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    Default Loving Mom and Sis

    Loving Mom and Sis
    Author: Eros

    (c) Copyright 1997 Eros. ALL Rights Reserved

    This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without
    the written permission of the author. This story may be freely
    distributed with this notice attached.

    (by EROS!)

    Here I am, 16 years of age, a year before I am on my own with no I
    idea of what I am going to do. Mom says college, but, there is no
    way that would be possible financially. She says that she has raised
    me and my younger sister alone and that she would finish the job. My
    sister Sonia, 14, is herself reaching her point of maturity. As her
    brother I never did think she was all that hot, but lately looking
    more closely I am seeing things that I never realized about her

    I had seen her one evening after she had showered and maybe she
    did not realize it but the door to the bathroom was slightly ajar. I
    could see her in the mirror while walking down the hall. She was
    toweling her self off and I could see her firm, budding breasts as
    she wiped them. She moved the towel lower drying herself as she went
    until she came to her pubic mound. There she seemed to dry a little
    bit longer. She seemed to have a glassy look in her eyes as she
    rubbed herself. She looked up and saw me watching her in the mirror.
    Quickly she tried to cover herself and closed the door. I walked away
    with a picture of her gorgeous young body in my mind and my cock
    stirring inmy pants.

    My mother had divorced my father when I was 3 and I do not
    remember anything about him. She never heard from him since. She
    has tried to have different boyfriends but my sister and I always
    seemed to get in the way. She just seemed to resign herself to
    raising us by herself. My mother is, in my eyes at least, a very
    beautiful woman. She has a figure that would make most other 34 year
    old woman green with envy. I could never understand why she was
    never able to stay with one person very long. I had never seen her
    naked like I have my sister, but I have always dreamed of such a

    One night my mother had to work late leaving me to keep an eye on
    Sis. We both were in the family room watching television. Sonia
    setting on the floor and myself lying on the couch. I had ordered a
    pizza so as not to have to worry about trying to make anything for
    dinner. While we waited for the pizza to be delivered Sonia decided
    to go take a shower. When she had finished she came into the room
    dressed in a thin bath robe. I had already started on my pizza,
    which had already been delivered, and Sonia came over to get a piece.
    She bent down in front of me not realizing the front of the bath robe
    had fallen partially open. I could see her cute, pointy young tits as
    her robe fell away from her body.

    "Don't get any on the carpet or Mom'll kill us", I said. She
    looked up at me, noting where my eyes were glued, and realized that I
    had different things on my mind besides pizza. She got up quickly
    taking her dinner and turned away heading for the love seat. Was
    there a slight smile on the edges of her mouth?

    Mom came home around 11 p.m. and looked as though she would
    collapse on the spot. I got up a took from her the different
    packages that she was caring.

    "Go sit on the couch, Mom. I'll put these away," I told her, "You
    look like death warmed up".

    She sat down heavily on the sofa removing her shoes. She started
    to rub her feet but I sat on the floor in front od her and took over.

    "Here let me do that", I said while gently taking hold of her

    With light pressure I began working on her toes and moving to the
    arch. I looked up and noticed she had laid her head back and closed
    her eyes. Sonia said that she was going to bed and would see us in
    the morning. I continued working on Mom's feet and started moving up
    her calves using light but constant pressure. I thought I heard a
    moan coming from her and could almost feel her begin to relax.

    "Mmmmmmm! That's nice! You're such a good boy Jason. You always
    did know what I needed the most and when".

    I moved to the other foot and my eyes roved over Mom's thighs
    noticing how her skirt had begun to move up exposing her
    panty-covered crotch. I also noticed that Mom did not wear those
    garters or weird under garments for holding things in. All she wore
    were thin, almost see through panties. I could see the outline of
    her cunt-hairs through the filmy material. A growing sensation began
    down in my crotch which made my cock start to swell. My excitement
    and Mom's nearness made me bolder and I resolved to see how far she
    would let me go.

    Hoping she wouldn't notice, I started to work my hands further up
    to her smooth, firm calves. I rubbed her right calf feeling the
    tension run out of them. Ever so slowly, I moved onward up to her
    knee and rubbed all the tension out of them too. I could see that
    Mom had parted her legs just a little , maybe unknowingly, to allow
    me more freedom with her legs. I slowly started to rub her thighs
    and to my delight, I could see her pussy more easily once I did this.

    Both my hands moved between her legs brushing both inner thighs. I
    looked up and saw Mom's lips part just slightly as this happened. Her
    eyes were still closed. I could feel her start to squirm as I moved
    closer to her pussy. I began to rub the outside of her panties but
    surprisingly, Mom didn't open her eyes. I was sure she knew what I
    was doing by now, but she still acted as what I was doing was
    perfectly natural. I decided to go even further.

    I felt the lips of her pussy as I rubbed the full area of her
    cunt. I could hear her breathing start to quicken as my rubbing
    started to increase speed. I slipped a finger underneath the outer
    edge of her panties and slowly inserted it into her moist cunt.
    Probing in and out of her pussy I started to slip another finger in
    and that's when Mom suddenly opened her eyes wide and tried to close
    her legs.

    I backed off as Mom pulled down her skirt trying to hide her
    blushing face. Neither of us said a word for a while, almost as if we
    were catching our breaths. We were both breathing quite heavily,
    that's for sure. As the silence got unbearable I apologized and got
    up and headed for my room to go to bed. I kind of felt ashamed of
    what had just happened and decided that this was something that
    should never have happened. Tomorrow was Sunday so I wanted to get up
    early and get some things finished around the house. Mom gave me her
    usual motherly kiss and I retired to my bedroom.

    On the way down the hall I noticed that Sonia's light was still on
    so I lightly tapped on her door. There was no answer so I opened it
    in order to turn off the light. What I saw stopped me in my tracks.
    No wonder Sis couldn't hear me. Lying on her bed, she had her knees
    folded up and was trying to push a big white vibrator into her cunt.
    I watched with fascination as she pushed and pulled that thing in and
    out of the folds of her pussy. She removed it and started rubbing it
    back and forth along the lips of her almost hairless cuntslit.

    With her other hand, she was squeezing her left tit while slowly
    rocking her head from one side to the other. I could tell by her
    quickening movements that she was about to come. I felt my cock begin
    to throb and swell between my thighs and after what just happened
    with Mom, it was fully hard in no time.

    As I watched my little sister fucking herself with the vibrator, I
    began to wish it was my rigid cock between her legs instead of the
    mechanical toy. Her hand quickly moved down to her ass and she
    shoved a finger into her brown opening at the same time re-inserting
    the dildo slightly into her. Her back arched and the whole bed began
    to shudder. A low grown came from her throat as she began to climax.
    Faster and faster she pumped her slick pussy. I couldn't stand much
    more. I quietly closed the door and retreated to my room. I
    immediately began to rub my cock for some sort of relief. I began to
    imagine I was the one pounding Sis's hot young cunt. After I came I
    cleaned up and retired for the night. As I drifted off I thought I
    heard moans of pleasure coming from Mom's room next to mine.

    The following morning I was up bright and early. I moved around
    as quiet as I could knowing this was the only day that Mom did not
    have to work. I went outside to do some work in the garage. I
    climbed up on top of the work bench in order to get to one off the
    top shelves in order to get some tools down for some yard work.
    Fumbling around I almost fell but suddenly I felt a pair of hands
    grab me around my waist. I looked down and saw Mom standing there
    with a smile on her lips.

    "I would not want you fall and possibly hurt the only person who
    could work on my feet like you can."

    I turned around and suddenly realized that the zipper of my jeans
    was directly in front of my Mom's face. A sudden vision of my cock
    filling her mouth brought redness to my face. She looked up with a
    puzzled look and started to move her hands away. I started climbing
    down and as I moved forward her hand rubbed against my now hard
    bulge. Hoping she didn't notice I climbed down and continued outside.
    Mom followed me out.

    "Why don't we have a barbecue later on tonight?", she suggested.

    I said that would be a good idea and would get the grill ready.

    "Come into the house as soon as you can, honey. There's something
    I need you to take care of when you're finished out here," she said.

    "Sure, great idea, Mom," I replied.

    Mom stood there a little while longer watching me while I went to
    work. After a bit she turned and went into the house.

    Later, when I finished what I was doing, I went inside to get
    something to drink. In the kitchen Sonia was sitting at the table
    spicing up some chicken intended for the barbecue. "Have a good look
    last night?" she asked as I opened the door of the refrigerator. I
    turned a a little red at that remark, but managed to recover my
    composure almost straight away. Jesus! She must have known that I was
    standing in her doorway last night.

    "What on earth are you raving about, Sis" I replied as I poured
    myself glass of juice.

    "Oh, nothing!", she said, "... nothing at all."

    I could swear Sonia had a little smile on her pretty young face as
    I left the kitchen.

    I passed Mom on the way out to the garage and told her that I
    would start the barbecue as soon as I put everything away that I'd
    been using.

    "Mmmmm... I think I should help you just so you don't fall again."
    she said following me into the garage.

    I climbed up on top of the workbench taking the tools from her and
    started to arrange them on the shelves that they had come from. Again
    I felt Mom's hands around my waist. This time my back was to her so
    there would be no repetition of what happened this morning. I became
    aware of her hands intentionally advancing round to the front of my
    jeans. They stopped at my belt and she immediately undid my buckle.

    I just froze there to embarrassed to think straight. It was
    getting hard to do since I instantly became aware that my prick had
    started to ache. Mom un-snapped my jeans and purposely unzipped my
    fly. I just stood there wondering how far Mom would go, hoping she
    was going to do what I secretly dreamed she would do one day.

    Mom pulled down my jeans far enough to expose my briefs. I felt
    her hands progress down underneath my underwear halting at my
    semi-hard prick. Her long fingers wrapped themselves around my cock
    and began to stroke it gently. She pulled down my briefs and laid
    her head just above my buttocks. I could feel her hot breath against
    my back quicken as she started to rub my prick with more freedom. I
    spun around with my raging cockmeat directed in an instant at her
    sensuously parted lips. `Christ! This couldn't be happening!", I
    thought as I just stood there letting Mom fondle my rigid prick.

    My brain reeled with forbidden excitement and instinctively my
    hands reached down to the back of my mother's head and started
    guiding her lips towards my now fully-erect cock.

    "Uhhhh, Jason, we really shouldn't be doing thi... mmmmphh.." Mom
    moaned. My bloated cockhead cut off her closing words as it passed
    between her lips.

    As soon as my cock entered her mouth, Mom dropped all pretense at
    reluctance and reached out for my naked ass as I I forced my prick
    farther into her mouth. I could feel my knees begin to tremble as I
    recognized that a fantasy has just come true. I had my cock in my own
    mother's mouth. With that assurance I thrust a little harder driving
    my rigid prick farther into her mouth. I could feel her teeth as they
    scored along the shaft. Her lips strained wider and wider the deeper
    my cock penetrated.

    I took a a firm hold of Mom's head with both hands and started
    pumping my prick in and out of her hot mouth, slowly at first so as
    not to choke her. My balls were swaying wildly in mid-air as my prick
    disappeared and reappeared. Mom began to squeeze my ass and moan
    loudly as she sucked which only got me hotter. I felt Mom's tongue
    flicking tantalizingly along my shaft as it penetrated her lovely
    mouth deeper. She was swallowing me to the fucking balls!

    Mom began to breathe through her nose when my cock entered her
    throat. She looked up at me with a pleading look in her eyes, and as
    my eyes met hers I lunged, burying her face into my crotch. My balls
    slapped Mom's chin as I felt her nose press into the thatch of pubic
    hairs above my cock. It was incredibly exciting to hear and feel my
    mother's hot breath snorting in my hairy crotch, not to mention the
    feel of her tight, hot mouth and throat around my prick.

    At that point I felt as though I had lost all discipline of my
    control. I withdrew a little, and regarded a sense of relaxation in
    my mother's eyes but saw them go wide when I slammed back down her
    throat. In and out, I jabbed my ragging rod, fucking my mother's
    face like I wanted to fuck her cunt.

    "Jesus! Suck the cum right out of my balls, Mom" I whispered. In
    response, I heard her choke a little as I drove my prick deeper.

    It still seemed like a dream! Despite all the fantasies I'd had
    about my mother, I never believed for a moment that any of them would
    actually come true! Yet, here I was in my own garage, pounding my
    cock down my Mom's throat, fucking her gorgeous face... and she was
    loving it!

    I felt Mom's hands cautiously caress my balls. I could't resist
    pumping my cock into her mouth real hard after that. I could sense
    my balls commence to boil, wanting to spray out all that was stored
    in them. I felt my cock start to lurch and I could tell my mother
    noticed it too. She tried desperately to draw back but that was not
    to be. I buried my shaft deep into her throat when my pole began to
    drain. I looked down and met her eyes. Eyes with that distressed
    look knowing what was about to befall.

    I felt her gag at the initial extensive river of white fiery cum
    as it poured into her throat. Another pump of my cock and she closed
    her eyes and began to whimper. "Finish it", was all I said in
    response. Why I said that I don't understand. My cock was buried so
    deep inside of her throat that my cum was nearly to her stomach.
    Throb after throb, my prick emptied it's heaviness. I did not
    envision it would endure this long. Her mouth began to fill with my
    cum. I could see a little cum overflow out the corner of her mouth.
    I began to draw back my cock so she would be able to swallow more
    easily. After the closing cataclysm of cum I felt my prick go limp
    and withdrew my cock releasing her head at the same time. She
    reached up with the back of her arm to clean the cum from her chin
    and turned and ran into the house.

    I quickly got dressed and followed her into the house. As I
    entered the kitchen Sis asked me what was wrong with Mom. I said that
    I guess she must have eaten something that doesn't quite agree with

    "What kind of plans do you have tonight?" I asked.

    "Tommy said that he has to watch his baby sister so he can't go
    out later so I guess that I will be staying home again." she replied.
    "The chicken is ready whenever you are big brother" she said as she
    got up and went to her room.

    I finished cooking up the chicken and went into the house finding
    Mom preparing the rest of the meal in the kitchen.

    "I don't think that the earlier episode need be brought up again,"
    she said, "I think that things started when they shouldn't have. I
    really do not blame you. You're a growing boy with maturing needs
    that I seem to have brought out."

    "Okay, Mom. We won't mention it again," I said, trying to make her
    feel more at ease with what had happened.

    After dinner Sis and I resigned to the family room to relax and
    watch TV while Mom finished the dishes. Sonia said that she had
    something to do and went into her bedroom. That left me alone to
    consider what my evening was going to turn out to be. I got up and
    went into the kitchen noticing that my mother had changed into a long
    bath robe.

    "Is there anything I can do to help? I could dry the dishes if
    you want", I suggested.

    "If you would please, honey" was her reply.

    I looked around and found the towel hanging on the wall to the
    left above the sink. I reached over Mom to get to it rubbing along
    her buttocks. It was something that I didn't mean to do but I could
    tell a delicate intake of air from her as I did it.

    What happened after that I don't know why I did it. I just
    abandoned the towel and reached around with both hands cupping my
    Mom's breasts through her robe. I began to work them kissing the
    back of her neck. I could feel her tense up as I continued to tweak
    at her nipples. My hands pulled apart her robe and her bare breasts
    jumped out as if they were finally free. I grabbed her tits again
    feeling their softness and magnitude. I began to tweak her nipples
    as I continued kissing her neck.

    One hand started to proceed lower across her belly feeling her
    muscles tense to my casual stroke. My cock began to pulsate into
    it's entire span as my hand continued down to Mom's unshaven mound.
    My fingers began to stroke the folds of her cunt feeling the growing
    dampness encircling them. She dropped her head back against my
    shoulder as she began to gyrate her ass into my rock hard prick. I
    slipped one finger into her cunthole and felt her stiffen. In and out
    I slid my finger, prepping her cunt for a good fucking. I inserted a
    second finger and began to work her juices around. I could feel her
    cunt muscles draw together with each probe. With my other hand I
    reached down, unbuckled and unzipped my jeans letting them slide to
    the floor.

    The head of my cock popped out above my briefs as if it were
    trying to liberate itself. I pulled down the front of my briefs
    letting the monstrosity shoot out touching her buttocks. I then
    reached down and lifted the back of her robe up across her shoulders
    exposing her smooth white ass. I reached about and pulled her
    slightly away from the kitchen sink and pushed her over it, so her
    sopping cunt was open to my lustful gaze. Mom parted her legs so my
    admittance would be easier and grabbed the edge of the sink. My cock
    stood poised at the entrance of her hairy cunthole, as I prepared her
    for an immediate hot meat injection. Holding her by the hips, I
    lunged forwards.

    I could hear Mom suck in her breath as my cock penetrated her
    deeply. She was much tighter than I had anticipated. I then realized
    that she had both me and Sonia by cesarean section. Her cunt had
    never been stretched. It was still in the same contour as though she
    had just forfeited her virginity. I was astounded at her tightness.
    I pushed harder, deliberately burying my enormous tool. I pulled
    back ever so slightly and rammed unmercifully, impaling Mom's sopping
    cunt fully on my rock-hard prick.

    I began to fuck her eagerly, feeling my cock slam into her cunt to
    the balls with every thrust. In and out I rammed. I could hear
    silent whimpers as Mom began to climb towards orgasm. I quickened my
    pace as she grew nearer and nearer. A subdued moan came from her
    throat as she came. I could feel my cock twitch and jerk insdie her
    as it started spewing it's hot, creamy load.

    I rammed relentlessly deeper as my ejaculations quickened. Mom
    pushed hard against me. A feeble cry escaped her lips at her final
    spasm. When my prick finally completed pumping we both just stood
    there letting ourselves catch our breaths. I pulled out and quickly

    "Thanks, Mom!", I whispered, and before she could say anything, I
    turned and left.

    I laid in bed when I heard Mom's shower running. Her humming
    signaled one of her happier moments. I rolled over feeling content
    that I had made my mother finally really happy.

    The raucous buzzing of the alarm clock was the first thing that I
    heard the next morning. I reached over and slapped the snooze hoping
    to get that nine more minutes before crawling out. I heard some
    rustling coming from my closet and immediately jumped out of bed and
    crossed the room into my closet. Quietly moving to the back corner I
    shut the door behind me ensuring no light could get through the tiny
    but very significant peep hole I had put in the wall.

    On the other side was my sister's room. I just didn't set the
    alarm just to get up out of bed for nothing. I had situated the hole
    just next to a wall fixture in case that if it were found it would
    look as if someone had screwed up in the initial installation of the
    fixture and never fixed up their mistake. I pulled a plug out of my
    peep hole and pressed my eye against it.

    I could see most of Sonia's room and her dresser mirror allowed me
    to cover the rest. In the reflection, I could see my sister in her
    closet selecting something to wear. Her back was to me and she had
    already removed her nightgown. I could see her firm ripe buttocks as
    she stretched over her head to retrieve a tank top hanging in the
    back of the closet. She turned around and started walking towards
    the mirror. I could see her firm, round breasts, that she obviously
    inherited from Mom. Each nipple was surrounded by a pink circle that
    helped to enhance the length of each of her nipples.

    Most girls her age have tiny pert tits that point straight out and
    almost make you feel they can take an eye out. Not Sonia's. Hers
    were full and round with just the right amount of sag to them making
    them look full and ripe. Her stomach was firm and smooth all the way
    down to her triangle between her legs covering her mound. She stood
    in front of the mirror holding the top in front of her making sure
    that the fit would be right. She laid it on her bed and picked up a
    skirt she had already selected. After inspecting that she laid it on
    the bed next to the top.

    Opening the dresser drawer, she removed a pair of hose and a pair
    of laced panties. She sat down on the edge of her bed and lifted one
    leg up across her other knee bringing her cunt to my full view. I
    had seen this scenario before but never tired of it. She started to
    pull on her stockings and when she reached her knee she lifted her
    leg straight up in the air spreading her cuntlips wide for a better
    inspection. After she had covered one leg she went through the same
    routine with the other. I could feel the bulge between my legs get
    tight against my underwear as I watched. No matter how many times I
    had watched this I never grew tired of it.

    After she had put on her stockings, Sonia picked up her panties
    and stood up, turning around to face the bed. She dropped them on
    the floor and when she bent over to pick them up I could see her cunt
    lips from behind bringing to mind my experience with Mom in front of
    the kitchen sink last night. She put on her panties and continued to
    finish dressing herself. With the show over I retreated to my
    bedroom wishing, as always, that I could get into those cute little
    panties. But being brother and sister, I had never thought of my lust
    for Sonia as any more than a fantasy.... until now! Hell, if I could
    fuck Mom I could sure as hell fuck Sonia, right?

    I walked out to the kitchen to get something to eat and saw Sonia
    come in from the family room. `God', I thought, `She is hot'. Her
    gorgeous young breasts filled her tank top like it was two sizes too
    small. I never thought that I would ever think of Sis like this but
    after these past couple of days I almost began to forget about all
    those seemingly unwritten rules.

    "I seemed to have heard some kind of commotion coming from the
    kitchen last night", she said as she walked over to the sink. "I
    could swear that something was going on out here that might be just a
    little naughty. But knowing you I don't think that could ever
    happen. Besides that kind of thing is disgusting. Kirk tried to
    play around last time I went out with him but I would't let him.
    Boys, huh. That's all you seem to think about. Well I don't think
    that I would ever let any man touch me."

    I sat down in surprise as I listened to my little sister go on
    and on. My God, I think the little squirt is a little bit on the dyke
    side. That can't be. It's was almost embarrassing to think about
    it. And what about last night? Did she really know something or was
    she just making a stab in the dark. My mind was racing madly as all
    these thought entered my brain. I would have to think about this

    Just about that time Mom walked in after getting ready for work.
    Sonia left saying that she had a date over at her girl friends,
    Kelly's house. I wanted to say something to Mom but in a way I
    didn't think it was my place. Mom walked over behind me and said
    good morning but I was too deep in thought to hear her.

    "Hey sleepy head, I said good morning!"

    I turned around quickly emptying my mind of previous thoughts as
    soon as I saw my mother standing there. See never seemed to look
    this good. She walked over to the counter and stopped in front of
    the sink for a Moment before continuing on to the counter.

    "Well, I have to be getting off to work. I wouldn't want to be
    late," she said.

    I asked her if she wanted me to drive her in but she said that she
    could take the bus. I stood up as she walked over to me. She put her
    arms around me like always to give me a hug before leaving but this
    time there something more in it. Instead of the light peck on the
    cheek she gave me a full kiss on the lips. Instinctively, for some
    unknown reason, my left arm encircled her waist as I returned her
    kiss. My right hand ran up her side and stopped over her right
    breast. I gave it a little squeeze and could feel her inhale
    lightly. She released her hold on me, a bit red in the face and
    turned and left. `Damn' I thought, `This could really become a habit
    around here.'

    Almost immediately my thoughts returned to Sonia. What was
    happening with her? Was there anything I should, or for that matter,
    could do about it? That was something I was going to have to think

    A few hours later I got a phone call from Tommy asking if Sonia
    was around. I told him she had gone out but should be back fairly
    soon. He told me not to bother and to let her know that things are
    off. "Cold bitch" were the last words he said before he hung up. Well
    I think that it was time that I took some steps towards finding out
    what was going on with Sonia.

    She got home about one hour later and went straight to her room with
    a package. I figured now was about the right time to put the old
    closet back into operation. I heard her door close as I entered my
    room and silently walked into my closet. Removing the plug I took a
    look and saw Sonia starting to undress. I still could not help but
    admire that beautiful form of hers. She quickly unwraped her packed
    removing a grossly overgrown copy of a man's prick. She proceeded to
    lay down on her bed and began to run that monstrosity over her cunt,
    faster and faster she began to rub it. I was wondering if she was
    going to try to take it all. She began to insert that thing into her
    cunt but stopped just inside. I could see a slight frown of pain on
    her face as she tried to push that rubber cock into her.

    `Damn she's still a virgin!' I thought.

    When I thought about it I realized that she never really did fuck
    herself even with that vibrator that I had seen her use before.
    Suddenly she got up and put the huge thing away in the bottom drawer
    of her dresser. She dressed quickly and left her bedroom. Listening
    I heard her out in the kitchen. I quickly walked into her bedroom
    going right to where she had hidden her new playtoy and took it.
    `Shit!', I thought. `No wonder she couldn't get that thing into her
    little cunt. It looked like it would rip her apart!' After hiding
    it, I walked out into the kitchen, going straight for the

    "Mom said that she was going to be late again tonight," I casually
    mentioned. "She said that she may be later than the other night." I
    asked her if she wanted something to eat but she just shook me off so
    I went on into the family room to watch some television. Sonia walked
    by me and said that she was going to bed.

    After about an hour, I woke with a start and realized that I had
    fallen asleep. I got up, turning off the television, and headed for
    my bedroom. I retrieved that rubber prick from my own hiding place
    inside my room and walked back out into the hallway.

    Walking down the hall, I stopped just outside Sonia's room. I
    slowly opened the door and stepped in. I looked across to the bed
    and noticed Sonia lying on her back with her left breast exposed
    showing the pink circle surrounding her nipple. Her head was turned
    to the left with her lips just lightly parted. Her breathing was
    constant and light as she slept deeply.

    "Now was the time." I thought. "Now is the time for me to act. I
    felt I had to try show my hot, sexy little sister what true man and
    woman fucking was really like.

    I quietly moved across the room moving to the side of the bed
    where Sonia lay. I moved slowly and quietly so as not to wake her.
    Well, nNot yet anyway. I approached her bed unbuckling my pants as I
    grew near. My knees began to shake and my whole body seemed to melt.
    I could not belive that I was here getting ready to do this. I was
    only inches away when I had to take a deep breath to take control of
    my shaking. I started to unzip my jeans but found it difficult to
    hold on to the zipper with the feebleness I seemed to have in my

    Setting the fake cock down on the bedside table, I lowered my
    pants to the floor and noticed the head of my hard cock projecting
    out from the top of my jockey shorts. I pulled down the front of my
    jocks and my prick sprang free, pointing forward like a divining rod
    towards the treasure it seemed to recognize. I couldn't believe I was
    doing this. Here I was my cock directed right at my sleeping sister's
    mouth, a mouth I intended to assault.

    I inched closer to the bed taking hold of my heavy shaft guiding
    it towards Sonia's unsuspecting lips. As I approached the bed I
    could detect her light breathing only making me more determined to go
    through with this. My whole body seemed to liquefy in anticipation
    of what was about to happen. I could sense her heated breath on my
    cock as I grew closer to her. I placed my knees up next to the edge
    of the bed to hopefully brace myself.

    I looked down at my rigid manhood. A shiny bead had formed on the
    tip, and as I touched her lower lip with the head of my cock, the
    droplet stuck to it so when I pulled back a clear string hung from my
    cock-tip to her lip. Wiping the clear slick liquid around the
    plentiful head of my prick I hoped that it would aid in the insertion
    between her pliable lips so she would be as oblivious of what was
    happening as I could conceivably keep her. I touched both her bottom
    and top lips with the head of my cock, stopping to observe that she
    still was not conscious of what was happening to her.

    I cautiously pushed the head of my meat in between her lips
    feeling their moistened warmth. I stopped and looked at her with my
    the head of my cock slightly between her lips. God I hoped that I
    did not come then and there. My knees felt weak with excitement. I
    continued my entrance until the thick head of my meat was halfway in.
    I could feel the texture of her teeth against my cock as I continued
    my entrance.

    Her teeth became a barricade that I thought would stop my advance.
    I was determined to finish what I had initiated so I pushed a little
    harder and her teeth parted allowing my cock to proceed on it's
    journey. I could feel her teeth around the head of my meat as it
    passed through them. The wearing down sensation thrilled me even
    more. My knees began to tremble so violently I had to stop, suddenly
    fearing that the trembling of her bed would awaken her. I took
    another long and silent deep breath before proceeding. I could see
    her lips open wider and wider the deeper I penetrated.

    Then finally the whole head of my cock disappeared from view. I
    wanted to make one final push but decided against it and just to take
    it slowly at first. I started the pressure on my fertile shaft again
    and could feel her teeth sliding down the sides of my cock. I felt
    her tongue warm against it's head as my prick continued to it's
    destination, the sides of her cheeks crowding around my shaft. I
    look down and noticed how white her lips had become as they strained
    to allow more and more of my cock access into her mouth. I stopped
    when half of my meat was in and I noticed that she had begun to
    breath through her nose since my prick had completely swollen her

    The warmth of her exhales blowing across my thick shaft. I just
    stood there looking down and not believing that I had actually slid
    my rod into her mouth without her even knowing it! Ever so slowly I
    began to move my raging prick in and out of her mouth. I continued
    this for what seemed like a lifetime. I could just about feel the
    back side of her throat. But the more that I watched I could not
    stand it any longer. I did not want to spoil this by blowing my load
    right then and there. But all of a sudden, due to my excitement, my
    knees started to shake again. I didn't think that this time I would
    be able to calm myself. I could feel the bed begin to lightly shake
    and noticed that Sonia had begun to stir and I thought I saw her eyes
    begin to open. I felt her tongue begin to move around the sides of
    my rock hard prick. It was now or never. One ultimate thrust and I
    would be closer to my final destination.

    Her eyes suddenly opened wide in surprise as my cock quickly slid
    down her throat. She tried to say something as if unaware that she
    had a pulsing cock buried deep down into her throat. I quickly
    reached down and placed my free hand on the back of her head so as to
    keep her in place if she tried to pull back. She looked up at me in
    realization as I pulled her head forward at the same time ramming my
    cock farther down her throat. I could feel her face as it was
    pressed into my cock hairs.

    I heard her whimper so I began to slightly pull out and as I did
    she relaxed just a little sensing some relief from this attack but I
    slammed my prick deeper into her throat, slapping her chin with my
    enlarged hairy balls. I began to pick up my motion as I felt that I
    was firmly implanted. Faster and faster I pumped my thickening prick
    in and out of her wet throat. She seemed to be still unaware of what
    was going on except that there was this enlarged hunk of meat sliding
    in and out of her mouth and throat. Deeper and deeper I tried to
    drive my rod.

    It was hard to believe but it was true. Here I was violating the
    very rule I had so much trouble understanding before, standing at the
    edge of my own sister's bed forcing her to take my rigid cock deep
    into her throat. `Fuck the rules!' I thought.

    I looked down, pumping wildly at my sister's mouth and came in
    full eye contact with her. I could see the pleading in her eyes for
    compassion as I continued my relentless attack. I felt her bring her
    hands up to my naked thighs in an attempt to either soften the
    pounding or as an effort to push away. I slowly withdrew about half
    the length of my prick and saw her close her eyes in relief, thinking
    I had finished with the violent raping of her mouth. But that was
    not to be.

    I tightened my brace on the back of her head and as I began to
    blast my cock back into her throat I could see her try to shake her
    head no. There was no way she could have been able to say anything
    with my burning meat filling her mouth and throat. I closed my eyes
    and began a rhythmic pumping of her throat. In and out I slammed her
    mouth. 9 minutes I continued the remorseless pounding, listening to
    her moaning against this furious assault. I felt my mass lurch once
    ready to come. I noticed that her eyes showed her full horror as
    they opened wide in full knowledge of what was about to happen.

    I ran my free hand down her stomach feeling her muscles tightening
    as I ran across them. My hand found the moist area between her legs
    and enclosed around her mound. I could feel her body jerking as I
    continued to slam inside her throat. I ran a finger through her cunt
    lips finding the opening I was searching out. She tried to tighten
    her legs closed but I already had entry into her tiny treasure. I
    slipped a second finger into her cunt and began to work her juices
    up. In and out my fingers probed, around the walls of her pussy they
    explored trying to find that barrier that I had vowed to rid her of.

    Removing my finger I found her clit and began to rub it
    vigorously. I could feel her legs lightening up their pressure as
    she seemed to surrender to my forceful fondling. My cock began a
    sudden bucking as my balls began to boil and empty their load. She
    tried to pull back but found it to be futile.

    "Suck" I whispered as I continued to violate her mouth.

    I heard a slight whimper but then could feel a slight pulling at
    my enlarged cock as she began to comply. I tried to hold back but
    now it was beyond my control. The first blast of hot cum boiled out
    of my cock like a thick white stream. Her eyes went wide as she
    tried not to swallow the load I was depositing into her throat. There
    was nothing she could do since my rod was buried so deeply inside her
    throat. Long pulsating shots of sperm filled her throat as I
    continued to pump. I could feel as my cum began to encircle my shaft
    filling her mouth with my load.

    "Swallow!" I yelled and I could feel a slight gag as Sonia almost
    choked, but she managed to do as I asked.

    As she continued to drain my balls of all their supply I twisted
    round and dropped my head between her thighs, attacking her sopping
    cunt with my tongue. Deep into her pussy I drove my tongue. Licking
    the inside of her cunt caused a moan of pleasure to come from her.
    With rapid movements in and out of her cunt with my tongue, I could
    feel her beginning to suck harder on my shaft the longer I continued
    bringing my cock back to full size. In and out my tongue moved. In
    and out my cock rammed. I heard a low moan as she began to come. I
    felt her move her hands to my head as she began to whimper in ecstasy
    during her orgasms.

    I reached over and took hold of the dildo that I had placed on the
    bedside table. I took hold of her thighs and spread them wide in
    order to gain access for my next act. I could feel her continuing to
    suck at my rod running her tongue over it's entire length. Reaching
    down I spread her cheeks exposing her lightly tanned little ass. I
    began to rub her sopping cunt with the rubber rod ensuring it was
    fully lubricated. I placed the head of the prick against her brown
    hole rubbing it back and forth. I heard a slight moan come from her
    throat as I applied a slight pressure at her opening.

    Slowly I began to prod her ass with the rubber shaft. I watched
    as the head slowly disappeared from view. I grabbed the dildo with
    one hand and went back to her cunt with my two fingers. More
    pressure was given to the insertion to further along the rubber dick.
    A sudden thrust and I buried it almost to it's end. I could feel a
    sudden heave of her lungs as the shaft entered and then a muffled
    scream. My cock buried in her throat was the only reason her scream
    was barely heard. I picked up the pace of her butt fucking to such a
    frenzy I was beginning to break out in a sweat. My fingers increased
    their speed in her frothy little cunt.

    I could feel my cock begin to expand to it's full length as Sonia
    continued to work on it. I felt her begin to shudder as my attack on
    her ass proceeded. A loud moan escaped from around my cock as she
    started to buck during her first orgasm. I removed that rubber dildo
    and threw it across the room having no further use for it. I
    intended to let her experience more of the same, but this time from a
    real flesh and blood cock!

    I quickly pulled my now swollen prick from her mouth with a sudden
    pop as she continued to suck on it. I decided it was time to get down
    to serious business. Quickly anticipating what was to come, my prick
    became rock hard. I ordered Sonia to bend her knees up and to open
    them wide. She knew already what was going to happen to her. After
    the last half hour she knew what the final outcome would have to be.
    I moved between her slender young thighs, kneeling above her,
    preparing for my onslaught.

    I placed one of Sonia's long, skinny legs on each of my shoulders
    positioning her for easy entering. I place a pillow under her ass
    raising it so I could get a better view of her cunt. I took hold of
    my rock-hard prick with my right hand as my left hand moved her
    thighs open even farther for a better entry angle. I slid closer to
    her virgin opening bringing the head of my cock right up to her pussy

    "Please Jason, don't, please" she whimpered.

    "No way, baby!" I growled, "I'm gonna show you what it's really
    like to get fucked. Not with a rubber imitation prick, but the real
    thing.... all 9 inches of real thing!"

    Slowly I began my entrance into her cunt, pressing resolutely
    forward as the head of my prick slowly disappeared between her
    virginal young cuntlips. When the head was fully inserted I pulled
    back out and started my journey again. Just a little farther this
    time but not all the way. Slowly I pulled back and re-entered her
    again and again, continuing this for a few more minutes, hoping my
    sexy little sister would begin to relax.

    I fucked her a little deeper each insertion, finally coming up
    against the spongy barrier of her virginity. Lightly, I prodded at
    the membrane, sensing her cunt walls tightening around my prick at
    each contact with her hymen. I slowly began to increase the speed of
    my probing within her cunt. I could hear her breathing become faster
    keeping pace with each of my strokes. I reached up and began to rub
    each of the tits that I had so often longed to touch. I began to
    knead them as if they were bread dough. The nipples came erect as if
    reaching out to be fondled. I took each one between fingers and
    began to lightly pinch and roll them.

    Soft moans came from my sister's pretty little mouth as I
    continued fucking her shallowly. My cock slowly prodding the
    interior of her cunt. I looked up at Sonia and saw her lying there
    with a small smile on her lips and decided it was time. I got up on
    my knees and put a hand on each of her shoulders and started my final
    entry into her tight little cunt.

    My cock slowly slid into her hole until it came to the barrier. I
    was determined to finish the job and applied more pressure to my
    entry. Sonia sucked a bit of air as I began to stretch her hymen to
    it's limits. She tried to slip upwards but my hands on her shoulders
    stopped her progress. I sensed a slight give to her hymen so I
    pulled my ass back watching Sonia open her eyes in realization that
    the time had come.

    Without warning, I shot my hips forward, tearing through her cunt
    at a speed that no thin little wall of tissue would stop. Sonia
    screamed as her hymen tore away allowing my huge blood-filled prick
    to pass through. I felt my balls slap her ass as I buried my cock to
    the hilt inside her bloody cunt. Sonia buried her face in the pillow
    to stifle her further screams.

    Slowly I pulled back then slammed back harder, moving her up the
    mattress. Faster and faster I began to pump away at her helpless
    pussy. I reached out and grabbed each side of her head holding her
    while I lowered my mouth to her right tit. I sucked her tit into my
    mouth and began to run my tongue around her nipple feeling it become
    harder. I continued to suck and with the other hand started rubbing
    her other breast not wanting to miss any area of her. I nibbled
    gingerly at the nipple hearing her begin to moan. I removed my mouth
    from her tit and kissed her hotly on the lips. Her mouth opened wide
    and I felt her hot little tongue seek out mine as Sonia finally
    succumbed completely to her incestuous passions.

    In and out I continued to pump. Shit, another dream has come
    true! I had screwed my own mother over the kitchen sink and now,
    here I was fucking the hell out my horny little fourteen-year-old
    sister!... There is a God after all!

    Faster and faster I continued to screw Sonia's tight, slippery
    teenage pussy, never letting up, fucking her forcefully with deep,
    powerful, shuddering thrusts. I reached down under her ass and
    lifted her hips higher so as to penetrate deeper into her clinging

    Harder I pounded, never letting up a stroke. The bed was
    shuddering violently as I continued pumping her tight, juicy little
    cunt with my 9 inch mother fucker. Several times I pulled out until
    just the head was inside her, then drove back in until my balls
    smacked heavily into her crinkled little asshole. I continued fucking
    my sister like this for what seemed like ages, wanting her to
    remember this fuck for a long, long time. Her moans grew louder and
    louder as I increased our rhythm.

    "Fuck me, Jason!" she screamed "Fuck me with your big, fat, hairy
    cock! Ohhhhhh, yeahhhhhh, fuck me harder you gorgeous prick!"

    To hear my little sister begging me to fuck her like that thrilled
    me even more. She didn't have to beg for it, I was intent on fucking
    her brains out, anyway. But I did as she asked and increased the
    speed and depth of my thrusts until my cock was almost a blur. Sis
    began to squeal like a pig.

    "Oooooooo! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!"

    I could feel my balls begin to boil wanting to discharge their
    scorching load. Sonia screamed as she started to climax. My cock
    jerked once and the hot little bitch reached down and grabbed my ass
    to draw me in farther. Abruptly the whole world began to spin as my
    spurting cock began to dump it's load way up inside my little
    sister's snapping pussy. I rammed my jerking prick in as deep as I
    could get it as my balls pumped out steady and continuous squirts of
    cum. I thought I would never stop filling her cunt with my jizz.
    Finally, my cock stopped it's torrential flood into my sister's
    pussy. I collapsed on Sonia breathing hard.

    "I love you." I said as I tried to catch my breath. Sonia reached
    down and brushed her hands through my hair.

    "I love you too." she replied.

    Suddenly the door to the bedroom opened and Mom was motionless
    there looking at us with a overwhelmed look on her face. She turned
    and ran to her bedroom shutting her door. I could hear her start to

    I quickly got up grabbing my clothes and ran down the hall into my
    bedroom. `My God,' I thought, `How much did she see? What am I to
    tell her? How am I going to tell her? One thing fucking my horny
    frustrated mother... but my own fourteen-year-old sister?! How am I
    going to handle it this time?'

    I sat there on the edge of my bed pondering all these thoughts.
    After a few minutes I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower.
    Going back to my room I noticed that my mother was now quiet. I
    stood outside her door raising my hand to knock but decided against
    it. I didn't think this would be a good time. I went back into my
    room and laid down. I must have laid there few a couple of hours
    trying to figure out what to do. I did not think that anything would
    ever be the same again. I could tell Sis was still up by the
    rustling coming from her room. I went into my closet and looked
    through the peep hole. Well this thing was not really needed any
    longer considering what had happened earlier, but I guess by habit I
    had to use it. I could see Sonia pacing back and forth mumbling to
    herself. I could see she was very upset about what happened. To
    hell with this! I had to do something about this situation.

    I threw on a robe and walked out to my mother's room. I knocked
    on her door but no answer was heard. I knocked again and this time I
    heard a weak reply. I opened her door and saw her lying on her bed.
    I could tell that she had been crying. I walked over and sat down
    next to her. I tried but was unable to come up with something to
    say. She was the one to start.

    "Jason, what happened between me and you today was wrong, but I'm
    a grown woman, not 14, and above all, not your sister. You're her
    older brother, you're supposed to protect her against that sort of

    "But Mom,.....". I started to protest, but she raised her hand to
    stop me.

    "I said, what we did was wrong. Out in the garage things went way
    too far, and in the kitchen that was a mistake too. I shouldn't have
    let these things get out of hand. That was my fault. It's been so
    long since I've had anyone. All the men that I've dated.... sex was
    the only thing they had in mind right from the start. They all think
    that being a divorced mother it would be easy for them to do. That is
    why I quit dating. Besides who wants a ready made family these

    She tried to hold back the tears but anything else she had to say
    was cut off by her sobbing. I moved over and put my arm around her
    trying to console her but I still couldn't come up with anything to

    "I'm sorry Mom. I don't know how this thing happened today. Maybe
    something inside me just snapped and I went crazy. I don't know. I
    know I was wrong. It is hard when someone like me lives with two of
    the most gorgeous women on the face of the earth."

    That last remark seemed to bring a small smile to her face. She
    moved closer to me laying her head on my shoulder and placed her hand
    on my chest. I started to stroke her hair in hopes that now she
    would try to calm down. It began to work. I could feel her body
    starting to relax. She had used up all her energy. She'd had a long
    hard day, and now she was all cried out. I continued to stroke her
    hair. Her head fell back on my arm and I looked into her eyes.

    "I love you, Mom", was all I said.

    "I love you too, baby", she replied, sleepily.

    I bent down and gently kissed her on the lips. I kissed her
    again, more deeply this time, and she responded. She brought her
    hand up around to the back of my neck and I felt her tongue search
    out mine. I slowly moved my hand down to her breast and began to
    fondle it through her blouse. I could feel her tit respond by the
    firmness of her nipple. I kissed her harder and proceeded to fondle
    her other breast.

    Mom's tongue moved around passionately inside my mouth signaling
    that things may just be alright. I started to unbutton the front of
    her blouse as her hand moved down to my groin. I did not wear any
    underwear with my robe on as I did not like the confines they
    provided. She wore a front snapping bra so it was easy to unhook it
    and gain access to her firm, ripe breasts. My prick had started to
    swell as soon as her tongue entered my mouth.

    By the time Mom's hand reached my cock, it was already throbbing
    and engorged with blood. She gently wrapped her fingers around the
    shaft and deliberately began to pump along the entire length. I
    pressed my lips hard against hers, making it very clear that despite
    what she had said, I wanted the illicit intimacy we had enjoyed so
    far to continue.

    I lowered my head to my Mom's right tit and covered it with my
    mouth, sucking on just the nipple at first, bringing it to full
    turgid erection. I started to nibble on her nipple and she began to
    groan. She quickened her pace on my pole as I moved to her other
    tit. I started to move downwards kissing and licking throughout the
    entire journey. Slowly I removed her skirt and pulled down her lace
    panties. They were moist at the crotch, wet with incestuous arousal.
    I pulled Mom's panties off over her legs and threw them over my
    shoulder, my eyes on her gorgeous, naked cunt. With a moan, I dipped
    my head between her thighs and pulled her knees apart.

    My tongue separated her hairy cuntlips and began to flick her
    clit. Her moans became louder as my tongue and lips moved up and down
    the length of Mom's creamy gash, paying particular attention to her
    tiny cunthole. I probed my tongue inside, licking from side to side
    and driving deep inside her. Her back arched, and Mom began to roll
    her head back and forth in sweet ecstasy. I positioned my knees on
    either side her head lowering my cock down towards her face. I
    didn't know how she would react after what had happened in the

    My question was soon answered when I felt her lips wrap themselves
    around my prick. I could feel her starting to suck deeply. My mouth
    clamped on her pussy sucking every drop of juice out of her. My
    tongue continued fucking her hole like a minuature prick. She pushed
    her hips up as if to force my tongue deeper into her tasty cavity. I
    drove my cock with no resistance deep into her throat. I tried to
    pull out but her suction was so great I found it difficult. I began a
    deliberate and rhythmic fucking of her mouth while working on her
    cunt with my own mouth. Her hand began to gently fondle my balls
    which like always seems to trigger the eruption. Within seconds, my
    sperm blasted down her throat, and Mom never missed a beat,
    continuing to suck out every drop. At the same time I could feel her
    coming too. Her cunt juices began to flow wetting my face.

    I pulled out of her mouth spinning around. I lifted her legs
    placing them on my shoulders and inched up between her thighs until
    the tip of my cock was against her gorgeous cunt. Mom arched her hips
    up towards me and moaned.

    "Fuck me, Jason! Fuck the shit out of Mommy's horny cunt!" Mom was
    obviously anxious for a really energetic fuck and I was just as
    anxious to give it to her. Just then Sonia walked into the room.

    "Well" she said "and I thought that you two weren't going to be
    talking to each other."

    With that comment I drove my cock to the hilt deep into my
    mother's pussy. Like I said she is as still as tight as the first
    time. I could feel the folds of her pussy wrap themselves around my
    cock. A fast and furious pace was set for this fucking. In and
    deeper I tried to drive my rod. I could feel the back of her womb as
    I pounded without mercy. Faster and harder I rammed her cunt. She
    wrapped her legs around me to bring me in deeper. Her cries of
    ecstasy began during her orgasm. My cock began pumping, spewing all
    of it's juices into her womb. It seemed like an eternity before my
    cum finally stopped draining. I kissed my mother with her tongue
    meeting mine. After we separated Mom looked at Sonia and said, "Come
    here, honey. I'm sure Jason won't mind if we share him."

    With a giggle, Sonia removed her clothes and joined us on the bed.
    She looked at my limp cock and pouted.

    "He's gone soft, Mom. How long before you he can get it up
    again?", she asked hopefully.

    "Not long, if one of us sucks it, honey", said my Mom.

    I suddenly had an idea.

    "Why don't you both suck it", I grinned. "Then it'll come up twice
    as fast!" Mom smiled and looked at my sister, who nodded in silent

    Mom reached over, caressing my balls with her right hand,
    fingering her pussy with her left.

    "Okay, Sonia honey, you go first. Let's see how quickly we can get
    this droopy thing servicable again", she said with a laugh.

    Sis lowered her mouth to my cock and sucked it fully into her
    mouth, something she couldn't do when it was fully hard. I felt my
    prick begin to expand in her hot, wet little mouth almost
    immediately. I fondled Mom's tits as Sonia sucked me. She had nice
    full breasts that had a slight sag, just enough to undulate nicely
    when she was fucked hard. Sonia's tits were much smaller, but more
    than a mouthful, and firm... very, very firm, with dark, full
    nipples. Mom leaned over and began to tongue my balls as Sis sucked
    my cock. She sucked first one and then the other into her mouth and
    sucked gently. I almost hit the fuckin' roof! Then she ran her tongue
    around the part of my cock that protruded below my sister's pretty
    pink lips.

    "Mmmmmmm, nice," she said, looking up at me sexily. "Nice and

    Mom licked and kissed her way up my belly, over my chest, and up
    my neck, stopping only when she reached my left ear.

    "I want to watch you fuck your sister, Jason." Mom said. "I want
    to see you fuck her properly."

    "I will, Mom", I moaned, nibbling her neck.

    "But try not to come, okay? 'Cause I want you to squirt all that
    lovely come of yours in me, baby!", she added, running her fingers
    suggestively through her slippery gash.

    Mom slithered back down my body and joined Sonia at my cock. I
    watched them go at it. It was highly erotic. Their lips and tongues
    would meet along my shaft occasionally. The collisions seemed
    accidental at first, but soon became more frequent and lingering,
    until eventually they actually exchanged a quick tongue kiss every
    time their lips met. I was in seventh heaven. Mom and Sis were having
    so much fun, they seemed to forget about me, for the moment at least.
    They kissed and licked, and sucked at my prick until it was so hard a
    cat couldn't scratch it. Eventually, I tapped Mom on the shoulder and
    pointed at my cock. She got the message.

    "I think he's ready again, Sonia." Mom said.

    Sis reluctantly took her mouth from my cock and sat up. Mom helped
    her straddle my erect pole, holding it steady as Sis lowered herself
    onto me. The flared knob parted her tight little cuntlips and slid
    inside. We both moaned. Sis hunched down as I hunched up, and I slid
    into her all the way. She was real wet from sucking me, and with the
    added advantage of her being on top, I had no throuble in penetrating
    her hot, juicy little cunt to the balls. I spread my legs wide and
    grabbed Sonia's hips, letting her lean forward so I could suck her
    tits. We rocked slowly back and forth, working my cock around in her
    tight, wet pussy. Mom sat beside us, watching Sonia's stretched cunt
    move up and down on my shaft.

    "Uhhhhh, God that's so sexy." I heard Mom say.

    I soon felt her hands on my balls, and she even rubbed some of
    Sonia's pussy cream on them. At the touch of Mom's hand on my balls,
    I began to fuck my squirming little sister in earnest. Our hips began
    to sway and rock faster, and I whispered into her ear.

    "Fuck my big, fat cock, baby. Yeahhhhh, ride me like a horse."
    Sonia moaned, and began rocking her hips faster. I grabbed her boyish
    hips and began pumping her with hard strokes, making her perfect,
    little ass ripple.

    "Oh, yeah, fuck her, Jason!" Mom said. "Fuck her nice and hard!"

    As I speeded up, Sis went a little wild, and I slipped out of her
    steaming cunt. She rose up, and I felt Mom's hand wrap around my
    cock. A warm wetness enveloped me once again and I arched my hips.
    To my surprise, I heard Mom gag, and realized it was her mouth I was
    in, not my sister's pussy. She sucked a bit more, then pushed me back
    into Sonia's gaping cunthole. Sis slammed down on me, and we began to
    fuck again, hard and fast. She'd heard Mom suck me, and to both of us
    the idea that our mother would suck my cock, fresh from Sonia's
    dripping cunt, was extremely erotic.

    "Fuck you sister hard." Mom said, "She likes that."

    I knew that well, Sis was wailing like banshee. Mom was sitting
    behind Sis, between my legs, watching the action. I couldn't see her,
    but I felt her hand moving rythmically against my calf, and I knew
    she was playing with herself. I pictured her sitting there fingering
    her dripping pussy as she watched us fuck, her nipples hard, and her
    daughter's taste still in her mouth.

    Sis was close to coming, with me still trying not to. I remembered
    Mom's promise, and did my best to hold back, but it was hard. My
    sister had the hotest, tightest, juiciest cunt I'd dver fucked. I
    gritted my teeth and gave her a few extra-deep pumps, trying to make
    her come, but she wasn't quite ready yet.

    I leaned back and let go of her, letting Sis have free rein. Her
    hands were on my shoulders and her cunt was slamming up and down my
    cock, her little tits jiggling like crazy.

    "Go for it Sis!" I said. "Fuck me! Fuck your brother's big fat

    Sis moaned and began rocking and humping down onto my cock real
    hard, head back, eyes closed, back arched. I grabbed her tits and

    "Uhhh! Oh, shit, Jason!" she squealed. "I'm almost there! Oh, fuck
    I'm close!"

    "That's it, Sis," I said when her movements became long, rocking
    motions, "Let Mom see you milk my cock with your hot, little cunt!
    Let her see you fucking that nice hard cock!"

    Sonia moaned and her body shook. She rotated her hips and began
    rubbing her clit at the base of my cock. She leaned over me, hands on
    the bedhead, grinding her clit against me, moaning and shaking all

    "Yesssss! Cum, you hot little slut! Cum all over my cock." I

    Sis then did what she does best.... cum. She almost jumped up and
    down on my cock several times, then sat upright, squeezing her tits.
    I could feel her cunt squeezing, milking me, sucking my cock into her
    depths. I let her use me as a dildo, letting her have all the fun. I
    was saving my jizz for Mom!

    "Oooooooh, cum in me, Jason!" Sis groaned. "Give me your cum!"

    I almost relented right then and there, and let her have it too,
    but Mom reached out and squeezed my balls. It was more of a warning
    than anything, but it served to stave off my own orgasm which had
    been fast approaching. Mom's other hand began fondling Sonia's tits
    and they kissed, hotly. Mom was beside us now, so I could reach her
    easily. I felt between her legs and stuck two fingers up her cunt.
    Her hips took off in a frenzy of rocking motions, working up and down
    on my fingers like Sis was working up and down on my cock.

    "Uhhhhhh, yeahhh! Fuck those fingers right up there, baby", Mom
    growled. " Fuck momma's hot cunt!"

    Her cunt was hot alright, and wet... very fucking wet! The stuff
    was dripping out all over my hand. Every few moments, she'd stop and
    arch herself straight up, then down again, impaling herself violently
    on my fingers. Sis was in orbit, moaning and writhing like a whore.

    "Fuck me. Cum in me. Fill me." she panted. Her body began to gleam
    with a fine sheen of sweat. I did too, making our slippery flesh
    slide sexily over each other like a well-oiled engine. Mom held her
    and sucked her tits, at the same time reaching down between us to rub
    her clit and my cock at the same time.

    "Cum, my baby! Cum! Yes, yes, cum hard!", Mom chanted. Her fingers
    were rubbing Sonia's clit like crazy. It was enough to send Sis over
    the edge. She shuddered suddenly, and her back arched, then she came,
    moaning and whimpering like a little baby.

    "Oh, God! Oh, fuck! Jesus, I'm cumming, Mom!", she screamed. "I'm

    I grabbed Sonia's skinny little hips, and held her in place while
    I pumped in and out of her furiously. Her ass rippled, her cunt
    contracted, and her tits bounced with the impact as I fucked my
    sister through her climax. She collapsed on top of me, her little
    cunt squeezing my still rock-hard prick in ripples of ecstasy. We
    caught our breath and I rolled on top of her, my cock still buried
    inside her gooey little cunt.

    "Nice one, Sis?", I asked, slowly moving my prick in and out of

    "Oooooh, Jason! It was fantastic! I love fucking you," She said,
    hugging me tenderly. The she felt how hard my cock still was. "But
    you didn't come!" "I know", I said. "Mom wants me to fuck her now,
    don't you Mom?"

    Mom hugged us both and fondled my ass.

    "I sure do, baby!", she grinned shamelessly.

    I pulled a little reluctantly out of Sis' tight, wet litlte
    fuckhole and sat up. Mom took one look at my glistening wet cock and
    dived for it like a dog after a bone. She had it licked it clean
    within seconds. By this time, I was pretty anxious to get off.
    Fucking my sister's tight, teenage cunt without cumming had whetted
    my appetite, now I really wanted to fuck my Mom with a vengenance. I
    pulled her mouth off my cock and attempted to roll her onto her back,
    but she stopped me.

    "No, baby. Tasting Sonia's juice on your cock has given me a
    better idea."

    Mom, turned around and knelt on all fours, her head between
    Sonia's lewdly open thighs, presenting me with a rear view of her
    gorgeous cunt.

    "Fuck me, Jason!", she moaned, lowering her mouth to my sister's
    well-fucked cunt. "Either hole will do, honey. Just fuck momma, hard
    and fast, baby!"

    With that, Mom leaned over and licked Sonia's clit making her
    jump. After the heavy fucking I had just given her, Sis' clit was
    sensitive. And she was incredibly wet too. I could see that. Her
    creamy little thighs were real slick with her spendings. I moved up
    behind Mom and felt her cunt. She moaned as I slid a couple of
    fingers into her. I wiggled them around. More moans, although a
    little muffled now that Mom had her lips plastered over my sister's

    Sis was moaning too, writhing her little hips all over the bed as
    Mom sucked the cum out of her twat. I grabbed Mom by the hips and
    pulled her ass back onto my cock. Her mouth came off Sonia's cooze,
    and she arched her back as my hard length slid deep into her cunt
    from behind.

    "Ohhhhh, Jesus, that feels good, baby!", she moaned. "God, I love
    your cock!"

    I hunched forwards pushing Mom's face back into my sister's
    snatch, and my dick into the depth's of my mom's horny cunt. Now it
    was my turn to groan. Mom's pussy felt like a hot, wet, satiny vice.
    It rippled around my cock, gripping my shaft tightly. Then, I began
    to move in her, fucking her slowly at first, then more vigourously as
    Mom began hunching her ass back against me in an increasingly urgent

    While I fucked Mom, I watched her suck Sonia's pussy. It was
    heaven to watch. Mom knew exactly which buttons to press. Sis had her
    head flung back, and her eyes closed as Mom's lips and tongue worked
    her over. She was biting her bottom lip as she always does when she's
    in extreme pleasure, her little tits jiggling from my thrusts into
    Mom's pussy. Every time I lunged forwards, Mom's face would press
    into my sister's cunt, making her moan. Mom's tongue was really
    giving her hot little slit a lashing.

    Mom reached up and began to massage Sonia's boobs, squeezing her
    hard little nipples between thumb and forefinger. I reached under my
    mom and did the same to her dangling titflesh. Mom began moving her
    ass in a slow, circular pattern, wiggling her butt against my cock. I
    started pumping her solidly, driving my cock in and out of her
    beautiful, tight cunt with complete abandon. Mom bucked her ass
    against my abdomen, snorting rather than breathing, as she tried to
    keep her mouth firmly glued to Sonia's writhing cunt.

    I was all the way inside my mother, to the hilt, pressing my pubic
    hairs against hers, allowing them to mingle with hers, working my
    pubic bone against her clitoral area. She pushed her cunt against me,
    straining to arouse her clit. I slowed down a little, letting her use
    my cock. Sometimes I shoved it deep inside and held it there while
    she bucked her twat up and down on it, while other times I rode the
    crest of her undulating hips as we fucked in unison. Mom's ass was
    high in the air, the angle perfect for deep penetration, and my cock
    was rock-hard. Fucking her like this was the best yet. I couldn't
    wait to try it with Sis.

    I dropped a hand under Mom's belly and played with her clit. She
    squealed with pleasure and much to Sonia's displeasure, lifted her
    mouth from Sis' pussy.

    "Oh, god, don't stop, Mom! Don't stop eating my pussy!", screamed
    Sonia, and reached up frantically to bring Mom's head back down.

    But she didn't have to worry, Mom had no intention of stopping for
    long. My hand on her clit had distracted her temporarily. When Mom
    resumed her snack I began pounding her pussy with my engorged cock.
    Grabbing mounds of flesh at her hips, I straightened my back and
    thrust against Mom's ass, fucking her horny, clinging twat as hard as
    I could.

    Sonia came with a loud screech as I felt my own climax peaking.

    "Uhhhhhh, God! I'm cumminggg, Mom! Fuck! I'm gonnnnnna cummmmmm!"

    "C.. cum in her!" moaned Sonia between cuntal spasms. "Fill Mom's
    cunt up with your stuff Jase!"

    I slammed Mom's cunt hard. Once, twice, three times, and a huge
    surge ran through me, contracting my body into one last, massive,
    primal thrust to shoot my sperm deep inside my mother's steaming
    twat. Just as I started to let go, Mom's tongue licked Sonia into
    another orgasm and all three of us climaxed simultaneously.

    I threw my head back and arched up, lifting off the bed and
    cumming hard inside Mom. Sonia yelped at the huge thrust, and then

    "Ohhhhhhhhh! Ooohh! Ohhhhhh! Goddddd!! Suck me off, Mom!"

    Over and over I spurted, sending thick, hot streams splashing up
    inside Mom's tight tunnel. The warmth of my sperm washed back over
    the head of my cock, and I spurted again. Mom's tongue continued to
    send Sonia into orbit. I held Mom tight to me, my face buried in her
    neck. Her spasming pussy milked me dry, and we were both panting
    hard. I kissed her neck gently and squeezed her in my arms as we all
    came slowly back to earth.

    "Oh God!" Mom said, "That was great!"

    "Mmmmmm, same here!", moaned Sonia stroking Mom's cheeks lovingly.

    "I want to suck you now, Mom!", said Sonia with a devilish little

    "Huh? Right after your brother has just filled me with cum?" asked
    Mom incredulously.

    "Sure, why not! I've tasted his cum before," Sonia smiled,
    dropping her head between Mom's lewdly open thighs.

    I looked down and felt my sister's hair against my crotch and
    watched her begin licking Mom's cream filled pussy.

    "Oh! Sonia, baby! Ohhhhh!...Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!" moaned Mom, lifting
    her hips up at Sis' eager young tongue.

    I grabbed Sonia's ass and spread her little cheeks, pulling her
    against me. She was making loud wet, licking noises in Mom's pussy
    making Mom's hips begin to rocking urgently.

    "Uhhhhhh! Don't stop! Don't stop licking Momma's cunt, baby girl!"
    she cried.

    Mom's clit protruded from under it's hood. Not a glistening, pink
    pearl, but a long, glistening, bullet shaped pink clit, sticking out
    from under it's hood by at least an inch, maybe more.

    "Suck my clit, honey!" Mom gurgled, pulling her lips apart to
    expose more of it.

    "Oh Mom!" Sonia gushed. "It's so big!"

    "And sensitive I'll bet." I said.

    I moved back and watched Sonia, and she began sucking it like a
    very short cock. Every now and then she licked the thick, white cream
    that flowed from Mom's cunt. It was extremely exciting watching my
    little sister suck the sperm from my mother's juicy wet cunt,
    especially since I had been the one to deposit that hot, creamy load
    there in the first place. I kept my eyes on my sister's mouth.

    Sonia lifted her head, and a string of her saliva ran from her
    lips to Mom's clit. Sonia practically drooled onto Mom's hairy cunt,
    then licked down the length of it. Mom was moving her hips slowly
    with each lick.

    "Lick her clit again, Sis!" I said, and Sonia she began flicking
    her tongue across Mom's large, trembling fuckbud. Mom moaned and
    rocked her hips harder. Suddingly, an idea came to me, and I told
    Sonia to stop for a second.

    I straddled Mom, pushing her legs together, with her clit peeking
    out from between her legs. I was still semi-hard, and I positioned
    myself over her mons. She looked at me curious about what I was going
    to do. I began jacking off, my balls hanging down low, swayed and
    bounced as my hand worked my shaft. I lowered down, letting my balls
    begin slapping against her bare mons and long clit.

    "Ohh!" Mom gasped. Then after a few seconds of the sensation, she
    began rocking her hips up to meet my balls.

    "I bet you'd like me to fuck your sweet, creamy cunt and cum all
    over your big clit, wouldn't you, Mom?" I said lustily. Mom moaned
    softly, pulling on her taut nipples. "I'm going to fuck you hard and
    fast, then shoot my hot, creamy sperm all over your clit; make it hot
    and wet with my thick cum and watch you cum."

    Mom's hips were bucking up and down and she was breathing
    raggedly. Sonia fingered herself, and then leaned over to suck one of
    Mom's nipples. Mom grabbed Sonia's head and pulled her down and
    shoved her tit into her mouth.

    "Suck it. Suck it hard. Fuck me. Fuck me now!" Mom pleaded.

    I got off and spread her legs wide, and slid my cock into her very
    tight pussy. She was so wet that I went in easily, and I leaned
    forward to press my crotch against her clit.

    "Ohhh yesss!" Mom cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me again, with your big
    fat prick, baby!!"

    I began pounding her hairy wet cunt hard and fast, making her
    moan. Her muscles contracted around me over and over. She moaned and
    began shaking frantically. Somewhere about then, Sonia began biting
    Mom's nipples gently and pulling her own nipples hard. Mom's pussy
    made wet slurping noises, as though it were trying to suck the cum
    out of my balls.

    "Fuck her!" Sonia hissed. "Cum all over her!"

    I couldn't stand it anymore, and I felt the familiar surge deep
    in my belly. I slammed Mom's cunt with long, hard, deep strokes that
    made her whole body shudder with the impact, and Mom cried out with
    small, high pitched cries. The first burst of cum spewed into her
    tight, slippery cunt, and I gritted my teeth as I pulled out. The
    second spurt sent a thick stream of cum over her belly to land
    between her tits, one drop hitting her just below her lower lip. I
    held my cock to her clit and milked it in my fist, spurting thick,
    white cream all over her throbbing clit. It ran down her cuntlips as
    more spurted against her sensitive button.

    Mom's body arched and she moaned, her face contorted in rapture.
    Her spasming cunt made a wet sucking noise, and her cunt cream
    splattered against my swinging balls. She shook uncontrollably, her
    legs squeezing around my waist tightly. The last drop of sperm
    dribbled onto her soaked clit and her ass was clenching, shaking her
    up and down.

    Sonia bent down and began licking my sperm from Mom's belly,
    moving slowly lower towards her gaping cuntslit, following the trail
    of cum I had left for her. As soon as Mom felt Sonia's pert little
    tongue licking the cum off her clit, her legs flung open wide.

    "Suck me! Suck my clit! Suck it!" she screamed.

    Sonia licked and lapped Mom's sperm-covered cunt, and Mom came
    again. Then again. Each time, her pulsing, spasming cunt made wet
    noises and her juices sprayed against my balls. I remained hard
    enough, so I pushed my cock back inside her, and felt her spasming
    cunt wrap around me. She came again.

    When Sonia finally stopped, and I pulled out gently, Mom curled
    into a ball, smiling and moaning softly. All three of us were
    exhausted, yet still aroused. Just touching Mom made her shudder, and
    Sonia and I curled up around our mother, protectively.

    Some time later, near midnight, I carried Mom to her bed, where
    Sonia insisted that we put her in the middle. We curled around her,
    warm and snug, and kissed our tired little blonde good-night. I
    kissed Sonia, then stroked her cheeks lovingly. Her blue eyes sparked
    over Mom's breasts at me. I wanted to fuck my horny little sister
    again, but I was too exhausted. Mom opened her eyes and saw the
    lustful looks us kids were giving each other.

    "Better get some sleep you two," she whispered. "You're going to
    need it."

    ... And, she was right!

    The End.

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    great story!!! thanks for sharing.
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    it's very nice story , my cock gets harder than any athore story.

    nice work
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