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    Default My sister's Best Friend

    Hey everyone. i had a thought on another story i had to run with so i thought i would get it down real fast. as usual leave me your comments and tell me if you like it or not. hope you enjoy it.

    My name is Joe and I want to tell you the story of what happened between me and my sister’s best friend Amy. To start with, I am 18, have an athletic body, drake brown eyes and hair, stand 5’7”, and very well tanned. Amy is 17, has a slider build to her, she’s about 5’5” tall, had red hair and the most gorgeous hazel eyes I have ever seen. She has the firmest set of 36 C breasts, the firmest and an ass that is rounded just right and the curves on her are perfect.

    Now the day started like any other, it was during the summer so I woke up at about 11am. I didn’t have to work the next 2 days at work so I was able to sleep in a little and relax. Now my sister Heather had her best friend Amy coming over later this afternoon and I couldn’t wait for her to get here either. But my reasons for wanting her here was totally different from my sisters. I have had a crush on Amy for the past 2 years, since her and my sister became friends. So I got up and jumped in the shower like, put on a pair of loose fitting shorts and no shirt. By the time I got out of the shower I heard my sister giggling in her room. Now luckily mom and dad were at work so I knew I didn’t have to worry about them. I walked up to my sister’s room and knocked on her door.

    “Yes?” my sister said with her usual, what do you want and why are you bothering me, attitude.

    “Can I open the door?” I hollered through the closed door.

    A few seconds later I heard her stomping to the door and opening it and her looking at me like I had just interrupted something important. Looking around I noticed that Amy was sitting on Heathers bed looking through some books.

    “Oh I didn’t know she was here already. Was wondering what you were giggling about in here.” I said to her.

    “None of your damn business what we are giggling about, go away and leave us alone.” She scoffed at me as she slammed the door in my face.

    Now, I love my sister don’t get me wrong but she is a major bitch. And she’s even worse when she has any of her friends with her. But I just shrugged my shoulders and walked off into the living room to see what was on. I ended up stopping on Family Guy. Something that I didn’t have to pay attention to but something to look at. I was only watching it for about 15 minutes when my sister and Amy came strolling through heading towards the kitchen. Now I couldn’t help but star at her as she walked by cause she was wearing a low cut white tank top and the tightest pair of cotton shorts that only came down to her upper thigh’s. Any shorter and they wouldn’t cover anything. Her ass filled the shorts up and the way her ass shock from side to side as she stepped made my cock start to twitch. I watched her till she disappeared around the corner. A few seconds later I see Amy coming back around the corner and I look up at her.

    “Your sister wants to know if you want something to eat?” she asks me.

    Now the first thought in my mind is “yes I do, you.” But I knew I couldn’t tell her that so I just nodded at her. She looks at me with that cute smile of hers.

    “OK then. We’ll make you something.” She says as she turns around and bounces out of the room.

    Now after that my cock is pretty hard and stuck down one of my short legs. This was the reason I wore these shorts, long and baggy. I almost always wear these when Amy is around cause she always gets me horny just looking at her. At least with these shorts I can be hard and as long as I’m sitting down, no one will notice. A few minutes later my sister and Amy came strolling around the corner with sandwiches and a bag of potato chips. Amy leaned down and handed me my sandwich and I couldn’t help but look down her shirt a little while making it look like I was looking at her face. I took my sandwich and told her thank you as she sat down in the floor a few feet in front of me, facing my sister while my sister sat down besides her facing the TV. As I slowly ate my sandwich, I kept staring my Amy while her and my sister talked about something. I couldn’t tell you what they were talking about cause I really wasn’t paying any attention. Then Amy turned to me and smiled.

    “What do you think Joe? Do you think we should get a lion or our names on our class rings?” she asked me.

    “Uhhhh I don’t know.” I said to her looking quite stupid.

    Amy just shrugged her should and when she did all I saw where her tits bounce. Now to say the least I was already horny and watching them bounce like that, I was surprised I didn’t rip my shorts in half. After everyone was finished Amy and my sister cleaned up and then headed back off to heathers room and I sat back and started flipping through the channels on the TV. I guess I must have fallen asleep cause the next thing I knew I was being shaken. Opening my eyes I noticed it was Amy that was trying to wake me.

    “It’s about time you woke up.” She said with a laugh. “Been trying to wake you for like 5 minutes now.”

    Looking up at her I said, “I must have dozed off. Sorry about that. What’s up?”

    She just shrugged her shoulders and again, all I could see where her tits bounce when she did that and my cock immediately went to attention.

    “Nothing, your sister fell asleep to and I was bored so I was going to come out here and talk to you.” She said as she sat down next to me.

    Amy crossed her legs and leaned forward and places her hands over her knees, I couldn’t help but try and take a peak down her shirt. As usual, my cock started to twitch. We sat there and talked for a while, the whole time not able to take my eyes off her and my cock was rock hard again. I put one foot over the other, trying to hide my boner. I learned that she is a cheerleader and is a straight A student and about half way through the conversation, I lost track and stopped paying attention to the words she was saying. I think we were talking for about an hour when my sister came walking in the living room.

    “Oh there you are Amy. Sorry about that I must have dozed off. What are you doing in here?” She asked Amy.

    “Well you fell asleep and I was bored so I came out here and talked to Joe.” She said shrugging her shoulders.

    Seeing her breasts bounce makes me want to lean over and pull them out of her shirt and suck on them so bad, but don’t think she would care for that too much and I don’t want my sister watching either. About that time our parents walked in the door from work and had a bunch of food for us. They must have had a long day at work cause that’s what they usually do because there too tired to cook or something. The rest of the night went pretty much uneventful. We sat around the living room watching a movie while we ate.

    I sat on the couch while Amy sat in front of me on the floor and my sister beside her; dad was in his recliner and mom on the other end of the couch. Amy kept looking aver at me talking to me from time to time but that was about the extent of our night. I had a hard on all damn night from watching Amy and her sexy body, so when it was time, I went straight to my room for the night. I guess I had fallen asleep because I felt someone shaking me awake again. I opened my eyes and it was Amy.

    “What are you doing in here?” I asked her.

    She looked at me and kind of blushed before saying, : I couldn’t help but notice you looking at me today, and when I was sitting in front of you on the floor I saw something I liked.”
    I looked at her quizzically and asked her, “What did you see?”

    She looked at me and grinned. “I saw your hard cock pointing at me. Did I cause that?” she asked me as she reached under the covers and started to massage my hard cock through my boxers.

    I pushed my cock into her hand hard and nodded, “yes, I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but look at you. You are so pretty.” I told her.

    She giggles the slide her hand down my thigh then back up under my boxer leg and grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. “Well since I caused this, how about I help you take care of it? It’s the least I can do.” She said as she pulled the covers off of me.

    I sat up and was going to try and stop her but she just put her soft hand on my chest and used the other one to pull my boxers down past my cock. Grabbing it by the base she holds it till its pointing straight up then leans down and runs her tongue around the head. Felling her tongue I laid back down, felling her lips surround my head and her tongue swirl around the head before she slowly slid her lips down every inch of my shaft. She reaches the base then starts to slide back up till she gets to the head then starts to bob her head up and down on my cock faster and faster, the slurping noise the only sound you can hear in my room. I start to involuntary grind my hips as she works her mouth up and down my cock, her tongue running over the veins. She pulls my cock out of her mouth and looks at me as she flicks her tongue at the head then pressed it down my hole, licking up the pre cum out from around it and in it.

    “MMMMMM… you taste good Joe. You want to see how I taste?” she asks me as I noticed that she is rubbing her pussy through her thin cotton shorts.

    All I could do was nod my head at her. She stands up and pulls her shorts off and that’s when I realized, she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy was completely bald and her clit was swollen, begging for attention.

    “The first time I saw your cock I have been horny ever since.” She said as she rubbed her clit.

    She pulls her shirt off to reveal her wonderful breasts to me as she plays with her nipples, pinching and pulling on the before crawling back on the bed. She turns till her ass is facing me then straddles my face, lowering herself till her pussy is right in my face. I reach around and grab her ass as I start to lick her clit. I heard a slight moan escape her lips when my tongue touched her clit then felt her lips start to slide up and down my cock again. I shoved my tongue deep into her pussy and wiggled it back and forth, her juices running all over my tongue. She had the sweetest tasting pussy I had ever tasted. She started to push her pussy against my face and began to grind as I tongue fucked her. It didn’t take her long before she had her first orgasm. I felt her body tense up and her pussy grip my tongue tighter and heard her panting as she shook through her orgasm as she tried to be quiet. He juices were running all down my face and her hand gripping my cock harder. Once her was done her body relaxed but was still shaking, I continued to lap up all of juices off her. She got off me and turned around and started to kiss me, her tongue pressing past my lips.

    “Oh my god that was good Joe, and I taste so good too. Mmmmm I want you to fuck me with your big cock.” She said to me.

    She rolled off me and laid on her side with her back to me, she reached around and grabbed my hip and pulled me over to my side then grabbed my cock and started to stroke it a few times before lifting her top leg and guiding me to her waiting pussy. I slowly pushed it past her lips and slide it in inch my inch till I was completely buried deep inside her, her gasping as I pushed it into her.

    “Fuck me Joe, oh god please fuck me.” She gasped.

    I started to slide my cock in and out of her steadily, and she gasped with each thrust I gave her. I started off slowly and started going faster and faster, feeling her pussy get wetter and wetter each time my cock slid in and out of her. I can feel her juices all over my cock and her walls gripping tighter then releasing, tighter then releasing it with each pounding I give her. With each time I drive my cock deep into her waiting pussy I hear her gasp, and then she turned her face into the pillow and hears a soft moan escaping her lips as I continued to fuck her lovely, wet, tight pussy. She looked back at me and put her hands on my hip.

    “Stop for a second Joe.” She whispered.

    I looked at her as she sat up, my cock slipping out of her. She looked at me and grinned as she pushed me to the side, faced the head board and got on all fours. Looking at me she grinned at me and nudged her head towards her back, telling me to get back there. I grinned at her and crawled up behind her, biting her perfectly shaped ass as I did. She moaned softly as I did then looked back at me.

    “MMMMMMM, stick that big cock in me. Fuck me proper.” She said in the sexiest tone I have ever heard from her.

    Well who was I to tell her no with that, so I ran my cock head up and down her slit before pushing the head in, gripping her waist and as I shove my cock in, I pull her back, my cock slamming deep inside her, out bodies slapping together, and her moaning a little louder than I expected. I held my cock deep in her pussy and waited to hear if anyone in the h house heard it. Hearing no noise from the house or nothing I started to slide my cock in and out of her, nice and steady. She put her face in the pillow and started moaning each time I pushed my cock deep inside her, he juices flowing down my hard shaft and to my balls.

    “Oh my god Joe that cock feels so good... it feels me up perfectly.” She said through moans and gasps as I drive my cock in and out of her.

    I reach around and grab a hold of her nice firm titties and start to play and fondle them as I bring my mouth to her ear.

    “I have wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you.” I whispered to her.

    “MMMM, is it everything you expected?” she asked me.

    “Oh my god so much better. Your pussy is soo tight.” I told her.

    I started to fuck her harder and deeper, hitting her spot each time my cock drove in. she put her face back in the pillow again and started screaming into it each time I slammed my cock into her, my balls hitting her clit.

    “I’m going to cum!!!!’ she screamed through the pillow.

    “Oh god yes, that’s it baby, cum for me. I want you to cum all over my cock.” I told her.

    As soon as the last words left my lips I felt her pussy grip my cock, her body start to quake, and a flood of her juices surrounding my cock. She was cumming so much and so hard that it pushed my cock out of her and her juices came squirting out and all over me. Amy was screaming and moaning with each squirt. I leaned down and put my face to her pussy as she was still cumming and started to lick her pussy from top to bottom, lapping up as much of her juices that came squirting out of her. When she was done she was panting and shaking, looking like she couldn’t hold herself up as she kept moaning.

    “Oh my god Joe I have never cum that hard before.” She told me as she looked back at me.

    I looked up at her and smiled as her juices were dripping from my face.

    “Oh my god is that from me?” she said in surprise.

    I nodded my head and told her “yes and that was the sexiest thing I ever saw.”

    She looked at me and grinned at me as she sat on one side then threw one leg over my head; nice and slowly so I can get a good view of her shaved pussy. My cock twitched at the sight and when her leg was over my head, I grabbed it and put it on my shoulder and started to position my cock at her opening. She put her hand on my stomach to stop me then took my cock in her hand and gave it a few strokes before guiding it to her pussy, reaching around and pulling me closer to her, causing my cock to slip in. she moaned slightly and bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes as I slid inside her. I started to slowly slide in and out of her cum soaked pussy.

    “MMMM that’s it Joe, fuck me. Fuck that tight wet pussy.” She said.

    I was more than happy to do it so I started to slide in and out of her faster and faster. She picked up the pillow and put it to her mouth and bit down on it as I was fucking her, her moans being muffled by the pillow. She starts to push against me every time I slam my cock in her and pulls back every time I slide out. I lean farther into her and stretch my legs out and start to fuck her harder, and she is screaming each time I shoe my cock home, hitting the right spot each and every time. It didn’t take long before I felt her quack again and she started screaming in the pillow as another flow of her juices pushes my cock out and squirts all over me several times. As she is still squirming and having aftershocks from her orgasm and shove my cock back in her and began pounding her pussy hard and deep. She slides her leg off my shoulder and wraps both of them around my waist, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me against her warm body.

    “Oh god oh god oh god don’t stop oh god please don’t stop... im going to cum again fuck me fuck me!!!!” she says in my ear.

    At this point I didn’t care of the whole neighborhood heard her, I was enjoying fucking her. A few seconds later I felt her grip my cock tighter than ever as she buried her head into my neck and moans out another orgasm, he body shaking like crazy as she did. Feeling her juices squirt from between her lips and my shaft, driving me over the edge.

    “Oh shit I’m going to cum!!” I told her.

    She pushed me off her and onto my knees and back till I had to hold myself up with my hands. She was panting and still squirting as she started to rub her clit rapidly and wrapped her lips around my cock and starts to bob her head up and down my cock. It didn’t take long of her working my cock before I felt my balls tighten up and my cock throbbed then I started to shoot load after load of my hot cum down her throat, filling her mouth up so much it started to drop past her lips and down my shaft. She swallowed as much as she down then let me shoot the rest of it all over her face while she stroked it, breathing heavily as she did. Squeezing the last drop out of my cock and licking it up, she sits back and smiles and giggles at me.

    “That, was the best fuck, I have ever had. You are fucking amazing.” She said to me.

    All I could do was lick my lips and smile at her, staring at her naked body. She looks down at the bed and sees that the bed is soaked. Her eyes got wide and I chuckled.

    “Don’t worry about it; it was worth every bit of it.” I told her.

    She giggles and said “ok, I’m going to go clean up and then sneak back into heathers room. Thanks Joe for that, I was wanting that all day long.”

    She kissed me and then got dressed and ran out of the room. I fell asleep dreaming of her that night and jerked off a few times during the night.
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    Earth girls are so EASY!
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    Very good story....you really should proof read your material. You have many word errors and even some missing words that should have been in.
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    Great Story!!
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    hey thanks the feedback. before posting it on the sex stories section i will have all the errors fixed.. glad you like it so far.. keep the tips coming and the compliments
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    good story
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    I like it when the lady does the seducing.
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    I find if I put my story away for a day, then read it out loud, it helps me catch my errors. I know you said you would correct things before you post on the Story Site, but give the readers here the courtesy of a version that is just as clean.

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    yes i agree and i apologize about that..
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    Great story, I love for girls to cum on me.
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