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    Default Fantasy Stories About My Wife and Black Men

    I am an old white guy that has had the best of the best I originally got on another site to write about her fantasy's as I thought they were so good and did not want them to be lost. I have no problem with seeing a big black cock in a white woman. My wife has had fantasy's about black men. This is to me one of the most sensual and erotic things to see one of these woman young or old used and hard fucked by an enormous black cock! The look of wonder uncertainty, pain, pleasure and the bliss of sexual satisfaction on their faces along with cum all over them is priceless and to see a woman any woman really enjoy themselves sexually is one of the most wonderful things a man can give to his woman and if my wife even as old as she is told me today this is what she wanted.

    To turn her fantasy into reality I would be looking for the biggest blackest meanest and the most brutal and sadistic black man to see that her darkest fantasy is fulfilled and taken to the depths of sexual degradation!

    I once had my wife in my friend Steve's basement naked bound and blindfolded something I did to her a lot. I had undone her hands and told her to place them up high on the wall and not to move, arch her ass out and to stay that way no matter what happens. Telling her there are a dozen big black men up stairs and they are just waiting to come down and fuck you! She would usually say I am so scared quite sarcastically.

    I then quietly went up the stairs up the stairs and said as loudly as I could the little white bitch is down there waiting for you guys! I then hollered out in my best black impression I'm going to fuck the white bitches brains out as I slammed the door at the top and stomped down the stairs! The point is she was untied trembling with uncertainty, But she stayed right there with her ass out and her hands on the wall and didn't move and wasn't sure it was me for a while as I fucked her hard. Great fun and great sex. I scared the crap out of her a lot with this threat, but then again this is what she wanted and would let me take her out and do it again a week or so later. Obviously this is not! for every one!

    Why is it with some women about black men?, is it the thrill of forbidden fruit or the fact that they have a reputation for brutal and prolonged sex. Or is it size (My Wife also Has Fantasy's About large cocks) I think that many black men have a hard time living up to the image that many have of them as they are just men, but the ones that are really hung and can perform can easily bring tears to the eyes of most women white or black.

    Please go to pictures and videos on this site and click on "Real Wives Love Black Cock" and look at the faces of some of these women. also go to my profile and view pictures of her when she was 17 and later in Steve's basement when she was in her early 50s


    What I am looking for a well hung black man that would be interested in helping me with erotic kinky sex stories about my wife and him. It would be fantasy but would run the from romance to hard brutal and sadistic sex. Such as taking her to an all black bar totally naked and wearing only heels so that she could be led around on a leash humiliated and used by anyone. Or to be brutally gang banged by many black men. I would bring her to this black man and his friends to the worst part of the city naked bound and blindfolded and leave her with him for a week or more as she would be his to do with whatever?.


    She does have fantasy's about black men but has never acted on them. What kind of ideas do you have? We are an old couple now and do not do all the wild and crazy things we use to but sex is still good. I get really hard just thinking about her in one of these naked and helpless situations.

    Please read my story "Gambling My Wife and Black Business Partner" part 1 and part 2 have been posted on this site under dark fantasy.

    Thanks to all for your consideration in advance for all that care to comment. Dave

    P.S. If you are not interested and have a friend that might let me know?
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    Here is your link to your stories. http://stories.xnxx.com/profile349580/

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    Default Sex Stories about my Wife and Well hung Black Men

    I am still looking for someone that would like to help me write stories about my wife and well hung black men. The time line would be when she was in her 20s and looked her best. She was also very naive and innocently horny. I would prefer a black guy as these stories would be more believable and more enjoyable coming from his experiences and prospective. The stories would go from innocent romance to hard brutal and sadistic sex. As both her and I have fantasy's about her being used and abused by black men, lots of them with large cocks! Let your imagination go wild. Humiliation BDSM. Bisexual and lesbian sex gang bangs oral servicing of black men spanking fucking machines piercing tattoos pumping electro play and of course animals. Mostly dogs donkeys and mythical beasts that are half man and half animal. So please if anyone is interested send me a message. I do not want you to write a whole story I am only looking for ideas story lines and a little help with sentence structure and grammar .

    Thanks to all that respond and care to comment in advance. There are pictures of her posted on my bio when she was 17 and in her 20s and Later when she was in her50s in Steve's basement. Dave
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    Default Black Men and White Submissive Women Stories

    I am still looking for black men that would be interested in giving me ideas as to what sort of kinky things they would do to my wife if they had the chance so that I can write about them!
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