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Thread: Family Vacation

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    Default Family Vacation

    This is my first story. Comments are welcome.
    It was late fall, I was on vacation at the beach with my parents and my younger sister. We were sitting around the hotel pool when they decided to go to the ocean, I chose to stay around the pool. They were only one other family and two guys older guys hanging out drinking. As my family retuned from the ocean the other family was gathering their things to leave too. I told them I was going to hang out for a while, after all I was 18 now I would be fine. As I was sitting back enjoying the breeze the two guys decided to go for a swim. When the second guy dove in his shorts floated up, they laughed as he threw them out of the pool in my direction. It was only a few seconds later a second pair landed right at my feet. I couldn’t help to think about them being naked in the pool and wonder what they were going to do when they got out. I have always enjoyed looking at cock “especially limp ones” but I havnt touched one since me and a friend experimented years ago.
    A few minutes passed till the two got out of the pool. They simply gathered their things and walked right over to me. I couldn’t stop looking at their water soaked limp cocks, the taller ones was bigger limp than mine is hard. The other one was a little smaller. As the stopped in front of me one asked me to hand them their shorts, “sure” I said.when I bent over to pick them up his cock was only a couple inches from my face. When I sat back up my now hard cock shifted and was sticking straight up in my shorts. As I handed them their shorts they were actually looking at my cock now. The shorter guy asked if I wanted to join them for a beer “sure” I said. They put on some shorts and led me up the steps to their room. When we entered the room the tall guy went to the bathroom the other told me to get comfortable so I sat I a chair next to a table, I noticed a pair of panties two dildos and some lube on the table, I almost cum in my shorts just thinking about what was going to happen. About that time he returned with two beers handing me one. We made small talk as he undressed and then slid my shorts off, I told him I had only done this a couple of times. He said “don’t worry we’ll be easy” as he laid me on the bed, grabbed a hand full of lube and started rubbing my about to explode cock and sliding his hand between my butt cheeks. He raised me to my knees with two fingers in my tight hole. I was facing the bathroom door as it opened, to my surprise there stood the tall guy wearing black stockings with a garder belt and a pair of black panties barely covering his limp cock. He walked to the bed and stuck his limp cock in my mouth. As I was sucking his cock I felt something bigger than two fingers trying to get in my hole, it didn’t take long for it to get in either. There I was, one in each hole and liking it. It didn’t take long till I had a hot load of cum in my ass. When he pulled out the tall guy grabbed me and turned me around and bent me over the bed, the other one slid his cum soaked cock under my face. The taste of my own ass and his cum drove me crazy. I knew the tall guy was going to try to fit his huge cock in me now, I was ready. He slid it between my cheeks till it reached my hole, which im sure had cum pouring out of it and started sliding it in. he only got a little in and pulled it back out, then a little more, and out of nowhere he shoved it all in. Man it hurt for a while but pleasure took over. I felt sorry for the other guy, I was getting fucked so hard I couldn’t suck his dick so I took it in my hand and stroked it when I could. Let me know if I should finish it.
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    short and sweet.
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    Nice story.. do not need to add any more.
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