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Thread: Girls Pooping

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    Default Girls Pooping

    any pics??
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    thats disgusting wtf is your problem if you want to see poop just go take a shit and then look at it your self
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    umm... didnt you post this topic twice?

    its bad enough that we have to have it up here once, but TWICE?

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    odd thing ur in to...
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    are you sure you really want this kind of picture?
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    i have a prego-fucking fettish and many would call that insane and disgusting. So why should this guy be categorized the same way cause watching girls take a shit turns him/her on?

    try this thread. it has some fairly "shitty" talk. lol Just be warned, there are many there who have voiced their displeasure in the topic.
    Just the fact you have to ask me to ask me which makes me think i should say "NO"
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