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Thread: Wife Raped

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    Default Wife Raped

    Our story was posted in another part of this form, but some readers found it to be too long. They recommeded this part of the from. I am new to this from, so I will take their advise. This is a true story.

    We started off by getting into swinging. It was my ideal to open up our marriage. We married very young, I was only 19 years old when we married and my wife was 16. I talked her into attending a swinging social when she was 17. We met another couple that invited us to a private party at their home. The couple seemed nice, so we accepted their invitation. We both had drank way too much, and we had never in the city before, so we accept a ride with Bill, an older man that had been dancing with and feeling-up my wife. After we arrived at the party, I found a girl that I wanted to fuck and my wife started making out with Bill. We went to a large bed room and had sex together in a king size bed. The other woman and I left my wife and Bill in the bed fucking a 2nd time. I went to the party and found many new people that did not come from the social. I notice there were many more men then woman. At the start of the party, there were 5 or 6 couples. Now there were only 6 woman and about 40 men. We did not understand it at the time, but our hostess was a hotwife. She had many boyfriends that fucked her daily. She had her husband call all of her boyfriend and ask them to join in on the fun. All of the women in the main part of the house were being fucked by more than one man at time. I joined in the fun, fucking the hostess as her husband watched and jacked off.
    I notice the man I had left in bed with my wife at the party but I did not see my wife, so I went back to the secluded master bed room where I left her. When I walked into the room, it was full of men standing around the bed; some were jacking their cocks as they watch what was taking place on the bed.
    There were between 20 and 25 men in the room. I worked my way into the room and saw my wife on the bed with 4 men. One was fucking her pussy, 1 was fucking her mouth, and two more had placed their cocks in her had for her to jack off. I was shocked to see my young wife fucking these strange men like a common whore. It did not take long for the man fucking her pussy to shot his load into her, and the man fucking her face shot his load into her mouth. The load in her mouth leaked out onto her neck and face as he pulled out. Just as soon as the two men slid off her, the two she was jacking took their place in her pussy and mouth. Two new stepped to the bed and placed their dicks in her hands for her to jack off. At that point my wife refused to jack the new dick and pushed the man fucking her face away. She said something to the men that I could not hear or understand. The two men grabbed my wife’s arms and hand and pinned them to the bed over her head. At the same time two more men spread her legs open wide and pinned them to the bed. The man fucking her pussy rammed his cock into with increased force and speed until he shot a load of cum into her. The man fucking her face shot his load into her mouth as he held her head with both hands to make sure she swallowed his seeds. The men holding my wife released her, but she did not try to move or get off the bed as the next man slid his dick into her open pussy. I slid onto the bed and kissed my wife as I held her hands above her head. I could taste and smell the cum on her breath. She had her eyes closed and did not know it was me kissing her mouth and holding her hand, until I whispered to her “Are you OK?” At that point she opened her eyes and kissed me long and hard. All she said to me was “fuck me now”. At about the same time the man fucking her shot his load into her, and slid off the bed. I took his place fucking my well used wife. It did not take long for me to cum (for the 3rd time that night). I held my wife very briefly again asking her if she was ok. All she said was “I love you and always will” as another man was moving onto the bed for his turn with my wife. I stayed in the room with my wife for the rest of the party. I watched the men come and go for the next two hour. None of the men knew she and I were married, so I could over hear nasty comments being made about her being a whole and a slut.
    After the party was over, we talked about what had taken place. My wife said she never would have planned the event, but she was glad it took place. She said she was very drunk from the drinks she had consumed at the hotel. She explained how Bill, the first man she fucked left her in bed with two other men, then it started getting out of hand. She tried to stop after she was done with the 2nd and 3rd man, but by this time there were 8 or 10 men in the room. When the new men became more forceful with her she found herself getting very hot. She put up a little resistance pushing them away and trying to get off the bed, but they quickly got her under control and continued to use her. She told me this happen about a half hour after I left her with Bill. That was about the same time I was fucking our hostess in the main part of the house. I asked her what she said to me men when I was in the room, just before they pinned her down and used her. She said, said she told them she was done and if they wanted any more pussy from her they would have to take it or pay for it. She told them since they were treating her like a whore; she was done giving it away. This was the first time my wife ever submitted to forceful sex, but not the last time. She and I have arranged for her to be taken and used by other men since that night.

    I would like to give a little more information about the night my wife and I got into swinging. There are many points in life we think about the road not taken, and how our life would be different if only we had taken a different path. That night was one such event for us. That night was many years ago, when we both were teenagers. We did not have the knowledge and insight we do a mature adults. We got ourselves at that party by accepting rides with stranger from a bar in a city we did not know. We ended up about 30 miles from our car which was left at our hotel. We both drank way too much. I do not regret getting into swing or going to the party. We made plans that we did not stick to that night. We thought it was going to be like the old Love American Style show, where we got with another couple and swapped in the same room. We did not know the women would be out numbered about 1 to 7 by the men. All of the woman at the party serviced more than one man. My wife was the one fresh young new face, so most of the men wanted to be with her. I do not feel bad about leaving her with Bill. He was really nice to her while they had sex. I wanted to give them some private time along. I think my wife appreciated me giving them the time along, even when had planned to stay together.
    My wife has told me that she enjoyed herself, but got a little fearful when she tried to leave to find me and was pulled back onto the bed. The fear did not last long, but was replaced with hot passion after the men continued to use her body. After a brief time past, she wanted to feel that rush again that went with the loss of control. That is when she told the men that would have to take it (pussy) or pay for it if the wanted more from her. She was going to force them to make her a whore or a victim. She was sure they would “take it”. That was the point I walked back into the room. I was not in much of a position to interfere with the men using my wife. I was 19 year old about 140 lbs and somewhat drunk. There were 20 to 25 men in the room all bigger, stronger then me. None of the men knew we were married. Most of the people at the party were boyfriends of the hostess (hotwife). If we had cried “rape” it would have been our word again all of their. We would have been miles from our car in an area of the city we did not know. Cell phones were not common at that time. We did put our self in a situation with few options.
    Both my wife and I managed to deal with our situation in our own ways. We both discovered a sexually submissive side of our self. I watched my wife being forceful used by a bunch of older more powerful men, and accepted that I was being turned on like never before. My wife learned to total submit to more forceful and powerful men. We have been together for many years now, and find our life style very fulfilling. We did things that night that changed us forever. We made discovers that weekend that most people don’t make in a lifetime. You may call it “rape” or 2nd guess me for not taking action to get her away from the men using her body that night but pain and pleasure often go hand and hand. I would not go back and change the events of that night and risk wiping the many nights of sexual pleasure that followed for both of us.
    Just a few months after my wife’s gangbanged at her first swinging party, we started swinging again. We set some ground rules, not to split up at the parties, and not to swing without the other person. We found another couple near our hometown. The couple was about 10 or 12 years older than us. Their names were Jim and Barber. Sue and I fucked a few time but did not seem to have much attraction to each other. My wife and Jim really hit it off. They fucked nearly every weekend. Sue did not mind and I really enjoyed watching and hearing them go at it. Jim would get very rough and forceful during their fucking sessions. He would hold her hands over her head or behind her black as he fucked her. He would pull her hair and hold her by the hair as he fucked her face. Their sex play got rougher as time went on. Sue and I would watch as her husband forcefully fucked my wife. Sometimes she would jack me off while I watch Jim ram his cock into my wife.

    My wife worked as a waitress at a local bar while I attend college. Jim worked for a utility company. He would stop in during the day, before I had to go to class and we would have a threesome. Sue did not seem to mind the additional action he was getting without her. Soon Jim was fucking my wife about as much as I was. My wife would call Jim if something broken around the house, or if the car needed a repair. He was much more handy with these tasked than I was. She would rewarded him for his work with a blow job or a hand job or I would watch them fuck in our bed.

    After a few weeks it became normal for Jim to fuck my wife 2 or 3 times a week. This changed one night when my wife called Jim for a ride home from work. We only had one car, and would drop my wife off at the bar, then go to class or the library. The bar was slow so the boss said somebody could take off early. My wife volunteered to take off. This was before cell phones were so common, so my wife could not get me. She called Jim. He was glad to pick her up at the bar. My wife had a few drinks while she waited for him. He arrived in a company truck and asks my wife if she minded stopping at his work site to pick up his person truck. She said no problem.

    The utility company warehouse was in a dark out of the way part of town. When they arrived, Jim had to unlock the gate, pull his truck into the lot and relock the gate. After they pull into the back of the parking lot Jim started trying to make out with my wife. She told him that she did not want to have sex with him there, because when we got into swinging we agreed to not swing without each other. She tried to get him to wait until after they got to our home. Jim became more forceful with my wife and the drinks she had starting taking effect. Before she knew it she was out of her little waitress outfit giving Jim a blow job and letting him fuck her pussy.

    After they were done having sex, my wife told Jim she needed to clean up and get dressed so she could make it home before me. She had left a message saying not to pick her up, that a friend would bring her home. She did not say who the friend was or when to expect her. Jim told her that she could use the bathroom inside the warehouse to clean up and get dressed. Since the parking lot was dark and locked, my wife did not get dressed, but carried her clothing in her hands. Jim opened the door and allowed my wife to step inside. As she stepped inside, she was surprised they were not along. There were six of Jim’s co-worker in the warehouse. The men seem to be expecting them. It turned out Jim had called them before coming to the bar to pick up my wife. He told them what a slut she was and how many times he had fucked her. The men had watched Jim fuck her in the parking lot via a security system that covered the parking lot. My wife told Jim that she needed to clean up and get home to her husband. Jim told her that she could do that, but she needed to take care of his friends before she went home. My wife reminded Jim of our agreement not to swing without the other person. He told her it was a little late to be thinking about that, and how she had already crossed that line. Jim agreed to take her home, but he asked her to have a drink with him and his friends. She agreed to party with Jim and his friends. One of the men got a bottle of rum from his truck and made each of them a rum and coke. My wife had drank 3 drinks at the bar waiting for Jim to arrive, so she was ahead of the men in her consumption of alcohol. After they started drinking, one of the men pulled out some pot. They started passing a joint around and made my wife a 2nd strong drink. My wife relaxed as she continued to party with the 7 men. They sat on some mats that were like gym mats. Jim sat behind my wife and started rubbing her back. Another man started feeling and rubbing my wife’s legs each time he passed the joint to her. Before she knew it, she was very high and drunk. Jim slid her head down onto him lap and his cock into her mouth. My wife start sucking on Jim cock and the man that had been feeling her legs worked his way up to her pussy. My wife thinks she passed out or went to sleep with Jim cock in her mouth. The next thing she recalls is awaking to a pain in her ass. One of the other men was pushing his cock up her ass. When she started to move, she found her arms ties to two polls. Another man had taken Jim’s place, by fucking her mouth. The man fucking her ass must have been fucking her for some time, because he shot his load as soon as she became aware of him. The ropes on her arms had enough slack in them to allow the man using her mouth to flip her over so she could fuck her pussy. The man shot his load into her pussy, as my wife drifted off again. When my wife came to again Jim and all of the men were fully dressed. He arms were free and she lay nude on the mats. She had cum in her hair and on her face. Cum leaked from her pussy and ass. Jim helped her to the bathroom, so she could clean up and get dressed. She arrived home about 2:30 AM, her normal time getting home from work.
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    This was a very good story and seems to have the ring of truth behind it. I think it was a very hot tale and it makes me wonder how you and the wife are getting along these days.
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    Default woo

    nice story!! hot or what!
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    тheȠouɀ is my everything. I love you baby

    "Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion." ~Steven Weinberg
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    Default Gang Rape Wife Stories

    My wife has fantasy's about being gang raped by black men lots of them at least a dozen and all are well endowed. When she was a young woman she was very naive and I could have done almost the same thing to her that has been written about in this story and she would have willingly let me! but at the I was so busy thinking doing and having all sorts of fun with her. Also I did not know at the time she had this particular fantasy.

    The point is that this is a believable story and as such is very interesting at least from my point of view .
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    Great story. I wish you would have given us the link to the longer version. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    Great story..
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