ever since I can remember, I and my twin sister were like best friends. We've done everything together since we were kids, go to the movies, play basketball, and go to the mall, anything fun we did it. We tell each other everything, there’s nothing we don’t know about each other, and at least, that’s what we thought...
    Let me start by describing us. My sister Rita is 5'2, blue eyes, blonde hair, a gorgeous smile, and a figure to die for. She has a wonderful body, 105 pounds, size 32B bust, and a perfect ass. As for me, my names Randy, I’m 5'5, 145 pounds, blue eyes, and sandy brown hair. Were both 15, but I’m older by an hour. I always thought by sister was pretty, but I never saw her in a sexual way, that is until two days before our 16th birthday when an "incident" happened that would change our lives forever.
    It was a typical Saturday; we were eating breakfast together as usual...
    "Hey Randy, wanna try out the new super mario bros. I just got? I heard it’s pretty good", she said.
    Now my sis was good at video games, but compared to me, she was am amateur. "Sure", I said, " but don’t think for a second I’m gonna go easy on you".
    "Oh whatever!" she said with a competitive look, “you can’t beat me if your life depended on it". With that, we finished our breakfast and went to her room (her room has the Wii, mine the Xbox 360) to play the game.
    We were playing the game for well over 15 minutes, and I’m surprised to say she was beating me pretty badly, but then she got a little too cocky and started losing. After a while, I finally beat her, and I wasn’t gonna let her hear the end of it...
    "Haha, you lose!" I screamed, "once again I beat you! How does it feel to be second best?"
    That must have been the last straw. Rita may be little, but she is almost as strong as me, if not stronger. As I stood up to leave, she picked me up and threw me one her bed and started tickling me. I am extremely ticklish, and she knows that, it’s the only time she has power over me, and she always used it.
    "Stop it, stop it!” I yelled laughing hysterically, but to no avail. “Who’s second best now?" she said tickling me like crazy,” I am I am, you win I surrender!" She would not stop. So I took matters into my own hands. The only way to get her off is to overpower her, so that’s what I did, and that’s when "it" happened. Since she was on top of me on her bed tickling me, I shifted all my weight to one side and we both fell off the bed onto the floor, me on top of her. We were laughing then it just grew silent, I looked in her eyes and she looked in mine. Then all of a sudden I leaned down and kissed her full on the lips. I don’t know why I did it, but I’m kinda glad I did, her lips were so soft. I was expecting her to push me off her and slap me, but she kissed me back. Then all of a sudden she pushed me off of her...
    We looked at each other awkwardly, and then I bolted out of her room like I was on fire. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I kissed my sister! Did I just ruin the relationship we had? What would she think of me? Would she tell mom and dad? I had so many questions and was quickly regretting what I did. How could I look her in the eye again? I stayed in my room the rest of day, not even coming out to eat and use the bathroom. I did have a great masturbating session before I went to sleep though; I came 3 times at the thought of her.
    The next day was even more awkward. At breakfast I kept my head down and said nothing. I could tell she was a little mad, but still I said nothing. Our parents immediately knew something was up since they didn’t hear us laughing or playing with each other. I told them everything was fine (which was a HUGE lie) and they thought nothing of it. I finally worked up the courage to confront Rita of our “encounter".
    "Rita can I please talk to you?"
    "I guess so, but keep your distance."
    "Fair enough, Rita I’m so sorry I kissed you."
    "Why did you do it?"
    "I don’t know, I looked in you eyes and something told me to kiss you."
    "I wanna be mad at you, but..."
    "Does that mean you liked the kiss?"
    "THAT DOESNT MATTER DUMMY! Were brother and sister! That’s incest!"
    "I know, and I don’t care. I love you!"
    "I love you too, but I’m not sure if I love you like "that."
    "As pretty as you are you can have anyone you want, but u choose to spend all your time with me, doesn’t that mean something?"
    "What it means is tha... you think I’m pretty?"
    "I think you are beautiful, that’s why I can’t stop thinking about that kiss, and it was amazing!"
    "It’s still wrong Randy! We can’t do it again."
    (it felt like a weight fell on top of me when she said that)
    "Please Rita, think about it, how wonderful would it be to lose your virginity to the person you love most?"
    (After thinking for a minute) Its still incest Randy! It can’t happen.
    I looked at her with hurt in my eyes and left. I didn’t get her but at least I got the kiss from her, its something to masturbate to at least. And that I did, 4 times before I went to sleep.
    That night I woke up around 2:00 because I couldn’t sleep so I decided to get something to drink. As I walked past my sister’s room I could hear faint noises, so I decided to check it out. She had left her door cracked a little bit so it was easy to look in without attracting attention. What I saw amazed me. My sister was masturbating herself to a pair of my boxers, I couldn’t believe it! She was completely naked lying on her bed with my boxers in one hand and was sucking her nipple with the other hand. I pulled my cock out and started stroking it slowly, not wanting to cum yet. Her titties were perky and her nipples were hard as a rock. She had two fingers in her pussy and pulled them out to suck off the juices, I almost came right there, but I held off, barely. I heard her say “oh Randy that feels so good, fuck me with your cock, oh god that feels so good". When she said that I let out a little moan, and she heard me and jumped up. I was caught, and I didn’t care, I wanted her, so I went to get her.
    "How long have you been there?" she said trying to cover up. “Long enough to know you feel the same way I do". With that I walked over to her, dropping my clothes in the process and kissed her. At first she resisted, and then she gave in and kissed back. I knew I had her. I lamed her down and said "relax, this is gonna be special for both of us". I started to suck on her left nipple while I massaged her right. “oh Randy that feels so good," she said as I then switched to sucking on her right nipple and massaging her left. I kissed my way down her chest and over her stomach until I came face to face with her pussy, and it was a beautiful camel toe with nice full lips. I thought id tease her a bit so I kissed around her pussy for a few minutes, then I felt a hand forcefully grab my head. “Since you got lost, I thought id give you a hand" she said seductively. Then she shoved my face right in her pussy, and I started eating her out like there was no tomorrow.
    "Oh my god, Randy, eat my pussy, stick your tongue in it, oh fuck! That feels so good!"
    "SHH!" I said, we don’t want to wake mom and dad!
    "You shouldn’t make me feel so good then" she said breathing heavily.
    I opened her lips and licked her clit, her body started to spasm out of control as I flicked my tongue across it. I knew she was close to her orgasm as she pushed up off the bed and grinded her pussy on my face.
    "Oh god I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cummmmming! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    She drowned me in her pussy juice, and I lapped it all up just as fast as she squirted it out.
    "You taste so good Rita" I said licking all the juice off of her I can.
    "I’ve never cum so much in my life! Now it’s my turn to make you feel good" she said as she laid me down.
    She grabbed hold of my 7 inch cock and started stroking it, first slow, then picking up speed. Then she pushed me back on the bed and took my cock in her mouth. First she sucked the tip of my cock doing a swirling motion with her tongue which felt so good, then she took my whole shaft in her mouth and started sucking up and down at a fast pace.
    "Oh shit Rita that feels so good! Suck it, make me cum"
    After a while I couldn’t hold it in anymore and said "I’m gonna cum! She just kept right on sucking and picked up speed until I blew my load in her mouth. I must have cum a gallon in her mouth, but she didn’t spill a drop. She looked up at me with the most seductive look and instantly I was hard again.
    "I want you to fuck me now" she said as she climbed up and mounted me. "Show me how much you love me".
    She grabbed my cock in her hand, rubbed it over her pussy lips, then sat down on it full force shattering her hymen. I quickly brought her down and put her face in the pillow to muffle her screaming. After a couple minutes she sat up with a look I’ve never seen on her. "Fuck the shit outta me Randy! Fuck me like you'll never get to fuck me again!" she said. I’ve never been so turned on in my life. I grabbed her hips and started driving my cock in her with force.
    "Oh fuck yes! Fuck me, Randy, fuck me! Harder! Harder! Yes! Oh god yes!
    She got up and got on her hands and knees in front of me. I wasted no time and slid my cock back into her hot pussy. Her ass was bouncing off me from being fucked so hard. "You like fucking your sister from behind don’t you? Sliding your cock in and out of my pussy. Fuck me, fuck me!" she screamed. At this point I didn’t care if our parents heard us, and neither did she.
    "I love fucking you, sis" I said. "I love eating your pussy, I love when you suck my cock, I love when you squirt in my face, and I’m gonna love cumming inside you".
    I flipped her over missionary and began plowing her harder than I did doggy style.
    "Oh big brother you fuck me so good" she said short on breath. "I want your cum in me, I want you to fill me with all your hot jizz, I wanna feel it pouring inside me" she panted.
    Hearing her talk like that I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, so I mustered up the last of my strength and began one final assault on her worn out pussy.
    "Oh yes you’re fucking me so hard! Yes! I love you, Randy! I love you! I love you!" she screamed.
    After a few minutes a felt the familiar tingle in my balls and screamed "I’m gonna cum!" I pushed in her as far as I could go and exploded all of my seed into her. After what seemed like a minute of filling her up we both collapsed on her bed exhausted.
    We both lay there and held each other. I looked at her clock and it read 4:37. After a while she looked at me and smiled. I kissed her on the lips and caressed her.
    "So does this make us boyfriend and girlfriend now?" she said with a smirk on her face.
    "Yes and so much more" I said
    Before we could say anything else we both saw a light hit the hallway, which meant our parents had cut their bedroom light on, since I never really shut the door when I came in Rita’s room, so I grabbed my stuff to leave before we got caught.
    Before I got out the door, I heard Rita call me. "Randy" my sister called out, "yea" I said
    "Happy birthday" she said as she winked at me. I smiled as I went to bed happy, eagerly looking forward to see what the rest of the day had planned for me.
    If she likes it, it cant be a bad thing

    my stories http://stories.xnxx.com/profile383173/
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    Fantastic story about a sexy set of twins. You have to love them and (I guess) they have to love each other. The sex was very satisfying for both them and the reader. nivek_88 you've done a great job here.
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    Lol, sounds familiar. Well done!

    Paa Dodens Trae vi gror som Nuets Blomster

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    Is it me or this sounds like My Sister Ashley......
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    Quote Originally Posted by kool4dudes View Post
    Is it me or this sounds like My Sister Ashley......
    no i wrote this myself, i dont steal other peoples work, check out the sequels and see for yourself
    If she likes it, it cant be a bad thing

    my stories http://stories.xnxx.com/profile383173/
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    Quote Originally Posted by nivek_88 View Post
    no i wrote this myself, i dont steal other peoples work, check out the sequels and see for yourself
    Ha! I thought he had a sister named Ashley!
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    Ah you finally post it up on here. You should post more of the chapters here! Having Von Armand (probably the best writer on these forums) post on your thread saying it's a nice story is VERY good indicator that your stories are well written.
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    Cool bronkoboy

    vry ggod i liked it

    Quote Originally Posted by nivek_88 View Post
    Ever since I can remember, I and my twin sister were like best friends. We've done everything together since we were kids, go to the movies, play basketball, and go to the mall, anything fun we did it. We tell each other everything, there’s nothing we don’t know about each other, and at least, that’s what we thought...
    Let me start by describing us. My sister Rita is 5'2, blue eyes, blonde hair, a gorgeous smile, and a figure to die for. She has a wonderful body, 105 pounds, size 32B bust, and a perfect ass. As for me, my names Randy, I’m 5'5, 145 pounds, blue eyes, and sandy brown hair. Were both 15, but I’m older by an hour. I always thought by sister was pretty, but I never saw her in a sexual way, that is until two days before our 16th birthday when an "incident" happened that would change our lives forever.
    It was a typical Saturday; we were eating breakfast together as usual...
    "Hey Randy, wanna try out the new super mario bros. I just got? I heard it’s pretty good", she said.
    Now my sis was good at video games, but compared to me, she was am amateur. "Sure", I said, " but don’t think for a second I’m gonna go easy on you".
    "Oh whatever!" she said with a competitive look, “you can’t beat me if your life depended on it". With that, we finished our breakfast and went to her room (her room has the Wii, mine the Xbox 360) to play the game.
    We were playing the game for well over 15 minutes, and I’m surprised to say she was beating me pretty badly, but then she got a little too cocky and started losing. After a while, I finally beat her, and I wasn’t gonna let her hear the end of it...
    "Haha, you lose!" I screamed, "once again I beat you! How does it feel to be second best?"
    That must have been the last straw. Rita may be little, but she is almost as strong as me, if not stronger. As I stood up to leave, she picked me up and threw me one her bed and started tickling me. I am extremely ticklish, and she knows that, it’s the only time she has power over me, and she always used it.
    "Stop it, stop it!” I yelled laughing hysterically, but to no avail. “Who’s second best now?" she said tickling me like crazy,” I am I am, you win I surrender!" She would not stop. So I took matters into my own hands. The only way to get her off is to overpower her, so that’s what I did, and that’s when "it" happened. Since she was on top of me on her bed tickling me, I shifted all my weight to one side and we both fell off the bed onto the floor, me on top of her. We were laughing then it just grew silent, I looked in her eyes and she looked in mine. Then all of a sudden I leaned down and kissed her full on the lips. I don’t know why I did it, but I’m kinda glad I did, her lips were so soft. I was expecting her to push me off her and slap me, but she kissed me back. Then all of a sudden she pushed me off of her...
    We looked at each other awkwardly, and then I bolted out of her room like I was on fire. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I kissed my sister! Did I just ruin the relationship we had? What would she think of me? Would she tell mom and dad? I had so many questions and was quickly regretting what I did. How could I look her in the eye again? I stayed in my room the rest of day, not even coming out to eat and use the bathroom. I did have a great masturbating session before I went to sleep though; I came 3 times at the thought of her.
    The next day was even more awkward. At breakfast I kept my head down and said nothing. I could tell she was a little mad, but still I said nothing. Our parents immediately knew something was up since they didn’t hear us laughing or playing with each other. I told them everything was fine (which was a HUGE lie) and they thought nothing of it. I finally worked up the courage to confront Rita of our “encounter".
    "Rita can I please talk to you?"
    "I guess so, but keep your distance."
    "Fair enough, Rita I’m so sorry I kissed you."
    "Why did you do it?"
    "I don’t know, I looked in you eyes and something told me to kiss you."
    "I wanna be mad at you, but..."
    "Does that mean you liked the kiss?"
    "THAT DOESNT MATTER DUMMY! Were brother and sister! That’s incest!"
    "I know, and I don’t care. I love you!"
    "I love you too, but I’m not sure if I love you like "that."
    "As pretty as you are you can have anyone you want, but u choose to spend all your time with me, doesn’t that mean something?"
    "What it means is tha... you think I’m pretty?"
    "I think you are beautiful, that’s why I can’t stop thinking about that kiss, and it was amazing!"
    "It’s still wrong Randy! We can’t do it again."
    (it felt like a weight fell on top of me when she said that)
    "Please Rita, think about it, how wonderful would it be to lose your virginity to the person you love most?"
    (After thinking for a minute) Its still incest Randy! It can’t happen.
    I looked at her with hurt in my eyes and left. I didn’t get her but at least I got the kiss from her, its something to masturbate to at least. And that I did, 4 times before I went to sleep.
    That night I woke up around 2:00 because I couldn’t sleep so I decided to get something to drink. As I walked past my sister’s room I could hear faint noises, so I decided to check it out. She had left her door cracked a little bit so it was easy to look in without attracting attention. What I saw amazed me. My sister was masturbating herself to a pair of my boxers, I couldn’t believe it! She was completely naked lying on her bed with my boxers in one hand and was sucking her nipple with the other hand. I pulled my cock out and started stroking it slowly, not wanting to cum yet. Her titties were perky and her nipples were hard as a rock. She had two fingers in her pussy and pulled them out to suck off the juices, I almost came right there, but I held off, barely. I heard her say “oh Randy that feels so good, fuck me with your cock, oh god that feels so good". When she said that I let out a little moan, and she heard me and jumped up. I was caught, and I didn’t care, I wanted her, so I went to get her.
    "How long have you been there?" she said trying to cover up. “Long enough to know you feel the same way I do". With that I walked over to her, dropping my clothes in the process and kissed her. At first she resisted, and then she gave in and kissed back. I knew I had her. I lamed her down and said "relax, this is gonna be special for both of us". I started to suck on her left nipple while I massaged her right. “oh Randy that feels so good," she said as I then switched to sucking on her right nipple and massaging her left. I kissed my way down her chest and over her stomach until I came face to face with her pussy, and it was a beautiful camel toe with nice full lips. I thought id tease her a bit so I kissed around her pussy for a few minutes, then I felt a hand forcefully grab my head. “Since you got lost, I thought id give you a hand" she said seductively. Then she shoved my face right in her pussy, and I started eating her out like there was no tomorrow.
    "Oh my god, Randy, eat my pussy, stick your tongue in it, oh fuck! That feels so good!"
    "SHH!" I said, we don’t want to wake mom and dad!
    "You shouldn’t make me feel so good then" she said breathing heavily.
    I opened her lips and licked her clit, her body started to spasm out of control as I flicked my tongue across it. I knew she was close to her orgasm as she pushed up off the bed and grinded her pussy on my face.
    "Oh god I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cummmmming! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    She drowned me in her pussy juice, and I lapped it all up just as fast as she squirted it out.
    "You taste so good Rita" I said licking all the juice off of her I can.
    "I’ve never cum so much in my life! Now it’s my turn to make you feel good" she said as she laid me down.
    She grabbed hold of my 7 inch cock and started stroking it, first slow, then picking up speed. Then she pushed me back on the bed and took my cock in her mouth. First she sucked the tip of my cock doing a swirling motion with her tongue which felt so good, then she took my whole shaft in her mouth and started sucking up and down at a fast pace.
    "Oh shit Rita that feels so good! Suck it, make me cum"
    After a while I couldn’t hold it in anymore and said "I’m gonna cum! She just kept right on sucking and picked up speed until I blew my load in her mouth. I must have cum a gallon in her mouth, but she didn’t spill a drop. She looked up at me with the most seductive look and instantly I was hard again.
    "I want you to fuck me now" she said as she climbed up and mounted me. "Show me how much you love me".
    She grabbed my cock in her hand, rubbed it over her pussy lips, then sat down on it full force shattering her hymen. I quickly brought her down and put her face in the pillow to muffle her screaming. After a couple minutes she sat up with a look I’ve never seen on her. "Fuck the shit outta me Randy! Fuck me like you'll never get to fuck me again!" she said. I’ve never been so turned on in my life. I grabbed her hips and started driving my cock in her with force.
    "Oh fuck yes! Fuck me, Randy, fuck me! Harder! Harder! Yes! Oh god yes!
    She got up and got on her hands and knees in front of me. I wasted no time and slid my cock back into her hot pussy. Her ass was bouncing off me from being fucked so hard. "You like fucking your sister from behind don’t you? Sliding your cock in and out of my pussy. Fuck me, fuck me!" she screamed. At this point I didn’t care if our parents heard us, and neither did she.
    "I love fucking you, sis" I said. "I love eating your pussy, I love when you suck my cock, I love when you squirt in my face, and I’m gonna love cumming inside you".
    I flipped her over missionary and began plowing her harder than I did doggy style.
    "Oh big brother you fuck me so good" she said short on breath. "I want your cum in me, I want you to fill me with all your hot jizz, I wanna feel it pouring inside me" she panted.
    Hearing her talk like that I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, so I mustered up the last of my strength and began one final assault on her worn out pussy.
    "Oh yes you’re fucking me so hard! Yes! I love you, Randy! I love you! I love you!" she screamed.
    After a few minutes a felt the familiar tingle in my balls and screamed "I’m gonna cum!" I pushed in her as far as I could go and exploded all of my seed into her. After what seemed like a minute of filling her up we both collapsed on her bed exhausted.
    We both lay there and held each other. I looked at her clock and it read 4:37. After a while she looked at me and smiled. I kissed her on the lips and caressed her.
    "So does this make us boyfriend and girlfriend now?" she said with a smirk on her face.
    "Yes and so much more" I said
    Before we could say anything else we both saw a light hit the hallway, which meant our parents had cut their bedroom light on, since I never really shut the door when I came in Rita’s room, so I grabbed my stuff to leave before we got caught.
    Before I got out the door, I heard Rita call me. "Randy" my sister called out, "yea" I said
    "Happy birthday" she said as she winked at me. I smiled as I went to bed happy, eagerly looking forward to see what the rest of the day had planned for me.
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    i liked it it read well almost true
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    new section...

    I went back to my room and just laid there. Did that really just happen? Did I just screw my little sister? Are we really secretly dating now? I had so many questions, but they all had a positive answer. Before I knew it, it was light outside. I looked at the clock; it read 9:37, so I decided now’s as good a time as any to get up. As I got up I started to think again, what if I made a mistake? What if Rita was only in the moment and I took advantage of her? What if she regrets and was ashamed of what we’ve done? I could never forgive myself. All was answered when she came bursting through my door and jumped on me, causing me to fall on the bed. She gave me a long, passionate kiss on the lips, all the while grinding on my hips. When we finally broke the kiss, I was speechless. Everything was answered with that one kiss.

    “Happy birthday big brother!” she said cheerfully. “I got something for you.” She handed me an envelope. Inside it was two tickets to my favorite band in concert, U2. I was ecstatic! “U2? I love you!” I said happily. “I knew you’d like it, that’s not all though” she said. With that, she started moving around under the covers then put her panties on my face, the aroma was intoxicating. I told her she wasn’t getting her panties back, and she told me I wasn’t getting my boxers back, completely worth it(I had forgotten she had those). I read the tickets to myself, third row, how the hell did she manage that? I just stared at her; I had the best sister in the world. Those tickets must have cost her a fortune, I was suddenly glad I didn’t skimp on her gift. “I have something for you too, and I know you’ll love it” I told her. I knew she’d love it, I put so much thought in her gift I expected nothing less. I handed her the box and she tore it open, revealing a necklace with a heart and a diamond in the middle. She gasped as she was looking at the necklace she wanted ever since she saw it four months ago. She looked at me as if she was going to cry. “I love it, and I love you” she said misty eyed as she started kissing me all over my face. “Why don’t you show me how much you love me” I said hoping she would. Just then she mounted me, and I got excited, real excited. Then with the worst timing ever, we heard our parents coming. She quickly jumped off me and got back under the covers, and not a moment too soon. Our parents came in and saw us holding the gifts we had gotten from each other.

    “Happy birthday you two” they both said simultaneously. “Oh look they gave each other a gift” our mother said smiling. “Come on honey, let’s leave these two to their business” our dad said while dragging our mom out of the room. “Breakfast in five” he added. If only he knew the business we wanted to get back to. On that note we made out for a little while, went to the bathroom, brushed our teeth and proceeded to breakfast, Rita going to her room first. At the table we couldn’t keep our eyes off each other, but we had to be careful because our parents were there too. I dropped my fork on the floor under the table, I bent to pick it up and I saw Rita’s bare pussy staring back at me. Some of her juices were dripping out onto the chair! I was immediately hard. She knew I saw her because she gave me a sexy grin. I had to get out of there. I rushed through the rest of my breakfast and flew to the bathroom. After ten minutes of jacking off to the thought of licking and fucking her sweet pussy and came a busload in my hand, it felt good to get a release. I cleaned up the mess and headed out the door.

    As I exited the bathroom, I heard my sis playing video games, and then I got an idea. I cracked her door a little and saw her sitting on the edge of her bed playing Super Mario Bros again(obviously trying to get some practice in since I whooped her last time). Without any warning I went into her room, kneeled down in front of her, and proceeded to eat her out as she played the game.

    “Randy what are you, oh fuck! Mom and dad are right downstairs! Oh god that feels so good! Dam Randy I’m trying to play this oooooooooooooh shit! Fuck Randy that’s my spot! I have to beat this level! Oh shit fuck this game! Eat my pussy! Get you tongue all the way in there, lick my clit” she screamed out. Her pussy tasted so good, there’s nothing like the taste of a horny pussy. I ran my tongue and lips through her hairy black bush, which was matted down from the combination of her juice and my saliva. After a while I started flicking her clit with my tongue. When all her juices started leaking out, I made sure to get every drop. Upon seeing how wet she was getting, I then went to town on her clit, sucking it, biting it, everything possible I did it. It wasn’t long before she started to shake with an orgasm coming. She grabbed my head in both hands and held it firmly on her pussy. “Yes! Right there, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!” she said as she fell back on the bed, totally satisfied.

    When I finished, I got up, licked my lips, and left as if nothing had happened. The moment was priceless.

    I went downstairs to find my parents being friendly in the living room. “Oh come on no one wants to see that!” I said as any son would. They just kept at it until my mother asked if we wanted to go to the beach. I weighed the pros and cons, but it wouldn’t matter because I would see Rita in a skimpy bikini, so of course I said yes. “We have to get there before 2:00 because that’s when the lifeguards get there” I said, “its no fun with them telling you how to swim.” What I wanted to do I didn’t want to take any chances getting caught. My parents started packing up the car and I went upstairs to take a quick shower. I told Rita and she started to get ready, or at least I thought she was getting ready, and then I grabbed a towel and hopped in the shower.

    I had just finished rinsing out my hair when I heard the bathroom door open. I thought nothing of it since it happens all the time when someone comes in to use the bathroom or something, but then the shower curtain was ripped back, and my sis was standing there naked. I was confused, but I didn’t object as I looked her up and down. She stepped in the shower in front of me, saying nothing, and started washing herself. I wanted to fuck her right there but our parents could come in at any minute, which scared me to death, but apparently not her. She looked so good standing there with her ass poked out at me, taunting me, but I know she was trying to get me back for my little incident earlier, so I resisted, but barely. Then out of nowhere, she turned to face me, dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock! I did not see that coming! She twirled her tongue around the tip then took me into her mouth. I was in ecstasy. She had a nice little rhythm going that felt so good I can’t even explain it. “Oh yes suck my cock, keep doing that!” I said as she started fingering herself. She took hold of my ass cheeks and pushed them towards her, forcing my cock all the way in her mouth. She had really caught on fast because it was even better than her last blowjob she gave me. Then she did something with her bottom teeth and her tongue that sent me over the edge. I told her I was about to cum and she picked up speed and started moaning on my cock, adding to the pleasure. A jolt of electricity went through my body as I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my cock in her mouth as far as it would go and just unloaded all my sperm down her throat. She swallowed it all with no hesitation. She never took her eyes off me, as if she wanted to see the expression on my face from the pleasure she just gave me. After she milked me dry, she wiped her mouth, stood up and got out of the shower. Before she left she turned around and said “now were even”. She blew a kiss at me and left. I fell in the tub because my legs were too weak to stand on. God I love my sister!
    If she likes it, it cant be a bad thing

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    Amazing work! I want more!
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    i need 2 cum..
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    Default good reading

    interesting story
    I like to write stories and do requests.
    This is link to story list.
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    Wonderful story.
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    Default heres another section

    I pulled myself together and finished my shower. As I’m getting dressed in my room Rita comes in and grabs me from behind in a big hug. “Cant keep your hands off me huh?” I joked. “I could, but I don’t want to” she said, “Id fuck you right now if we didn’t have to worry about getting caught” I told her. “Sneaking around might make it more exciting” she said, I agreed. She slipped a note in my pocket and left, it read…

    “Don’t get too attached to swimming, you might have to take care of me.”

    What in the world could she mean by that? My sis never was good at the whole brain teaser thing, but this one had me wondering. I decided not to make too much of a big deal about it and we all left for the beach.

    We ended up getting to the beach at 2:37 because of an accident on the freeway, a fruit truck tipped over. I was a little bummed because I knew anything involving my sis and I wasn’t going to happen with the lifeguards all over the beach, great. We found a spot with a few people around and set up the chairs and towels and we all lay out for a bit. After a while mom and dad took off into the water leaving me and Rita to fend for ourselves, but with all these people around, there was no chance of doing anything.

    “It’s so hot outside! Could you rub some sun tan lotion on me, pleeeeeeeeease?” she said in a little kid voice. “Do you even have to ask” I said searching frantically for the bottle in the duffle bag. Finally I found it, as I turn back to my sister I’m speechless. She has on the skimpiest bikini I’ve ever seen, porn stars included. I can’t believe mom and dad let her out of the house in it. It was blue and white and about a size too small, so her curves looked even better. “Well I see you like what I’m wearing or what little I’m wearing I should say” she said. “You look gorgeous!” I managed to get out. “How come I’ve never seen this bikini before?” I added. “I’ve never had a reason to wear it” she winked as she lay down. “Now come on and put the lotion on me, I’m getting cooked out here!” I squirted some lotion in my hand and started rubbing some on her stomach, then around her breasts and her arms (I had to make it look as brotherly as possible). Then I told her to turn over, I squirted more lotion in my hand and rubbed it on her shoulders. She rolled over on her stomach and undid her bra string so I could get her back, at this point I was getting turned on. I started to rub her legs and her upper thighs and she moaned a little bit, she was driving me crazy and she wasn’t really doing anything. I had to do at least something or I would go crazy. I checked around to see if anyone was looking in our general area, no one was, and then I picked up her foot and started sucking her toes. This had an immediate effect as she started to moan into her towel. I then picked up her other foot and did the same thing. Just as I was starting to get into it, our buzzkill parents came out of the water and started running towards us. Fuck! That’s twice today!

    “You guys have to get in the water, its so refreshing!” said mom. “Yeah, it really takes the edge off” dad added. If there was anything I needed at that moment, it would be an edge being taken off. I folded my cock into the elastic part of my pants so it wouldn’t be noticeable. I grabbed my sister by the hand and we ran towards the water. I ran ahead to hurry up and hide my erection. I turned around just in time to see her step into a hole and scream. I was scared she’d twisted her ankle so I ran back to her. “Are you okay?” I asked concerned.” I think I sprained my ankle” she said wincing in pain. I carried her back over to mom and dad and told them what happened, mom threw me the car keys and told me to get the first aid kit out of the car and wrap her foot up. “Can you carry me to the car Randy, I don’t want to have to walk there later.” Without answering I picked her up and put her on my back and proceeded up the stairs. Before we reached the parking lot she hopped off my back, and ran to a door on the side of the lifeguards building. Confused, and feeling a little deceived, I followed her to get an explanation. I enter the room to find her looking back at me with her panties down and bent over a table, instant erection.

    “I told you that you would have to take care of me” she said as she wiggled her ass side to side. “No one comes in here unless someone is drowning, so we have a little time.” That’s what she meant on the note! She had this all planned out, sneaky little devil. If sex is what she wants, then its sex she’ll get. I admired the beautiful view for a second, then dropped my shorts and plunged deep into her. She let out a loud shriek, followed by some loud moans and I started fucking her faster and faster.

    “Oh yes, fuck me! Pound that fucking pussy! Yes right there, oh my god that feels so good!”

    As I was fucking her I started playing with her left breast with my left hand and her clit with my right. Her vaginal walls started squeezing me as I felt her orgasm coming, but I kept on pounding her. “Oh fuck Randy I’m gonna cum keep doing that! Ahhhh I’m coming ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She started squirting so much she actually pushed me out of her! As she stood there shaking I grabbed her so she faced me, picked her up and started fucking her standing up. I’ve never tried it and I don’t know what made me do it, but the feeling was incredible! Rita was still going through the motions of her first orgasm but I was well aware. As she came down from her orgasmic high she started moaning loudly again. She sounds so sexy when she moans! I put her down on the table and started drilling her faster than ever. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum again! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed. Just then I felt myself about to cum and pulled out. She took my cock in her mouth, sucking off her own juices in the process and bobbing her head back and forth until I felt myself explode in her mouth. Once again she swallowed it all without spilling a drop. We fell down on the floor exhausted, but satisfied.
    If she likes it, it cant be a bad thing

    my stories http://stories.xnxx.com/profile383173/
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    Your characters ring completely false, which kills it for me.
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    You had it going pretty good, I still like the idea. But, you could stand to spend a little more time on it. I only have two suggestions: 1 Break up your diologue and try not to have multiple characters speak in the same block of text, it's pretty confusing and tough to read. Make a new paragraph every time someone new speaks. 2 You seem to change tense (past->present) towards the end and it kinda threw me off.
    But really, just give it a few once-overs before you post and you'll be golden. Please continue!

    p.s. are they twins or is one older than the other? "Did I just screw my little sister?"

    Paa Dodens Trae vi gror som Nuets Blomster

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    They are twins the brother was born first tho so he's is the older one.

    There are 7 chapters for the story you can read it here: http://stories.xnxx.com/profile383173/nivek_88
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    Ahh gotcha! Thanks for the links, I'll check 'em out

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    Np, btw just read Temptation, LOVED IT. Hope you're doing more very soon. (Atleast sooner then how long it took you to make the sequel for Divine lol.)

    OT: Loved part 7 of Incest birthday. I had a feeling the Auntie/Stephanie would come up sometime in the "bosses cabin" part of the story.

    Hopefully you can continue with Stephanie (lots more) and not so much the Auntie. Maybe even give a side series for Stephanie and Randy together. Maybe he leaves his current school cause of problems and goes to another school in which Stephanie is his classmate. Something like that :P.
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    Default last part of chapter 2

    After a few moments of silence and heavy breathing, I finally broke the ice. “That was a neat little trick faking an ankle injury” I told her. “Hey it got us away from the parents didn’t it? Oh crap we better get back! We’ve been gone for over 20 minutes!” she protested. We got dressed, she left first and I waited a minute or two and left behind her. We met up with mom and dad sitting in their chairs.

    “So I take it your ankles fine now” mom said. “Yea, Randy massaged it for me, I guess he has magic hands” Rita said snickering. “We’ll be in the water for a while” I told them as my sister and I took off into the water. We messed around and had a great time now that we released our sexual tension. A few hours passed and we headed home to get changed for dinner plans our parents made for us.

    On the way home we learned our parents made reservations at a fancy restaurant for us, so we had to go home, shower, get dressed and leave in about two hours to make our 7:30 reservation. Unlike before, there was no chance to do anything as our mom and dad’s bedroom door was wide open and they were constantly coming in our rooms to help with their clothes. My dad and I wore dress pants and a shirt with a tie and mom had on a cocktail dress, but I didn’t get to see what my dear sister was wearing. As I started to leave, she walked in and closed the door. I’ve never seen my sister look so beautiful. She was wearing a black dress with open toed heels, hoop earrings, the necklace I bought her and had her hair done sexy looking. “You look amazing!” was all I was able to get out. “I know. You don’t look too bad yourself” she said with a smirk. We stole a couple quick kisses before we heard our parents tell us its time to go. She whispered to me she wasn’t wearing any panties and strutted out the door. This sucks, I would have to endure not being able to touch her for at least two hours. This was going to be a long night.

    We arrived at the restaurant on time and took our seats. My sis and I sat next to each other of course, and our parents across from us. We made small talk while we ate, but I was looking for a way to sneak some action with Rita. Since were brother and sister its not like we can do the old “bathroom trick”, especially since we were with our parents. After coming up with nothing for a while, I remembered that she wasn’t wearing any underwear; it was time to have some fun.

    I put my hand on her leg and slid her dress up her thigh a little, she looked at me confused but I said nothing. I eased my middle finger in her pussy and started to pump in and out a little, she was trying her best not to moan, but it was proving to be difficult. “Are you okay honey?” mom said completely unaware of what was happening. “I’m fine”, she said struggling to hold back an orgasm, “my food is just a little spicy that’s all”. I decided to turn it up a notch. I picked my speed fingering her and then used my thumb to rub her clit; she started shaking a little and bit her bottom lip to keep quiet. I guess she couldn’t take it anymore and got up and sort of jogged to the bathroom without saying a word. “I guess the food must have really gotten to her” dad said. It wasn’t the food that got her I thought, a little proud of myself.

    We make small talk while Rita was still in the bathroom. “We still have one more present for you two” mom said. “I thought dinner was our present” I said confused. “We have one more for you, you’ll get it tomorrow”. I was a little disappointed, what’s the point of giving a birthday present the day after someone’s birthday? “Why don’t you just give it to us today while it’s still our birthday?” I pleaded. “Due to unfortunate timing it won’t arrive until tomorrow, so you’ll get it in the morning” dad said. Just then Rita came back from the bathroom. She was looking at me a little seductively, and I was getting turned on. “You ok Rita? I didn’t know your stomach was so sensitive” dad chuckled. “Im ok, it just made me feel a little tingly” she said as she looked at me. I looked at her and sucked the finger I had in her pussy, making her even wetter, then she started to rub my cock through my pants, I was getting harder and harder. After about another thirty minutes of small talk with a painful boner, we decided to leave.

    We got back home a quarter to ten. Our parents looked tired, but my sister and I were wide awake. We got in the house, said good night to each other and went to our respective rooms. I had no intention of going to sleep, at least not yet. I waited about an hour in the light of one of my night stand lamps for our parents to go to sleep, and then I would sneak into my sister’s room. I don’t know if it’s the twin thing, but she must have been thinking the same thing I was, because just then she tiptoed into my room.
    “I was just about to come in your room” I whispered. “I figured you would, but since last time we were in my room, I thought this time should be in yours.” She whispered back as she climbed into my bed next to me. We lay in bed holding each other for a while until she said something.

    “Randy what do you think women like most about having sex and making love” she asked.
    I thought a minute before responding. Although I haven’t had sex before today, it didn’t stop me from reading up so id be prepared when I did. “The feeling that they’re sharing something intimate with someone they care about, not to mention how good it feels. Sex and love are two different things though. All girls like to have sex, but only real women like to be made love to.

    “Do you love me” she said with a serious face.”

    “Of course I love you, I would do anything for you” I said with confidence.

    “Then give me a real present, make love to me before our birthday is over” she said looking deep into my eyes. I smiled and kissed her. How could I say no to such a beautiful person? I glanced at the clock, 10:41, plenty of time. “Tonight, you become a woman” I assured her.

    I stood up and stripped completely naked, and she dropped her dress to the floor, revealing her perfectly shaped tits. The only thing she had on was the necklace I gave her, and it looked dam good on her. I lay her back on the bed and took her left nipple into my mouth, and rubbed her right nipple between my fingers. She held my head firmly in place as I sucked away. After a few minutes I switched to her right and rubbed her left. A few moans escaped her lips, but I wanted to really pleasure her. I kissed down her chest and past her stomach; I spread her legs, kissing and licking the inside of her thighs. A few kisses later I arrived at my destination, her beautiful, sopping wet pussy. I noticed her pussy hair was neatly trimmed into a landing strip. She must have shaved it before we left for dinner. I kneeled down right in front of her pussy and took in the aroma, it was driving me crazy. I couldn’t wait any longer; I began eating her pussy like I hadn’t eaten all day.

    “Oh yes Randy eat your sisters pussy! Mmmmmmm yes keep doing that! It’s your pussy, do whatever you want with it! I love you so much! Oh god, fuck yes! I’m gonna cum all over your face!

    Now that I had her all worked up I started tonguing her clit. She clamped down on my head like a vice grip, I couldn’t breathe, but I kept on licking. Next thing I knew her legs were shaking and she was pushing my head into her pussy as far as it would go.

    “Fuck fuck fuck I’m cumming! Oh god oh god! Rannnnnnnnnnnnnnndyyyyyyyyyyy!!! (every man knows its one of the biggest turn-ons when a woman screams your name in pleasure).

    She came so much on my face I felt as if I was in the shower, but I couldn’t get enough of her sweet pussy juice. When she came back down to Earth she pulled me up to her and gave me a soft, yet passionate kiss, tasting all her juices on my tongue and lips. She broke the kiss and whispered “make love to me, big brother” in my ear. She lay back on the bed and opened her legs for me. I kissed her again, got between her, rubbed my cock against her lips, and guided my rock hard cock into her pussy.

    We both let out a long moan as I eased deep into her wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around me as I built up a rhythm. We locked hands and I started kissing her neck, cheeks, forehead anything that was visible. I made my strokes longer, and it seemed to have an immediate effect on her.

    “Yes, slow and long just like that, make love to me, oh you feel so good, ooooooooh yes!”

    Just then she rolled over and was riding me cowgirl. Her pussy walls were so tight around my cock I had to fight blowing my load. She didn’t bounce up and down on me like I thought she would, instead she rocked her hips back and forth, grinding on my cock. I grabbed her tits and massaged them and she held my chest for balance. She picked up a little speed and fell flat on my chest, never losing her momentum.

    “I want you to cum in me. I need to feel your load inside me. I want us to cum together” she moaned.

    “I already came in you once, I don’t want you to get pregnant, at least not yet” I said.

    “Don’t worry, mom put me on the pill a year ago, so were safe” she said.

    That was all I needed to hear. I got back on top of her and rubbed my cock over her clit, this made her jump and she knocked over my lamp, unplugging it and leaving us with the glow from the moon as our only light. We could still see each others face so we kept going. I pushed back into her and locked lips and hands with her. Our tongues were dancing around with each other as she moaned into my mouth. I broke our kiss so I could hear her sexy moans, which only spurred me on. I began going faster and faster in and out of her pussy until I felt myself nearing my climax.

    “Oh Rita I’m about to cum” I said. “So am I big brother, go ahead, we’ll cum together” she said.
    We looked each other in the eyes as I picked up speed. “Here it comes” I warned her, seconds later I unloaded all of my cum in her. Just as I started cumming I could feel her shaking and squeezing my hands as she was rocked with her own orgasm. I was on cloud nine, and she was right there next to me.
    “OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh gggggggggoooooooooddddddddddd” she said as she collapsed into the bed. I fell on top of her for a minute, and then rolled over as we lay there completely fulfilled.

    “That was amazing!” she said trying to catch her breath. “You were amazing” I said a little winded myself. We cuddled for a little bit then I heard her start to cry a little. “What’s wrong?” I asked concerned a little. “At first I wasn’t sure about this, you know with us being brother and sister, but then I realized were perfect for each other related or not and I don’t ever want to be without you” she said crying a little. “I love you so much Randy, don’t ever leave me” she cried as she wiped her tears away. “Believe me little sis there’s nothing anyone can do to keep us apart, I love you and ill always be here for you” I assured her. She pulled me into a bear hug and kissed me. “You better be” she said playfully, “or ill beat you up.” With that we started play wrestling until we realized we couldn’t see anything.

    “Where’s the light at? It’s too dark in here” she said still punching me in the ribs. “You knocked it over when we were “occupied” remember?” I told her. “Well hurry up and plug it back in” she laughed.
    I leaned over the edge of my bed and picked up the lamp, all the while still getting kicked in the back by my sis, and plugged my lamp back up. “Ok that’s it now I’m gonna… I couldn’t finish my sentence.
    I was frozen in place. My sis looked over to see what I was looking at; she stopped laughing and froze too. We looked up to see our aunt (yes our aunt) standing in the doorway with a shocked look on her face.

    “Oh fuck!”
    If she likes it, it cant be a bad thing

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    more! the aunt just caught them how shocking i really want to hear more
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    thats gotta be the worst way to be caught ever
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    It all depends on what happens next.

    What happens next??
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    Default chapter 3

    by nivek_88

    Aunt Lisa, our mom’s younger sister, was staring us directly in the eye as we lay naked on my bed. What a way to get busted. We were so busy trying not no get caught by our parents that we forgot our aunt always comes to visit us the week of our birthday (only one day out of the week though, and its never the same day so we cant tell when she’s coming). There was an awkward silence for a while before she came in the room and closed the door behind her.

    I was expecting her to yell at us then go tell our parents, so I thought it would be best to come clean. “Auntie Lisa please don’t be mad at us for having sex, but we…”

    “Shhhh,” she cut me off. “I didn’t walk in on you two having sex, I walked in on you making love” she said in a much calmer voice than I expected. “It was wonderful. The way you made her feel so appreciated, so beautiful, so loved. I’d give anything to have that” she said a little sad. The way she was talking made me feel a little sad for her. The funny thing is she’s far from ugly. She’s 33, standing at 5’7, 120 pounds, blue eyes, brown hair, a pair of 32DD tits, and a wonderfully shaped ass, she could get any guy she wanted, but she became a career woman(fashion designer to be exact), and with almost every career woman, their love life takes a swan dive into the ground. “So are you gonna tell our parents?” Rita asked a little scared. “No I wont, I won't tell your parents on the condition that you stay off each other while I’m here, its only one day, I’m sure you can last.” We were disappointed at the price we had to pay, but relieved we were in the clear. “So what made you come to my room in the first place Aunt Lisa?” I asked curious. “I actually have you to thank for that” she said grinning. “I was on my way to your parents room when I saw a light go out in your room and heard a noise, so like the loving aunt I am I came to check it out, just in time to see my nephew penetrate my niece” she said with a smirk. I looked at Rita as she sat there with her arms crossed. “Just had to knock the lamp over didn’t you” I said with a grin. She threw a pillow at my head and grinned. “You know why I knocked the lamp over” she said with lust in her voice. We began to stare each other down when our aunt intervened. “What did I just say you guys?” she scolded playfully, “that’s it Rita you go back to your room and stay there and you mister you just stay right here and go to sleep!” “Yes Aunt Lisa” we both said simultaneously. With that Rita gave me a kiss goodnight and retired to her room with my aunt leaving behind her, but before she left, she looked at me and smiled. A chill ran down my spine, but I smiled back and she closed the door. I don’t know what that was all about but I sure was glad she wasn’t gonna tell our parents.

    The next morning at breakfast things seemed they were normal, everyone was comfortable and there were no awkward moments, so I assumed all was good. “So how long you here for Aunt Lisa?” I asked as if I didn’t already know. “Im here till about nine or ten, I just came by to drop off your present and hang out with your parents for a while, then I gotta get back home” she said playing along. “Speaking of presents, it should be outside, why don’t you two go take a look” mom said eagerly. With that we got and went outside, sitting in the driveway with a big red bow on it was a brand new black Pontiac Grand Am. “Wow is that our car?” Rita screamed with excitement. “You guys bought us a car? You’re the best!” I shouted as Rita and I hugged our mom and dad and our aunt. I noticed that Aunt Lisa held on a little longer and squeezed me tighter than mom and dad, but I was so excited about the car I thought nothing of it. It had everything teenagers could want; style, sound system, sex appeal, and most important, a big back seat. It even had the new car smell! “I told you they’d love it” dad said. “I’m going to take the drivers test tomorrow!” I said cheerfully. I had been taking all the drivers classes up till that point, I was just waiting to turn sixteen, and a car. Rita still has to take the written part, so she’ll get her license a few days after me. Either way you look at it we had a car! By the look on Rita’s face she couldn’t wait to break it in, and neither could I. After we calmed down, we went back into the house and finished our breakfast. After we finished eating Rita asked mom to take her to the place to take her drivers test, she didn’t look like she wanted to go, but she decided to take her. “Randy honey can you clean up around the front and back yard please?” she asked before she left. It was so hot outside I didn’t want to, but it was something to pass the time till Rita came back so what the hell. “Ok mom but you owe me” I said unwillingly. “Sure whatever you say honey” she said going out the door. I went outside and quickly regretted agreeing to clean the yard, after cursing under my breath I got to work.

    I worked my way to the backyard raking up loose leaves and trash when an unbelievable sight walks through the back door. Aunt Lisa was coming towards me with a pitcher of lemonade in a very small two-piece bikini. I was standing there looking like an idiot with my mouth wide open, my eyes glued to the huge tits about to pop out of a bikini that’s too small for her. “Thirsty much?” she said grinning. “I could use a drink” I responded snapping out of my daydream. I decided to take a break and sit with her as she lay out in the sun. As I took a sip of lemonade, I could feel a conversation about Rita and I coming, and I was right. “So how long have you and Rita been, you know, seeing each other?” she said curious. I don’t know why, but I felt completely comfortable talking to her, probably because she was half-naked. “Actually it started the day before our birthday, but officially the day of. It was a weird but wonderful series of events” I said. “How’s the sex? Do you satisfy her or are you just in it for yourself?” she followed up. “The sex is always great, and I make sure she always gets off otherwise I don’t stop, and just to let you know, yes I love her, I love her more than anything, and nothing will change that” I said telling her off a little bit. “Wow I didn’t know you felt like that” she said surprised. “I would think you’d be interested in someone a little, older” she said as she squeezed her tits together. I knew she was trying to seduce me, and it was working. I felt my cock growing rapidly in my shorts, and there was no way to hide it. As much as I would enjoy fucking my aunt, I was faithful to Rita. Just then she sat up and started undoing her bra string, I was getting nervous because I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist her. Then just in the nick of time mom, dad and Rita walked through the house into the backyard, perfect timing at its best. Knowing defeat, she left the string alone. “Don’t think this is over, you can’t avoid me forever” she said seductively as she got up and walked towards my mom. I just dodged a major bullet; I then decided to get out of the house to avoid her until she left. I took a quick shower, grabbed Rita, and yelled goodbye to anyone who heard me. “Don’t be too long honey” I heard someone say, but kept going out the door to avoid any contact with my aunt. That was a close one.

    “Where are we going?” she said keeping pace with me. “I thought we could grab a pizza” I said back. “Good because I am starving! I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast” she responded. We get to our favorite pizza parlor, Mikey’s Pizza, and get a large pepperoni and sausage and sit down to eat. “So how’d your test go?” I asked making small talk. “Boring, the test was easy but it was so long and there was nothing to do, I wish you could’ve come with me” she said smiling. “Me too” I agreed. “After you guys left Aunt Lisa hit on me, you came back just in time.” I told her. “You didn’t do anything did you?” she asked concerned. “Of course I didn’t, I would never do that to you” I assured her. She smiled at me, took my hand and kissed it. “I don’t deserve you” she said. “We deserve each other” I said smiling back. She got up and hugged me and we left the parlor hand in hand. “How about we go to a movie?” I suggested. “Ooh lets go see a chick flick!” she said giggly. “Oh crap” I thought to myself, but if that’s what she wants to see then that’s what we’ll see. We get to the movies and there’s a big line, unusual for this time of day. When we get to the booth and she looks through the movies, she picked some kind of movie with the name “sex” in it; it looked like it would be a real bore(the poster had a man holding a woman in his arms crying, sucks for me) . I bought the tickets then went to be food booth and bought us popcorn, twizzlers, sour patches, and a big 30oz drink. If I would be bored, at least I wouldn’t be hungry.

    We walked into the theater and noticed only six people in the room, all couples. They must have been here with their girl too. I guess everyone else came to see that new comedy that came out, well at least it was private enough that we wouldn’t be bothered if we decided to try anything I thought to myself. We sat in the back corner so we wouldn’t be bothered by the few people that were sitting in the middle and front. As the movie progressed, I realized it wasn’t that boring, I was actually getting into it. Things got especially exciting when a sex scene came on; both Rita and I were glued to the screen. The woman in the scene really took charge! She was riding the shit out of the guy she was fucking. Rita seemed to enjoy it, so much that she started rubbing her pussy. She pulled her panties to one side and began fingering herself furiously. “Let me get that for you” I whispered. I sucked two of my fingers and stuck them right in her cunt. She had to cover her mouth to suppress a scream that she wanted desperately to let out. I took my fingers out of her and sucked her juices off, then stuck them back in her, this time harder. She let a little moan escape her lips, but nothing loud enough to attract attention. The area was big enough that I could kneel down in front of her, so I positioned myself right in front of her pussy and began fingering her with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. As she alternated from looking at the scene on the screen to the scene between her legs, she began to go crazy in her chair flailing around like a madwoman. She couldn’t yell so she began whispering her orgasm…

    “Oh yes Randy right there! Hold your fingers right there! Play with my clit, squeeze it, flick it, and twirl it around your fingers! Yes Randy! You’re gonna make me cum!”

    I twirled my fingers around in her to make sure I hit every area of her I could, and at the same time furiously worked her clit, which sent her over the edge. She clamped down on my fingers and gushed her juices all over my hand and arm.

    “Fuck!” I’m cumming! I’m cum……..ahhhhhhhhh!” was all I could hear as she screamed into her hand.
    Her body spasmed in her chair for a good two minutes. When she came down from her high she pulled me in for a long kiss, which I eagerly returned. “You always know how to make me feel good” she said. I smiled at her and said “it’s my job” and put my arm around her as we watched the rest of the movie.

    When we came out of the movie it was about 7:45 and I wasn’t ready to go home yet, so I decided to take her to one of my favorite spots. I stopped in a store and bought a little blanket and took her to a hill behind the park that overlooks the city. I laid out the blanket and we sat down on it to enjoy the view. We got there just as the sun was setting. There was a yellowish orange glow that covered the sky and the buildings, from where we were, it was a sight to see. “Randy it’s so beautiful!” she said mesmerized by the view. “I thought you’d like it” I told her as I took her hand. “I love it, you really know how to show a girl a good time on her first date” she added as she smiled. I thought back to all we had done since we left the house; food, entertainment, romantic scene, I paid for everything, it was a date! I hadn’t thought about it until now, but yes it was, the best date I’ve ever been on. “What better way to end a first date than with a sunset? I asked. “The dates not over yet” she said as she climbed on top of me and kissed me. “You just lay back and let me take care of you” she said as she kissed me again. I did as she said and lay back, very excited. I knew this would be a moment we would both always remember.

    We kept our lips locked the whole time we were getting undressed. She unbuttoned my top shirt, but ripped off my muscle shirt. She had on a spaghetti strap shirt that she worked down her legs as she unhooked her bra. We both kicked off the rest of our own clothes and began feeling each other up as we lay back on the blanket. We finally broke our kiss when she kissed her way down my body and took my cock in her mouth. She started off with a slow deep motion from tip to balls, god it felt so good. As she gradually picked up speed, I was going crazy to the feeling of her tongue swirling around on my cock.
    “Oh yes, Rita, keep sucking me like that! Fuck, what was that? Do that again! Dam you suck cock so good! If you keep that up I’m gonna shoot right down your throat!”

    That last statement must’ve really excited her, as she looked up at me all the while still sucking my cock and increased her speed tenfold. She wanted me to cum in her mouth, and the way I was squirming, I was about to give her exactly what she wanted.

    “Oh fuck Rita I’m cumming!” I screamed as I grabbed the back of her head and held it firmly on my cock as I shot load after load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as it entered her mouth, not wasting a drop. “Fuck you taste so good Randy” she said savoring the last drop. “Yea but you taste better, now come here so I can eat that pussy” I said boldly. “Ooh yes sir!” she said as she lay back with her pussy in my face. She was wetter than I’ve ever seen her. I put my nose directly on the split of her lips and inhaled in her aroma, which made me go crazy. I dove right into her wet snatch licking up all her juices. She immediately began fidgeting as I massaged her titties and caressed her nipples between my fingers and tongue-fucked her pussy.

    “Yes that’s it, lick me! Get your tongue all the way in there! That feels so good! Eat that pussy! Oh fuck Randy I love you so much! You always know how to get me…fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

    I couldn’t get enough of her. I’ve really come to love eating my sister’s pussy. I must have been eating her out for a good ten minutes before I even thought about making her cum. I spread her lips to bring her clit out of its hiding place and began my assault on it, flicking, sucking, kissing, anything that would make her crazy and bring her closer to cumming, and it was working.

    “Oh you little bastard! You know that’s my spot! Oh god yes! I’m gonna cum all over your face! Oh fuck fuck fuck I’m cumming! Oh god yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeesssssssssssssss!!!

    Cum on my face she did. I was soaked, but I loved it. As she went through the motions of her orgasm I licked up the rest of her juice from her pussy. By this time I was already hard again and was stroking my cock. Then out of nowhere she threw me on my back and mounted me, she always was very strong. She positioned her pussy directly over my cock, rubbed it between her lips, teasing me, and sat down on it.
    We both let out a loud moan as she started to bounce up and down on my cock. I felt she was gonna snap my cock in half as hard as she was fucking me, but at the same time it felt so good. I grabbed her ass to help her keep her rhythm. “Fuck Rita you’re so tight! If you weren’t so wet I wouldn’t be able to pull out!” I moaned. “You like that don’t you? You like being in your sisters pussy?” she asked rhetorically. “Fuck yeah I do! Keep fucking me like that” I exclaimed. She leaned forward and kissed me while grinding and bouncing on me at the same time. I knew if she kept that up I would cum on the spot, so I pulled out of her and lay her on her side, got right behind her started fucking her from the spooning position. She used her arm to hold her head up and I held her leg up as I was pounding her. “You’ve never…ugh, tried this position before…ugh” she blurted out. “I saw it in the movie and thought id try it out.” I told her. “It feels so good! Keep fucking me like this” she moaned as I reached around and grabbed her right tit and fondled her nipple, making her moan even louder. I fucked her balls deep like this until she started shaking with a mini orgasm.

    “Oh fuck Randy I want you to cum in me! I want to feel it as it pumps into me. I need to fill your sister with your cum please!” she screamed.

    She was practically begging me, and who am I to turn down such a generous request. I pulled out, mounted her and shoved my cock back into her in five seconds flat. I was fucking her so hard I started seeing double, but I didn’t care, it felt so good. “That’s it, fuck me harder! Ugh, ugh, ugh, I’m about to cum!” she yelled out. I felt that magical feeling coming and moaned that I too was coming to give her a heads up. Just as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me closer, I let loose all of my sperm into her. We both let out a euphoric scream and I collapsed on top of her as we both slipped into an orgasm, dazed and amazed.

    We laid there for a while after we finished having sex, talking in the outdoor air and the perfect view of the city lit up with moonlight. Her head resting on my chest and my arm around her, it was a perfect ending to the perfect date. We could have stayed like that forever, but we knew we had to get home, so we got dressed, wrapped up the blanket and headed home, hand in hand.

    It was 10:12 when we got back to the house. Our parents car was gone as well as the Pontiac, so we figured they were taking Aunt Lisa home and the Pontiac was still at the insurance place. We ran in the house and did a quick once-over just to make sure no one was home, the house was indeed empty. Knowing what a rare opportunity this was we quickly ran up to my room so we could have sex again. The night air had made my room cold since I left my window open, so I closed it and pulled the curtains together, making the room completely dark. I cut on the night stand lamp and continued to get undressed. Rita was already naked and was on my bed when I finished undressing. She motioned me to come to her with her finger, and I quickly jumped on top of her and started kissing her. We had been making out for about five minutes when we heard someone walk in the front door. “Shit! Mom and dad are back” Rita whispered as she hopped off the bed. “Quick grab your stuff and go to your room, cut off the lights and pretend like you’re sleep” I whispered back a little scared. She grabbed her stuff and ran out the door, about a minute later Aunt Lisa poked her head around the corner into my room, I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed a bit.

    “Oh thank god! I thought you were our parents” I said breathing heavily. “Nope just me, they’re out eating dinner. They’ll be back around eleven” she said. “Are you here by yourself? Where’s Rita?” she asked. “She ran to her room, she’s pretending to be sleep” I said laughing a little. “Oh ok, perfect” she said as she stepped into my room and locked the door. My smile quickly disappeared.

    She took off her shirt and her bra and was standing in front of me topless. Even though her breasts were very nice I felt guilty for looking and turned away. “What are you doing?” I asked knowing full well what she was up to. “You know full well what I’m doing, don’t play dumb with me” she stated. “I don’t think we should be doing this” I said backing up on my bed. “I want it, I know you want it, so come over here and fuck your aunt, you could even pretend I’m Rita if you want” she said as she climbed into my bed. “But you’re not Rita, I don’t think she would like you being here either, so maybe you should just go” I said calmly but firmly. “I’m not leaving here until I’m satisfied!” she said as she jumped on me catching me off guard. “If you don’t give me what I want then ill tell your parents all about how you and your sister have been fucking each others brains out, and I’m sure you don’t want that to happen. Now get these pants off so you can fuck me!” I tried to be nice, but I see I would have to be an asshole to get her out. “Well then you’re gonna have to tell them because I’m not gonna fuck you so you need to get your stuff and get out of here!” I yelled, maybe a little too loudly. “You would be willing to be disowned by your parents just to avoid sex?” she protested. “In a heartbeat, I love her and I’m not gonna hurt her!” I said confidently. She looked at me with a blank look. “You must be really stupid, or in love” she said as her face turned from frustration to a smile. Now I was confused. She went to the door to unlock it and called Rita’s name out loud. “RITA!!!” she screamed. Just then Rita was at my door. “He didn’t bite, you got yourself a keeper” she told her as she looked at me, as I was standing there confused as ever.

    “I tried everything I could, blackmail, seduction, temptation, nothing worked, he’s for real” she said proudly. Just then Rita ran and jumped on me, knocking me back on my bed. “I heard what you said, how you stood up to her and wouldn’t do anything with her, I knew I could trust you” she said as she kissed all over my face. “You two set me up?” I asked shocked. “Actually it was me that set you up; Rita just went along with it” Aunt Lisa said. “But why?” I asked with Rita still kissing me. “After I walked in on you two, I wanted to know if you were for real about her, and not just saying it, so I asked her if she wanted me to test you, and she said yes” she said with a smirk. Maybe this is why she’s still single, so devious. “You know you could have just asked me” I said softly to Rita. “Yea but I thought this would be more fun, plus you got to see Aunt Lisa breasts, which by the way are very nice” she said and I agreed. “Well thank you, I’m very proud of them myself” she said a little conceded. “So the whole thing was just a test, this, the flirting, the bathing suit thing?” I asked. “Bathing suit?” Rita asked suspiciously. “Yes all of it was and you passed, so I wont need to bother you with it again” she said ignoring Rita. Just then mom and dad came through the front door as Aunt Lisa finished putting back on her bra and blouse. “Ok Lisa lets go!” dad yelled up the stairs. “Ok you two I’m outta here, you be good ok?” she said. “Yes Aunt Lisa” we said together. Before she left she turned and winked at me, I wondered if was she still flirting with me, but I let it go, a little relieved she was leaving. Just then mom came around the corner. “Me and your father are gonna take your aunt home, don’t stay up too late ok honey?” she asked. “Ok mom, but you still owe me for cleaning up the dump of a yard” I pointed out. “Ok see you when I get back” she said as she kissed me on each cheek then on the lips and left. She’s never done that before, but since both she and dad were leaving me and Rita alone I could care less.

    We waved to them through the window as they drove off, making sure they were gone. “What to do, what to do” I said playfully. “You wanna take a bath?” she asked. As if I had to think, who in their right mind would turn down a bath with a sexy girl, even if it is your sister? “You run the water and ill meet you there” I told her. “Just don’t take all day coming in” she smirked. “Ill take as long as I want” I said as I smacked her on the ass. “Ooh!” she giggled as she ran up the stairs. We haven’t taken a bath together since we were kids. I was going to enjoy this.

    I walk into the bathroom to see Rita in a tub full of bubbles. She had her head relaxed on the back of the tub with her eyes closed, so I thought id mess with her, after all we were brother and sister. I went downstairs and filled a pitcher with cold water, tiptoed back into the bathroom and poured it all over her. “Ooooohhhhhhh you little! I’m gonna…” “You’re gonna what?” I cut her off. She looked at me but said nothing, and then she dipped under the water and came back up. “Oh come on that was funny!” I said laughing. She just looked at me and crossed her arms. “Ok I’m sorry, I wont do it again” I told her making her feel better. I got undressed and slipped in the tub behind her as she sat on my lap. We sat there making small talk until I decided to change the subject. “That was a nice stunt you and Aunt Lisa pulled on me” I said as I rubbed her legs. “It was, wasn’t it? Haha you had no idea” she laughed. “I got a question though, what if I had slept with her, what then?” I asked waiting to hear what she said. “If you did we wouldn’t be sitting in this tub” she said as she elbowed me in the stomach and smashed down on my cock which was wedged between her ass, so much that it hurt. “Then I guess we need to take advantage of the situation” I said trying to arouse her. “After that cold water stunt, I don’t think so” she said teasing. “Oh come on” I said as I kissed her neck and started fingering her. She fell back into me moaning as I picked up speed. By now I was fingering her, playing with her nipple, and kissing her, so it was a matter of time before she gave in. “I can’t take it anymore fuck me!” she pleaded as she leaned over the edge of the tub, ass in air. I wasted no time as I got right behind her and shoved my cock in her as far as it would go.

    She let out something that sounded like a scream, moan, and grunt all rolled into one. I grabbed hold of her ass and built up a steady rhythm of fucking her. “Ugh, ugh ugh, you like fucking me from behind don’t you? Ugh” she moaned. With every thrust in and out of her she got a little louder. “The louder you get the harder in gonna fuck you” I told her. “UGH, UGH, UGH, THAT LOUD ENOUGH FOR YOU! UGH, FUCK!” she screamed. I started really pounding the shit out of her, so much that I could barely see my cock go in and out. I loved the way her ass jiggled every time I slammed into her, this made me slap her on the ass every few seconds which I liked, and by her screams so did she. I fucked her like this for a while before I started to catch a cramp from kneeling too long. We stood up facing each other and I put her leg on my shoulder and continued to fuck her standing up. “I don’t remember this position either” she said short of breath. “It was in the movie too, I wanted to try it” I said without breaking stride. From this position I was hitting her clit pretty easy, which made her vaginal walls close around my cock. “Oh fuck its hitting my clit every time! Oh g-g-g-god I’m not gonna last much longer if you keep this up!” she panted. I was really slamming into her, but knew I was on the brink of cumming. After five more minutes or so, we both knew it was about that time. I was first as I held on to her and pushed as deep as I could and held it there, releasing all my jizz into her. Upon feeling my sperm enter her, she broke out in her own orgasm. Though she couldn’t say anything, she shook around and made plenty of noises as she fell against the back wall. I held her up so she wouldn’t fall and watched as both mine and her cum dripped out of her pussy into the bath water below. “That was my most intense orgasm yet! I couldn’t even talk!” she said as the effects of her orgasm wore off. “It was pretty crazy, I don’t remember ever moving that fast! Maybe it was that movie that gave me so much energy” I added. “I saw a few positions I wanna try too, but later, right now I need to sleep, you wore me out today” she said out of breath. I’m not gonna lie, I felt good about myself when she said that, but I didn’t get a big head, I took it in stride and let it pass. We cleaned ourselves off one more time, kissed each other goodnight and went to bed.

    I awoke to the complete darkness of my room. My clock read 3:17, and I wasn’t tired, so I knew it would be a long night. I figured what better way to pass the time than to play some video games, so I popped in Call of Duty 4 and started playing. After about half an hour, I realized I had beaten all of the games I had, so I decided to go play Super Mario Bros in Rita’s room. I haven’t played that game since our little “incident” happened, which brought back some memories, plus it would be nice to play it by myself without competition.

    I walked into her room to find her sleep on top of her covers in her bra and panties. She looked so beautiful the way she slept with her arm over her head and her foot hanging over the edge of her bed. I forgot all about the game and pulled up a chair and watched her sleep. Ever so often she’d move around a little and a little moan would escape her lips, I would get goosebumps. Just then I heard a noise in my parent’s room and got spooked, I put the chair back and ran quietly back to my room and shut the door. In my haste to get back to my room I hit my foot on my bedpost, since it was completely dark I didn’t see it. I cursed out loud and tried to suppress what I could so no one would hear me as I crawled into bed. About a minute later I faintly heard the toilet flush and a door close, so I knew I was ok. I laid there about twenty minutes in silence and darkness for whoever was up to go back to sleep. Just as I was about to go back into her room, she opened my door enough to slip in and closed it right back.

    I didn’t want her to know I was watching her so I played it cool. “I was about to come in your room” I told her. “I was waiting for whoever used the bathroom to go back to sleep.” Without saying a word she pulled my shorts down and took my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t see anything but I was definitely feeling everything. She was sucking away like she didn’t have a care in the world. “I thought you were too worn out?” I asked her, but she just kept on sucking. I could feel my load building up inside, she must have too because just then she stopped sucking me and got on top of me and slowly sat down on my cock. She let out a little moan as not to wake our parents and began bouncing up and down on me. From the way she was sitting on me I knew she was turned around with her back to me, like we had saw in the movie earlier. “So this is one of the positions you wanted to try out huh?” I said in between breaths. “Do you like it?” she whispered back as she grabbed my legs and bounced faster. I was really getting into it and started fucking her back. Pretty soon she stopped moaning and started breathing heavy. Then all of a sudden she stopped fucking, turned around with my cock still in her so she faced me and started grinding on my cock. I wanted to suck her nipples but I couldn’t see where they were, so I just laid back and enjoyed myself. After a while she grabbed my hands and went back to bouncing up and down on me. I thrust up to meet her as we were both fucking the shit out of each other. It wasn’t long before I was whispering to her that I was about to cum. I pushed up into her and emptied what little sperm I had left into her. She squeezed my hands as her pussy walls clenched my cock and I felt her shake as her juices dripped out of her down my cock. After she stopped shaking she kissed me and whispered “goodnight” as she eased back out of the room. I was so lost in my own world I didn’t even respond. She used me, but I loved it. When I assumed normality I felt like I was still in a dream, one of the best dreams of my life. I laid there with a big smile on my face until I eventually drifted into sleep.

    I woke up at 10:17 still feeling a little of the effects of the sex I had just six hours ago. A few moments later Rita comes into my room, gets under the covers with me(we did that all the time even before we started having sex, so it wasn’t weird on our parents)and just stares at me. “What are you smiling at?” she said laughing. “Just thinking about last night” I reminded her. “What happened last night?” she asked curious. “You remember, when you came in here and had your way with me” I grinned. Her smile faded. “I didn’t do anything. After the bath I went to my room and went to sleep all night, I just woke up ten minutes ago” she said confused. Now I was lost. “You don’t remember us having sex last night?” I asked. “After the tub no, I think I would remember that” she said firmly. “It had to be you!” I said getting serious. “Aunt Lisa went home, and the only people here were you, me, dad and………………………”NO WAY!”
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    Default chapter 4

    by nivek_88

    “You had sex with mom?” Rita asked surprised. I was still in a state of shock. I couldn’t believe I was deceived like that, but at the same time, I was a little turned on at my mom’s boldness. Rita was the splitting image of mom, except mom was 35, 5’8, 120 pounds, and had a 36D bust. “I swear I thought it was you, why would I have any reason to think otherwise?” I said trying to atone for what happened. “You can’t tell the difference between me and mom?” she asked intently. “I didn’t see her, it was dark, and she held my hands the way you do, which is why I thought it was you! I’m the victim here!” I said finally making a case for myself. She looked at me with that “I believe you, but I’m not letting this go” look on her face. Just then our dad called us down to breakfast, where I was gonna make some effort to confront mom. We went to the bathroom, brushed our teeth, and went downstairs.

    I had been thinking of what to say to mom to get her talking about last night, but when I got downstairs that all went out the window. We walked into the kitchen and saw mom and dad sitting at the table, with Aunt Lisa. I was confused before, now I don’t know what to think. “Aunt Lisa? I thought you went home last night?” I said checking to see if she just stopped by. “Nope, we caught a flat and had to wait for AAA for two hours, we didn’t feel like making the drive after that, so I slept in the guest room” she said. “Are you two just gonna stand there and ask questions or are you gonna sit down and eat?” she added. Rita and I eventually sat down to eat, but I was uneasy. If Aunt Lisa came back last night then who came in my room, her or mom? I had no way of knowing as neither one was showing any signs of guilt or pleasure. I couldn’t just come out and ask “hey, which one of you fucked me last night?” without consequence. One of them fucked me and one of them doesn’t know a thing, unless they told each other. Dammit how did I get into this situation? I was losing my mind! Rita looked at me and saw I was going crazy. I decided before I blurted something out it would be best to get a conversation started.

    “Hey dad, can you take me to take my drivers test after breakfast? The U2 concert is tonight and I wanna drive us there in our new car” I said looking over at Rita. “U2? Is that the band with that Bono guy?” he asked. “Yea, Rita got us tickets to their concert and its tonight, and since I know you have connections at the DMV, I thought we could drive there when I got my license” I purposed. “Well I can see you thought this out. Ill make a deal with you, it just so happened me and your mother are having a little dinner party tonight, if you help us set up, ill take you, deal?” he asked. “Deal!” I said eagerly. Just as our conversation finished I felt a foot on my crotch, I jumped a little but not enough to draw attention. Since Rita was sitting next to me I knew it wasn’t her, but mom and Aunt Lisa were right next to each other across from me, and both were busy eating breakfast. The mysterious foot was really grinding into my crotch, and I was getting a little aroused, so I pretended to fix my pants so I could get a glimpse to see what direction the leg would retreat to, but whosever foot it was jerked it back, but not before I seen the toenails painted with red polish. At least now I could find out once and for all who it was, so I began to calm down and finish my breakfast.

    After we finished eating, I took a quick shower and headed downstairs to the living room to wait for dad. A little while later mom and Aunt Lisa came in fully dressed, and both were wearing closed high heels, so I couldn’t tell who had the red polish. My mom told me that she, Aunt Lisa and Rita were going to a few stores to pick up some things for their party, which was a perfect opportunity to get some info. I went to Rita’s room and asked her to spy on them to see if they said or did anything suspicious, she agreed, and then dad called me down just as mom called Rita, and we all left at the same time, the girls in our parents car, me and dad in ours.

    The drive to the DMV was just us talking about sports, the best beer, which one of us could beat the other in an arm wrestling match, guy stuff, but when the subject shifted to girls I grew quiet, and he noticed. I shrugged it off as being shy and afraid of girls, which was kinda true, and he bought it, and actually started giving me advice on how he got mom. I was taking mental notes as he said what turns mom on, I was pretending to act disgusted but was really planning on using what he said on her later.

    After a while we arrived at the DMV, when we went in dad started talking with this guy and a couple minutes later he told me if I passed the driving test I would get my license on the spot. Excitedly, I got in the test car and did the mandatory things, checking mirrors, seat belt, hands on 10 and 2, etc. after a quick briefing by the guy who was grading me, I was off. I wasn’t nervous at all, driving as I would if dad or mom was in the car. I did as he said, making all the turns, stops, reversing and park jobs he’d asked. Before I knew it, we were back at the DMV. It was no surprise I passed, but I still jumped up and down for joy knowing I was getting my license. I took my picture and before I knew it, I had my driver’s license in my hand. I drove us back home and decided to take every detour I could, savoring the moment.

    When we finally got back to the house, the girls were getting stuff out of the trunk. I quickly ran over flashing my brand new license, and received praise from everyone, especially Rita, who gave me a few dirty looks. Once everything was out of the car, dad took the keys and said he had to make a run, and drove off down the street. As we went into the house I pulled Rita aside…

    “Did you find out anything?”

    “Neither one of them said anything around me, but every time I left and came back they were laughing.”

    “That could be anything. Did they do anything weird?”

    “Nothing that I noticed, whoever slept with you is hiding it good.”

    “I have to find out who it was! There’s gotta be something I can do! I know, ill give them a massage!”

    “You’re gonna what”

    “One of them was rubbing my crotch with their foot at breakfast, I couldn’t see who’s foot it was, but it had red toenail polish, I find the foot, I find out who came in my room.

    “And when were you gonna tell me about this? (with a smirk)”

    “Right after I had my way with my beautiful sister!”

    I pulled her in for a kiss and went to set the plan into motion. I went downstairs and mom was sitting on the couch with her feet propped up, shoes still on, and Aunt Lisa was sitting next to her. “Mom you look tired, why don’t you let me give you a foot massage” I asked. She looked at me strangely. “What do you want?” she said suspicious. “Nothing, you just look tired” I said back. Still a little skeptical, she took her feet off the couch and took her shoes off, and to my surprise, red polish. I had her! Now I would just let the chips fall where they may. As I was massaging her feet she let out a few little moans and sighs. “Oh that
    feels good” she said through her breath. “About as good as it felt last night?” I said confidently. “Mmmm yea, wait what?” she shot back. “You don’t have to lie anymore mom, I know it was you that came in my room and had sex with me, you’re wearing the red toenail polish” I told her. “What did you say?” she yelled. I looked at Aunt Lisa who was shaking her head sideways, then she took off her shoes, red toenail polish. Crap. I just put my foot in my mouth big time. Not only did I just realize I had sex with Aunt Lisa, but I just confessed to it right in front of mom, it was out on the table now.

    Mom looked at Aunt Lisa, then at me, then back at Aunt Lisa. “You fucked your nephew, my son?” she yelled yanking her feet out of my hands. “How long has this been going on?” she added. My aunt was quiet for a minute unsure of how to answer, “last night, it was just that one time, I couldn’t help it sis, I’m sorry!” Aunt Lisa pleaded. She looked as though she was about to cry, and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for my big mouth. “Why on earth would you want to sleep with your nephew?” mom asked curious. She was reluctant to answer, she promised not to tell about us, but now I had to, for her sake.

    “It’s my fault mom, she caught me and Rita having sex” I said without making eye contact. “You and your sister are having sex too? When did all this happen? What’s going on in my house?” she said confused. It was time to clear the air. “Rita and I first had sex on our birthday, and then again the same day, that’s when Aunt Lisa caught us, she said she wanted to be made love to the way Rita and I were doing and promised not to tell, then she tested me to see if I really care for her which I do so I passed her test, then when we thought you were taking Aunt Lisa home we had sex again, then late at night Aunt Lisa crept into my room and had sex with me in the dark, but I thought it was Rita, but then Rita told me it wasn’t her, and since I thought Aunt Rita was gone, I thought it was you, when I came downstairs to confront you I saw Aunt Lisa sitting at the table, so then I didn’t know who it was, then somebody was rubbing my crotch with their foot and I saw red toenail polish so I decided to give you a foot rub too see if you had on red polish and when I saw it I thought that in fact it was you that slept with me then Aunt Lisa took off her shoes after you denied it and she has red polish too and that brings us to now, whew!” I said gasping for air.

    She just sat there for a while, in silence, taking in everything I just said. “Mom please don’t be mad, Rita and I really love each other, and Aunt Lisa probably just wanted to see what it felt like to be loved, which is why she did what she did” I pleaded. Then after what seemed like forever something happened I thought would never happen considering what I just said, mom smiled! “I knew something weird was going on with you two, but I never would have thought you were screwing each other!” mom said surprised.

    She called Rita into the living room to confirm everything I just said. “So you two are really in love?” mom asked looking at us, we both smiled at each other and said “yes” without hesitation. “Well now that I really think about it, you two have done everything together, and it seemed almost inevitable that this would happen” she said. “So you’re not mad at us?” I asked a little surprised. “I’m a little ticked off that I had to find out this way, but I can’t be mad that you committed incest, after all, your aunt and I had our little experiments” she said giggling. I couldn’t believe it, mom and Aunt Lisa messing around with each other? Never in a million years would I have guessed our sweet mom was capable of incest.

    “You’re not mad at me for using Randy, are you sis?” Aunt Lisa asked mom. “I’m not mad, but I am curious as to why you would want to sleep with my son of all people” she replied. Just then Aunt Rita whispered something in mom’s ear and giggled. Then mom got a serious face as she started to say something, “Ok everyone, now that were all on the same page I want to get a few things clear, Randy and Rita, your father can never know of this, so you have to act as if nothings changed, Lisa, if you want to do anything with anyone here you’ll have to clear it with that person, and as for me, ill do what I want, since I’m the oldest “ she said sounding like a teenager. We all looked around at each other, agreed, and breathed a sigh of relief.

    “So does this mean we can act like a couple around you?” Rita asked. “As long as it’s around either me or your aunt, and your father isn’t here, then yes its fine” mom said. With that Rita jumped on me and kissed me passionately for what seemed like an eternity. “Oh my, I see you kids don’t waste any time!” mom said. “It feels so good to be able to let someone see you kiss and not have to hide it all the time” Rita added. Out the corner of my eye I swear I saw mom rubbing her pussy through her dress, but I wasn’t sure, as I was concentrated on Rita. “I do have one more question” mom said out of nowhere. “What did you two think when you thought it was me that slept with Randy?” she asked. Rita caught on to what mom was doing quickly. “Oh no mom, he’s mine! Aunt Lisa might have pulled a fast one but I’m not sharing him again!” Rita said. Mom looked at Aunt Lisa, then at us and grinned. “What makes you think Lisa slept with Randy?” mom said with a big grin on her face. “For all you know, it could have been either one of us!” she added as her and Aunt Lisa laughed together. We had been duped again, and we knew it. “You already knew about us, didn’t you mom?” Rita asked her. “Of course I did! What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t know what was going on with my kids!” mom said boldly. “I knew you weren’t gonna just come out and tell me about your relationship, so I had to give you an incentive to tell, so I thought if I got mad at your aunt, I knew Randy would step in and confess everything, feeling guilty” mom added. I felt completely worked; mom was an evil genius in high heels. “So the whole foot under the table, toenail polish ruse, you getting mad at Aunt Lisa was just to get us to come clean?” I said a little embarrassed. “Pretty good huh? I even had Lisa flirt with you in my too little bathing suit to see if you’d bite” mom smiled. “The bathing suit!” I thought, mom was on to us from the beginning, she just used Aunt Lisa to throw us off her trail, which worked perfectly. Well on the bright side at least dad still doesn’t know about us, but there was still one question I needed answered. “Since were all confessing everything, which one of you did I sleep with?” I asked curious. “That my dear, you’ll have to figure out for yourself” mom said as she and Aunt Lisa got up and left the room. “What just happened?” Rita asked. “We were conned” I said ashamed. We sat there in silence to ponder our thoughts.

    After a while, we decided to go to Subway so we could get out of the house, and since we were both hungry. On the way out the door mom told us she would take Aunt Lisa home (for real this time) and to help dad set up for their party if he asked. We took what she said in stride and left. It felt great to be behind the wheel, I kept poking fun at Rita that she was still a pedestrian, but that all ended when she flashed me and threatened my last time seeing them, so the rest of the drive was her poking fun at me about being abstinent. We arrived at Subway and both got the chicken and bacon ranch, our favorite sandwich, sat down to eat, and revisited the conversation we had with mom and Aunt Lisa.

    “Who do you think it was I slept with, Aunt Lisa or mom?” I asked her. “I don’t know, but I’m gonna be watching both of them, they’re gonna try to get you again” she said taking a bite of food. I sensed a little tone of envy in her voice. “My my are you jealous of two older ladies?” I asked smirking. “I don’t wanna share you, but I know I’m gonna have to, or they’ll tell dad or something” she said. “They wouldn’t do that. Dad wouldn’t be as accepting was they were. Most likely they’ll just try to blackmail us, but I doubt that’ll work since they don’t have anything on us. “Well we’ll cross that bridge when we get there” she said eating the last bite of her sandwich. As she finished her last bite some ranch sauce dripped onto her chin, making it look like she had sperm on her face, as this guy was walking by he felt the need to address the situation…

    “Looks good on you” he said as he laughed.

    “Don’t you have something better to do?” she snared.

    “Why don’t you come with me, that way we’ll both have something to “do” he said smiling.

    “I don’t think so” she said as we got up to leave.

    Just then he smacked her on the ass and blew a kiss at her, which pissed me off. “Hey man what the hell is your problem?” I said as I pushed him. Even though he was taller than me, he was really skinny, so I felt I could take him if I needed to. “You don’t want none of this, punk” he said acting tough. “Try me, touch her again and we’ll see who’s the punk” I said staring a hole right through him. He was quiet for a while, and then he said “this isn’t over, ill be seeing you” and left.

    I looked over at Rita, who was giving me a seductive look. She pulled me into a hug and said something in my ear. “I am so turned on right now, I want you, now!” she whispered. “We have a brand new car that we haven’t broken in yet” I said back. She didn’t say anything, she just grinned from ear to ear as she pulled me out of the store and towards the car. We practically ran to the car, got in and were gone in 20 seconds. We drove around until we found an alley so no one would see us, parked and hopped in the back seat.

    We began kissing each other while stripping off our clothes; the back seat was big enough that we could lay down without being too strained. I lay down and told her to lay on top of me with her pussy facing me, in the 69 position (another position from the movie) and she happily obliged. As she got in position on top of me, her pussy juice was dripping onto my face, so I lowered her down to my face and licked up all the juice that was seeping out, at the same time she took my whole cock into her mouth. She moaned her pleasure onto my cock which sent vibrations through my shaft, which only made me eat her pussy even more. I stuck my tongue in her pussy as far as it would go, which gave me a clear view of her asshole. I’ve never tasted her ass before, so I figure now’s as good a time as any since its right in my face. I pulled my tongue out of her pussy, flattened it out, and licked her ass for all it was worth. She let my cock fall out of her mouth as she let out the loudest moan I’ve ever heard from her.

    “Oh fuck, you’re licking my ass! You’ve never done that before! Oh god that feels good! That’s it, keep licking me! Shit, that’s good! Ooh my big brother is tongue-fucking my ass! Oh god, yes, yes, yessssss!!!”

    I was switching from eating her pussy to tongue fucking her ass, and back and forth. All the while she’s bobbing up and down on my cock without mercy. The second I made contact with her clit her hips buckled and she pushed her pussy into my face, grinding into me as much as she could. I picked up my intensity licking her and she increased speed on me. Not long after I felt her start to shake and pick up even more speed on my cock. I felt myself about to burst, and from the look of it, so was she.

    “Fuck Randy I’m about to come! Oh god I’m cumming! Oh god! I’m cummmmmmmmmming!!!!”

    I didn’t want to come until after we had sex, so while she was still shaking, I lifted her off of me as I sat down on the seat, and sat her down on my cock. I lay back since the roof wasn’t high enough for her to sit on me, grabbed her ass cheeks, and pushed my cock in and out of her rapidly. I was fucking her senseless, ramming her hard and fast, then she came back from her orgasm and began to fuck me back.

    “You like the way your sister rides you huh? You got me so hot the way you put that guy in his place! Ugh, fuck! Pound that pussy! Fuck me Randy! Fuck your little sister hard! Oh god, I love it!”

    She knows I love it when she talks dirty. I pulled out of her and put her on her back, put her legs on my shoulders, and eased back into her pussy. I loved the way my cock slid in and out of her in this position; she felt even tighter than before, if that was even possible. I held onto her tits as I plowed into her, and was being rewarded with her moans and screams of pleasure.

    “You always know how to hit my spot no matter what position were in! Ahhhhhh, fuck me! Oh Randy I love you so much! Keep fucking me! I want all of your cock in me! Don’t stop, please don’t stop!

    As I looked into her eyes I began to realize just how beautiful she was. I slowed down my pace and just looked at her, admiring my gorgeous little sister, then out of nowhere she slaps me on the face, hard.

    “What are you doing? I said DON’T stop! You better fuck me and quit messing around!” she screamed.

    The moment was gone. I grabbed hold of her legs and drilled her as hard as I could. She was screaming at the top of her lungs reaching for anything to grab and squeeze. She wanted to be fucked and that’s exactly what I was doing. The more I fucked her, the closer I was to blowing my load, but I didn’t want to come in her and have her leaking my cum in the car, so I decided to cum on her chest. “Fuck Rita I’m about to come!” I screamed. “Cum on me, cum all over my face and tits!” she moaned. Just then I pulled out and shot three spurts of cum on her face and the rest all over her tits. I fell back into the seat and watched her rub my cum into her skin. “Looks good on you” I said mocking the guy from earlier. She smiled at me, then kicked me in the ribs, “you should thank him, he just scored you some wonderful sex!” she said grinning. She was right about that, it was some wonderful sex, and I planned on getting more from her before the day is over. We decided to leave before someone came and saw what we were doing, since I had on two shirts, I let her use one to wipe the cum off her face and chest. After we got ourselves together, we finished getting dressed, hopped in the front seats and headed home.

    We got back home around 4:30; dad was setting up trays all over the place when we walked in. I hid the cum stained shirt from his view as we acknowledged each others presence and went upstairs to our respective rooms. We had a few hours to kill before the concert, so we played Wii Sports in her room. I was really whooping her for a while so I decided to make her a proposal.

    “Why don’t we make this interesting?” I asked. “What do you have in mind, even though I can clearly see where this is going” she smirked. “We play one game, if I win, you have to let me fuck you in the ass” I said grinning. She thought long and hard for a while, I could tell she didn’t want to do it, and then she smiled an evil grin. “Ok, but if I win, you have to eat my pussy, and you have to buy me some earrings to go with this lovely necklace” she said. Now it was my turn to think, it was a steep price, but she sucks at this game, so I agreed. We both picked baseball and started playing. We got all the way to the last inning with no score, and she was up. I struck her out twice, then her created person came up to bat and hit a dam home run, I couldn’t believe it. “Whoo! Oh yea, time to pay up!” she said cheerfully. She took off her panties, but left on the skirt she had on, and sat on the foot of her bed with her legs spread wide. “Now this scene looks familiar” I said as I kneeled down in front of her pussy. “Less talking, more eating” she said as she grabbed my head and shoved it right into her pussy. I wasn’t eating her out for a minute before we heard a knock on the door and it opened.”Rita, can I talk to you?” It was dad.

    We both froze, he walked into the room but stopped just inside the door, so as long as he stayed there, he couldn’t see what we were doing. There would be no way to explain the position we were in, so I thought if we were gonna get caught, then I wanna be caught doing something, so I continued to eat her pussy. “Hey Rita I need to ask you something” dad said. Rita, straining not to moan, pulled herself together enough to answer him. “Yes dad, what is it?” she barely got out. “If you were your mother, what would you want for your 15th anniversary?” he asked. She tried to push my head away, but I wouldn’t budge, she tasted so good I couldn’t pull myself away, even if it meant getting caught by dad. “Your anniversary isn’t for a while dad, why are you planning it now?” she managed to get out. “After last years fiasco I’m not taking any chances, I want everything to be set so I don’t have to worry about anything, I just don’t know what to get her” dad said. I have to commend Rita, she was really controlling herself, because I was really eating her up, clit and all, and she kept her composure. “Why don’t you take her on a vacation?” she said looking back at him. He thought for a minute, and then he smiled. “A vacation! That could work! Rita you’re a genius!” he said ecstatic. He must have been coming in to hug her because she screamed. “No, don’t come in here! I’m about to change!” she shouted. “Oh ok, thanks again sweetie!” he said as he left. He left just in time because she grabbed a pillow and screamed into it, then I felt the familiar feeling of female juices hitting my face. As usual I drank up every drop I could as she fell back onto her bed, then I moved up and kissed her full on the lips, letting her taste her own juice in the process. “I hate you!” she said catching her breath, “I love you too” I said back. “You know you really are a genius, with them gone on vacation we’ll be here all by ourselves” I said. “Well then I guess you owe me” she smiled as she got up. We cleaned up and went to help dad set up for their party.

    As we set up more and more stuff, I noticed they were having a wine tasting party. A bunch of men and women in their mid-thirties drunk and hungry? No thanks. Just then mom came in the front door, by herself to my relief. She noticed everything set up around the house and plopped on the couch. “Thank you guys so much! I really don’t think I could’ve set this up myself” she said tired. Just then I remembered the concert, I looked at the clock, 6:37, the concert started at eight, so Rita and I went to get ready. She took a shower first because it takes her longer to get ready; I took mine and was dressed and ready to go in 20 minutes, so I went downstairs to wait. Mom was still on the couch when I went into the living room, so I thought id talk to her while I waited.

    “How about a foot massage?” I asked. “Well you never did finish the first one, and my feet are killing me, so why not” mom said as she kicked off her shoes. She let out a few little moans as I rubbed her feet, but nothing too big. “You know me and your aunt had a nice little chat on her way home” she said. “Oh yea, about what?” I asked. “About you and Rita, but mostly about you” she smirked. I knew where this conversation was headed, but I decided to play it out. “I hope it was good things being shared” I said. “Believe me, it was all good things” she said grinning. “I could only imagine the things you two talked about” I said looking up at her. “Oh you’d like what we were discussing, we talked about the “interaction” one of us had with you” she said making air quotes. “Oh yea? What was said? Which one of you was in my room?” I asked. Before anything else could be said Rita came into the living room. “Ok, all ready!” she said sounding like a little girl. She had on the same U2 shirt I had on and she was wearing a skirt. “Looks like I’m gonna have to rain check this for now mom” I told her. “That’s ok honey, have fun at the concert you two” she said as she winked at me and smiled. We said goodbye, got in the car, and headed for the concert.

    On the way to the concert Rita was looking at me weird, but I pretended not to notice. “Don’t act like you don’t see me looking at you! What were you and mom talking about when I was upstairs?” she asked suspicious. “I was trying to figure out which one of them it was I slept with” I told her. “You know she’s not gonna tell you, she’s gonna horde it over you until she can use it against us. Did she at least give you any clues?” she asked getting curious. “You came downstairs just as she was about to spill, with your bad timing” I teased. “You better watch it, she’s gonna wait till I go somewhere and she’s gonna seduce you, and knowing you, you’ll fall for it” she warned. “You just said it, she’s gonna try to catch me by myself, I’m almost never by myself, but lets not worry about that now, lets go enjoy the concert that my beautiful sister/girlfriend was kind enough to buy tickets for” I said. With that she eased up and relaxed, just then we pulled into the convention center where the concert was.

    We parked, paid, and went in to take our seats. When we went in the opening bands were still playing, so we sat back and waited for U2 to come out. For a while I was listening to the band on stage, tuning everything out, but I realized I shouldn’t have been. Rita was talking it up with some guy sitting next to her, it wasn’t one of those “ill talk to you to be polite” talks, but she was laughing and really paying attention. Needless to say I was getting a little jealous. There was nothing but guys sitting around me so I had no one to talk to, and I wasn’t gonna be an asshole and interrupt their conversation, so I told her I was going to a souvenir stand. I knew she could tell I was jealous the way I left so abruptly. I found a small stand and bought a couple noisemakers and some lighters, and then walked around for a while to give them time to finish their conversation. All of a sudden I feel two arms swing around my back and land on my stomach, then I feel a head rest on my back. I turn my head around as much as I can to see Rita hugging my back. “You’re so cute when you’re jealous” she said almost whispering. I didn’t say anything, as I couldn’t think of what I could say, so I just put my hands over hers and interlocked fingers. “You always find ways to make me want you even more, when we get home, I’m gonna show you that you don’t have anything to be jealous about” she said and then pulled me in the direction of the concert hall. I wanted to kiss her right there but I couldn’t take the chance of anyone we know seeing us, so I fought off my urges (and my hard-on) and we went back to the concert.

    We got back to our seats just in time, as the lights went out and someone announced U2 to the stage. The lights came back on and there they were, on stage. Right away I began taking pictures with the camera I brought of them on stage, and Rita and I making stupid faces. The lighting and effects were flawless. They didn’t waste any time getting into their songs as they sung “Fast Cars, Magnificent, and All I Want Is You” to name a few. Rita and I were singing every word right along with them and about 20,000 other people and blowing the noisemakers I had bought for us, we were having a blast. It was turning out to be the best concert id ever been to, even though it was the only one I’ve been to. As we neared the end of the show, U2 told everyone to crowd the area in front of the stage (there was a big open space between the seats and the stage) for their last three songs. Everyone rushed to get close to the stage, and soon we were surrounded by people on all sides. I volunteered to let Rita sit on my shoulders since she was shorter than everyone in front of her. As she sits on my shoulders I could feel the wetness of her panties on the back of my neck, but can’t reach around to touch her, so I massage her upper thighs to get her even more aroused. As they start their last song, “Ill Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight” I take a few more pictures as I let Rita down off my shoulders. I hug her from behind and sing the lyrics in her ear (it’s her favorite song by U2). I hear her breathing heavier as she squeezes my hands. “I love you” was all I could make out her saying, but it was enough as I kissed her on the cheek to acknowledge I heard her. By now we had both forgotten about the mystery guy she was talking to. When the song ends, they say their thank yous and goodbyes and leave the stage. We hang around for a few more pictures of the stage and of us before we follow everyone else out the door. We go to the souvenir stand one more time and buy shirts for our parents, then to the car as we head home.

    The ride consisted of us talking about how great the concert was, until the conversation shifted to being about me. “You still jealous over that guy I was talking to bro?” Rita teased. “I wasn’t really jealous, more like uneasy” I said trying to save face. “Oh please I know what jealousy looks like, now you know what I go through when mom and Aunt Lisa hit on you, I get so jealous because I know if they want you, they’ll figure out some way to get you, and I don’t want them to” she said in a low voice. “I know what you mean. When you were talking to that guy I was getting crazy jealous, I thought you would give him your phone number” I admitted. “I don’t have a reason to give my number out, I love you, and only you” she said as she grabbed my free hand. “Besides, my phone broke, I couldn’t give him my number anyway” she joked. “Oh you got jokes? We’ll see who’s laughing when we get home” I said grinning. “Why wait until we get home?” she said in a seductive voice. Next thing I know my pants are being undone and my cock jumps out, she looks at me while giving it a few strokes then sucks it into her mouth. It takes all my strength not to crash the car. She had the perfect rhythm going, not too fast, not to slow, but just right. “Oh god that feels so good!” I moaned. She didn’t look up or pull off to catch a breath or anything, nor did she ever gag, she just kept right on sucking. I sat back and enjoyed myself. After a while I realized the pace she set wasn’t gonna make me cum, so I sped home as fast as I could. We pulled into our driveway no more than five minutes later and practically ran in the house.

    When we got upstairs the light in our parent’s room was still on, so we figured we’d give them the shirts we bought them from the concert. As we neared the door we could hear faint sounds of a woman moaning, and we knew they were having sex. We tiptoed to the door and opened it enough for us to see in, and what a sight we saw, mom was sitting backwards on top of dad riding him for all he was worth. I could see Rita begin to play with herself as she watched our parents fuck each others brains out. I palmed one of her tits as I played with her pussy through her panties. Then she let out a little moan, and mom looked over her shoulder at the door and saw us watching them. I doubt dad heard us since he was in his own world. To our surprise, she didn’t stop; instead, she just swung around so she could ride him while facing us. I could tell Rita was getting aroused over watching our moms big tits bounce up and down as she fucked dad by all the juice that seemed to just flow right into my hand. We sat there for about ten minutes before mom hopped off of dad and he spurted all over her tits, and then collapsed into the bed. Mom looked at us and winked, and Rita got up and pulled me towards her room and threw me on the bed.

    I stripped my clothes off as fast as I could and lay there as she dropped her skirt and panties to the floor and threw her shirt across the room. As she climbed into the bed on top of me, she locked lips with me and jerked me off at the same time. We made out hard and long for a while before she broke the kiss to talk. “I’m so fucking horny right now I don’t even care about foreplay, I just want your big cock in me” she pleaded. “So do I” a voice said from the door. We froze for a moment as we looked at the door and saw mom standing there in a robe. “What? It’s ok for you to watch me but I can’t watch you?” she asked. Rita and I were both a little weirded out by the fact that our mom wanted to watch us have sex, but since we were both so dam horny I don’t think we really cared that much. “I’ve never had an audience before, could be fun” Rita said. With that last statement mom came in and shut the door then sat in Rita’s desk chair. “Don’t worry, your father is sound asleep, but don’t get too loud” mom warned as she pulled the chair close to the bed. “Well what are you waiting for, permission? Fuck her already!” mom said getting impatient. That was all the encouragement we needed.

    Rita grabbed my cock and positioned it over her pussy and sat down slowly. “Oh god!” she yelled as she bottomed out on my cock. She bounced up and down on me like a mad woman using my chest to hold her in place. I looked over at mom who opened her robe and was rubbing her pussy, then back at Rita whose tits were bouncing up and down as she rode me.

    “Yes, fuck me Randy! Fuck that pussy while our mom watches us like the dirty slut she is! Keep pounding me! Yes grab my tits and play with my nipples while you fuck your little sister!” she moaned.

    Rita was really fucking me hard. I guess mom gave her an extra boost of energy. Mom seemed to be enjoying herself as well, as she had two fingers in her pussy and was sucking her own nipple. “Yes, fuck that little tramp! Make her beg for your cock! Get up and fuck her doggy style!” mom screamed. In an instant Rita was on her hands and knees waiting for my cock. I got up and forced my cock back into her with the reward of another loud moan upon entry into her wet pussy. I grabbed hold of her ass and looked mom straight in the eye as I drove my cock in and out of Rita’s dripping pussy. I could tell mom was getting turned on even more because she bit her bottom lip and stuck another finger in her already wet pussy. “You wish this was you mom? You wish I was fucking the shit out of you instead of Rita don’t you?” I teased. “Hell fucking yeah I wish that was me! I’d fuck you so good you’d forget I was your mother! Oh fuck! Look at her! She loves that huge cock in her pussy! Keep fucking her! Fuck the shit out of her! Make her pussy yours! Oh god I’m so horny!” mom yelled from the chair. Her words made me speed up fucking Rita and she seemed to enjoy being fucked hard and fast.

    “Oh Randy keep fucking me please! Don’t you dare take that beautiful cock out of me! Look at her playing with herself in that chair! You like how our pervert mother is getting off to her kids fucking each other don’t you? Shit! Ugh, ugh, ugh, oh fuck! I’m so happy! Keep fucking me!” Rita pleaded.

    I slowed my pace down because I didn’t want to come yet. I wanted to enjoy this as long as possible, and I figured I could squeeze out 15 minutes in I fucked her missionary, so I lay her on her back as I mounted her and pushed back into her pussy. I could still hear mom moaning in the chair as she watched her kids fuck each other, and we were enjoying the attention. Rita shook in a mini-orgasm as I rubbed her clit and sucked her breast while fucking her, so I naturally sped up. “Oh god, I think I’m about to come! It feels so fucking good! Keep fucking her good and hard, I’m almost there” we heard mom say as she shook around in the chair. It wasn’t long after that I felt myself about to come, but before I could warn Rita, she screamed that she was on the brink of an orgasm as well.

    “Fuck, I’m about to come! You’re fucking me so good Randy I won’t be able to hold it much longer! I want your cum in me! Yes! Yes! Yes! Just like that! Oh god, it’s so good!” she yelled.

    It wasn’t long before we saw mom throw her head back in ecstasy as she fingered herself to an orgasm at the sight of her own kids. “Fuck I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh Gooooooooooooood!” mom screamed as her juice flooded the chair and she shook uncontrollably. I looked back down at Rita just in time for her to give me that sexy look she always makes right before she orgasms, so I sped up and about a minute later she started shaking as well.

    “Fuck, I can’t hold it any more! I’m cumming! Oh god, I’m cumming! Fuuuuuuuuuck! Ahhhhhhhhh!” she screamed.Just as she hit her orgasm I screamed I was cumming and started pumping her with my seed as I let out a loud grunt, which intensified her orgasm. The fact that we just had sex in front of our mom as she got off by watching us made our orgasms last that much longer and feel that much better. After what seemed like ages, we all finally came down from our sex highs and lay in silence, still in disbelief over what just took place, but satisfied nonetheless.

    After we all regained our composure, mom joined us in the bed as we all caught our breath. “I’ve never had an orgasm that powerful before!” mom said. “I never thought I’d have sex in front of mom!” Rita followed. “I never thought life could be this good!” I muttered exhausted. We lay in silence for a while, the only sounds being the ticking of the clock and our heavy breathing. Finally, Rita broke the silence.

    “How long have you really known about us mom?” Rita asked. “You want the whole truth?” mom said as she sat up. “Yea no more secrets” I followed. “Ok, well I knew something wasn’t right the day before your birthday at dinner, you two didn’t say a single word to each other, and that just doesn’t happen, so I paid close attention to both of you, and when nothing suspicious happened I let it go. Then the next day I couldn’t sleep so I got up to get something to drink. On my way downstairs I heard moaning coming from Rita’s room, but I thought she was just playing with herself. Then I heard a male voice in her room and thought she snuck someone in the house, so I opened her door a little to make sure she had someone in there before I ran in and made a scene and what do I see? My two kids fucking the life out of each other! “So what made you set us up? Rita asked. “Were you gonna tell me you were fucking your brother? I don’t think so! You know I don’t like secrets in my house, especially one as big as this!” mom said back. I thought to myself, what if we didn’t fall for her tricks, what then? “How did you know I would fall for your little foot trick? What if I just shrugged it off?” I said firmly. “I wasn’t completely sure you’d fall for that, but I had a plan B, C, and D just in case” she pointed out. “I still can’t believe you’re ok with all this” Rita told her. “If you two didn’t care about each other the way you do I wouldn’t be, I see the way you look at each other, and how excited you get when me and your father leave, you two are in love.” she said grabbing both of our hands. “Plus the sex is great” Rita smirked. “Yea I see that, so good it has you faking hurt just to get some!” mom grinned. We froze for a minute in awkwardness. “Yea I know all about the “injury” you had at the beach, me and your father used to do the same thing to get away from his parents, you guys are a chip off the old block” mom added. We all lay there for a while enjoying each others company before mom decided to go back to her room.

    “Ok my lovelies it’s about time we all went to bed” she said tired. I didn’t want to go back to my room, at least not tonight I didn’t. “Mom you think it’d be ok if we slept here together? I wanna wake up to the most beautiful girl in the world” I said as I looked at Rita. “Awwww you two are gonna make me cry!” mom said playfully. “Ok but lock the door, ill tell your father you went for an early morning run if he asks” she added. She put back on her robe and headed for the door, just before she left she turned around. “You know that was my most intense orgasm yet! I really enjoyed watching you two fucking each other, maybe next time ill have to join in.” She winked at us then left the room.

    Rita hopped up to lock the door, wiped off the cum dripping out of her, then crawled back into the bed and cuddled with me. “Did you really mean what you said to mom, about me being the most beautiful girl in the world?” she said looking deep into my eyes. “Of course I meant it, I wanna be right here when you wake up, so I can look into the eyes of the girl I wanna spend the rest of my life with, my little sister, the love of my life” I told her. A tear ran down her face as she pulled me closer to her and kissed me. “I love you so much right now” she said crying into my shoulder. “I love you too, more than anything” I said as I hugged her. “Now lets get some sleep, you wore me out today” I said wrapping my arms around her and spooning. She cut out her lamp light and kissed me good night. “Hey Randy, you think mom was serious when she said she would join in with us?” she asked. “I don’t know, but considering what she’s done so far I wouldn’t put it past her” I said as we began to drift into a blissful sleep.

    “My mom, my sister and me in a sexy threesome, could be fun.”
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    Default chapter 5

    by nivek_88

    I woke up to the most perfect sight imaginable, my little sister lying next to me. She looks so beautiful when she sleeps, with her hair pulled back, that big smile on her face, her cute little button nose, I was head over heels for her. I watched her sleep for ten more minutes until she finally opened her eyes.

    “Good morning you” she said smiling. “It is now, how’d you sleep?” I asked as I stroked her hair. “Beautifully, I love the way you held me, I feel so safe with you” she said. “We’ll have to do this more often, but for now I better get out of here in case dad comes” I said as I started to get up. “No! Don’t leave! Stay here with me!” she said grabbing my arm. I looked at her and knew I wasn’t going anywhere. I lay back down and she rested her head on my chest. For about fifteen minutes we held each other as we lay quiet until she broke the silence.

    “What do you love best about me Randy?” she asked. “What don’t I like about you, here’s so many things to choose from I wouldn’t know where to begin” I said. “Just say what comes to mind” she pushed. “I love your sense of humor, your personality, your figure, your beautiful face, but most important, I love that you love me” I said as my voice got lighter. There was silence for a brief second as she looked at me with her pretty blue eyes. “Take me now!” she whispered. Just then she climbed on top of me with her legs on either side of my body and kissed me all over my face. I ran my hands down her still naked body and cupped her ass in my hands (I swear it feels like it’s getting bigger and firmer). She interlocked her hands with mine as she ground her hips into my pelvis, making me harder by the second. I rolled her over so I was on top, then I took her left nipple in my mouth.

    “Oh yes, that feels so good! Suck it, suck it harder! I love how good you make me feel!” she cooed.

    I kissed back up to her neck and nibbled on her earlobe, all of a sudden she moaned louder and her body started vibrating and she squeezed me with her legs. I knew then I found her spot. I kept working at it, licking it, sucking it, biting it, until she couldn’t take it anymore. “Oh god Randy fuck me! Fuck me please! I need you in me now!” she begged. As much as I teased her, I wasn’t gonna make her wait any longer. I positioned myself over her and pushed my cock deep into her. She instantly let out a sigh and wrapped her legs around me. I pounded into her with long, fast strokes as I kept nibbling on her ear. I could feel her pussy walls contract and squeeze my cock, which made me wanna fuck her harder. “God Rita you’re so tight! I can barely slide out of you!” I moaned. She didn’t say anything, she just kept her eyes closed and smiled. I was getting more and more worked up by the big grin on her face and her tits bouncing around, so I leaned back and put her legs on my shoulders and really slammed into her. I took her foot into my mouth and sucked her toes while I rammed her, knowing I would get a reaction from her.

    “Fuck your cock feels so big! Keep pounding me while you suck on my toes! I have the best brother in the world! Uuuuuuugh god keep fucking me! Yes! Yes! Yes! Keep doing that!” she moaned.

    I couldn’t talk because I still had her foot in my mouth, but I did scream onto her foot, sending vibrations through her body as she curled her toes in my mouth. She pulled her foot out of my mouth and looked at me with pure ecstasy. “Now it’s my turn” she said as she pushed me back. She crawled her way up to me in the sexiest way possible, if I wasn’t already fucking her, that would’ve given me good incentive to start. She mounted me and sat down full force on my cock, then rocked her hips in a circular motion. She closed her eyes tight and bit her bottom lip as I pinched both her nipples through my fingers. Just the sight of her doing that made me want to fuck her harder, but she controlled the pace with her hands pushing down on me. When she started bouncing up and down I grabbed her ass cheeks and met her thrusts halfway, and she took one of her nipples into her own mouth. Soon after she lost all control and bounced up and down on me furiously.

    “Oh yes baby, fuck me! You like that ass bouncing up and down on you? How about when I grind it into you, like this? Or maybe in a circular motion like this! Oh god I’m about to cum on your cock!"

    I knew I was about to cum too. The way she kept switching up her technique I couldn’t keep myself under control. I went to grab her ass again but she grabbed my hands and crossed them on my chest. “No you just lay back, I want to make you cum this time” she said seductively. “If you keep fucking me like that it wont be long!” I told her. She again went back to riding me three different ways while holding my arms down, the feeling was incredible and I couldn’t hold it any longer. “Oh god Rita I’m about to cum!” I warned. “Go ahead, let loose in me, I wanna feel it as it spurts out!” she moaned. With one big thrust I emptied a ton of cum into her, and then I felt her start to shake as my orgasm must have triggered hers.

    “Oh god I’m cumming! Oh yes Randy it’s so good! I’m cumming! I’m cumming I’m cummmmmmmming!

    She fell down on my stomach still twitching a little, and in her own world, as was I. Neither of us said a word for close to twenty minutes. “I love you big brother” she finally said. “I love you too little sister, so much” I added. She rolled off of me and cuddled face to face with me as we kissed on and off for ten minutes, until I realized it was 10:05 and that breakfast could be ready any minute so I really had to get back to my room before anyone noticed I wasn’t there. Again, she grabbed me before I could get up and begged me to stay, me never being able to say no to her, crawled right back into bed next to her and picked up where we left off. She finally let me leave twenty minutes later when she realized she had to take a shower to get all of my cum out of her. I crept back to my room, realizing both parents were downstairs, and stayed there until we were called down for breakfast.

    There was so much tension at breakfast it could be cut with a knife, but it was a good kind of tension. I looked at mom, who was looking back at me, then I looked at Rita, who was looking at mom, then I looked back at mom, who was now looking at Rita, then looked at Rita who was then looking back at mom, and I went back to Rita one more time, who was now looking at me, then we all looked at dad, who was looking at all of us. “You’re all weird!” he said as he got up to put his plate in the sink. If only he knew how “weird” we really were. “Oh yeah dad can you take me to take my drivers test today?” Rita yelled before he could leave the room. “Why not, since you helped me out yesterday I guess I could, but we have to go now, I have to stop by work later on” he replied. When dad said this a big grin came across mom’s face as she looked right at me. I don’t know what she was thinking but it couldn’t be good. Rita saw this and made hand movements not to mess with me while she was gone, then mom waved her off and blew a kiss at me. A little while later Rita and dad were heading out the front door as mom and I finished breakfast. She shook her fist at mom and mumbled something, but I couldn’t make it out. I finished up and headed to my room, just as I heard the car pull out of the driveway and drive off.

    I had a little time to kill until Rita came back, so I cleaned up my room, took a shower and sat down to play Ninja Gaiden. I was getting into it until I heard my door close, which scared me a little. I whipped my head around and saw mom standing there in a silk robe.

    At breakfast she had on a big cotton bathrobe, but this one was way smaller and hugged her skin, she looked dam gorgeous n her. I sat there looking at her for what seemed like an eternity. “Well I’m glad my son thinks his mom is hot” she giggled. I had been lost in how sexy she looked I forgot to question why she was in my room in the first place. “Uh is.. is there s-something you need mom?” I stuttered. “Relax honey, I’m not here to seduce you into sex, I’m just here to talk” she responded. “Oh, ok then, what’s up” I said a little relieved, but also a little disappointed. “This thing with you and your sister, how’s it working out so far?” she asked. When she said that I smiled and forgot all about her being half-naked as my thoughts drifted to Rita. “I can honestly say I have never been happier than the past week, I’m in love with her” I said smitten. I was in a daydream state until mom brought me back to reality with a slap across the face. “You two and your teenage hormones are gonna drive me crazy! She said pretty much the exact same thing when I asked her yesterday, just remember, sex isn’t everything” she said. “That’s the thing mom, it isn’t just about sex, I truly wanna be with her! I wanna spend all my free time with her, take her on vacation, buy her a house, support her so she’d never have to work, and just love her, like a man should do for his girl” I replied. Mom looked a little shocked at what I said; to be honest I surprised myself a little. “Well, I knew it was serious, but I didn’t know long-term serious!” she said. “Yea it is. I honestly can’t picture life without her” I said back. She leaned forward putting her hands on my head and kissed my forehead. “My little man is all grown up, and I do mean grown up” she said looking at my crotch. “Mom!” I said back in embarrassment. “I’m just saying a tool like that could keep a girl hooked, you have your father beat by a good inch in length and width, and you can certainly feel the difference” she replied. “And how would you know that?” I asked suspiciously. She never gave me an answer; she just grinned, retied her robe, and walked out. Oh that sneaky devil! I knew it was her, but why tell me? Maybe she did it on purpose so I’d wanna have sex with her again, or maybe she just slipped up. I told myself to let it go before my brain started to hurt, as I was a little tired, so I decided to take a nap until my sis got back from her drivers test.

    “Randy! Randy! Randy!” That was all I could hear as Rita ran up the stairs and burst through my door, jumping directly on me as I still lay in my bed.

    ♪♫ “I got my liiiiiiiicense, I got my liiiiiiiiicense, and ima uuuuuuse it, when we go driiiiiiiiiving!”♪♫ she sung as she waved her license in my face while bouncing up and down on me.

    “Passed with flying colors huh?” I asked. “It was so easy! I only drove around for five minutes because the instructor had to leave, so he passed me!” she said ecstatic. “Come on, let’s go somewhere!” she added. “Yea ok, just don’t drive us off a bridge!” I teased. She playfully slapped me on the cheek, and then kissed the same spot. “Now why would I want to hurt my dear big brother? The love of my life?” she whispered as she leaned in and kissed me. “Now hurry up and get dressed, ill be waiting in the car” she added. I threw on some pants and a shirt and met her in the car, and she took off down the street.

    As were driving along I notice she doesn’t turn down any side streets, and she picks up speed on every straightaway. “Ok slow down you little speed freak were not on the freeway” I teased. “The freeway, why didn’t I think of that, then I could really fly!” she said all too excited. Before I knew it she was on the freeway doing 80+ mph. Now I myself like speeding just as much as she does if not more, but I’m smart about it. “Rita this is a bad area to speed in, if you don’t slow down, were gonna get…. (siren), too late. We both look out the rear view mirror and see a cop car right behind us, sirens blazing.

    “Oh crap! What am I gonna do? I can’t get a ticket, dad will kill me!” Rita said as she pulled over. “Just calm down, remember to keep eye contact, answer questions directly, and tell the honest truth. When he looks at your license, he’ll know you just got it and let you off with a warning, trust me. Just as I finished telling her what to do, a male officer approached her window as she rolled it down.

    “License, registration and proof of insurance please.”

    “Here you go sir.”

    “Do you know how fast you were going?”

    “Uh, I think around 75 I think sir.”

    “More like 85, the speed limits 65, any reason you felt why that’s not fast enough for you?”

    “I’m really sorry sir, we just got this car and I wanted to test it out, but I guess I got carried away.”

    “Looks like you just got your license too, hold on, ill be right back.”

    He was in his car for five of the longest minutes of our life. Rita was scared he might be writing her up but I tried to tell her she did fine and that he would let her go, but she didn’t seem too convinced. Just then we heard his car door slam and saw him walking back over to us.

    “Everything seems to check out, and seeing as this is your first offense, ill let you off with a warning, but you better watch it, the next officer that pulls you over might not be so understanding.”

    “Thank you so much sir! I will definitely watch my speed now.”

    “Good to hear; now you two get outta here, and remember what I said.”

    “Yes sir, thank you sir.”

    She drove off breathing a heavy sigh of relief. Dad surely would have taken her license if she’d gotten a ticket. “Crap that was close!” she said relieved. “Yea, and you got to use your license!” I teased. “Oh ha ha very funny!” she shot back. “We got off with a warning so let’s not worry about it” I told her. By now I realized even though we were driving, we didn’t know where we were driving to. “Where are we going?” I asked. “I don’t know, we were just driving around. I know, lets go to the mall since were already down this way” she said. On that note we were headed to the downtown mall, the one with more stores for girls than stores for boys and she knew this, but as long as she’s happy, I’m happy.

    We get in the mall and it is crowded beyond belief, I mean people everywhere. We walked around for a good ten minutes; all the stores are packed with people who probably aren’t even buying anything. The only thing open is a couple picture booths, so we went in for a couple shots. The first roll was of us smiling, making stupid faces, the weird backgrounds, and us play fighting, the second roll was us kissing and hugging each other. It felt great to do that in a public place, even though it was still technically private with the curtain pulled back, but nonetheless made the kisses that much better. After a while we finally emerged from the booth, pictures in hand, and looked around for an empty store to go into. We passed a Verizon phone station that had a sale on 2-line phones for $80.00 a month, so we both went in half and bought two new phones. The mall was still crowded, but it calmed down a little in the food sections, so we went to the dairy queen. I got an m&m blizzard and she a banana split (she loves those, I wonder why), and went to the food court to eat, and mess around with the new phones we just bought.

    “So mom came into my room when you left to take your test” I said through a slight brain freeze. She stopped eating and looked up at me with a look of determination. “What did she do?” she snared. “Nothing, she came in to talk, about us actually” I replied. “Oh yeah she did that with me yesterday. She wanted to know if we were really for real” she said as she grabbed my phone and took pictures of herself. “Yea same here, but she asked me way more questions than she asked you, because she was surprised at my answers” I said as I took her phone and took a picture of myself like she did. “What did she ask you? What did you tell her? What did she say when you told her what u said?” she asked eagerly. “Oh no, I don’t kiss and tell” I responded. “What do you think you’re doing now?” she smiled. I sat there knowing full well she was right, but I still wasn’t gonna let her win. “Yea well you’re still gonna have to ask her yourself” I said back. “Ok fine I will, and you better not have kissed her!” she playfully snapped. We finished our ice cream, threw away all our trash and headed out of the food court.

    Finally all of the stores cleared out a little and we were able to go into some of them. I went with her into Claire’s, some shoe store and Rave, and she went with me into FYE and Foot Locker. She bought some shirts, a couple skirts, a few pairs of pants, some accessories for her hair, two hats and some open-toed heels, and I bought a movie (I know right!). As we were getting ready to leave we walked past Victoria’s Secret, and she pretty much ran into the store, I told her I had to use the bathroom and I’d meet her there. I really didn’t have to go, I just said that to go to the jewelry store. I owed her a pair of earrings and I couldn’t go to a jewelry store with her, we’d never leave. As I looked around I saw a pair of two carat diamond earrings that went perfectly with her necklace, but they were $1000.00. I wanted to get them but they were just so expensive, then the manager of the store saw me and came over to help. As we were working out a deal I got a message on my phone. Since only one person knew I had a phone I knew it was Rita. She sent me a picture message. When I opened it up my eyes nearly popped out of my head, she was wearing the sexiest piece of red lingerie I have ever seen, dam if she didn’t look beautiful! I finished up with the manager and went to find her. The store was a little empty, but not enough where anyone would pay attention to a guy walking in and looking around. I saw her poke her head out of a dressing room and wave me over. I eased my way over trying not to draw attention and slipped into the room she was in, still wearing the lingerie she took the picture in.

    I stood there to look at her for a minute; she looked so good a gay man would consider going straight again. “Well I can see you like what I’m wearing” she giggled. I didn’t say anything, I just attacked her, kissing her while stripping off my pants. She took off the lingerie so she wouldn’t get it dirty. As soon as my cock sprang out, I picked her up off the ground and pushed it right into her. We both bit our lip so we wouldn’t scream, then she put her arms around my neck for balance and shoved her tongue down my throat. “Oh fuck you feel so good! Ride that cock!” I said as I broke the kiss, maybe a little too loud. She realized if I kept talking loud we would get busted, so she grabbed her panties off the ledge behind us and stuffed them into my mouth. She moaned under her breath as I rammed her, which was causing her to swing all over the place, so I pushed her back against the wall, which gave me more leverage, and I fucked her harder, as she tried her best not to scream.

    “Yes, big brother fuck me! Shove that cock all the way in my pussy! Yes, fuck me hard! Oh god it feels so good! Harder! Harder! Yes! Yes! Oh god yes!” she whispered in ecstasy.

    She pulled the panties out of my mouth and kissed me hard on the lips, and then she hopped down and took my cock in her mouth. “Oh my god” was all I could say, she had really gotten good at sucking my cock. She would deepthroat me every time she withdrew and went back down on it and sucked in long, smooth strokes that just about had me ready to explode, but she didn’t cum yet, so I wasn’t about to. I lay her on her back, gave her pussy one good, long lick, and forced my cock back into her. I was kissing her as I was fucking her, but she broke free and let out a moan I was scared somebody would hear.

    “Keep it down Rita, someone might hear us!” I pleaded. “Oh god, I right now I don’t give a shit who hears us, all I know is you better keep fucking me! Fuck your sister hard! Make me cum!” she moaned.

    I put her left leg on my shoulder and grabbed her thigh with my left hand, and rubbed her clit in a circling motion with my right hand and pounded away. As long as we’ve been in there I was surprised no one came to see if she needed help with anything. I had her going crazy. I was fucking her while rubbing down on her clit, this time I had to cover her mouth with my hand. If anyone had walked in at that moment, it would look like I was raping her, but we both know that wasn’t the case. A few minutes later she went into her shake motions.

    “Oh yes here it comes! I’m cumming Randy! I’m cumming! Oh fuck yeeeeeeeeeeesss!” she screamed in a really low voice so she wouldn’t be heard.

    When she came I pulled out and drank her juices as they squirted into my mouth, and then went right back to fucking. As always when I watch her cum I went into auto-pilot and speed fucked the hell out of her. A couple minutes later I told her I was about to cum, and even though she was still shaking, she hopped up and put my cock in her mouth just as I started spurting. I squirted at least nine blasts into her mouth and she swallowed it all. When I finished we both fell out on the floor winded, but happy.

    “I see you’ve been drinking that pineapple juice” she said still trying to breathe. “Yeah, you have too. You’ve never tasted so good before!” I replied. “We can talk about all that later, right now you better get out of here, wait for me outside, I have to get one more thing” she said. I made a mental note to thank the officer that made us drive out this far. I got dressed, looked around to make sure no one was looking, and eased back into the store and out the door. About ten minutes later she emerged from the store with all her previous bags and two Victoria’s Secret bags. “Need a little help?” I teased. “If you would kind sir!” she said back in her best British accent. “Haha you’re horrible at that!” I laughed. She stood there with a smug look on her face. “I wish I could say you were horrible at something but I’d be lying my ass off” she smirked. We went into a few more stores but I didn’t see anything else worth buying so we headed home.

    On the way home she was going through all her stuff, putting it up to her, making sure the outfits went together, etc. she took my phone and hers and was doing something with both of them, but I couldn’t figure out what, so I just concentrated on the road until we got home.

    When we walked in the door our parents were sitting on the couch watching TV. “Shopping much?” dad said sarcastically. “Only a little bit, I really didn’t see anything I liked” Rita replied. “If that’s a little bit, I’d hate to see when everything goes on sale!” dad joked. “When that happens were gonna need two cars!” I said as dad and I shared a laugh. “You better hope not, otherwise you’ll be following me and Rita around all day. Now you two go get cleaned up dinner’s in five minutes” mom said. We both went to our rooms to drop off our stuff and to change into house clothes and met in the bathroom as we washed our hands and face. “Do I get to see you in any of the stuff you bought anytime soon?” I asked. She put her arms around my neck, smiled, and said “if you’re good to me, you’ll be able to do more than see me in it, ill let you take it off too.” A shiver ran down my spine as we locked lips. We were caressing each others bodies and getting those familiar urges, when the buzz kill parents yelled upstairs for us to come and eat. I slapped her on the ass and watched it jiggle, and then she looked at me and let out a slight moan and licked her lips, which made me hard all over again. “Fuck you are so sexy when you do that!” I told her. She didn’t say anything; she just walked to the door, turned around and pulled her pants down her ass, no panties! She was really fucking with my head, both of them, and she knew it.

    We joined our parents at the table as they were already eating. They were having their own conversation and didn’t even notice we were there until they were done talking. “Oh, didn’t see you guys walk in” dad said. “Yea we’ve been here for a while, we didn’t say anything because we didn’t want to interrupt your conversation” Rita said back. “Well that’s why we were talking, your father and I want to ask you guys something” mom added. Rita and I looked at each other confused as if we did something wrong, then looked at dad. He smiled as he picked up a picture and handed it to us, it was a picture of a cabin in the woods, a very big cabin by the looks of it. “Since I’m doing so well at work my boss has decided to reward me, he lent me his cabin for three days. How would you guys like to take a little family vacation?” dad asked. We have never been out in the woods before, so I was a little skeptical, but it did look like a nice place to spend a few days. “It has a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, game room, and probably more, the only thing it doesn’t have is bedrooms, there’s only two, so you guys would have to share” dad said. I looked at Rita and knew she was thinking the same thing. It was everything two kids in love could want, minus the parents being there. At that point we knew we were going, but we had to play it cool in front of dad. “Sounds good, it might be a lot of fun” I said nonchalantly. “Yea, I’d like to check out that swimming pool” Rita followed. Mom looked at us knowing full well what we were really thinking, and just smiled at us. “Great! Now that everyone’s on board, ill let my boss know. We’ll be leaving in a few days, so don’t make any plans” dad said. We spent the rest of dinnertime talking about what we would do at the cabin, good hiking trails, wildlife, etc. when we finished eating we all helped clean the kitchen and sat down in the living room to watch TV.

    After almost 30 minutes of looking at clips of shows then changing to another channel, we decided to make it into a movie night. As usual, dad and I wanted a blow-em-up or comedy, and Rita and mom wanted a drama or romantic, so we compromised (more like dad and I were overruled), and decided to watch Titanic. Rita and I grabbed blankets and pillows and mom and dad put on popcorn and got the drinks. We all lay on the floor for the first part of the movie eating the popcorn and stuff, but as the movie progressed it got a little cold in the house so we all sat on the couches and got under the blankets, mom and dad on one, and Rita and I on the other.

    We all sat quietly watching the movie, exchanging a couple glances between each other now and again, but when it got to the part when Jack was drawing Rose naked, the girls started to get a little, tingly. I could see mom doing something with dad’s ear, and Rita took my hand and put it on her breast under the blanket. When mom and dad weren’t looking Rita would steal a kiss from me, and I’d return the favor by kissing her neck, which made her breathe heavier. When the scene of them doing it in the car came, I took it upon myself to slip my hand inside her pantyless pajamas, and stuck a finger into Rita’s moist pussy. She covered her mouth and pretended like she was about to sneeze, but mom wasn’t fooled, I don’t think we can get anything past her. I fingered her for a couple minutes, and then used my thumb to rub her clit. She looked over at mom with a “help me” face, silently asking her to distract dad, otherwise she might explode from the pleasure. Mom smiled at us in acknowledgement and kissed dad, which blocked his view of us, so we took advantage of the situation and locked lips as well, all the while I’m still fingering her. Before I could make her cum she pulled my hand out of her pants, “no baby, I’ll squirt all over the couch!” she whispered. I nodded in agreement as I pulled my hand from under the blanket and sucked the finger that was in her pussy, it drives her crazy when I do that. Soon we all straightened out and finished watching the movie. When it got to the part when Jack died I heard mom and Rita start to cry. Rita grabbed my hand and laid her head on my shoulder. “I love you so much” she said as she looked at me with tears still in her eyes. “I love you too” I whispered back as I kissed her hand. We stayed like that for the rest of the movie. When it ended, we cleaned up and grabbed the blankets and pillows to take back upstairs. We all said goodnight and headed to our rooms, just as I turned around I saw Rita wink at me and close her door, I love when she does that.

    Over the next hour as I lay in my bed waiting to sneak into Rita’s room I heard someone walking around and going downstairs and back to their room, I didn’t know who it was so I lay there for a while longer in case it was mom or dad. I lay there drifting in and out of sleep until my phone started ringing. It was playing the song “Secret Lovers” and knew it had to be Rita, since she was the only one who had my number, so I answered it.

    “You downloaded Secret Lovers?”

    “Yea I thought it was the perfect song for our situation, do you like it?”

    “It does kinda fit, its ok I guess. What you doing up?”

    “Thinking about you of course. I’m wearing that lingerie I had on in the store today.”

    “Really! You look so sexy in it, like you belong on the cover of a magazine.”

    “I feel sexy in it. In fact, I feel so sexy I’m touching myself right now.”

    “You dirty girl! Play with yourself for me, suck on your nipples and rub that pussy for me.”

    “Mmmmmm yes! My nipples are so hard, and my pussy’s begging for something to be shoved in it.”

    “Oh yea baby play with your pussy, stick your finger in there, get it nice and wet for me.”

    “I am, oh god it feels so good, why don’t you stroke your cock for me.”

    “Fuck yeah baby I’m stroking it for you, long smooth strokes up and down my nice, hard cock.”

    “Mmmmmm oh yea, now I’m fucking myself with two fingers now, oh god yes!”

    “Take your fingers out of your pussy and suck on them, how does your own juice taste baby?”

    “It tastes so fucking good! I’m so horny for you Randy my pussy needs you!”

    “Finger that pussy while I stroke my cock, rub that clit for me baby!”

    “Oh god Randy, it feels so good! I’m fingering myself thinking of that hard cock inside me!”

    “Yea you want it don’t you? My cock rammed all the way into your tight little pussy?”

    “Yes I want it bad! I can already feel you stretching me out! Fuck I’m about to cum!”

    “You gonna cum for me? You gonna cum all over my cock?”

    “Yes baby, oh god yes! I can’t hold it much longer. I’m gonna cum all over you!”

    “Go ahead baby, squirt all over me, squirt all over your big brothers cock.”

    “Yes, yes, yes! I can’t hold it anymore! Oh god Randy I’m cumming! Oh it’s so good! I’m cumming big
    brother, I’m cummmmmmmmmming!!!”

    For a moment all I could hear was her bed shaking and heavy breathing, and then she hung up the phone. A couple minutes later Rita burst through my door completely naked and landed right on me. We were kissing each other passionately while feeling every part of each others body. She then kissed her way down my chest and pulled my pants off. She grabbed my semi-erect cock and jerked it up and down a few times, licked her lips and swallowed it whole. I was in heaven, she wasn’t rushing or speed sucking, and she had a nice rhythm going that was giving me the full experience of a complete blowjob. I lay back and relaxed as she bobbed up and down on my now fully erect cock. Just as I’m getting the feeling that I’m about to cum I hear her let out a little squeal, and then she bites me, not hard, but enough to get my attention. I sit up to ask her what happened and couldn’t believe what I was looking at, moms face was buried deep in Rita’s ass.

    I couldn’t really see what was going on, but the looks on Rita’s face showed that mom was doing a good job. Every once in a while Rita would squint her eyes and let out a moan on my cock, which sent vibrations through my body and making me want to cum right there, but I wanted to last as long as I could so I fought the urge. Just then mom emerged from behind Rita and crawled up next to her and kissed her right on the lips. “Feel like sharing?” she asked Rita as she broke the kiss. Rita just looked at her and smiled as they both worked on my cock. They were licking up the side from base to head at the same time, and when one was sucking my cock, the other was licking my balls. I thought the earlier blowjob felt great, but this one was far better hands down. They picked up their speed sucking me off and I couldn’t hold off anymore. I’m gonna cum!” I shouted, and they stopped and simultaneously jerked my cock. A few seconds later I squirted straight up into the air as it came down and landed on mom and Rita’s face and my chest and groin. They both licked each others face clean and what was left on my body. They traded kisses swapping leftover sperm that was in their mouth and swallowed, and then they looked at me and giggled. “Mommy’s gonna teach you guys a thing or two tonight” she said as she went back to kissing Rita. I was so turned on at that moment my cock was starting to get hard again, but I still needed a little time before I was fully erect again, so I lay them both down on the bed to return the favor. I kneeled down in front of them and started eating Rita’s pussy and playing with her breasts while I fingered mom, both were squealing like little girls.

    “Yes big brother eat my pussy! Keep doing that it feels so good! Lick me while you finger fuck our mom!”

    “Yes Randy get your fingers all the way in there! Rub my clit, yes right there! Fuck yes! My son sure does know how to please a woman! Don’t wear your tongue out, I want you to eat mommy’s pussy next!”

    “If you guys don’t be quiet you’re gonna wake up dad!” I pleaded. “Oh don’t worry about that, I gave him a sleeping pill a while ago, he’s completely knocked out, you just keep doing what you’re doing” mom said. I switched to eating moms pussy and fingering Rita’s while they kissed each other. Both of their pussies tasted so good I was like a maniac switching from one to the other, but I knew fucking them would be a whole lot better, so I had to make them cum. I attacked Rita’s clit knowing from experience what I needed to do to make her cum. I licked her up and down, side to side, and sucked on her clit so hard I thought I was gonna pull it off, and she held my head in place with both hands as she grinded her pussy into my face.

    “Oh fuck here it comes! Oh god oh god I’m cumming! Yes! Oh god! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” she screamed.

    She squeezed my head with her thighs as she continued her orgasm and wouldn’t let me move, just then her juices poured straight into my mouth as I gulped down every bit I could. When she finally let me go she fell back into the bed and just laid there with a big smile on her face, one down, one to go. I looked at mom with lust filled eyes as I dove right into her pussy, right away she put her hand on the back of my head and moaned as loud as she could. Since I didn’t know how to make her cum yet, I did everything to her that I did to Rita, who by the way was still in her own world on the bed. I was getting a slight reaction, but nothing that showed she was gonna cum, so I tried a little incentive. I flicked at her clit and twisted her nipple while I stuck a finger in her ass, needless to say that did the trick. She bucked her hips into my face and trembled as she started her orgasm.

    “Yes baby, oh you eat mommy’s pussy so good! God I haven’t felt like this in years! I’m gonna cum all over your face baby! Oh shit! Mommy’s cumming! Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!” she moaned.

    She too fell back onto the bed with a smile on her face. I must admit I was very proud of myself, I just satisfied to beautiful women orally to shaking orgasms, but we weren’t done yet. I grabbed hold of Rita’s waist as I positioned myself over her, and thrust my now hard cock into her pussy.

    For about five minutes I was pounding her pussy with everything I had, then slowed it down so we could enjoy ourselves. I leaned over and kissed her as I looked into her eyes, there was a sparkle that always appears when she comes down from a climax that I’ve come to know and love. She snapped back into reality and thrust her hips into mine fucking me back, then rolled over and was riding me cowgirl. She bounced up and down on me while licking her nipple, and then ground her pussy into me as she threw her head back and moaned to the ceiling. Just then mom sat up and straddled my chest in front of Rita, then scooted back until she was sitting on my face. “You ate my pussy so good before I just had to have you do it again” mom said. I wasted little time and licked her pussy, ass, anything that was in front of me. I couldn’t see anything because my mom’s big ass was blocking my view, but I could hear moans and faint kissing sounds, so I knew everyone was enjoying themselves. After a while mom climbed off me and stuck her tongue down my throat, then looked at Rita with a friendly stare.”Ok honey, now its mommy’s turn to ride that cock” mom said. Rita was a little reluctant to get off of me, but she gave in. Mom stood over me and gave me a wink, then slowly dropped into a split and sat perfectly on my cock, I almost blew my load right there as mom let out a long, load moan of ecstasy. “My god that’s a big cock!” mom said as she began fucking me while still doing a split. Rita looked on in awe at how flexible our 35 year old mom was, and I could tell she had gotten a little turned on.

    “Fuck her Randy, fuck our mom’s pussy” Rita said as she played with mom’s breasts. “Yea, fuck your mom’s pussy, just like that! Shove that cock up my pussy as far as it’ll go!” mom followed.

    Her ass looked so juicy the way it was bouncing on my cock, I had to grab it. I squeezed her ass as she continued to bounce up and down on me, if I hadn’t cum earlier, I surely would have then just from the sight of my mom’s lovely ass. After a few more minutes she stood up again and told me to scoot to the edge of the bed, and then she hopped down onto the floor and sat down perpendicular on my cock. She used her hands to steady herself as she rode me sideways. I had never seen this position before and was definitely going to try it with Rita, who had climbed on the bed and put one of her nipples in my mouth.

    “Oh god baby your cock feels so much bigger than your fathers!” mom moaned. “I’ve never felt a cock this deep in me!” she added. I nodded as I moaned through the breast still in my mouth.

    After about ten minutes Rita started to get a little agitated. “Ok mom quit hogging him, I wanna get fucked too!” she pouted. “I’m sorry baby, but his cock feels so good I don’t wanna take it out of me!” she replied. Mom eventually got up and Rita bent over the edge of the bed. I took my cue and plunged straight into her waiting pussy. “Ugh, god!” she screamed as I went all the way in. “Fuck me hard Randy, I mean it, really hard!” she begged. I grabbed her hips and fucked the life out of her, so hard that she couldn’t get any words out, just grunts and half-words.

    “Ugh, ugh, ugh, fuck m…, ugh, yes” she said through gritted teeth.

    Mom looked on in amazement either for the fact that I was fucking Rita so hard or that she was taking it. A few minutes passed and to my surprise I was still fucking Rita like crazy, and then I felt her legs start to buckle. She let out a big scream as she squirted all over my cock and fell forward on the bed. “Oh fuck yeah I want you to do that to me!” mom grinned as she took position where Rita was. I stroked my cock a few times and got ready to push it into her when she stopped me. “Oh no, not there, I want you to fuck me in the ass!” she said. I was in total shock, but quickly snapped out of it when she took my cock and guided it into her ass. She winced in pain for a minute, but it quickly went away and she told me to fuck her like I did Rita. Her ass was so tight around my cock it took me a while to build momentum, but when I finally did I fucked the shit out of her non stop for a long time.

    “Yes Randy fuck my ass! Pound that huge cock in me! Oh god yes! Oh fuck I’m cumming again! I’ve never had an orgasm from being fucked in the ass before! Oh god! Yes! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed.

    I didn’t let her fall; I held her hips firmly in place as I kept fucking her. A couple more minutes passed and Rita came back from her orgasm and positioned herself right next to mom. When I pulled out of mom she fell forward on the bed next to Rita and turned over on her back. I shoved my cock back into Rita’s waiting hole as she buries her face in mom’s pussy muffling her scream. Rita must be a quick learner because mom had her hands wrapped around the back of her head while she ate her out. The only sounds in the room are my balls slapping against Rita’s pussy, Rita making slurping sounds on mom’s pussy and mom screaming in pleasure. Watching Rita eat mom’s pussy as well as fucking her finally made my balls tighten, and I knew I was about to cum. I screamed to them of my upcoming climax and Rita lay on the bed next to mom. “Cum all over us Randy, squirt your load all over your mother and sister” Rita said. “Come on, I wanna feel that hot jizz all over my body” mom added. I stood over them and stroked my cock furiously, and then I felt my cum rushing through me and like a volcano I squirted all over their tits, their stomachs, and even a few drops landed on their faces. When I had nothing left I fell in between them and we all lay there completely fulfilled.

    “I can honestly say that was the best sex I ever had” mom said smiling. “That was wonderful, just wonderful!” Rita added. “Definitely the best I’ve ever had!” I said out of breath. We all lay in silence for about 20 minutes holding each other until we had the strength to move or talk, until mom broke the silence. “I wish I could stay in here a little longer, but I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I need to rest, especially after the workout I just had!” mom said. Rita and I smiled at each other and agreed. “Ok mom, I’m gonna stay in here with Randy tonight if that’s ok?” she asked. “That’s fine honey, but first lets go get cleaned up then we can go to bed, and remember to lock the door” mom said back. I told mom goodnight and they both blew a kiss at me as they got up and went to the bathroom, ten minutes later Rita came back in a t-shirt and panties, locked the door and climbed into bed with me.

    “I didn’t know mom was such a freak!” Rita said. “I know, I never would have guessed! How come you don’t let me fuck you in the ass?” I asked. “I don’t know, it just hasn’t been the right time to try it, but don’t worry, I wont make you wait long, or maybe I will” she joked. I just lay there and looked at her, “you’re so beautiful” I said. She smiled as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. “I love you” she whispered. I kissed her forehead, both cheeks, her nose, and finally her lips.

    “I love you too.”
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    Default chapter 6

    by nivek_88

    When I woke in my bed Rita was staring back at me, like I was staring at her yesterday. She didn’t say a word, just looked at me and smiled. “See something you like?” I asked coming out of my grogginess. Still she said nothing, but ran her finger through my hair and kissed me lightly on the lips. I lay there for a while trying to get her to talk, but was having no luck, then it hit me. “Don’t feel like talking huh, well ill change that!” I grinned. I slipped under the covers and lay her flat on her back, and then I pulled her panties down and off. I kissed the toes on her left foot working my way up her leg. I kissed and licked the inside of her thigh, and when I got to her pussy I made sure I kissed around it while I blew hot air directly on her clit. She let out a few heavy moans but still said nothing. I then kissed the inside of her right thigh and made my way up her leg until I kissed the toes on her right foot. I made my way back to her pussy area, but still made no contact with it. Instead, I kissed the strip of hair above her pussy, and then lifted her legs so I could lick the area between her pussy and ass. She was so horny the spot under her was already damp from her pussy leaking its juice. She even tried to force my head on her pussy a few times, each time I let her think she had me then I’d pull back real fast. Her moans were even louder now, but she continued to hold off, so I said to myself enough playing around. I reached up and pinched both her nipples between my fingers as I twisted them in place, while I used my nose to tickle the area above her clit and my tongue to draw circles around her pussy. Before I knew it she was wiggling around and moaning like crazy. Then just as I suspected would happen, she finally broke.

    “Dammit Randy, I give! You win! Ill talk, please just stop teasing me and eat my pussy!” she pleaded.


    “I knew you’d see things my way” I said from under the covers. I locked my hands on both of her thighs and dove head first into her wet pussy. Her early arousal made her taste even sweeter as she jerked around at the slightest touch of my tongue. After a while she seemed to stop fidgeting so much and started to enjoy being eaten. I ran my tongue across every crevice of her pussy, sucking on her lips, stabbing her hole with my tongue, licking her clit, all which seemed to get a rise out of her.

    “Yes Randy! Eat my pussy! Oh god! I fucking love your tongue! You make me feel so good!” she moaned.

    In truth, I enjoy eating her pussy as much as she enjoys being eaten, so much that I lost track of how long I was actually eating her out. I twisted her nipple with one hand and spread her lips apart with the other. I flattened my tongue and licked every bit of pink I could see. I then flicked on her clit and stuck a finger in her pussy as she locked her hand onto the back of my head and her legs shook.

    “Yes, I’m gonna cum! Oh my god oh my god oh my god…. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!”

    Her orgasm shot out with so much force I had to back off at first, but when it slowed down I hopped back on her to drink as much as I could. When I finished I climbed up her still shaking body and planted kiss after kiss on her lips. She went back to saying nothing; she just mouthed “I love you” as she looked back at me. I wanted to stay there and cuddle with her for a while, but I knew soon it would be time to get up. No sooner than I said that there was a knock at the door. “Ok you two breakfast is on the table, get a move on” mom whispered through the door. “Ok mom” I whispered back. We exchanged a few more kisses then headed to the bathroom to clean up, and went downstairs to breakfast.

    Mom and dad were dressed at the table when we sat down to eat, not too dressed up, but casual looking. “I have to take your mom to her doctors appointment in a little bit, so I need you two to run to the store and pick up some food for the trip to the cabin” dad said. “Ok dad sure, what are we getting?” I asked. He handed me a list that had to have at least 50 different things on it and $250. “Whoa! Were only gonna be there a few days!” I said reading the list. “You can never be too sure” dad replied. Rita and I went over the list and decided best to go to Giant Eagle (self-checkout line). For about ten minutes we sat there making changes to the list until mom and dad got up to get ready to leave. We had gotten rid of a few things, but it was still a lot of food for four people. “You should go get that stuff now before the stores get too crowded, you don’t want to be there all day” mom said on her way out the door. “Remember to get everything on that list!” dad said following mom out. “Ok dad we’ll take care of it” Rita yelled back. We cleaned up, got dressed, hopped in the car and headed for the store.

    When we got to Giant Eagle it was a little crowded, but not too bad. We grabbed two carts and went about picking out everything. Halfway through the list we split up so we could get done faster. When I finished grabbing my stuff I went to meet up with Rita and saw she was talking to some guy, naturally I got a little jealous. Unlike last time at the concert, I wasn’t gonna just sit back and do nothing, so I speed walked my cart over to where she was at. As I rounded the aisle corner my cart ran into another girls cart knocking some of her stuff on the floor. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t looking!” I apologized. “No its ok I wasn’t looking either” she replied. I helped her pick up what fell out of her cart, when we looked at each other I realized it was Stephanie, one of the few female friends I had. “Hey Randy haven’t seen you in a while” she said smiling. “Yea I know, it’s been what, two months now?” I asked. “Something like that. You spend all your time with your sister, where is she anyway?” she asked. “She’s here, were shopping for a family vacation were taking” I replied. We talked for a little while catching up and everything, a little flirting now and again, and she gave me her phone number and said call her whenever I wanted to stop by her house and hang out. We said goodbye to each other and went our separate ways, just about the same time Rita stopped talking to her guy. We met up and finished grabbing everything on the list and went to the self-checkout line. We bought everything, loaded up the car and started for home.

    On the way home we had little small talk until my jealousy kicked in. “So who was the guy you were talking to?” I asked. “Some guy that wanted to get with me, who was that girl you were talking to?” she responded. “That was Stephanie, you remember her” I replied. “Yea, I remember she likes you” she mumbled under her breath. “Did you notice how much were getting hit on now that were in a relationship? When we were single, nothing, but now that were together, it’s constant” I said. “Yea I did, and I noticed how jealous we both get” she said rubbing my leg. I looked over at her and she was biting her lip, the sexiest of all come-ons. I was getting so horny I was about to pull over and fuck her in the car, but then I remembered we just bought all that unnecessary stuff and it was crammed in the trunk and the back seat, thanks dad. “I think you need to hurry up and get home” she whispered in my ear. We were only about two minutes from our house at the time, but I still sped home. Our parents were still gone, so we knew it was one of those appointments where they were doing body tests (mom had one every month) so we had a couple hours. We took everything in and put it in the proper place, but didn’t take anything out of the bags. We practically ran up to my room and stripped off our clothes as we hopped in the bed. For a while we were just kissing and feeling up each other, but neither of us was too big on foreplay at that moment. “Ok enough of that, now fuck me!” she demanded. Her tone surprised me a little, but turned me on even more. I turned her on her side and lifted her leg, slapped my cock against her pussy a few times and slid right into her.

    I held her leg up as I pounded into her from the side, and squeezed her tit in my hand while I kissed her neck. She held her head up on her arm as she met my thrusts halfway, forcing a clapping sound to echo through the room. I sped up a little as my balls slapped against her pussy.

    “Oh Randy fuck yes! Fuck me, fuck your sister! You love it don’t you? Ugh, ugh, ugh, yea just like that ugh! Oh baby I love your cock shoved in me! Please don’t stop!” she begged.

    I kept up my pace for about five more minutes and directed her to get into the doggystyle position. I let my cock head poke her asshole a few times before she jumped forward and flipped on her back, covering her ass. “What are you doing? I’m not ready for that yet, besides, as tight as you are in my pussy you might rip my ass apart” she said. “Oh well, It was worth a try” I thought. She then spread her lips apart with one hand and pulled me down to her with the other hand. We kissed as I guided my cock back to her pussy, and shoved it in full force. She screamed into my mouth but never broke the kiss, and then locked her arms and legs around my waist and pulled me towards her, and then let go, and pulled me towards her again, effectively fucking me while I lay there and did nothing. After a while I had to get back into it, so I interlocked our hands and raised them above her head on the bed, lifted my bottom half off the bed so she would have to let me go, and drilled her with everything I had. I lay my head next to hers and moaned into the pillow as she was screaming in my ear. She raked her nails lightly across my back and made me shiver, at the same time she contracted her pussy around my cock and I had to stop because it made my cock too sensitive. I sat up on my knees and lifted her legs off the bed, with an arm holding each of her thighs, and then continued fucking her sweet pussy. A while later I thought I heard a noise in the house, so I slowed my pace so I could hear, when I heard nothing, I went back to fucking her. About two minutes later I thought I heard something again, but I was too concentrated on Rita, big mistake. Not too long after there were three light knocks on my door then our dad barged in, with me still on top of Rita, were screwed.

    “Randy do you know… what’s going on here?” he asked with a stare on his face. I looked down at Rita who lay there silent in shock, but I could hear her heart beating rapidly as my cock slowly deflated inside her. I looked back over at dad and he still had that same look on his face as he held the doorknob. I thought for sure he was gonna beat the crap out of me for violating his little girl. Since there was little we could do to rectify the situation, I decided to tell the truth before he did anything. “Dad, I can explain” I said scared outta my mind. “What’s to explain, it’s pretty obvious” he said as a smile slowly crept across his face. Why was he smiling? Did he know about us? Who told him? Was he gonna try anything with Rita? I had a million questions in my head, but if there’s anything I learned from TV, it’s that you always let the other person talk first. “I knew you were lying when you said you weren’t involved with anyone! Ha ha my sons a chip off the old block! I was beginning to worry about you!” he said happily. We were both dumfounded, but still aware of the situation, so we went along with what he thought was happening so he could leave. “Umm dad can you… you know” I babbled. “Oh yeah yeah I’m leaving, just make sure you’re done before your mother gets back. Oh, have you seen Rita? Your mom said she borrowed her planner and it has all our insurance cards in it” he asked. Just then it occurred to us he thought I was having sex with a random girl and not my sister. I breathed a sigh of relief as Rita mouthed to me where the planner was. “I think she went to a friend’s house, but she usually keeps stuff like that in her desk drawer” I replied. “Ok, your mom and I should be back in a little over an hour, which should give you and your lady friend plenty of time to finish up” he said. “Ok dad, you can go now!” I said desperately. He looked at me one more time, pumped his fist in the air while he cheered and left. A couple minutes later we heard him say he found the book, get in the car and drive off.

    “What the hell just happened?” I asked. “It seems that daddy thinks you have a girlfriend” she giggled. “I do, the sexiest girl alive, who just happened to be my sister” I grinned. Her face lit up as she rolled over so she was on top as my cock fell out of her, but was getting harder by the second. She stuck two fingers in her pussy and brought them down on my lips, when I sucked her fingers clean she stuck the same two fingers back in her pussy and this time sucked them herself. She ran her tongue over her lips in a clockwise motion (probably the sexiest thing she has done by far), grabbed my cock and sat down on it. She was bouncing up and down on me so hard I thought the bed would break. “Seeing dad standing there with your cock still in me scared the hell outta me, but turned me on so much!” she said while riding me like crazy. I grabbed her ass and helped her bounce on me, and then she pulled me up and kissed me hard on the lips. Just then I got an idea, I got up with me still inside her and walked over to my desk chair and sat down in it. The new feeling was incredible, I felt like I slid another inch or two inside her. She must have felt the same feeling because she rode me even harder than before.

    “Mmmmm baby this feels so good, your cock is even farther in me! We should have done this… oh fuck I think I’m cumming! Fuck me Randy, yes yes! I’m cumming! Oh goooooooooodddddddd!” she screamed.

    I held on to her and kept fucking as I felt my legs getting drenched with her juices. She had a look of ecstasy on her face as she went limp in my arms. I held her close to me as I thrust harder and harder into her. When she came back to reality she put her arms around me and stuck her tongue down my throat. The pressure was building up in me and I screamed to her I was cumming. She rocked her hips faster and told me to cum deep inside her. About two minutes later I pushed as deep into her as I could and emptied everything I had into her. When I finished cumming I leaned back in the chair to catch my breath, with her still straddling me as she fell forward onto me.

    “We really have to start locking that door!” Rita joked. I couldn’t help but laugh. It was a completely ironic situation. Every time we were found out, it was because we failed to secure the door, and yet were still making the same mistake. “Yea we’ll have to be more careful, that could have ended in disaster, but we can worry about that later, we need to get cleaned up before they get back” I replied. “Yea you’re right, you put so much cum in me I don’t think ill get it all out! Ill get out what I can and run us a bath” she said. “What are you crazy? What if dad comes back again?” I snapped. “Remember what you told him? I’m at a friends house remember? Besides, the door will be locked anyway, and he’ll just think you’re in there by yourself” she responded. After a while I warmed up to the idea and she climbed off of me, holding her hand under her pussy as she walked into the bathroom. I lay back in the chair until I heard water running in the bathroom, and went in just as she was putting the bubbles and oils in the water. I locked the door and sat down in the tub, a few moments later she sat down right in front of me.

    For about ten minutes we didn’t say anything, we just relaxed in the water. Sex with her is always great, but it’s nice to just sit back and relax with her without sex. I wrapped my arms around her and she leaned back and laid her head on my shoulder. We washed up so we could get that out of the way and get back to relaxing in the tub, when we were finished cleaning ourselves we went back to sitting there and enjoying the feel of each others body. “I talked to mom yesterday, about what you said to her” she said out of the blue. “She told me everything you said, about wanting to be with me, and buy me stuff, and love me forever, did you really mean it?” she asked. I looked her in the eyes then kissed her softly on the lips, “I meant every word of it, this last week has been the best time of my life, and it makes me happy to know that the rest of our lives is going to be just like this” I told her. She looked up at me as her bottom lip started to shake, a tear rolled down her cheek and she pulled me into a sideways hug thanks to the awkwardness of the tub, but I didn’t care. She didn’t say anything, just released me from the hug and looked up at me, now with more tears running down her face. “God you’re so beautiful, I could look at you a million times and be love struck every single time” I said to her. When I said that her mouth dropped and she let out a sigh, and kissed me with her teary lips. “I can’t believe this is real” she whispered as she snuggled up close to me. I kissed her forehead and held her close, feeling the exact same way she did, knowing how lucky we were to have each other. We stayed in that position until our skin started to get wrinkly, and then we got out, got dressed and went to watch TV in the living room while we picked up where we left off in the bathroom.

    At around 5:00 our parents walked through the door with Chinese food, ironically Kiss of the Dragon was just about to come on (Jet Li is one of our favorite actors) so we all sat down in front of the TV to eat. It was pretty normal except dad kept smiling and nodding his head at me, mom kept making sexy faces at me, and Rita kept touching me, some family we have. When the movie ended we made small talk for a while, then Rita and I decided to take a drive just to get out of the house.

    She drove so I could lie back in the seat and relax. We drove around for a while talking about nothing in particular, then I hear her sighing a few times, so I asked her what was wrong. “All these couples around holding hands and kissing in public, I hate that we won’t be able to do that” she said in a sad tone. “I know, no one would understand, they don’t know what we have. Give it time, society will come around” I said back. This seemed to have cheered her up because she was smiling again. “Ooh, a carnival! We have to go in!” she screamed. “Yeah, could be fun, ill get a chance to win you a stuffed animal” I replied. We parked, called mom and dad to tell them where we were, and went into the carnival, which was lit up in the night sky. We thought it’d be best to go on the rides first so we wouldn’t have to carry anything. We went on a train ride, a merry-go-round thing, a slingshot, and of course the ferris wheel (we kissed and fondled every time we were at the top) We took pictures of everything, even random people doing stupid things, we were having a great time. When we got off we went to get some cotton candy and play the carnival games. I won a dog at the bottle game and Rita won a SpongeBob at the water gun game, but she really wanted this giant blue teddy bear from the balloon darts game, so I had to win it. My first two tries I missed winning by one balloon, the third I won a little bear, but she wanted the big one, so I was gonna keep playing until I won it. As I’m throwing darts I hear someone start to talk to Rita, but I cant look away or ill mess up. “So Rita, finally ditched your brother huh?” the girl asked. “Not quite” I said as I turn to face them, blue teddy bear in hand. Crap, its Rita’s bitchy friend Ashley.

    Ashley is the girl in those TV high school dramas that everyone hates, but secretly wants to be friends with. She’s 110 pounds of pure evil. She looks at me with this nasty look like I ran over her cat or something. “Nice to see you too Ashley” I said sarcastically. “Come on girl I’m having a party at my house tonight, by brother bought us beer again!” Ashley teased. “No that’s ok, I’m here with my brother” she responded as she looked at me and smiled. “Oh come on you’re always with him! You want to have fun don’t you?” Ashley asked. “I am having fun, look at all the stuff we won!” Rita replied. Ashley stood there for a second frustrated, “Rita come on for real, ditch this loser and let’s go!” Now I had to step in. “Hey don’t get mad because she doesn’t wanna go to your lame party!” I shouted. “The only thing lame around here is you, the only reason she’s hanging around you is because she feels bad for you, she even said so herself” Ashley yelled. “Yeah like I’m gonna believe anything you say” I said. “Ask her, she’s right there. The only reason she hangs around you is because you don’t have any friends of your own, you’re a loser who’s only been on one date, and it went bust! Everyone knows about it! You can’t get a date to save your life! She wants her own life, but since you’re her loser twin she has to hang with you” Ashley responded. I looked to Rita, who was silent while all of this was going on. “She’s lying, right Rita?” I asked. “I-I, well you, I didn’t ...” she stuttered. “You see, she doesn’t want to be around you, so why don’t you just leave!” Ashley yelled as she cut Rita off. I looked at Rita, who was shaking her head sideways, but not denying anything. I dropped the bear and walked off, leaving the carnival. I could hear Rita calling me, but I never turned around. What a day this turned out to be.

    After I figured out where I was, I headed home. My phone must have rang a hundred times, so I just cut it off. I didn’t think about anything, I just walked, walked, and walked like a zombie until I reached home. I got in the house and walked straight past our parents who were still watching TV on the couch, they asked me where Rita was, “ask Ashley” I told them and continued to my room. I locked my door and lay on my bed, just looking at the ceiling. Dad knocked on my door to find out what was wrong, but when I didn’t answer he gave up and left. About ten minutes later I hear our car pull in the driveway, and then heavy steps on the stairs, no doubt who it was.

    “Randy please let me in” Rita said as she jiggled the doorknob. I didn’t say anything, mostly because I was hoping she would just leave, I really didn’t feel like talking. She kept asking me to let her in while banging on the door, so I knew she wasn’t going anywhere. “Go away, I don’t feel like talking right now” I finally said. “Please open the door I have to talk to you” pleaded. Even though I was mad at her, I still didn’t want to be mean to her. “Well I don’t want to, and I don’t wanna listen either” I said back. “I’m gonna stay here until you let me in” she said as her voice got little. “Well then you’re gonna be out there for a while because I’m not getting up, wouldn’t want you hanging with me against your will” I responded. It was quiet for a moment, and then I heard her crying. I felt bad, but I was still mad about what she said, so I lay there. About a minute later I heard mom call her to talk, I took this time to turn off all my lights and go to sleep, the problem was I was too mad to sleep. I looked around in darkness for a while until I heard a light knock on my door, it was Rita again. “Randy please, I’m so sorry! Won’t you talk to me?” she asked. “I don’t want to say anything ill regret, just leave me alone and go to bed!” I said. “I’m not leaving until you open the door!” she cried. “Just leave!” I asked. Nothing else was said, so I guess she left. Maybe ill have cooled down in the morning I told myself. I looked at the clock, 10:32; I knew it would be a long night. I lay wide awake for a very long time before I finally drifted off to sleep.

    When I woke up I wasn’t mad anymore, more like hurt that she could say that stuff about me after everything we did this past week. I never thought in a million years Rita would say anything like that about me. I was lost in space until I heard dad yell for us to come get breakfast. I changed out of my clothes from yesterday and put on some shorts and a shirt and headed to the door. When I opened it, there was Rita, sitting down on the floor, leaning up against the wall, sleep. She kept her word, she never left. I went to brush my teeth then went back and woke her up to eat. She looked at me with a sad look in her eyes, but neither of us said a word. I looked back for a second or two, and went downstairs to eat, with Rita not far behind.

    The atmosphere at breakfast was awkward and uneventful. It was dead silence. I avoided any eye contact with Rita, but mom kept looking at me with a concerned look. Everyone at the table knew there was something wrong, but no one said anything about it. Dad tried to break the ice a few times, but when no one responded he stopped trying. It was the first awkward breakfast since the day I first kissed her. After a long quiet breakfast we all cleaned up and I retreated to my room.

    I sat back and listened to some music for a while, and then I heard a knock on my door. Before I could react mom slipped in and closed the door behind her. She turned off my stereo and sat down on the foot of my bed, I knew what was coming.

    “Talk to me, what’s going on with you two?” she asked. “Why don’t you ask her” I said back. “I tried to, but she wouldn’t stop crying long enough to talk, now what happened?” she asked. My face expression changed when she said that, and I’m pretty sure she seen it. “She was talking about me to her friends behind my back, I’m probably the laughing stock of the school now!” I responded. “That doesn’t sound like Rita, you two adore each other” she said. “She just stood there while Ashley insulted me, and she didn’t deny anything!” I snapped. “What happened to the girl you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, the one you wanted to love forever, the girl you grew up with?” she pleaded. “I guess I didn’t know her as well as I thought I did” I said. “Oh son you don’t mean that, you cant let one little fight come between you two, as close as you two are you’ll be miserable without each other. Give yourself a little more time to cool off and think about what happened, there has to be some logical reason why this had to happen, and then go talk to her, put this nonsense behind you” she said as she smiled and got up to leave. “If you love her like you say you do, you’ll talk to her” she added as she closed my door. I have to admit, what she said made a lot of sense, she really made me start to reevaluate the whole situation. It’s funny how one moment she could be this sex-crazed flirtatious woman and the next she could be my soft, caring, sweet mother. She made a lot of good points, but something didn’t add up. Before I could think about anything else I felt my eyes getting heavy, so I lay down and took a quick nap. A couple hours later dad was shaking me awake so I could ride with him to go car swap with a friend so he could get a truck for our trip to the cabin. I put on a sensible pair of pants and a shirt and we headed out.

    The whole way there he was talking to some guy on the phone, which relieved me that he couldn’t talk to me about my sex life, and also gave me time to think about Rita. When we arrived at his friends house he directed us to his backyard and pointed us out to the truck. It was a big ass 4-door Ford F-150, the only problem was it was filled with sandbags and drywall in the flatbed and cans of paint on the seats, hence why my dad asked me to tag along. After we finished unloading everything they swapped keys and we got in the truck. The inside of the truck was loaded with sync radio, TVs, iPod stations, and plenty more unnecessary stuff. If you like technology, you like this truck. When we left his friends house, I noticed dad looking like he wanted to say something, and I knew exactly what, so I tried to avoid him, but I must have made eye contact with him too many times because he started to talk.

    “So son, who’s the girl you were fooling around with?” he asked. I really did not want to have this conversation, but I knew he wouldn’t leave me alone until he got everything out of me he wanted to know. “You don’t know her, one of the girls from my school” I said as I fumbled through my wallet (I sometimes do that when I’m nervous). “Well does this girl have a name?” he retaliated. I didn’t know what to tell him, I certainly wasn’t gonna tell him the truth; I was really backed into a corner. Then I found it, a way out. Tucked behind some cash was Stephanie’s phone number from when she gave it to me at the store. “Stephanie, a girl I’ve known for a while” I said. “How long has this been going on? Do you care about this “Stephanie” or was it a one time thing?” he asked. When he said that an image of Rita popped into my head, how hurt she must have felt when I ignored her, like I didn’t care about her. All of a sudden I couldn’t help but feel like an asshole for the way I acted towards her. “A little over a week now, and I definitely care about her, why do you ask?” I replied. “Because you took a chance yesterday, if you mom had walked in on you, she might not have been so understanding, she would have grounded you for life, a steep price for a girl you don’t care about” he said. If only he knew what mom would really do. I sat there for a while thinking, about what dad just said and what mom said earlier. Then all of a sudden I had an epiphany, I was acting like a baby. I completely shut Rita out without giving her a chance to explain, and worst of all I made her cry. How could I do that to her? I had to apologize. “What you thinking about son?” he asked. “Her” was all I said, letting him think I was talking about Stephanie. In actuality I was thinking about Rita, and what she was doing right now. He chuckled as he looked over at me, “you want me to drop you off at her house?” he asked. “Nope, home is fine, there’s something I have to do, and it can’t wait” I replied. He nodded as he patted my shoulder and glued his eyes back to the road. A few minutes later we were back at the house.

    We drove and parked in the backyard since it would be easier to load the stuff from the kitchen. I saw that our car was still there, so I scurried into the house and went straight to Rita’s room, she wasn’t there. I then checked mom and dads room, the living room, dining room, kitchen, basement, all the bathrooms and the backyard again, nothing, just mom watching TV on the couch. “It’s my own fault she’s gone” I thought as I sulked back to my room, wondering where she could be. I opened my door, and to my surprise, there she was sitting on my bed looking back at me.

    I was so relieved she didn’t leave; I wanted to get this stupid fight behind us. “Randy please, we have to talk about what happened” she said. “I know” I said as I shut the door and sat next to her on the bed. “I never said any of that bad stuff about you, Ashley twisted my words. I did say I don’t have a social life because I’m with you all the time, but I also said that I didn’t need one because id rather be with you anyway. I don’t know how she found out about your date, but it wasn’t from me I swear! I don’t know why I didn’t say anything when she was putting you down, it was all happening so fast and I… I’m so sorry Randy please forgive me!” she pleaded. “I’m the one who should be sorry” I said. “I shut you out without giving you a chance to explain, and I made you cry. I’m sorry. I never should have believed anything Ashley said, but when you didn’t deny anything… I didn’t know what to think. I’m so sorry I hurt you, I don’t ever wanna fight again!” I said as I took her hand in mine. She pulled me into a hug and started to cry, when she let go she planted a bunch of little kisses then one long kiss on my lips, I could taste her tears as they settled on our lips and into my mouth, they were indeed tears of joy. “I love you Randy, lets not ever fight again” she said as she broke the kiss. “I love you too, believe me, I don’t ever wanna hurt you again” I said back. We lay there in the bed just looking at each other, until a while later when there was a knock on the door. We turned on our backs to appear as if we were just looking at the ceiling, when mom poked her head in the room. “Ok you two dinner time” she said as she looked at us and smiled, as if knowing we already made up. We kissed again and held hands all the way downstairs.

    Dinner tonight was much more talkative than last night. Everyone was relaxed and Rita and I were back to normal. “I see you two are talking again, everything ok now?” dad asked. “Yea it was a misunderstanding with one of Rita’s friends” I replied. “Ex-friend, I don’t need a person like that around me” Rita quickly said. “I’m glad you two are looking out for each other, most brothers and sisters would be at each others throats” dad said. Poor dad, he still doesn’t have a clue. “Oh yeah, before I forget, were leaving for the cabin at 9:00am tomorrow, so you better be up and ready to go” dad added. The rest of dinner was us making jokes and small talk. We finished dinner and cleaned up as usual, and then I asked Rita if she wanted to go for ice cream, she agreed and went to put on some outdoor clothes and grab our phones. Mom and dad told us not to be out too late (it just turned 9:00) so we could get our sleep, we nodded in understanding and headed out the door.

    While she was driving I cut my phone back on, 15 missed calls, 11 texts, and 3 voicemails. I erased everything to be rid of that stupid fight once and for all, and didn’t listen to or read anything. Even though we were ok again, there was still a little awkwardness that happens after an argument, so we just made small talk all the way to the Dairy Queen. When we got there I got a fudge sundae and she got the banana split again. We sat outside since the weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold, and watched traffic go by. “You get the banana split every time, you need a little variety” I joked. “It’s good and there’s a lot of it, why ruin a good thing, plus I never know what to try” Rita replied. “With all that food we bought for the trip tomorrow we’ll have brand new appetites” I said. “I can’t wait till we get to the cabin tomorrow, I bet it’s huge!” she said. “Judging by the way it looked on that paper it is, plus I wanna try out the features” I replied. “It’s gonna be weird being out in the woods, what if a bear comes or somebody tries to mess with us?” she asked. “You watch way too many movies” I laughed. We talked about little stuff until we finished our ice cream, and then got up to throw our trash away. As we were walking to the outside trash can someone pushed me from behind and I tripped into the rail that went around the front entrance. “Remember me punk?” I heard someone say as I got up. I recognized that voice. I turn around to see the same asshole from Subway a few days ago.

    “What you got to say now?” he said holding his arms out. I’m not one to fight unless I’m provoked, and he was really pushing my buttons, but I didn’t want to do anything since Rita was there, so I told him off and proceeded to leave. “Yea that’s what I thought! Why don’t you leave this chump and come hang with a real man” he said as he slapped Rita’s ass. When she turned around to confront him he grabbed her tit and she slapped him. “Yo bitch you crazy?” he yelled as he raised his hand to hit her. That did it. I pushed him so hard he stumbled back a few feet before he fell. “If you ever touch her again I will fuck you up!” I yelled. He got up and charged me but I ducked under his haymaker and hit him in the stomach, when he leaned down I caught him with a hook right on the jaw, he went back down. The people around us cheered and made fun of him, and then he got up and walked away embarrassed. “This ain’t over punk!” he screamed. “Yea yea that’s what you said last time” I screamed back. With that over we got back in the car and I drove us home, a little proud of myself.

    The whole ride home was of us talking about that guy and how he had it coming, and how it felt so good to hit him. Maybe now he’ll take the hint and leave us alone. When we got back to the house our parents had just cut off the TV and were headed for bed, dad went upstairs but mom pulled us aside. “I don’t think you two should sleep in the same bed tonight” she said. Rita immediately frowned and stuck her lip out, I was pretty bummed too. “We all have to get up and get ready to leave early tomorrow, you can’t risk you father walking in on you two sleeping together, at least not until you get to the cabin and you can share a bed” she added. We were both disappointed but knew she was right, so we agreed. She gave us both a hug and kiss and said goodnight. “Mom, thanks, for everything” I said before she left. She looked at me knowing what I meant, and put her hands on our chins and smiled. “You can thank me later” she said as she winked at us and went to her room. So much for the sweet, caring mother. Rita and I kissed each other a long kiss goodnight and went to our rooms and went to sleep.

    I woke up around 2 and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I thought id creep into Rita’s room for a little while. When I got to her room I noticed she wasn’t there, so I figured she was in the bathroom. When she wasn’t in the bathroom, I figured she was in the kitchen. When she wasn’t in the kitchen, I didn’t know where else to look, then I saw her through the window that leads to the backyard, she was sitting in one of the swings we had back there. I went outside and sat in the swing next to her.

    “We haven’t used these swings since we were little kids” I said, but she didn’t respond. “Is something wrong?” I asked. She looked at me with one of the saddest faces I’ve ever seen on her. “I could have really messed things up with us, I just can’t get over the fact that we almost weren’t “we” anymore” she said as she looked at me. “It was as much my fault as it was yours, if not more, I overreacted.” I said back. “I was so scared you would hate me, that you wouldn’t want to be with me anymore, I cried myself to sleep last night at the thought of us being over” she pouted. I had this sinking feeling in my gut when she said that, I hated myself at that moment for putting her through that. “Rita I am so sorry I put you through that, I don’t know what I was thinking. I will never hate you, no matter what you do, I love you too much, and ill never leave you, you’re stuck with me forever” I said. She pulled me up and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. She smiled as she pulled away. “I wish I could stay with you, but I know we can’t sleep together tonight” she said. I looked around the backyard and got an idea when I spotted the truck. “Maybe we can, follow me” I said. We crept in the house and grabbed blankets, pillows, and a set of house keys and went back outside. I lay the blankets out on the flatbed of the truck and threw the pillows in. When all was set we climbed into the truck and laid back. It was a perfect night, the sky was clear and all the stars were out. I put my arm around Rita as she laid her head on my chest. For about 20 minutes we admired the night sky as we listened to the sounds of nature around us. “This feels like a dream” she said out of nowhere. “One of the best dreams I’ve ever had” I replied. There was another period of silence before she said something again. “You know, there is one good thing that came out of this” she said. “Oh yeah, what’s that?” I asked. “We get to have make-up sex” she whispered as she looked me directly in the eyes. I looked back at her and she smiled at me, god she looked so beautiful. She climbed up next to me and pressed her lips against mine. “Make love to me tonight big brother” she whispered in my ear. “Tonight I’m gonna show you how much I love you” I told her as I lay her on her back. I’m gonna make sure she remembers this night.

    She sat up and lifted her arms so I could take off her shirt, and she unhooked her bra while I removed my shirt. I lay down on top of her and kissed her neck as she moaned lightly and put her hand on the back of my head, and then she pulled my face to hers and kissed me. I worked my way down kissing her chest until I was directly over her left nipple. I took it into my mouth as I kneaded the other between my fingers, which caused her to shriek and let out a loud moan.

    “Yes baby, just like that! Suck on my nipple; twirl it around your tongue! Oh yes that feels good! Mmmm yes baby! Do the other one please” she moaned.

    I moved over and took her right nipple into my mouth and played with the other one. I did the same thing I did with the left except I tickled her areola with my tongue since she’s a little sensitive there. She shivered a bit and held my head in place as she felt a little spark of an orgasm. I kissed my way down her torso and stopped when I reached her pajama pants. She lifted up so I could remove them and I slid them all the way down her legs and off her feet, leaving her with just her panties on. I kissed the insides of both her thighs and licked her through her panties, which were completely damp now. She lifted her legs up and I slid her panties up and off. I scooted back so I was directly in front of her dripping pussy, I have never seen it so wet without me touching it. Enough was enough; I stuck out my tongue and in one movement, spread her lips, licked the inside of her pussy, and flicked her clit. She jumped and smashed her pussy against my face, and then let her legs rest on my shoulders, I love that. I reached up and grabbed her titties as I went to work eating her delicious pussy. She was leaking juice constantly and I couldn’t get enough. I twirled my tongue around inside her hitting every wall I was able to reach, and then would suck on her clit while I pinched her nipples.

    “Oh my god Randy! Keep doing that! I love the way you do that please don’t stop! I love you big brother! Show me you love me and make me cum! Oh god, oh god, oh god! Yes, Randy, yes!” she moaned.

    I tickled her clit with my nose as I tongued her pussy with everything I had, sending shockwave after shockwave through her body. She tried to hold off cumming as long as she could, but I could tell she was really close. I stuck a finger into her pussy and put it up to her mouth; she took my finger and sucked it clean, and then kept sucking even though there was nothing left on it. I put it back in her pussy and fingered her furiously while sucking and twirling her clit and her nipple between my fingers, finally the pleasure was too much for her and she screamed out her excitement.

    “Oh fuck baby I’m cumming! I can’t hold it I’m gonna squirt all over your face! Oh god Randy yes! Fuck fuck fuck I’m cummmmmmmmmmmming!!!” she screamed.

    She muffled her scream so she wouldn’t be heard by the entire world; thank god our yard was fenced in. I sat and waited for my reward as she shook around in the flatbed. A minute later she squeezed her legs closed around my head, effectively cutting me off from the rest of the world, and her juices flooded down my throat. There was so much that this was the first time I haven’t been able to drink all of it, but I got what I could as she then released me from her death grip and pulled me into a kiss. “I want to be on top of you” she simply said as she lovingly smiled at me. I lay on my back and she stripped me of my shorts and straddled my waist as she took hold of my hark cock and jerked it a few times. When she was satisfied with the amount of precum that came out she rubbed it onto my cock and positioned herself over it. She rubbed it against her lips and slowly sat down on it until I was buried in her to the hilt.

    We both let out a long moan of pleasure as she sat down on my throbbing cock. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip with her hands firmly pressed down on my chest. A minute later her eyes popped open and she began to rock back and forward on me, establishing a smooth rhythm.

    “Oh this feels sooooooo good! I love it when your cock is all the way inside me” she moaned.

    She moved her hips in a nice little circular motion before she would slowly rise off of my cock and slowly sit down on it again. “Oh fuck that feels good!” I told her as I cupped her breasts in my hands. The shocks on this truck were really getting a workout. She leaned forward and put her head next to mine as she ground her pussy into my cock. I grabbed both her ass cheeks and helped her move on me as she kissed my neck and then found my lips. We enjoyed the feel of each others body until she sat up and got off of me and took my whole cock into her mouth. She sucked her pussy juices off my cock as she slowly bobbed her head up and down, so far down that I could feel me in the back of her throat. When she came back up she let it fall out of her mouth and jacked it a few times as she looked at me. “I want you to put it in my ass” she whispered. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I just stared back at her for a minute thinking I heard her wrong, but she just smiled back at me. “Are you sure you want to do this, you don’t have to do it because you feel you have to make up for anything” I said. “I want to. I want to feel you in every part of me” she responded. Who was I to argue. I sat up and she crawled forward on her hands and knees as I positioned myself behind her. I warned her to get ready as I stuck it in her pussy a couple times for lubrication, and then pressed the head at the entrance of her ass and waited for her go ahead. She nodded approval at me and I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her ass. I felt her body tense up as she winced in pain a little so I stopped and let her get used to me. When she gave me the ok to proceed I slid it in inch by inch until I was completely inside her ass. Again I waited so she could get used to her ass being stretched by my cock. After a couple minutes I could feel her ass muscles relax around my cock and she smiled back at me it was ok to fuck her now.

    I gripped her ass and pumped her with long, slow strokes, she was even tighter than I thought she would be. The pleasure I was getting was unimaginable, and Rita seemed to be getting the same kind of rush from it because she was moaning even louder than I was.

    “Oh god it feels so good in my ass! Slow and long just like that! I didn’t think I would like it this much! Mmmmmmmm yes baby fuck me just like that don’t stop! Oh god I love it!” she purred.

    She started meeting my strokes halfway as she used her hand to play with her pussy. I had the perfect view of my cock going in and out of her ass until the blanket under us made me slip a little and we both fell forward, surprisingly making Rita moan louder in pleasure. “Oh fuck that feels even better!” she said as I lay on top of her back with my cock suddenly feeling deeper in her ass. I fucked her like that moving just the lower half of my body as she squeezed the blankets in her fingers. When I kissed her neck she went into a mini-shake, and I realized she was having a little orgasm.

    “I think I’m cumming again! Oh god I am! My first anal orgasm! Oh Gooooooodddddddd!” she moaned.

    I kept slowly pumping her until she stopped shaking.”I need you on top of me in my pussy” she pleaded coming down from her high. I slowly pulled out and sat back on my knees as she turned over on her back. I had to look at her for a minute; she truly looked like a goddess looking back at me. She held her arms out at me and motioned for me to come to her, so I kneeled over her and took hold of my cock as I guided it back into her still dripping wet pussy. Our bodies were pressed together as I kissed her as passionately as I could while pumping in and put of her pussy. I broke the kiss so I could look at her, and she looked back at me with her big blue eyes and smiled. I interlocked our hands as I continued working in and out of her and she wrapped her legs around me, helping me fuck her a little faster. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip, and I surprised her by nibbling on her ear, which made her breathing even more ragged seeing as I knew it was her spot. We stayed in this position for a long time until I felt that familiar feeling, so I let her know that I was close. “I’m getting close baby, I’m gonna cum” I said through gritted teeth. “So am I baby, I’m almost there too. I want you to cum in me, big brother. We’ll come together” she moaned. About a minute later I tensed up as I emptied spurt after of sperm into my little sisters pussy, who at the same time went into her own powerful orgasm.

    “Yes Randy I’m cumming! I’m cumming for you! Oh yes! Raaaaaannnnnnddddddyyyyyy!!!” she moaned.

    I held on to her as her juices started flowing out of her pussy while she shook on the flatbed, and then I pulled out and rolled off of her. We both lay there soaking up our orgasms staring into the sky. I rolled over on my side just as she did and our eyes met. “I love you” I whispered to her. “I love you too Randy, I love you so much” she said back. I pulled her to me and kissed her with all the energy I had left. When I pulled back I could see a tear forming in her eye. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “I’m just so happy” she said. “I want this moment to last forever” she added. “Me too, but for now lets enjoy it while it lasts” I said back. We put our clothes back on and folded the top blanket and put it in the corner of the truck, (since it was drenched with both of our cum) and held each other as we fell asleep in each others arms under the night starry sky.

    “Wake up, wake up, wake up!” mom said as she violently shook us out of our slumber. “You’ve got a little over an hour to get clean, packed and ready to go” she added. Luckily both of us planed ahead. We had already packed everything we were gonna take with us yesterday, so all we had to do was take a shower and get dressed. “We’ve already packed our stuff mom, we just need a quick shower” Rita confirmed. Mom felt more at ease, and then grinned. “What happened to you two sleeping in separate beds? A flatbed is still a bed! Well I kind of knew this would happen, seeing you together I knew you were gonna make up. Did you two...” she trailed off. Rita and I looked at each other and nodded in agreement. “I have to admit, I haven’t don’t that one before. If your father had came out here and found you two in the truck like this who knows what he would have done! You two better be careful. Now get in there and get cleaned up” she smirked as she went back into the house. We kissed for a little while until I started tickling her and play wrestling like we used to, we were back to our old selves. After a while we went back into the house, showered and were ready to go. I helped dad load the food and our bags into the truck, and just as sure as dad said it, when 9:00 came, we were leaving for the cabin.

    The whole way there we were talking about what we were gonna do the next few days and Rita and I were text flirting. About an hour later we drove through some trees on a dirt path and pulled up to the biggest cabin I ever seen, it was huge! It looked like a mansion lost in the woods. We all got out and stared at it for a while, admiring how big it was, and the fact that we would practically live here for three days. “Ok let’s get this stuff inside” dad said breaking the silence. I grabbed a suitcase and dad kept stacking them on top of each other until I couldn’t see anything in front of me. “That should do” he laughed. I slowly made my way to the front of the door and realized no one had opened it yet. I didn’t want to put the bags down and have to pick them back up, so I yelled for someone to come open the door. Just then I heard the knob on the front door turn and the door swing open.

    “It’s about time you slowpokes got here!”
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    Default chapter 7

    by nivek_88

    “It’s about time you slowpokes got here!”

    I looked around the tower of stuff in my hands to see a woman in about her early 40s smiling back at me. She was very pretty, standing at 5’4” with brown hair and hazel eyes and a nice set of breasts; she could have easily passed for 30. “We didn’t know how much longer you’d be, my husband Jim was just about to call you guys” she added. Just then a man came around the corner and put his hand on her shoulder, he must be Jim. “Hi, I’m Jim” he confirmed, I thought so. He really didn’t looked that aged either, he was about 6’2” with brown hair and blue eyes, and looked like Donny Osmond a little. All while I’m standing there looking at them, it never occurred to me that I don’t know who they are. I was just about to ask when dad came up behind me and shook Jim’s hand. “How’s it going Jim and Marie?” dad said as we walked into the cabin. “Everything’s great, we just finished cleaning up for you, so we’ll get out of your hair” Jim replied. “Oh no you can stay a while cant you? I mean it’s your cabin and I haven’t introduced you to my family yet!” dad said. Just as he said that mom and Rita came in with bags of groceries and sat them down on the floor. “This is my lovely wife Anna, my daughter Rita and my son Randy, they’re twins” dad said. We all kinda muttered a shy hi. “Hey everyone, it’s nice to meet all of you! I’m your dads boss Jim, this is my wife Marie, our son isn’t here, but our daughter is in the other room, honey could you come in here please?” Jim said. A few seconds later a girl walked into the room. “And this is my daughter Stephanie” Jim added. I whipped my head back around so fast I almost gave myself whiplash. “Stephanie?” I asked. When I did that my dad looked at me surprised, since he thinks I had sex with a girl named Stephanie. Rita’s face went blank, and mom just smiled. “Hey Randy, hey Rita!” Stephanie said as she hugged me then Rita. “You guys are staying here? Oh man you’re gonna have a lot of fun there’s a lot of stuff to do here!” she added. “Well it looks like the kids already know each other, this could be fun” Marie said. “That’s why I called you out here Stephanie; you mind sticking around for the day?” Jim asked. She smiled as she looked at Rita and I, “no I don’t mind, that way I can get back in the pool” she responded. “Then it’s settled, we’ll stay until tonight” Jim said. I looked at Stephanie who was grinning at me as she walked away, and then over at Rita who had her arms crossed and a “what the hell” look on her face, this is going to be a long, awkward day.

    We brought the rest of the food and our clothes in the cabin and put everything up. When we finished our dad’s boss and his wife were giving our parents a tour of the cabin. Everything about the cabin was huge; the kitchen, the living room area, the dining room, all of it, huge. Stephanie showed us to the room we were sleeping in. It had a queen size bed and two nightstands on either side of the bed with one lamp on the far side nightstand, one big dresser, a curtained window over the bed, and a desk and chair next to the door, but no TV, great. We put our stuff in the room and Stephanie led us around the rest of the cabin. There was a hot tub, a sauna, a swimming pool, the biggest walk-in shower I’ve ever seen, and best of all, a game room. There was table hockey, table tennis, a foosball table, a basketball game, a pool table, and a bunch of arcade machines. Once we had seen that room, the tour was over.

    We went straight to the Time Crisis shooter game and started blasting our way through the levels, Stephanie even joined in much to Rita’s dismay, but I was in between them to avoid problems. When I died and reached for a quarter to put into the machine I noticed it was rigged for 25 lives, I knew then we would be in this room a lot. Once we finished that game we all got on the Daytona Speedway racing game, and we made a little bet that the losers had to do what the winner told them to do. I spun out and crashed on the last lap, and Rita tried to run Stephanie off the road and missed, crashing herself into a wall, so Stephanie won. “Haha! You have to do what I say!” she gloated. Neither Rita nor I were looking forward to what she would make us do. “Ok you won what do we have to do?” Rita asked impatiently. “Hmmmm, I want to see you two kiss each other!” she said. Of all the things she could have said, we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, well, maybe one. We looked at each other and knew exactly what the other was thinking, that we wanted to kiss each other badly, but had to make it look like we wanted no part of it. “What? Are you crazy that’s my sister!” I said in the most innocent voice I could get. “Yea I can’t kiss my brother!” Rita added. “That’s my bet and you have to do it” Stephanie responded. We looked at each other and took a deep breath, keeping the act going, and leaned in for a quick peck. “No no no what was that?” you have to do it better than that! At least five seconds” she replied. “Yes” I thought to myself, she has no idea. This time we met halfway and closed our eyes as we shared a soft, satisfying kiss. Not trying to make it look obvious or anything we pulled back and acted out of place. “There happy? You can’t tell anyone about this” I said and Rita agreed. She just looked at me with a grin on her face. “That was fuckin hot! I wasted a perfectly good bet!” she said a little sad. “Yea well you should have used it on yourself” Rita said, to which Stephanie smiled a little. With that we went back to playing more games for who knows how long, and then we heard someone call us to breakfast and realized we had been playing for an hour and a half. Stephanie looked at me and winked as she left the room, which I’m pretty sure Rita saw, and as soon as she was gone Rita and I attacked each other in a full body caressing, tongue-twirling, hot and sweaty kiss. “She better not try anything with you, I’m not gonna have anyone touching you but me” Rita said as she broke the kiss. “Don’t worry, she wont try anything with all of our parents around” I assured her. We kissed a little longer then regained our composure and went downstairs to eat.

    We all sat at the table to eat, the two fathers on the ends, the mothers on one side, and us on the other. Once again I sat between Rita and Stephanie to minimize problems. We talked about anything and everything that came to mind while we ate, we talked about personal stuff, movies, music, the cabin, hiking, etc. I found out dad was a boxer, mom is a dancer (ballet, not exotic), Jim can speak 3 different languages, Marie can sing, and Stephanie does gymnastics (oh yeah), I’m pretty sure she said that for my enjoyment. As a demonstration she twisted her leg so it sat right in my crotch, id be lying if I said I didn’t get turned on by her abilities, but I controlled myself, barely. When we all finished eating and cleaned up, dad pulled me to the side for a one on one talk.

    “Is that the same Stephanie you had sex with in your room?” he asked. I was tongue-tied since I was caught so off guard and he took that as a yes. “Don’t bring that up at all today, if my boss finds out my son slept with his daughter who knows what he’ll do” he said. “I know dad, I wouldn’t jeopardize your job like that” I replied. “Ok then, make sure she doesn’t say anything either” he added. “Im already on top of it, I asked her to act like were just friends and she agreed” I lied. He breathed a sigh of relief, one I know he was waiting to release since we got here. “Whew, now I can relax. I really hope she’s worth it son, because if this blows up, there will be hell to pay” he said. I nodded in understanding. “Oh, and by the way, nice!” she smirked and hit my shoulder. That’s dad for you, hard ass one minute, and nice the other. I smiled and we went our separate ways. That got me thinking about Rita and I. If he caught us would he do? I decided not to worry about it since all his stress was because of Stephanie and enjoy myself. I walked into the living room to see everyone sitting in a place on the couches, and decided to join them. After a bit of talking we all decided we wanted to get in the swimming pool. Everyone found a place where they could change by themselves and one by one we all met up and went to the pool.

    All the guys were wearing swim trunks as usual, the moms had on one piece bathing suits,(I’m guessing to keep it classy in front of the kids), but Rita and Stephanie had on two of the skimpiest two-piece bathing suits I have ever seen, it’s a wonder no one said anything about them. One wrong jump in the pool and those tops were coming off, what a great sight that would be. We walked through the double doors that led to the pool and around the bend until we saw the pool, it was huge. It was about the size of a school swimming pool with a diving board and a slide and volleyball net down the middle of it. I wasted no time and did a cannonball right into the deep end. Rita jumped in right behind me and Stephanie behind her, the parents just climbed down the ladder or sat down and hopped in on the shallow end, like the old people they are. We messed around a lot, getting out jumping off the diving board, going down the slide; we were having a lot of fun. I grabbed Rita by the hips and did a “pick up and throw” across the water, but when I tried to do it to Stephanie, she just held onto me, pushing her breasts into my face and giggling, causing Rita to frown up with jealousy. I quickly let go, but she went underwater and lifted me up on her shoulders and threw me back in, the same thing Rita always does to me. Before things got crazy, I told Rita to follow me out of the pool. Our mother had gotten out and was walking around to the deep end, so we ran up behind her and grabbed her. “Hey mom, where you going?” I said sounding as creepy as I could. “What are you doing?” she asked half-laughing and half scared. “Were going for a little, swim” Rita said mysteriously. We carried her to the pool and just before we jumped in mom let out a loud helpless scream as we all went into the water. When we came up everyone was laughing and clapping, and it made Rita forget all about Stephanie for the moment. While we were play wrestling in the water and I accidently grabbed one of moms tits while I was picking her up, she giggled like a little girl and whispered “in due time honey” as she went underwater. Seconds later I felt her hand rubbing my cock underwater through my shorts, even though the water was cold, I was definitely getting horny; so much that I needed a release. When I snapped out of my daze I realized mom was nowhere to be found, seconds later she rose up from underwater and sat up on the edge of the pool with just her feet in the water, looking for something to dry her hair with. “We don’t have any towels out here” mom said looking to dry her hair. Perfect timing. “No worries mom, Rita and I will go get some for everyone” I said. With that last statement I grabbed Rita and we headed to the bathroom to get the towels, and something else.

    The second we were in the bathroom we were kissing like horny teenagers (haha how ironic). “Oh god Rita I need you now!” I said in between kisses. “Me too, I’ve been so horny all day and we haven’t had any time to ourselves yet” she said back. “Well then we better make the most of this time alone” I replied. She started to take off her bikini bottoms when I stopped her. “No leave them on” I said as I pulled my shorts down revealing my hard cock. I moved her panties to the side as she leaned up against the wall sticking her ass out at me, and drove right into her. We both let out a loud grunt but quickly got ourselves under control so no one would hear us. It felt different fucking her with clothes on, but very satisfying nonetheless as I held her hips and thrust into her.

    “Harder, harder! Fuck me Randy! Oh god don’t stop fucking me!” she whispered.

    “Fuck yeah keep talking dirty to me! It makes me want to fuck you even harder!” I responded.

    It felt great fucking her from behind like that, but I wanted to feel her whole body against mine, so I turned her around, picked her up, and sat her on my cock. She went to scream but I immediately kissed her and she moaned into my mouth. I held her ass in place as she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my ass. Her moans were getting louder and louder the harder I fucked her so I slowed my pace so she could quiet down. She bit my lower lip and she ground her hips into me, causing me to lose my balance for a split second. When I recovered, I went back to fucking Rita for all I was worth. A minute later we heard a sound we both dreaded at that moment, Stephanie was looking for us. Rita hopped down and fixed her swimsuit while I pulled my pants up and grabbed some towels off the shelf and threw them at her. I took some myself and wet one of them in the sink, and then threw it in the dirty clothes hamper in the bathroom just as Stephanie walked in.

    “What’s taking you guys so long?” she asked. “We couldn’t find the towels in none of the closets, so we came in here to check, we grabbed them and realized we tracked water all over the floor, so we mopped it up with a towel” I said, hoping she’d buy it. “Good thing you cleaned it up, my mom would freak if you didn’t” she said. Rita and I looked at each other happy we weren’t caught, but disappointed we didn’t get to finish.
    We took the towels and reluctantly went back to the pool.

    When we got back to the pool the adults were playing volleyball, which is until we jumped in and splashed them all. “So much energy to use doing nothing” dad said. “It’s better than using what little energy we do have trying to play volleyball” Rita smirked. “You think you kids can take us?” Marie said. “Of course we can! We’d wipe the floor with you!” Stephanie responded. “Ok then how about a little bet, we play to 21, the losers have to make dinner for the winners, deal?” Jim asked. We looked at each other and smirked, “deal!” we said in unison. “Since were so old, you wont mind if it’s four on three will you?” mom asked. “It could be eight on three, we’d still win!” I joked. “Ok, let’s get it going then” dad said. We set up the parameters and rules and started the game.

    We didn’t know it, but we had been set up. The first couple points into the game we find out not only were the grown-ups good, but they’re dam good. They were setting each other up, spiking, diving, and lifting each other out of the water, while all we were doing was hitting it back over the net. They were killing us by ten before we regrouped and came back to tie the game at 18. The game was deadlocked for a while before we got the edge 20-19. We took a page out of their book, I hit the ball to Stephanie, and she hit it straight up in the air, then I grabbed Rita and threw her at the ball and she spiked it right into the only spot no one was at, and we won. “Haha yea! We won! Whoo-hoo!” we shouted while doing random fight moves in the water. “You all look like rejected power rangers” dad said and we laughed. “Well I guess we owe you kid’s dinner” Jim added. “Yep, and we know exactly what we want” Rita grinned. “We can discuss that later, first let’s get out and get this chlorine washed off of us” Marie said. We all grabbed a towel, dried off a little and headed to the walk-in shower.

    Now we knew going in the walk-in shower was big, but we didn’t think this big. You could fit 30 people in there comfortably, and still have room to spare. We decided it would be easier to keep our swimsuits on and wash up Juwanna Mann style (for those who haven’t seen the movie, that means with clothes on), that way we could all go at once. Everything was fine at first, but then Stephanie took off the spray head and used it as a hose on me, which prompted me to spray her back. Rita saw this and her face frowned up, so she took off her spray head and blasted Stephanie. When Stephanie tried to get her back, she missed and sprayed mom in the back, which triggered a water fight in the shower. Everybody was spraying whoever they saw, people were teaming up against other people, and some even ran around the shower to avoid getting caught. When dad and Marie fell in the middle of everyone they got ganged up on. This went on for about fifteen minutes before we decided we had enough and got out. “I gotta tell you, I haven’t had this much fun in a long time” Jim said. “I know! You guys are really fun to be around” Marie added. “Yeah we’ll definitely have to do this again” mom said. Stephanie lit up when mom said that, which didn’t go unnoticed on Rita. We chatted a little longer as we dried off, and then went to the same spots we went to earlier to change back into our regular clothes.

    I walked into the living room to see the parents sitting and talking on the couch. I sat on the couch perpendicular to them and pulled out my PSP. I was really getting into the game when someone snatched it out of my hand, it was Stephanie. “Whatcha playin?” she asked holding it out of my reach. “Give it back!” I said, but to no avail. “Oh come on, take it from me!” she giggled. The parents were looking at us snickering that she was getting the best of me, and I couldn’t have that. I jumped on her tickling her and sliding her all over the couch while she was laughing and screaming, until I finally got it back. “That must’ve been fun” Rita said as she entered the room. Stephanie was really getting to her. I understood completely how she felt, I get jealous anytime anyone even looks at her, but Stephanie won’t leave me alone, and I can’t avoid her, some situation. I thought to myself change the subject and get the hell out of there. “Wow I’m getting hungry!” I said almost obvious. “Yea I think it’s about time we had our victory meal” Stephanie added. The parents all sighed, “ok what do you want to eat?” Jim asked. “Nothing really, just some chicken, macaroni and cheese, a nice salad, and for dessert, chocolate cake” Rita said grinning. “Dam fatty’s that’s a lot of food!” mom joked. “There are four of you, I’m sure it won’t be a problem” I said poking at their misery. “Ok give us ten minutes and we’ll get started” dad said. As I got up to leave Stephanie gave me a little slap on the ass, which made Rita turn in her seat. I pretended like I didn’t notice and went to the game room, a few minutes later Rita came in behind me.

    “What the hell does she think she’s doing? I have half a mind to go down there and break her pretty little hands!” she yelled. I quickly closed the door so no one would hear. “Shhh calm down! You don’t want anyone hearing us do you?” I asked. “I can’t calm down! She’s touching all over you and smiling in your face, I just wanna rip her eyes out!” she exaggerated. “I know, I get the same way every time someone looks at you, I cant stand the thought of you being intimate with anyone, but we have to put our feelings aside, at least until they leave, we cant take the chance of them finding about us” I reasoned. She took a deep breath and calmed down, “I’m sorry big brother, she just got me so worked up that’s all” she said. “Don’t worry about it, as long as were discreet about it, we shouldn’t have a problem” I replied.”You mean like we are right now?” she said grinning. I smiled and pulled her into me as I kissed her. I cupped her ass in my hands and she stuck her tongue down my throat. I was getting lost in her embrace when approaching footsteps brought us back to reality, guess who it was.

    We quickly separated and stepped on the DDR machine that was in front us just as she came in. “I didn’t know you guys were in here, well since were all here we can finish playing House of the Dead” Stephanie suggested. We beat it and went around the room playing all the arcade games until we played them all, then I guess Stephanie got an idea. “Why don’t we have a little competition, me and you Randy” she said. I was skeptical because I knew she’d want something, but I could also get something out of her. “If I win, you have to kiss me like you did Rita” she grinned. I thought a minute, and smiled. “And if I win, you have to do what we say for the rest of the day” I said, knowing she wouldn’t agree. “Ok, deal!” she said to my surprise. I really didn’t expect that, and neither did Rita, but a bets a bet. “We’ll play hockey, tennis, basketball, foosball, and pool, best of five wins” she said. We shook on it, and got started.

    I beat her in table hockey, and she took foosball, and then I beat her in basketball shootout. Next was table tennis, I wanted to win because I suck at pool and I wouldn’t have a chance even if she was good or not. Unfortunately, things don’t work out like you hope, she won on a last second shot when I hit it back and missed the table. “Oh yeah tied 2-2, winner take all” she gloated. “No fair I suck at pool!” I said looking for sympathy, but no dice.”Why don’t you play me in the last game” Rita jumped in. She had a focused look on her face like she wasn’t gonna lose. Stephanie thought for a minute, and after a while and some convincing she finally agreed. I was relieved because Rita is a way better pool player than I am, one of the only things she’s better than me at. They decided on 9-ball and Rita got first shot. She knocked in the 1,2,3, and 4 ball before missing the 5 ball, and Stephanie took out the 5,6, and 7 before missing the 8 ball. Rita easily knocked in the 8 ball and set up for the 9, she hit it and it chipped the corner and rolled to the other side of the table, directly in front of the pocket, crap. “9 ball corner pocket” Stephanie called, and knocked it in. Rita was devastated, mostly because she knew what was coming next. “Time to collect on our bet! Remember, it has to be like you kissed her or we do it again” Stephanie said smiling. I mouthed “sorry” to Rita and moved in front of Stephanie. I grabbed her head and kissed her, just like I did Rita, who by the way was not liking this. When I went to pull back she grabbed my head and kissed me harder. Out the corner of my eye I saw Rita’s face turn bright red, and a couple seconds later Stephanie let me go. “That was amazing!” she said with a big smile on her face. I stood there flushed, mostly because it was an awkward situation, partly because I kinda liked it. “Ok kids, dinner!” we heard someone yell up the stairs. “Would you guys mind resetting all the games before you come downstairs please?” Stephanie asked before winking at me and heading out the door, as soon as she was out of sight Rita flipped.

    “I can’t believe I missed that shot, I can’t believe it! Standing there kissing you like that who does she think she is? If she doesn’t leave you alone were gonna have a problem!” she hissed. “Rita I’m sorry that happened but you have to get ahold of yourself, don’t do anything stupid. Remember, she thinks I’m single, let’s not give her a reason to think otherwise” I pleaded. I pulled her into a hug and held on to her until she stopped fidgeting. She looked up at me and cracked a little smile. “Sometimes I really hate you” she said smiling. “And sometimes I really love you” I replied. She play hit my shoulder and lay her head in my chest. “So did you like it?” she asked. “It was ok, but nowhere near as good as you” I responded. “Good answer” she said as she slowly pulled my head to hers and kissed me. We stayed like that until someone called up the stairs again for us to eat. We kissed for a little while longer, fixed ourselves up, reset all the games and went down to eat.

    They made everything we asked for; chicken, macaroni and cheese, salad, it was all there. We wasted no time and sat down with everyone and started eating. We made frequent dinner conversation, even shifting talk to dad and his boss. “So Jim, why did you pick our dad to come to your cabin?” Rita asked. “Because your dad is the best real estate agent we have, and we take care of our best agents. If he keeps it up he’ll be a partner in a year” Jim replied. Dad blushed a little at the compliment and ate more food so he wouldn’t have to talk. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you had your own cabin in a few months” Jim added. “Thanks Jim, that means a lot” dad finally said. When we finished eating we grabbed the chocolate cake and went through it so fast I think we set some kind of record. I was so concentrated on the cake I almost didn’t notice Stephanie’s foot creeping up my leg, I did say she was a gymnast right? Luckily, Rita was just as enthusiastic about her cake as I was and didn’t notice, but mom sure did, dam she notices everything. She gave me a little grin as she slid the fork out of her mouth. She could be really sexy when she wanted to be, no wonder dad married her. We sat and talked for a while when we were done eating then cleaned up the dishes, and then I retired to our room.

    I was listening to my iPod when Rita came in and closed the door. “You know I was th…” she put her finger on my lip and cut me off. “Don’t say anything, I just wanna lay here with my big brother” she said in a sweet voice. I put my arm around her and cuddled with her as she rest her head on my chest. “I love being with you, I’m so happy whenever I’m around you” she whispered. “I know the feeling, I don’t care what were doing, as long as were together” I said back. It was really risky seeing as the bedroom door didn’t have a lock, but I couldn’t resist her at that moment, so I kissed her. It was such a perfect moment, with only the lamplight illuminating half the room, us caught in the moment; it was just like in the movies. I moved on top of her and began to caress her breasts through her shirt and she moaned into my mouth. “Mmmm that feels so good Randy” she said as I kissed onto her neck. I loved making her feel good, if I could bring her any kind of pleasure I could get off just by her moans and sex faces, she truly is a beautiful girl. I moved my hand down to her pants and inside her panties until I found what I was looking for. “Uugh, oh god Randy finger me, play with my pussy, make your little sister feel good” she moaned. I was more than happy to oblige. I gently caressed her clit as I fingered her while she was rubbing my cock through my pants, making me harder by the second. It was getting so hot I had to take off my shirt, but just as I sat up there was a knock on the door. “Crap, not again!” I said. “Hey guys, its me” Stephanie said through the door. I hid my erection as best I could and lay back on the bed just as she opened the door, another moment with my sister interrupted. “Hey Randy can I talk to Rita for a minute please?” she asked. I was a little surprised, what did she want to talk about? “Um, ok” I said looking over at Rita who was a little surprised herself. She smiled at me as I walked past her, which made me a little nervous, but I took it all in stride as I walked out of the room and closed the door.

    As I turned around to leave mom was standing there looking at me, like she was a tiger and I was a gazelle. “Umm do you need something mom?” I asked nervous. She put the tip of her finger in her mouth and said “follow me” as she turned around and walked to the room her and dad were staying in. As she walked her ass swayed from side to side and jiggled under her dress as she walked, I couldn’t tell if she was doing it on purpose or if that’s just the way she walked, either way it was sexy as hell. When I walked in she was already sitting on the bed, and patted the spot next to her ushering me to sit down.

    Their room had the same layout as ours, but with another dresser and a mini-fridge, probably full of liquor. When I sat down she ran her fingers through my hair and down my cheek and down across my chest, making me even more nervous. “So how does it feel to have two girls fighting for your attention?” she asked. Its not that I was shocked at the question she asked, but the events leading up to the question that made me stumble around before I gave an answer. “Uhh how am I supposed so feel?” I responded. “I don’t know, what’s going on in that handsome little head of yours?” she said. “Stephanie’s been flirting with me all day in front of Rita and she’s been getting pissed” I confessed. “I noticed, she really likes you, but what are you gonna do about it?” she questioned. “Nothing, there was a time when I wanted to go out with her, but since me and Rita started… well, you know, I haven’t even thought of anyone else” I said. She paused for a minute, absorbing what I just said. “Well that’s how you know you really care for someone, when no one else matters” she said. “I do care for her, a lot, and a certain beautiful mother with the finest adult body I’ve ever seen” I grinned. She smiled and crossed her legs when I said that, causing my cock to twitch in my pants. “Trying to put the moves on your own mother, what would your sister think?” she said smiling. I had to laugh at the awkwardness of that last sentence. “Just make sure whatever happens with Stephanie that Rita is aware of it, or you could really hurt her feelings” she said in a more serious tone. “Trust me, I have no intention of hurting her” I assured mom. “Ok, glad we had this talk, now let’s get back to everyone before they come looking for us” she said as she got up to leave. Before she got to the door I turned her around and hugged her. “What was that for?” she asked. “For not freaking out when you found out about us. We know dad would kill us but we were more worried about what you would think of us. I love you mom” I said as I gripped her tighter. She pulled back and held my cheeks and gave me three pecks on the lips. “I love you too honey” she said as she pushed her chest into mine. Her hard nipples rubbed into my chest and she let out a little moan, but she quickly got herself under control. “You never did answer my question, how does it feel having two girls fight over you?” she asked again, “It actually feels kinda good, but don’t you mean three?” I asked grinning, mostly to see what she would say. She pushed me back on the bed and straddled me until her face was level with mine. “My dear son, I don’t have to fight for anything, if I want it, I get it!” she said dragging her body down mine as she stood up. I lay there frozen with a massive hard on as she walked out of the room. When she got to the door she looked back and mumbled something, I couldn’t hear what she said, but judging by the way she looked at me and walked away I would soon find out.

    When I walked into the living room the parents were sitting down talking and sipping wine, I tried to be clever and pour me a glass, but no luck. A few minutes later Rita came in and tried the same thing, but she was dismissed as well. “Your kids sure are persistent” Marie said as she took a sip. “Yeah, I don’t think their bodies can handle ’95 Chteau Margaux” Jim added. “Ill tell you what, since it’s a little chilly in here if you guys get some firewood for the fireplace, we’ll let you try a sip, if that’s ok with you guys” dad said, and everyone nodded the ok. We really could care less about the wine; it was another chance to be alone is what we were excited about. “Be back in a few” we said heading for the front door. “Don’t go too far from the cabin, and take the flashlight and trail markers!” mom yelled after us as we stepped out the door.

    There were three pathways that led into the forest so there was no need for trail markers, so we dumped them on the front porch and took the middle pathway. “So what did Stephanie wanna talk about?” I asked picking up wood as we walked. “What do you think, she likes you, she wouldn’t stop talking about you” she replied a little annoyed. “What did you tell her?” I followed. “I didn’t want to be an asshole so I just said be yourself, if he likes you then he likes you, if he doesn’t then move on. I really hope she moves on” she replied. “You don’t have anything to worry about, I could never do better than my beautiful little sister” I said sincerely. “You can’t” she giggled and motioned for me to follow her. When we thought we were far enough from the cabin, but close enough that we could still see it, we dropped all the wood we found and the flashlight and attacked each other. She jumped up on me and wrapped her legs around my waist as I felt her up. “Mmm god I’m so fucking horny right now” she moaned. “You have no idea. I’ve been horny since earlier in the bathroom” I stated. We kissed heavily for a couple minutes before she jumped down, taking my shorts with her. She dropped to her knees and took my whole cock into her mouth as far as she could go. I suppressed a moan and placed my hand on her head to guide her speed, but not to force it down her throat because I know girls hate that. “Oh god Rita keep sucking it like that!” I moaned. It was dark but I could see her rubbing herself as she sucked me off. Every time she brushed her clit she’d scream onto my cock which made me twitch around. Just as I leaned my head back in pleasure I heard something rattling the leaves and grass on the ground, turns out Rita heard it too. “Hey you guys out here, it’s me” we heard Stephanie say. “Dammit! Does she know every time we sneak off! ” Rita whispered angrily. “I don’t know, but we better not let her catch us like this” I protested as we fixed ourselves up. “Were over here!” I yelled waving the flashlight in all directions. Rita had the look of a girl whose cat just died, but quickly toughened us as Stephanie approached us. “They told me to help you guys carry the wood back” she said smiling. She was always smiling, for no reason, or maybe for a reason I didn’t want to acknowledge. We grabbed up the wood and headed back to the cabin, disappointed again of another interruption.

    When we walked back into the cabin the parents were still talking and laughing on the couch, the only difference was the bottle of wine was empty. “Too late guys the wine is all gone” mom said snickering. “That was some good wine, here, ill help you with that” Jim said taking some firewood and putting it in the fireplace. We all set the wood in and Jim lit it, and we all took our spot sitting in front of the fire and on the couch. We all talked and joked about anything and everything for a while, really having a good time, and then someone said something about dancing that had everyone debating. “Oh come on you guys are too old to dance!” Rita joked. “Ill have you know I was a great dancer, I still am” mom said proudly. “Yeah were not that old, I bet we can still keep up with you kids and your crazy dance moves” Marie said. “Until you get tired and pass out” Stephanie laughed. “Well there’s only one way to settle this” dad said. “Ok, but when you get exhausted don’t get mad if we laugh at you” I said. “Time to show you kids a thing or two, could you grab the stereo and speakers from the closet?” Jim asked me. “I’ll help him I know where it is” Stephanie shouted. “Be back in a sec” I said looking at everyone and following Stephanie to the closet.

    As soon as we found the stereo she threw her arms around me and kissed me hard on the lips. I’m not gonna lie, it felt dam good, and she put so much feeling into the kiss I would have thought she was in love with me. “I’ve been waiting all day to do that again!” she said in a sexy voice. I stood there silent for a minute, but when I cracked a smile she took it as a cue to kiss me again. The second kiss was softer, and this time she stuck her tongue in my mouth a little. “Oh god that felt so good” she said breaking the kiss. I was in an awkward situation. I didn’t know what to do or what to say, and I didn’t want to lead her on. Just as I was about to make up something to say I heard the most beautiful voice come to my aid, Rita. “Find the stereo yet?” she asked curious. Stephanie smiled as she grabbed it out of the closet. “Did she kiss you?” Rita whispered to me. I nodded yes, and she frowned up and made a fist, but I reminded her about the talk we had earlier, and she calmed down. “Here, all set” Stephanie said as she winked at me. We all grabbed a part of the stereo and a few cd’s and headed back to the living room.

    We got back into the living room and set up the stereo and put in Mystikals “Shake it Fast” first. Right away Rita and Stephanie got up and started dancing, telling the parents to take notes and what not. I was focused on the two of them dancing, they could really move. Rita was doing all kinds of gyrating and booty-poppin and Stephanie’s gymnastic background had her bending all over the place, needless to say I was getting really turned on. Not wanting to be outdone, the mothers got up and overshadowed the girls, mimicking what they did, but a little cleaner. Mom really surprised me, 35 years old and still dancing like a teenager, and looking very sexy at it too. All the guys just sat back and watched as the women competed against each other, but neither seemed to be getting the edge on the other. They put on some club music and dragged us off the couch to dance with them, the men with their wives and I had both Rita and Stephanie. Rita was in back of me while Stephanie was in front, which I’m sure she had no problem with. Everyone’s dances were getting sexual as I could see Jim grab Marie’s tits a few times, dad slapped mom’s ass, and Rita held my shoulders while Stephanie ground her ass into me. The parents weren’t even paying attention to us anymore, I swear if Rita didn’t hate Stephanie we could have had a threesome right there and no one would have noticed. We put in a few line dance songs like the Hustle, Casper Slide, and Electric Boogie, and somehow ended up in a soul train line listening to “Flashlight.” I don’t even wanna talk about what everyone did down the line; we’ll just say Steve Urkel and Ugly Betty would be proud. After a lot of dancing we stopped and crashed on the couches. We made cracks about their soul train dancing but told them overall they still had it. They cracked jokes on us too but it was all in good fun (they couldn’t insult us anyway as good as we were dancing). After a little more talking Stephanie’s family decided to leave so they’d get home before midnight.

    We helped them gather their stuff, which wasn’t much since most of their stuff was already packed in the car, and helped them walk it outside. “I had a great time everyone” Jim said. “Yeah we should definitely do this again” Marie added. We said goodbye to everyone one by one, and when Stephanie came around she stole another kiss from me, this time directly in front of Rita. She was to the point where she was about to pounce on Stephanie, but before she could do anything she broke the kiss. “We should hang out more Randy; we can really have a lot of fun together. Oh, and Rita you should really call my brother, he hasn’t stopped talking about you since we left the store the other day” she said. She looked confused for a minute before her face grew wide. “That’s your brother?” Rita asked surprised. “Yep, he won’t shut up about you, you’re all he talks about” she said. She cracked a little smile and did her best to hide it from me, but it faded when Stephanie pulled me into a hug and another kiss, luckily they were leaving or Rita would have probably yanked her off of me. Everyone got in the car and said goodbye one more time, and they started their car up and drove off into the night.

    When we went back into the cabin mom ran ahead to get her cell phone that was ringing, and dad said goodnight and went straight into his room. We were still a little hungry so we went into the kitchen to see how much of that cake was left; there was only one piece left, so we split it. We finished the cake and washed the dishes just as mom was coming to us to say goodnight. She told Rita not to worry about the whole Stephanie thing, but I don’t think she was trying to hear that. We sat for a mini lecture about how to deal with the situation, and then she hugged and kissed us both goodnight, and told us not to stay up too late, we agreed and went back to our room, alone for the first time.

    We were finally alone, but it took the whole day for it to happen. I used up so much energy throughout the day I just wanted to lay down and rest for a minute or two, but Rita would have no part of it.

    I went into our room first and cut on the lamp, which only lit up half the room, took off my shirt and went to see where Rita was. When I got to the door she was just coming in, before I could say anything she had me pinned to the wall with her tongue in my mouth. “Don’t even think about going to sleep! I had to deal with little miss flirty drooling over you all day, interrupting our “us” time, and getting on my nerves. I got a lot of built up frustration, and I’m taking it out on you” she said pushing me onto the bed. Stephanie must have really ticked her off; I have never seen her like this. She looked like a woman possessed, but I liked it. I knew she was about to have her way with me, and there wasn’t a dam thing I could do about it.

    She crawled over me and took off my shoes and socks, then my pants, and finally my boxers. She stood up and bit her lip while staring at my cock, then stripped out of her clothes in record time. She straddled me and whispered “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you big brother” in my ear, which caused me to shiver a little. She took hold of my cock, raised up over it, and dropped down on it in one move.

    She froze for a minute from the force she sat down on me with, and then she smiled and opened her eyes and bounced up and down on me furiously.

    “Fuck yes! I’ve been waiting all day for this! Oh god this feels so dam good! I’m gonna fuck you good and hard today! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed.

    I heard a creaking noise and thought it might be the bed breaking, but when I went to sit up she pushed me back down. “You’re not going anywhere for a while, now that I finally have you to myself I’m gonna make the most of it” she said. I lay back down while she bounced on me like I was a trampoline, enjoying the pain and pleasure that came with it. I grabbed hold of her tits and pinched her nipples which drove her crazy. She pulled me up to kiss her and ground her hips into me, and I broke the kiss to suck on her nipples. She wrapped her hands around my head keeping me on it and fell forward on the bed while still riding me. “I want you to fuck me doggy style” she said and crawled over me on her knees with her hands on the headboard. I rubbed my cock on her pussy a few times but before I pushed it in she stopped me. “Not there!” she smiled shaking her ass a little. I was surprised that she wanted anal sex again; then again she did say she would fuck me hard, so I complied. I eased into her ass little by little, but she didn’t like how slow I was moving and pushed back ramming all of my cock into her. Once again she froze for a minute, but quickly was bouncing back into me as fast as she could.

    “Fuck my ass Randy! Fuck my tight ass! I want you to fuck me as hard as you can” she moaned.

    “Shhh. If you don’t be quiet dad could hear us!” I whispered, but still fucking her.

    “Don’t worry about that, moms taking care of him, now fuck me as hard as you can” she screamed.

    I grabbed her ass cheeks and fucked her as hard as I could. She was equally fucking me as hard, meeting me stroke for stroke. I was pounding into her so hard her ass was jiggling on its own, and I had to slap it. “Ooh, do that again!” she cooed. I slapped her again but harder this time. “Fuck yeah slap my ass it feels so dam good” she panted. Her moaning was making me slap harder and harder while I fucked her ass, leaving two big red marks on her ass. Since she was in a rough sex mood I decided to get a little bold. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it, forcing her to look at the ceiling. “Fuck yes! You know exactly what I want! Pull my hair and slap my ass while you fuck me!” she screamed. For the next five minutes I did just that, knowing I might never get this opportunity again I enjoyed every minute of it as much as she did. I stopped with the slapping and pulling and grabbed her hips to finish fucking her as hard as I could. A couple minutes later I screamed I was about to cum, and out of the blue she pulled me out of her. “Oh no no no you’re not gonna cum now! I’m not done with you yet!” she said slapping my cock in her hand. “I want to be on top again” she said lifting her leg so I could lie down. She put her leg down on the other side of my body and put my cock back into her pussy. The near cumshot and pounding her ass took a lot of energy out of me, so it felt good to just lay back and let her do the work. She went back to her furious fucking slamming herself down on me as hard as she could. We were both moaning so loud she kissed me to quiet us down. I pulled back and gritted my teeth signaling I was about to cum. If it was even possible she rode me even harder, and I gripped her ass to help move her up and down. “You gonna cum for me Randy, you gonna fill your little sister up with y…” she trailed off. Her orgasm started and hit her so hard she couldn’t even talk, she just let out low moans and gasps of air. As she shook in place on top of me I felt my balls tighten, and gave her a warning of what was to come, but I doubt she heard me. Ten strokes later I screamed to her I was cumming and filled her up with eight big spurts of sperm. Her eyes grew wide as she shook again as she was taken over by another orgasm.

    “I’m cumming again! Oh fuck I’m cumming again! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! She managed to get out before she collapsed on my chest, both of us exhausted.

    A few minutes later we came to, and had enough strength to turn on our sides and face each other. “How are you feeling?” she asked. “Sore, what about you?” I responded. “Me too. I’m sorry I went all possessive and sex crazy, its just that Stephanie was all over you, and I was so jealous, plus she kept popping up at the wrong times. I was getting frustrated, mentally and sexually, but I still shouldn’t have done that” she said. “Don’t even worry about it, if we were swapped I would have done the exact same thing, and I would definitely have fucked you senseless. I know why you did it, and it’s ok. Were twins remember? We practically share the same brain. I love you. Besides, you don’t ever have to apologize to me for having unbelievable sex!” I said grinning. She smiled and kissed me. “I love you too Randy, more than you will ever know. It was some unbelievable sex though wasn’t it” she said smiling.

    “Yes it was, that was dam unbelievable” a voice said in the room by the door.

    We both jumped and looked in the direction of the voice, but the lamp light didn’t shine that far over there, so I picked it up and pointed it in the person’s direction. It took a while to get the light on the persons face but when I did I knew exactly who it was. “Aunt Lisa, is that you?” I asked. She nodded.

    “You two really have to learn to start locking your doors!”
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    Default chapter 8

    by nivek_88

    “Aunt Lisa what are you doing here?” I said confused.

    “You mom invited me, it is a family vacation isn’t it?” she said sarcastically. Even though she knew about us I was still a little uneasy around her for some reason. Rita pulled the covers over us to hide our nakedness, but it was still a little dark in the room so I doubt she would have seen us anyway. “It’s a little late to be shy, after what I just seen I’m tempted to hop right in and join you,” she laughed. “How is it you always end up in our room?” Rita asked. “How is it you never seem to lock your door?” Aunt Lisa retaliated. I think you want someone to walk in on you, you horny bastards!” she added. “If you were messing around with someone who looks this good, you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off her either,” I said. “That’s true. She is a sexy little devil isn’t she? Well I’m going to bed, I’ve been working all day and driving all night looking for this place, but if you think you’re gonna go at it again, don’t hesitate to call me, or better yet, just come over into my room, it’s the one by the kitchen,” she grinned as she left the room. When the door closed we fell back into the bed. That’s the second time she walked in on us having sex, and the third time we were watched, we were starting to be ok with it. I stared looking at the ceiling when Rita laid her head on my chest and looked me in the eyes. “What were we talking about before?” she asked. “I don’t even remember, Aunt Lisa made me lose my train of thought. Come on, let’s go to sleep, we’ve got a big day of doing nothing ahead of us,” I said. She kissed me softly on the lips and cuddled up to me as I cut out the lamplight that for some reason I was still holding. Truth is, I did know what we were talking about, but I want the rest of this trip to be Stephanie free, so I let it go. “Goodnight Randy, I love you, she said wrapping my arm around her waist. “Goodnight baby, I love you too,” I said back. I kissed her neck and slowly drifted into a peaceful sleep.

    The next morning I woke up to an empty bed, I was a little confused since the only time Rita ever gets up early is to come to my room. I put on some shorts (yea we slept naked, but it was an accident, this time), used the bathroom and brushed my teeth, and went to look for her. I looked all around the cabin, and only saw the parents and Aunt Lisa making breakfast. Finally I found her in the last place I checked, the swimming pool. She was swimming laps when she looked up and saw me. “You just gonna stand there or you gonna get in with me?” she asked. Since I was already dressed for pool use ironically, I jumped in.

    As soon as I came from under the water Rita was right in front of me, smiling. “Finally awake huh?” she asked. “I’m surprised you’re up so early, I thought you’d be sleeping in after last night.” I said. “I know right! I have all this energy from I don’t know where. I got up and cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floors, wiped all the windows and now swimming laps in the pool. All that stuff hasn’t changed a thing I’m still so energetic,” she said. “I know a way we can put all that energy to use,” I said pulling her into a kiss. I ran my hands all over her body and she did the same, never breaking the kiss. When I went inside her bikini bottoms to play with her clit she caught my hand and held it there, confusing me in the process. “Mmmm big brother not yet,” she said breaking the kiss. “What’s the matter, you want me don’t you?” I said confused. “I do, but if you want me, you’re gonna have to catch me first!” she said as she splashed me and swam off away from me. Once the water cleared from my face she was halfway across the pool. I took off after her but by the time I had gotten close she climbed out of the pool and stuck her tongue out in mockery. For a moment all I could think about was how sexy she was dancing around in front of me, but then I remembered why she was dancing and jumped out to chase her. She took off running around back to the deep end of the pool, and when I got close enough to grab her, she jumped back into the pool. Now I was determined, she was not getting away from me again. I jumped in and swam after her faster than I thought I could. When I caught her I grabbed her on the foot and pulled her towards me, turned her around to face me and walked until her back hit up against the wall in the water. I had a look of hunger and lust in my eyes as I kissed her hard on the lips. “Oh god Randy, I should make you chase me more often,” she said between kisses. She rubbed my cock through my shorts and I kissed her harder, grinding against her. I reached my hand down and this time, my hand reached its destination. I rubbed her clit in small circles underwater, and she broke the kiss and moaned into my neck. I rubbed faster and she started breathing heavier and moaning louder, which she knows only gets me hotter. I slipped two fingers in and finger fucked her as fast as humanly possible. I didn’t even try to stop her from making noise, I wanted to hear her scream in pleasure, I wanted to look at her as she reached her climax, a few seconds later I got my wish.

    “Oh god, oh god, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Randy oh my god I’m cummmmmmmmmming!!!”

    Even underwater I could still feel her juices as they poured out of her pussy into my hand as he held onto me for dear life so she wouldn’t slip underwater. “Fuck Randy I need you in me right now!” she moaned as her orgasm subsided. By now my cock was rock hard so I wasn’t gonna argue with her, or was I? I lifted her leg and moved her bikini bottoms to the side, and ran the tip of my cock over her clit, which made her shiver in anticipation. When she closed her eyes and leaned her head back waiting for me to plunge inside her, I dropped her leg and let her go. “What’s the matter, you want me don’t you?” she said mimicking the exact same thing I said not too long ago. “I do, but if you want me, you’re gonna have to catch me first!” I told her as this time I splashed her and swam away.

    This time it was her with the look of determination on her face, as she swam up behind me faster than I expected. I knew I wouldn’t stand a chance in the pool so I got out and ran for the door, with her right behind me. By now my hard on had decreased a little so it wasn’t too noticeable as I took off out the double doors and back into the living room area. I didn’t see Rita, but I could hear her screaming after me, and I was enjoying every second of it. Running out of options, I ran to the side of the room with most of the doors and did eenie-meenie-miny-mo on the way there (sorry if I messed the spelling up on that, but can you blame me?), I picked the room with the walk in shower and bolted in there while listening to mom and dad complain about tracking water and running through the cabin. I go in the shower room and run to the corner, if I closed the door she would have definitely knew I was in there, so I left it open hoping she would pass. A couple minutes passed and I thought I had gotten one over her, I was wrong. She walked into the bathroom and locked the door, you could literally hear the lock click it was that quiet. “You little bastard!” she said as she just cut on all the showers and walked up to me. The look in her eyes told me this was gonna be another round of great sex. “Ok you caught me, now what?” I asked. “Now we pick up where we left off,” she said as she dropped her bikini bottoms to the floor. She pulled me against the wall under a shower and kissed me hard, this time there would be no running. I pushed my shorts down and off and played with her clit a little, and then I pushed my cock into her waiting pussy.

    She let out a moan of relief as I slid all the way inside her, meeting her crotch with mine. I started off slow and soft and built to hard deep thrusts. Her body was thrashing against me keeping up with the rhythm I had going, and pretty soon were fucking the shit out of each other.

    “Fuck Rita you feel so good!” I said pounding the hell out of her.

    “Yes, that it, keep fucking me! Fuck your little sister! Fuck my pussy for all its worth!” she moaned.

    I wet my finger in the shower water and eased into her ass, it was a tight fit but it went in. she looked up at me wide eyed and bit down on my shoulder. I grabbed ahold of her ass cheek with my other hand and spread it open as I fucked her, which gave me more room to fuck her. I kept this up for five more minutes before she pulled me out of her. “Lay down in the middle of the floor, I wanna ride you under the water,” she said. I did exactly what she asked me to do and laid down in the middle of the floor, cock sticking straight up in the air. It felt weird having the shower water hit me, and congregate around my body, but it was a good kind of weird. She wasted no time in straddling me as she sat down on my cock and continued fucking me. It looked like a scene straight from a porno the way her body was dripping wet as she bounced up and down on me. I couldn’t help but grab her titties as the bounced around in front of me. Her nipples were already hard, but I twisted them between my fingers anyway, causing her to bounce up and down on me harder.

    “Oh yes Randy, just like that! Squeeze my nipples, make them harder! Fuck! You feel so fucking good inside me! Oh god I’m getting light headed!”

    She lay down on top of me and just moved her ass in circular motions, by now the water was really having an effect on me as it was barely making contact with my skin, but enough to send chills through my body, and intensify the sex. “Come on Randy, fuck me hard! Make me cum on your cock!” she said and then kissed me. I grabbed a cheek in each hand and lifted her off of me and thrust her back down as hard as I could. Each time she came down she would let out a “ugh” sound that made me fuck her harder. I saw her eyes close and her mouth cringe, so I knew she was close to orgasm. I wanted to finish her off doggy style, but my knees would definitely hurt on this shower floor, so I decided on missionary. I tried to get up and reposition myself, but every time I pulled out of her, she would sit back down, so I just rolled over still inside her, picked her legs and sat them in my arms, and drove into her as hard as I could. “Fuck, fuck, fuck Randy if you keep this up I’m gonna cum!” she said as water splashed all over her body. I looked down at her titties bouncing up and down on her chest, my cock going in and out of her pussy, and back up at the look of an impending orgasm strewn across her face, and got a sudden burst of energy. I was now fucking her harder and faster than ever, building up to an extremely powerful orgasm for both of us. Her loud moans were the last straw; I wanted to tell her I was about to cum but didn’t have the time. I squeezed her thighs in my hands and pumped her full of my seed. About the same time she broke out into her own orgasm.

    “Yes, that’s it! I’m cumming! Oh my god! Oh god! Yessssssssssssssss!” she moaned.

    I kept filling her with my seed until it was just little droplets coming out of the tip, then I fell on top of her. She twirled her fingers in my hair as she held me in place on top of her. “I think I used up a lot of that energy,” she said. “Yeah, I’m pretty tired too,” I responded. “I never said I was tired! It’s gonna take a lot to wear me out these next couple of days,” she replied. Just then there was a knock on the door. “Ok kids, breakfast!” someone said on the other side of the door. It was a woman’s voice, so we weren’t too concerned. We got up and quickly washed up, got dressed and headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

    As usual, everyone else had already started eating before we got there, good manners my ass. “So why were you two running through the cabin and wrestling in the shower?” dad asked. We laughed at what he said, more out of awkwardness because Aunt Lisa and mom were staring at us and grinning, wondering what lie we came up with this time. “Its actually pretty funny, when Rita was on the diving board about to jump in, I ran up behind her and body slammed her into the water then took off running,” I said fake laughing. “It wasn’t that funny, but it was funny when I caught you hiding in the shower and slammed you back, over and over and over,” she said actually laughing. Aunt Lisa and mom traded looks and giggles at each other knowing what really happened, and we finished off the acting job by having a mini food fight. “Hey hey hey cut that out, we eat the food not throw it! You can finish your little deathmatch later,” dad said. “Sorry,” we both said simultaneously. “Finish up and go get changed, were gonna go on a hike in a little bit,” dad added. Rita and I broke out in laughter at the same time. “Haha the two prom queens are going out into the woods? No way!” I laughed. “Hey now we can be as adventurous as the next guy,” mom said. “Yeah, just because we’ve never been in the woods before doesn’t mean we don’t want to go, besides it could be fun,” Aunt Lisa added. It still was a little funny, but it was only a hike, not spending the night out there, so it shouldn’t be too bad for them. Once we cleaned up Rita and I put on some pants and a t-shirt with armguards, and dad did the same, but what mom and Aunt Lisa had on made us burst out in laughter again. They both had on sundresses with elbow pads and combat boots. We could not stop laughing, even dad got in a chuckle or two. “You can laugh all you want to, we look good!” mom said confidently. It took us a while to stop laughing, but when we finally did we headed out to start out hike.

    The middle path we knew didn’t go out as far, so we took the right one. It took a while before we got any depth into the woods, so we just took pictures of random trees and funny poses. We walked around a bend and saw a deer and her young running around playing. “Ooh look they’re so cute!” Rita said as she took pictures. “Don’t let it get too close!” Aunt Lisa said as she and mom hid behind dad, could be fun, hah! We watched them play around until they ran off, and we got back to our hike. We walked for about another hour making jokes and playing around until we came up to a creek with a little waterfall. It was a nice piece of scenery, it had flowers all around it with birds sitting on the trees, and you could smell the distinct smell of outdoor water, flowers and fruit. There was even a pathway that led to a giant rock that was in front of the waterfall, perfect for taking pictures. All the women seized the opportunity taking turns sitting down, standing up, and lying down on the rock; of course they all took off their shoes and arm gear to make for a better picture. Rita looked so beautiful the way she lay down with one arm holding her up, hair blowing in the slight wind, that perfect smile highlighted by her big blue eyes, its like I had fallen in love again. Once we had gotten all the pictures we needed we were on our way. I let the parents walk ahead and we drifted back a little, once they were far enough ahead I pulled Rita off to the side and kissed her as passionately as I could.

    “Mmmm Randy, what was that for?” she moaned. “Because I love you so much,” I said as I kissed her again. I started to take a picture of us kissing, but I was taking a chance of dad seeing it, so I decided against it. I was getting so turned on I thought about taking her right there, and I doubt she would have been against it, but if we took too long getting back they would have came looking for us, so it was a no go. “We better get back before they get suspicious,” I said reluctantly. “Aww do we have to? Stupid parents!” Rita pouted. “Unfortunately yes, they could get suspicious,” I said back. She made her puppy dog face and pulled my by the hand back onto the path, and jumped on my back.

    I started running and we were laughing and giggling when we caught up to the others. She jumped off my back and gave me an innocent enough peck on the cheek. “Oh honey how come you don’t carry me like that anymore?” mom asked. “I do carry you, but we can’t talk about that in front of the kids!” he joked. This turned into dad and me giving piggyback rides for about an hour. Every girl that was on my back felt me up in some kind of way, whether it was rubbing my chest, kissing my neck, or rubbing my crotch, I got violated, but I can’t complain. When we finally let them down we came to the top of a hill that overlooked a field of flowers with small animals running around and a few hills in the background. The women went all giggly and cutesy taking pictures of everything. The best one, ironically, was of a rabbit eating a carrot or something that looked a lot like one. We reached the end of the path we decided to head back, but we kept going in the circle of the path rather than turn around. It was much quicker walking back; I could see the flag on top of the cabin in the distance. I took off running in the hopes that someone would chase me, turns out everyone did. Rita was literally right behind me, with dad, G.I. Jane and G.I. Jenny not far behind. Eventually we grew tired and had to stop and catch our breath. Upon walking farther down the path back to the cabin we came across a lake that, like everything else, was surrounded by trees and flowers all around it. I heard mom and dad mumbling something, but couldn’t figure out what, so I let it go. “We have to come back here tonight, it’ll look so beautiful under moonlight,” Rita whispered in my ear. I nodded in agreement and Rita grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the cabin. “Last one back has to wash everyone’s clothes!” she said as she took off running again. Soon enough we were all running again for the cabin door. When we finally made it back Aunt Lisa was the last to get to the porch, so she earned the task of doing everyone’s laundry. “Be careful with the fabric softener!” I joked. She gave me a sly look and grin as she walked past me and back into the cabin, I’d better watch my back.

    “Ok you guys, dinners at 6:00!” mom yelled as Rita and I ran into the game room. As soon as we were behind closed doors she had her legs wrapped around my waist and was in an intense lip lock with me. She had me so hot ever since that photo shoot of hers I’ve just wanted to ravage her all day. There was a lot of moaning and tongue wrestling, and fondling of each others body, until she hopped down to undo my pants. “I’ve been waiting all day to put this big cock in my mouth,” she said. She unbuttoned and pulled down my pants and my boxers in one swift motion and stroked my cock in her hand while playing with my balls with the other hand. The only thing I could process at that moment was pleasure, but I knew that was nothing compared to what was about to come (no pun intended). I leaned my head against the wall and waited for what would be a great blow job when the worst thing that could happen happened, my phone rang. It was really weird because the only person who has my phone number is Rita, and she took her phone out to make sure it didn’t dial on accident, which it didn’t. I figured it was a telemarketer or someone but when I answered it I wasn’t even close.


    “Hey you!”


    “That’s right! How’s it going?”

    Rita went from aroused to pissed off in the blink of an eye. She got right next to my face so she could hear without me having to put it on speakerphone. “How’d you get my number?”

    “I got it from your phone when you weren’t looking, and I put my number in.”

    “Ok great, thanks. So why the call?”

    “I was just thinking about you and that kiss, all of them. It got me so hot; I just had to hear your voice.”

    “Oh come on, my voice is nothing special,” I said trying not to sound too interested.

    “I think it’s sexy, I wish we could have done more while I was there.”

    “Yea, but it was too risky with the parents being there, next time maybe.”

    “Ooh next time huh, I will definitely be looking forward to next time now!”

    “Yeah me too. Well it’s time for dinner, I have to run.”

    “(sigh) Ok, can’t wait to see you. Bye.”

    “Bye Stephanie.”

    I hung up the phone and saw Stephanie looking back at me with crossed arms. “Next time?” she scolded. “What was I gonna tell her, that I couldn’t do anything with her because I’m already fucking my sister?” I said in my defense. She looked at me, and then returned to her normal calm state. “Ok, I’ll let it go,” she said as she put her arms around me and kissed me. I breathed a sigh of relief. “Ok, now where were we? Oh yeah!” I said as I pushed my pants back down. “You know what, all of a sudden I don’t feel like giving head anymore, but I feel like getting it,” she said. She took off her pants and panties and lay on the pool table. “You lost a bet remember? Anytime I want, well now is one of those times,” she said as she waved me over to her. “Why do I feel like I’m being punished?” I asked. “You are, now get over here and eat my pussy,” she smiled as she rubbed her clit. “Next time you should make it a punishment that I don’t enjoy doing.” I said. “Less talking, more eating,” she said as she shoved my face into her pussy. I love it when she does that.

    Right away I sucked on her pussy to lick up all the juice that was leaking out. She moved her pussy in circles while grinding it against my face, and I kept her rhythm by moving right along with it.

    “Come on Randy eat my pussy! Eat it like you mean it! Shove that tongue all the way up in my pussy! Don’t you even think about going near Stephanie’s pussy, mine tastes better than hers!”

    Her pussy always tastes good, all the fruit juice really makes her taste sweet and tangy, which combined with natural pussy juices drives me crazy. I trail down to her ass and stick my tongue in, which I had to force in because I kept getting pushed out.

    “You nasty boy! Tonguing my ass! Then I must be as nasty as you because I love it! Fuuuuuck keep doing that! Fuck my ass and my pussy with your tongue!”

    I did as told and licked her pussy and tongue-fucked her ass, then I got an idea. I stood up with her on my shoulders and her pussy right in my face and took hold of her clit. Right away her legs clamped around my head and she jumped from the slight touch of my lips on her clit. I sucked it into my mouth and tickled it with my tongue, and at the same time I began spinning around slowly with her still sitting atop my shoulders. All she could do was hold onto my head as she was getting dizzy from the spinning and the pleasure I was putting to her clit. I leaned her back in the air and savagely wrestled with her clit and pussy until she let out a little squirt, and then another little one, but that’s not the one I wanted. I sucked, pulled, tickled, and even bit her clit until she couldn’t take it anymore. Her arms were swinging around with nothing to grab on to, so she grasped my head again. Just as Rita’s moans were getting louder, the doorknob turned and mom stepped in. “Ok dinner is…oh my god!” she said as she stepped in and closed the door. Her presence did nothing to hinder our concentration on what was at hand, either we were too wrapped up in the moment or we didn’t care if we got caught. I spun around a little faster and ate her out a little harder until I heard those magic words…

    “Oh god, I’m gonna come! I’m gonna fucking come all over your face Randy! Oh my god yes! Yes! Oh god! Yeeeeeeesssssssssssss!”

    My shirt was soaked from all the juice that poured out of her, considering I caught a lot of it in my mouth. I stopped spinning and sat her down on the pool table, which she immediately fell back on, and turned my attention to mom. She stared at me for a while in amazement before she spoke. “That had to be the weirdest, kinkiest, most erotic thing I’ve ever seen,” she said. “You should have felt it, oh my god that was amazing!” Rita said from the pool table. “Oh I am definitely gonna try that, one way or another,” she said reaching out to me. “Hey! Use the other way, this one is for me!” Rita said getting up on shaky legs. “Trust me, you will share, both of you! Now fix yourselves up and come to eat, dinner’s ready,” she said flashing both of us a grin and leaving out the door. “What the hell was that you did to me?” Rita asked as mom shut the door. “I don’t know, spur of the moment I guess,” I replied. “That was so intense, I couldn’t even think straight. I was up in the air, spinning around, getting eaten, there was too much going on to concentrate on anything!” she said. “Good, that was the whole point. I got a question though, how do you know your pussy tastes better than Stephanie’s?” I asked. She got this dumfounded look on her face as if she was trying to come up with an answer, then I thought back to when Stephanie asked to talk to her. “Holy crap, what happened in that room?” I asked surprised. She threw back on her panties and pants and headed for the door. “Can’t talk now, dinner time!” she said as she fled down the hallway. My mind was reeling with possibilities of what happened, and I was gonna find out one way or another what happened.

    By the time I got to the table mom had already filled Aunt Lisa in on what happened, and both were stealing glances and smiling at me. I was looking at Rita and she gave me that “don’t ask in front of them” look, so I let it go, for now. We mostly just ate because we were starving but we slipped in a conversation or two. Dad wanted to know what we thought of the hiking trip and I joked it was great getting to meet Xena: Warrior Princess and her sidekick Gabriel. Dad coughed and spit up food laughing, but mom took it as a compliment because she loves that show. Aunt Lisa just laughed at the whole situation, not caring about anything, but never taking her eyes off of me. When we finished eating I volunteered to do dishes and everyone sat on the couch in the living room.

    I walked in to a game of hearts and everyone drinking wine, even Rita. “Aww come on everybody started without me? Deal me in!” I said. I got up and poured myself a glass of wine hoping no one would object and luckily they didn’t. We sat playing cards for about an hour (we all love card games) until it got noticeably cold just like the night before. “Dad can you turn the fireplace on, it’s freezing in here,” Rita said. He got up to cut it on and noticed two things wrong; there was no wood or a cage to cover the fire. “Jim took his cage when he left yesterday, and we don’t have one,” dad said. It was an old school fireplace and needed a cage to go around it to contain the fire. Everyone frowned up, knowing we’d have to deal with the cold. “Why don’t you and Randy go to the store and get a cage, it’s too cold in here,” mom said. “Yeah, that way we can have girl time; manicures, pedicures, facials, the works,” Aunt Lisa added. “What? The nearest store is 30 minutes away!” dad protested. “Come on honey, it’s too cold in here, you don’t want me to freeze do you?” mom retaliated while she gave him that sad face. He never had a chance. He finally agreed and got his keys and shoes and we left to get the cage. Before we pulled out of the cabin lot I got an idea to save time. “Dad why don’t you go and get the cage and I’ll stay here and get the wood, that way we kill two birds with one stone,” I suggested. He thought a minute and realized it was a good idea. “Ok, but don’t hurt yourself with that ax, its old and unsteady,” he said. “Sure thing dad, be careful out there,” I said as he drove off. I didn’t need to cut any wood, there was still some behind the house that we didn’t use, I just wanted to get back in there and mess around with Rita while dad was gone. I grabbed four blocks and headed back into the cabin. I noticed all the women were gone, so I put the logs in the fireplace and went to look for them. “They’re probably doing all that manicure feminine stuff” I thought to myself as I looked for them. I heard voices coming from the room our parents were sleeping in so I went over, the door was cracked where I could see in with no problem so I peeked in. When I look in I see Rita was sitting on the bed and mom and Aunt Lisa were standing in front of her, what were they doing?


    My mom and my aunt are both looking at me weird. I thought we were gonna have some girl time while Randy and dad were out, clearly I was wrong. They were eyeing me like I was about to go through some kind of satanic ritual. “Why are you guys looking at me like that, am I in trouble?” I asked. “Oh no honey you’re not in trouble, just the opposite,” Aunt Lisa said. They both walked over and sat on either side of me on the bed, what did I just get myself into? “Don’t look so nervous honey, your aunt and I are here to take care of you,” mom said. “But I thought we were gonna have girl time?” I said confused. “We are, and you’re gonna enjoy every minute of it, this girl time is all about you,” she said as she lifted my head by the chin to her lips and kissed me.

    My mom was kissing me! On the lips! What the hell is going on? I wanna push her off of me and leave, but something keeps telling me to stay, that and the fact that her lips are so soft and smell like honey, so I just give in. I kiss her back with as much effort as she’s kissing me with, and I feel my panties getting wet. I feel Aunt Lisa start to kiss my neck and rub my breasts through my shirt, and twist my nipples in place. I moan into my mother’s mouth, and she responds by kissing me harder. She and Aunt Lisa both stand up and shake their dresses off of them onto the floor, then they unhook each others bra and their huge breasts hang freely from their chest. They stand me up and pull my shirt over my head and unhook my bra, releasing my breasts that look like nothing compared to theirs. Aunt Lisa lays me down on the bed and sucks a nipple into her mouth, and mom takes the other one. “Oh god that feels so good, keep doing that,” I moan. As soon as I say that Aunt Lisa trails her way down my body, and I can feel my panties being removed. Mom sits up and takes off her panties, then throws her leg over my body and straddles my face. “Eat your mommy’s pussy baby, make me feel good,” she said. I brace my hands on her thighs and run my tongue across her slit, making her shudder a little. Her skin was so soft and she tasted like peaches, which made me dive right into her. She didn’t taste anywhere this good last time my tongue was in her; she must have planned this from the start. I lick all around the inside of her pussy, sucking her juice into my mouth as I go.

    “Oh yes baby, eat mommy’s pussy! Oh that feels so good keep doing that! Oh yes baby right there, ooh right there, god you’re making me so wet!” she moaned.

    Then out of nowhere I feel kisses along my legs as they are pushed open, and I feel a tongue glide across my pussy making me jump out of shock right into mom’s crotch. I look past her pussy to see Aunt Lisa with her head between my legs, licking my pussy for all it was worth. It was hard to concentrate on mom while I was getting so much pleasure for myself, but I maintained focus and ate moms pussy with the same intensity Aunt Lisa was eating mine. The second I made contact with her clit, she dropped her weight on my face, effectively smothering me for a second, so I licked it repeatedly causing her to thrash and ride my face leaving pussy juice on everything it touched. I can hear Aunt Lisa moaning as she eats me, so I know she’s fingering herself, and at the same time, it’s sending little vibrations through my body which feel amazing. I lick two fingers and shove them right into mom’s pussy as I suck her clit between my lips, I pick up speed fingering her and it’s only a matter of time before she feels the urge to cum.

    “Oh god baby, I‘m gonna cum! Right there, right there! Oh shit, oh fuck, oh god I’m cumming!”

    I had to close my eyes she came so much, my face was drenched! Now I know where I got my squirting ability from. Slowly mom climbed off of my face and lay down next to me on the bed, still twitching a little from her explosive orgasm. I was glad I made her cum because now I could concentrate on Aunt Lisa going to town on my pussy. She stood up and went to the night stand drawer and pulled out a small vibrator and handed it to me, and then she lay on the bed next to mom and pulled me on top of her in the 69 position. In an instant she went back to eating my pussy and I started eating hers. Her pussy had the same peachy taste mom’s had, except a little tangier, but just as good. I turned on the vibrator and eased it into her pussy slowly while I licked at her clit. “Dammit Rita stop teasing me and push it all the way in!” she said. I obeyed and pushed the vibrator in as far as it would go, and then I turned it halfway up. Mom regained consciousness and got up and walked somewhere, but I wasn’t paying attention nor did I care. I felt a twinge on my clit as Aunt Lisa bit down on it and shoved her tongue back into my pussy. “Oh god Aunt Lisa you eat my pussy so good!” I panted. “I’ve had a lot of practice on your mother,” she responded and stuck her finger in my ass. I let out a loud yelp as she worked her finger in and out of my ass, and slipped another in to accompany it. I was grinding all over her face as I was fucking her as fast as I could with the vibrator. I took it out of her and sucked all her juices off of it, and then I turned it all the way up and put it right on top of her exposed clit. “Ooh, fuck!” she jumped and tongue fucked me faster as I held the vibrator in place and tongue fucked her back. She held out as long as she could before she finally gave in to the orgasm that awaited her.

    “Oh shit Rita I’m cumming! Oh god I’m cumming so hard! Fuuuuuuuccckk mmeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    Although she is shaking under me, she never stops eating my pussy, but she does push me away from hers. Just then mom comes back into view, and she has a strap-on attached to her waist that has to be at least 7 inches long. “She’s all ready for you,” Aunt Lisa says as she slides from under me. “Now the real fun begins!” mom said as she gets behind me, grabs my hips and thrust the dildo into my pussy.

    I let out a loud moan as she pushes the dildo in me as far as it would go. She was relentless as she pounded me with long stroke after long stroke, and I loved every bit of it. Aunt Lisa moved in front of me and pulled my face to her nipple, which I eagerly sucked in. “I think she likes it, sis,” she said to mom. “Maybe I should fuck her a little harder then,” mom responded. She smacked my ass cheeks and grabbed my hips harder, this time pulling me back to meet her as she thrust forward into my dripping pussy. I couldn’t say anything, I had my aunt’s nipple in my mouth and my mom fucking the shit out of me with her strap-on, I was in heaven. I finally couldn’t hold it any longer and cried out in ecstasy as mom rammed me, then as I open my eyes I look up and see Randy at the door stroking his cock. He looks me dead in the eye but never breaks his rhythm, and my pussy suddenly gets wetter. “Oh fuck mom lay down, I wanna ride you!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “Ooh my little slut is eager to ride mommy isn’t she?” she grinned. I nodded my head yes as she pulled out of me and lay down on the bed. I wasted no time in getting back on her, and soon enough I’m sliding up and down my mom’s cock. I grabbed on to her tits and squeezed them as I bounced up and down on her, feeling the smooth surface hug my pussy lips every time I pull out. I couldn’t get enough, knowing my mom was the one under me made me fuck just that much harder.

    “Oh god yes! It feels soooooooooo good! You like how I ride you mommy, you like how your daughter bounces up and down on you? God, I love it!” I moaned.

    “Ride that cock you little slut! Fuck it, fuck it hard! It feels good don’t it you little tramp!” mom screamed.

    I was like a madwoman, bouncing up and down on her as hard as I could, and Randy watching only made me hotter, so I really was fucking her hard. As I was grinding her mom reached up and pulled me down to kiss her, and she grabbed my ass and helped me grind on her. I was caught up in riding mom so much I had forgotten where Aunt Lisa had slipped off to. All of a sudden she walks in front of me with another strap-on just like mom’s, and forces the dildo down my throat. “Suck it you little slut, you know you want to,” she yelled as she pushes my head down on it. I suck the dildo with everything I’ve got until she pulls it out of my mouth. She smiled at me and walked from my view, seconds later I feel two more hands on my hips and Aunt Lisa shoves the dildo right into my ass.

    I suppressed a scream, mostly because the way she shoved it in my ass made me unable to talk. The pleasure I was now feeling was overwhelming, I was being fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time by my mother and aunt, how many people can say that? Needless to say I was enjoying it so much I just lie on top of mom and let them fuck me.

    “My little slut of a daughter likes being double penetrated doesn’t she?” mom said.

    “I think she does, why else would she have that big smile on her face?” Aunt Lisa followed.

    I sucked mom’s tit into my mouth and moaned out loud to anyone willing to listen. The pleasure they were giving me was constant. When one dildo was coming out, the other was going in; it felt so amazing that I began to slide back and forth, helping the fucking process move faster. I sat back up, and the dildo in my ass went a little deeper. Aunt Lisa played with my clit while mom twisted my nipples, I have never had this much attention paid to my body and I was loving every second of it. Every little thing they did sent a tingle through my body, adding to the pleasure that was already building up inside me. I wanted to cum so bad, but I wanted this feeling to last forever, so I held on for a little longer while my mom and aunt fucked the shit out of me. Mom noticed me holding on, and flashed me that loving smile she does when she’s about to say something. “It’s ok baby, go ahead and cum, it’ll feel that much better when you let it all out,” mom said. Her words set off a trigger in my pussy. Right after mom said that they both sped up fucking me faster and harder until I couldn’t take it anymore.

    “Oh my god, I can’t hold it anymore! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Fuck fuck fuck! Oh shit! Oh shit! Right there, I’m cummmmmmmmmmming!!!”

    I fell right onto my mother’s chest shaking and gyrating uncontrollably. My mind is all a blur, and I can see nothing but colors. I lay there for a minute going through everything that just happened in my head, I couldn’t believe what just happened, and I was right in the middle of it. “That was incredible, since when did you two use strap-ons?” I said out of breath. “We met this cute mixed girl in Bordeaux, France back when we were in college on a class field trip, lets just say she helped us truly appreciate the female body, you can thank her for everything that just happened,” mom said exhausted. “I remember that, I was sore that entire week,” Aunt Lisa said as she pulled the dildo out of my ass. When I finally get my senses back, I look over to the door and see that Randy is still there, though now he’s holding his limp cock in his hand.


    Mom and Aunt Lisa just fucked the shit out of Rita, and I had a front row seat to it. That had to be one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, I came so much on the wall I had to use my shirt to wipe it off. Who would have known they were capable of that, sure they said they had their experiments, but I would have never guessed anything like that. This made me see them in a whole new light, I don’t know whether to be extremely aroused that they are this kinky, or terrified that they have so much control over us. I didn’t want them to know I had been there the whole time, so I picked up my cum stained shirt and tiptoed back to our room. While I changed shirts I couldn’t get the image of Rita being double penetrated out of my head, the way mom was sitting on her face, how she 69ed with Aunt Lisa, the two strap-ons getting worked in and out of her pussy and ass, I was getting turned on again. Before I knew it I was daydreaming again, but I quickly snapped out of it when I realized I had to get back out of the house. I snuck out the back door and grabbed up some more logs of wood, just as I went around to the front door dad was pulling up in the truck with the cage in the back. “Ok dad you take the cage in, I’ll put the extra wood behind the house,” I yelled so the girls would know we were back. “Put that down and come give me a hand, this thing is heavy,” he responded. I dropped the wood and ran over to help him pull it off the truck, it really was pretty heavy, I don’t know why he didn’t just but a cheap one. We got it on the porch and sat it down to open the door, all the women in the house were sitting on the couch in those thick white bathrobes everyone in the world has giving each other pedicures.

    I couldn’t tell if they were naked under there, but they did a great job of covering their tracks. You could smell strawberry flavored incense and the strong smell of nail polish remover; they even had those things separating their toes while they painted them. “You guys not done yet?” dad asked. “It takes time to look this good,” mom responded. We carried the cage over to the fireplace and sat it over it and finally started the fire. We sat down on the couch opposite the girls and went back to our card game. Every once in a while Rita would look up and catch me smiling at her and game me a “shut up” face, I just looked away and laughed, hoping to tick her off a little. After a while the card game started to get a little boring, so dad went in the kitchen and grabbed two more bottles of wine. We all took shots (well glasses is more like it) of wine while we played this game called Guesstures. As the game went on dad had gotten pretty hammered on the wine, which is funny because he can drink a 6-pack and feel nothing, and was flailing around like he was on fire. I ran to get the camera and came back to dad gone and everyone in the room still laughing at him. We figured he went into their room and passed out, instead he came out with a sheet on his neck like a cape, a belt around his head, and white tightie whities on over his shorts, I swear he looked exactly like Doug’s alter ego Quailman. He was making stupid noises, jumping off the couch, sliding on the floor, spinning around in circles, anything that looked stupid he did it. We could not stop laughing. I recorded and took pictures of him so I’d have something to blackmail him with later. When everything finally calmed down dad went and got another bottle of wine and staggered to his and mom’s room yelling for someone to go and give him a massage. “Well it looks like that’s my cue,” mom said as she stood up. “Let me help you, I know a few techniques,” Aunt Lisa said eagerly, maybe a little too eagerly. Mom was a little cautious but after a few mumbles and some hand signals she agreed. “You two be good now, who am I kidding just don’t stay up too late,” mom laughed. I loved our new relationship with her and Aunt Lisa, it’s like it didn’t matter that we were family. They both blew us a kiss as they left and went into the room dad was in, leaving Rita and I sitting on the couch.

    I looked at her smiling waiting for her to say something, she didn’t, instead she just smiled back and started to open her robe. I sat up in my seat and fixed on her body like a good little schoolboy pays attention in class. When she opened her robe and revealed she had on a bikini I was a little disappointed, but I didn’t let it show. “Wanna go swimming?” she asked not waiting for a response and walking to the pool. I took off my shirt and ran up behind her and picked her up off her feet, ready to throw her in the pool, but then logic set in. if I throw her in it could be bad for me, so I put her down, only for her to push me in, very ladylike.

    She jumped in and came straight to me to put her arms around my neck and kiss me. “So, what really happened in that room with you and Stephanie?” I asked. “You’re not gonna leave me alone until I tell you are you?” she said, and I nodded my head no. “Fine, she wants to have sex with you, so she came to me looking for tips on what you like and stuff. I told her wear something skimpy, but not too skimpy and make sure she’s fresh down there and drink a lot of fruit juice like I do, just in case you wanna go down on her, but you better not! She got curious on how it tasted and asked if she could lick me, but said she was just curious and not coming on to me, I said what the hell and let her, and she did it for a little while. She asked me to taste her to see if she tasted ok, so I said what the hell again and did it. She wasn’t that bad, but the juice would definitely help,” she said. I looked at her and just smiled. “You’re turning into a little slut, you’re gonna try something with Stephanie aren’t you?” I joked. “No I’m not, I was just experimenting, one time thing only. I still don’t like her,” she said as she play hit me. “So you were just experimenting when mom and Aunt Lisa were pounding the hell out of you?” I questioned. “No that was great! I’ve never been fucked with a strap-on before,” she said. “So you’d rather have a dildo than the real thing?” I asked. “The dildo felt great, but the real thing feels better the way it pulsates inside you,” she replied. “You know, watching you get fucked like that got me real hard, I’ve been thinking about it since it happened,” I said pushing her to the wall and taking off her bikini bottoms. “Mmm really? And what are you gonna do about it?” she said as she slid my shorts down my legs and stroked my cock. I put both our bottoms on the ledge and picked her legs up off the ground (which wasn’t hard to do in the water) and pushed my cock right into her without any warning.

    She gasped and grabbed the wall behind her as I forced my tongue down her throat. The coldness around us plus the hotness inside her pussy gave me a mixed feeling of senses every time I would pull out and thrust back in, kinda like an icy hot patch. I couldn’t fuck her as fast underwater, but it still felt great regardless. I moved her bikini top out of the way and sucked her hard nipple into my mouth, and twisted it between my teeth, then I did the same to the other, all her moaning and groaning was making me bite her harder. After a while I pulled out of her and let her legs fall to the floor and turned her around, bent her over and stuck my cock right up her ass. She grunted and tried to grab onto something but there was nothing but the ledge of the pool and our clothes. I fucked her as deep as I could since speed was not a factor in the water, and every time she tried to lift her head up, I’d push it back down.

    “Keep your head down!”

    “Oh god yes big brother anything you say just please don’t stop fucking me!”

    I brought my hand around and fingered her pussy while I played with her clit. “You like being fucked in the ass now don’t you, my fingers in your pussy while I squeeze your clit?”

    “Yes, oh god I love it, I love the way you fuck me, you always fuck me so good!”

    “You like being a slut for your big brother? Letting him fuck your pussy and ass whenever I want?”

    “Yes! Anytime you want! It’s your ass, it’s your pussy, do whatever you want with them!”

    I walked her over to the stairs on the swimming pool and had her step up with me still in her and hold the rails, this way I could really fuck her. I didn’t take long to build up a fast pace pounding her as hard as I could; I was so horny I didn’t think my cock would ever go soft. I pulled out of her ass and slid it back into her pussy, and leaned forward to get a handful of her tits. I resumed the hard fucking I was giving her, taking not to the clapping noise I made every time my balls hit her pussy, and I noticed she was on the brink of cumming.

    “Don’t you come yet; you better hold it till I say you can let it out!”

    “Fuck! Please let me cum, I want to so bad, you’re fucking me too good I won’t be able to hold it!”

    “Not yet! If you cum early you’re gonna be sorry!” A couple minutes went by with her asking if she could cum.

    “Please Randy, can I cum now, please?” she begged.

    I paused a little before I said anything. “Ok go ahead you can cum now.”

    Almost the second I said that she squirted on me like a fire hose and screamed at the top of her lungs, I’m glad we were in a soundproof room. She was on shaky legs but I wouldn’t let her fall, instead I pulled out of her pussy and put my cock back in her ass. After five minutes of hard ass fucking I felt my balls tighten, and I knew I was about to come.

    “You want my cum, you want me to cum in your pretty little ass?”

    “Yes Randy yes! I want you to shoot your load deep inside me!”

    “How bad do you want it?”

    “I want it real fucking bad, please big brother cum in your little sister oh god please!”

    The brother/sister comment did it. I thrust hard in her one more time and squirted all my juice inside her worn out ass. I thought I’d never stop, it had to be at least eight big spurts and a few little spurts before I felt the last little bit run out of me. When I was finally empty I fell back into the pool exhausted, Rita tried to get out, but her legs were too weak and she fell in right behind me.

    Slowly the feeling began coming back to my body, and I swam over to where Rita had floated when she fell in and grabbed her in a soft bearhug. “Oh my god Randy, that was fucking incredible! When did you get to be so dominant?” she asked. “Well since you manhandled me yesterday and mom and Aunt Lisa dominated you, I thought I’d give it a shot. How’d you like it?” I asked. “I loved every second of it, then again I love all the sex we have,” she replied. we swam over to where our bottoms were and climbed out of the pool, just as we were about to put them on we heard the doors open. “Come on!” Rita laughed as she grabbed my hand and led us out the door that leads outside.

    We looked like idiots hopping around trying to get our bottoms on with our flip flops going every which a way while running from whoever it is. We go around the front and before we go in Rita grabs the flashlight and motions me to follow her on the left side path. The moonlight has everything lit up nicely but it doesn’t hurt to have backup just in case. She stops walking when we get to the lake we seen earlier on our hike and shines the flashlight on a rock that we could sit on. Just as I thought it would be, the moonlight lit the whole lake up and everything around it, giving it that “hidden paradise” look. “Its so peaceful looking,” Rita whispered. “Yea, it’s always like that right before Jason comes to kill someone,” I joked. “Randy that’s not funny!” she said as she hit me on the arm. “Don’t worry, if he comes I’ll make sure he kills first me so you can get away,” I said. She gave me this look like I was ruining the mood, which I was, so I backed off. “You know I’m just playing, I would never let anyone hurt you. It is pretty beautiful though,” I said as I pulled her close and held her. We sat there and looked at the scenery until we got tired and decided to head back. Even though it was a little cold with our swimwear on, we walked and held hands the whole way back. We went in and grabbed our stuff from the living room, went into our room to put on warmer clothes and got into bed. We cuddled up again as we kissed and said goodnight to each other, and fell asleep holding each other. Tomorrow will be our last day here, and I plan to make the most of it.
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    I'd like to mention that I had obsolutely no involvement in the writing of any of these chapters. I simply copy and pasted these from the story section, with nivek_88's permission.
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    Default thanks

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    Continue here!
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    Default Chapter 9

    Sorry, I hadn't realized he had continued these stories. Anyways, here is the next chapter:

    After everything that happened yesterday it’s no wonder I was having sex dreams all night. In the first one mom was riding my face and Rita sucked me off until I came, in the second Aunt Lisa was eating mom out while I was fucking her doggy, the third I was on top of mom pounding the hell out of her, and in the one I’m having now I’m having my world rocked as Rita rides me slowly, then picks up speed, and slows down again. It feels so good, so satisfying, so real, in fact, it feels a little too real. I can actually feel hands pushing down on my naked chest, smell the familiar smell of sex in the air, hear the pleasurable sound of a woman moaning, and that oh so wonderful suction feeling that happens when a woman goes into orgasm. This was definitely happening for real, and when I finally opened my eyes, the sight of Rita sitting on top of me confirmed it.

    “Ugh, I’m sorry baby, ugh, but I couldn’t wait for you to get up, ugh,” she moaned.

    “Oh my god Rita it’s ok, you feel so good, just don’t stop riding me.”

    She took my hands and put them on her breasts and squeezed, which caused her to shake a little, and in turn made her ride me a little harder, action reaction at its finest, thanks physics class. She looked me dead in the eyes as she moaned and rode me, and it’s a sight that will be etched in my mind forever. I was getting more and more aroused by the second, I had to pull her down into a kiss, and what a kiss it was. I swear we were made for each other, every move we made complimented the other, I opened my mouth and her tongue slid in, she sat back up and my hands went back to her tits, she moaned and my hips took on a mind of their own, fucking her relentlessly. We had gotten so caught up in each other we forgot one major important detail…

    “Where are the parents?” I yelled as I sat up.

    “I don’t know, and I don’t care, lay back down baby.”

    “We can’t let dad catch us, these doors have no locks, we have to make sure they’re not up.”

    “Uuhhh, ok fine, but hurry up, I need you back in me right fucking now!”

    We got up and put on robes and looked around for them in every room but found no one, but when we got to the kitchen we found a note on the table.

    Your mom, aunt and I went on a little walk, we should be back around ten or so, try not to destroy the cabin while were gone- dad.

    Once we finished reading the note we dropped our robes to the floor and kicked them to the side only to notice my cock had regained full hardness, and Rita was equally as horny dripping on the floor. It was only 8:27 so we had plenty of time to fuck each other silly. Since we were already in the kitchen I figured we might as well use it, so I swept everything on the table to the floor (I always wanted to do that) and picked Rita up and sat her on it. We kissed a while before she lay back and spread her legs wide open for me, and I wasted no time and plunged myself back into her.

    “Uhh oh god, now fuck me, fuck me hard, you owe me for taking it out in the first place!”

    “Ok, but remember, you asked for it!”

    I leaned forward so my face was directly over hers and placed my hands on the table, and with just the lower half of my body, I drove in and out of her. Each thrust made her body bounce in place as she squeezed the ends of the table to try and steady herself.

    “Randy! Randy! I love you! Oh god I love you so much! Keep fucking me!”

    With that kind of talk I was bound to blow my load early, so I slowed pace a little and leaned down to kiss her. As our tongues danced around, I massaged one of her breasts and twisted the nipple between my fingers, and then she pulled me down her body to suck on her other nipple. As I continue to fuck her she sits up and puts her arms around my neck to pull herself up, I take the hint and lift her off the table so she’s now riding me standing up. I grab hold of her meaty cheeks and help her bounce up and down on me. We fucked like this for a good ten minutes before she hopped down and bent over the table and shook her ass at me.

    “I think you know what to do, get over here and fuck your sister’s brains out.”

    That was all it took, I walked up behind her and pushed right back into her pussy. She let out a loud yelp and started meeting me thrust for thrust. I grabbed a lock of her hair and pulled her head back enough so I cold kiss her. When she broke the kiss she let her arms buckle under her and fell onto the table, which to me says “fuck me harder,” so I did. I took her hips and railed her as hard as I could constantly without letting up, and she was very appreciative.

    “That’s it, fuck me! I’m your slut Randy, only yours! Oh you make me feel so fucking good!”

    “If you like that, then you’ll love this,” I said as I stuck my thumb in her ass.

    “Oooh, see what I’m talking about, you make me feel so good! Please don’t stop!”

    And I didn’t, in fact I picked up speed fucking and fingering her. I could see her tits smashed to the table as she rocked back and forth, her pussy squeezing me on each inward thrust. I kept this up for a while before I pulled my finger out of her ass and gripped her hips again, and began my final assault on her pussy. I could see as she rose up on her toes and clenched her fists on the table and screamed for me to make her cum. The combination of the smell of our sex filling my nostrils along with the clapping of her ass cheeks on me sent me into a rage as I sped up effectively fucking the living daylights out of her. The pressure of feeling so much pleasure while trying to hold it in finally overtook her as she broke out into a violent shaking orgasm.

    “Fuck! I’m cumming so hard! Oh my god! Oh my god! Fuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!”

    I continued fucking her through her orgasm as she fidgeted in front of me and flooded my lower half with her cum. I had held on as long as I could but could do so no more as I screamed to her I was cumming and released every ounce of semen in my body into her pussy. My cumming in her must have given her another orgasm because she tightened up on me and shook around again before we both finally fell forward on the table exhausted.

    No words were said, there was only heavy breathing, smiles, and kisses exchanged between us. It was when we realized we were hungry that we got up, grabbed our robes and went to get cleaned up in the bathroom. When we came out we decided that we would make breakfast for everyone, so we put on some sensible clothes and headed back to the kitchen.

    We decided to make eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes, I made the eggs and pancakes, and she made the bacon and sausage. The whole time we were cooking we were kissing and touching each other and grabbing through clothes. Its like were not even brother and sister, but to keep it official we did mess around. I threw a pancake at her that landed directly on her face, and burst out laughing. My laughter was short lived though as she in return threw a hot sausage at me that burned my skin a little, but not too much. After we had our fun we went back to cooking and kissing like two people who were deeply in love with each other. Once breakfast was finished we washed up the dishes that were dirty so it would be less to do later, and as we were setting the table, everyone walked in through the cabin door.

    “Something smells good!” mom said, and the others agreed.

    “We figured we’d take care of it this time, but don’t get used to it,” Rita joked.

    We all took our places at the table and sat down to eat, we really didn’t talk about much since everyone was so hungry they didn’t concentrate on anything but the food. The only conversation I could remember coming up was what we were gonna do the last day here, and no one had any suggestions. Once we had finished eating Aunt Lisa asked if we wanted to go for a swim in the pool since we had all not been in at the same time, we agreed and all the adults flew from the table running and laughing like little kids in a candy store leaving us to clean up, I guess its only fair since we do it to them all the time. Not even waiting the full 45 minutes after they ate we could hear them laughing and heading towards the pool. When we finished cleaning up we went and changed and headed out to the pool where they were already splashing around, and we figured we’d better make a grand entrance.

    “Cannonball!” we both yelled as we jumped in splashing water everywhere.

    “You guys! Now my hairs all wet!” Aunt Lisa pouted.

    Mom just looked at us, then at Aunt Lisa and laughed, “don’t worry about it, after a while you get used to it, they’re always doing something.”

    We messed around in the water for a good while, jumping in and out, splashing each other, throwing someone, just good fun. It was here that we discovered that everyone had a different talent in the water. We found out that dad can hold his breath underwater for 4 minutes, mom is an amazing diver, Rita’s entire body can float above water, I can swim for a long time and not get tired, and Aunt Lisa is the fastest swimmer. That last one came as a shock to Rita because she thought she was the fastest. There was little to no flirting as we were only focused on having a good time, but its not to say to few hints didn’t go unnoticed, like when Aunt Lisa rubbed her tits on my back, or when mom backed into my crotch, or when Rita flat out shoved my hand in her bikini bottoms. For some reason, sex wasn’t even considered at the moment, we were content with just having fun, and enjoying each others company. We were all leaning up against the wall swaying our feet back and forth in the water when mom did a girly shriek and started tapping dad on the arm.

    “Ooh, ooh, ooh! Why don’t we have a barbeque! We haven’t had one in ages!”

    Dad looked a little surprised, “that would be great, but there’s no charcoal here.”

    “Yea there is, I saw some in the cabinet yesterday, and some lighter fluid.”

    He thought for a minute, and then smiled, “its ok with me, we could cook up some of that extra food.”

    Mom clapped her hands in excitement, “Yay! Lets get started on it now, this is gonna be great!”

    It was settled, we were having a barbeque. All the adults got out so they could rinse off in the shower but we stayed in for a little while longer. We didn’t do anything, just swam around holding each other and kissing each other and what not. Things were going great, I had the girl of my dreams, a great family, my health, life was good. I could look at her and tell she was thinking the same thing, and we sealed the moment with a passion-filled kiss.

    “I love you so much, I don’t know what I’d do without you,” she said.

    “I love you too, and don’t worry; you’ll never have to find out.”

    We got out of the pool and rinsed off in the showers, got changed and headed outside, where the adults had gathered all the food they were going to cook; hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers, ribs, and a few steaks, this was sounding like a great idea. We helped mom and Aunt Lisa set up everything and dad got the fire started. He and mom would take turns grilling since they both wanted to make something, and Aunt Lisa would make the cole slaw and macaroni and cheese, so we had nothing to do. We didn’t complain as we took off into the woods, not really knowing where we were going, but leaving before they changed their minds and had us do something. Before we knew it we were back at the lake we were at last night, and there were two rowboats sitting at the bank.

    “Where the hell did those boats come from?”

    “I don’t know, but since they’re there, let me take my favorite girl for a ride.”

    “Oh, so romantic! Were only going in one boat right because I don’t wanna paddle!”

    “Yes one boat, not get over there before I change my mind.”

    She skipped down to the boat and I followed behind her. I picked her up so she wouldn’t get her feet wet and she responded by kissing my neck, which almost made me drop her. I sat her down, pushed the boat into the water and climbed in.

    As I was rowing she was locked dead on me, giving me that sexy stare that seems to only happen in the movies, and I couldn’t help but stare back, she truly is a beautiful girl.

    “I love you,” she said never looking away from me.

    “I love you too.”

    “I love you more.”

    I don’t know who loved each other more, but I decided to test her theory. “Prove it.”

    Without hesitation she leaned forward and took my cock out of my shorts and started sucking me. I cannot tell you how good it felt. She was deepthroating me every time she sucked me and was playing with my balls with one of her free hands.

    “Oh my god Rita that feels so good, please don’t stop!”

    She mumbled something but never stopped sucking me. I was barely able to keep paddling I was feeling so good. She pulled out so her lips were at the head and sucked and slurped her tongue around it, which was making me very sensitive, and then she took me back into her mouth with one movement. I was trying to hold out while rowing to who knows where but something had to give.

    “Fuck Rita I’m about to cum! If you don’t want it down your throat you better move!”

    She didn’t move, she instead sucked faster and squeezed my balls slightly, but enough. I stopped rowing as I thrusted forward and she pushed my cock past her tongue and into her throat just as I released shot after shot of jizz into her. I could see her throat moving as she worked it down never missing a beat. When I came all I could she let my cock slide from her mouth and kissed the tip looking up at me.

    “I told you I love you more.”

    “Rita that was fanfuckingtastic! I came down your throat!”

    “I don’t think I would ever to that for another guy, let alone enjoy it.”

    “I have no doubt now, you love me a little more, but not much, don’t forget my oral skills!”

    She shuddered and closed her eyes for a minute, “if only you didn’t have to row this boat.”

    A few seconds after she said that be hit the bank on the other side of the lake. I picked her up again and carried her to the grass to avoid getting wet. We walked up the little hill and saw flowers everywhere, tulips, sunflowers, roses, orchids, just flowers. Rita grabbed my hand and we took off picking flower after flower until we had a bushel of every flower that was out there, which turned out to be 12 bushels. We left the flowers there and went exploring to see what else was around, which was only more flowers. We came to this huge tree that had a bunch of hearts with people’s names inside them, and there was a chisel stuck inside the tree. Rita sighed at me and I took the hint and carved our names and the word “forever” inside a heart. She walked up to me and hugged and kissed me and told me she loved me again, and then she would kiss me and tell me again, then again, and again.

    “You just can’t stop telling me you love me can you?” I smiled.

    “I can’t help it; I just have to tell you all the time, I love you, you, and only you.”

    We kissed a little more and walked around some more, but it was the same thing in the whole area, so we headed back to the boat. When we got back we both noticed the boat had drifted away, and had gotten pretty far out.

    “What the hell? I put the thing in the grass! How’d it get away?”

    “We’ll be stuck over here; I can’t swim that far without resting! What are we gonna do?”

    I took off my shirt and took everything out of my shorts and ran down the hill and jumped in the water after the boat. I didn’t know what was in this water so I kept a fast pace. After five minutes of swimming I finally caught up with the boat, the anchor piece had broken off and was in the water somewhere long gone. I climbed in and situated myself and made my way back to Rita. I looked up at her and she was just smiling and sitting down on the grass watching me.

    “Well I guess I love you more.”

    “Ok I’m not gonna lie, that was really sweet, and that makes me love you even more so I still win.”

    Everything is always a competition. I picked her up and put her in the boat along with all the flowers, then I got dressed and headed back to the other side of the lake. We got back to the other side and took all the flowers we gathered and headed back to the cabin. We got back and they were still grilling and making everything, and it looked like they still had a little while to go.

    “What the, where did you get all those flowers?” mom asked.

    “They were on the other side of the lake, we got one of each kind,” Rita said.

    “Well put them where you can, we still have a little ways to go.”

    It took a while, but we finally got the flowers situated. As we were leaving Aunt Lisa came in and grabbed a bottle of wine, smiled at us, and went back outside. I just know she’s gonna get drunk tonight, and I’ve never seen her like that so it should be fun. When Rita went to the room I went to the shower so I could get that lake water smell and feel off me and then went into our room and lay on the bed just looking at the ceiling as we’ve done many times before. While we were laying there she places her hand on the side of my face and pulls it to hers in a soft kiss, and soon after we were making out. She rolled on top of me as I felt her nice curves push against my body, giving me a slight boner in the process. Out of nowhere a loud noise scares us and we quickly separate as we hear dad laughing and talking.

    “Maybe we should just lay here for a minute; my eyes are getting a little heavy.”

    “Ok, but don’t think were done here, as soon as whoever that was leaves, I’m back on top of you.”

    Things didn’t work out as planned though, as we were both soon asleep, and I was back in dreamland. This time when I slept my dreams were only about Rita, and the various positions I was sure to try out when I woke. I was sleep for a good while before I felt a little pinch on my abdomen, but couldn’t quite wake up yet. After some will power I finally awoke, only to notice my pants around my legs and my now limp cock glistening with saliva, but no cum. I looked over at Rita to see her still sleep with a smile on her face; I guess she couldn’t wait for me to wake up again. As I sat up over the edge of the bed I noticed a card on the nightstand, it read…

    Save your energy, you’ll be needing it later tonight.

    There was a red lipstick kiss on it, and I know Rita doesn’t wear lipstick, so I knew someone had snuck in and sucked me off.

    “What’s that?” she asked taking the card out of my hand. She read it and looked at my pants at my legs and immediately knew what happened. “Which one of them did it? Tell me!”

    “I don’t know I was sleep, I thought it was you again like this morning!” I said as I fixed my pants.

    Just as we were about to get into it dad poked his head through the door, “ok guys the food is ready, were eating outside at the table, so go out there.”

    He left and shut the door behind him, and I looked back over at Rita, who was still a little pissed. “I’m gonna find out who did it, you better believe that, no one touches that cock but me!”

    With that she got up and sort of stomped out of the room, I quickly got up and followed her to reassure her not to do anything in front of dad, and she breathed calmly and regained her composure. I guided her out of the cabin door and we joined everyone at the table.

    “Have a seat and dig in, there’s plenty of food so feel free to pig out,” dad said while swallowing food.

    “You don’t have to tell us twice! Pass me the burgers and mac and cheese!”

    Rita was scanning for any suspicious activity between mom and Aunt Lisa, but they’re so good at hiding their expressions I don’t think she’ll figure it out. There was so much stuff they had to put two tables together, there was no way we would finish this food today, or even this week. We were sitting in the back area of the cabin, the trees were parted just enough to see the sun starting to go down, there was a slight breeze, and there was that outdoors nature smell, not to mention all the food that was there, it was a perfect setting for eating outside.

    “It sucks this is our last day at the cabin, I kinda like it up here,” Rita said.

    “Yeah it’s so peaceful, it’s nice to get away for a while, I wish we didn’t have to leave,” mom followed.

    Dad was busy chomping down on his steak to respond, and Aunt Lisa was admiring the scenery, so I just nodded in their direction and went back to eating. We ate more than I thought we would, completely clearing out the cole slaw, mac and cheese, steaks, and hot dogs, and there was about half of everything else there, man were a fat family. We had finished eating just as the sun was pretty much going down, and we gathered everything up and took it back into the cabin.

    I went back into our room and collapsed on the bed, I was so full I needed to lie down. A few minutes later Rita walked in the door and lay next to me.

    “Uugh I’m so full! I ate entirely too much food!” Rita said holding her stomach.

    “You? I can’t move! I feel like I’m gonna pop!”

    “I think I’m just gonna lay here for a while and digest all this food before I explode.”

    We lay there for a while doing absolutely nothing, but listening to the sounds around us. We heard dad talking to someone then running and a door slam then laughing, and this repeated itself for a while. When we were sure we had digested our food we got up and went to see what the adults were doing, which was the typical sitting on the couch drinking wine.

    “What were you guys doing out here? We heard you even with the door closed,” Rita said.

    “Your father was getting frisky, I high-tailed it before he could catch me,” mom giggled.

    “You guys do know there’s a perfectly good room right over there, you don’t need to be scarring us with your gross old people flirting,” I joked, more for dad than anything.

    At that moment Aunt Lisa came in from the kitchen with a half drunk bottle of wine and a bathing suit on. “Did you guys know there was a hot tub here? Its big enough to fit all of us in it, why don’t we all go take a dip?”

    Mom instantly lit up, “oh I forgot they said there was a hot tub here! Were all going in right now!”
    We all looked at each other, nodded, and headed to our rooms to change. If mom says we do something, it gets done, we don’t defy mom, besides it’s a freakin hot tub, you have to be an idiot to say no anyway. Since we all pretty much still had on our bathing suits, we were back in the kitchen pretty fast following Aunt Lisa through a door that seemed almost hidden because it blended in with the wall so well. When we got in the room we saw that Aunt Lisa had already turned it on, and it was indeed big enough for all of us.

    We all got in the water, Rita on my left, Aunt Lisa on my right, and mom and dad in front of me. The hot water bubbling around us and on our bodies, the light blanket of steam that was gathering in the room, and the rain forest wallpaper with the big roof window giving us a view of the night sky set the scene for a calming experience. Almost as soon as we sat down we were instantly relaxed, and it seemed with all the wine Aunt Lisa brought in here we would get pretty loose too. She poured everyone a glass and we drank it like water, so she poured us all another glass, but this time filled it up to the top. I drank half the glass and lay back and let the jets do their work on my back and legs, and from the looks of it, it seems I wasn’t the only one who was taking advantage of this as everyone was in the same position as I was.

    “We have to get one of these! It’s so relaxing,” mom said to dad as she sipped some of her wine.

    “They have competitions where they give stuff like this away at work, but I never really paid any attention to

    “Well you need to! We could put it on the back porch. Oh, I could just sit in here all day.”

    Aunt Lisa was gulping down glass after glass of wine, but surprisingly didn’t look drunk at all; I guess she can hold her liquor really well. “I’d get one myself if I had a man to sit in it with me.”

    “Don’t worry Aunt Lisa, Rita and I will be happy to come over and share your hot tub with you,” I said.

    “That’s very nice of you guys, but I meant an actual man, not my nephew.”

    “Hey, I am an actual man! You see these biceps!” I said as I stood up and showed off my muscles.

    She giggled a little but stopped when I flexed a little, “oh my, I guess you are a man, but don’t get a big head, you’re still the same skinny kid whose butt I used to kick!”

    “Oh you got jokes? I'd like to see you try that now!” I said splashing her.

    This started a little play fight with everyone splashing each other, kicking each other underwater, stealing someone else’s wine, and I’m pretty sure someone grabbed me through my shorts, but it didn’t matter, all that moving around I’m sure everyone touched someone everywhere. When things calmed down we went back to relaxing and drinking wine, which we discovered was almost all gone, we had went through three bottles of wine and was on the last one.

    “I don’t think I can drink any more wine, its leaving a weird aftertaste,” Rita said.
    “Yea me neither, it didn’t even make me tipsy, let alone drunk, I mean, not that I get drunk or anything,” I said when dad looked over at me.

    “Yeah, right. Well in that case we need something else,” he said as he left and came back with a 6-pack of bud light.

    Despite her earlier protest, Rita split the last bottle of wine with mom and Aunt Lisa while dad and I split the 6-pack. I drank two beers and he drank three, and the women finished off the wine, so with nothing else to drink we went back to relaxing in the wonderful hot tub. After about an hour of small talk and silence, everyone stood up to get out of the hot tub. Before I could stand up I felt a hand grab my crotch underwater, and immediately looked over to Rita, who had a knowing look on her face.

    “I’ll get out in a little while, I wanna stay for a little bit longer,” I said stretching out in the water.

    “Yeah I’ll stay for just a little bit longer too, it feels too good in here to get out,” Rita followed.

    Aunt Lisa looked at us and cracked a smile as she left out with dad, but mom stayed behind for a second. “I know what you two are planning, don’t even think about it, it’s too risky!”

    “We know mom, were just gonna you know kiss a little, and he’ll suck my nipples a little, and…”

    “And nothing! I’m serious guys, don’t.”

    “Ok mom, jeez, we wont do anything. Way to ruin our fun!”

    “You’ll thank me when your father doesn’t kill you,” she said as she left the room.

    The second mom was out the door Rita swam into my lap and pressed her lips to mine. All my senses were in overload, my hands were feeling all over her body caressing every curve of her back and ass, my vision was blurred by all the steam circling the room, the smell of her womanly scent combined with the fragrance of strawberries from her body wash, the sound of our lips smacking together and water splashing around us as she ground her hips into me, and the sweet taste of her tongue in my mouth sent me into a frenzy and had me rock hard within seconds. I broke free of her for just a second to talk.

    “Rita listen, I know mom said we shouldn’t do anything, but…”

    “I know, I’m just as horny as you are, just a little quickie, we’ll be done before she comes back.”

    She said exactly what I wanted to hear. I pushed her until her back was on the Jacuzzi wall and shoved my tongue back into her mouth. She pulled my pants down and stroked my cock a few times, which felt great in the hot water. I peeled her bra off and went straight for her nipple as my hands worked down her body and into her bikini bottoms. She let out a low sexy moan as I shoved two fingers into her pussy and worked them in and out at a steady pace, until she pulled me off her erect nipple and pushed me back.

    “Ok enough foreplay, fuck me and fuck me now!”

    I needed no motivation as I was equally as horny as she was. I eased back and pulled by shorts down, and at the same time she pulled off her bottoms and we put them in a pile on the floor. I neared her cock in hand and rubbed it across her clit a few times, and when she leaned her head back and shuddered I pushed right into her. She gasped and grabbed the edges of the hot tub as I held her legs and built up a steady motion driving into her. She closed her eyes and laid her head back on the Jacuzzi deck. I stared down in awe as her titties bounced on her chest and a smile slowly crept onto her face.

    “You like that, huh Rita? You like your brothers dick buried deep inside you?

    “No I don’t like it, I fucking love it! Fuck me baby fuck me! Shove that cock into your sister’s wet pussy!”

    I moved in close to her and kissed her while never breaking stride, and she wrapped her legs around me and helped me thrust into her. I broke the kiss to suck on her neck, which I know she loves, and let my free hand drop under the water to give her clit a little stimulation. By now she was moaning louder so I had to kiss her again to keep her quiet, but eventually she broke free so I moved from rubbing her clit to rubbing her tits. She released her grip on my lower back and bit her bottom lip as she squeezed her eyes closed. I knew she was approaching orgasm, so I pumped a little faster.

    “My pussy, oh my god my pussy, oh fuck yes! Keep fucking me I’m so close!”

    I had every intention to keep fucking her; even past when she came so I could make her cum again. I went back to kissing her neck and she moaned directly into my ear. I don’t know what it is but every time she moans this close to me it sets off something in me that makes me fuck her harder. I wasted no time and fucked her as hard and fast as the water would let me, while still kissing her spot on her neck, and she was rocking against me pushing me deeper into her while still moaning in pleasure. We were so caught up in the moment we didn’t notice anything happening around us, important things, like the hall light that led to this room being cut on, the door creaking as it opened, or dad walking in to catch his two children screwing each other, yeah, I’d say that last one is pretty important.

    “Don’t mind me guys I just came back to get that last be… What in the hell are you two doing?!”

    We were still focused on each other that we didn’t even hear dad’s outburst, we, like idiots kept on fucking. It finally dawned on us we were caught when dad walked over, put me in a choke lock and pulled me off of Rita and down onto the cold floor, naked as the day I was born. Rita went to put back on her bikini, but it was on the floor next to dads feet, so she concealed herself in the Jacuzzi, I on the other hand had to endure embarrassment as I lay on the floor trying to cover myself while figuring out how dad was gonna kill me.

    “Dad wait, we can explain,” I said in fear.

    “Are you two out of your dam minds? You’re brother and sister!” he yelled.

    Mom and Aunt Lisa came running in when they heard dad yelling, and I’m pretty sure they knew why. “What’s going on? We heard yelling… oh no.”

    “Your son and daughter were in here screwing each other, right in the dam hot tub!”

    “Mike, honey I think you need to sit down.”

    “I don’t wanna sit down, I wanna know why these two are having sex, and for how long! And I wanna…”

    “Please honey just come with me, you need to relax.”

    “I’m not leaving these two alone in here; they might try to start up again!”

    “I doubt that, besides Lisa’s here, please just come with me to the living room.”

    I breathed a slow sigh of relief as dad took a deep breath and exhaled, and mom grabbed his hand and led him out of the room, but not before he turned around and looked me dead in the eye. I was scared to death at that moment, what was he gonna do? Would he kick me out? Would he never let me see Rita again? My mind was a wreck, but I was brought back to reality when Aunt Lisa slapped me on the back of the head and handed me my shorts and Rita her bikini.

    “Are you two stupid? What were you thinking?”

    “That’s just it, we weren’t thinking, you bodies were doing the thinking for us,” I said.

    “Well I hope that little romp was worth it, now you got your father really pissed.”

    “What do you think he’s gonna go with us?” Rita asked a little scared.

    “I don’t know, you better hope your mother can get him to understand.”

    I don’t know why, but I had the sudden urge to tell dad everything, to let him know about us. There was a chance I could get the crap kicked out of me or get thrown out of the house, or both, but that was a chance I would have to take. “He shouldn’t find out about us from mom, I should be the one to tell him.”

    “Are you sure you wanna do that? You don’t know what he’ll do to you two.”

    “We slipped up, now we have to own up. It’s our mess, and we should be the ones to clean it up.”

    “I hope you know what you’re doing, this could either help the situation or make it worse.”

    “I know, but we gotta tell him, we owe him that much, we can only hope he understands.”

    “Wait Randy, if you’re gonna do this, them I’m gonna be there when you tell him,” Rita said.

    We turned off the hot tub, fixed ourselves up and went to go look for mom and dad, who were both sitting on the couch. When we came into view dad looked at us and we sat on the couch across from him, the truth had to come out, it was now or never.

    “Your mother tells me this isn’t the first time you two have had sex.”

    I was still scared of what he would do, but I was determined to clear the air, so for the next ten minutes, I told dad everything that happened between Rita and I, from the time at the beach, to the conversation in her room, when he caught me having sex, and even that talk we had in the truck. I also told him that it wasn’t just about the sex, that we were really in love with each other, and that no matter what he did to us, we would stay together. The whole time I was telling him this Rita and I were holding hands, and he appeared not to be bothered by it. He listened intently until I finished talking, then he sat there for a minute, making us nervous about what he was thinking, then after a while he finally spoke.

    “It took a lot of guts to come out and tell me everything. I’m not gonna say I don’t have a problem with this thing you two have going because I do, it’s gonna take some getting used to. When it comes down to it I’d rather have someone I can trust with my little girl rather than someone who don’t give a rat’s ass about her. Now just because I’m talking like its ok don’t mean you can go around the house flaunting all the dam time, keep it civilized, and there are locks on doors for a reason, learn to use them.”

    We sat there and listened to him, and then it dawned on us that he said he was ok with us.

    Rita looked at me then back at dad, “so daddy does this mean that we…”

    “We’ll see how it goes, and then we’ll go from there.” That was good enough for us.

    Rita leapt off the couch towards dad, “oh thank you daddy thank you!” she said hugging him.

    I got up and calmly walked over to him and held out my hand, hoping he’d shake it, and he did. “Thanks dad, this means a lot. We really do love each other.”

    Dad sat back on the couch and looked up at the ceiling, “I need a drink.”

    Aunt Lisa went with mom to the kitchen and Rita and I went to put some actual clothes on and sit on the porch to get some fresh air. “You know, I’m kinda glad this happened, I wish it could have happened differently, but still happy.”

    “Yeah, at least now we can be ourselves around the house and not have to worry about anyone finding out, well anyone inside the house that is.”

    “The best part is now we can sleep in the same bed together, you know, like an actual couple.”

    When I said that she scooted closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder, we didn’t need to say anything, just being there after everything that just happened was enough. Unfortunately our silence was short lived as the front door opened and mom came out and sat down next to us.

    “You see what happens when you don’t listen to mom? Things get all wild and crazy and you father almost bashes your face in! You two can’t keep away from each other one minute can you?”

    “We know mom we screwed up, were sorry, but it was a good screw up kinda because now dad knows about us and he’s ok with it right?” I asked.

    “What he said was it would take some getting used to, so you don’t need to be walking around kissing in front of everyone just yet.”

    The good mood we had was instantly gone, we were kinda almost back where we started. Rita seemed most upset as she pouted and threw a trail marker out into the woods. “Well why not mom? I’m tired of acting like there’s nothing going on, I wanna act like a normal boyfriend and girlfriend does and make out and touch each other and not have to worry about anyone seeing us, at least at home!”

    It felt weird when she said boyfriend and girlfriend, but it was a good kind of weird. I felt the exact way she did, if we had to worry about the public eye seeing us and judging us shouldn’t we be able to at least be ourselves in the privacy of our own home?

    “That’s why I came out here, I have an idea to get your father to understand the situation a little better and accept what you two have, it isn’t gonna be easy though. If everything goes to plan when we leave here tomorrow you should be free to act like a couple all u want. Whatever I do I need you guys to follow my lead or this wont work, got it?”

    We agreed to go along with whatever she had planned and she motioned for us to follow her back into the house and into the living room, where dad and Aunt Lisa was sitting on the couch along with a big clear bottle and five shot glasses sitting in the middle of the coffee table, it was the biggest bottle of Absolut Vodka I’ve ever seen.

    Mom walked to the table and grabbed the bottle, “ok this is how this is gonna work, the game is called “I never,” how it works is one person at a time you say something that you yourself have never done, and everyone else that has done what the person said has to drink a shot, and this keeps going as long as u want and everyone gets a turn, simple enough right? Ok let’s get started.”

    The first ten minutes or so went by pretty fast because everyone was only saying boring things, like I never lied to get ahead at anything, I never cheated on a test, or I never lead someone on just to get a free meal or drink. Just when we thought mom’s plan was bombing, Aunt Lisa said something that changed the rest of the game.

    “I never stole anyone’s underwear for sexual purposes.”

    Its not that it was such a good thing to say it’s, the fact that everyone else took a drink, even dad.

    Mom instantly jumped on him, “whose panties did you steal, because when we were younger I don’t recall ever wearing any panties!”

    “I don’t remember you saying we have to explain anything, and no they weren’t yours,” dad joked.

    Rita was next, “I never had sex with anyone outside this room.”

    She looked at me to see if I would drink, and I looked at her, luckily neither one of us did, but all the adults did, and they got to asking questions before we prompted them back to the game.

    Dad put his glass down on the table, “I got one, I never had sex with a total stranger before.”

    We looked around to see who would drink, then to our surprise mom and Aunt Lisa both took a shot. They both smiled to each other and dad gave mom that “explain later” look.

    Mom took the bottle and filled her glass back up, “ok I’ll go since I wanna sit this round out, I never done any kind of striptease thing, for work or play.”

    The way she asked that question we knew Aunt Lisa would be taking a drink, but we almost lost it when we saw dad throw one back, he got looks from everyone.

    “I was in college, I needed the money, it was a long time ago, case closed.”

    It was still a shocker, but we let it pass. Now it was my turn and even though I didn’t have something on hand, I was gonna improv it, but before I could even finish my sentence Rita jumped the gun on me.

    “I never…”

    “I never faked a headache to get out of sex!”

    “I’d have to have sex to begin with to fake getting out of it,” Aunt Lisa said.

    I started to take a drink to piss Rita off, but it was a bad career move, so I let it go. We almost laughed when mom and dad took a drink at the same time.

    “It was that night you went to that sushi bar with your co-workers, u still smelled like fish,” mom said.

    “The night you put on that avocado mask, enough said,” dad laughed.

    It was my turn again, and after what Rita did I had the perfect question to make all the women take a drink, and to shine some incest light on mom and Aunt Lisa.

    “I never had a lesbian threesome with the women in my family.”

    They all looked at me then looked over at dad, and took the shot. His jaw dropped, but he didn’t look disgusted, he looked excited.

    “Yesterday when you went to get the thing for the fireplace, we got a little friendly,” mom said.

    Dad seemed to get more relaxed with everything, though it might have been the vodka, but probably not. The next question that Aunt Lisa asked gave us no doubt that dad would be ok with us.

    “Not counting this last week, I never thought of a family member of the opposite sex in a sexual way.”
    We expected no one to take a drink, but when dad slowly did, all our doubts were gone.

    “I thought about my sister and my mother in a sexual way, but it was just thoughts, I didn’t get the chance to act on them.”

    Why did he word that the way he did, like he would have acted on it if given the chance? Is that why he’s cool with it, because I’m in the exact same spot he was in? Is that why we roughed me up, because he’s jealous I got to actually do something and he didn’t?

    “Would you have done anything if you had the chance?” Aunt Lisa asked.

    He paused for a long while, “I don’t know, I’m not sure, who knows.” Yeah he would have.

    We kept playing until the whole bottle was gone, and we were all sitting back on the couch tipsy, but still aware of what we were doing. We had found out so many secrets about each other tonight I don’t think anyone would have said under different circumstances.

    “So Mike honey, what do you think of your lovely family now?” mom asked.

    “I think, I think were all a bunch of incest weirdo’s,” he said.

    Mom looked at Aunt Lisa and Rita and nodded, “well I don’t know about the weird part, but you’re right about the incest part.”

    As soon as she finished her sentence mom walked over to where I was sitting, straddled my lap and started kissing me. I looked past mom to see Aunt Lisa walk up to dad and do the same thing to him, and then Rita moved mom out of the way and stuck her tongue down my throat. Here we all were, on the couch making out with someone we shouldn’t be kissing, but no one said a word to stop it, instead mom grabbed my hand and led me to their bedroom, and Rita and Aunt Lisa followed behind us with dad.

    Dad and I were both pushed on their king size bed and had someone climb on top of us, mom and Rita on me and Aunt Lisa on dad. I was in am intense makeout session with mom when I felt my pants being pulled off, along with my boxers. I sat up and mom pulled off my shirt and threw it in a pile on the floor, along with Rita’s clothes that she had just taken off. She and mom switched places so she could take off her clothes as well, and dad and Aunt Lisa had just finished taking off their last pieces of clothes.
    As soon as all my clothes were off mom sat down over my face and Rita took my cock in her mouth and started sucking while I ate mom out. Rita always tastes good but mom’s pussy tasted fantastic, it was a combination of peaches and that sweet, yet tangy taste of pussy juice. My tongue went straight up into her as she ground her pussy all over my face.

    “That’s it baby eat mommy’s pussy, oh you do that so good! Get your… ooh I love that! It looks like you guys have a little bit of competition now!”

    Rita pulled my cock from her mouth and danced her tongue around the tip, “doesn’t her pussy taste so good Randy? I couldn’t get enough of it!”

    “Mmmmhmm so good!” was all I could manage to get out before I dove right back into her pussy, and Rita took my entire cock back into her mouth. I managed to look past moms toned thighs to see dad and Aunt Lisa in a 69 with her on top sucking the life out of his cock, and he was doing work on her pussy.

    “Oh Mike I’ve been wanting to do this for years, but your wife is so dam stingy! Your cock feels so good in my mouth! That’s it, swirl your tongue around just like that!”

    “Dam Lisa you sure do know how to suck a cock! I wish Anna would have told me, I’m sure we could have worked out something,” dad said as he dove back into her pussy.

    I concentrate back on the two women in front of me riding my face and sucking me off, by now I’m barely holding off cumming as I can feel my cock sliding all the way into Rita’s throat. The feeling is so intense every time it happens I jump a little and my tongue goes farther up into mom’s pussy, and a little juice seeps out.

    “Oh fuck Randy if you keep doing that I’m gonna soak your face!” mom said.

    I hear a loud muffled moan as I realize Aunt Lisa must have just came over dad’s face, and her moan triggers something in me to start fucking Rita’s mouth faster. By hips are hopping off the bed as I fuck her mouth and mom fucks my face, by now I have her clit in my mouth sucking it and squeezing and pulling her ass cheeks together, and the pressure finally gets to her as she grabs my head with both hands and squeezes her legs together.

    “Oh my god baby, I’m cumming! Oh my god, oh my god, oh fuuuuuuucckkkkkkk!!!”

    I’m trapped between two massive thighs as a river of juice flows out of mom soaking my entire face; I mean there was not a dry spot left. As she rides through her orgasm mine builds to extreme pressure and I cant even let Rita know because mom’s pussy is still sitting atop my face, so I try to mumble to her as best I can (which by the way only makes mom shake even more), but before I know it, I’m ejaculating a huge load into my sister’s mouth. I continue mumbling through mom as I seem to spurt a never ending supply into my sister’s mouth, but she doesn’t seem to be complaining. After what felt like minutes I feel my cock slip from my sisters mouth, and mom rolls off of me to the side, where Aunt Lisa is still sucking dad’s cock, I guess he hasn’t came yet. While mom lays there dazed I pull Rita up to me, give her a big sloppy wet kiss, exchanging mom’s juices in the process, and switch spots with her on the bed.

    “Rita that was fucking great, now it’s time I returned the favor.

    I spread her legs to see her pussy glistening, waiting for me, her arousal strong as the pineapple pungent odor fills my nostrils begging me to dive into her, and that’s exactly what I did. The second my tongue touched her pussy, her body locked up and pushed her pussy into my face even more. God I love eating her pussy, mom may have had a better taste but Rita’s was made for me, and I’ll never get tired of it.

    “Randy! Yes! Oh my fucking god no one eats my pussy better than you, no one! I love you so much!”

    “I love you too, let me show you just how much I do,” I said as I started licking her asshole.

    “Ooh fuck! You know I love that! I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll be sore all week!”

    When she said that I saw dad peek up from the blowjob he was getting, from now mom and Aunt Lisa who were trading off on him, they both saw this and smiled at each other. I went back to eating Rita out, which by now I had just stuck a finger into her ass and had her clit between my teeth. She tried to stifle a moan but failed, and it only got louder as I slipped a finger on the same hand in her pussy and fucked both holes as I pinched her nipple and sucked her clit. I looked over just in time to see dad squint his eyes and grab the head sucking his cock, which was Aunt Lisa’s, and pump his seed into her mouth while mom licked his balls. Cum slipped out the side of her mouth but mom was there to lick it up. Not a second later Rita grabbed my head just as mom did and fucked my face as fast as she could, her orgasm was fast approaching and I was ready for it.

    “Randy, I’m cumming! I’m cumming baby! I’m fucking cumming! Yeeeessssssssss!!!”

    Her juices didn’t come out all over the place like moms did, so I had no problem scooping it up and gulping it down. I crawled up her shaking body and planted kiss after kiss on her lips, which she returned, then I kissed my way back down to her nipple, but before I could put it in my mouth, I heard a “Oh god yes!” and we looked over and saw Aunt Lisa impale herself on dad’s cock. I went right past her nipple and sat up on my knees and pushed my cock right into Rita’s wet pussy.

    “Oh fuck! Now pound me Randy, pound your little sister with your big brother cock!”

    She didn’t have to tell me twice. I started slow and worked up to a fast pace fucking that had her squirming all over the bed. I sat up on my knees, grabbed her hips and gave her what she asked for, a hard pounding. She pinched her nipples and moaned my name every few seconds, giving me initiative to fuck her harder. Aunt Lisa was just as loud bouncing up and down on dad while mom sucked on her nipples, she was digging her nails into his chest and bouncing up and down on him like a mad woman, as long as she’s been waiting to fuck dad she wasted no time bullshitting, she was going all out on him. I turned my attention back to Rita and put her legs up on my shoulders so I could go deeper into her, every time I would slide into her it felt like I was going down a slippery side with a soft landing at the bottom. I don’t think I’d ever gone this deep into her. She responded by fidgeting and putting the toes on her right foot into my mouth, which I gladly sucked on. Aunt Lisa was still going crazy on dad, and mom was now licking on his balls as they clapped every time Aunt Lisa sat down.

    “Oh this feels so fucking good! How does dad’s cock feel inside you Aunt Lisa?” Rita said.

    “It feels fantastic, just like I knew it would. Here, come see for yourself.”

    She tried to pull her toes from my mouth but I wasn’t letting her because I didn’t want her to fuck dad, but I knew she had to, so I reluctantly let go and she crawled over to dad, who had this look like “I’m about to fuck my own daughter” on his face, and lay back as he straddled her. Aunt Lisa made her way over to me and got on all fours.

    “I hope you saved your energy Randy, because you’ll need it.”

    Rita and I both looked up as we now knew who the culprit behind my secret blowjob was, but she was distracted once dad pushed his cock into her and she let out a loud moan. Mom crawled away from dad and lay down in front of Aunt Lisa’s mouth, and she dropped down and started eating her out. I took my cock and poked it at her clit a few times, then lined it up with her pussy and pushed right in.

    “Uugh fuck Randy! Now let’s see what you can do!”

    I’m not gonna lie, I had been wanting to fuck Aunt Lisa for some time now, but I would never act on it because I was faithful to Rita, but now I could let loose all my pent up horniness and fuck the shit out of her. I grabbed her hips and just started thrusting in and out of her as hard as I can. While I was fucking her I made a quick observation, moms ass giggled only a little because its so toned, while Rita’s ass giggles a lot because its both toned and soft, but Aunt Lisa’s ass had to be all soft because the slightest touch and it would make a wave across her whole ass, and I love to see that when I fuck from behind, so you can imagine how hard I was fucking her.

    “Oh my god Randy, you’re really working my pussy back there! Keep fucking me like that!”

    As long as her ass giggles like this I could fuck her all day. Rita looked up with a little pang of jealousy on her face as she saw how hard I was fucking Aunt Lisa, and then dad flipped her over on all fours and slipped into her doggystyle. Mom was screaming whatever came to her mind as she was still getting tongued by Aunt Lisa, whose screams were muffled because she had a face full of mom’s pussy, and Rita had begun to get vocal on the other side of me.

    “Yes, keep eating my pussy! Oh this feels so fucking good! Oh fuck don’t stop!” mom screamed.

    “You like how I fuck you huh Aunt Lisa? You like that young cock sliding in and out of you?”

    “Oh yes baby, I love that young cock, don’t you dare stop fucking me!”

    I heard a drowned out scream as her face was still in moms pussy, and I figured she must have had an orgasm because she stopped moving, but I didn’t, I kept on fucking her through it as her pussy leaked all over my cock, and kept coming back for more. Dad must have been fucking Rita pretty good too because she was screaming and bouncing back on dad as he fucked her, and dad was really fucking her fast.

    “Yes daddy, oh my god yes daddy! Fuck me, fuck your little girl hard daddy!” Rita screamed.

    “That cock feels good doesn’t it baby? You like daddy’s cock in that little pussy don’t you?”

    “Yes daddy I do! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me daddy!”

    There were only sounds of clapping, screaming, or moaning in the room as everyone was either giving pleasure or getting pleasured. I could not stop looking at Aunt Lisa’s ass as I fucked it, her big meaty cheeks clapping together just mesmerized me, but I snapped out of it when mom broke out yelling.

    “Oh god, oh my fucking god I’m so horny, I need a dick in me now!” she yelled.

    When she said that Aunt Lisa crawled from in front of me and over to dad, and I eased up over mom and slid my cock into her pussy right away. She gasped and wrapped her legs around me as I fucked my mom’s pussy with a vengeance.

    “That’s it baby fuck me, don’t hold back! I want you to make my pussy hurt tomorrow!” she moaned.

    I had heard mom talk dirty plenty, but her last statement really gave me a boost of energy. Hearing my mom say that to me made me really go at her, I was fucking her so hard it hurt, like she asked, but well worth it. I pushed up onto my hands and just like before, let my lower half do all the fucking. I was looking her in the eyes as she was bouncing around under me, and then I felt two hands on my ass helping to push me into mom. I looked and saw dad fucking Aunt Lisa missionary, so I knew it was Rita. She then crawled around us and squeezed mom’s tits together and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Mom closed her eyes tight like she was in pain as she tensed up and held still, and I stopped thinking I really hurt her. All of a sudden she rolls me over and straddles me with her back facing me, jacks my cock a few times and puts my cock into her ass. It was so tight I had to hold her in place just so I wouldn’t cum right there. When I regained control she started bouncing up and down on me faster and faster until she was satisfied with her rhythm. She then turned her attention to dad fucking Aunt Lisa.

    “What’s the matter Lisa? Don’t feel like putting my husband’s cock in your ass?”

    “What are you talking about? He’s fucking me in the ass right now!”

    We looked as best as we could, and yes, he was fucking her in the ass missionary. Mom must have gotten even more turned on at seeing her husband fuck her sister in the ass because she grabbed onto my legs and bounced every which away on my cock. Moans and screams filled the air again as Rita sat down over my face, putting that beautiful pussy within tongues length of me as I licked at her while squeezing her tits between my hands. As I sucked the juice out of Rita’s pussy I eased two fingers into her ass. She jumped and looked down at me with a huge grin and worked her pussy across my face while pushing my fingers into her ass. I heard Aunt Lisa scream she was cumming and felt the bed shake even more as she shook around under dad. Mom kept riding me as if she was on a mechanical bull, and by the looks of it Rita was close to another orgasm. I sped up on everything I was doing but before I could make her cum she rose up off me and sat down on the side of me.

    “Next time I cum, I want you to be inside me, mom can I please have my boyfriend back?”

    “Sure honey, just let me…”


    “Ok, fine, take him. Never wanna share anything,” she pouted.

    She climbed off me and went over to dad, who was just getting off Aunt Lisa, and quickly sat down on him. Rita got up on all fours and spread her ass cheeks, and I crawled up behind her and slowly eased my cock into her ass.

    “Ugh, fuck me baby, fuck my ass. Fuck it hard!”

    I didn’t start out slow at all, I ripped into her ass as hard as I could thrust after thrust. We were fucking so hard we slowly made our way to the top of the bed, and she reached up and grabbed the headboard to have something to hold on to. Mom was busy riding dads cock and Aunt Lisa was now on her knees over dads face kissing mom.

    “That’s it baby make me cum! Lisa suck on my tits, I need to cum again so bad!”

    “Don’t worry baby, I know just what to do,” he said as he brought her down to him and fucked harder.

    I turned back to Rita who was still holding the headboard as I pounded away at her ass. She leaned her head to the side and I took advantage my kissing her neck in her sweet spot.
    “Oh my god Randy, that’s it! I’m so fucking horny! I need to ride you right now, lay down!”
    I pulled out and lay down like she asked, and jumped when mom screamed as dad entered her ass from behind while he fingered Aunt Lisa from the same position. Rita turned around to face me as she made her way to my body and mounted me as she looked at me all cute and innocent.

    “This cock belongs to me now!”

    She grabbed hold and sat right down on me all the way to the hilt. She closed her eyes and shuddered a bit, but soon they were opened and looking dead at me as she rode me. I hadn’t noticed until now, but every sex dream I had from yesterday into today had come true, mom rode my face while Rita sucked me, I fucked Aunt Lisa doggystyle, I fucked the hell out of mom, and now Rita was riding me. I suddenly felt a rush of happiness as I realized everything that happened, really happened and that Rita sitting on top of me would be the perfect way to end it. She put her hands on my chest and pushed as she ground her hips in a circle on me, then in a triangle, and then a square. We heard a loud clapping noise and looked at mom and dad to see him build up speed fucking her, then stop and close his eyes.

    “Oh baby I’m cumming in your ass! Oh fuck!”

    “Yes baby fill my ass up with you cum! It’s so hot, it feels so good!”

    “Hey don’t forget about me, I want some of that cum too!” Aunt Lisa jumped in.

    We watched dad pull out of mom and squirt the rest of his cum on Aunt Lisa’s pussy, then all three fell out next to each other on the bed, leaving just me and Rita. She looked back down at me and ground forward onto me, and then slowly bounced on me picking up speed as she went. I grabbed her ass to help her move faster as she switched between bouncing on me and grinding me. When she closed her eyes and bit her lip I knew she was close, so I rubbed her clit as best I could with all the moving.

    “That’s it, I’m almost there. Keep doing that, I’m about to cum all over your cock!”

    I picked up the intensity rubbing her and she picked up intensity fucking me, and to give her the extra push I pinched her nipple with my free hand. When she stopped bouncing and started shaking I knew that did the trick, as she closed her eyes and let her orgasm take over.

    “Yes baby, I’m cumming! I’m cumming all over your fucking cock! Oh my god yeeeesssssssssss!!!!!!!”

    When her juices poured over my cock and onto my chest I just lost it and railed her again and again harder and harder. She was still in her orgasm but I know she felt it because she tried to say something but couldn’t. A few minutes after fucking her hard I felt the cum rising in me and closed my eyes as I pushed into her as far as I could and pumped my seed up into her. Her eyes widened as I was filling her up like she was having another orgasm, and when I finally finished squirting into her, she fell forward onto my chest where we lay, exhausted.

    We all lay there for a while before anyone said anything, mostly because we were tired, and mostly because we couldn’t believe what just happened.

    “I’m so worn out, that was amazing!” mom said.

    “That was unbelievable, we are definitely gonna have to do this again,” Aunt Lisa followed.

    Dad and I just lay there not saying a word, and Rita was still semi-unconscious on my chest.

    “Good thing I put this extra blanket on the bed, or these sheets would be soaked! Ok I think its time we all got some sleep; we have to be out of here in the morning after all. Lisa you sleep in here with us, and Randy you and Rita go back to your bed.”

    I picked Rita up who was just coming out of her daze, and we grabbed our clothes and headed for the door. “Ok mom, goodnight everyone,” I said and then Rita said the same thing. Before we were completely out the door I whispered “thanks” to mom, and she nodded her head and winked at us.
    When we got back to our room Rita went to clean the cum out of her and wash up, and then when she came out I followed suit and cleaned myself off, then we both got in bed together.

    “Well this was a good turn of events! At least now we can act like a real couple at home,” I said.

    “Yeah, hey I’m sorry if I enjoyed sex with dad too much, but it felt really good.”

    “It’s ok, we did what we had to do, and I’m sorry if I enjoyed sex with Aunt Lisa too much.”

    “I love you so much, I’ll never find anyone better than you, I know it.”

    “I love you too; I already have the girl I want, so there’s no point in even looking.”

    We cuddled up and kissed for a while before we both fell asleep holding each other, thinking out how great this trip had turned out.

    When we woke up we could hear everyone running in and out of the front door putting stuff into the truck, and our door was wide open. We got up, went to the bathroom and cleaned up, got dressed and packed our stuff up; I guess we aren’t staying for breakfast.

    “Good, you’re already up, I was just about to come and wake you,” dad said as he took my bags.

    “Why are we leaving so early? Can’t we stay for breakfast at least?” I asked.

    “No we have to be out of here in 30 minutes, my boss is coming back here and he expects us gone, we can eat breakfast when we get home.”

    For the next 25 minutes the women packed everything up and dad and I loaded it up in the truck. Once we were done dad locked the cabin and we said bye to Aunt Lisa in our own new way, a kiss on the lips and the grapple of a body part. When Rita and I got in the truck we were immediately making out, no longer afraid of dad finding out, we would be all over each other from now on.

    “Hey cut that out, it’s still early in the morning!” dad said as he got in.

    “Sorry dad,” we said at the same time, mom couldn’t help but laugh a little.

    As he started the truck and pulled off we all took one last look at the cabin, the place that opened new doors for us, where we could say we had really become a family. We stared at it and waved as we got further and further away from the place that made all our lives better, secretly thanking it.

    Goodbye Cabin.
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    Default Chapter 10

    The last part of Chapter 9 didn't get posted which led to some confusion, so I'll add it here and you can see what happened, then I'll continue with Chapter 10.

    (The missing part from Chapter 9)

    "Goodbye cabin, goodbye cabin, gooooooodbye cabin."

    All I can hear around me is "goodbye cabin" over and over. I know its me saying it, but I dont know why, then out of nowhere I hear finger snaps and clapping noises, my body feels hot, and I hear the faint sound of someone calling my name. It continues for a few more seconds before I fell a sharp sting of pain across my face, and I shoot up in my seat.

    "Well its about dam time! You were starting to worry me," Rita said.

    I let go of my stinging cheek to rub the grogginess out of my eyes, and when I cleared my eyes I was in for a rude awakening. I wasnt in the truck going home like I thought I was, but still in the hot tub with Rita sitting across from me.

    "What the? How'd we get back here?" I asked confused.

    "Get back? We never left. We've been here the whole time dummy!"

    Never before have I been so confused, I didnt know what to think.

    "But we... No because we... I was just... It can't be! It was all a dream?!"


    (Now I continue with Chapter 10)

    I sat there in disbelief. “Are you kidding me? None of that was real?”

    “None of what? You didn't go anywhere! What the hell did you dream about?”

    I was still in a bit of shock. It all seemed so real, like I was really there. I could practically still taste the Vodka in my mouth, not to mention my mom and sis' pussy. I was a little disappointed, but a little relieved to know dad didn't really fuck Rita, selfish I know. I sat thinking to myself before Rita snapped me out of my daydream state.

    “Randy! Randy! What did you dream about?”

    I finally snapped out of my trans to tell her what happened. “About all of us. When everybody left out of here we had sex in the hot tub and dad caught us, he got mad and was about to bash my head in but mom stopped him. Then we told him everything about us and surprisingly he was cool with it! He was cool with it! Then we played a drinking game and found out all these secrets about everybody, and then we had this big ass orgy with mom and dad and Aunt Lisa and everybody fucked everybody, it was crazy. We went to sleep and woke up and was rushing to leave and we drove off in the truck and then I woke up here, confused, and here we are.”

    She took in everything I said in silence, leaving me to wonder what she was thinking. “Orgy? I fucked dad? It was a dream all right, I'm not gonna fuck dad, you can be sure of that. Do you think we should tell him about us for real?”

    “Tell him for real? Are you crazy? Even though it seemed real, it was just a dream, who knows how he'll take it.”

    “I think we should. It might not have been a dream, but a premonition. He might take it just like mom and Aunt Lisa did.”

    “You watch too many movies. If I recall correctly all the premonition movies ended bad, so we definitely have to wait, at least until we can feel dad out, and see what he thinks.”

    “Maybe you're right, waiting a little longer wont hurt. Hey, since were alone in here why don't we...”

    “Hell no! Not after the dream I just had! I'm not taking any chances on dad walking in here.”

    “Ugh fine, well since were not gonna do anything we might as well get out.”

    We turned off the hot tub and gathered up all the trash to throw away, put on our towels and left the room. When we got to the living room mom and Aunt Lisa were sitting on the couch holding dad up, apparently he had too much to drink for the second night in a row. I guess since he has time off from work he's making the most of it. He was kissing mom and feeling her up, even with us there, he even got a hand or two on Aunt Lisa, and they quickly put an end to that.

    “Ok, I think it's time to put you to bed, Randy come help me,” mom said standing him up.

    I walked over to help hold him up, and she just dropped all his weight on me. Now I'm pretty strong, and I knew dad still lifted weights and everything, but he had to put on at least 15 pounds of muscle, he was heavy, I see why she asked for help. I held him up as best I could and carried (more like dragged) him to their room and left him flop down on their bed.

    “Ok dad, sleep it off,” I said and patted his back.

    Mom whispered something to him and kissed him as she followed me out of the room and back to the living room where Rita and Aunt Lisa was still talking.

    “I know he has time off, but he really shouldn't drink so much,” mom said entering the living room.

    “Well there is one good thing that comes out of dad being wasted, more alone time for me and Randy,” Rita said looking at me smiling.

    “You guys don't get enough of each other do you? Running around here having sex like it's your last day on Earth, don't you ever take a break?” Aunt Lisa asked.

    “Would you take a break from a girl who looks as good as she does?” I asked, and was rewarded with a kiss. “What time do we have to leave tomorrow, can we sleep in or not?

    Immediately our mother grew suspicious. “Why would you need to sleep in?”

    “I don't know, we just might need to,” Rita said holding back a laugh.

    “See! You guys are gonna go have sex aren't you? You can't even wait for us to go to sleep you horndogs! I miss being young,” Aunt Lisa pouted.

    “It's not like we do it all the time, sometimes we just lay there and hold each other, or listen to music, or sleep, were not addicted or anything,” I said.

    Again, mom grew suspicious. “Every time we walked in on you two you weren't doing any of that, you were wrapped up in each other fucking each others brains out, coincidence?”

    “You just come in at the wrong times that's all, we can not have sex, it's not hard,” Rita said.

    “How can every single time we come in be the wrong time? You two can't go one day without sex,”Aunt Lisa said.

    Right when mom looked like she was about to make us put our money where our mouth is, I jumped in. “Ok I'm getting pretty tired, I'm gonna hit the sack, coming Rita?”

    “Right behind you, I'm pretty tired too. Goodnight mom and Aunt Lisa, don't stay up too late talking about us,” Rita joked and walked off.

    I said goodnight too and caught the stares they sent at us, but I smiled and made hand signals we were just gonna sleep and headed to bed. When I got in surprisingly Rita was already undressed with the lamp light on and under the covers (naked) patting the spot next to her. I stripped down and put on some boxers and climbed in next to her. She cuddled up next to me and lay her head on my chest.

    “You know, I think Aunt Lisa's jealous of all the sex were having.”

    “I know, they made faces at me when you left. I think mom was about to make a bet that we couldn't go a day without sex.”

    “We'd lose for sure, if you didn't fuck me I'd have to rape you in your sleep, again,” she giggled.

    “That was the best way I have ever woken up, without a doubt, feel free to do it anytime.”

    “So you don't think we should tell dad? I wanna get it over with so we can be together at home without all the secrets and sneaking around.”

    “We have to find out how he feels about it and ease him into it, we can't just come out and say it, it'll be too sudden.”

    “I know, we need to do it soon so you can sleep with me, I get lonely in that big old bed by myself.”

    “We won't have that long, I promise. For time being, I think we can hold off a little longer.”

    Me saying that stirred something in her that had her at sexual attention. “Oh really? So you're telling me (kiss) that you can resist (kiss) wanting to sleep with me (kiss) every night (kiss) huh?”

    “You trying to seduce me? If you are it's working,” I said as I pulled her on top of me, ass in hand.

    We made out sucking each others lips as if they were the most delicious things on the planet, all the while she was grinding her naked pussy on me, leaving a wet spot on my crotch. I moaned into her mouth and she broke the kiss to push her nipple to my mouth, which I was all too happy to suck on. I sat up and fell back down so that she was now on her back, and kissed her all over her neck, her face, shoulders and across her body.

    “Oh baby, yes, that feels so good! I love that, kiss me all over!”

    She ran her hands through my hair and over my back, and from time to time would grab the sheets. I love the feel of her soft body against mine, and her moaning was pushing me to give more attention to her, not to mention her constant grinding against me. Not five minutes after we start messing around did the door swing open and we see Aunt Lisa leaning against the doorway holding a bag and biting her finger and mom behind Aunt Lisa with a hand on one of her shoulders and her chin resting on the other, caught again.

    “What did I tell you, sex sex sex that's all it is with these two!” Aunt Lisa said.

    “Well technically it's just foreplay, but I guess we walked in too soon. Maybe we should come back in 20 minutes?” mom joked.

    “That's still not long enough. Now me and my wonderful brother were in the middle of something, so you can either pull up a chair or high tail it out of here!” Rita said, slightly annoyed.

    Mom laughed at her expense. “Ooh, testy when you deprive her of sex! He's that good huh? In that case, were tired of watching, make room for two more, it's time you learned to share.”

    Aunt Lisa's face lit up. “Ooh yea good idea, I've been wanting to feel that cock in me for a long time!”

    “Why should we, you never share anything with us!”

    “You don't have a choice, besides, I'm sharing my younger sister with you, you can thank me later.”

    It was settled, we were no longer on our own, but now joined by two sexy older women as they stripped naked in front of us. For being 35 and 33 they look really good, so good they could pass for our 23 and 25 year old sisters, they're that hot and young looking. They finally stripped of all their clothes and joined us in the bed, kissing each other right next to Rita and I, who was pulling my face back to her nipple. I felt her wrap her legs around me and push my head even more into her tit, as if she was trying to shove the whole thing in my mouth, and mom and Aunt Lisa was switching into the 69.

    “Were doing that too, I want your cock in my mouth while you eat me,” Rita said.

    I rolled over as soon as the words left her mouth and pulled her pussy up to my face. The second I felt her mouth encircle the head of my cock I shuddered and stuck my tongue right up her pussy. On instant she pushed down into me and started fucking my face, but I grabbed her ass cheeks before she got out of hand. Her pussy tasted especially good, like pineapples that had been boiled to perfection, with a side of female aroma thrown in, maybe it's from being in the hot tub so long, but I wasn't complaining. Across the bed mom and Aunt Lisa are moaning into each others pussies as they ate each other as best they could. I was brought back to reality by Rita who bit down on me a little, probably from when I stopped eating her to watch mom and Aunt Lisa, at least now I know this isn't a dream. She took her hands off my cock and used only her mouth as she bobbed up and down, which felt extremely good.

    “Oh fuck Rita, suck it like that, that feels so good!”

    “Just make sure you keep eating my pu..., fuck that felt good! Do that again!”

    The thing she was referring to was when I bit down on her clit and circled it between my teeth, I'd learned that from a movie I saw a while back. She sucked my cock harder and faster and in return I licked her more vigorously and with more pressure. Mom and Aunt Lisa's moans only added more fuel to the fire as we all attacked each other like it was a race to see who would cum first, I'm happy to say that I, well Rita won. She really started grinding my face and by now I was feeding my cock deeper into her mouth. She gave me a few warning moans until she completely closed her legs around my head, temporarily cutting off my air supply, and then gyrated over my face.

    “Oh fuck this is it, I'm gonna cum, oh fuck it's coming! Fuck fuck fuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkk!!!!!”

    Since my mouth was directly under her pussy her juice just seeped right in with no problem. I licked all around her as she slowly went back to sucking my cock. Aunt Lisa and mom were still trapped in their 69 and looked to be really enjoying themselves by the moans they were yelling. Once again I was brought back to the situation in front of me by something I did not expect. While Rita was sucking me she slipped a finger in my ass up to the first knuckle. I don't know what happened but my body took on a mind of it's own fucking her mouth. The pressure rising from my balls intensified as I felt myself on the brink of cumming. I tried to warn her but she started moving her finger in and out of my ass, and before I knew it the pressure had reached it's breaking point. I grabbed hold of her ass to have something to squeeze and lunged upward and shot squirt, after squirt, after squirt of jizz into her mouth. When I finally stopped she pulled her mouth off my cock after she swallowed my load and swung her body around so she was face to face with me and immediately kissed me, giving each other the taste of their own cum. It wasn't until we broke our kiss did we notice we were being stared at.

    “I want the boy, you can take the girl,” mom said as she worked her way over to me.

    “Fine with me, I wanna see how her pretty little tongue feels on my pussy,” Aunt Lisa followed.

    Just as I saw Rita crawl to her and lower her head in between Aunt Lisa's legs, mom gave me a wicked smile, grabbed the back of my head and shoved it right into her pussy. I kissed her pussy and rolled my tongue over her lips and she rested her legs on my shoulders and rubbed the back of my head, keeping me firmly on her pussy. She tasted just as good as Rita, if not a little better, with a little bit of peaches added to her pungent feminine smell. She took my eagerness to please her as a good sign and ran her pussy up and down my face.

    “That's it baby, mommy's pussy taste good? Oh my god honey that's so good, keep eating me!”

    “Rita's not that bad either, she really knows how to get her tongue up in there! Shit, right there!”

    Rita was bobbing back and forth like she was fucking her pussy with her tongue, then dropped to her stomach and went back to licking. She got me so turned on I hopped up on my knees and held mom's legs as far apart as my arms could reach and ate her as best as I could. She arched her back off the bed when I sucked her clit after it poked out from under it's hood.

    “Oh honey, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, oh god honey,” she panted.

    I sucked harder and harder until a saw her pussy spasm and a stream of cum slipped out of her right onto my tongue. She tried to talk but her voice was caught in her throat, so she just sat there and rode it out. When she stopped cumming she pushed my head away from her pussy and pushed me on my back.

    “Looks like your friend could use a little help,” she said as she stroked my cock.

    She looked me in the eyes as she sucked my limp cock in her mouth. It was so hot and wet I could feel myself getting hard already. Her technique was a little different than Rita's, instead of sucking all the way up and down like she does, mom fits it all in her mouth and sucks it on the way out of her mouth, it was different but it still felt hella good. She sucked me for a few minutes while I watched back and forth from her head going up and down to Rita sucking on Aunt Lisa's tits, then making out with her. With a loud slurp mom pulled my cock out of her mouth and crawled up to me, dragging her luscious tits across my body and putting one in my mouth. I sucked on her tit for probably the first time since I was a baby, and moved to the other, and then she scooted up and kissed me square on the lips.

    She broke the kiss and looked at me. “I think it's time we fucked our little sisters, don't you?”

    I nodded to her but was confused on what she meant, then I saw her get up and go pick up the bag they came in with, to my surprise it was a pair of underwear with a dildo attached to it. Everything became clear as she slipped on the panties and made her way back to the bed and grabbed Aunt Lisa, forcing her to her knees. Rita looked and me and got in the same position next to Aunt Lisa and rubbed her pussy. I watched as mom got behind Aunt Lisa and slowly slid the dildo into her pussy, emitting a loud moan from her. I took the cue and rubbed the precum that was dripping from the head into my skin and positioned myself behind Rita, rubbed my cock against her pussy a few times for lubrication, and pushed right into her.

    She let out a moan even louder than Aunt Lisa did and pushed back against me until I was fully buried into her. I started off slow and built up a nice steady rhythm as Rita met me stroke for stroke while I fucked her. Mom was doing no such thing with Aunt Lisa, she was holding her in place while she shoved the dildo all the way into her, then pulled out slow, and pushed back in fast. I had to laugh at myself for a minute, my mom was fucking her little sister right next to me while I fucked my little sister, who else can say that? I watched her tits bounce as she sped up a little fucking Aunt Lisa, who was now pushing back against her. I watched as Rita arched her back and turned her head to the side to look at me, and pushed her hands deep into the mattress so she could fuck me harder.

    “Oh fuck yes Randy, fuck me harder! Pull my hair, pull my fucking hair!”

    I grabbed her hair with both my hands and pulled it back as far as it would go, and went back to fucking her. Since I wasn't holding her hips anymore I just moved my lower half into her as fast as I could while I pulled her hair, making a mental note to fuck her like this again because the way her ass bounced off me was driving me crazy. I heard a loud slap and looked over to see mom smacking a red mark on Aunt Lisa's right ass cheek.

    “You like it rough, don't you slut?”

    “Yes big sis, I like it rough! I love it when you slap my ass! Smack it harder!”

    “Smack it harder, PLEASE! Don't make me have to hurt you!”

    “Please, Anna, smack my ass harder!”

    “That's more like it! That's a good slut!”

    Normally I would be surprised hearing my mom talk like that, but after she watched Rita and I fuck for the first time and her behavior afterward I kind of expect it. Rita's pussy starts making a squishing sound as I fuck her harder and I almost slip out a few times, so I let go of her hair and grabbed her hips again and drove into her as fast as I could.

    “Fuck me! Fuck me with that big fucking cock! Oh god it feels so good inside me!”

    “I bet my dildo feels as good as his cock,” mom jumped in.

    “I don't think so, his cock feels pretty fucking good!”

    “Well why don't you bring that tight little pussy over here and find out for yourself!”

    I slowed down and eventually pulled out of Rita and she crawled over to mom, who laid on her back as Rita straddled her and eased the dildo into her with a loud grunt. Aunt Lisa got up and grabbed my hand, walked me over to a chair and pushed me down in it. She licked her fingers and rubbed her already wet pussy as she stood over me, cock in hand and eased it into her little by little.

    “I guess you're not gonna suck me off huh?”

    “I already got my fill earlier while you were sleep, now I just wanna ride it,” she said as she sat down.

    I thought back to earlier when I woke up with my pants down and the note on the nightstand. She literally came into our room and sucked me off and was now bold enough to admit it in front of me? I had to get her back for that, and what better way than to fuck the hell out of her. She noticed the look of intent in my eyes as I grabbed her by the waist and forced her down on the rest of my cock, making her shriek loudly. I wrapped my arms around her and shot my cock into her as hard as I could. She was breathing really heavy, and soon it turned into breathing heavy and moaning, then she wrapped her arms around my neck with her hands on the back of my head and held on, slightly squeezing.

    “Oh Randy honey you're fucking me so good! I don't know what I did but I'm glad I did it! Oh my god, oh god yes! If you keep fucking me like this I'm gonna cum! Oh my fucking god!”

    I kept fucking her to the best of my ability as I sucked a nipple into my mouth. Not long after that she tensed up on me and squeezed her arms around me as she bit down on my shoulder, I knew she was having an orgasm. As she rode hers I looked at Rita who had moms hands on her ass helping her bounce on the dildo, she too was moaning and breathing loud as she fucked mom.

    “Oh fuck mom your little girl is riding you!”

    “My little whore is riding me, and it looks to me like she likes mommy's cock in her!”

    “I do, I really fucking do, its so good. Keep fucking me!”

    I had almost forgot I was fucking Aunt Lisa until she lifted off my neck and kissed me. Up until this point I had never kissed her, and now seemed like the perfect time.

    “Don't move, now it's my turn to fuck you back!”

    She got up, turned around and sat back down on me. She had her hands on both my knees and was bouncing her ass up and down on me. It feels magnificent and the view is amazing. She pulls out all the way until just the head is in, and then slams down full force, and she does it all at a fast pace. She leans back against me and grinds on me as she pulls me into another kiss, and I squeeze her super sized tits in my hand. We fuck like this for a good while until mom looks over at me and smiles as she spreads Rita's ass cheeks to me, signaling what she wants me to do. Both Aunt Lisa and I catch on, but she takes her time getting off of me. Finally she kisses me and slowly slides up and off me and walked over to the bed as I followed. Mom scoots to the edge of the bed so her legs hang off a little and opens Rita's cheeks one more time, I grab my cock in my hand and push it against her ass letting her know I'm there, as she jumps from having her ass tickled I put the head at the entrance and push in.

    “Uuuuugh fuck! Dam that hurt so good! Fuck me both of you, fuck my ass and pussy!”

    I leaned forward a little and grabbed right above her ass and thrust in and out of her at the same time mom did. As we fucked Rita Aunt Lisa climbed up on the bed and stood up over them with her pussy directly in my face, I didn't need to be told what to do. I licked at her slippery pussy as I joined my mother in fucking my sister. I wasn't surprised when I found out Aunt Lisa's pussy tasted good too, since it seems to run in the family. I really liked when she pushed my face up into it more as she pushed herself down on me, giving me access to her entire pussy without even touching it. Rita's moans were getting louder as we both sped up fucking her faster and at different rhythms now.

    “Oh fuck yes! I fucking love this! Fuck me harder, fuck me harder please I need it!”

    “Sounds like my slut daughter is loving all the attention!”

    “Oh yes, I am, I love every bit of it! I'll be your guy's slut but please don't stop fucking me!”

    “I think we can manage that, you ass feels so good I could fuck you all night,” I said.

    Rita leaned down to suck on moms tit as we both continually thrust in and out of her as hard as we could for about the next ten minutes. Aunt Lisa moved from in front of me to behind me rubbing up against me and helping me thrust into Rita by pushing my ass forward. Eventually mom grew tired of doing all the fucking and wanted to get fucked herself, by me.

    “Ok Randy honey it's time for you to fuck me now, lay down so mommy can ride you.”

    I did as told and pulled out of Rita, which made a medium sized gaping hole, and lay down on the bed as mom took off the strap-on and handed it to Aunt Lisa. Mom climbed on top of me and grabbed my cock at the base and sat right down on it. For having two kids she was pretty tight, her walls quickly surrounded me as she let out a sigh of passion and fulfillment. Next to me Aunt Lisa was now wearing the strap-on as she fucked Rita missionary, who were liplocked as they grinded each others bodies. Mom was above me riding me with her eyes closed, her hands were pushing me against the bed in case I tried to get up, and she had a small smile on her face.

    “Oh honey it feels just as good as the first time, even better now. Your cock feels so good inside me, so full, I could just fuck you forever!”

    I carefully reached up to grab her tits, hoping she would knock my hands away, she didn't. I squeezed and fondled them in my hands as she rode me harder and harder with each passing second, until she wasn't grinding me anymore, she was bouncing up and down on me. She leaned down to kiss me and I grabbed two handfuls of mom's juicy ass and squeezed as I helped her fuck me. She was now moaning louder, but was overshadowed by Rita who was now getting fucked doggystyle by Aunt Lisa. I knew mom didn't cum yet, and I knew she needed to be fucked hard to cum, so I rolled over off the bed and stood up with me still in her, held her up and fucked her standing up. I was holding her up by her ass which gave me all the leverage I needed to really drive into her, soon she threw her head back and was ranting and raving like a mad woman.

    “Yes Randy yes, fuck me hard just like this! Oh yes baby don't you fucking stop! Oh fuck baby you keep fucking me like this and mommy's gonna cum all over you!”

    I gripped her ass again to make sure she wouldn't slip out of my hands and gave my mother the fucking she asked for. She kissed me hard on the lips, shoving her tongue in my mouth, and giving me a taste of everyone her mouth came in contact with. When I sped up she buried her face in my shoulder and I could hear her breathing become more rapid. She dug her nails in my back as I felt her tense up and lock her legs behind me. Just as Rita screamed out asking to be fucked harder I felt moms cum run down my cock and soak my pubic hair on its way down my thighs and legs. The whole time she had her orgasm I kept fucking her to make it as intense as I could for her, but when I felt myself start to cum a had to slow down and stop, I wanted to cum in Rita only. I walked over to the bed and dropped mom down next to where Aunt Lisa was still fucking Rita. We exchanged a look and she smiled at me as she pulled herself off the dildo and lay on her back next to mom, who was now getting fucked laying on her stomach my Aunt Lisa. I got between Rita's legs and kissed her pussy a few times on my way up her body, and slid right into her. Everything around us seemed to just fade away as we finally ended back up with each other.

    “Finally, just you and me, now fuck me big brother fuck me good, I want you to cum in me!”

    I leaned down to kiss her and was met with the softest, sweetest lips I'd tasted all night. I pushed into her as deep as I could before pulling all the way out and pushing back in, eventually she locked her legs around me and I had to replace length with speed, so I fucked her as fast as I could. I kissed everywhere on her body I could reach while I still fucked her and grabbed her wrists and pinned them over her head. We fucked constantly until I noticed an obvious change in Rita's breathing.

    “Oh Randy...oh Randy...oh fuck...don't stop...keep fucking me like this...and I'm gonna cum...”

    “Fuck Rita I'm gonna cum too, fuck I can feel it coming!”

    I lifted myself up and fucked her faster, building up both of our climaxes all the while trying to make it last, but eventually one of the two had to give. It was me who came first, blasting her insides with spurt after spurt of my heavy, thick cum. After the fourth spurt she closed her eyes and pulled me tight against her while she came under me.

    “Fuck fuck fuck, I'm cumming, oh fuck, Randdddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!”

    I hovered over her so my weight wouldn't be on top of her as she came, and planted kisses all over her face. I looked at mom and Aunt Lisa, who had since switched spots and it was Aunt Lisa who was getting fucked, or was getting fucked as she was clinging onto mom as they embraced each other in a kiss. When Rita stopped cumming she pulled me into a kiss of our own and licked my lips as she fell back into the bed. I slowly pulled my sticky cock out of her, which made a slippery sound upon leaving her pussy and lay down next to her, mom and Aunt Lisa as we soak up the moment, and our breath.

    I hold Rita and mom holds Aunt Lisa as we lay in the bed quiet relishing the feeling of what just happened. Me still being a little paranoid think my mind is still playing a trick on me, like I'm gonna snap out of another dream and wake up at the picnic table. I decide to give myself a quick test of reality and pinch myself on the arm, “ouch!” Ok, I believe it this time.

    “What you do that for? You didn't get fucked hard enough?” Aunt Lisa asked.

    “Just making sure it's the real deal is all.” Both Aunt Lisa and mom looked at me like I just picked my nose, and before I could clear anything up myself Rita jumped in.

    “He had a dream earlier in the hot tub that we all had sex just like this, except dad was there too.”

    “Mike? Really? Now that could have been interesting,” Aunt Lisa said.

    Mom breathed one of those annoyed sighs. “The way he's been drinking up here he won't be involved in anything we do. Besides, he doesn't need to know of this situation, who knows what he'll think.”

    “In my dream he was plenty fine with it, but since were split on telling him we'll leave it alone for now until we can think of a good time to tell him.”

    Mom stood up and took off the strap-on while Aunt Lisa rolled over me stealing a kiss and then over Rita dragging her tits across her face, and Rita casually slipped one in her mouth before letting her get up. They gathered up their clothes and everything else they brought in and headed for the door.

    “Don't mention this to your father, nothing. I mean it, okay? Now you two get some sleep, we have to leave here tomorrow night. You can sleep in if you want, that way I won't have to cook you two breakfast,” mom said with a wink.

    They left and closed the door behind us, leaving us alone in the dim light of the nightstand lamp. We were laying on the soaked sheets of our previous sex act, so we stripped the top layers off and grabbed a blanket from the closet. Once we were settled we got back into bed and cuddled up with each other with her head on my chest, shared a few I love you's, goodnights, and kisses and drifted off to sleep.

    I was the first to wake the next morning bright and early at 9:37. I heard walking outside the room and knew I wasn't the only one up, not to mention the smell of bacon, eggs, and biscuits being cooked. I also caught a whiff of us still smelling like day old sex, and knew it would be noticeable if anyone came in, so I got up, put on some boxers, grabbed my toothbrush and my toothpaste and headed for the door to take a shower.

    “Where you going?” I heard Rita ask from behind me.

    “I'm going to take a sho-,” I froze at the look she gave me. Her beauty never seems to amaze me, she was sitting up, hair rumpled, holding the blanket over her chest but under her neck with a beautiful smile on her face, how lucky am I to be with a girl this amazing?

    “You're going where?”

    “Well we smell so I'm heading to the shower. We should probably take separate showers since everyone is up.”

    She cracked a small laugh. “Oh I see, don't wanna take a shower with your smelly sister huh?”

    “That's the farthest thing from the truth, I shower with your stinky self any day,” I joked back.

    She threw a pillow in mock anger. “You lucky you're so cute, go have fun in your shower, all alone.”

    I smiled at her and left the room heading for the shower, passing stares from both Aunt Lisa and mom eyeballing me like a piece of meat, I felt a little cheap, but a good kind of cheap I guess. I got in the shower room and immediately turned on the first shower and cleaned myself thoroughly while brushing my teeth and used the bathroom at the same time (oh come on like I'm the only one who does that!). I was close enough to the door to hear friendly arguments about the shower, but couldn't figure out who it was. Another five minutes in and I shut the water off and wrapped the towel around my waist, not a second sooner the door opened and Rita stepped in with a towel around her. Then just like she did to me, as soon as she started walking towards me mom opened the door and stepped in.

    “You kids are unbelievable! Lisa was right, sex sex sex all the time! Don't you ever get tired?”

    “Mom, were kids, we have energy for days, besides look at him, you know you want him too.”

    Mom paused a minute before she spoke. “That's beside the point, your father is up, you're not gonna take the chance of getting caught because you can't keep off each other for an hour. You (she said looking at me), in your room and get dressed, and you wash that sex smell off of you.”

    I grabbed my toothbrush and left the toothpaste for Rita as mom saw me back to my room. Once there I got dressed and gathered up the dirty sheets to wash, and headed out to throw them in the wash just as Rita exited the shower smiling at me. Mom took the sheets from me to wash, and with nothing to do I just sat on the couch and waited. I could hear Aunt Lisa and dad talking, but it just sounded like small talk so I tuned it out until I heard mom say breakfast was ready. We all sat down and Rita came out wearing the U2 shirt she got from the concert (we bought so many we could afford to mess a couple up) and tan khaki shorts, and wasted no time in eating her food. As usual, we were all eating until someone decided to say something, this time it was dad.

    “When everyone finishes eating, go back to all the rooms and make sure everything is in order, Jim and his family will be coming back today before we leave.”

    Rita stopped eating for a second, knowing what he meant when dad said “and his family.” She would have to deal with Stephanie for another day, and I don't know how much more of her she can take.

    “When are they getting here?” Rita asked.

    “Sometime this afternoon, I want everything how it was when we first got here.”

    We all agreed and finished our breakfast, helped clean up the dishes, and went back to our room to clean up everything. Once we had everything back the way it was (minus the bed), we lay down and stared at the ceiling, something we always did when one or both of us had something on our mind.

    “What you thinking about?” I asked.

    “You already know what I'm thinking about.”

    “They wont be getting here till the afternoon, we won't have to be here as long as they were last time.”

    “She's still gonna hit on you Randy, if she goes too far I'm gonna put her in her place!”

    “You do that our cover might as well be blown, besides she has a brother, you can mess with him to piss her off, but not too much though.”

    “You have a point, he didn't look that bad, maybe I might make you jealous so you could see how I felt everytime she hit on you , maybe I might let him kiss me, feel me up a bit,” she said grinning.

    “I don't think so,” I said climbing on top of her, pulling her off the bed and throwing her back down. She was laughing hysterically as I repeatedly picked her up and play slammed her back down, then she turned the tables on me and threw me down on the bed, jumped on me and mock bounced my head off the pillow again and again. We got to rolling around to see who'd end on top, and as usual, she got the best of me and quoted Nala from our favorite movie “The Lion King.”

    “Haha pinned ya!”

    I wiggled to get up and we rolled around the rest of the bed until we rolled ourselves on the floor, where she again ended up on top and pushed me down on the floor, ironically again just like the movie.

    “Pinned ya again!”

    “So now what?” I said as I pushed my cock up into her crotch, causing an unsuspecting moan from her.

    She closed her eyes and bit her lip as I'm guessing I touched her clit, and she dropped her mouth to mine hard. I was a little nervous knowing anyone could walk in the door at any time, but my sister's tongue in my mouth kept me occupied on her. After she broke the kiss, she got up off me and started rummaging around, packing a backpack with trail mix, beef jerky, and bottled water.

    “What are you doing?” I finally asked.

    “Were going to fuck, I'm so horny right now I need you in me as soon as possible! Since we can't do it here were leaving, but we can't make it obvious what were doing so we have to throw them off.”

    She zipped up the bag and grabbed my hand as we went out the door into the living room area, where everyone was sitting on the couch talking.

    “Were going for one more hike before we have to leave,” Rita said.

    Mom as usual was her suspicious self. “A hike? Mind if we all come with you?”

    “Nah it's just us kids, you old people will just slow us down.”

    “Old? Were only 35! Were probably in better shape than you two,” dad said.

    “In shape enough to run around this whole area?”

    “(After a slight pause) You two have fun then!” He took the bait.

    We said bye as we headed out the door with Aunt Lisa making a kiss face at us, and we just smiled and scurried out the door as fast as we could. Once we were outside Rita took off on the left path egging me to chase her, which I did. I followed her to the lake where she ran down to the boat, pulling me by the hand as we took off our shoes and got in. I paddled the boat thinking we were going to the same spot as last time, and watched as Rita slipped her hands into her pants and fingered herself.

    “Oh god Randy hurry up and get there please, I need you, my pussy needs you!”

    I paddled faster while watching her pleasure herself right in front of me, not wanting to look away. When we got to the other side of the lake Rita stripped her clothes off and stuffed them into the backpack and I followed suit. She left the backpack and grabbed my hand and led me up the small hill to an empty patch of grass, the whole time I'm watching her gorgeous plump ass jiggle in front of me. When we got to the spot she dropped on the ground and pulled me down with her and into a kiss.

    “Rita there's nothing to lay on, the grass will make you itch,” I said breaking the kiss.

    “I don't care, we'll jump in the lake if we have to, now shut up and kiss me!”

    She pulled me back into a kiss as our naked bodies clung to each other. Her nipples poked into my chest as my cock poked into her stomach. Without warning she rolled us over so she was on top and kissed her way down my body until she was face to face with my cock. She moved past it and licked my balls with long licks across the whole sack, and then one by one sucked each one in her mouth and then both at the same time. What she did next nearly made me blow my load right there, she put her hands on my thighs, put her nose on the tip of my cock, lifted it up and let my cock slide into her mouth. The build-up of it made the feeling all that much better as my eyes clamped shut and I clenched my hands closed, so the only thing I would feel would be her hot wet mouth around my cock. The feeling of my cock slowly sliding over her tongue and into her throat in indescribable, its heaven. My cock comes out until just the head it trapped between her lips, she runs her tongue across it as she squeezes her lips together. Just when the pressure starts to build she slides my cock fully back into her mouth. What makes her blowjobs so great is that she doesn't feel like its a chore, she loves doing it, and I can tell by her moans on my cock she might love doing it more than I enjoy getting them. She sucked a little faster and played with my balls with one of her free hands, and I could hear her pussy making sloppy noises as she shoved her fingers in her pussy. She put her fingers up to my face and I sucked her juices off her fingers as she let my cock slip from her mouth, got up and walked over to a tree and leaned over.

    “Come on baby, what are you waiting for, my butt isn't gonna fuck itself!”

    I quickly stood up and walked over to her, stroking my cock as she looked back at me in anticipation. When I got to her I put the head at the entrance of her ass, wrapped my arms around her and pushed my cock deep into the depths of her ass. She gasped and grabbed my hands and squeezed from the shock of receiving my cock all at once, but she soon relaxed and began slowly moving back against me. We met each other halfway on each stroke as she thrust back and I thrust forward fucking her tight ass as she took grip on the tree in front of her.

    “That's it baby, fuck me, fuck your little sister in the ass! Fuck me like the slut I am!”

    “You're my slut, and only my slut, you got that?”

    “Yes, I got it, I'm only a slut for my big brother! Only a slut for his big fucking cock!”

    I took a step back and spread her legs wider as she leaned down more and hung her head down with her hair hiding her face from view. I slid my cock out and stuck it in her pussy for a few strokes, and pulled it back out and shoved it back into her ass. I did this two or three more times before I grabbed her hips and rammed her ass hard, slapping my balls against her while her tits bounced around on her chest.

    “Ugh, ugh, ugh, fuck me Randy! Ugh, ugh, its so good, fuck your little sister harder!”

    I did exactly what she asked and fucked her harder with each stroke, and reached around with my right hand and twirled her clit around in circles. Her moans and screams became louder as she jilted around on my cock trying to hold back her orgasm, but it only made me squeeze and twirl her clit harder. She tried to tell me she was cumming but all that left her mouth were grunts and high-pitched screams, and she reached behind me and pushed against my chest forcing me to stop and her juices seeped out around my cock on shaky legs.

    “Oh, fuuuuuuuuuck, Randy baby I'm cumming, oh my god yessssssssssssss!”

    I watched as she squirted on me while her legs trembled trying to hold her up, which finally gave way as her body went limp while still on my cock. I pulled out of her ass with a slurp and turned her around to face me. Her eyes were closed and her lips were twitching, and she had a satisfied look on her face, but I wasn't done with her, not by a long shot. I took her left leg and put it up on my shoulder as she still rode her orgasm and pushed my cock into her pussy. When she slowly opened her eyes she looked like the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and when she smiled a rush went through me like I had the wind knocked out of me, I was looking at an angel. I brought my lips to hers in a firm kiss as she jolted up and down from me fucking her. Her tongue was searching my mouth for mine running across my teeth and the roof of my mouth before she finally rolled her tongue over mine and pushed my head into her to get as far as she could. She pulled my ass into her as she bit down on my tongue, not letting me move away from her. I brought my hand up and cupped a tit in my hand and squeezed a nipple which made her let me go and moan, and I took the opportunity to ease her leg off my shoulder, lift her off the ground, and push up into her pussy as far as possible. She leaned her head back until it rested on the tree and curled her legs around mine and began to fuck me back. When she bounced up I leaned down as much as I could and took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked and pulled on it like I was trying to rip it off her chest, and she responded by clenching her pussy muscles around my cock.

    “Yes baby, suck on my tit, don't forget the other one, oh that feels so good!”

    I alternated between both tits then broke away to suck on her neck, but was careful not to leave a hickey. I moved my hands from under her ass to behind her back and leaned up all the way against the tree and fucked her with long slow strokes as she held herself up by my neck. Her pussy was squishing into me as her juice flew over my lower body from having nothing to support her lower half, but her pulling me into another kiss told me she was fine with it.

    “How is it one minute you're fucking me hard and rough, and the next you're fucking me soft and slow, but yet they both feel so fucking good?”

    “I guess we really are made for each other, everything feels good.”

    “I want you to fuck me hard again, I want you to slam your cock in my pussy as hard as you can!”

    I didn't answer, I just smiled and walked her over to a spot on the grass and let her slip down. I squatted down in front of her, and this time put both her legs on my shoulders and leaned forward and rammed my cock back into her pussy. I leaned her legs to her chest so I could get as deep as possible and fucked her as hard as I could as she ripped grass up from the ground.

    “Yes Randy, just like that, fuck me hard, fuck your sister's pussy till it hurts!”

    I grabbed her thighs for leverage and pulled her into me as I pushed myself into her as hard as I could. The spots by my sisters arms were going bare with all the grass she was ripping up as she screamed at the top of her lungs, it was a good thing we were a good distance away from the cabin. When I felt her walls close around my cock I looked up at her face and saw she was starting another orgasm, and when she started shaking around I sped up until she let loose around my cock.

    “I'm cumming again Randy, oh fuck I'm cumming again!”

    “Shit Rita, I'm cumming too! Fuck I'm gonna cum!”

    “Cum on my tits! Cum on my fucking tits! Oh god I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmming!”

    I pulled out just in time and squirted all over her tits, neck, and a little of her face as she soaked the grass under her with her juice. I got down and sucked up as much as I could before she finally drained and fell back into the ground.

    I fell forward on my hands and knees sucking in air, then rolled over on my back next to Rita. We lay there for a minute or two before she sat up on her elbows and looked down at the cum all over her, then sat up and rubbed it into her skin.

    “I heard its good for your skin, thought I'd give it a shot.”

    “Sexy. Maybe I should cum on you more often.”

    “No, then I'd miss out on it filling my pussy or sliding down my throat.”

    “Yea, I hate to waste your cum too, especially since it tastes so good.”

    “I still have some down there if you wanna dig in,” she giggled.

    I rolled over on my stomach and sat up, and something caught my eye in the distance, it was a deer with its head rummaging around in the boat. I stood up and tried to shoo it away, but it didn't hear me, and Rita was wondering what I was doing.

    “There's a deer down by the boat, our stuff is over there.”

    “Our clothes! Get him away from there!”

    I walked closer to the deer and it looked up and me, then went back to rummaging around the boat. I picked up a stick that was on the ground and ran down at it waving my arms like a crazy man, and the deer looked up with our backpack in its mouth and took off in the opposite direction. We were now naked without clothes to put back on, and we had to go back to the cabin like this.

    “The dam deer ran off with the backpack, why the hell would it want that?”

    “Oh no, the beef jerky I packed in it and the trail mix, it must have smelled it.”

    “Why would you pack beef jerky? You know there's animals out here!” I snapped.

    “Well excuse me, I thought we might get hungry!”

    “We came out here to fuck! Why would we need food? Now we have to go back like this!”

    “Is that all out think of it, came out here to fuck? Maybe we should have stayed at the cabin then!”

    We took a long pause before I started to feel guilty for overreacting. I went over to her and pulled her into a hug she almost didn't accept, and looked her in the eyes. “Rita I'm sorry, I shouldn't have reacted like that, I just lost my head for a minute, it wasn't your fault,” I said being as sincere as I could.

    “Its ok, I'm sorry too, I know you didn't mean it, we were just caught by surprise.”

    We kissed and made up like it never happened, and took a deep breath and headed back to the boat. We got in and paddled close to the other side when I got an idea that might help us out.

    “Jump in the water.”

    “What? I'm not getting in this dirty lake water!”

    “Do you trust me? I have an idea that might work, but you have to get in the water, please?”

    She let out a sigh and jumped in the water, and then I jumped in right after her. We swam around long enough to get that lake smell on us and climbed back into the boat and paddled the rest of the way to the other side. We put our shoes on and made the walk back to the cabin to the front door.

    “Just follow my lead. If someone sees us make a look like you're disgusted and pissed.”

    I opened the front door and luckily there was noone in sight, but it was short lived. A few seconds after we shut the door dad came around the corner.

    “What the, what the hell is this? Aaannn! Get out here and look at your kids!”

    Mom and Aunt Lisa came from the kitchen and stood next to dad, looking at two naked kids standing in the living room covering themselves.

    Mom feigned surprised at us for dad's sake. “Why the hell are you two naked?” And why are you wet?”

    “Einstein here thought it would be a good idea to go skinny-dipping in the lake, and a deer came and took the backpack with all our clothes in it!” I fake protested.

    Rita made a sound like she was choking on a hairball. “You were the one who put the clothes in the bag and left them where we couldn't reach them! My favorite shirt was in that bag!”

    “Shirt! Our camera was in that bag, not to mention it was my bag to begin with!”

    Dad snapped. “Camera? The one I spent 200 bucks on? I know you didn't lose MY camera!”

    “No dad I took it out before it left, there was no space on it so I didn't bring it with us,” Rita said.

    “Oh good. You know, for a minute I thought you two were messing around with each other, I would have had to kick your ass out, and confine you to your room,” he said sternly.

    “What the hell dad are you crazy? Were close but not that close,” Rita lied.

    “Yea we have relationships with other people, remember?” I said winking my eye at him.

    “Fine, well go take a shower and get that smell off of you, Jim and his family will be on the way, and then pack up your stuff so you'll be ready to go when the time comes,” he said as he left the room.

    Aunt Lisa and mom just looked at us like “you guys are really pushing it,” but gave us a reassuring smile and a “leave each other alone for a while” look as they too left the room. Rita went to take a shower first, alone, and when she came out I went in with a change of clothes and washed. I dressed in the bathroom and went into our room as Rita was combing her hair on the freshly made bed mom obviously set up. We started packing up our stuff when Rita threw her backup U2 shirt at me.

    “That was too close! Good thing we didn't tell him! He would've been really pissed,” she said.

    “Yea, we got careless, we have to be more careful. We have to cover our tracks and throw him off.”

    “What do you mean “cover our tracks?” How are we gonna do that?”

    “With Stephanie and her brother.”

    “No, hell no! Not happening, think of another way!”

    “There is no other way, they're kids of our dad's boss, and they both like us, its the perfect cover.”

    “I don't want to, I don't want anyone touching me but you, I told you Randy I'm yours and only yours!”

    “I know, the same goes for me too, but you can't forget that were brother and sister, we can't get married or even kiss in public, we have to at least make it look like were involved with someone.”

    She thought for a minute and sighed as she gave in. “Ok fine, but only for a little while you got it? Just because I'm doing this doesn't mean I have to like it.”

    “I got it sis. Thanks for being so understanding, and sorry I attacked you in front of everyone.”

    “I attacked you back remember? We got out of it thanks to our fake argument, so don't worry about it, unless you feel “superbad” about it and wanna make it up to me,” she grinned.

    “Sure, I owe you that, whatever you want.”

    “I'm sure I can think of something, when I feel up to it I'll spring it on you,” she smiled.

    We packed all our stuff and headed back to the living room only to smell food being cooked; cole slaw, mac and cheese and hot dogs, all the food we ate up yesterday, we must be eating more barbeque. We tried to help but was shooed from the kitchen, so we headed up to the game-room, only to see dad already in there playing Time Crisis.

    “I see why you guys like these games so much, they're addictive,” he said firing two of the three guns.

    “Is it too late to jump in, or are you gonna hog it all to yourself?” I asked.

    “No no come on, I'm about to die, I could use the extra hands, let's see how far we get.”

    We played for a long time getting to the last level and having a lot of fun with dad, like the earlier situation didn't even happen. We got all the way to the last level on the last boss when I died and couldn't continue, so I stood there and watched dad and Rita play, before she was the next to go. Dad was by himself again with the shotgun shooting frantically at the screen and getting shot at until he had only one life left, then with his last bullet he killed the boss and won.

    “Haha! Yes! Don't mess with me and my shotgun! That's how you get it done kids! I gotta get one of these for the house, that was pretty fun.”

    If mom hadn't called him downstairs he'd probably still be gloating right now. He took a look at all the games around the room I guess making mental notes of what he wanted and left. We hopped on the racing game and raced each other in laughter and jokes before Rita turned serious.

    “Are you really serious about having to date other people?”

    “We have to, at least for now, we can't let dad get suspicious, it might not be that bad.”

    “We won't be around each other all the time, kissing other people, we'll be jealous of each other.”

    “I know, I really don't want to see another guy kissing you, touching you, anything. It's a small price we have to pay, but whatever we do with them won't change how we feel about each other.”

    “What if we have sex with them, how would you feel about that?”

    “We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, let's just worry about dad for right now.”

    We went back to the game that I was getting creamed in, and raced a few more times till we were even at three wins apiece, we set up for the tiebreaker when mom yelled to us they were here. We took a deep breath and went to meet them outside where everyone else already was, then I saw that familiar 5'5”, green eyed, pretty blonde get out of the car, spot me, and run and jump into me in a bearhug, Stephanie was back.

    “Hi Randy, I missed you!”

    “Hey Stephanie, its only been two days!”

    “Two days is a long time for a girl, come on you can't tell me you didn't miss me.”

    “Ok you got me, I did miss you a little.”

    “I knew it, looks like my brother is happy to meet your sister,” she said with a little tone in her voice.

    I looked over and saw a guy with the same features as Stephanie, only with short brown hair and a few inches taller, kissing Rita's hand, then give her a kiss on the cheek, which made her blush a little. I decided to go over and introduce myself before he kissed her somewhere else.

    “What's up man, I'm Rita's twin brother Randy,” I said holding out my hand.

    “Hey bro, I'm Chris, Stephanie's older brother, nice to meet you.”

    “Hey kids, long time no see,” Jim joked.

    “Hey Jim,” Rita and I said at the same time. We said hi to Marie and she waved and flashed us a smile and went back to talking with mom and Aunt Lisa.

    “Well let's help them get their stuff inside. I hope you don't mind Jim we used some of your charcoal to barbeque some food for all of us,” dad said.

    “Oh no its fine, we have more, besides I'm starved, just sit this stuff down inside and lets eat!”

    We dropped the stuff and grabbed the food and sat it all on the big dining room table. Jim's family grabbed the plates, silverware and drinks and we all sat down to eat, boys on one side of the table, girls on the other. The adults made small talk about what's been going on with them, and Aunt Lisa got put on spot about being single. Jim said he had a younger brother who was also single and they should look into trying to date each other, Aunt Lisa seemed ok with it and went back to her food. Almost the whole time we were eating Chris was looking at Rita and Stephanie was looking at me, so there was a lot of sexual tension between us. I was getting a little jealous of how Chris was looking at her, and how Rita was blushing trying not to look at him. Stephanie noticed too and curled her nose up at Chris, then looked back at me and smiled. She picked up her hot dog and fit more than half a bite in her mouth before pulling it out and taking a little bite. Needless to say I had gotten a little aroused by her actions, and both Rita and Chris shot dirty looks at us. The rest of the meal was just that, parents talking and kids flirting, until surprise surprise, there was not a piece of food left.

    “I'm so full I couldn't eat another bite if I wanted to,” Marie said.

    “Same here, hats off to the cook,” Jim followed.

    “Uh that's cooks, we all had a hand in making something, except our lazy kids,” mom joked.

    “Well since were so lazy, we'll wash the dishes, won't we Randy?” Rita asked.

    “Sure why not, we scrub a mean plate,” I joked and got a chuckle from everyone.

    They loaded up the dishes by the sink, which was a lot, and I washed while Rita dried and put up. A while later mom and Aunt Lisa came in the kitchen with the “we need to talk” look, aww fiddlesticks.

    “You guys really pushed your luck today, you're lucky you can think on your feet,” mom said.

    “We know, a deer really did take our clothes, but everything else was a lie,” Rita said.

    “Were gonna talk with Stephanie and Chris, just to throw dad off until he forgets about this,” I said.

    “I saw you all flirting with each other. Kids, doesn't matter where you are. I hope Jim's brother is cute, and not too old, and takes care of himself. Speaking of how are you two gonna deal with seeing other people? Won't you get jealous of each other?” Aunt Lisa asked.

    “Its just for a little while. No matter what happens were still gonna be with each other,” Rita said.

    “Glad to see you're still gonna be loyal to each other, but that doesn't mean you should string them along, they have feelings too, you should think about that, and figure out something so that everyone's happy. Now get back to busting those suds and shining that porcelain,” mom joked.

    We finished washing and drying all the dishes and I realized all the running water really made me have to use the bathroom, so I excused myself and casually walked fast to the nearest bathroom. I got there and let loose a long stream with my hand leaning up against the wall, enjoying the release. I finished up, washed my hands and opened the door only to jump at seeing Stephanie there waiting for me.

    “Can you come with me please, I wanna talk to you about something,” she said smiling.

    “Uh sure, where's Rita and Chris?”

    “They're outside on the porch talking,” she said with that tone again.

    She grabbed my hand and led me to the game room. When she shut the door she pushed me against the wall and pushed her soft lips into mine. I could taste the strawberry lip gloss as she moaned into my mouth kissing every part of my lips with hers. I put my hands on her hips as she ran her hands over my chest and moaned even more into my mouth. She finally broke the kiss with three juicy pecks as she looked up at me.

    “I waited... two whole days...to get the chance...to do that again,” she said catching her breath.

    I didn't know what to say. I was still surprised she kissed me, and even more surprised her lips were so soft and welcoming pressed against mine. When I smiled at her she smiled back and pulled me into her for another kiss, this time she slipped her tongue into my mouth.

    “You're a really great kisser,” I finally said. Cheezy, yes, but it was better than nothing.

    “Thanks, I'm an even better girlfriend,” she said grabbing both my hands and locking fingers without breaking eye contact.

    I thought about Rita, and knew she was probably having this same, if not similar conversation with Chris. We both knew what we had to do, even though we have these "conflicted feelings" built up inside of us, besides Stephanie's really pretty, and Rita said Chris was cute, so if we have to date other people, who better (ugly people might have helped a lot though).

    “Really. I look forward to seeing how great a girlfriend you really are.”

    She smiled big and pulled me into a hug and then another soft kiss. She backed up until she hit the pool table and hopped up on it, taking my hand and placing it on her breast as she lay back bringing me with her. I tried to move my hand off her breast onto her stomach but she took hold of it and guided to down until it was directly above her crotch.

    “Dam I really wish I wore that skirt today!”

    “We don't have to do anything right now, there's no rush. We have plenty of time for all that later.” I didn't wanna chance feeling her up, getting excited and doing something I didn't need to do.

    “Mmm your kisses are so soft, all I ever get is bruises from kissing too hard.”

    “Well I...” She shut me up my pushing her tongue back into my mouth and wrapping her legs around my waist. This girl would not let me go, and even though I should have gotten up, I couldn't bring myself to. She really was a great kisser, but noone would ever compare to the passion-filled kisses Rita and I share, noone. I could feel her hand working its way into my pants, but luckily it was quiet enough to hear footsteps coming, and we quickly separated as Rita and Chris came through the door smiling.

    “What were you guy's up to?” Chris asked.

    “Probably the same thing you two were up to,” Stephanie snapped back.

    Stephanie and Chris were drilling holes in each other with their eyes and Rita was looking at me like we needed to switch partners. It looked weird seeing her standing with him knowing he would be her boyfriend for a while, and my jealousy started to set in, but I wouldn't let it show. I wanted to kiss her so bad, and the look she gave me told me the same thing, but we didn't wanna do anything stupid in front of them, so we would have to wait till we were at home, or at least alone.

    “Anyone up for some pool?” I asked breaking the silence.

    “Sure, brothers and sisters on teams, no offense Randy but you suck,” Stephanie laughed.

    We played a few games together, they won some (thanks to my horrible play) and we won some (thanks to Rita's wonderful play), but the main thing was we all actually had fun, together. We switched up partners until everyone was on a team with everyone, ironically the best challenge was boys vs. girls. When we tired of playing pool we ran around the cabin like little kids screaming and chasing each other looking for the parents. When we heard sounds coming from the hot tub we all got that devilish grin and went to change into our swimsuits. We met up at the kitchen still laughing and burst through the door to the hot tub and climbed in it, effectively crashing their quiet little party.

    “Hi guys, what ya doing,” we all said in unison.

    “Oh yay, the kids are here,” Marie joked in a monotone voice.

    “Oh come on you know you're happy to see us, get some youth in this hot tub!” Chris laughed.

    Mom frowned up a little at that. “So what were you “youthful” kids doing before you came in here?”

    “Playing pool, running around, having a good time, just chilling out, you know kid stuff,” I said.

    “Having a good time, that sounds like the fun part!” Aunt Lisa smirked.

    “Hey! Just because were kids and we were alone doesn't mean we did anything!”Rita said.

    Dad laughed. “Yea sure, do you think were idiots? We weren't born yesterday, we were kids once!”

    “Right. We know you were kissing and stuff. We don't mind as long as that's all you do, am I right?” Jim said, and all the adults agreed.

    “So would it be a problem if I kissed Randy right now?” Stephanie asked.

    “Don't push your luck missy,” Marie said splashing her, starting another epic water fight.

    Water went flying everywhere, getting on the floor, the walls, some even on the ceiling. When I got splashed in the face and sat down I felt a hand grab and squeeze my cock, I followed the arm to a wide eyed Stephanie grinning back at me, then splashed me in the face as not to attract attention. When we stopped noone was sitting where they originally were, it was boy-girl-boy-girl with me sitting between Aunt Lisa and Marie. I used up so much energy trying to move in the water I laid my head back and let it slip underwater. Aside from all the bubbles, all I saw were legs and swimsuits, until I looked at Aunt Lisa whose swimsuit bottom had come untied a little and I could see her pussy clearly, and I was reminded of the great time me and it had getting acquainted yesterday. I had to pull myself up before I drowned looking at it, and when I came up Aunt Lisa reached down and tied her strings back as she winked at me. We all chit chatted about random things just keeping conversation flowing and enjoying each others company when we realized it was getting late and had to get going.

    “Oh come on can't you stay a little longer?” Marie pleaded.

    “Unfortunately we have to get going before it gets too late,” dad said.

    We all got out, dried off and went to get changed in a different part of the house. When I came from the pool area (last free place left) everyone was loading our stuff into the truck while saying their goodbyes at the same time. I saw Chris kiss Rita on the cheek, then lift her chin and kiss her on the lips. My jealousy was coming back, but it wasn't as bad this time. I looked around for Stephanie only to have her turn my head to her and kiss me as sensual as she could.

    “Too bad you guys couldn't stay longer, we would've had some fun,” Stephanie said between kisses.

    “Ok ok break it up, none of that in front of us,” dad said as he finished loading the truck.

    We all broke off each other and went to say goodbye to the others parents. Aunt Lisa said she didn't feel like driving home, so she would crash at our house. Once we said bye to everyone we got in the truck and Aunt Lisa got in her car and turned off onto the path to leave. We leaned out the windows to wave back as they waved at us leaving, and when we got out of sight we sat back in the car and I pinched myself one more time, “ouch,” yep, still the real deal.

    While we were driving mom and dad talked with each other and Rita and I faked being sleep so we could lay on each other. She pulled out a wet napkin and wiped her lips off, then did the same to me.

    “I don't wanna taste anyone on you but me,” she whispered, then kissed me.

    We held hands and kissed all the way home, while getting "I miss you" and "I can't wait to see you again" texts from our brand new boyfriend and girlfriend, and acted as if we came out of our grogginess when we pulled into the driveway. Aunt Lisa pulled in behind us and helped us carry all the stuff in, and she and mom put up the food while we moved everything else out of the way for now. Since the guest room had been cleared out mom told Aunt Lisa to take Rita's bed and for Rita to share mine. Dad looked a little concerned but we quickly threw him off by my telling her she'd be sleeping on the floor if she takes all my covers, and her saying she would just kick me out of my own bed. We also mentioned something about Stephanie and Chris knowing he knew we did something with them, and defer him off us. It worked because he patted my shoulder and cracked a smile and continued up the stairs with mom until we heard their bedroom door open and close.

    “You two don't have me fooled, you better not do anything stupid, like make noise,” Aunt Lisa said.

    “We might not even do anything tonight, were so tired we just might sleep. I need to get some clothes to sleep in before you take over my room,” Rita said.

    I followed them upstairs and went to my room as they went to Rita's and changed into my sleepwear, which consists of boxers, but for dad's sake I put on a shirt too. I lay there in the dark waiting for Rita to come while trying to get my eyes to adjust to the dark (it takes a long time for me), and twenty minutes later she came in wearing a small t-shirt with no bra and panties and climbed in under the sheets with me, spooning with me and pulling my arm over her waist and interlocking our fingers. We drifted in and out of sleep for about an hour, obviously something was keeping us up, but I thought it would pass and eventually we'd fall asleep, Rita didn't feel the same way though.

    “Randy what are we gonna do? Were dating other people, how can we make this work?”

    “We will, don't worry about it, remember its only for a little while.”

    “I kissed him Randy, and he felt me up a little, and I kinda liked it. I felt so guilty, I kept thinking about you, its like were cheating on each other.”

    “The same thing happened with me and Stephanie, but I think it'll be ok, we have to like them. We have to be affectionate with them for appearances, even though seeing you and him together hurts.”

    She turned around to face me. “I just don't wanna do it, I get so jealous seeing you and her!”

    “Were with them only for looks, even though we kiss and touch them we know were thinking about each other, and that makes it ok. Nothing will come between us, nothing.”

    She sighed and kissed me. “You always know how to make me feel better, I love you so much.”

    “I love you too, besides it's not like she's gonna be my "baybaymomma" or something. Come on we should get some sleep now.”

    “I'm not sleepy, but I know something that can get me tired pretty fast,” she giggled.

    “What? After everything that happened today you still wanna take a chance with dad here?”

    “Please, we'll go slow, I won't get loud at all I promise, just put it in a little bit please?”

    She had me, hook line and sinker. I nodded and she kissed me and turned around so her back was to me again. I lifted her leg a little as she moved her panties to the side, and I pulled my cock through the hole in my boxers and pushed slowly into her pussy. We lay on our sides with my hand surrounding her right breast as we slowly fucked in the spoon position.

    “Oh yes baby, slow just like that. You feel so good inside me, so so good.”

    She put her leg down and lay there and just let me fuck her. Her breathing became labored every time I would push all the way into her and she began to meet my thrusts halfway. Her moaning was really turning me on making me want to fuck her hard, but because we were trying to be quiet and she wanted it slow prevented me from getting carried away. She slid me out of her and eased on top of me laying chest to chest and reached between us and pushed my cock back up into her.

    She lay pressed against me kissing me and grinding up and down into me moaning into my mouth. After being in the dark over an hour my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness and I could see her big blue eyes looking back at me, and I instantly became lost in them. She smiled and licked her tongue across my lips and started moving a little faster, but still at a slow pace.

    “Randy, get on top of me, make me cum, make your sister happy and make her cum,” she whispered.

    I rolled her over still inside her and slipped my boxers off, they were becoming a pain, but I left her panties on. I pushed back into her and put her arms over her head on the pillow and kissed her again. I grinded into her rubbing my pubic hair over her panty-covered pussy as she hooked my legs with hers as I moved to kissing along her neck.

    “Yes, yes, just a little more baby, oh I love you so much, fuuuuuuck meeeeeee!” she moaned.

    I reached down and played with her clit and nibbled on her spot as I pumped into her. She grabbed me around my neck as her pussy pulsed around me, I sucked on her spot more and twisted her clit on my thumb faster until she pussy clamped down on me.

    “Oh yes, I'm cumming Randy, yes, hold me, I'm cummmmmmmming!”

    I held her as she came under me letting her juices slip out around my cock. She didn't leak a lot of juice but it was enough to make a small spot under us. When she stopped cumming I rolled off of her and kissed her forehead as she slowly drifted to sleep.

    “That was so good Randy, I'm sorry you didn't to cum, I'll make it up to you, I promise, but right now I'm tired, I'm gonna take a little nap, I love you, I love you so much.” She then fell asleep.

    Even though I didn't cum, it didn't bother me because I did that all for Rita anyway. I decided I'd go to the bathroom to rub one out for the first time in a long time. I climbed out of bed quietly as not to wake Rita, put back on my boxers and slowly made my way to the bathroom. On my way there I passed Rita's room I saw a little light under the door and heard a light buzzing sound on the other side of the door, Aunt Lisa was masturbating. I thought to myself, go to the bathroom with my hand or get some payback on Aunt Lisa for everything she helped plot against me, not to mention the things she did on her own, guess which one won? I opened Rita's door and sure enough, she was naked on the bed with a vibrator in her pussy. She looked up at me, but didn't stop playing with herself. I said nothing, I just closed the door and walked to her dropping my boxers, straddled her, took the vibrator out and pushed my cock in, building up speed in no time. I fucked her with all the strength and force I didn't get to use on Rita, literally thrusting into her as hard as I could, and all she could do was suppress a scream.

    “Randy sweetie, oh my god what's gotten into you? You're fucking me so hard my pussy's gonna hurt tomorrow! Oh my god, I don't care anymore keep fucking me, thrust that fucking cock in my pussy!”

    Thrust is what I did, I drilled her hard burying my face in her neck as she dug her nails into my back, if I didn't still have my shirt on she might have drew blood. I leaned up on both arms and looked down at her so I could see her face as I pounded her faster. She grabbed a pillow and screamed into it and yelled she was cumming, but I didn't slow down one bit. She arched her body off the bed as her orgasm ran through her, but I just kept on fucking until slowly my own orgasm built up. I closed my eyes tight and gritted my teeth as I felt my cum shoot up my cock and into her hot waiting pussy. Each time I shot in her she jerked and flinched under me intensifying her own orgasm. We finished cumming at about the same time and plopped down into the bed breathing heavily and saying nothing. When I got my strength back I leaned back and she sat up as we watched me pull my spent cock out of her satisfied pussy with a slurp, and the cum follow right behind it. I got up, put my boxers back on and headed for the door, her eyes following me the whole time. I turned around and looked at her still shaling body and then looked her dead in the eyes.

    “Consider that payback for all your scheming against us.”

    She was still breathing a little heavy so it took a bit for her to respond. “Oh my fucking god Randy, if you're gonna fuck me like that I'll scheme against you every fucking day from now on!”

    I smiled as I closed the door and made my way back to my bed, where Rita was still sleep. I climbed in and spooned with her again as I slowly let sleep take over me. What a situation we were in now, sex with all my female family members, dad on the brink of finding out about us, and were now dating other people to cover our own relationship, things are definitely about to get interesting.
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    Default Chapter 11

    It's been three months since the day we left the cabin, and just like I thought, things did get interesting. Both families hit it off so well at the cabin we decided to keep hanging out at each others houses at few times. Dad did manage to get that promotion and he and Jim started to become the best of friends. The fact that their kids were dating each other seemed to sit really well for them, since both sets of parents liked us. A few times dad walked in on Rita and I laying together talking about Chris and Stephanie, and a few times when we slept together, but with as often as we've been to Jim's house and as often as they've been here, I think he'd rather Rita and I sleep in the same bed than with Jim's kids. He liked the game room in the cabin so much that he turned our little spare room into a game room with the same types of game machines at the cabin. He spends a lot of time in that room now, and ironically so does mom and Aunt Lisa. He also put a little weightlifting section in the basement, which I'm starting to use more often. Stephanie and I have been dating each other, and Rita has been dating Chris, but we are still completely devoted to each other like we said we would be, and that won't ever change.

    Ever since the last day at the cabin, whenever dad wasn't home, we had free reign over the house. Sex would be happening as soon as dad was out the door. Mom or Aunt Lisa would catch us having sex and either leave, sit down and watch, or join in, but I've yet to have sex with them alone again. We even developed a system of code so when we get around someone who doesn't know our situation, we can communicate what we wanna say without actually saying it. For both Rita and my rooms we developed a colored tape system we use for our door; green means come in were alone and nothings happening, red means there's some type of sex act happening with another person, blue means more than one person is in, but nothing's happening, yellow means were waiting for someone to come in, and no tape at all means no one is in the room. We also gave ourselves numbers to know whose in the room during sex, I'm 1, Rita's 2, mom is 3, and Aunt Lisa is 4, so if I was having sex with Rita there would be red tape on the door with numbers 1 and 2. We sometimes even combine tape, like we would have red on the door when two of us were having sex, and yellow if we wanted anyone to join in with us, its a pretty great system, and dad is completely oblivious to it, he doesn't even notice it. We have a knock where you knock seven times fast and three times slow, in case were in the living room having sex and the front door starts to open, if we hear the secret knock, we keep going, if we don't, we high tail it outta there. Our last system is the talk system, where if were sitting at the table eating and we want to know each others moods, we'll say “I feel like exercising (I'm horny), “I'm gonna go listen to some music (feel like relaxing, but sex isn't off the table), or “I'm gonna go lay down, or sleep (not really in the mood for sex). Only me and the three women know the system, and it works perfectly.

    I haven't done anything with Stephanie except kiss, play with her titties, finger her a few times, and get a handjob from her. From what Rita says that's all she and Chris have done too. I never needed to push her since I always had Rita, and Stephanie seemed content with where we were, so it was fine for us. Some days I could tell we all wanted to do a lot more than we were doing, but the women said they didn't wanna feel like sluts and wanted to wait, I wasn't sure about Stephanie but we knew the real reason for Rita. None of us have even been on a date with each other yet, we could never get away from our families, but we do manage to talk and text each other a lot. We don't necessarily have a problem with how things are, but over the course of three months Rita and I have grown a liking to both Stephanie and Chris, and we can tell they have for us too, which is why we finally made time for a double date today. Despite how most people feel about double dates, we are all pretty excited about it, even the parents. I just know they're gonna ask bug us about it, but hey, what can you do.

    When I woke up Rita was already gone from the bed, since she got up and went somewhere with mom, so I had to get myself up. By the time I made it downstairs to breakfast everyone was just sitting down to eat, so I went over and kiss mom and Rita on the cheek (platonic) and sat down to eat.

    “So today's the big date huh? What are you guys gonna do?”

    “We decided on a movie, go out to eat and bowling since none of us have been in a while,” I said.

    “We might go to the mall too since there's a big clearance in all the stores,” Rita jumped in.

    “What? We didn't agree to go to the mall!”

    “You guys didn't, but me and Stephanie did. This only happens every once in a while and were going.”

    “Come on, that's not fair! You guys are gonna shop all day and were gonna have to carry all the bags!”

    “What do you expect, were women, we like to shop, plus if did tell you we'd still be going anyway.”

    “She's got you there son, never come between women and shopping,” dad laughed sipping his coffee.

    We'd been duped. Who would have thought Stephanie and Rita, as jealous as they are of each other would agree to this together. I looked at Rita, who was smiling back me, and I knew I was beaten.

    “Oh honey it's not gonna be that bad, besides they might make it up to you later,” mom smirked.

    It took me a second before I caught on to what mom was saying and looked over at Rita who was still smiling at me as she crept her foot up my leg. I guess I could deal with it for a couple hours if the result is great sex. I cheered up and went back to eating my breakfast.

    “Wait what do you mean “make it up to them?” I hope you're not talking about what I think you are,” dad blurted out.

    “No I meant maybe they'll pay for the movie or something, jeez your so paranoid,” mom said, then looked at us and gave us a wink without dad seeing.

    “Oh, ok. Chris is an ok kid but I don't want anyone feeling up my little girl. You keep an eye on him Randy and make sure he doesn't try anything.”

    “I'm on it dad,” I said, suddenly feeling all big-brotherly. If only he knew what was really going on.

    It was at that moment her foot made contact with my cock. I don't know how but she got it inside my shorts and was tickling my cock with her toes, all the while looking like nothing out of the ordinary is happening, I smiled without looking up and mouthed “later” at my food, which I know she saw because she moved her foot. All was quiet through the rest of breakfast until dad got up to leave for work.

    “Ok everyone, its time for me to go. See you later honey, and you two be good on your date. Oh and Randy before you leave cut the grass and trim the hedges, its starting to look like a forest out there.”

    “Sure thing dad, see ya,” I said as I patted him on the back.

    He kissed mom and Rita kissed him on the cheek as he left out the door and off to work. I finished eating and went upstairs to change into some cleaning clothes, I had to get started right then so I wouldn't still be working when Stephanie and Chris showed up. I took the lawnmower and hedge clippers to the front and sat the clippers on the porch, at which point I noticed Rita looking at me through the window smiling. I smiled back as she kissed the window and disappeared behind the curtain. I snapped back to reality and got the mower going and started cutting the grass.

    I wasn't out there for five minutes before the heat became so unbearable I had to take off my shirt. As I threw it on the porch I saw Rita back in the window biting her finger, so I flexed for her as I mowed the lawn giving her a show. After over two months its amazing we still feel this strongly about each other. I finally finish cutting the grass and take the lawnmower back behind the house and come back to another empty window, so I go right into trimming the hedges. I cut the one in front of the window Rita was in first since it was bigger and started on the littler one when my phone rang, it was Stephanie.

    “Hey you.”

    “Hey you, you ready for our double date today?”

    “Not yet, I'm trimming the hedges.”

    “Were gonna be there in an hour, you better get ready.”

    “I'll be ready by the time you get here, it doesn't take me long to get ready.”

    “Good. We finally get to get away from the parents and I plan on taking full advantage of it.”

    “Oh really? What do you plan on doing?”

    “(giggles) You'll just have to wait and find out.”

    “Oh come on, give me a hint.”

    “Nope, you'll have to be patient. You'll find out soon enough. Uugh oww!”

    “What was that?”

    “Oh um I just got in the tub, I made the water a little too hot I guess.”

    “In the tub huh? Wanna send me a pic?”

    “You'll be ok. It won't take us long to get there.”

    “(sigh) Ok fine, I'll see you when you get here.”

    “Ok, see you soon sweetie, bye.”


    I hung up the phone grinning trying to figure out what she had planned, but wasn't having any luck. I finished the hedges just after I hung up from Stephanie and went to take the clippers back around the house when I saw Rita looking out the window with a semi pissed-off/jealous look and disappeared behind the curtain again. She must have seen me on the phone and knew it was Stephanie I was talking to. Crap I'm gonna have to fix this, but after I take a shower because working out there made me work up a sweat, and a little stink.

    I took a five minute shower and dried off and dressed in khaki shorts and a white tee and went to find Rita. I found her sitting on the couch watching Dr. Phil, she hates him, so I know she was just sitting there angry waiting for me to come down so she could ignore me, which is what she did.

    “Come on Rita, talk to me, whats wrong?”

    “Who were you talking to on the phone?”

    “We both know who I was talking to.”

    “Why do you have to sound like you're in love with her all the time?”

    “We have to keep up the act remember? I go through the same thing with you and Chris. I mean yeah I like her just as you like Chris, but I'm not in love with her, I'm in love with you.”

    She sighed and made the sad face I hate seeing on her. “I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't be jealous but I can't help it, I hate sharing you,” she said looking down.

    “You don't have to apologize, were twins remember, everything you hate I hate too. We won't like it, but you're gonna mess around with Chris, and I'm gonna mess around with Stephanie, so the least we can do is enjoy it. Its not gonna change anything between us, you're still mine and I'm still yours,” I said lifting up her chin with my hand.

    She took my face in both her hands and kissed me full on the lips, slowly easing her tongue into my mouth. I leaned back and let her fall on top of me as we kissed, her hair covering both our faces. I let my hands roam down her body until I came to her skirt and dipped them under it, only to find out she wasn't wearing any panties.

    “I thought you'd like that,” she giggled breaking the kiss.

    “Well I know you'll love this,” I said sitting her up against the couch and dipping my face into the pussy I've come to know and love.

    “Oh baby, yes, eat my pussy! Oh Randy, right there, oh god yes!”

    Over the last two months I had to have eaten her pussy a hundred times and I never get tired of it, just as well as her sucking me off. I guess when you love someone as much as we love each other its hard to keep your hands off them. I pulled the hood back from her clit and tickled it with my nose as I licked around every crevice of her pussy I could reach.

    “Oh my god Randy I love you so much, you're so good to me, oh I love you!”

    I reached under her shirt and pinched her nipples and tongue fucked her pussy. She squeezed my head between her thick, luscious thighs but I could tell she wasn't ready to come yet, so I stuck two fingers in her pussy and got them nice and wet and put them in her mouth, which she sucked eagerly. While she was busy doing that I continued pinching her nipple and licked from her clit straight down to her ass. I licked circles around her asshole and jabbed at it, each getting a different response, but a good one nonetheless. I pulled my fingers from her mouth and stuck one in her ass and went back to sucking her clit, now she was really excited.

    “Oh my god, just like that baby, just like that. I'm gonna cum, oh god I'm gonna cum!”

    I began pumping my finger in and out of her ass faster and faster while I pulled and sucked on her clit harder and harder as she pushed my face into her pussy with both hands. Her straining and holding back finally gave away when her legs clamped shut around my head and she screamed loud enough for God himself to hear.

    “Oh god, I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

    The only good thing about being caught in Rita's leg vicegrip (besides being caught between Rita's legs) is that when she squirts, it comes out like a water fountain, and I can drink easy without a problem. When she finished juicing I kept licking her until she pushed my head away, which she literally had to push my head away. The silence around the room was broken when out of nowhere I heard “you're a dam fool!” and realized Dr. Phil was still on tv. I was looking for the remote to cut the tv off when it just shut off out of nowhere. I look around and finally see mom leaning against the wall with the remote in her hand.

    “You two don't waste any time do you? The second your father's out the door you're on each other.”

    I said nothing, and Rita was still catching her breath. I just looked at her with hunger in my eyes, I wanted to eat more pussy, and mom's pussy tasted just as good as Rita's. I walked over to her, picked her up off the ground making her giggle at what's coming, and plopped her down on the couch next to Rita. I lifted her dress up to her hips to reveal that she too wasn't wearing any panties. I wasted no time burying my face in her pussy and licked her up just as I did Rita not too long ago.

    “Oh baby, eat mommy's pussy! Suck on mommy's juicy pussy!”

    I held on to her legs and looked her in the eyes as I spread her lips with my tongue and lick up any moisture I could find. She sucked in her breath and pulled Rita into a kiss while they played with each others tits. By now I notice my cock is aching for release from my pants and I use a hand to unbutton my pants to get some relief. Rita notices what I'm doing and slips off the couch next to me.

    “Let me help you with that, turn over so I can take care of you.”

    I turned over like she said as she pulled my pants and boxers down in one pull and lay my head back on the couch. I watched mom get up and swing one of her massive thighs around my head and sit her pussy directly on my face. I wasn't done eating her and I know she wasn't done being eaten so I picked up where I left off. Just as I started eating mom again I felt Rita suck my entire cock into her mouth. If I hadn't built up a tolerance to her I would have come right there. I can feel me sliding into her throat again and again as she hums on my cock sending vibrations through my entire body, which in the end only adds to mom's pleasure. Once her clit pokes out from under its hood I use my tongue to dance all over it, knocking it in every direction before sucking it between my lips.

    “Oh honey! You love eating pussy don't you? You can eat mine anytime, just don't stop!”

    She started really grinding my head into the couch, rubbing her pussy on every part of my face. I held onto her thighs for guidance and twirled my tongue around in circles inside her pussy, all the while Rita still eagerly sucking on my cock. She squeezes my balls in her hand and sucks faster and faster until I can't hold on anymore. I push past mom's wet pussy to give her a warning of what's to come.

    “Rita I'm gonna cum! I can't hold it any...” That was all I got before mom's pussy smothered me again.

    She said something but I couldn't hear her so I went with it while I kept sucking on mom's pussy. After a few moments I tensed up and exploded in Rita's mouth. I could feel her sucking the cum out of my cock like it was a straw, and I felt her throat moving as she swallowed it. I was now dead from the legs down, I couldn't move if I wanted to, so I focused on the only one of us who hasn't orgasmed yet. I did the same thing to her as I did to Rita, I stuck a finger between her big ass cheeks and right into her ass.

    “Oh yes baby, finger my ass while you eat my pussy! You're gonna make me cum so hard”

    I ate her pussy as best I could with her grinding all over my face. When I finally caught hold of her clit I held it between my teeth and teased it over and over with my tongue as I slipped another finger into mom's ass. The fact that Rita was still sucking my soft, sensitive cock made me finger fuck her ass faster and squeeze her clit between my teeth tighter until she finally came.

    “Oh fuck yes baby! I'm cumming on your face! I'm cumming baby, I'm cummmmmmmmming!”

    To say I was drenched would be an understatement, I was soaked. I felt like someone poured a bucket of water on my head, a bucked of sweet, feminine water that I would be happy to drink any day. Mom looked down at me on short breath as she rolled onto the couch and saw the mess she had made.

    “Look at that stain, its gonna take all day to dry!”

    “Oh but its completely worth it, I'll go through that from either of you any day!” I said.

    “That is a pretty big stain, but I know how to dry it up fast, and mom what do you mean “you can eat mine anytime?” Don't be trying to steal him away from me,” Rita said.

    “Rita honey you can eat me anytime too, I'm not stingy,” mom giggled as she got up.

    Rita fixed her skirt and ran upstairs as mom kissed me on the lips and tried to walk away on shaky legs. I watched her fall into the couch, stumble into the wall, and finally plop down into a chair in the kitchen. I felt proud that I could make my mother cum so good that she couldn't walk straight. I sat there looking at nothing in particular when Rita bounced back down the stairs fully clothed again and holding a blow dryer.

    “Run this over that spot, and hurry up and get dressed, Chris just sent me a text saying they're ten minutes away.”

    I waved her off as I plugged up the blow dryer and got dressed at the same time. I turned the tv back on and turned to Robot Chicken and held the blow dryer over the spot and went into my own world for a while. Ten minutes later I was snapped back to reality when the doorbell rang. I unplugged the blow dryer and wrapped it up while noticing the spot went down drastically, but there was still a little there if you looked hard enough. When I opened the door to let them in Stephanie pushed past Chris like she was mad at him and locked lips with me. I only had a second to register that like Rita she too had on a skirt with flip flops and spaghetti strap top which showed off her breasts nicely, although her skirt was blue instead of black, I'm guessing they called each other to coordinate their outfits or something.

    “Hey Randy what's up man, wheres Rita?” Chris asked.

    I pointed upstairs since I was still unable to talk. Just as he was about to go upstairs mom came out of the kitchen and he stopped in his tracks.

    “Hi kids, anxious to leave I see.”

    “Hi Mrs. Stevens,” Stephanie said finally breaking the kiss.

    “Hi Mrs. S, yea were getting the shopping outta the way early,” Chris followed.

    “Get it out the way? Oh no, they're not stopping until they've gone through every possible outfit!”

    “You're not for real, are you Mrs. S? Girls don't really shop that much.”

    “You're in for a rude awakening today boys, these girls are gonna run you ragged, and then some! I hope you have enough cash because this is gonna be an expensive first date.”

    We groaned at mom's words and Stephanie just smiled, pretty much confirming what mom just said, crap. Rita came downstairs and Chris went straight to her but only gave her a hug because mom was there. Mom looked at Chris and Stephanie weird, like she was trying to figure something out, when she saw me looking at her she gave me a hand signal telling me to watch them, but I shook it off.

    A quick check to make sure we had our wallets, purses and phones and we were out the door. We decided to take our car since it had four doors. I drove with Stephanie in the passenger seat and Rita and Chris in the back. I contemplated taking the long way to the mall in hopes they'd forget about shopping, but I knew better and made it there with Stephanie cuddled up to me kissing my cheek the whole way there, I secretly hoped Rita and Chris weren't doing the same thing.

    As soon as we parked the girls grabbed our hands and pretty much ran into the mall, straight into Gap. Just as we figured Chris and I were following them around holding clothes and giving opinions. They tried on so many clothes I didn't know when we'd get out of there. When they left Gap they went to a store called Wet Seal, why anyone would call a store that is beyond me. Once again we were holding clothes and judging the way they looked in them. They were having a blast but we were just dragging along, but we didn't show it. They went into clothes store after clothes store before they finally went into what I hope for our sake was the last one in the mall. As usual they handed us clothes and tried stuff on and kept what they were gonna buy. At last they went to the cash register to pay for their latest grabs. Luckily this store had a bench so we sat down with all their bags and finally took a load off.

    “Kill me man, kill me now,” Chris pouted.

    “Come on man it isn't that bad. Its actually...no its really bad, but at least its almost over.”

    “Why do we even have to come? This is cruel and unusual punishment.”

    “Why do you think? Were the bagboys man! We carry their stuff and follow them around because they make us. Just be glad we don't have to go to a shoe store, we would been in there for hours.”

    “Come on guys, were going to the shoe store now,” Rita said as she walked over.

    We lifted our heads in shock. “Oh come on Rita! Aren't you two tired of shopping?” Chris pleaded.

    “Tired of shopping, are you crazy? Were just getting started!” Stephanie giggled.

    I didn't say anything, there was nothing I could say. Chris and I just stood up with our heads down in defeat and headed for the door, and then we heard laughing behind us.

    “Ok guys were just playing with you, were done, we just wanna take some pictures before we leave.”

    We both took in a breath of relief as we grabbed their bags and left the final store for the day. In total we went to eight different stores and spent almost $200.00, wow. We went to the picture booth that was big enough to fit all of us and started taking pictures. First we did one of everyone just smiling, then us goofing off, then Stephanie and I took a few alone of us smiling and kissing, then Chris and Rita went in and took some, and then we all took separate pictures and then everyone took one with everyone, and finally we all took a big portrait. All in all we had over 60 pictures, and the girls thought it fair to pay for them since it was their idea (like going shopping wasn't their idea either, but I'll take what I can get). After a while of admiring our pictures we grabbed everything and headed back to the car.

    “Dude, we got here at 2:00, its 6:17, they've been shopping for over four hours!” Chris whispered.

    “Is there something wrong with how long we shopped, Chris?” Rita asked suspiciously.

    “Uh no, I was just saying that women as beautiful as you need to take their time to make sure they have the right outfits, that's all.”

    “Kiss ass,” Stephanie blurted out.

    We burst out in laughter, but Stephanie gave him the “I'm sorry” look and kissed him on the cheek to ease his pain. We put the bags in the trunk and got in the car. “Ok guys where are we going?”

    “To the movies, the 6:45 show is about to start, then we'll go eat afterwards,” Rita said.

    It didn't take us long to get there seeing as we were already in the downtown area. We all got out and walked in the semi-crowded theater and up to the movie board.

    “We'll pay for the movie, but me and Rita get to pick which one we wanna see,” Stephanie said.

    Chris and I had no choice but to agree, they would just overrule us anyway so there was no point in fighting. They looked at the board and picked out a romantic drama, something about a couple in love on the run from someone. We told the girls to find us some good seats and we bought the popcorn and drinks and and stuff. We found them in the deserted back corner sitting against the wall. Chris and I sat in the middle and the girls sat on the outsides, Stephanie on my side. As soon as the lights went down Stephanie and I were kissing, and judging from the moans next to me so were Chris and Rita.

    “I'm sorry for making you go shopping with us, but I'm gonna make it up to you,” Stephanie whispered.

    “Its ok, you know I really don't mind, as long as you girls are happy.”

    “I knew you'd understand,” she said pulling me into another kiss.

    When the movie started the girls seemed to forget about us and focus on the screen, I could understand why but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't upset. Stephanie grabbed my arm and put it around her shoulder and leaned into me. I glanced over at Rita who had this jealous look, then did the exact same thing with Chris to tease me, and it worked. As the movie progressed the girls started getting more and more into it, but I couldn't, it was just too clich?or me. I did however start paying attention when signs of upcoming sex came across the screen (that's so like a guy I know, sue me). They apparently found a safe house in a hotel and were looking to relieve some tension. As the sex buildup was happening I felt Stephanie's hand run over my cock and start rubbing it to life. I looked at her but she just had a grin on her face and never took her eyes off the screen. If she wanted to play this game I was all for it, so I reached over and grabbed on to her tit and squeezed it and pinched her nipple through the shirt. I heard her suck in her breath trying not to moan and she rubbed me harder pretty much willing my cock to life. When the couple on screen were finally naked I felt Stephanie kiss my neck and suck on my ear as she started undoing my pants.

    “Mmmm baby I've been waiting a long time for this,” she said as she fulled my cock out of my pants.

    I was so caught up in the moment I had almost forgotten that Rita and Chris were next to us until I heard Rita moaning. I glanced over and saw her head back with her eyes closed and saw Chris sucking one of her tits and had his hand up her skirt. I could see her hand moving up and down and knew what she was doing. I felt a pang of jealousy again as I saw what was happening in front of me until I felt my cock suddenly get warm and wet. I looked down and saw Stephanie bobbing her head up and down my erected cock. I hadn't had my cock sucked the way she was doing it. Even though she couldn't get my whole cock in her mouth, she wrapped her mouth tight around it and pushed her lips together on it every time she came up, and then would occasionally wiggle her tongue just under the head and slide it back in her mouth, it was fantastic. I ran my hand under her skirt, past her panties and stuck a finger into her slow leaking pussy. She moaned lightly and spread her legs as best she could in the seat, and I pushed another finger into her. I found it weird that we were all sitting next to each other doing what we were doing like it was just us in the theater alone, but that vanished when I felt my cock poke the back of Stephanie's throat. I pulled my fingers out of her and sucked her juices off, she didn't have a fruity taste but it was really sweet and tasted so good I fingered her over and over just to keep tasting it. By now the couple on screen are doing their R-rated sex scene and Stephanie is moaning on my cock from my fingering her and Rita is moaning from whatever Chris is doing to her. While leaning my head back I roll over and see Rita looking me in the eyes with that look she gets when she wants to fuck, not have sex or make love, fuck. A scream on screen jolts my attention back to the movie then next to me again as I hear a cup get knocked over and the contents spill out.

    “Oh no it spilled all over my skirt!” Rita whined.

    Before they turned around and saw us as we were Stephanie and I hurried up and fixed ourselves before anyone became aware of what we were just doing.

    “I'm sorry, it just slipped. Here let me help you with that I have some napkins...”

    “No I'll clean it in the bathroom, maybe I can dry it under the air dryer or something,” Rita said.

    We sat back as Rita scooted past us and headed for the door. Chris looked embarrassed and tried to focus on the movie to avoid any attention from us. With Rita gone and just us three there, there was no way Stephanie and I were gonna do anything in front of Chris, so even though I could tell she was still as horny as I was, we resigned ourselves to watching the movie. The sex scene was at its end and I was still hard up from my recent actions with Stephanie, so much that I was about to go to the bathroom to relieve myself until my phone rang. I had forgotten to put it on vibrate and answered it without looking to see who it was so everyone would stop shushing me.

    “Hello?” I whispered.

    “Its me, pretend like its mom.”

    “Uh hey mom, were in the movies, I can't talk now.”

    “Go in the girls bathroom by the arcade and come in the last stall, I need to exercise now!” (Click)

    “Ok mom, I'll go outside, hold on.” I covered the phone like I had someone on hold. “I'll be right back, mom needs to talk about something really quick,” I told Stephanie.

    “Ok take your time, I know how your mom likes to talk,” she joked.

    I eased out of aisle slowly, but when I was in the hallway I power walked to the bathroom. I made sure no one was around before I went to peek in the women's bathroom, and when I saw it was empty I quickly made my way in. The whole time I was scared someone would come in or someone would come in, so I quickly went to the last stall where Rita saw me and pulled me in.

    “Get your pants down now, I'm so fucking horny I'm gonna explode!”

    As soon as I had my pants down she pushed me on the toilet and straddled me, wet skirt and all. She moved her panties to the side, lined my cock up with her and literally just sat down on it.

    “Oohhhhhhhh yes that hits the spot! Fuck my pussy with that big cock!”

    I gripped her hips and helped her bounce up and down on me and kiss along her neck. She put her arms arms around me head for balance and fucked me back as I plowed into her. She started moaning a little too loud for comfort so I lifted her head back and pushed my lips against hers. After a while we finally matched a rhythm and I lifted up her shirt to suck on her breast when she stopped me.

    “No, suck on the left one, that one was in Chris' mouth. He got his spit all over it.”

    I don't know why, maybe jealousy, but I gritted her left nipple in my teeth and pumped my cock in her harder. I could tell she was biting her lip so she wouldn't scream by the little squeal that would just escape her lips. A couple minutes later we heard the bathroom door open and someone come in. I stopped fucking out of fear but Rita wasn't having any of that and kept bouncing up and down on me. We heard the lady gasp in disgust and come out of a stall and walk to the one we were in, she tried to open the door but couldn't, thank god she locked the door when she closed it.

    “Excuse me is there someone in here?”

    “Uh yes its occupied!” Rita said trying not to sound like she was fucking.

    “Could I use that stall really quick? There's only one other with a door and the toilet is stopped up.”

    “Not right now, I'm still in here. Give me a minute and I'll come out.”

    “Well how much longer are you gonna be because I...”


    All we heard were quick footsteps and the door swing open and close. I was just looking at her as she continued to ride me as if nothing happened.

    “What? She was annoying and we don't have that much time as it is!”

    I got up and turned her around and had her lean over with her hands on the wall and slipped back into her. We both groaned and I grabbed her hips again and drove into her over and over until a clapping noise echoed through the bathroom. Watching her ass jiggle against me as I fucked her really got me going harder and harder when she reached back and grabbed my shirt.

    “I'm cumming Randy! Keep fucking me I'm cumming!”

    I fucked her through her orgasm and kept fucking until I couldn't take her walls squeezing my cock anymore and told her I was cumming too. She slid off of me as fast as she could while still coming down from her orgasm and took my cock in her throat just as I started to cum. I was just cumming and cumming and she just let it flow down her throat. When I stopped I leaned against the wall and caught my breath while she fixed herself and took out a small bottle of mouthwash. I looked at her weird.

    “Its so Chris doesn't smell cum on my breath. Go back to the movie and I'll meet you back there. I need to get my legs back, you fucked me so good.”

    I pulled my pants up and we both walked out of the stall. She checked and made sure no one was coming, kissed me for a little while and gave me the go ahead. I quickly snuck out and walked to the line for snacks. I waited through the line and bought two boxes of Sour Patch and went back to the movie. When I got back Rita was there but Stephanie and Chris weren't. Rita just shrugged her shoulders. A couple minutes later they both came in each with a box of candy and sat back down next to us as Stephanie kissed my cheek. I didn't remember seeing them in line, but I just shrugged it off since I just had a fantastic quickie. We all cuddled up on each other and held a special body part as we all got comfortable again and finished watching the movie. When it was over we all got up, stretched and headed back out to the car laughing and messing around. Chris slapped Stephanie on the ass and she laughed, so since they did it, Rita and I did, but we were a little more handsy and sneaky.

    “So where should we go eat?” Chris asked.

    “How about Fridays, they give out free sundaes today, and its 2 for $20 all month,” Stephanie said.

    “That's ironic, free sundaes on a Friday. Everyone ok with going there?” I asked, and they agreed.

    I let Chris drive so I could sit back and relax and get some energy back. Stephanie snuggled up to me and I could see Rita shooting glances back at us a few times until Chris scooted her close to him so he could put his arm around her. We joked and talked about nothing in particular until we finally pulled into the Friday's parking lot. We went in and were almost immediately seated in a booth with me next to Stephanie and Rita next to Chris, with Rita across from me. We were all pretty hungry since we didn't really eat the stuff we bought at the movies so we wasted no time ordering. I got mini-burgers and fries, Rita got buffalo wings, Stephanie got a mini pizza and Chris got quesadillas. The waitress brought us our drinks and we downed them right away and asked for refills and if she could switch the tv in front of us to family guy.

    “Were assholes!” I said.

    “Might as well get our money's worth. Speaking of moneys worth what happened in the movie when I went to the bathroom?” Rita asked.

    “I wouldn't know, I wasn't really paying attention to it, I don't watch chick flicks,” Chris boasted.

    “Oh you liar! I saw you! You were more into it than I was, and I picked it out!” Stephanie laughed.

    We all kinda laughed at his expense a little, mostly because he made that “busted” face. The waiter came back with the drinks again and switch the tv to family guy like we asked, just in time to see the part where Stewie asked Brian for his money.

    We forgot about everything for a minute and got caught up in watching the show (its a great show). We were so into it we didn't notice the waitress had already started bringing our food to the table. She finally brought everything and clanked the silverware together to snap us back to reality.

    “Thank you miss, everything looks delicious,” Chris said smiling at her.

    “Wow, you're being such a kiss ass today,” Stephanie teased.

    “Its called being nice you should try it.”

    “Nope, just a kiss ass. You've been doing it all day; just now, on Rita, earlier at home, when will it stop?” Stephanie said smirking when she said “at home.”

    “You guys have problems, you know that,” I joked, hiding the jealousy in my voice about Rita.

    “Oh my brother knows I love him, he does the same to me, I'm just better at it,” Stephanie giggled.

    They smiled at each other and Chris play slapped her and they both laughed it off as we all grabbed our food and sat it in front of us. Everyone was looking at everyone else's food like they wanted it, since everything looked so good, so what we did was trade off food so we all had a little bit of everyone else's food. We were just concentrated on eating since we were hungry, but once we got a decent amount of food in us we slowed our pace back to normal.

    “So when's the next time we can go on another double date guys?” Chris asked swallowing food.

    “Don't know, you know how long it took us to get free for this one,” I followed.

    “Then we better make the most of this one, where are we going next?” Rita asked.

    “To cosmic bowling, it starts at eleven, so we got a good half hour to kill,” Stephanie said.

    We finished our food and sat around joking and having fun. When the waitress came by to get the dishes Stephanie poked fun at him again, and he responded by throwing a piece of tomato at her, forcing a truce. We were about to leave when Stephanie stopped us and reminded us about the free sundaes. The waitress complied after Rita whispered something to her and a few minutes later they were right in front of us.

    “Last one to finish theirs has to pay the bill!” Rita shouted.

    Right away we all started eating the sundaes as fast as we could. Chris and I knew that one of us had to pay the bill since it was a date, so really it was between us. I was a few bites in when I noticed the girls sundaes were smaller than ours, they pulled a fast one on us. As I thought both the girls finished before us and were rooting us on. Chris tried to swallow too fast and choked a little, giving me an edge, and I ended up beating him by a nose, but agreed to leave the tip. I left $20 as we got up to leave and Chris went to pay the bill. On our way out the door I saw a crane machine with all the bears and stuff in it and thought what the hell, so I played it. Ironically, and by sheer luck, my very first try I won a pink bunny rabbit, and as soon as I grabbed it from the machine, Stephanie gasped and grabbed it from me.

    “Ooh its so cute! Thank you Randy,” she squeaked as she kissed then hugged me.

    I looked right at Rita who was no doubt pissed at what just happened in front of her, but hid it when Chris came back over to us.

    “Ok, bill's all paid, lets go. Bowling should be just starting right now,” he said.

    Rita glared at me and grabbed hold of Chris' arm as they walked to the car in front of us, Stephanie was holding her bunny and making little girlish noises. We got in the back seat again as Chris drove telling jokes that Rita kept laughing at, and looking at me with a smirk on her face as she did. I sat there hugged up next to Stephanie when I got a call from mom asking what time we'd be home, I told her in an hour or two and she said ok and hung up. When I got off the phone we were just pulling into the bowling alley, there weren't that many cars yet so it looked like we beat the rush. We went in and stood in the mini-line laughing at the day's events while we calculated the cost of four games plus shoes, and looking around taking the environment.

    “Well well well look what we have here? Long time no see, eh Randy!”

    I know that voice anywhere, that loud, annoying, demanding voice. It could only be one person, the same person who almost drove a wedge between me and Rita, the only person who I ever came close to hating. Ashley.

    She stood there mocking me with two of her friends who looked distant around her. I didn't feel like being bothered with her shit after what she tried to do to us, so I just shot her a look and ignored her.

    “Don't act like you don't hear me talking to you!”

    I gave her another “fuck off” look. “What do you want Ashley?”

    “Haha! You're on a date with Stephanie? What she lose a bet or something?” She laughed.

    “Actually no Ashley, I asked him out,” Stephanie said emphasizing when she said “him.”

    “Why? You've dated much better looking guys. What do you see in him?”

    “Why the hell do you care? What, are you jealous or something?” I smirked.

    She looked at her friends and laughed. “What in the world would I have to be jealous of you for?”

    That really pissed me off. “I don't know but it seems I'm always at the focus of your attention. Maybe you're jealous of the fact that Rita and I are close because your brother hates your guts and wants nothing to do with you, I don't blame him. Maybe you're mad because I have a girl and you can't date anyone for longer than three days. If you weren't such a bitch all the time you might actually have a relationship last past sex and you'd actually have a boyfriend to take you places, instead of dragging your friends around who look like they rather be somewhere else instead of bowling with you!”

    She like everyone else in our little group stood there in stunned silence. “You think you got it all figured out, huh virgin?”

    “Wow is that your only comeback? Its only about sex with you huh? Actually no I'm not a virgin but I'd rather be one than walk around with your reputation. Now if you'll excuse us, the people that actually matter to me are gonna go bowl, go fuck yourself, or like usual get a stranger to do it for you.”

    I heard her huff as we walked to the counter to pay and get our shoes. I don't remember ever getting worked up like that. I almost felt a little sorry, but she had it coming big time.

    “Wow Randy! You really put her in her place!” Rita said.

    “I knew she could be a bitch sometimes but I didn't know like that!” Stephanie said.

    “Yeah she is, but I don't wanna talk about her anymore, lets go bowl,” I said.

    We took our shoes and went to lane 11 on the left side of the room. We put on those ugly shoes and I programmed our names in the screen boy girl boy girl. We all got our bowling balls (I grabbed me a 10lb. Since I'm not that good) and put them on the rack as Chris went to start. The first game we were just playing for ourselves to see who was good or not, and judging by the looks of it, none of us were. When we finished the first game the highest score was Rita's 96, we all sucked ass. The second game we put boyfriend and girlfriend on teams and the losers had to pay the winners $10, since it was my fault we lost (I bowled a gutter both times on my last frame and we lost by six pins) I paid for both of us. The whole time we were there this group of guys kept looking over at us watching us every time we bowled, well they were looking at the girls, not us, and that gave Stephanie an idea.

    “Ok new teams, boys vs. girls, and the losers have to kiss each other on the lips in front of everyone for ten seconds, tonight, and you can't get out of it for nothing,” Stephanie grinned.

    I was definitely not gonna agree to this. Sure we could see Rita and Stephanie make out, but there was a chance we could lose, and I'm not kissing Chris, no way in hell.

    “Come on guys, don't be chickens. Its just a little bet, you afraid you gonna lose?” Stephanie said.

    She knew what she was doing, trying to tug at our male egos, and I'm sorry to say it worked. I don't know why but being called a chicken in front of a woman will make you do anything, even if the woman calling you a chicken just happens to be the person you're dating.

    “Dude, we better not lose this game!” Chris said as serious as he could be.

    I put my game face on and bowled as best I could, knowing if I lost Chris and I would get to know each other a little better. I actually did pretty good, I bowled two strikes and picked up three spares and got 132. Chris didn't do so bad (at least by our standards) and bowled 91. Despite our best efforts our fate still rested with the girls. Stephanie bowled 111 and Rita was on her last frame needing eight pins to tie us and nine to win, she got five on the first bowl. When she threw the ball again we nervously held our breaths waiting to see if we were observers or participants in the kissing game. It finally got the the end of the runway and to our relief, it swung to the left and only knocked over one pin.

    “Yes, oh my god yes!” Chris screamed as he dropped to the floor.

    I caught my breath after being so pent up in anticipation and smiled at the girls. “Ok girls, time to pay up, get kissing,” I said suddenly excited.

    They both sighed, but they actually looked like they wanted to kiss by the half-smiles they both gave. “Fine, but you have to get us a pretzel when were done,” Rita said.

    “Fine fine ok just kiss,” Chris said sounding too eager, and looking a tad perverted.

    They sat down next to each other, looked each other in the eye and leaned in and kissed each other square on the lips. It was a hot sight, though there was no tongue there was plenty of lip movement going on. I felt myself getting hard and had to sit down so nobody would notice, like anyone was looking at me anyway. Everyone around us close enough to see was cheering and slapping hands and everything else that comes with two girls kissing. Finally when the ten seconds were over they split and came back over to where Chris and I had sat down.

    “Ok we did it, now go get our pretzels!” Rita play yelled and licked her lips at me.

    It took us a little while before we actually stood up and left to get their pretzels seeing as the image was just permanently burned in our minds, but with some pushing we finally did. We weren't gone a minute before we see guys sitting in our area hitting on them, typical. We quickly bought two salted pretzels and hurried back to our area, but the guys didn't leave, instead, they had a proposition.

    “Hey guys, they each offered us $5 to make out with each other some more, it's $55 dollars on the table! Should we do it?” Stephanie asked.

    “Uh, yeah do it, wait whats the catch?” Chris asked back.

    “They get to record us and we gotta touch each other a little,” Rita said.

    I looked at Rita and she seemed fine with it apparently, probably the money. “You know they might put this on youtube or something, or go around showing everybody,” I whispered.

    Stephanie wasn't phased. “So what? We don't know them, and we'll hide our faces, nobody will know its us. We won't do it if you guys don't want us to.”

    “If you wanna do it go ahead, just don't be surprised if you're the newest internet sensation,” I joked.

    With that said Stephanie turned to Rita and flat out straddled her lap. She put her arms around her neck and Rita put hers around her waist and started kissing again. If I thought their first kiss was great, then this was fantastic. They were moaning in each others mouth's and slipping each other the tongue. Cameras were going off and guys were cheering and high fiving as they made out in front of a group of horny guys. Kissing each other must have made them extra horny because Stephanie's hand dropped over Rita's tit and started squeezing it and Rita slipped both her hands under Stephanie's skirt and squeezed then slapped her ass, the guys went crazy then, I had a crazy boner by now. Eventually it had to end and the girls separated. Rita went to Chris and Stephanie immediately came to me and pushed me down as she kissed me while she ground her pussy directly over my hard cock. They guys were pretty much happy, and still watching, saying it was the best $5 they ever spent, and both Rita and Stephanie had a flushed look on their face, so I'm guessing they enjoyed it as much as everyone else did. Once everything calmed down we bowled our last game as family vs. family with the losers paying for the next date, Rita and I actually won by a landslide and when she hugged me, she bit my ear and told me to get ready for a workout later, I was excited. We gathered all our stuff and started to leave much to the disappointment of the guys, but the girls received claps and cheers as they walked past. As I walked up to the counter I found myself looking at Ashley who was looking back at me. She looked like she was about to say something, but stopped and turned around without a word. Finally nothing to say, and all it took was treating her like she did me, who knew. We handed our stuff in and walked back out to the car holding on to each other laughing and giggling as we got in and drove off.

    “I can't believe you girls actually did that,” Chris said still surprised.

    “Neither can I, but it was worth it with the easy money we made,” Rita said flashing her half.

    Stephanie turned my head to her and whispered in my ear. “That kiss got me so hot, if we were alone I'd be fucking your brains out right now. We'll have to go on our own date soon, real soon.”

    The rest of the way to our house Rita was hugged up kissing Chris while he drove and Stephanie and I were fondling each other in the back seat as much as we could get away with. Rita and I snuck looks at each other whenever we thought we could get away with it, and mouthed “I love you” a few times. When we got to our house we helped Stephanie put her bags in their car and we all kissed each other goodnight for a good while and watched as they got in their car and drove off. We went in the house and found a note on the door from mom saying she and dad were at Aunt Lisa's for the night, and that they'd be back tomorrow morning. As soon as I finished reading the note Rita pretty much threw me on the couch and lay across me and kissed me as passionately as she could. I kissed her back with just as much passion until she pulled away from me. Without a word she grabbed her bags and walked upstairs. When she got halfway up the stairs I got a text message from Stephanie saying she couldn't wait to feel my cock in her mouth again. I grinned and headed to the stairs to see Rita still there, only now she had that glare again like I was in trouble. Since I was sleeping in her room tonight I stripped off my clothes down to my boxers, my usual sleeping attire, and walked the short distance to her room. I opened the door and didn't see her, so I turned to go find her, but when I turned around she was standing there in her bra and panties and pushed me on the bed, looking at me like I just spit on her.

    “Just what the hell did you think you were doing today?”

    I was confused, and it showed on my face. “What are you talking about?”

    She didn't answer, she just went to her dresser, ripped off a piece of red tape and picked up our numbers and stuck then to the door. She ran and pounced on me shoving her tongue in my mouth and grinding her hips into my cock. She then broke the kiss and sat up on me and slapped me square on the face.

    “Ow! Rita what the hell you...”

    (slap) “Shut up! You don't get to talk. I'm in control now! You do what I say!”

    To say I was surprised would be an understatement, Rita had gone completely psycho in under two minutes. She slid off me and pulled my boxers down my legs and off, then took my cock in my hand and started stroking it. I moaned at the touch of her hand and flinched when she ran her tongue over the tip over my cock, but she didn't suck it in her mouth, she just let it fall on my chest.

    “Oh no, I'm not going down on you, you're gonna eat my pussy until I cum all over you!”

    She pulled her panties off and climbed over my face straddling me, then lowered her pussy lips directly down over my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and ran them across her glistening lips, and she shuddered and rocked back and forth on my head like she was on a bull.

    “Fuck yeah eat that pussy, eat it! You better make me cum or I'm not gonna fuck you!”

    I knew she was full of it, never once did she turn away from sex, but on the chance that something was really bothering her I ate her pussy like it was the last time I'd ever eat it. I spread her lips and traced circles inside her with my tongue, but her rocking on me kept pushing me out so I tried to grab her thighs to slow her down, but she slapped my hands off of her and ground my head in circles under her. At the rate she was going my face was gonna smell like her pussy for days, not that its a problem but it would definitely be noticeable, so I needed to make her cum, and fast. I tried as best as I could to catch her clit in my lips but she was moving around so erratic on me it was almost impossible, finally after what seemed like forever I caught hold of it and didn't let go. I squeezed it between my lips putting as much pressure on it as I could without hurting her, and she stopped moving instantly. I sucked on it pulling it and tugging it and biting it a few times, waiting for her to give me some kind of sign, and then she did. She grabbed my head under her and positioned her pussy directly over my mouth.

    “Fuck! I'm gonna cum in your mouth! Hold still I'm gonna cum in your mouth!”

    Not even a second later she was coming directly into my mouth, I had to swallow fast just so I wouldn't choke, and the fact that she held my head firmly in place didn't help either. When she finally did stop she didn't get up, she just slid down my body until her face was over mine.

    “Don't think I'm done with you, you're not off the hook yet.”

    “Off the hook from wh...” She slapped me again. “Ow, Rita what the hell?!”

    She slapped me again and sat up on me. “I told you not to talk! You said and did enough for today. I know you were thinking about fucking Stephanie today weren't you? I don't think so, this dick is mine, and don't you ever forget it!” Rita grinned as she grabbed my cock in one hand and sat down on it.

    We both groaned, and she pushed her hands in my chest so hard her nails were digging into my skin. Rita had never called my cock a “dick” before, something must really be getting to her. I don't remember her ever being so energized, she started riding me so hard I thought my cock was going to break off. She bounced off me so high only the head was left in when she slammed back down on me. I tried to reach up and grab her tits through her bra but she slapped my hands away.

    “No lay there, you don't get to touch my tits,” she said as she flicked my nipple.

    By now she was grinding me furiously and even though it seems like a great thing, it kinda felt like a punishment. Every time I tried to touch her she would slap my chest, which would force me to involuntarily thrust into her, making her shudder with excitement, and she would keep repeating this over and over until a red mark formed on my chest. She was really punishing me, and I don't even know what I did, but I was gonna find out, she couldn't hit me much more than she already has.

    “Rita what gives? Why are you so hostile?”

    “Ugh, you know why I am, ugh, hugging all over Stephanie, buying her stuffed animals, calling her your girl, that's supposed to be me, not her, ugh god!”

    All of a sudden I felt energized, she wasn't completely innocent, in fact, some things she did on purpose to make me jealous, it was time to turn the tables.

    “And what about you?” I said as I pushed her on her back and climbed between her, stuffing my cock back in her. “I saw you grabbing his crotch in the car, laughing as his jokes that weren't even funny, you even gave him “the look!” That was supposed to be for me!” I said as I started pounding her.

    Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was fighting back screams. “Ugh, ugh, ugh, I know baby, I'm sorry, I only did that stuff because I...”

    “Quiet! I'm in control now! Don't make me have to get rough!”

    “Oh hurt me baby, hurt me! Choke me, slap me, pound my pussy till I can't walk, I don't care!”

    “I thought I said quiet!” I pulled her to the edge of the bed and held her down by her neck, not necessarily choking her but close enough. I ripped her bra off with one hand and squeezed her tit as I held on to her neck with the other hand and fucked her as hard as she fuck me, maybe even harder.

    “Ohh god, it feels so fucking good! No one will ever fuck me like you do Randy, no one!”

    “I thought I told you quiet? “

    “I can't help it! You turn me on so much, and you fuck me so good, I fucking love you!”

    “I love you too, now get up on all fours now!”

    Without hesitation she was on the bed with her hands and knees with her ass facing me. I got behind her and ran my cock across her lips for a while just poking the head in, and pulling it back out, I know this was driving her crazy.

    “Randy stop fucking teasing me and shove that dick in my pussy, I need to cum now!”

    “And what if I don't do it, what are you gonna do?”

    “There is no what if, you better fucking do it, right now!”

    I decided I had enough teasing anyway and shoved it in just when she started to yell at me again. I didn't wait to grab her hips and fuck her with everything I had, my body just sort of took over and did it for me. A loud, forceful clap echoed around the room every time our bodies made contact due to the sheer force I was fucking her, and we both loved every bit of it. In no time we were at the top of the bed and I had to slow down before I rammed her head into the wall. I grabbed her hair and held onto it as tight as I could. I slowed down fucking her but she got a hell of a lot louder.

    “Yes pull my hair while you fuck me. Treat me like a slut, your slut. I'm only a slut for you baby!”

    I held on as her ass clapped off my skin sending ripples up her back and tingles through me. I could see her reach between her legs and play with her clit while I fucked her and pulled her hair, and soon enough her pussy was spasming around my cock. I pulled her hair apart in both hands making a V and stabbed her pussy with my cock over and over while she furiously worked her clit.

    “You gonna cum for me Rita? You gonna cum for me baby?”

    “Yes Randy I'm gonna cum for you! I'm gonna cum all over this dick!”

    “Then do it, cum on my cock, cum all over my fucking cock!”

    “Oh god my pussy is ready to explode on your cock! Fuck I'm gonna cum baby I'm gonna cum!”

    “That's it, just let it go, coat my cock in your juice and cum for me!”

    “I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!”

    I let her hair go and grabbed her hips again as her body spasmed on my cock, but I never stopped fucking her, I just went in long slow strokes until she went limp and her top half fell against the mattress. With her ass still in the air and my cock still buried in her pussy I gradually sped up until she was able to get up off the bed. She grabbed my wrists, took them off her and put her hands flat up against the wall as she looked at me over her shoulder.

    “Now I'm gonna fuck YOU doggy until you cum!”

    With her hands on the wall she pushed back on my cock picking up speed each time she did it. The way her back was arched and the way her had her hands on the wall looking forward had to be the sexiest doggystyle position I've ever seen, porn included. Her ass was bouncing off me perfectly even when she picked up speed, and the fact that she was squeezing her pussy muscles around me begging me to cum was having its effect. I held out as long as I could loving the feel and enjoying the view before I couldn't hold it in anymore.

    “Rita I'm gonna cum!”

    “You gonna cum for me Randy? You gonna cum in my pussy?”

    “Fuck yeah, I can't hold on anymore!”

    “You don't have to, cum deep in my pussy baby, fill me up.”

    “Oh fuck Rita, here it comes!”

    “Yes, cum for me baby, give it to me! Shoot every last drop you have in my pussy!”

    I tensed up and leaned against the wall right next to her and filled her pussy with spurt after spurt of cum, and she just kept milking me for everything I had. Finally when her pussy sucked the last bit of cum out of my cock, I pulled out and we lay down and cuddled up with each other. We didn't move or say anything for a while, but then she got up and went to the bathroom, then came back in with one of my long shirts on and a sad look on her face as she got back into bed.

    “What are we gonna go Randy?” Rita said in her cute, soft voice.

    “What do you mean?”

    “You know what I mean. We can't keep getting jealous like this. We need Chris and Stephanie to make our relationship work, so we have to be intimate with them. We cant afford to get jealous. If we slip up because we get too emotional it could ruin us, and mom and dad, but now every time I look at those pictures we took today I'm gonna feel like I'm cheating on you with Chris, what are we gonna do?”

    I pulled her into me and kissed her as softly as I could. “Were gonna get some sleep, and worry about this in the morning.”

    She looked at me with that soft smile and nodded. I got up, put back on my boxers, took the red tape off the door and replaced it with blue tape, turned off the light then climbed back in bed.

    “Yeah, we'll talk about it in the morning, I need my rest, seeing as my pussy just showed that cock who's boss,” she giggled.

    I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her again. “I love you.”

    “I love you too, and I better be the only one you love,” she said referring to Stephanie.

    I listened to her fall asleep against me. She was right, we really had to straighten this out. As good of a situation we seemed to be in, it still wasn't right, using Stephanie and Chris to mask our own relationship. The fact that they have no idea only makes it worse. This could hurt us all in the long run. We need to figure out a better way to go about handling this situation, and we need to do it soon.
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    Default Chapter 12


    I woke up against my will to the sound of a door opening and then my phone ringing. I looked at the caller id and saw it was mom, so I forced myself awake and pushed talk.

    “Hey mom, thanks for the wake up call.”

    “Its 10:00 in the morning, you should be getting up anyway, unless you had a late night, hmm?”

    “Not that late, but lets just say it was worth the lost sleep.”

    “I don't know what to do with you two, well yes I do, but that's not why I called. I need you and Rita to get started on the chores for me, its really pouring down outside and you know how we hate to drive in the rain, we'll leave when it slows down a bit.”

    “(sigh) Sure mom, but you owe me.”

    “Last time you said that we ended up screwing each others brains out half the night,” she laughed.

    The way she said it I couldn't help but laugh too. “Glad you're being so modest about it. I'm guessing dad isn't in the room with you?”

    “You guessed right, I'm downstairs eating the last of the hershey's chocolate pie, he and Lisa are upstairs in bed. I gotta go now, remember, I need you to do the housework, not your sister, I don't want you two banging each other all day, oh and don't forget to wash the dishes, gotta go honey, love you.”

    “Love you too mom, we wont forget. Tell Aunt Lisa we said hi, and save me a piece of that pie!” I yelled before she hung up.

    I heard giggling as she hung up, I knew she wasn't gonna save me any of that pie, as much as she watches her weight when she gets a chance to splurge she always capitalizes on it. That conversation woke me up a lot so I sat up and got set to knock the chores out, but intended to split half of them with Rita, I mean we are still brother and sister, and this is one of those times where we act like it. I couldn't see any tape on her door, but I had a feeling she was still in the house. I pulled the sheets back and turned my legs off the side of the bed, and saw a post-it note stuck to my left leg, it read...

    “Notice anything missing besides me?”

    I scanned her room and looked around for anything that might be gone, but I couldn't figure out what it was. I went to my room and did a once over in there, but I still couldn't put my finger on it. I started to go to mom and dad's room since they were obviously still gone, but I figured she wouldn't hide anything or take anything from there. I decided to give up for now and go get something to eat. I peed and brushed my teeth and went back to Rita's room to grab my clothes to put back on when I remembered I stripped down to my boxers then went to her room. I went back to my room and couldn't find the clothes I took off anywhere. I was confused, I know I left them in a pile on the floor, but they were nowhere to be found. Mom wasn't here to wash them and Rita doesn't...Rita! She took them? But why would Rita take my clothes, she never washes our clothes, in fact, the only time I've ever really seen her near the washing machine is when she...ooooooooooooh! I took off down the stairs to the basement and there she was, perched up on top of the spinning washing machine naked.

    “I knew you'd figure it out. I just restarted the spin cycle,” she said sexily waving me over.

    “You know I'm gonna make you pay for that,” I said walking over to her.

    “Good. Then it wasn't for nothing,” she said as she pulled me close to her.

    “Mom called, she wants us to get started on the housework for her, she said they'll be back in around three hours when the rain lets up.”

    “Three hours huh? How will we ever pass the time?” Rita asked tugging at my boxers.

    “Hmm, I don't know, I was thinking about going back to sleep.”

    “You can sleep when mom and dad get back, right now I wanna play!”

    She leaned up and kissed me. Her lips were vibrating against mine from the washing machine being on spin cycle, and we couldn't help but let out a giggle. Her body was also shaking along with the washing machine as I ran my hands all over her back pulling her into me. I slid my boxers down with one hand and rubbed my cock up and down her pussy lips.

    “You gonna fuck me with that big cock, huh big brother?”

    “I was thinking about it, but were supposed to be doing chores right now.”

    “Don't worry, I'll make sure we...oooooooooh god!” Rita yelled as I plunged into her.

    She nuzzled her face into my neck and held onto me as I worked in and out of her atop the washing machine. The shaking was really adding to the sex as I would vibrate upon entry and exit of her pussy, hence the reason for being on the washer in the first place. She stuck her tongue in my mouth as I grabbed whatever part of her ass I could and pulled her into me as I pushed myself into her. I stood up on my tip toes so I could go into her at a downward angle, thinking that combined with the shaking would make her tight pussy feel that much better, and boy was I right. She leaned back on her elbows to she could watch me drive into her and stared at me at the same time.

    “Mmm yeah drive that cock into me big brother, fuck your little sister!”

    “Yeah I'm gonna fuck my little sister, even though technically were twins.”

    “Oh you wanna get technical? Ok. Fuck me older twin by an hour, keep fucking my little pussy!”

    I couldn't help but laugh at that, it sounded too funny, even though it was true. She threw her head back and moaned to no one in particular as I held her legs and pounded away on her on the still spinning washing machine. Eventually I grew tired of my balls slapping against the front of the machine and pulled out and leaned down in front of her and started to lick her pussy.

    Since it was already dripping I ran my tongue across her lips and licked up what managed to seep out, then thrust my tongue in her and forced more of her juice out, and quickly sucked that up. When she moaned and pushed her pussy up in my face I quickly grabbed her clit between my lips and pulled on it. She tried to use her hands to force me on her more but I grabbed them and held on to her wrists as I ravaged her clit and licked every inch of her pussy.

    “Oh fuck baby, fuck Randy! Lick my pussy older twin by an hour, lick my fucking pussy!”

    “Yeah I'd rather you just call me big brother, it sounds better,” I said still licking her.

    “Oh god, are you sure older twin by an hour? I thought that's what you wanted!”

    “If you want me to go back to fucking you yeah, otherwise I'll just go back upstairs and...”

    “Ok big brother, I like that better anyway. Now put that cock back in me and make me cum!”

    I pulled her off the washer and turned her around, she got the idea and lay flat on the top, spreading her legs and pulling her ass cheeks apart in the process. I ran my cock over both holes. I hadn't fucked her in the ass in a while, and when I poked my cock against her asshole she moaned louder than when I put it against her pussy, I knew where I was going. I pushed into her pussy to get my cock lubed up and rubbed the juice over her asshole, then went in her pussy one more time for safe measures, and pushed the head of my cock into her ass. I heard her suck in air since its been a while since I fucked her in the ass, and slowly made my way in until I was completely inside her.

    “God, I haven't had you in my ass in a while, I feel so full! Ugh god fuck me Randy!”

    “No, you fuck me!”

    She looked at me over her shoulder and smiled as she started working her way back onto my cock slowly. She sat up on her elbows and flipped her hair over her head and moved faster and faster burying my cock deep in her ass every time she pushed back against me.

    “Fuck! I forgot how good this feels! I love this fucking cock in my ass!”

    I grabbed her hair and pulled it as she got off her elbows and used her hands on the washer as leverage to push back into me harder. She moaned louder each and every time my cock drove into her ass, making me let go of her hair and grab her hips so I could fuck her myself. I saw her reach her hand under her and work her clit as I plowed into her as I kneaded her ass cheeks in my hand.

    “That's it baby, keep fucking me like that! I'm gonna cum all over the floor!”

    “”Your ass is so fucking tight Rita, at this rate I'm gonna cum inside you any minute!”

    “I want you to! Cum inside my ass for me older tw-, I mean big brother,” she giggled.

    I knocked her arm from under her and held on to the top part of the washing machine so I could plow her hands free. I leaned forward a little and fucked her as hard as I could for that little stunt she tried to pull and she kept fingering her pussy and working her clit right along with me.

    “Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stop! Fuck I'm gonna cum, oh god!”

    “Me too, I'm gonna cum in your ass! Fuck I'm gonna cum!”

    I gave one big push and erupted all the sperm I had into her. She gripped the sides of the washing machine and let out a squeal that let me know she was orgasming at the same time as I was. Her juice gushed out of her pussy onto my legs like someone threw a water balloon at me. She did that shake that the porn star Cytherea does when she squirts as her legs started to give, but my cock in her ass kept her from falling. She fell forward on top of the washer and I fell on her back, both of us still in the effects of an orgasm. I felt my cock going soft in her but left it there and brushed her hair out of her face just as the washing machine cut off.

    “If I didn't know any better I would think you liked being fucked in the ass better?”

    “That or I just forgot how good it feels, wow I came so hard!”

    “Yeah I think we should take a shower and wash away any evidence of foul play.”

    “Good idea. Go run the water and I'll meet you there, I'll put our clothes in the dryer.”

    I slowly inched my cock out of her ass and slapped her on it for good measure and made my way upstairs to the bathroom. I ran the shower and dropped my boxers and got in to wait for her while I washed my hair. She came in while I was rinsing the soap out and took over washing the rest of my body then relaxed under the water as I washed her. We didn't do anything in the shower except kiss and grope each other, not that we needed to after what we just did, but it was still nice. We got out not even bothering to grab a towel and went to our rooms to get dressed. Once I had cleaned my room and gotten “around the house” dressed I went downstairs to get started on the chores, only to see that Rita had already dusted the living room, washed the dishes, and was sweeping the floor, I don't know how long I was in my room but she was cleaning everything in sight.

    “If you keep this up I won't have anything to clean.”

    “You can wipe the table and mop the floor when I'm done, you're not getting away that easy.”

    “Yeah but first I'm hungry,” I said grabbing the Corn Pops.

    “I could eat too, plus we still need to talk about Chris and Stephanie,” she said sitting to eat.

    “I don't remember about what,” I lied hoping she didn't either, I should have known better.

    “How are we gonna date them and still be totally committed to each other?”

    I thought for a minute. “Well, to be honest I don't know. We need them to keep attention off of us, but its getting hard because I like Stephanie and I don't wanna hurt her.”

    “I know what you mean, I like Chris too, he's such a sweet guy, but I'm in love with you, and I can't help but feel like we're using them, it feels so wrong.”

    “More wrong than what we're doing? I feel we're using them a little too, like we're stringing them along. Maybe we should break it off with them, so they can find someone who can be committed to them completely like we are.”

    “Do we have to go that far? Its not fair to them.”

    “We might have to, I don't want to, but I don't see another solution.”

    “We'll think of something, I don't wanna hurt them, they didn't do anything wrong.”

    “Yeah, not to mention what the parents would do, they would be devastated. We could just control our feelings and not get so jealous of each other, that would solve everything.”

    “Easier said than done, but I don't wanna talk about this anymore, its depressing me.”

    We finished our cereal and Rita went to check and make sure all the windows in the house were completely closed, since it was still raining. I washed the new dishes, wiped the kitchen down, mopped the floor, and for good measure got the clothes out of the dryer and took them to the proper rooms and folded the clothes on the bed. When I went back downstairs Rita was watching tv so I sat next to her as she cuddled up against me. A few minutes into Teen Titans (don't judge us, we love that show) mom and dad came rushing in shaking the water off their umbrellas.

    “Whew, its really pouring down out there, good thing we left when we did,” dad said.

    “Good thing it waited until after we got here to really start pouring,” mom added.

    “We did everything mom, so you two can relax with your two favorite kids,” Rita joked.

    “Well, I think we'll have to take you up on that, as soon as we get out of these wet clothes.”

    They got to the middle of the stairs when a loud boom made mom jump and fall back into dad and Rita grab my arm, I guess the thunder was really picking up outside. Rita was clinging to me like a scared kitten, and I kissed her to let her know I was there for her and to distract her from the thunder.

    “I don't know why I'm so scared of it all of a sudden, I never used to be.”

    “I remember, you only get scared when it gets really loud like it just did, its ok, I'm here.”

    We started kissing again, careful to listen for mom and dad coming down the stairs when my cell phone rang, I pulled it out of my pocket and saw it was Stephanie so I answered it.

    “Hey Steph.”

    “Hey you, what are you doing?”

    “Watching tv with Rita, Teen Titans.”

    “That's funny, were watching that too. Its really raining out there.”

    “Yeah I know, mom and dad came back soaked and it started lightning and thundering here, luckily our power didn't go out, that's how bad its getting.”

    Not even ten seconds after I said that, there was a flash of lightning, a loud boom, and everything in our house went off. Mom and Rita screamed and she now had my arm in a deathgrip.

    “Scratch that last part, our power just went out.”

    “Wow really? Is it just your house or is everyone's power out?”

    I went to the front door with Rita still clinging to my arm and went out, everywhere I looked everything was out, no house lights on, no traffic lights, nothing, just a few car alarms going off and a lot of rain. “Looks like everything is out over here, let me call you back when we figure out what were gonna do.”

    “Ok be safe, and tell everyone I said hi, bye Randy.”

    I said bye and hung up and went to the kitchen to grab the flashlights out the drawer, it wasn't dark yet but I grabbed them now so I wouldn't have to look for them in the dark later. Mom and dad came downstairs when we sat down at the table, mom was on her cell phone talking to who I'm guessing was the electric company, and dad came in the kitchen and started moving food from the fridge to the freezer (try saying that five times fast).

    “We don't know how long the power's gonna be out and I don't want anything to spoil.”

    We helped him transfer all the food when mom came into the kitchen.

    “That was the electric company, they said our power could be off until next week, a box blew out and they don't know when it'll be fixed, this whole area's in the dark.”

    “So what are we gonna do till then?” Rita asked.

    “I don't know, we'll just have to slug it out I guess,” dad said.

    “That's gonna be tough, no power for how long? Man Stephanie and Chris are lucky theirs didn't go out, oh and Stephanie said hi to everyone,” I said to no one in particular.

    Mom gasped as if she just got an idea. “I have an idea! Let me call the Wilson's.”

    She went upstairs and left us to sit at the kitchen table. We were all in our own thoughts as to how we were gonna get by our little power outage, I mean we didn't use power like crazy but it was there when we needed it. Going back to the caveman days in our own home didn't sound all that appealing. We passed a little conversation when mom came back downstairs and into the kitchen in better spirits.

    “Good news, Jim and Marie said we can stay over at their house until our power comes back on.”

    “Are you sure you're they're ok with that? I mean that's four extra people,” dad said.

    “Yeah they suggested it before I could ask, they said they don't mind at all.”

    Dad contemplated it for a minute then perked up. “Ok sure, why not, could be fun. Go pack a few days worth of clothes and we'll get going as soon as the rain lets up.”

    We went upstairs and packed our clothes up. I was on my way downstairs when Rita came in my room and sat on the bed looking a little worried, and I already knew what about.

    “You still feel guilty huh?”

    “Yeah, I tried to put it out of my head but it keeps coming back. I like Chris but I can only see myself with you, but I'm dating him, and you're dating Stephanie, how does that make us look?”

    “Like were confused right now. Don't look at it that way. Since were brother and sister our relationship doesn't count, that's all we'll be recognized as in society, so we don't have to feel guilty about it. Were not really using them since we do like them, its not like were going out with them to win a bet or something, we actually do care about them, we just care for each other more.”

    She pulled me into a soft hug and kissed me on the lips, then gave me a sisterly kiss on the cheek as she leaned back to look at me. “You always know what to say don't you?”

    “I like seeing that smile on your face.”

    She leaned back into another hug and held it until her phone started ringing. “Oh its Chris, let me take this while I finish packing,” she said and walked back to her room.

    I went to use the bathroom then back to my room and looked out the window at all the flashes of lightning, followed by small booms of thunder and heavy raindrops pouring, it was a little calming but if it didn't let up soon it would be forever before we left. I got caught up in looking out the window I didn't notice Rita come back in until she leaned against me. We didn't say anything, just looked out the window until finally the rain slowed down, and dad was on top of it, yelling upstairs to high tail it so we could go before it got bad again. We took our stuff and loaded it in moms van she bought last month and were off in less than five minutes. The more we drove toward the other side of town the more it seemed like the storm had already passed through there as it was just light rain coming down. We listened to our parents sing along to the radio like in that commercial with that little boy until finally we turned on their street and pulled into their driveway.

    It was a little after four when we got there. We each grabbed our own bags (we only had two bags each) and ran to the door to get out of the rain. They must have seen us coming because when we got there the door opened and Chris held the screen door open for us as we ran inside.

    “I heard you guys pull up, thought I'd let you in before you got too soaked. You can put all your bags here for now, were all in the living room playing Wii.”

    We did as he said and left our bags there and followed him to the living room where they were playing Wii Boxing. They paused the game as everyone said hi to everyone and hugs and handshakes were passed around and they got back to their game as we sat on the couches and talked as we watched. We took turns playing tennis and baseball for a while laughing at each others mess-ups and talking about nothing in general then went back to boxing so everyone could get a breather (parents mostly).

    “So how long is your power gonna be out, do you know?” Jim asked.

    “They didn't say for sure, they just said probably until next week,” mom replied.

    “Well you're more than welcome to stay here until its back on,” Marie followed.

    “Ok guys, kinda losing my concentration here,” Chris said punching with the Wiimote.

    “Yeah you're probably not that good anyway,” I joked.

    “Oh is that a challenge? You sure you wanna do that? I don't lose at this,” he said.

    “I think I can take you, in fact, why don't we all play, the Stevens' vs. the Wilson's,” I said.

    “And the losers have to cook and clean, burgers and fries and all the dishes,” Jim added.

    Dad laughed to himself. “Why is it you always throw in someone having to cook Jim?”

    “Because that way there's a chance I don't have to, I can't help it, I'm a businessman.”

    “Ok fine, first two to lose cooks, the second two washes dishes,” Marie said.

    “Wait what if were not that good? I just learned how to play a while ago,” mom said.

    Rita grabbed the Wiimote and the nunchuck. “Then you better learn fast mom or you'll cooking burgers and fries for eight. Stephanie, me and you first, if I lose I don't wanna wash dishes.”

    They went for a couple rounds until Rita knocked her out in the second round and did a victory butterfly, but Stephanie took it in stride and did the butterfly with her, until she remembered she had to cook. She gave me a quick kiss and went into the kitchen to get the stuff ready. Jim and dad were next, and as expected, it went all three rounds the game allowed and to the cards, which turned out in favor of Jim, so dad had to help Stephanie cook. He too took it all in stride, offering a handshake then went to the kitchen to help Stephanie cook. Chris and I took over next, making it to the second round before he TKO'd me after I knocked him down only once, so I was on dish duty. I knew he'd never let me live it down, or give me a rematch. Finally Marie and mom were up. It took them all of the first round to get used to the punching and dodging, but then let loose on each other in the second round. The last round was a battle as mom was swinging hooks and jabs and Marie was throwing haymakers and uppercuts, both looking like they were actually fighting with the friendly trash talking they were doing.

    “Not bad Marie, but you're not even hitting me! Too fast for you?”

    “That's all strategy, to get you tired and go in for the kill!”

    “I'd believe that if I wasn't punching your head in right now! Whoops almost got me!”

    “Oh don't worry, I'm gonna get you, then you're gonna clean my dishes for me.”

    “I don't think so Marie, the only thing I'm gonna be cleaning is your clock!” Mom swung a right hook and Marie's character fell down with 31 seconds left in the final round, and got counted out. “Whoo! Mama said knock you out! Looks like you're doing the dishes tonight! Man that felt good!”

    She looked exactly like the lady from the Wii commercial at that moment. When she started to do the Ali shuffle in place we all couldn't help but laugh, she looked so funny doing it with her bare feet , pink blouse and blue skirt with her hair swinging all over the place, instant classic moment. Marie was laughing so hard tears were coming out of her eyes.

    “Holy god Anna, I'm almost glad I lost now, that was priceless! Where's a camera when you need one,” Marie said through tears and laughter.

    “Right here, recording it so we can laugh at it later,” I said as I'd been aiming my phone at mom since they started trash talking. Even dad and Stephanie had been laughing at them from the kitchen, almost giving me the idea to make it the newest Youtube video.

    We turned the game off, two wins for the Wilson's, and two wins for us, but it wouldn't be left at that. We changed into some house clothes and turned on the tv to the “My Wife and Kids” marathon and got comfortable on the two couches with Jim next to Marie, Rita next to Chris (unfortunately), and mom sat down next to me. We had been watching for a while and everyone kept making comments about who on the show looked best, who was the dumbest, smartest, but nothing really about the comedy. Mom and I sat on one couch and Jim and Marie were cuddled up on one side of the other couch and Rita and Chris were sitting close on the same couch but on the other side. They had no problem kissing each other with Rita and Chris right next to them, but Chris didn't look like he wanted to do that in front of his parents. Mom saw them, ran her hand over the inside of my thigh and immediately started teasing them.

    “Oh you two get a room! Or at least wait till the kids are sleep like the rest of us!”

    “That would require us having to wait, which is something that just can't happen,” Jim laughed.

    “Yeah why should we leave? We'd do it right here if we wanted to,” Marie giggled.

    “Eww mom gross!” Stephanie shouted from the kitchen.

    “Yeah that is gross, we don't wanna see that,” Chris jumped in.

    “Don't be a kiss-ass Chris,” Stephanie yelled, causing dad to laugh loud enough for us to hear him.

    “I am not a kiss-ass! Where do you keep getting that from? You know what, you just messed up, now I'm not gonna... I'm gonna... You know what?”

    “Wow Chris man you really told her,” I laughed sarcastically.

    “Hey, I did tell her, you were listening,” he said as he threw a pillow at me. “And you, make my burger well done with all the fixings, you know how I like it,” he yelled into the kitchen to Stephanie.

    “Yes sir! One burger well done with all the fixings and a loogie on top coming right up!”

    “I'll have the same thing but hold the loogie,” Rita said straight faced still watching the tv.

    “All this craziness spurred just from kissing on the couch,” Jim stated.

    “Hey you're the crazy ones, me and my little angels had no part in this,” mom joked as she blew a kiss at Rita and kissed me on my cheek, very close to my mouth.

    “Ha! Angels my foot!” Marie said as she launched a pillow that hit mom in the head.

    “OOF, Marie! Did you just hit me with a pillow?”

    “Looks that way mom, ooooh I know you're not gonna take that!” Rita instigated.

    We cleared space as they both stood up, pillows in hand ready to throw down like the college girls they both could easily pass for, but dad ran in with a skillet that had two burgers sizzling in it aiming it at them like he was gonna burn them with it, then laughed and backed off.

    “Ok ladies, save it for when we can get a pool of pudding or some jell-o, its dinnertime.”

    They both dropped their pillows at the same time and gave each other a mock staredown as they went to the dining room and sat down, then burst into laughter at their childish behavior. Stephanie came into the living room and kissed me hard, pushing me back onto the couch and falling on top of me for a second, then got up and licked her lips as she walked back towards the dining room. Chris was kissing Rita when I sat up and then he followed behind Stephanie. Rita stood up and looked at me like she wanted to tear my clothes off right there, and I felt the exact same way.

    “Tonight, when everyone's asleep,” she whispered and strutted into the dining room. I felt like Jim and Marie right now, I didn't want to wait, but if I was to keep our secret I had to.

    We sat down to eat the burgers and fries dad and Stephanie made. Chris actually checked to see if Stephanie spit on his burger and when he was satisfied she didn't he gave her a “you better not have” look and she just smiled it off like it didn't bother her. The food was pretty good, I guess everyone thought so because we all had consumed more than half our food before anyone talked.

    “So what do you guys wanna do after we eat?” Jim asked.

    “ Since its still raining, I was thinking of taking a nap, I'm a little tired,” I said.

    Rita looked over at me and slumped. “Oh come on Randy, you said you would watch the newest Friday the 13th with me when it came on, and that's tonight, or did you forget?”

    “I didn't forget, but I didn't know it was today. If I promised then I'll watch it with you.”

    She smiled and clapped her hands. “Yay! I hate watching scary movies by myself.”

    “Ooh I wanted to see that too, but SOMEONE didn't wanna watch it with me either,” Stephanie said.

    Chris sighed. “I had to leave that night, you know that. I'll watch it with you tonight.”

    “Well I don't wanna watch it with you now, I wanna watch it with Randy,” she teased.

    “Fine, then I'll watch it with Rita, I know she wants to watch it with me.”

    We both smiled at them as best we could without making it look like we were disappointed. Yeah I wanted to have Rita grab me when the scary parts came up, but knowing the situation we were in I knew this was best, besides, having Stephanie cling to me wasn't bad either.

    “How about some poker? We always talk about it but never play,” dad said.

    “Sure why not, as long as the women are game I'm in,” Jim replied.

    “I'm in, I haven't played poker in a long time,” Marie said.

    “Me too, but its every man and woman for themselves, I wanna keep the money I win,” mom said.

    On that note we finished eating and everyone shot out of the room, leaving all their dishes on the table and laughing at Marie and I since we had to do them. We gathered up all the dishes and stacked them around the sink as she washed and I dried them and put them away.

    “So how's life going for you Randy?” Marie asked handing me a plate.

    “Its ok, I can't complain.”

    “How are things with you and Stephanie?”

    “They're going good, she's a great girl, and funny too, always messing with Chris.”

    “Haha yes she is. Speaking of Chris how are he and Rita doing?”

    “From what I can see they're doing pretty good too.”

    “That's good. Just make sure he respects her, and you Stephanie. Women are fragile creatures. My daughter is a great catch and I know Rita is too, you all can be very happy with each other.”

    “You don't have to worry about a thing Mrs. Wilson, I only have her best interests at heart.” For some reason I couldn't help but feel like I was lying, but another part felt I was sincere.

    “That's good to hear. If Chris ever gets out of line with Rita you tell me and I'll hold him down while you guys beat up n him,” she joked punching the dish water in demonstration.

    I couldn't help but laugh. “Will do Mrs. Wilson.”

    “One more thing, I know fast kids work these days, and I know you're gonna be, you know, active, but please don't rush things, its ok to wait, and if it does happen, make sure you're careful.”

    “Don't worry Mrs. Wilson, if it happens we'll be careful. I'll tell the same thing to Rita and Chris.”

    “Thank you honey. You know its a shame we don't get to talk more, this is really nice.”

    “Yeah, but there's always so many people around its next to impossible. By the way how are things going with you?”

    “How nice of you to ask. Everything is going just fine, I couldn't ask for anything more.”

    “That's good. You have anything exciting planned?”

    “Not right now no but there are a few things on the horizon I have planned.”

    “Does that include a small pool of pudding or jell-o so you and mom can duke it out to see who's top mama? I can't wait to see who wins that,” I joked holding in a laugh.

    She did one of those fake dramatic gasps and flicked some water on me, and I reached back in the water flicking some back on her, getting it on her gold locket necklace and running down her shirt. Luckily all the dishes were pretty much done because we splashed most of the water out onto each other laughing like crazy as we got soaked in dishwater. When we were done there was water all over the counter and some on the floor, and I offered to wipe it up since I'm nice like that. The other parents came back into the kitchen with the poker stuff and Jim had on this transparent green visor, must be a luck thing. They shooed me into the living room where the movie was just starting and Stephanie was waiting for me on the couch with a blanket over her, with Chris and Rita already under theirs.

    “How'd washing dishes go?” Stephanie asked.

    “Better than I expected, hence the slightly wet shirt.”

    “That's exactly why I don't wash dishes with her,” she joked.

    Before the movie even started she was grabbing onto me as Jason killed someone as the title came across the screen. She scooted over until she was pinned to me at the hip and encouraged me to put my arms around her, which I did. Rita was sitting with her back to Chris and both of their legs splayed out on the couch. She caught me looking at her a few times and gave me a smile that said she was fine how she was, but she would be better with me, and I felt the same way.

    “Yeah! Straight baby! Gimme my mo-nay!” Marie screamed as I'm guessing she won the pot.

    “Uhh mom were trying to watch a movie in here,” Chris yelled into the kitchen.

    “Sorry honey, its just so hard to be quiet when I'm winning all this mo-nay!”

    I laughed to myself as Stephanie crossed her leg over mine and turned my head to kiss her. It started off as one peck after the other but soon we were full on making out on the couch. I looked over to where Rita and Chris were sitting and saw Rita trying not to look at us, but I saw Chris glance our way and frown up, and a second later he and Rita were making out too. We were careful not to make any loud lip-smacking noises to alert the parents to what we were doing, but the sound was high enough on the tv that we were pretty safe. I reached up and cupped her breast with my own free will and she put her hand on top of mine and pushed it into her tit more. She was lightly moaning but never took her lips off mine, that was until the girl got stabbed through the head under the dock and both girls jumped.

    “That's a shame, she had a nice rack”, Chris joked and received an elbow to the gut.

    As the movie went on there were constant screams and yells coming from the kitchen as someone won a pot, or doubled up, or told a joke. We make out at all the boring parts of the movie and stole grabs of each other under the blanket. I can't tell what's going on on the couch with Rita and Chris, but it looks like they're doing the same thing we are. It gets to another part where we know someone is about to die because one, they did the stupid “I'm gonna go see if they're ok” instant death talk, and two, they didn't kill the black guy yet. Stephanie pulls me into another kiss but this time she rubs my cock through my shorts, bringing it to an almost instant erection.

    “Everything ok in there?” Jim asked randomly as if he detected foul play.

    “Yes dad everything's fine,” Stephanie replied as she had to break the kiss.

    “Good because its going great in here, flush! I believe these chips are mine!”

    “They would be, but a flush doesn't beat a full house! Haha yea! I'll take those,” dad cheered.

    Even though she broke the kiss Stephanie never took her hand off my cock, but now slipped her hand under my shorts and slowly have me a handjob. It was feeling really good and I was returning the favor rubbing her pussy through her shorts until she squeezed my cock like it was a banana. I followed her eyes to the screen and saw why, the black guy was getting chased and caught an ax to the back as he tried to run, which apparently horrified both Rita and Stephanie enough for them to scream.

    “I can't watch!” Stephanie squealed as she buried her face in my chest.

    “Neither can I,” Rita followed as she covered up on Chris.

    “Four of a kind! Oh yeah, another hand for mama! I think I'll get me those shoes now,” mom boasted.

    They both stayed like that until most of the killing was done, then turned around to watch the ending of the movie. I never thought I'd say it, but I was happy when Stephanie let go of my cock, she had been holding it the whole time in her deathgrip and I finally got the feeling back in it. We all had one last makeout session as the movie ended then got up and straightened everything back the way it was.

    “It wasn't that bad,” Stephanie said trying to save face.

    Chris laughed. “You were curled up in Randy's armpit so much you probably missed half the movie!”

    “No I wasn't, but I saw you trying to cover Rita's face, kiss-ass!”

    “You're just jealous cause I watched the movie with Rita and not you.”

    “You guys really have problems you know that?” I teased.

    “Ah were just kidding, she knows I love her,” Chris said tagging her arm.

    They hit each other back and forth and I shrugged it off as we went to the kitchen to see on the parents poker game. There were empty beer bottles, at least eight, sitting around the table they were playing on. We each went and stood behind one of our parents, boys behind their dad and the girls behind their mom. We watched them play for a while, each one willing a couple hands until they realized how late it was getting and decided to make the next hand their last. They were betting like crazy until the pot ended up at $50 (it was a $2 a bet game) and made their last bet as they were just about to turn the river card. There was a nine of clubs, queen of hearts, nine of diamonds, and a king of clubs, so it looked like it was anyone's game. Everyone was in and they flipped over the river, which was a ten of hearts. Dad had a nine and a ten, so he had a full house, but we didn't know if it was good enough.

    “Ok, moment of truth. Marie, show us your cards,” dad said.

    “Three little 9's sitting in a tree,” she said and laid them down.

    “Three 9's? Too good for me, I fold,” Jim said.”

    “Not good enough for this table Marie, pulled out a straight on the river,” mom said as she lay down a Jack and an Ace and then looked over at dad. “So honey, its down to you, what you got?”

    “That's good, but not good enough to win this game, full house, three 9's and two 10's!” He lay the cards down and got all the chips. “I love money.”

    “Dammit, the river helped you too? Well I still came out ahead,” mom said.

    “Ok lets clean this up, I'm getting a little tired,” Marie said.

    “Yeah so are we, were gonna go to bed,” Chris said scurrying off to leave.

    “Hold it! Chris you and Randy take your room, and Stephanie and Rita will share,” Jim said.

    “What? Share a bed with another guy? Come on dad!”

    “Well you and Rita are definitely not sleeping in the same bed.”

    “Tell you what, we play one game of 21, if I beat the house we pick our arrangements.”

    Jim looked around at all the parents, like they had some kind of trick up their sleeve, and they all seemed to be in agreement. “Ok fine, since you seem so confident. One hand, no redos. I'll deal.”

    He shuffled the cards and turned over the first one, 7. Chris took a hit and got a 3, then another and got an Ace, then one more and flipped a 6. The house had 17 also and we told him to quit since technically we wouldn't lose, but being caught up in the game he took another hit and got a Jack, bust.

    “Dammit Chris we told you to quit man!” I said.

    “I thought I could get the five cards!”

    “You thought wrong buddy, have fun cuddling up with Randy tonight,” Jim joked.

    We all beat up on Chris for messing up and helped them straighten back up the table, then we all went upstairs to where we would sleep. Mom and dad took the guest bedroom while Jim and Marie went to their room and we all slugged into our room, trying to drown out the parents laughing at us. Luckily Chris' bed was a queen and we wouldn't be touching, but just to be sure we used a blanket as a divider. We played his PS3 for a while before we got tired of it and decided reluctantly it was time for bed. I got on one side and he the other, flat on our backs, making sure we touched no part of each other.

    “Hey man, my bad I messed up the bet, I should've just stayed.”

    “Its cool, next time one of us will play though, you'd keep going if you had twenty,” I joked.

    “What do you think they're doing in there, Rita and Stephanie?”

    “I don't know, they're probably as bored as we are.”

    “Nah man, I think they're in there messing around.”

    “What really? Not them, it took them two months to stop being jealous of each other.”

    “And now there in there making up for lost time.”

    “You have a weird way of piecing stuff together man you know that?”

    “What do you call what they did at the bowling alley?”

    “They only did that so they could win the bet, that doesn't count.”

    “Yeah I guess, It'd be hot though if they were doing something.”

    (meanwhile in Stephanie's room...)-------------------------------------------------------------------------

    I got in Stephanie's bed after we'd finished painting our fingernails and toes and got under her big blanket and lay there, horny as ever. Stupid Chris for messing up the bet, if he had stopped at 17 Randy's cock would be seven inches deep in my pussy right now. I'll just have to tough it out and wait until everyone goes to sleep, including Stephanie, who just cut out the light and got into bed next to me.

    “I'm glad you guys came to spend the night, its way more fun when you guys are here, even though right now it feels like were 11 and you're here for a sleepover,” she said.

    “Me too, though I'd rather it not be for our power going out, but still glad.”

    “So how are you and Chris doing?”

    “Were doing ok, he does some stupid things at times, but its all in fun.”

    “Tell me about it, I'm around him all the time, but hes worth the hassle. Randy on the other hand is so sweet and gentle, when he kisses me its always soft, not all lip mashing like I'm used to.”

    “Yeah I know what you mean, Chris kinda kisses like that, I try to show him how to kiss softer but he's always so eager, he'll get it eventually.”

    “Yeah, hey quit hogging all the blanket, its cold in here!”

    We were pulling it back and forth trying to get as much of it as we could while giggling to ourselves. Eventually I won out, seeing as I never like to give up, and she resolved to get the blanket back by any means necessary, including trying to wrestle it away from me and even pinching my tit.

    “Oh! You little hussy!” I say in fake shock.

    She starts laughing and covering her face as I play slap her and pinch her back until finally she gives in out of breath and falls back into the bed. We lay there laughing trying to catch our breath, now too hot for the blanket after all that moving around, the only other sound other than us being the rain.

    “See this is what I mean, even the little stuff is fun.”

    “I guess we just know how to have a good time is all,” I said.

    “What about yesterday at the bowling alley, was that us having a good time?”

    I thought back to the kiss she was referring to. It was really hot kissing in front of everyone like that, not to mention she is a great kisser. “Yeah, that and the easy money we won.”

    “What about back at the cabin, what was that?”

    It took me a while to remember what she was talking about, but when I did it made me even hornier than I already was. Before they left that day she came to me and asked for some advice, and I don't know how but we ended up eating each others pussy for a few minutes. While I was not expecting it I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. Damn I could really use Randy right now. I looked at her in the dark and could see the outline of her face looking at me. Before I responded to her question she scooted over to me and kissed me. It was only then when I realized what her true intentions were, to butter me up with past experiences and pounce. When she broke the kiss she looked at me as if checking my reaction, still stunned I realized what just happened, and ironically it didn't bother me, maybe because I was horny or because I knew what she wanted, either way I smiled at her and she took it as a good sign. She got off the bed and walked to the door, leaving me to wonder where she was going, but it clicked for me when I heard her lock the door and come back to the bed ready to play.

    She climbed right on top of me and kissed me, wasting no time. I kissed her back as we rubbed our bodies together, getting a feel for each other. She broke the kiss and took off her shirt, revealing a pair of titties that looked to be a size bigger than mine, maybe 34C. I was a little jealous of her, but that went away fast when she leaned down and traced a nipple over my lips like how a woman puts on lipstick, and made a whiny noise until I finally sucked it into my mouth.

    “Oh yes suck on it baby, your mouth feels good on my hard nipple,” she whispered.

    I squeezed her free breast with one hand and her ass with the other, it was nice and tight, and a little small, she may have better breasts than me but I definitely have a better ass. She started grinding her pussy into mine, hard and in circles as I switched from sucking one tit to the other. She then used her hand to massage both my breasts through my shirt mashing my super sensitive hard nipple against the fabric, making me completely horny. I knew if I didn't get some relief soon I was gonna die, luckily Stephanie planned to give me that outlet before I could even ask for it.

    “Please Rita can I eat your pussy again please? I can't stop thinking about the first time I did.”

    Even though we were taking a big chance with everyone still up, my mind was completely overridden by my need to cum and I desperately nodded my head yes, as worked up as she got me there was no way I was gonna pass this up. “Yes please eat my pussy, I'm so horny please eat me!”

    She pulled down my short shorts then my panties and threw them on the floor, then locked her eyes on my pussy and licked her lips. My legs were shaking in anticipation and she hasn't even touched my pussy yet, that's how horny I am. Just when I was about to beg her to eat me she lowered her head and ran her tongue up my slit. It felt sooooooooooooooo good after all that build-up to finally get some release. I spread my legs wide for her and threw my head back as she licked my pussy clean.

    “Oh yes Stephanie, oh yes, that's so good, oh god eat my pussy, I love it!” I moaned.

    I lifted my shirt over my titties and pinched my nipples as hard as I could as she stuck her tongue up in my pussy. I don't know how long her tongue was, but it had to be pretty long because she got it a good distance up in me and licked anything it came in contact with. I could hear her slurping my pussy juice up as it seeped out of my hole and I could also hear a faint squishing sound, and I knew she was both extremely wet and was fingering herself. I was in heaven, I've never had my pussy licked like this before, every movement and touch with her is so soft and caressing, yet it makes my pussy tingle even more, she even kisses it! I lay back enjoying every moment of it and then I feel her grip my thighs to pull my pussy closer to her face, and right away she encloses my clit in her mouth.

    “Oh my fucking god Stephanie! Suck my clit baby, suck it please!”

    My hands grip the back of her head and hold her there as I smear my pussy all over her face, no doubt leaving all my juice everywhere. The more she sucks my clit the more I can sense an orgasm close to shooting out of me, and it intensified when she shoved what felt like two fingers in me. She fingered me and sucked my clit through the thrashing I was doing until I felt my orgasm fast approaching, and she bit down on my clit and bent her fingers inside me as she fucked me, that did it.

    “Oh Stephanie I'm about to cum! I'm gonna cum all over your pretty little face!”

    “You gonna cum for me baby? Do it, cum all over me, shower my face in it.”

    “Yes, I'm doing it, oh my god, oh my god, I'm cummmmmmmmmmming!” I moaned silently.

    Just like I said, I came all over her face. It didn't phase her though as she kept licking up everything she could, and kept licking when I stopped squirting. I could hear her still fingering herself and realized that she still hadn't come yet. I waited until I had enough strength and moved her to her back and replaced her fingers with mine, and my tongue.

    “Oh god, Rita that feels so good, you don't have to...”

    “I want to, you made me feel so good, now I wanna make you feel good too.” I cut her off.

    She tasted just as good as I remember her tasting the last time I ate her, like the sweetness of a green apple when you take that first bite. I sucked her pussy like I owned it, and at that moment I felt like I did, and it was my job to make it cum. I pulled my dripping fingers out of her pussy and put one right on her asshole, and when she gasped, I slipped it in. She was moaning even more than I do as I slowly pushed my finger all the way in and slid it back out and licked her pussy. I knew she wanted to cum, I also knew it wouldn't take that long once I touched her clit, so it one movement, I fucked her ass with my finger as hard as I could and suctioned my lips around her clit and sucked on it as hard as I could, before I knew it she was thrashing around on the bed just like I was not too long ago.

    “Oh Rita! I'm cumming! I'm cumming Rita! I'm cummmmmmming!”

    She wasn't a squirter, but she did leak, and I licked. I licked and licked until there was nothing else to lick, and then I licked some more. Eventually she had to get me off her sensitive pussy and pulled me up to her and gave me a big wet kiss.

    “I'm sorry I seduced you Rita, but I just had to. I had to lick you again.”

    “Don't be sorry, I'm not. I completely loved that, I can't wait till the next time.”

    She got a big smile on her face. “Next time?”

    “Yes next time. You can't do that and then expect me to stop cold turkey!”

    “I'm so happy you said that, I didn't wanna stop either, not even for Randy or Chris.”

    “Speaking of Randy and Chris, lets go surprise them with a little wake up call,” I grinned.

    (back over to the other room)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Chris and I had been laying or our side of the bed talking apparently about what Rita and Stephanie were doing in their room when they came busting in with pillows and jumped on us. They didn't try to be quiet or anything, they were laughing loud as they smacked us around with pillow shot after pillow shot. After we'd gotten over the shock of it, we fought back with our own pillows, making even more noise until eventually all four parents showed up in robes at the door and flipped on the light.

    Mom stepped in the room first. “What's going on in here?”

    “Exactly what you see mom, PILLOW FIGHT!” I yelled and launched a pillow at all of them.

    Dad caught it and came in swinging, and the others left and came back with pillows of their own. It was crazy, pillows were flying everywhere, everyone was getting hit, but most of all everyone was having fun. I got whacked in the head by dad then caught across the face by Marie, but then got em back ten times better when they got jumped on by everyone else. When we were all pillowed out we fell down all over the bed and floor laughing and catching out breath, and realized we had been doing that for over twenty minutes. We all dragged to our feet and fixed ourselves as we put the room back together.

    “Ok guys, that was fun, but now I'm really tired,” dad said.

    “Me too. Come on Jim, you guys need to sleep too, up having pillow fights,” Marie joked.

    “Ok, were going to sleep, night everyone,” Chris said going over to Rita for a kiss.

    Stephanie walked up to me and kissed me good night with tongue, tasting sweeter than she usually does. Rita then walked over and gave me a hug and whispered “when everyone's asleep” in my ear and winked as she and Stephanie left. I watched them leave and got back in the bed, still making sure to stay away from Chris. Funny enough I was actually tired, I guess that pillow fight really took a lot out of me. I said goodnight to Chris and rolled on my side, fighting to stay awake so I can be with Rita, but eventually sleep won out and I was resigned to counting sheep.

    I don't know how long I was sleep, but it didn't feel like a long time as I was woke out of my sleep by a bright light in my face. I squinted my eyes trying to see who it was, and she put the light on her face to make it easier, turns out it was Rita using the light from her phone.

    “Rita you're gonna blind someone with that light!” I whispered.

    She didn't say anything, she just helped me quietly get out of the bed and fix it like I was still there and had me carefully follow her out the room. “Sorry, I'm just so horny I can't wait anymore!”

    “What if I was Chris and you woke me up? Would you have sex with him?”

    “You were in that spot when we came in earlier, I was counting on that still being the case.”

    “Are you sure no one is up? What if Stephanie notices you're gone?”

    “I told her if she woke up and I was gone I was freshening myself, you know, there.”

    I nodded to show I knew what she meant as she led me to the downstairs bathroom and sat me down on the toilet. Clothing was easily accessible since she had on a spaghetti strap nightshirt and some short shorts, and all I had on was a pair of regular shorts. She dropped the straps on her shirt and got me to come out of my shorts and quickly took my cock into her mouth. Since we didn't have much time I knew she was only sucking it to get it hard, but it was fine by me, I was still enjoying it just as much. She sucked on the head and jerked it at the same time as I felt myself grow to full mast in no time. She deepthroated it a few times and coated it in some of her spit, then stood up and dropped her shorts.

    “I want you to fuck me hard Randy. Real hard. I wanna come real good,” she whispered.

    She came up with her back to me and sat down on my cock and started fucking me right away. I was glad the toilet we were on was held tightly down because she was really bouncing on me. I grabbed her hips tight and thrust my cock into her using her own body as leverage against her. Her legs were together and she had a hand on each of my legs sliding down on my cock as fast as she could.

    “Come on baby, fuck me. You like it when I fuck you like this? I know you do,” she whispered.

    “Fuck yeah I do, I get to look at your sexy ass bouncing up and down my cock!”

    I had to admit, the feeling that we could get caught at any minute added to the excitement. She was letting out little moans, but nothing I don't think could be heard outside the bathroom. I stopped her from fucking me and stood up with my cock still inside her and bent her over the sink and started fucking her again. My balls were slapping off her skin so loud it made me paranoid that someone would hear, but it didn't stop me from fucking her. I watched her ass jiggle as I pounded her hard, just like she wanted, over and over until she couldn't help but let out a almost loud moan.

    “Rita be quiet before someone hears us!”

    “I can't help it! You're fucking me so good I wanna scream!”

    “Well you're gonna have to help it if you want us to stay together.”

    “Fuck! I hate you Randy, I hate you so fucking much!”

    “I love you too.”

    We looked up at ourselves in the mirror and smiled at each other. The look on her face as she took my cock made me swell up a little harder, man did she look sexy as ever as she was getting fucked. She constantly had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming, and I wasn't helping either with the kissing on her neck, the nibbling on her ear, and the fucking her senseless. I pulled out and sat back down on the toilet, and she followed me and straddled me facing me this time and held on to my neck for balance and kissed me as I kissed her and went back to pounding her. We sucked on each others tongues as her pussy tightened around my cock, and I knew she was close. I wrapped my arms around her and really pounded it home, making the clapping sound twice as loud as it was before. She broke from our kiss and looked like she wanted to moan out at the top of her lungs, but resigned herself to breathing heavily every time I'd thrust in her, which to me is just as sexy.

    “My pussy's getting tight around that big cock baby, I'm gonna cum all over you!”

    “Yeah I can feel it, luckily you were really wet today.”

    “Well baby, the reason I'm so wet and horny is because before Stephanie and I came in your room, she had just eaten me out to an incredible orgasm, and then I ate her,” she grinned.

    I was reeling, I didn't believe what she just said to me, but I know she would never lie about something like that, so I knew it was true. She got pleasure in the look of shock on my face, and I went into overdrive. I forced her down on my cock and my cock up in her harder than I think I ever have to the image of them eating each other out. There I was taunting Chris for thinking it and it had actually happened! I was so consumed with lust I drilled her with everything I had, not stopping even when she started breathing erratic and telling me she was going to come.

    “I'm cumming Randy! I'm cumming on your big hard cock! Oh my god fuck yes!”

    I didn't stop, not even when I felt her soak my midsection, all it did was spur me on. She never let go of my neck, but she did lean my head back with hers and kiss me. I fucked her like I was possessed until I had to break the kiss myself and grunt under my breath, which was the sign that I was gonna cum, but couldn't get the words out and tell her, she noticed, got off me and dropped to her knees in front of me.

    “Cum all over my face baby, cover my face in your hot cum,” she whispered.

    I stood up and jerked my cock for about ten seconds when my cum shot out and landed all over Rita's face; on her nose, her forehead, her mouth, under both eyes and all over her cheeks. Exhausted, I sat back down on the toilet as she scooped the cum off her face and into her mouth, then washed the remnants of her face clean and put her shorts back on.

    “So you and Stephanie have a thing now?” I asked as I got my breath back.

    “Kind of, I'll tell you about it later, right now we have to get out of here.”

    “Oh now you wanna be careful?” I teased as I put my shorts back on.

    “Be quiet. Come on we don't wanna get caught.”

    I pulled her to one more kiss, holding her like she was mine as she melted into my arms. “Ok goodnight, I love you.”

    “I love you too,” she said and stole three more kisses as I snuck out the bathroom.

    I crept back upstairs and noticed Stephanie's door wasn't shut all the way, I started to go in but didn't want someone coming out of their room thinking I was up so something so I let it go, the bathroom door was shut so she was probably in there anyway. I got back to the room and carefully got back in the bed so I wouldn't wake up Chris, until I noticed he wasn't there. “More bed for me,” I thought as I got comfortable and took most of the blanket from his side. I listened to the storm outside and secretly thanked it for knocking our power out, we haven't even been here a day and its already looking up, I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

    If you guys dont mind helping me out could you give me your opinion on a few questions, you can answer one or all of them, they'll help me with the next chapters and dcide how many more to write, thanks.

    1. What was your favorite chapter or chapters?
    2. Do you have a favorite character? Do you want anyone brought back or added in?
    3. How many more chapters do you think I should write?
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    Default Chapter 13

    I woke up and slowly got out of the bed to not wake Chris, who looked completely knocked out. I unlocked the door (he said sometimes people come in and mess with him and take stuff while hes sleep, so he locks his doors) and went downstairs to get a bowl of cereal. We had been here a few days, and everything seemed to go fine. We all hung out together, played games and had fun, the only down side was the next to no alone time with Rita. I was the only one down there so I had time with my thoughts. Rita and I haven't spent any quality time alone in a long while, and its really starting to bother me. I don't want things to get so out of control that we drift apart, but at the same time we can't let on about our secret, it could ruin everything for all of us, what a situation to be in. I wonder what Stephanie and Chris would think if they found out we were having sex with each other and using them as a cover, I could only imagine how that conversation would go. Halfway through my bowl of cereal everyone else slowly filtered down into the kitchen, grabbing whatever they wanted for breakfast and sat down at the table waiting for a conversation to strike up, mom spoke first.

    “I called the electric company again, they said our power is still out, but it might be on either tomorrow or the day after that. Oh and Lisa called, the power went out at her house too, she said she'll stay with a friend who lives close by.”

    “Nonsense, tell her she's more than welcome to stay here, the more the merrier,” Marie said.

    “She's already there, she said she knew we'd offer and called after she got settled in there.”

    “I'm sure she wouldn't wanna stay with the eight million people here anyway,” dad joked.

    “It isn't that bad, well except shower time and stuff,” Jim said.

    “So what does everyone have planned for today?” I asked changing the subject.

    “Well since the rain won't stop, I guess its movies and video games,” Chris said.

    “Yeah I'll probably be doing the same thing,” Stephanie followed.

    “Randy and I are gonna relax by doing nothing, you know, twin stuff,” Rita joked and I agreed.

    “Jim and I are gonna catch a couple baseball games on tv,” dad said.

    Mom frowned up. “Oh you two and baseball! Where does that leave Marie and I?”

    “You two are more than welcome to watch the games with us,” Jim replied.

    They both huffed and gave them that stare that says “you're gonna pay for this” and went back to eating their bagels. I looked over at Stephanie who was watching Chris casually flirt with Rita, she looked a little pissed that Chris was moving in on her new lover, but quickly diverted her attention to me and smiled. Her foot crept up my leg and found its way into my lap, but you couldn't tell she was doing anything by how nonchalant she acted. I saw Chris' hand dip under the table and could only assume it was on Rita's thigh, she confirmed it when she peeked over at me and gave me a look that said that was exactly what was happening. Our parents were busy chatting away about baseball and not wanting to watch it to notice anything going on with us, which probably worked out for the best. After enough flirting and finally finishing my third bowl of cereal I excused myself and went to the bathroom to empty out all the milk I just drank. When I finished peeing I came out of the bathroom just in time to see Rita and Chris sneaking up to the attic. She gave me a sympathetic look as he pulled her by the arm up the stairs and closed the door behind them. It hurt me to see that look on her face, to know that she wanted it to be me, and I wanted it to be me too, badly, but our situation prevents it, even though it seems unfair, we have to put up with it.

    I went back to Chris' room and plopped down on the bed. I thought about going up there pretending I was looking for something, but its not my house so there's no chance of that working. I lay there for a while before I decided to try and forget about them for now and take a shower to drown my sorrows away. I took a towel and change of house clothes into the bathroom and got into the water, which instantly relaxed me. As I was soaping up I could swear I heard someone at the door, but I knew I locked it and figured they would go to another bathroom. I was washing the soap off my face when I definitely heard the door open, but I still couldn't see who it was because of the soap in my face, so I hurried up and rinsed off and looked outside the curtain to see Stephanie there getting naked.

    “How did you get in here? I know I locked the door!”

    “Uh I live here, I know how to pick the locks,” she said waving a plastic library card.

    “Well if you knocked I would have let you in.”

    “Its more fun this way, you can catch someone doing something, like looking at porn, sneaking someone in the house, or in this case, jerking off in the shower,” she giggled.

    “No I wasn't jerkin it, yet,” I mumbled. “Now I see why everyone always lock their doors here.”

    “If they wouldn't lock them, then I wouldn't have to pick them, now stop blabbering and scoot over, we don't have much time.”

    “You shouldn't even be in here, all our parents are right downstairs!”

    “Oh stop worrying, we have at least five minutes, Rita and Chris didn't seem to care on their way up to the attic, now stop wasting time and let me in!”

    She climbed in behind me and immediately leaned up to kiss me. Her wet naked body smashed to mine as she pushed me against the wall with her nipples drilling holes into my chest. She reached down and grabbed my cock with one hand and stroked it as I then grabbed her ass in both my hands and squeezed it, making her giggle against my mouth and grind her body against me.

    “Mmmm you like that don't you Randy?”

    “You know I do. You like this?” I said as I spread her cheeks and rubbed her pussy lips.

    “Oooh yeah I like that. The fact that our parents are in the same house while were doing this makes me feel naughty, its turning me on so much.”

    “You get off on danger huh? Well we'll be in it if were caught like this.”

    “I know, I hate that we don't have a lot of time to really do anything, lets just masturbate each other until we cum, that should hold us off until later,” she winked.

    “What's gonna happen later?”

    “Mmmm wouldn't you like to know. Now make me cum, we don't have much time.”

    She put her back to my chest and grabbed hold of my cock again as I sucked two of my fingers and stuck them up her pussy. She squeezed my cock when I pushed them in and started jacking me off faster. With my free hand I brought it up and squeezed her nipple between my fingers and I heard her hold back a moan and let it come out as a sharp breath.

    “Oh Randy that feels soooo good! Keep doing it just like that!”

    “That feels good too, keep pumping it, it wont be long before I cum if you keep that up!”

    “Oh my g..., oh yes Randy its so good! Its like you know my body so well! Ch-... no one has ever gotten me this hot so fast, you're hitting all the right spots,” she moaned.

    I kept up everything I was doing and kissed her neck as the water splashed down on us while we pleasured each other. Her moans were getting more erratic as I fingered her with increased speed every time I thrust my fingers into her. She was jacking me off pretty fast and I knew I was about to cum, so I doubled my efforts with her so I could get her to cum with me or before me, but it didn't work.

    “I'm gonna cum Steph! Uugh I can't hold it in anymore,” I warned.

    “Go ahead, cum, but don't stop fingering me, I wanna cum too!”

    I gritted my teeth as she pumped my cock until I felt my cum rise through my cock and shoot out all over the shower curtain. The intensity caused me to really pinch the crap out of her nipple and drive my fingers into her as fast and hard as I could while still undergoing my own orgasm. Without warning her moans got more frequent and she grabbed the side of my face with her free hand.

    “I'm cumming Randy, I'm cumming! Don't stop, please don't stop, I'm cumming!”

    She squeezed my cock and my face in her nimble hands as she came on my fingers. She didn't squirt like the women in our family, but she dripped and it soaked my hand as she shook on my fingers. I held her up from falling and brought my fingers to my mouth to taste her, and she tasted every bit as good as I remember, and from what Rita told me, the sweetness of a freshly picked sweet green apple. I sucked my fingers clean and got another taste while still remembering we could get caught at any time, but her pussy juice seemed to divert my attention at that moment. She finally let my softened cock go and turned around to put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

    “That was fucking amazing Randy! Oh wow I came so good!”

    “Yeah me too, luckily I washed up before hand or I wouldn't have the strength to do it now.”

    “Good thing you did, now get out, we don't wanna get caught,” she playfully chided.

    “Oh now you don't wanna get caught! Fine, I know when I'm not wanted,” I teased.

    As I got out she slapped my ass cheek and giggled, but I didn't have time to retaliate. Since she was still in there I figured I'd get dressed in Chris' room since they were still in the attic to my knowledge. I wrapped the towel around me and grabbed my clothes and checked to make sure the coast was clear and came out. Just as I opened the bathroom door Rita and Chris opened the door to the attic and came out. Chris grinned at me and kept walking downstairs, but Rita didn't. She looked in the bathroom and before I closed the door she saw Stephanie's clothes on the floor with the shower still running, needless to say she put two and two together. Before we could say anything we heard someone coming up the stairs, and fearing it wasn't Chris we bolted out of the hallway. I went in Chris' room and locked his door while I dressed. I wondered what they did in the attic, and what she thought we did in the shower, and why we can't seem to find the time to do anything with each other, we needed to break that habit.

    I waited a good amount of time before I went back into the hallway, it was clear so I headed downstairs. The guys were sitting at the couch watching the baseball game and the women were sitting at the table talking. Rita smiled at me as I came in the kitchen, but the mothers kept talking. I waved and they acknowledged me and went back to their conversation, and I headed to the basement, hoping Rita saw me and got the hint. I sat on the couch and waited, a couple minutes later I heard footsteps on the stairs and got up just as Rita came around the corner and walked straight into a kiss. She moaned in my mouth and hopped up on me while seeking out my tongue with hers. I carried her to the pool table and sat her down on it as we felt each other up, making up for lost time with each other.

    “So what happened in the shower?” Rita asked.

    “We masturbated each other till we came, what happened in the attic?”

    “The exact same thing, though Chris did try to do more, but I wouldn't let him. I pretended I didn't wanna get caught, but I just couldn't bring myself to do anything else.”

    “I couldn't either, I was too busy wondering what you two were in the attic doing.”

    She kissed me again and rubbed my cock through my shorts as I squeezed her tits in my hands. She tugged my shorts down a little and pulled my cock out of my boxers and stroked it with both hands.

    “I hope this is still mine,” she said seductively.

    “You know it is, and he missed you.”

    “Oh I definitely missed him, my pussy especially.”

    “When everyone goes to sleep, I'll make damn sure you two get reacquainted.”

    She continued to stroke me as I played with her pussy, relishing the little time we had together away from everyone else, but just like all the other times, just when it seemed like we would be alone for a while, someone had to come and spoil it. We heard footsteps coming down the stairs and immediately got up and fixed ourselves, and almost on instinct, we both went to grab the pool balls on the side of the pool table and made it look as if we were about to play. We had the table half set up when Chris and Stephanie came giggling around the corner and stopped when they saw us.

    “What's so funny?” Rita asked.

    “Oh, uh your dad threw a little tantrum when their team gave up a home run,” Stephanie said.

    “Oh uh ok. What are you guys doing down here?” I asked.

    “We uh came to play pool, what about you guys?” Chris asked.

    “So did we. I thought I'd help Randy get better, them play a few games,” Rita said.

    “Oh, yeah that's cool, well since were all here we might as well play together,” Chris said.

    “Sure why not, but I break first since I suck,” I said hiding my disappointment.

    We played a few games them versus Rita and I (they won the most) and as usual I sucked, but this time for different reasons other than my poor play. My mind was too occupied on other stuff to really concentrate on the game, mostly on Rita. Usually I could put off whatever she did with Chris with the reasoning we were doing it to keep our relationship under wraps, but each time we caught each other doing something new with Stephanie and Chris, it got a little harder to cope with.

    “Randy, Randy! RANDY ITS YOUR TURN MAN!” Chris yelled hitting me with the stick.

    “Ow! Oh sorry, kinda lost in thought there for a second,” I replied.

    “A second? Try minutes. Now would you stop daydreaming and take your shot so you can miss already, we all know you will,” Stephanie laughed.

    I don't know why, but I suddenly felt like I could make the shot, granted all our solids were on the opposite side of the table from the cueball, but I still thought I could make one. “Wanna bet?”

    “You're gonna bet on this babe? You suck at pool! Ok, if you make any shot I'll kiss you and feel you up in front of all of our parents, how's that for a bet?”

    “I wouldn't do it man, that's pretty bold being all grabby in front of everyone like that,” Chris said.

    “Nope I have a better one, you won't kiss me in front of everyone, you'll kiss our mother!”

    “What? Are you crazy? I'm not kissing your mother, she's hot and all but that's weird.”

    “Either you kiss our mother, or yours, your pick, or you can just be a little scaredy ass and not take the bet at all, in which case I still win, but you know, mentally.”

    “She won't do it, she doesn't like kissing girls,” Rita lied, trying to spur her on.

    “You know what, fine, I'll kiss your mother if you make any shot. I don't know why I'm so worried anyway, you couldn't make anything if the ball was sitting right in front of the hole!”

    I called the blue two since it was closest to the corner pocket. I lined up the shot and hit the ball as best and hard as I could, but completely missed the ball altogether, but then it hit off the wall, came down and hit off the wall I was standing behind, then slowly went back up and hit the blue ball, knocking it into the corner pocket, lucky ass shot. Everyone was in shock, but I still danced and gloated.

    “Ha-ha! Made it! Guess who's kissing our mother today, Stephanie is!” I teased.

    “Get out of here, you didn't mean to do that, that was complete luck!” Stephanie shouted.

    “So what, it went in. A bets a bet, I can't wait to see how you pull this off,” Rita laughed.

    We finished that last game and lost again, but I didn't care, I made the only shot that mattered, and I was gonna make damn sure I would be there if she actually kiss her or chicken out.

    “You have to at least the end of the day to make good on the bet,” I reminded her.

    “Yeah yeah end of the day got it. I'll do it, I'm a good sport, even though I rarely lose.”

    “We'll see later on, I don't wanna play this anymore, lets do something else,” Rita said.

    “Lets go play Dynasty Warriors, I just got the new one,” Chris said.

    “Ahh come on man I hate that game! Its so stupid,” I complained.

    “You're crazy, that game is awesome! Come on Chris lets go play,” Stephanie offered.

    “Hey is it ok if we watch a movie on the tv down here?” Rita asked.

    “I think so, just ask our parents just to be sure,” Chris said as they both left up the stairs.

    We went upstairs not long after they did to find the parents, and we found both our fathers still sitting on the couch watching baseball, but had beer and chips this time.

    “Hey Jim is it ok if we watch the tv in the basement?” I asked.

    “Sure, I guess, well go ask Marie,” he said never looking away from the tv.

    Since they weren't in the kitchen, we figured she and our mother were probably upstairs and went up to find them, turns out they were in Marie's room holding clothes up to each other, they were probably trading clothes since both of them are pretty much the same body type. We made ourselves known and casually walked in so they wouldn't think we were spying on them.

    “Marie is it ok if we watch the tv in the basement?” Rita asked this time.

    “Umm, you should probably ask Jim since its his tv.”

    “We did, he said to come ask you.”

    “Well then go ahead, now shoo, me and your mom are trying on clothes,” she said smiling.

    Mom grinned at us like always as we went back to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of ice to chew on (I know were not the only ones who do that) and went down to the basement and relaxed on the couch and turned on the first movie we saw, which was The Long Kiss Goodnight, with Geena Davis and Samuel Jackson (seriously, what movie is he not in?), at the part when the guy broke out of jail. It took us a while to register the fact that everyone else had their own thing going on, with the dad's watching baseball, the mom's trying on clothes, and Stephanie and Chris playing video games, for the first time since we've been here, we actually got to spend some time together, without having to sneak around. I got up and grabbed a blanket out of the closet and lay it over us as we cuddled up and watched the movie, by ourselves, for the first time in what felt like weeks.

    “I missed being close to you like this, I miss us,” Rita purred.

    “Me too, with everything that's happened I felt like we drifted apart a little.”

    “I know what you mean, I hate that feeling, this bf/gf thing is only causing more problems.”

    “Yeah, but we have to do it, we can't let them find out about us, who knows what they'll do.”

    She squeezed herself into me and hugged her body to mine. “I love you so much Randy, I just wanna be with you, I hate this sneaking around thing!”

    “I love you too Rita, but if we wanna stay together, we have to do it, I promise we'll figure something out, but for now lets enjoy this time we have together.”

    She grabbed my face and pulled me into her until my lips met hers, kissing me with the long lost passion we haven't been able to share for quite some time now. She climbed up on top of me, grinding her crotch into mine and moaning into my mouth, making my cock harder by the second. Even though we were alone in the basement away from everyone I was listening for any footsteps on the stairs to alert us if anyone was coming. We kissed for a while as I ran my hands over her back and wrestled with her tongue that found its way into my mouth, until suddenly she broke the kiss.

    “I'm sorry Randy, but I can't do it anymore.”

    I sat there confused trying to figure out what she meant. “You can't do what?”

    “I can't be with Chris anymore, I'm not in love with him, I'm in love with you.”

    “I'm in love with you too, but we have to be with them, so that we can have a relationship.”

    “What relationship? We're dating other people! We're using them as a cover Randy, its not right, we barely even have time for each other anymore!”

    “I know, I feel bad about it too, I hate using them like this, but we need them, don't you see?”

    “You're not talking me out of this Randy, not this time! I don't wanna do it anymore!”

    I turned the volume up a little so we couldn't be heard and sat her down next to me on the couch. “Rita, think about what you're saying, if we stopped dating them they could find out about us.”

    “I don't care! I really don't care anymore! I won't do that to them anymore, they don't deserve it. If they find out about us then they find out, but I won't lead him on anymore, I wanna be with you!”

    “Ok, say we tell them, they don't take it like we thought they would, and this all blows up in our face, then what? Once the secrets out there's no taking it back.”

    “If they don't accept us, fine, we'll deal with whatever happens together,” she pouted.

    “And what could happen is we'd get disowned, I'm trying to think about our future.”

    “You're only thinking about the negative, what if it all works out? Randy they need to know.”

    “Rita, think about what you're saying, this can cause a lot of problems we don't need.”

    All of a sudden her face turned from concern to slight anger. “You know what I think? I think you like having two girls obsess over you, you don't wanna break up with Stephanie because you want two girls you can fuck anytime you want don't you?“

    “What? No that's not even close! You're talking crazy!”

    “You want me for side action while you spend all your time with Stephanie don't you?”

    “Oh here we go! It all comes out now! Get it all out! I knew this would come up sooner or later.”

    “Knew what would come up? Your little plan to keep two women on your arm?”

    “No your jealousy, I knew it would come out and cloud your head.”

    “If I'm jealous its for a good reason. The guy I wanna be with is using two women to get the best of both worlds, and you don't even feel guilty about it. Its like you don't care about any of us, why else wouldn't you wanna break up with her, so you can date her and have your sister on the side?”

    I scooted back in shock. To say I didn't give a damn about anything, especially her, that really upset me, but it hurt my feelings more than anything. “Is that what you think of me, that I don't care?”

    “Why else don't you wanna tell them? You've been against it from the beginning.”

    “How could you say that? You think I'm trying to be smooth and keep two women on my arm, really? The only reason I wanted us to stay with them is so no one would get suspicious of us and so we could figure out a logical way to tell everyone, if I knew for a fact everyone would be ok with this I'd tell them in a heartbeat. And I hate the way Stephanie and Chris are being treated in all this but to say I don't care about them, about you! I'm in love with you Rita Renee Sanders, completely in love with you! I would give my life for you, I would literally die for you! After everything we've been through our entire lives for you to say that, I...it just...i don't even know what to say, it hurts.”

    I sat there in silence looking at the movie but not really watching it, it had jumped to the part where she was cutting her hair, which was a good thirty minutes later in the movie. Rita was on the other end of the couch doing the same thing I was, avoiding looking at me, but holding back letting out her emotions. Neither of us wanted to talk first, so we just sat there “watching” the movie while upset. It was like that for a while until I heard footsteps on the stairs and heard mom call out to us.

    “Hey Rita, Randy, you down here?”

    I thought about not answering, but she would just come down and then she would see something wrong, and try to talk, so I decided against it. “Yeah mom we're both here.”

    “Were gonna order pizza since everyone's too lazy to cook, you guys want the usual?”

    “Yep mom, sausage and pepperoni like always.”

    “Ok that's all I wanted, you can go back to whatever you were doing,” she said and giggled.

    I didn't wanna go back to what we were doing, I wanted it to go back to when we first came down here and avoid that whole conversation, but I knew it wasn't gonna happen. I hated this, we almost never fought, so when it did happen neither of us knew how to handle it, and the fact that were both a little stubborn means we could have been like that all day. We finally get time alone and this happens, life can be messed up. I wanted to say something, but I was still upset at what she said and was prepared to watch the rest of the movie in silence, that is, until I heard Rita start to cry. I looked over at her and she looked back at me with tears in her eyes, I really hated to see her cry, this was no different.

    “I'm sorry Randy, I didn't mean any of it, I'm just so tired of having to hide our relationship from everyone, and being with Chris when I wanna be with you, I just lost it,” she said fully crying now.

    My heart broke, I truly hated to see her cry. I loved her too much to want to see her like that, and over a fight we could have avoided made it seem even worse. I scooted over to her and put my arm around her and pulled her into me. “Don't apologize, we both got caught up in the moment, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Even though it hurt hearing you say it, I know you didn't mean it.”

    “I'm still sorry, I know you would never think like that, I was stupid to even say it.”

    “Don't say that. It shows that you genuinely care about everyone, and their feelings. Look, lets not worry about this anymore, we have time together, so lets spend it being together.”

    She lay me back on the couch so my head was on the arm rest and laid on top of me and spread the blanket over us. “I'm so sorry, I love you.”

    “I love you too,” I said back as I wiped away her tears and kissed her as she cuddled up into me.

    We watched the rest of the movie as if nothing ever happened, not worrying about anything, just happy kissing and feeling up each other. She wrapped her arms around me and pushed her crotch into mine, and my hands found their way to her ass and massaged it. I thought about trying a little quickie, but realized it would be too risky with everyone awake, and just upstairs, but I wanted to do something. I sat up and leaned her back till she was flat on the couch, then dipped my hand under the blanket and played with her pussy through her shorts and licked my lips, we both knew what was coming.

    I threw the blanket on the floor and hovered over her, placing my hands on either side of her and kissing along her neck. I slowly let my hands slide over her tits and gave them a firm squeeze and pinched her nipples as I listened to her soft moans while my hands trailed down her body until I got to her shorts. I looked her in the eyes as I hooked her shorts in my fingers, she looked up at me with those big blue eyes and grinned and lifted up off the couch as I slowly slid her shorts down her legs. I grabbed her panties at the sides and pulled them off in the same manner, held them to my face and took a long sniff right in front of her (first time I ever did that). It literally was a breath of fresh air, fresh aroused, sweet smelling pussy air, and the real thing would be so much better. I pulled her across the couch and positioned her so she was hanging over the arm rest with her pussy pointing to the sky and legs apart and put a pillow under her back, got on my knees in front of her, grabbed her thighs, and dove head first into the best pussy I've ever eaten in my entire life.

    The second my tongue touched her smooth, wet lips her hands were on my head holding me in place. I licked up and down the slit spreading it with my tongue then holding it open with my lips while my tongue ran across every bit of pink inside her pussy it was able to reach.

    “Oh yes baby, yes! I love the way your lips feel on my pussy, oh god yes,” she moaned.

    I squeezed her thighs in my hands as she groaned and pushed her pussy into my face, rubbing it all over my nose, lips, and some of my cheeks. I sucked each lip into my mouth and sucked up her wetness as it dripped out of her. She opened her legs wider and at the same time exposing her asshole to me, so I stiffened my tongue and tonguefucked it.

    “Oh Randy, that feels so good, god you make me feel so good!”

    I took her words of encouragement and used them on her body, licking from ass to clit and stopping to flick her clit every third lick. Her hands never left my head the whole time I was licking her, and the fact that someone could come down the stairs at any moment scared me, but also made it a little more exciting. I was sucking on her clit when I saw the bowl of ice we brought down and thought about how I could use it on her, and got an idea. I slurped at her pussy and kissed it before backing off and looking at it pulsate like it was breathing, causing Rita to whimper in disappointment.

    “Where did you go? Get back down there, my pussy still needs you,” she whined.

    “I'm not going anywhere baby, I just need to get something.”

    “Ok well hurry up, I need your lips back on my pussy right now!”

    I reached out and grabbed the bowl of ice and crunched a cube in half. I put one half in my mouth so it would melt and make my mouth cold and took the other half and pushed it into her pussy. With the heat coming out of it I knew it would be melted in no time, but it should give her a maddening sensation while it lasted. As I suspected she jumped at the sudden change of temperature and squished my face into her pussy, unable to talk, but breathing erratic. The ice cube I put in my mouth melted, but left my mouth cold and she jumped around more when my cold tongue licked and sucked at her hot pussylips.

    “Oh fuck what are you doing to me? Oooh fuck yes baby! Its so cold, but its so good!”

    I kept licking until my mouth wasn't cold anymore and grabbed another ice cube and broke it in half again. I pushed one half inside her again and kept the other half at the front of my mouth so it wouldn't melt as fast. I stuck two fingers in her and fingered her with the ice cube in her and ran the cube in my mouth over her lips. Her breathing was getting heavier and I really wanted to make her cum hard, so I sucked onto her clit with my lips and ran the ice cube directly on it. She jerked around and contorted her face trying to hold back a scream, but I kept the ice cube on her clit with my tongue and danced them both around on her clit and fingered her until she couldn't take it anymore.

    “I'm gonna cum Randy, Oh fuck, I love you Randy, I love youuuuuuuuuuu!”

    She closed her thighs around my head and grabbed a throw pillow and screamed as loud as she could into it as her pussy pumped out a little piece of the ice cube and her cum, which I don't have to tell you I wasted no time drinking. She stopped cumming suddenly and just lay there, legs still hanging over the couch and shaking with her eyes closed and a big smile on her face, and I couldn't help but smile too. I grabbed the blanket and her shorts and panties off the floor and picked her up and lay down with her on top of me on the couch and put the blanket back over us. I looked at the tv to see the movie had already gone off and now some infomercial was on, but I watched her recover from her orgasm instead. When she finally opened her eyes we just looked at each other, smiling and exchanging “I love you's” and kissed like the two kids in love we were.

    “Wow Randy, I can't even describe how good you just made me feel, just, WOW!”

    “You don't have to I, could tell,” I said as I kissed her again.

    “You know, that was the first time in a while you used my middle name,” she said after a kiss.

    “Well I felt I needed to get my point across, and using someones middle name is always serious.”

    She looked down, and looked back up at me again with the same look as before when the earlier “altercation” happened. “I still feel the same way Randy, I can't use them like this anymore, they deserve better than that, and so do we. I think we should tell them about us.”

    I thought for a minute. This could go so many different ways, most of them bad, but if she was willing to risk it for us, then so was I. “Are you sure you wanna do this?”

    “I'm sure. They deserve to know. Who knows, they might not even care.”

    “Ok. If you really want to, then I want to. We'll tell them tomorrow. Is that ok?”

    She hugged me tight, squeezing the air out of my lungs. “Tomorrow's perfect. Thank you for not making it seem like I forced this on you.”

    “Don't worry about it, besides, I'd kinda like to see their reaction when they find out, but remember, we have to still act like were dating them until we tell them, ok?” I asked, and she agreed.

    We laid there watching nothing in particular while doing nothing in particular but cuddling and kissing and listening to the storm outside until mom came to the stairs again and told us the pizza was here.

    “You might wanna wash your face off, unless you wanna go upstairs smelling like my pussy.”

    “You know I would, but your smell is too strong, everyone would definitely notice.” I laughed.

    I grabbed some ice cubes and ran them over my face until they melted enough for me to clean my face off, then wiped my face on the blanket. We fixed everything back how it was and Rita put back on her panties and shorts and we made our way back upstairs play fighting so it wouldn't rouse any suspicion.

    “Ok ok cut that out, sit down and eat before the food gets cold,” dad said.

    “That's messed up making the pizza guy drive over here in this storm,” I joked.

    “Well would you have made dinner?” Marie asked.

    “Yeah, if everyone would've been satisfied with Ramen Noodles,” I laughed.

    We all sat down and started eating. Everyone had different pizzas, Rita and I had our sausage and pepperoni, Chris and Stephanie had ham and pineapple, mom and dad had their usual supreme pizza, and Jim and Marie had mushrooms, pepperoni, and onions, theirs looked the nastiest out of all of ours.

    “How could you guys eat that? It looks hideous!” Rita complained.

    “Like this,” Jim said, waving a slice in her face and taking a huge bite out of it.

    “So Chris how far did you guys get on Dynasty Warriors?” I asked.

    “Not far, we couldn't get past the one level so we stopped it and did something else,” Chris said.

    “What were you guys doing? I thought I heard something fall,” Marie said.

    “Mrs. Sanders you think I can borrow your yellow shirt, it matches my skirt,” Stephanie interrupted.

    “Sure if you can fit it, you should trade clothes with Rita too, I do,” mom replied.

    Rita smiled. “Why not, I'm sure she could squeeze into some of my stuff.”

    “Ooh Stephanie I think she just called you fat,” Chris joked.

    “Be quiet Chris, always trying to instigate something, you kiss-ass,” Stephanie laughed.

    “Never try to get two women to fight Chris, it never ends well,” dad said.

    Mom looked at dad and grinned. “You would know honey wouldn't you?”

    “I smell a story! Spill it!” Jim insisted.

    “Oh no, that one stays with us, way too crazy,” dad said.

    “Come on, it can't be that bad. What Anna beat up somebody?” Marie asked.

    “They won't tell, were their kids and they won't tell us,” I laughed, Rita joining in.

    We finished dinner with our own individual conversations, everyone getting a chance to converse with everyone, and when we finished eating gathered up all the trash and just put it in its own bag since everyone was being lazy. Since we ate out of the pizza boxes there were no dishes to wash and we didn't have to wipe off the table so we were out of the kitchen pretty fast, and I don't know how, but we all ended up in the living room watching the baseball game with dad and Jim.

    “How can you guys watch this? It looks so boring!” Marie said.

    “Its not boring, you just don't appreciate good sports,” Jim replied.

    “I kinda have to agree Jim, I'd rather watch football any day,” mom said.

    “Yeah me too, baseball it too blah, luckily its the last inning,” Rita joked.

    “You guys can take all that negative energy into another room, we gotta concentrate here,” dad said.

    We sat in silence and watched the baseball game with them, even though it was boring. We kept poking each other and giggling trying to piss our dads off but they were too concentrated on the game that they didn't even notice. We couldn't kiss or touch each other because of everyone that was in the room, but we did manage to cop a couple feels. The only interesting thing that happened was some guy hit a homerun and the game went for another inning, our dads cheered and did the man hug thing, but no one thought anything of it. The game finally ended 30 minutes and 3 innings later when the same guy who hit the earlier homerun hit another and won the game, finally it was over.

    “That was a great game! Man I wish we saw the whole thing!” Jim said.

    “Yeah, it was great, real fun, now we need something else to do,” Rita said.

    “How about Family Feud? The Stevens' vs. the Wilson's, everybody game?” I asked.

    “What's always with all the competitions? We never play for fun,” Marie said.

    “We wouldn't know who was better then, plus its always fun to win,” Stephanie added.

    “So are we playing or not?” Chris asked.

    “Set it up, were playing, and were gonna win,” mom gloated.

    As they set the game up I noticed the storm outside getting stronger and the rain picking up, but I didn't think too much of it since its been happening on and off the last few days. We got the game started and soon we were competing against each other guessing answers and doing the actual Family Feud things, clapping when we had an answer, dancing and jumping around when we got it right, and sulking when we got a strike. We split the rounds between us but they had a 50 point lead and was on the last board before the fast money. The game asked to name three guys with a naturally deep voice, and they guessed right with Billy Dee Williams and Barry White, but struck out on the last one, and I knew the answer, James Earl Jones (seriously, how could you not know that? Coming to America, Darth Vader from Star Wars, Lion King's Mufasa, ring any bells?). It came around to our turn and I told them the answer, and the Wilson's all scolded themselves for not knowing it, but we all cheered because we knew we had just won the game. Just as the screen was about to go to the board and reveal the answer there was a flash of lightning and a loud boom, and just like at our house, everything in their house shut off. Everyone gasped as everything in the house went dark and Rita grabbed onto my arm and held on for dear life, I knew it was her because she was standing next to me when it went pitch black.

    “Aww man, we were just about to win too,” I sulked.

    “Damn storm, must have knocked out another box,” Jim said.

    “Do you have backup power, or are you stuck in the dark now like we were,” dad asked.

    “Were stuck in the dark, we didn't get a chance to get any of that done,” Jim responded.

    “We need to go find the flashlights, its too dark in here I don't wanna fall over anything,” Marie said.

    “Oh come on mom, its not that bad, I actually kinda like the dark,” Chris said.

    “Well I don't, not when its storming like this, I'm with you mom,” Stephanie said.

    “Yeah me too, these storms always make me uneasy,” mom agreed.

    “Alright come on guys, we have to protect our women folk,” dad joked.

    We started to feel our way around in the dark when I felt something fly past my face, I couldn't see anything so I let it go. I started feeling around again when I felt it again, but this time it skimmed my face, then a third time I felt a pillow hit me directly in the face. I wasn't gonna let that slide. I felt around and picked up the pillows and just threw them in front of me, when I heard everyone start to laugh I knew I got somebody. Next thing I know everyone is running around trying not to get caught and pillows are flying and people are falling on the floor. There's a few giggles every now and then but nothing big since no one wanted to give away their spots. A few flashes of lightning gave away everyone's spot from time to time and those were the times when the most action happened. After a quick flash I feel hands on my chest then down on my crotch and realize I'm being taken advantage of in the dark. I figured since they did it I might as well too and squeezed whoever tits it was, they were too big to be Rita's so I figured them to be either mom's or Stephanie's. When they pulled away I felt a necklace around their neck and knew it wasn't Stephanie since she didn't wear one, so I knew it was mom. A little after the first person left another came and did pretty much the same thing, and so did I. When I tried to sneak away from whoever was feeling me up I tripped and fell on the floor, and they fell on top of me, everyone else heard it then in an instant were being bombarded with pillow after pillow for a while until finally, everyone eventually grew tired.

    “Ok everyone, that's enough for now, we need to find those flashlights,” Jim said out loud.

    “I put some in the kitchen drawer by the sink, help me find them,” Marie said.

    I felt my way to the couch and sat down with whoever fell on top of me, who to this point was still feeling me up. She stopped when another flash of lightning lit up the room again and decided to call it quits before she got caught, and just as I thought, it was mom. The necklace she had on didn't quite look the way I expected it to after I felt it, but I dismissed it and relaxed on the couch. The flash must have helped Jim and Marie in the kitchen because I heard them breathe a sigh of relief and open a drawer, then they flashed like four flashlights into the living room where the rest of us were. They sat them down and lit up the room as best they could and joined the rest of us on the couches.

    “What's wrong with us?” Marie asked breaking the silence.

    “What do you mean? There's nothing wrong with us,” dad replied.

    “We went from playing Nintendo to just plain playing in the dark!”

    “That's just good fun that's all, nothing wrong with that,” Jim said.

    “Yeah that was actually pretty fun, I haven't done that in a long time,” Rita said.

    “”Were playing it with our kids! Aren't we a little too old for stuff like that?”

    “Stop right there Marie, were not old, were just experienced in life that's all,” mom said.

    I could hear Chris laughing to himself. “Yeah whatever you guys are old.”

    “Then I guess you're too old for an allowance huh?” Jim said.

    “Not me, I don't think you guys are old daddy,” Stephanie said.

    “Now who's the kiss-ass?” Chris replied, and got everyone laughing at her.

    “Ok, everyone that lives here help me find some candles and light this place up,” Marie said.

    “We'll help too, give us some candles and we'll set them up downstairs,” mom said.

    They went upstairs and came back down with candles and a lighter, and we all sat them up in different places downstairs. When I had set up my candles I went to sit outside on the porch so I could watch the rain and think. It was completely dark outside, I mean nothing was on, the box had killed the power everywhere. I could hear people talking and coming outside, some complaining and some just coming to sit outside and enjoy the rain like I did. While I sat I thought more about what would happen when we told Stephanie and Chris about us, I couldn't help but wonder how they would react. Would they break up with us? Disown us? Would they tell anyone? If they told our parents, or theirs, it would no doubt put a strain on the relationship, definitely between our dad's since they work together. I had a lot going through my mind and was happy to be alone to sort out my thoughts. About ten minutes later just as I started to finally relax I heard the front door open, and I made out Rita walking toward me.

    “Here you are, I've been looking for you everywhere! What are you doing out here?”

    “Oh you know, just sitting, watching the rain, thinking.”

    “Do I have to guess what about or do I already know?”

    “I think you already know.”

    “Randy don't worry about it, it'll be fine,” she said sitting in the chair next to me.

    “What if they have a problem with it, what if they tell?”

    “They won't, I don't know how I know, but I know they won't.”

    “How can you be so sure? I mean, its not like were telling them something simple, were telling them we've been sleeping together, that were in love, what were doing is illegal in their eyes.”

    “Its not illegal, just frowned upon, if it were illegal all those people who admit to it on tv and stuff would be locked up, if Adam and Eve's kids could do it, why can't we? As for Stephanie and Chris, I have this gut feeling everything will be fine between them, and my gut is almost never wrong.”

    I thought about it. “Usually I'm the one to talk to you and make you feel better,” I said smiling.

    “Yeah, but its nice to know I can do the same for you if you need it.”

    She held my hand and as we watched the storm slowly pass, but the rain stay. She scooted her chair near mine and grabbed my head to kiss me, but I dodged it.“What are you doing? People can see us!”

    “No they can't, its too dark. I'll keep doing this all night if you don't kiss me,” she said seductively.

    I leaned in and softly kissed her on the lips, which she licked beforehand, and felt all the familiar sparks fly through me that I haven't felt in a while courtesy of our bf/gf situation. I felt her breathe on my face and knew she felt the same thing, and it tugged on my emotions. “I love you.” I whispered.

    “I love you too Randy, and nothing will ever change that, nothing.”

    We sat there holding hands until we heard the door open. We quickly let each other go as someone poked their head out the door and went back in, yelled something, then next thing we knew everyone else with the exception of mom and Stephanie were coming on the porch with chairs.

    “I see why you guys are sitting out here, its so peaceful,” Marie said.

    “Yeah, it looks like the storm is getting ready to move on too,” dad followed.

    “Good, I don't how long I can put up with not having power,” Jim said.

    “Ah come on dad, the cavemen did it, why can't we?” Chris asked.

    “Because were not in the stone ages anymore and were paying for it.”

    The door opened again and mom and Stephanie stepped out with a plate of sandwiches and a pitcher of juice. “Ok we made sandwiches everyone, take one and get a cup of juice,” mom said.

    Nobody argued or anything, we just took a sandwich and a cup of juice and ate in silence and watched the rainfall. Even in a blackout we still managed to have a good time, not many people could say that. While we were eating these two guys around our age ran out into the rain and started screaming drunken slurs and dancing around in the puddles of rain, kinda like in Pirates of the Caribbean when Jack and Elizabeth were on the island dancing around the fire. Other people on their porches as well as all of us were laughing at them, and that seemed to spur them on even more, the possibility of getting hit by a car or getting shocked apparently didn't bother them one bit.

    “Look at those fools, if any of you catch me acting like that shoot me,” Jim joked.

    “I would pay to see you act crazy like that dad,” Stephanie laughed.

    “We actually did get to see dad act like that, remember at the cabin dad?” Rita asked.

    Marie looked at dad with suspicion. “What happened at the cabin?”

    “Nothing, it was no big deal, just had a little too much to drink that's all,” dad defended himself.

    “Sure, if running around like Quailman from Doug is no big deal,” I laughed.

    Everyone started laughing, Jim especially. “Quailman? I wish I was there to see that!”

    “It was funny watching you run around with your underwear over your shorts honey,” mom said.

    Dad couldn't help but laugh now. “I guess so, Randy did you tell them about the waterpark?”

    “Dad, you wouldn't!” I said trying to sound dramatic, but I knew he wouldn't buy it.

    “We went down the big slide at this waterpark right, and Randy decided to be a hotshot and go down backwards, but when he got to the bottom of the slide he didn't have his swim shorts on, they were still coming down the slide! He had to wait ass naked in front of everyone till they came down!”

    “He looked so cute embarrassed like that trying to cover his little pecker,” mom said.

    “Mom! That was a while ago, and its not little,” I said, fully embarrassed now.

    Now everyone was really laughing, especially Chris. “Oh man! I'm telling everyone we know!”

    “Were all sitting right here, unless you tell Ashley, and you better not tell her!” I said.

    Everyone was laughing so loud we had drawn attention to ourselves from the neighbors and the kids in the street. “Hey what's so funny? We wanna laugh too!”

    “THIS GUY OVER HERE WAS GOING DOWN A WATER SL...” Chris started to yell before I punched him in the arm. “Ow! ok ok I won't tell anyone, but that won't stop me from bringing it up!”

    We stayed out there for a little while more, but when the storm picked back up we decided to pack it in and go to bed. I didn't feel like sleeping in the same room with Chris tonight, not after that, he wouldn't let me go to sleep he'd be bringing it up so much, luckily Rita thought the same way I did.

    “Can we get some new sleeping arrangements, I hate storms like this,” Rita said.

    “What kind of “new sleeping arrangements?” I hope you're not talking about with Chris,” dad said.

    “Me and Rita could share, and Chris and Stephanie could share, seriously, two guys in a bed?” I said.

    They thought about it and didn't see the harm in it, and mom helped saying we usually slept together during storms, and they decided why not. We took all the stuff back in the house and dad and Jim said they would put the downstairs back in order while we made enough light with the candles upstairs. Chris went into Stephanie's room and Rita came in Chris' room with me, we were definitely happy with the new arrangements, and it looked like Chris was happy to get out of the same bed with another guy as well. We were all in the bathroom brushing our teeth when mom came in with a yellow shirt.

    “Here Stephanie, this is the shirt you wanted, you can have it,” mom said and tossed her the shirt.

    “I can have it? Really, you're just giving it to me?”

    “Yeah sure, I think I have another one like it.”

    Stephanie did that girly scream and hop and ran to mom and gave her a hug, then she shocked us all by kissing her dead on the lips, not a peck either, at least three seconds, I was flabbergasted (yeah I said flabbergasted) as was everyone else. “Thank you thank you thank you! You're the best!”

    Mom was initially surprised, but wrote it off and smiled. “Wow, um, not the reaction I expected, but I can't argue with that, you're welcome. I wonder what would happen if I gave you a car. Goodnight everyone, don't stay up too late,” she smiled at Stephanie and left.

    She came back over and brushed her teeth like nothing happened, but was smiling to herself. “What?”

    “What nothing! You actually did it! You do know you didn't have to kiss her on the lips right?” I asked.

    “I know,” she said sporting that smile again. We finished brushing our teeth and Chris went to Rita for a goodnight kiss/fondle, and Stephanie came to me. She pushed her chest into me and mashed her lips to mine. “Goodnight Randy, don't be up too late thinking about me,” she whispered, then left with Chris as Rita and I went back to Chris' room.

    We went to say goodnight to the parents one last time and took one of the candles to Chris' room. Since I was already wearing what I was gonna sleep in I held the candle for Rita so she could sift through her clothes for something better. When she finally found something I jumped in bed and waited for her to crawl up to me, I loved when she did that. We lay there for a while holding each other and listening to the rain, then a quick flash and loud boom had Rita cuddling into me even more, and for once I was happy about sleeping in Chris' bed.

    “Its ok, I'm here, I won't let anything happen to you.”

    “I know you won't. I missed cuddling up to you like this, its been too long.”

    “Yeah I know, four days is a long time. Didn't you cuddle up with Stephanie though?”

    “We did, but it was nothing like it is with you, I always feel so safe and happy with you.”

    “And I like making you feel that way,” I said and she pulled in closer to me and sighed. “So um, what exactly have you and Stephanie been doing the past few days?”

    “We ate each others pussies and kissed, and fingerfucked each other a few times, actually a lot of times, but nothing else. I didn't feel right letting her fuck me with anything.”

    “You got farther with her than I did, I wish I could have seen some of that though,” I laughed.

    “You'd love that wouldn't you? The only girl you need to look at is me,” she giggled and kissed me.

    I rolled on top of her and massaged her braless titties in my hands and kissed her along her neck as she moaned lightly in my ear. She thrust her pussy up into my cock and started grinding it from underneath me, humping me with our clothes on. I kissed her and pulled her spaghetti straps on her shirt off her arms and was about to suck on her nipples when another flash and loud bang spooked Rita and she gasped and pushed me off of her.

    “I'm sorry Randy, I didn't mean to do that, the thunder just scared me!”

    “Its ok, don't worry about it. I'm not mad at you or anything, I know you didn't mean it.”

    “I hate when its so loud, I don't know why it bothers me so much, at least you're here with me.”

    We were about to cuddle again when I heard the doorknob turn and the door swung open, then I heard footsteps and saw the shadows of two people jump in the air, and land right on top of us, I knew it had to be Stephanie and Chris, since our parents probably wouldn't jump on us for no reason.

    “What are you guys doing in here? Our parents could come in here at any second!” Rita said.

    “We just came to get our goodnight kisses,” Stephanie said and then pushed her lips to mine.

    She kissed me and ground her pussy into my cock like Rita did a little while earlier. I had my hands on my back and she moved them so I was cupping and squeezing her ass, and from what I could feel she was only wearing panties. I could hear the rain hitting the window, lip smacking sounds from Rita and Chris, and Stephanie moaning into my mouth as she worked herself on my cock, I'm surprised she didn't notice I was already hard. We all heard a loud bump noise come from the hallway and knew it came from one of our parents rooms, and we called it quits before someone came out. She whimpered at having to leave horny and kissed me a few more times and whispered goodnight, as did Chris to Rita as they made their way back to the door and out the room. I got up and locked his door knowing it would do no good since Stephanie could pick it, but it was better than nothing.

    “I don't think we'll be doing anything tonight,” I said getting back in bed.

    “I know, I'm so horny, but I don't want them walking in on us having sex, that's not how I want them to find out about us,” she said disappointed.

    “Yeah, we can't take that chance. Stephanie can pick the locks, or someone could hear us.”

    “We need to tell them soon Randy, I can't keep running around with Chris, not without him knowing how we feel about each other, its really starting to get to me.”

    “I know, let's just go to sleep and put it all out in the open with them tomorrow,” I said as I cuddled into her back in the spoon position and kissed her cheek. “I love you, goodnight.”

    “Goodnight Randy, I love you too.”
    It took me a while to fall asleep, mostly because I was horny and I couldn't do anything about it, and also because I couldn't stop thinking what Chris and Stephanie's reaction would be when we told them about us. I was assuming the worst, but like Rita said, they might not even care, and I should just warm up to the idea, but I just couldn't. I laid there with my arms wrapped tightly around Rita while listening to her slight breathing and the soft rain outside until I finally fell asleep.

    I was awoken some time later by a naked body grinding on top of mine and kisses being planted all over my face, I wasn't sure who it was, and I didn't wanna yell out Rita when it was Stephanie and blow our whole plan, so I grabbed the ass of the person on top of me to be sure, it was definitely Rita.

    “What are you doing? Someone could come in here!”

    “No they won't, the door's locked, and I put the chair up against it,” she said still kissing me.

    Before I could say anything else she was kissing her way down my chest under the blanket and down to my groin where she pulled my shorts off and dropped them on the floor. I had to suck in my breath to keep from making too much noise when I felt her mouth close around my cock. I exhaled and grabbed her hands when she slid them up my chest and held them as she bobbed her head up and down my cock. I was in heaven, getting your cock sucked after a minor case of blue balls really hits the spot, and man was Rita really hitting that spot. She let it slide out of her mouth and brought her hands down so she could give me a handjob while she licked and sucked on the head, and judging by her moans I knew she was fingering herself with her other hand. She took her hand off and went back to sucking me deep into her throat with no hands. I put my hand on her head and guided it down, but didn't force it in her mouth, and she moaned her appreciation. After a while she stopped and made her way back up my body, kissing everything on the way the same way she did when she made her way down.

    “Fuck me Randy, please fuck me. I need my brothers cock in me right now,” she purred.

    “Since you're on top why don't you fuck me,” I whispered back.

    She needed no more encouragement, she grabbed hold of my cock and aimed it at her opening, and in one push it went all the way up into her pussy.

    “Uuuuuuuuungh, oh fuck baby!” Rita moaned as my cock pushed deep into her.

    She sat up and rocked back and forth on my cock at a smooth pace. Her moans and the smell of our combined sex filled the air as she slowly moved faster and faster on me until she found a pace she was happy with. I palmed her titties and she pushed against my chest and started grinding me in a circular motion, and then fell down onto me so we were chest to chest. I felt her hard nipples poking me in the chest as I held on to the sides of her ass while she slowly rose and dropped down on me.

    “Oh Randy, oh Randy baby suck my titties, please suck my titties while I fuck you,” she moaned.

    I did as she asked and sucked her tit into my mouth, pulling on the nipple with my teeth and switching to the other and doing the exact same thing. Her arms went around the back of my head and she dropped her mouth to mine, kissing me as passionately as she ever had, and I kissed her back with just as much passion. We broke the kiss but she kept hold of my bottom lip, biting it between her teeth as she giggled and ground her pussy into me. By now I had enough of her doing all the work and pulled her off me and lay her down so we were spooned together on our left sides. She giggled again as I lifted her right leg and rubbed my cock against her pussy, spreading her juice around it as much as I could.

    “You want this cock baby? You want me to put it back in you?” I teased.

    “Ooh yes baby, don't tease me like this, put that cock back in meeeooooooooooooh god!”

    I pushed it back in as she was talking and slid it in until I couldn't go any further. I worked my left arm under her and cupped her left tit in my hand and squeezed her right tit with the other as I slowly fucked her, then built up speed until our skin was making the clapping sound.

    “Oh, oh, ooooooh, fuck this feels so good, just like that, keep fucking me baby, keep fucking me!”

    I squeezed both tits and kissed along her neck as I pounded into her, hard enough for our bodies to bounce off of each others, but not hard enough to shake the bed. She reached down to play with her clit and bounced back into me while I kissed her neck and cheeks. When her leg slowly rose into the air I grabbed it and sat up on my elbow and fucked her deeper now that her ass wasn't in the way.

    “God Randy you're fucking me so good! Come on, I want you on top of me.”

    I pulled out and she lay flat on the bed as I climbed over her. I threw the blanket back over us and looked into her eyes as best I could in the dark, and from what I could see she was looking back at me with that loving look. While we were looking at each other I grabbed my cock and pushed it back into her pussy, making her moan louder then she had before up to that point.

    “Yes! Give me that cock baby! Fuck me good, fuck your woman good baby!”

    I quickly kissed her so she wouldn't wake anybody up (even though it was late at night) and started fucking her. She held my face in place with her hands and kissed anything she could get her lips on in between moans. When she hooked her legs around me I pushed her arms above her head interlocked our fingers, and fucked her faster, which only made her moan louder.

    “Rita keep it down, you're gonna wake someone up!”

    “I can't! It feels too good! Don't stop fucking me baby, please don't stop! Oh god yes!”

    By now I was fucking her fast enough where the bed started shaking, but luckily it was only shaking a little and not enough to draw attention. She dug her nails into my ass and pulled me into her, helping me fuck her while she moaned my name under me. It wasn't until I felt her pussy muscles moving around my cock that I realized she was gonna come, but when she started pulling me into her more urgently and breathing more erratic, I knew that's exactly what was happening.

    “Are you cumming baby? Are you cumming for me?”

    “Yes, I'm cumming for you Randy! I'm cumming! Oh god I'm cumming!”

    “Whose cock are you cumming on?”

    “Oh god, yours,” she whined.

    “Whose cock?”

    “My big brothers cock, oh god I'm cumming on my big brothers cock!”

    “Whose cock baby?”

    “Ugh, yours! I'm cumming on your cock Randy! Oh god I'm cumming all over my big brothers cock! Oh god! I love you Randy, I love you so much! I'm cumming, I'm cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

    She looked at me the entire time she was cumming. By now we had completely adjusted to the dark and I was staring right into her sparkling blue eyes. I was so lost in the moment I couldn't stop fucking her, but instead increased my pace. When she finally stopped cumming she looked at me with this look of pure seduction in her eyes and squeezed my cock with her pussy again.

    “Cum for me baby, you know you want to. Cum inside your woman's pussy.”

    That did it. I couldn't hold back if I wanted to. I tensed up and filled her with everything I had, which was about four big spurts. She kissed all over my face as she drained me of everything I had until it dwindled down to tiny spurts, then nothing. After I finished unloading into her we lay there like that for a little while with me on top of her, and then she got out from under me, slipped back on her clothes, took a candle, and went to the bathroom to clean up. I took that time to put my clothes on too. When she came back a while later she blew out the candle and got back into bed and cuddled up to me.

    “Chris is gonna be mad when he finds out we had sex in his bed,” she joked.

    “Yeah, but he'll get over it. I'm sure us having sex will be a shocker in itself.”

    It was silent a while before she spoke. “Randy, what you said earlier, would you really die for me?”

    “Yes, there's nothing I wouldn't do for you Rita, including give my life, I mean it. I love you.”

    I could tell she wanted to cry, but she held it in. “I love you too.”

    We started kissing again and she ended up on top of me, rubbing her freshly fucked but recently cleaned pussy into my crotch. For a minute it looked like we were about to have sex again, and I was all for it, I doubted I would be able to get hard again so soon, but it wouldn't stop me from trying. She sat up on top of me and started to take back off her shirt when suddenly the power came back on. I guess Chris had left all his lights on in his room before the power went out because everything came back on. The light surprising us like it did hurt our eyes, so I got up and turned everything off, but when I went to get back in bed Rita stopped me.

    “Randy, we should go tell them right now.”

    “Now? You sure? We could just wait until they wake up.”

    “I don't wanna wait anymore, plus them being half-sleep might make it easier.”

    “Ok, lets go tell them, but let me get a card first since Chris always locks the door when he sleeps.”

    I shuffled through my pants and pulled out a library card, and we made the short walk over to Stephanie's room hand in hand, as if to help make it believable. Just as I suspected, the door was locked, so I used the card and worked it until I had it in the right spot, and paused a minute.

    “There's no backing out after this, are you sure you wanna go through with it?” I asked.

    “Yes, I wanna get this behind us as soon as possible. Lets tell them and get it over with.”

    We took a deep breath, knowing there was no more backing out past this point and opened the door and flicked on the light switch.

    “Stephanie, Chris, there's something we wanna... OH MY GOD!”

    We stood there speechless, completely forgetting why we came in there as Stephanie sat naked on top of Chris with his cock buried deep in her, the sudden light combined with the look of shock on our faces snapped them back to reality as they scrambled off of each other and tried to cover themselves.

    “Oh my god! Randy, Rita, it isn't what you think!”
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    Default Chapter 14

    I couldn't believe what we just walked in on. Rita and I had went to tell Stephanie and Chris about our relationship only to find them fucking each other, something we did not expect. To say we were shocked would be the understatement of the year. We watched mouths open as they grabbed their clothes off the floor and put them on while using the blanket on the bed to hide their naked (but already seen) bodies. After now forgetting why we went there in the first place, we finally broke from our daze to notice the scared look on their faces.

    “How did you get in here, I made sure the door was locked!” Stephanie said.

    “We used a library card like you did on me. I thought it would be more fun this way, you could catch someone doing something, like looking at porn, sneaking someone in the house, or in this case...”

    “Fucking the daylights out of your brother,” Rita jumped in, grinning.

    “Guys, please, you cant tell anyone please!” Chris said with fear in his eyes.

    “How long have you two been doing this?” Rita asked.

    “Rita, Randy, please, you have to promise not to tell,” Stephanie said equally scared.

    Before we could respond to either of them we heard a door open and Jim and Marie slowly made their way into the hallway yawning and wiping their eyes, I knew we were talking too loud.

    “Whats all the commotion out here? When did the power come back on?” Jim asked.

    “Just now, we got up to tell Chris and Stephanie and see if they wanted to watch tv or something, but they'd rather go to sleep,” I said, trying to sound a little annoyed to draw attention from them.

    “Sleep sounds like a good idea, you two should try it. Maybe it'll help work off some of that energy you two always seem to have,” Marie said.

    It finally came back to me what we wanted to tell Chris and Stephanie, but under the new circumstances and with Jim and Marie standing there I figured it would be best to wait until tomorrow to say anything. We looked at them in the bed with a look of gratitude on their face and smiled at them as we cut out their light, closed the door, and went back to our room. Jim and Marie went back to their room at the same time we did and said goodnight and gave us a courtesy wave before shutting the door. We locked the door back, cut everything off, got back in our sleep wear and got in bed again, but after what we just walked in on, I knew we wouldn't be going right to sleep.

    “Did you see them? They're having sex just like we are!” Rita whispered excitedly.

    “I saw, they were really going at it!”

    “How long you think they've been having sex? The way they were acting they couldn't have just started up recently, they looked too much into it.”

    “I don't know, we should ask them when we tell them about us tomo- well later today.”

    “I can't get that image of her on top of him outta my head! The way she was riding him reminded me of when I ride you, oh god if that isn't the best feeling in the world, sitting on my brothers cock...”

    She ran her hand over my chest then slowly climbed on top of me, kissing my neck and face. “Rita are you crazy? After we just walked in on them you wanna give them a chance to walk in on us?”

    “You really think they're gonna come outta their room after what just happened?”

    “They might wanna come in here and talk to us or something.”

    “Trust me, they won't, they're too embarrassed. But if they do then they'll catch us like we did them, its only fair,” she said still kissing me all over and at the same time easing both of our clothes off.

    “You're not slick, that's just the horniness in you talking!”

    “You damn right it is, seeing her ride him like that made me so horny I'll go crazy if I don't fuck you right now! Pleeeeeeease Randy, just a little quickie? We don't even need foreplay or any of that, I just wanna ride you for a little bit then you can do whatever you want to me, I promise.”

    The whole time she was talking she was rubbing her pussy lips against my cock. I knew she would fuck me regardless of what I said, and truth be told I had no intention of stopping her anyway. She grabbed my cock in her hand and slapped it against her pussy a few times, lined it up with her pussy, then quickly sat all the way down on it until it was completely inside her.

    “Oooooooooh yeah, gimme this cock, gimme all this wonderful cock!”

    Having adjusted to the dark again I saw her eyes closed with a smile on her face as she rode me, digging her nails into my chest as she began to pick up speed. Her hips had a mind of their own as they lunged forward and back grinding into me at a pace that after a while I couldn't keep up with, so I lay there and let her ride me as she saw fit.

    “Mmmmmmm god that hard cock feels so good inside my tight pussy!”

    “That tight pussy feels so good wrapped around my hard cock!”

    “Oh Randy! Such a perfect fit, you fill me up sooooooo gooooood, I love it,” she moaned.

    She took my hands and put them on her titties and squeezed them, and I took the hint and squeezed them myself and pinched her nipples. I heard her stifle a moan as she ground into me harder and harder until she was caught between grinding and bouncing on me, but she never broke her rhythm.

    “Oh yes! Did you see her fucking him Randy? Did you see Stephanie fucking her brother like I am?”

    “Fuck yeah I saw it, I saw her take all of her brothers cock in her like you are!”

    “Mmmmm I'm taking all of it! I'm taking all of your cock in me baby, every last inch of it!”

    The way she was talking was getting me so aroused that I got up and picked her up in the air, stuck my cock back into her and fucked her standing up next to the bed. She held her arms around my neck for support and met my thrusts halfway as she swirled her tongue around in my mouth. I held on to her ass and thrust into her as hard as I can until eventually she broke the kiss and moaned into my neck.

    “Randy! Randy! Randy! Oh my god! Keep fucking me like this and I'm gonna cum all over you!”

    I couldn't help it, I was running on adrenaline, I wasn't stopping until I was burned out, which would work perfectly for her if she came. My balls were slapping against her while her hair was brushing against my face, but it didn't effect me any. I could hear her trying to control her breathing and knew she was close, so I did my best to keep up the pace I was at, if not speed up. Not long after that she bit down into my shoulder, hooked her legs behind me, and squeezed her arms around my neck.

    “Uuuuuugh baaaaaaaaby, I'm cuuuuuuuummmmmmming! I'm cuuuuummmmmmming!”

    I could feel her wetness running down my legs as she came with me still pounding into her until eventually she went limp on me. Having just come thirty minutes ago, I knew it would take a little more effort before I got off again. When she came to she noticed I was still fucking her. She tried her best to fuck me back, but her recent orgasm drained all her energy, but she still kept trying.

    “I told you baby, you can do whatever you want with me, fuck me until you cum in me!”

    She was pretty much dead weight in the air, so I lay her down on the bed and put her feet up on my shoulders and held on to her legs and started fucking her again, luckily I was still high on adrenaline. I could feel her moving her feet around behind my head as my thrusts into her made her curl her toes. She tried her best to keep quiet, but still let a few moans slip out.

    “Come on baby, fuck me, cum in your sisters pussy, you know you want to,” she purred.

    “Fuck yeah I'm gonna cum in this pussy, I'm gonna fill this little pussy up with my cum!”

    Ooooh yeah baby, do it, use my pussy like you want to and shoot all your cum in me!”

    She has a way of getting me fired up and she knows it. I gripped her legs harder and with the last of my adrenaline I pounded her pussy as best I could. I could feel her pussy tightening again but didn't know if she was cumming again or if she was reacting to how hard I was fucking her. I kept it up for a while until I finally felt the cum rise in me.

    “Here it comes, I'm gonna cum,” I warned her.

    I grunted and squeezed her legs so hard I know I left my handprints in them, and shot all the cum I had left in me inside her warm, freshly fucked pussy. Since I came recently I knew it wouldn't be much, but I did get like three good squirts in before I collapsed on top of her, my adrenaline finally gone. As I lay on her chest I felt her playing with my hair and scooted up to her and kissed her. We took our time putting our clothes back on (like we had a choice, as tired as we were), slowly crawled back into bed and used what little energy we had left kissing.

    “I still can't believe Chris and Stephanie are fucking,” Rita said after we broke the kiss.

    “Neither can I. You did say everything would work out for the best, and it really did.”

    “I told you so. You should start listening to me more, a girl knows these things,” she teased.

    “If I wasn't so tired (yawn) I'd have a comeback, so we'll just call it a draw.”

    “Draw my ass, I won! I am pretty tired though, my big, strong brother really wore me out today,” she said as she scooted into me and rested her head on my chest. “Goodnight Randy, I love you.”

    “I love you too Rita, goodnight.” Sleep came really easy that night.

    I woke up at 10:53 the next morning and noticed I was in bed alone, and the door was left cracked open. I shook off a little of my grogginess and told myself I'd sleep five more minutes then I'd get up. Thirty minutes later I woke up again (seriously, who really gets up five minutes later like they say they will?) just as Rita was coming back in the room in a bathrobe.

    “Hey you, where you been?”

    “Taking a bubble bath, oh it was great! I feel so relaxed! I felt like I was in there for an hour.”

    “Why didn't you come get me? It would've been better with me there,” I said making a fake sad face.

    “Yeah it would have, but you know why, silly. Now get up, breakfast is almost ready.”

    I dragged out of bed and into the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face, it didn't wake me completely up but it helped. We usually at breakfast earlier than this but I guess since we didn't get much sleep it was fine. I brushed my teeth and went back to the room to catch Rita before she went downstairs, but she was already gone, so I headed down and got there just as everyone sat down.

    Everything was pretty normal, except the fact that Stephanie and Chris were quiet, to the point where it was noticeable. It didn't help much either that whenever Rita or I would look at them they would quickly look away. The tension was definitely there, you'd have to be an idiot not to see it. Our mother (as usual) was the first to notice and speak up about the odd behavior.

    “You two ok? You're unusually quiet this morning,” she said to Chris and Stephanie.

    “Huh? Oh, yeah, fine, just didn't get a lot of sleep is all,” Chris said.

    “Probably when Rita and Randy woke them up in the middle of the night, took us out of our sleep too,” Marie jumped in. “If I were you Stephanie I'd have a fit for losing my eight hours,” she laughed.

    Stephanie blushed. “Its ok, no big deal really. I mean its not like I have a job to get up for.”

    “Speaking of jobs, Mike we should go into the office today, see if we have any new appointments, backed up paperwork, the whole drill,” Jim said.

    “Sure, no problem, gives me a chance to clear some stuff up,” dad replied.

    “Marie and I are gonna do the clothes thing again, were only halfway done,” mom said.

    “Halfway? All those clothes you went through this week? You women...” I trailed off.

    Rita punched me in the arm. “Hey! We don't make fun of you guys when you do pointless guy stuff! Anyways if we can find something to do outside the house, then were all for it.”

    “Well it looks like everyone has plans, good for us,” Marie said to no one in particular.

    We finished eating one by one and washed our own dishes up and left. I went upstairs and grabbed a towel and a change of clothes and hopped in the shower since I still felt all sticky and dirty from yesterday. As I was showering I shaved my pubes clean, sort of a surprise for Rita, and I kinda got tired of keeping it trim. The shaved clean look might be a good one. I got out and dried off in the bathroom and threw on some shorts and a band shirt in there too just in case someone was in the hall. That proved to be a good decision because when I opened the door dad and Jim were both out there talking.

    “Ah, Randy, can you do a quick favor for me?” Jim asked.

    “Umm sure, anything I can do to help,” I said fixing my hair.

    “Mike and I need to go to the office, would you mind running these movies back to the video store? We'd do it ourselves but we don't have the time, and I cant find Stephanie or Chris anywhere.”

    Before I could answer Rita came out of the room wearing tan capri shorts, a white belly shirt with the word “angel” on it, and white flip flops (man did she look sexy) and grabbed the movies from them. “Yeah he'll go, and I'll go with him, it'll give us a chance to get out of the house.”

    “Perfect. Thanks you two. You know where the video store is? The one in the plaza?”

    “In the plaza? Yeah we rode past there a few times when we came over here, its by that park.”

    “Take the van, and don't crash it, or you'll have to deal with your mother,” dad said.

    “We'll be fine dad, but I thought you two were in a hurry, looks like you can take them...”

    “Nope, were outta here, have fun guys!” Jim cut me off as they ran down the stairs and out the door.

    “Before we go lets ask Stephanie and Chris if they wanna go,” I said.

    “Don't bother, I tried to talk to them and they ran in Stephanie's room and locked the door.”

    “Guess they're still weird about it, well lets go tell mom were leaving then.”

    We walked the few steps to Marie's room and knocked on the door, when they said come in I pushed the door open to see them both in designer dresses checking each others figure, they looked hot.

    “Mom me and Rita are gonna take some movies back to the store, we need the van.”

    “That's fine honey, the keys are on the mantle downstairs, don't crash it,” she joked.

    “Sure thing mom, just call us on our cell phones if you need anything.”

    “Ok honey. Wow Marie you look great in that dress! It shows off your curves nicely, wait, here, push your tits up more, like this, and pull them out soooo... there! Now you really look hot! You have the perfect body for this dress, your tits are so squeezable in it!?

    They must have forgotten we were still there because mom was feeling Marie up right in front of us, and Marie let her! She was giggling right along with mom as she squeezed her titties in that tight dress. I just stood there and watched her do it, until I felt Rita staring a hole into me.

    “OK GUYS WERE LEAVING NOW!” Rita yelled, to which mom and Marie gave her a nod and wave of their hand and went back to their”business” as we left down the stairs.

    I smiled to myself knowing she was looking at me because I was looking at them, but I think I hid it pretty well. I grabbed the keys and before long we were out the door, in the soccer mom van and heading down the street to the video store.

    “Did you like that, watching mom feel Marie up like that?” Rita asked over the radio.

    “I won't lie, I did, and you did too. I saw you biting your lip, don't try to play innocent.”

    “What? I wasn't... I didn't... ok I did, so what,” she pouted in defeat.

    “Its no big deal, we were just looking. I wouldn't mind seeing you and Marie get a little touchy feely though, maybe mom and Stephanie with a little Aunt Lisa thrown in,” I joked.

    “Oh be quiet you man! I told you before the only woman you need to be looking at is me.”

    She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and started to feel me up, but it was short lived as we pulled into the plaza and parked in front of the video store. We went in and dropped the movies off and went looking around for new ones to get. We were walking pretty much shoulder to shoulder when I felt her grab my hand and hold it, being in a public place I panicked.

    “Rita what are you doing? Someone could see us in here!” I whispered.

    “Relax, no one knows us here, we don't live on this side of town remember? As far as they know, were just a young couple spending time with each other,” she said, her face lighting up as she said it.

    It dawned on me that she was absolutely right. “You're right, we can actually act like a couple!”

    “Mm-hmm, and I can finally do something I've been waiting over three months to do...”

    Without warning, she grabbed me and kissed me right there in the middle of the store. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her back. It felt so good to finally kiss in public, even if it was just a video store. When we broke the kiss this elderly couple was looking at us smiling, and we couldn't help but smile back and blush a little, finally feeling like a real couple for the first time. We walked around the store hand in hand looking for movies, and exchanging kisses every while, but we didn't see anything we liked, so we left out and walked around the plaza.

    “Did you see that old couple looking at us kiss?” Rita asked smiling.

    “Yeah, I thought they were gonna tell us to get a room or something.”

    “That made me feel so good, kissing you in front of everyone like that. At least around here we can act like a couple and be affectionate with each other,” she said now grabbing hold of my arm.

    “I know, if it wasn't for that stupid storm we could have been out here way sooner.”

    “At least were here now. Come on, lets go to the Dairy Queen over there, we can share a banana split, we can feed it to each other and be all romantic and stuff,” she giggled.

    I nodded and we made the short walk to the Dairy Queen. We ordered one banana split and picked a table outside so we could be together in public some more. Instead of sitting across from me she sat next to me and we fed each other pieces of ice cream. She would scoop up a piece of ice cream and feed it to me, and I would break off a piece of banana and feed it to her, it was pretty romantic, and it felt that much better doing it in public. Whenever she spilled some ice cream on my face, she would lick it off, then kiss me, and go back to feeding me.

    “I don't know about you but I'm loving being like this with you,” she said.

    “I'm loving it just as much as you are,” I said and purposely let some ice cream drip on my face.

    “Here let me get that for you,” she said and licked it off me again. “What do you think Stephanie and Chris are doing right now?”

    “I don't know, probably still hiding from us, yelling at each other, figuring out what to do.”

    “We need to tell them they're worrying for nothing, and tell them how much we love each other.”

    “We will, as soon as we go back, but for now, lets just think about us,” I smiled.

    She returned the smile. “I don't think that'll be hard to do.”

    We finished feeding the ice cream to each other, getting a few looks from random people and couples that walked past us, and we loved it, it was like we were being acknowledged to the world. When we finished we walked hand in hand to the van, kissed a little, got in and drove off, unsure of where to go next, but not wanting to go back to the house so soon.

    “Where should we go?” I asked.

    “I don't know, somewhere we can relax and have fun, and where a lot of people are.”

    I thought back to the conversation I had earlier with dad and Jim. “How about the park?”

    “Ooh that's perfect! Its public, and we can be alone too if we wanted,” she said and winked.

    We made the drive to the park and got out to see that it was pretty occupied today. There were people everywhere, kids playing, people walking their dogs and playing frisbee, and couples walking on the path, we decided to join the other couples and headed for the path hand in hand. Rita seemed so cheerful, every time we walked past a couple she would swing our arms forward showing them we were holding hands as if to say “hey look at us, were together” without actually saying it. She looked so happy, smiling big for everyone to see with her long blonde hair blowing in the wind, her blue eyes and pearly whites sparkling in the sun that's been missing for nearly a week, the pep in her step that made her tits jiggle and her ass sway with each step in her flip flops, this was one of the best moods I've ever seen her in, and it was wearing off on me. Out of nowhere she starts to giggle, but when I looked at her she would stop and look away, smiling. Then without warning she let out a big scream/laugh and jumped on my back. I tried to shake her off but it wasn't happening.

    “Shake all you want, I'm not going anywhere,” she laughed.

    She had her arms and legs wrapped tight around me still giggling, and I knew she was right, she wasn't going anywhere, not unless I did something. I grabbed her legs to make sure she wouldn't fall and took off running down the path with her on my back. The plan was to get her scared thinking I might fall and she'd jump off, but I made it worse because she was enjoying herself even more, laughing even louder. I loved it when she laughed, but at that moment we were being competitive, and even though we were completely in love with each other, we were still brother and sister, so I had to win.

    “Ok then Rita, try holding on after this!”

    I walked into the grass and started spinning around as fast as I could. She always got dizzy before me so I knew I had the edge over her, and she knew it too.

    “Heeeey, nooo faaaaaair! You know I get dizzzzzzzy fasssssssssst,” she slurred.

    “That's the whole point, you can let go at any time now,” I teased.

    Instead of her letting go like I planned, she brought her arms down to my and started tickling me, and I stopped spinning and started laughing and dropped to the ground, just like I'm guessing she planned. I exploited her weakness, and she exploited mine, and they had us rolling around in the grass trying to best the other and end up on top, the whole purpose of our wrestling matches.

    “Don't fight me Randy, you never win,” she giggled, making me laugh right along with her.

    She didn't know it, but before we started seeing each other, I sometimes let her win just to feel her body on top of mine. Even though it never got sexual, it was things like that which made me notice her. It brought up great memories of when we used to wrestle when we were kids, or even a year ago. It still had the same effect, us laughing and playing around having a good time, but now it was different, more intimate. The way we would grab each other and play it off as an accident, or rub against each other when it wasn't necessary, or the way we would look at each other as we were fighting for control, yeah the brother/sister relationship was still there, but it was being overshadowed by the deep love we now had for each other. Eventually she got the best of me and pinned me under her, but instead of tickling me to death until I gave up like she always did, she leaned down and planted the softest kiss on my lips. I was in complete awe of her at that moment, here we were innocently wrestling (well, almost innocently) just a moment ago and now we were making out in the park for everyone to see. She never ceased to surprise me at how amazing she could be. After a while of making out we managed to draw a few onlookers, (some being parents with their kids) and were forced to cut it short. We got up, wiped ourselves off and walked back along the path until we came to a semi-secluded bench looking out at the good part of the park. We sat down and watched kids play and couples walk past holding hands, and before I knew it, we were making out again. She had her hands on my cheeks holding me in place as she kissed me, softly moaning into my mouth as she did it. We kissed for a while before we finally broke, and I pulled her close to me and held her as she sighed and melted into me.

    “I love you Rita, I love you so much.” I said and kissed her cheeks. She looked at me with her bright blue eyes as if she were about to say something, but it got caught in her throat. “What's wrong?”

    “Every time you tell me you love me I feel like I wanna cry,” she said fighting tears.

    I looked in her eyes and watched as they shimmered with all the love she had for me, and it took all I had in me to stop myself from getting too emotional as well. “I know the feeling, I love you so much. I love you more than anything or anyone, even myself, and nothings gonna change that.”

    A single tear ran down her face. “I love you Randy, I love you I love you I love you,” she said in between kisses. “I know I'm saying it too much but I can't help it, you mean the world to me. No ones ever gonna take me away from you, I swear, I love you so much.”

    I held her with my arms wrapped around her until we regained control of our emotions, then we started making out again, not caring that the area we were in was suddenly getting populated. Some time later when we had enough kissing we just sat there huddled up next to each other. She put my arm around her and grabbed my other hand in both of hers and kissed it as she smiled at me.

    “I'm so happy whenever I'm with you,” she whispered, then laid her head on my shoulder.

    I don't know how much time passed or how long we stayed there, but it felt like forever. We didn't even budge until my phone started ringing and I dug it out of my pocket to check the caller ID, it was mom.

    “Hey mom.”

    “Don't “hey mom” me, what are you two doing, it doesn't take that long to drop off movies.”

    “Were not doing anything, we stopped for some ice cream then when to the park, that's all.”

    “Its true mom, were just at the park sitting with each other,” Rita said into the phone.

    “Mmm ok, but I know you did something, you two can't keep your hands off each other. Anyway, I'm calling to say get back here, your father and Jim are taking us all out to eat.”

    “Ok mom we'll leave in a little bit, that should give you and Marie some more “personal” time.

    “Ha-ha very funny, just get back here or you two and I are gonna have a little “personal time.”

    “Ok, mom bye.” I love how much our relationship has changed in so little time.

    Rita let out a sigh and squeezed her body into mine. “Do we have to go right now?”

    “Yeah, dad and Jim are taking us out to eat, I guess they're on their way back to the house now.”

    “I don't wanna go, its been so perfect being out in public with you, what if we don't come back?”

    “We will, I promise,” I said and gave her a kiss to seal the deal.

    We sat a while longer then walked hand in hand back to the van, got in, and drove off. The whole time I was driving she didn't let go of my hand, just held it and kissed it occasionally while smiling at me and out the window. It made me feel so good to see her so happy, I just wish we could do stuff like that more often, without having to worry about being ridiculed, but for right now, I'll take it. We got back to the house and went upstairs to see mom and Marie still trying on clothes, but this time Marie was feeling mom up and played it off as adjusting the cups, but we all knew what was going on.

    “Umm, hey guys, did dad and Jim get back yet?” I asked.

    “No not yet, but they're on the way, go freshen up and be ready to leave in a little bit,” mom said.

    “Have you seen Stephanie and Chris around? We haven't seen them since breakfast,” Rita said.

    “You know what, I haven't. They've been acting weird all day. They're not in their rooms, check the basement, maybe they're down there,” Marie responded.

    Rita and I went downstairs like Marie suggested and found them sitting on opposite ends of the couch, like we were yesterday. Obviously they were talking about something, and they were at that awkward silence moment when we came in. they saw us and immediately tried to get up and blow past us, but we stopped them. No more avoiding, we were gonna get this out in the open today, right now.

    “Guys stop, no more hiding from us, we just wanna talk to you,” I said.

    “We already know what you wanna talk about, and how you think were sick,” Stephanie said.

    “No, guys, you got it all wrong. Come on, just sit and talk with us, please?” Rita asked.

    They reluctantly took their seat back on the couch as I went to grab two chairs from across the room for Rita and I and we sat down directly in front of them. They looked nervous and scared expecting the worst, but I don't think they would have expected to hear what we were about to tell them.

    “Do you guys hate us?” Stephanie asked, looking as if her pride had been broken.

    “Hate you? No! If anything were relieved! If anyone understands what you're doing, its us,” I said.

    “Why because of the twin thing? I think we were a little closer than you two are,” Chris responded.

    “No, you don't get it. He means we know where you're coming from. Ok, there's a reason we came to your room when we did yesterday, we were coming to tell you guys that we've actually been seeing each other, you know, sexually, just like you two were last night,” Rita confessed, and I nodded.

    There was silence while they soaked up what we just told them. They looked kind of relieved, but at the same time looked kind of skeptical, like we were lying to them.

    “Yeah right, no you're not. I know you're trying to be understanding and all, but you don't have to lie to us. You don't have to justify what were doing to make us feel better,” Stephanie said.

    “Were not lying to you guys, honest, we actually just came from being with each other,” I said.

    “Guys, really, you don't have to lie to us to try and spare our feelings,” Chris followed.

    “Come on, for real, do you think we would lie to you about something like this?” Rita asked.

    They looked like they still didn't think we were serious, so I guess we had to show them we were, and Rita was thinking the same thing. Without any hesitation she put her arms around my neck as I put mine on her hips and pushed her lips into mine, soft at first, then with a little more pressure as the kiss deepened. She moaned into my mouth as our lips molded together, kissing each other as we had been since we first found out how we felt about each other. I could hear them gasp and feel them watching us, surprised at what they were seeing. Surely they had to believe us now, no one could kiss someone with so much passion and love if they didn't feel anything towards them, and they way we were kissing, I felt nothing but passion and love for her. When we finally stopped kissing she held her hand on my cheek and gave me little pecks on the lips, then drew out one more kiss, and finally broke away. We separated and opened our eyes to a stunned Stephanie and Chris sitting in front of us wide eyed.

    “Wow! You guys were serious!” Stephanie said, almost excited.

    “Holy crap man, I thought you two were just messing with us!” Chris followed.

    “Nope, its the real deal man, just like we told you,” I said.

    “I feel so much better now. I was scared you guys weren't gonna talk to us anymore if you found out, or worse, judge us. I'm so glad this is finally out in the open now,” Stephanie exhaled.

    “We were just as relieved when we found out about you two yesterday,” Rita said.

    Stephanie sat up straight faced as if something just occurred to her. “Wait a minute, why didn't you guys tell us yesterday instead of letting us worry about what you thought of us all today?”

    “We were, but when we walked in on you two we had forgotten why we were there in the first place, then Jim and Marie came out, so it turned into a lost cause to say anything then,” I explained.

    “That and we were in a hurry to get back to our room after seeing you two having sex,” Rita added.

    “I knew I heard someone having sex, but I never would've guessed it was you two,” Chris said.

    “You probably heard our parents too, they can get a little loud too,” I joked.

    “Well anyway I'm glad this is over. Now we can...”

    Stephanie stopped talking when we heard footsteps descending on the stairs, which turned out to be dad and Jim carrying boxes of what looked like a bunch of files jumbled together.

    “Here you guys are, go get washed up, were going to the Olive Garden just as soon as we find somewhere to put these files,” Jim said.

    We all nodded, at ease from our recent conversation and headed upstairs. I changed into some khaki shorts and a casual shirt since I knew people kinda dressed casual there, Rita kept her clothes on since she was already pretty casual and came in just as I finished putting my shirt on.

    “Looks like I just missed the show,” she said smiling.

    “Don't worry, now that Chris and Stephanie know about us there will be plenty shows.”

    “I like the sound of that,” she said and started working her way towards me.

    “Ok everyone, lets go! If you're not in the car in sixty seconds were leaving without you!”

    “Crap, looks like we'll have to wait till we get back,” she said.

    “I swear they have the worst timing ever,” I followed just as agitated as she was.

    “Don't worry, it'll make it that much better when we get back. Now lets go before they leave us.”

    We went outside and got in our van since we were taking two cars. We sat all the way in the back and made a fake wrestling scene fighting over the last seat so no one would get suspicious. We shared the seat like we planned and pulled out and followed behind the Wilson's to where we were going. It was dark enough where mom and dad couldn't see what we were doing, so we took advantage by feeling each other up as much as we could get away with, mostly on the lower half with our hands in each others pants. She let a few moans escape her lips but nothing too loud, it probably wouldn't have been heard over the radio or mom and dad anyway. We must have really been into what we were doing or it was that short of a drive because next thing I knew we were pulling into the Olive Garden parking lot. We parked in different spots and met up at the door, everyone in happy moods talking to someone else. We went in and saw that it was crowded, but not too much, and we were seated almost instantly. They put two tables together for us with boys on one side and girls on the other, with each of us sitting in front of our spouse (or sister, if that's too weird for you). The second the lady came over and put the breadsticks on the table they were gone, all snatched up by dad and Jim.

    “Come on guys, leave some for the rest of us,” mom complained,

    “Sorry honey, you gotta be faster than that,” dad replied.

    “Haha its ok, I'll bring more, but first let me take your orders,” the waitress said.

    All the parents ordered pastas, soups, and seafood and we ordered different kinds of chicken so we could try each others to see if we liked it or not. The parents became engaged in their own conversation between the four of them, but we just sat there looking at each other, smiling. We already knew what we wanted to talk about but no one wanted to be the first to say anything, especially in public.

    “So you guys really are doing it?” Chris finally asked, keeping his voice low.

    “Yep, as much as you are, probably more,” I replied.

    “How long has it been going on for you guys?” Stephanie asked.

    “A little over three months so far, what about you?” Rita replied.

    “Around two years and three months I think, not sure exactly,” Stephanie replied.

    “Two years? “How'd you manage to keep it a secret so long?” I asked.

    “A lot of sneaking around, we almost got caught a few times though being stupid,” Chris said.

    “So did we. Our dad even walked in on us a couple times,” Rita said leaning in closer.

    “What? How did he not catch you? Is he blind or something?” Stephanie whispered.

    “Its actually kinda funny. The first time Randy was, you know, going down on me, and dad came in the room, but not all the way, so he couldn't really see anything, and Randy just kept on going while dad was there, jerk,” she laughed and punched me in the arm. “The second time he actually came all the way in the room while we were having sex, but he couldn't see me since Randy was on top of me and he thought I was some other girl. He was actually proud! He cheered us before he left, it was weird.”

    “You guys are something else. We almost got caught in the shower together, in my bed, in the back yard, and a whole bunch of public places, too many to count, we either had a good excuse or took off outta there. So nobody knows about you guys?” Stephanie asked.

    I looked at Rita to decide if we should tell them or not, and she nodded, so I assumed it was ok.” Dad doesn't know about us, but mom and Aunt Lisa do. We actually did it with them a few times too.”

    “What? You guys are crazy! We haven't even thought about that, right Stephanie?” Chris asked.

    Stephanie blushed and got this curious look on her face. “Wellllll...”

    Chris' face lit up. “You did? Wow, this went from a totally crappy day to the best day ever! Randy you did your sister, your mom, and your aunt?”

    “Yep, and so did Rita,” I said feeling proud of myself and grinning at her.

    “You guys are the shit! I'm jealous of you two now!”

    “Chris, don't be a kiss-ass,” Stephanie grinned.

    “Ok, now that makes sense,” Rita laughed.

    We pulled back from our huddle laughing to what must have looked like an inside joke to our parents. We kept the rest of the conversation clean until our food came, then all talking withered down to almost none as everyone enjoyed their food. We each sampled someone else's food, finding out that we liked what someone else had, so we traded, but still ended up sharing each others food. We did flirt, there were stares and some footsie going on under the table, but nothing too serious, we didn't wanna draw attention to ourselves and risk being exposed, especially with our parents sitting there, so we kept it at a minimum. We had ordered a Black Tie Mousse cake (man that cake is so good) so that a while after we finished eating it would be ready, and as we all finished they brought it out and we took it apart. When we finally finished eating everything we were stuffed, we couldn't eat anymore if we wanted to.

    “Oh man, I'm gonna sleep good tonight,” Jim said.

    “We all are. Let's see if we can get another one of those cakes to go,” dad followed.

    “How was your food guys?” Marie asked.

    “Great,” we all said at once. “We all got some of each others stuff,” I followed.

    “I wish your father would let me eat off his plate again,” mom joked.

    “When you take only a little bit of food then I'll let you eat off my plate again,” dad joked back.

    We had a little laugh and went back to small talk while we waited on the other cake and our food to digest some. All while we were talking Stephanie and Chris kept glancing over at mom, smiling, like they were undressing her with their eyes. I guess since I told them about her they've been trying to get a picture in their head of what she would look like naked or something, if only they knew. Some time later the cake came and we digested a fair amount of food to finally get up and get moving out the door. We made our way back to the van and got in the back again, this time playing tired so we could lay down out of their sight so we could make out, which is exactly what we did all the way back to the house. When we got back in the house everyone took their coats off and headed straight for bed.

    “Alright guys, were going to bed, don't be too loud,” Marie said.

    “Ok, Rita and I were gonna go to the basement and watch movies all night,” I said.

    “Oh you guys were? You don't care if we come too do you?” Stephanie asked.

    “The basement? I think you guys are a little too old for slumber parties,” dad joked.

    “Oh let em, they're just watching movies, besides, we'll hear them,” mom said.

    “What the heck, I don't care. Just make sure you put the stuff back how you found it,” Jim said.

    “Sure thing. Thanks guys, and goodnight everyone,” I said.

    “Don't be up too late, were going home tomorrow since our powers back on,” mom said.

    We all nodded and headed upstairs. Halfway up Chris stopped and turned around to face me. “Smart move man, they don't know it, but when the door is shut, the basement is pretty much soundproof.”

    “That's perfect,” I said, knowing all too well how soundproof the basement really was.

    I quickly changed into shorts and a t-shirt and headed to the basement. I grabbed a bunch of blankets out of the closet and spread them out on the floor, then took some pillows off the couch and threw them on top of the blankets. I heard footsteps fast descending on the stairs and looked up to see Rita come around the corner in pink scooby-doo pajama pants and a yellow shirt, just grinning at me. She didn't say anything, she just lunged at me knocking me back onto the pallet I just made, kissing me and rubbing her body against mine as she did so. A couple minutes later we heard more footsteps on the stairs and separated just as Stephanie and Chris rounded the corner.

    “Ooooooh what were you guys doing?” Stephanie smirked.

    “Nothing, we were just fixing up the pallet,” I said, completely unbelievable.

    “Liars, you were down here kissing and stuff weren't you?” Chris asked grinning.

    “Ok we were kissing a little, is that a crime?” Rita joked.

    We all laughed at the irony of what she said as they came down and helped finish the pallet that we had messed up when Rita and I rolled around on it. We turned on a movie (Monsters Ball, I picked it on purpose) and took spots on the pallet, Stephanie sat next to Chris and Rita laid down with me. We watched the movie, but we weren't really concentrating on it (except for the sex scenes), there was too much tension with all of us being alone knowing what we knew to be thinking about anything else, but we kept it under control. When that movie was over we put on another one and took our same spots with each other. I'm pretty sure the second movie was just for appearances because one, we wanted to give the parents enough time to go to sleep so watching it wasn't necessary, two, the tension in the air was still strong, and three, we were all watching each other, and smiling.

    “I still cant believe you guys are doing it too, this is awesome!” Stephanie giggled to Rita.

    “I know! Now we don't have to sneak around each other anymore,” Rita responded.

    She was still giddy. “This is crazy! I never would have thought you two were that close.”

    “Were twins remember? It could almost be normal for us,” I said.

    “Then what about us? Were not twins. I guess that makes us the crazy incest freaks,” Chris joked.

    “Hey if you are then we are too, but we honestly don't see a problem with it. Its not our fault society is so judgmental of everything that doesn't seem logical,” Rita replied.

    “I tried telling Chris that same thing, he still thinks they'll come around, they wont. Its cool though, we learned to live with it, its even better now that you guys are doing it too!” Stephanie grinned.

    “So how did it start for you guys?” Rita asked.

    They laughed to themselves as they remembered back. They talked over who should tell us and they agreed on it being Stephanie. “It was over two years ago, we had to share Chris' room when our relatives came to stay with us, I mean there were a lot of them, there was nowhere else to sleep in the whole house. Chris gave me his bed and used his sleeping bag on the floor. I told him we could share the bed but he insisted on sleeping on the hard floor in that little ass sleeping bag like an idiot, so I let him. I knew he was cold because I was cold and I was under his blanket, but he insisted on staying there, so I said whatever. The next day he was pale from being so cold and his back was hurting, and when he told mom and dad why they jumped on him for being stubborn and not getting in the bed with me, but he just kept saying he likes to sleep alone so they gave up arguing.

    “I wasn't being stubborn, I just liked to sleep by myself,” Chris defended himself.

    “Yes you were, now quit interrupting me, I'm trying to tell them what happened. Ok so the next few days he kept sleeping on the floor, saying he wanted to sleep by himself, even though he was suffering down there on that cold hard floor, and for the most part I gave up on trying to persuade him, until that last night when the temperature dropped again and it was even colder than before. I knew he was really cold because I could hear him shivering, and that was the last straw. I knew I'd make him get in the bed, but I never considered what would happen when I did. I remember exactly how it happened...”


    “Ok Chris, seriously, get up here, its too cold down there.”

    “No I'm fine, everyone's leaving tomorrow, I can tough it out one more day down here.”

    “No you cant, its too cold, get up here right now!”

    “Really sis, I'm fine, just go to sleep.”

    I could hear his shivering get worse, and I knew he would get sick or something if he didn't get warmed up, so I got out of his bed and picked him up off the floor (against his will, but eventually he gave in) and threw him in the bed. I got in with him and found out just how cold he was, his body felt like ice. I had to warm him up fast before he got a bad cold, or something worse, so I scooted into him and covered us up, and threw my body over his, laying on top of him so we could share my body heat.

    “Stephanie, you don't have to do this, I was fine on the floor.”

    “Shut up, you were down there freezing, I'm not gonna be blamed if you wake up a popsicle frozen to the floor. Just stay close until you get warm, then you can move away from your gross sister,” I joked.

    He tried to laugh, but was too cold. “Thanks sis,” was all he said through chattering teeth.

    It was quiet for a while, and I could gradually feel him start to warm up, but I decided to stay there until he was completely warm. Just then I could feel Chris start to get hard, and I realized that even though I was his sister, I was still a girl laying on top of him. He tried to shift around and move it away from me, but all it did was make him harder and arouse me more. The thought of my brother getting hard over me made me feel sexy, like a woman, and not just his sister. I didn't know if it was because of him getting a hard on from me, or the fact that I haven't had sex in over three months, but I leaned down and kissed him, and kissed him again, and kissed him some more. Next thing I knew I was under him naked with his equally naked body pressed against mine.

    “Steph, are you sure you wanna do this?”

    “I'm sure, now hurry up and do it before I change my mind.”

    That was all the encouragement he needed. He shoved his dick in me and fucked me senseless until we ended up on the floor, where I fucked him senseless. When we were finished we were a sweaty mess stuck to his sleeping bag on the floor, fresh from crossing over into the world of incest.

    “I cant believe we just did that,” I said catching my breath.

    “Me neither, but I'm glad we did. I'd freeze down here all week just to do that again with you.”

    “Ok Chris, don't be a kiss-ass.”


    “And ever since then we've been fucking each other.”

    “Wow, lucky for you guys Chris is a stubborn ass,” I joked.

    “So what about you guys, how did it start for you?” Stephanie asked.

    I looked at Rita and nodded to her to tell them. “Well with us it was an accident. We were playing a video game and Randy won, but barely, and started gloating. I decided not to take it any more and jumped on him, wrestling him down and tickling him, hes really ticklish, until he gave in. We ended up wrestling some more until we ended up on the floor with him on top of me, then out of nowhere he leans down and kisses me! We had that awkward moment where I was glaring at him then he bolted out of the room. I didn't tell him, but I was glad he kissed me, I was just scared of my feelings so I pretended to be mad. The next day he told me how he felt and that we should be each others firsts, but I was still scared, so I blew him off again. I always had a crush on Randy, but I didn't think he had one on me, but when I saw how hurt he looked I knew he was serious. I decided to trust my feelings and give myself to my brother. I stole a pair of his boxers and put on a “show” I knew he would hear, which he did, and he came right in while I was playing with myself with his boxers. We took each others virginity that night, which turned out was our birthday. I knew then I would always love him, but when he made love to me later that night, I knew I was his. That day I found the love of my life,” she finished and grabbed my hand and smiled at me, and I just smiled back thinking the same thing.

    “Why didn't you tell me about the crush and stuff,” I asked softly.

    “I was scared, I didn't want you to reject me and mess up our relationship,” Rita said back.

    “Well I'm glad you put on a “show” for me, now we have the best of both worlds,” I smiled.

    “Wait, you didn't say you two were in love!” Stephanie gasped.

    “Yeah we are, cant you tell by the way we look at each other and kiss and stuff?” Rita asked.

    “I never really noticed, I was still caught up on you guys having sex too,” Stephanie responded.

    “Wait, how can you be in love if you do it with other people?” Chris asked.

    “It was with family members so that doesn't count, and with them its only sex, and were both always there. We only have and only will make love to each other, and no one else,” I said.

    “I never would have thought. We just have sex, never really thought about love,” Stephanie said.

    “Give it time, it might just sneak up on you like it did us,” Rita grinned at me.

    “Come to think of it, this does explain a few things. That time at the cabin when you two went to get towels and you were all sweaty in the bathroom?” Stephanie asked.

    “You interrupted us having a quickie,” I grinned. “What about that time we were talking on the phone and I kept hearing weird noises and you kept saying ow?” I asked Stephanie.

    “We were fucking too, and Chris kept putting his finger in my ass, I'm still not used to that. What about that time you were sitting at the desk making sex faces?” Stephanie asked Rita.

    “Randy was under there eating me out,” Rita said closing her eyes and smiling. “That was a really good day. When we went to the movies and you both left where did you go?”

    “To the bathroom to fuck. This lady came barreling in there like she was scared,” Chris replied.

    “That's funny, we went to the bathroom to have sex too. Rita yelled at that lady and she took off out the door. If we had used the same bathroom we could have walked in on each other,” I said.

    “Holy crap you're right! I wonder how that would have went down,” Stephanie said.

    “Well it doesn't matter now, it all worked out for the best,” I said.

    We watched them start getting all touchy grabby in front of us and wondered if they were about to do something. “Hey uh, we'll be right back. Were gonna go get some uh, some um,” Chris stuttered.

    “Popcorn! Yeah for the movie we should start watching. We'll go put on a lot for us to share, be back in a little bit,” Stephanie said as she grabbed Chris' hand and basically flew up the stairs.

    When they were out of sight Rita looked at me with a glare she only uses when shes horny, and rolled on top of me and shoved her tongue down my throat. I kissed her back with as much enthusiasm as she kissed me with and ran my hands over her body. When I got to the hem of her shirt she raised up and let me slide it off, letting her tits hit the air for a second before helping me out of mine and falling back on top of me and pressing her lips to mine again. We must have been so caught up in kissing because we didn't know Stephanie and Chris was there until they cleared their throats to get our attention.

    “You guys don't waste any time do you?” Stephanie smirked.

    “Ahh don't try to play innocent Ms. “were gonna get some popcorn!” Rita retaliated.

    “We were going to get... ok we weren't, but we caught you, not you us,” Stephanie said.

    “Now were even, so either pull up a chair or get out,” Rita grinned and went back to kissing me.

    “Well if you guys are gonna be all out in the open, so are we,” Stephanie replied and pulled Chris over to the couch and fell on each other kissing.

    I rolled over on Rita so I was on top and sucked her tits into my mouth. She held my head there rubbed her pajama clad pussy against me. A shirt hit the back of my head and I looked up to see Stephanie and Chris naked on the couch getting into a 69, Rita saw it too and smiled as she kicked her pajama pants down her legs, revealing she had on no panties and making my cock harder by the second. I pulled her pants the rest of the way off her legs and quickly shoved my face in her pussy.

    “Oooooooooh fuck Randy! Eat me baby, eat your sisters pussy!” she moaned.

    I started at the bottom of her pussy and licked all the way up to the clit, making sure my tongue stayed there a second longer, but not too much as I didn't want her to come yet.

    “Fuck yeah Stephanie suck that dick while I eat this pussy,” Chris said from the couch.

    I looked up at Rita through her spread legs who was still moaning, but managed to make eye contact with me. I reached my hands up and grabbed hold of both her tits and squeezed them and licked my tongue in circles around her pussy. I could tell she wanted to close her eyes, but she didn't wanna break from my gaze, so I made it easier on her and attached my lips to her clit.

    “You like the way I eat your pussy in front of them, don't you Rita,” I whispered.

    “Yes, oh my god, suck on it Randy, suck on my clit and make me cum! Oh fuck Stephanie if you only knew how good his lips feel on my pussy...” Rita trailed off.

    “I'm feeling it pretty damn good over here, fuck Chris right there!”

    I let go of her breasts and spread her legs out enough to where her pussy lips would open a little by themselves and darted my tongue in. As I was tongue fucking her I looked on the couch at Stephanie and saw her face scrunch up, then watched her climb off of Chris and lay down with her legs hanging off the front of the couch, her tits swaying openly the whole time.

    “Enough of that Chris, get over her and fuck me! I need it right now!”

    Chris got up off the couch and leaned over in front of her, effectively blocking my view, so I stopped watching, but I heard Stephanie gasp when her entered her and moan when he started fucking her. I doubled my efforts on Rita and bit down on her clit and pumped two fingers in and out of her. Her moaning plus Stephanie's moaning from the couch made for fantastic motivation as I chewed on her clit until her beautiful thighs closed me off from the outside world.

    “Oh god, oh god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!” Rita said through a strained voice.

    “Oh yeah Rita, cum all over his mouth! Keep fucking me hard Chris,” Stephanie moaned.

    “Oh fuck, oh fuck, I'm cumming Randy, I'm cummmmmmmmmming!”

    She squeezed my head like it was a watermelon, but it was all worth it when her juice started to pour down her lips. I had to pull her legs apart just so I could lick it up, and with her shaking around I was missing most of it so I closed my lips around her pussy and sucked up what I could. By now I was hard as a rock and rubbing against my shorts, so I shed them and positioned my cock at her opening. She opened her eyes just as I pushed my cock into her and gasped as I stretched her pussy open, then threw her head back again and moaned as I fucked her.

    “Oh yeah fuck me baby, fuck me in front of Stephanie and Chris, take my pussy baby!”

    “I cant believe were fucking in front of each other, I'm so goddamn turned on!” Stephanie said.

    “Fuck yeah me too, hearing Rita talk like that with my dick in your tight pussy is making me wanna fuck you harder Stephanie,” Chris strained.

    “Then fuck me harder, fuck me in front of our incest bastards,” Stephanie followed.

    I laid down on top of Rita with my head next to hers and thrust my cock in and out of her. She timed her moans with each inward thrust and used her legs to help push me inside her. I could faintly hear the clapping of our skin over the tv still going and both women groaning in pleasure.

    “Is your brother fucking you good Rita like mine is fucking me?” Stephanie groaned.

    “Hes fucking me so good! Oh god Stephanie, my brother is fucking me so fucking good! Shove that cock in your sisters pussy baby, show my pussy that your cock owns it,” Rita groaned back.

    I leaned up on my hands and looked down at her as I drove into her. She held onto my forearms and laid there as I pounded her faster and faster, making her titties bounce around on her chest.

    “Yes baby! Drive that cock in that pussy. Fuck me until I cant walk,” Rita pleaded.

    “Until you cant walk? You sure you want me to do that baby?” I asked.

    “Yes! I want it to hurt! I need it to hurt! Make me feel pleasure and pain!”

    “Ok Rita you asked for it, get up on your hands and knees.”

    I pulled out of her and backed up. She was on her hands and knees in a matter of seconds rubbing her pussy in front of me, waiting for me to shove it back in, but it wasn't going in her pussy. She looked up at Chris still banging away at Stephanie and sucked the pussy juices off her fingers.”What are you guys still doing on the couch? Get down here with us you incest loving freaks,” she joked.

    I stuck two fingers in her pussy and used it to lubricate her ass, and stuck both fingers in, making her gasp. I shoved my cock in her pussy a few times just to be sure I was slick enough and pushed the head of my cock into her ass. I heard her suck in breath and waited until I felt her asshole loosen up, then I slowly slid the rest of the way in until I was buried deep inside her.

    “Holy shit Rita, is he in your ass?” Stephanie asked.

    “Mm-hmm,” Rita moaned. “It feels fucking amazing. Fuck my ass Randy, fuck me good!”

    “ Haha you dirty bitch! Take that cock in your ass and suck on my tits,” Stephanie smirked.

    When I grabbed her hips and started thrusting into her Stephanie came off the couch and got down on the blankets in front of Rita and put her titties to her face, which Rita happily sucked on. Chris came up behind Stephanie and pulled her down so she was level with him and shoved his cock back into her. She grunted and locked lips with Rita as they both got fucked doggystyle by Chris and I. I had a lot to look at, Rita and Stephanie making out as they both got railed, Stephanie's tits lunging forward from the force of Chris pounding into her, or Rita's ass jiggling as it clapped against me from the assault I was giving it. I avoided eye contact with Chris and focused on all the other sights around me, as well as all the noises and fucked Rita's ass as hard as I could.

    “You look so fucking sexy taking it up the ass like that,” Stephanie purred to Rita.

    “Not as sexy as you look with those huge tits swinging all over the place from getting pounded.”

    “I wish I could take it up my ass, but it hurts too... ow Chris! Watch your thumb!” Stephanie cried.

    “Sorry, its just that all this talk about anal is making me wanna try it,” Chris apologized.

    “Trust me, when you two get around to it, it feels fantastic,” I grunted through thrusts.

    The girls both dropped on their elbows and went back to kissing each other and moaning in each others mouths and pinching their nipples. I leaned forward and took Rita's hands off her tits and replaced them with mine and she reached down to play with her pussy. I could feel her ass squeezing my cock and I knew something was happening with her, so I pinched her nipples and kept pace thrusting into her until she jerked a little as her ass contracted tightly around me then loosened back up. I knew she just had a mini orgasm and would be sensitive, so I let her tits go and slowed to long full strokes at half speed.

    “Mmmm I like getting fucked like this,” Rita cooed as they broke the kiss.

    “Me too, but I love riding more, its the best feeling, and I can fuck the shit out of him,” Stephanie said.

    I could feel Rita grinning in front of me. “You feel like going cowgirl on them?”

    “Fuck yeah I do. Lets show them how us girls like to fuck,” Stephanie giggled.

    They kissed each other a little more and eased off of us, then pushed Chris and I down next to each other and straddled us. They smiled to each other as they took our cocks in their hands and lined them under their pussies and sat down on us at the same time.

    “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” they both said in unison as they impaled themselves on us.

    Rita arched her back and closed her eyes as she rode me, but Stephanie glared down at Chris with an evil smile like she was gonna kill him. It truly was a sight to behold. Two women, our sisters, riding us at the same time right next to each other. Asses were bouncing up and down on us making clapping noises, titties were jiggling all over their chests, hair was being swung all over the place, and they were moaning and groaning like crazy. I was at a loss for words, and so was Chris.

    “Look at em Rita, they love it! They cant even talk were fucking em so good!” Stephanie said.

    “Why wouldn't they love it? Its only the best sex ever with the two hottest women ever!”

    “Oh fuck yeah, you got that right, we are some sexy bitches, oh shit that's good,” she moaned.

    They were right, they were sexy, especially at that moment looking up at them ride us silly. Rita kept her back arched and put her hands on my legs for leverage, leaving her titties in perfect sucking position. I sat up and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking heavily on it and grinding it between my teeth before she pulled it from her mouth and pushed me back down on the blankets, holding me down so I couldn't get back up. Chris tried to do the same thing to Stephanie, but she didn't even let him get up. She gave him a little slap and pushed him back down holding her hands to his chest.

    “What do you think you're doing? When I'm riding you I'm in charge! You just lay there and be a good brother and let your little sister fuck your brains out,” Stephanie said seductively.

    I looked up at Rita who was grinning back at me, laughing silently as Stephanie took control over Chris. It made me think back to the time at the cabin when Rita was ticked off at Stephanie all day and fucked me crazy the same way Stephanie is now, but she had a reason to, Stephanie is like that from the get go, it made me wonder if she was like that all the time or was she extra hyped up with us fucking right next to them, I planned on asking Rita the details later.

    “Fuuuuuuck Randy I'm gonna cum all over you!” Rita said snapping me from my thoughts.

    She stopped bouncing and went into a forceful grind, and grabbed my hands and put them on her tits, begging me to squeeze them and help her cum, so I did. Chris tried to touch Stephanie's tits again, and she again denied him, and turned around reverse cowgirl and leaned forward on his legs.

    “Stephanie you're gonna make me cum like that!” Chris grunted.

    “I know, but you'll make me cum even harder,” she said back bouncing harder on him.

    I turned my attention back to Rita just as she was being hit by what looked like a powerful orgasm. Her nails dug into my skin and her face locked up unable to speak as her orgasm tore through her, with her pussy juice running down my legs and over my chest, and then she fell down on top of me.

    “Fuck Stephanie, I'm about to cum!” Chris said through gritted teeth.

    “Me too Chris, me too. Just hold on a little bit longer,” Stephanie pleaded.

    I watched as Stephanie stopped moving and her ass shook in place on Chris, then go limp and fall down on the blankets with his cock still inside her. Not a minute too soon Chris pulled out of her, turned her over and grunted as he squirted cum all over her chest, then collapsed next to her breathing heavily. I was the only one who hadn't cum, so I took it upon myself to make it happen since Rita was still dazed on top of me. I grabbed her ass and forced my cock up into her pussy pretty fast since I still had energy from her riding me, and she slowly lifted her head up and looked me right in the eyes.

    “Come on baby, cum inside me, cum inside your pussy Randy,” she whispered.

    She helped me by meeting my up thrusts with her down thrusts and pushing her lips to mine. She broke the kiss and ran her tongue over my lips and bit my bottom lip to keep from fully separating from her.

    “Jesus Christ you guys are still fucking?” Stephanie asked as I felt my cum rising through my cock.

    “Not for long, I'm gonna cum Rita,” I managed to get out.

    “Cum inside me baby, give me all of it, fill this pussy up with your cum,” Rita purred.

    I thrust into her until I couldn't thrust anymore and gushed torrents of cum into her. We held on to each other as the last bits of cum oozed out and melted into the blankets, kissing like the lovers we were. We stayed there kissing until Stephanie tugged at Rita to get her off me.

    “We need to go get cleaned up, I don't wanna be sticky in the morning. We'll take the downstairs bathroom, one of you guys can take the upstairs one. Here grab our clothes,” she said.

    They grabbed all their clothes and quietly headed for the door, Rita holding her hand on her pussy the whole time so the cum didn't leak out. Chris got up and went behind them, so I assumed he was headed for the other bathroom and I fell back into the blanket. While they were gone I took the time to assess what just happened. We all watched and participated in some major incest sex, I don't think we could look at each other the same way again, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. A while later I heard giggling and light footsteps on the stairs and watched as the girls came around the corner with their clothes half on, and laughing. I took my cue and snuck to the downstairs bathroom and did a quick wash up in the sink. I went back downstairs to see the girls naked again rolling around on the blankets. They were french kissing and moaning and squeezing each others tits as they rubbed their pussies together. Chris came down about a minute after I did and stared at them just as I did, not bothering to interrupt them. They let out a little girlish scream as I assumed they had a lesbian induced orgasm and giggled at each other while still clinging to the others body, then they looked up and saw us.

    “Having a good time?” I grinned.

    “We were just keeping ourselves busy until you guys got back,” Stephanie smiled.

    We cut off the lights and I went to the top of the stairs to unlock the door. They put their clothes on all the way as we switched the blankets over so we weren't laying in each others cum. We grabbed some pillows and got down on the floor and cuddled up brother and sisters together on the pallet.

    “So guys, where do we go from here? Are we still pretending to date each other? Since you two are in love will we ever have sex with each other?” Stephanie asked.

    “Umm, I think we should keep up the act in public and in front of our parents, just to be sure, but around each other we can be ourselves,” I said.

    “Well what about the having sex with each other part?” Chris followed.

    “I honestly don't know. Its nothing against you guys, but if we have sex with you it would be like cheating on each other. I don't know if I can ever have another guys cock in me, I love Randy too much. But who knows, in time maybe we'll come around,” Rita said cuddling into me.

    “I can understand that, but I cant say I'm not upset,” Stephanie said.

    “Yeah I guess I can understand it too, even though I'm a little upset about it too. I wont get it completely though unless we fall for each other like you two did or something,” Chris followed.

    “For that to work you'd have to stop being such a kiss ass,” Stephanie joked.

    “I'm not a kiss ass! But you should start being one,” Chris replied and pulled her closer to him.

    “Ok guys, I don't know about you but I'm pretty tired. You can stay up if you want but I'm gonna call it a night,” I said as I let out a big yawn and stretched.

    Everyone else agreed they were tired and got under the blankets as I did. They cut the tv off and we all said our goodnights and laid down to go to sleep. I heard Stephanie giggling lightly and knew they would be a while before they slept, and Rita cuddled into me and kissed me goodnight.

    “Goodnight baby, I love you so much,” she whispered.

    “I love you too, sweet dreams,” I whispered back as I let sleep overtake my tired body.

    The next day I was woken up around 10:30 by Rita kissing me. I looked over and noticed Stephanie and Chris were already engaged in their own antics when someone yelled downstairs that breakfast was ready. We all washed and brushed at the same time and came back to the kitchen to breakfast in the form of Burger King breakfast croissants. We didn't complain since we loved Burger King and sat down to eat. Mom got up and left the kitchen to answer a call and when she did dad took her food. The parents were talking, but there wasn't much conversation between us since we were starving, but there were some exchanged looks and flirtatious smiles and such. We started laughing to ourselves when mom came back in the kitchen knowing she didn't have any food left.

    “Ok we'll meet you there, ok bye. Alright guys we have to leave a little earlier than usual, somethings come up, and Mike you're buying me more food,” mom said.

    “Aww so soon? I thought you could at least stay till the afternoon,” Marie said.

    “Wish we could, but somethings come up, and we need to make sure our food didn't spoil,” mom said.

    “Ok, well we'll help you take your stuff out then,” Jim said.

    We wrapped up our food for the time being and took our stuff out to the van and loaded it up. We said goodbye to the Wilson's in traditional hug and handshake fashion and when we got to Stephanie and Chris they both kissed us on the lips, then Stephanie gave me a subtle kiss on the cheek.

    “In public remember? Were still couples out here,” Stephanie whispered away from the parents.

    We knew they were right and played along with the kisses until we were broken up by our parents. We said goodbye one more time and piled in the van and pulled off down the street. They turned to the radio to the news station and we finished eating our food since we had no chance of doing anything in broad daylight. The rest of the drive home we would mess around a little, but generally stared out the window since we couldn't do anything else. When we finally got home after taking a detour to Mr. Hero's to replace moms food we dropped our bags by the doorway and went straight to the kitchen to pull all the food out of the freezer checking and making sure nothing had freezer burn or anything, luckily nothing did. When we weren't needed anymore we took our bags upstairs and put everything back where it was supposed to go, then I made the short trip to Rita's room.

    “Hey you,” I grinned walking towards her.

    She smiled and walked right into a kiss, slipping me the tongue almost instantly. I picked her up and walked her to her bed, happy to be home again, but kinda sad we had to leave the Wilson's.

    “Things couldn't have worked out any better with Chris and Stephanie,” she said.

    “Yeah, I'd say so. It worked out perfect. I'm glad we decided to tell them.”

    “We? It took some convincing before “we” decided to tell them,” she gloated.

    “You know what I mean. At least its all out in the open and we can be ourselves.”

    “Mmmm I look forward to that,” she said and kissed me again.

    We rolled around on her bed until I faintly heard the front door close. “Come on, lets see if they need help with anything else, maybe there's still some stuff in the car.”

    She frowned not wanting to leave but I assured her we would be coming back, so she slowly got up and made her way out the door. We went downstairs ready to put some stuff up but was met with a different scene, Aunt Lisa was sitting at the table with mom and dad drinking coffee and they all looked distraught, especially Aunt Lisa who looked like her dog just got hit by a car.

    “Mom? Dad? Aunt Lisa? Whats wrong?” Rita asked worried.

    “A tree fell on my house during the storm when I was at a friends house,” Aunt Lisa said.

    “Oh man that sucks. You got insurance on it don't you?” I asked.

    “Yeah I do, luckily it covers all the damages.”

    “That's good, so how bad is it?” Stephanie asked.

    “Pretty bad, I can't stay there until it gets fixed. I need a place to stay...”


    Hey everyone, I have a quick question. The next chapter is gonna be an all woman chapter, who would you like to see narrate the story? Or would you like me to interchange between all the women?
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