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    Default Family camping trip

    I had just turned eighteen and was invited by my fathers sister and her husband to join them on a camping trip. I jobber at the chance cause I always had a thing for my aunt and loved being around her.
    We where joined on are trip by my uncles olderest daughter who was twenty one, his brotherand lovely wife Kim and there daughter Jill and son Ben . Also a cousin of there's amber and her husband Paul. My uncle Mike and aunt Tammy were just awsome people.
    We made are camp site about noon it was on private land I was told because they liked privacy. They winked at one another and laughed. After all the introductions we got busy setting up camp. It was hard to concentrated cause all the ladies had changed into super short shorts and bikini tops. When we were finally done we all enjoyed a cold beer. Then I was let in on the family secret cause I was special.
    They loved sex! Not just any old sex but sex within the family. I was also told that all the men in the family were bi. So it was afree for all weakend. First I was shocked then as they all waited for my reply nervously I gave a great big smile and thanked god for my good fortune.
    My aunt Tammy walked over to me with a great big smile and while she worked my shorts down she said I have been waitng for this for a long time. I said me too. Be for I knew it everone was naked sucking, licking, fucking. Man on women , women on women, man on man. It was great. It went on all weakend. I even had my first bi expirence ontop and bottom and I must say it was awsome. But that's another storey for later.
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    Complete the story..
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    I don't intend to flame you, but, this may sound like I am. NOT NEARLY ENOUGH DETAIL. You left out all the juicy parts, like are/or were you a virgin? How did it feel and what surprised you the most? Was there one or more women, men, combos thereof that really turned you on. Did you go in swimming, nude or suit? There is so much detail you left out that the story is hardly worth reading.
    You may PM me and we can rewrite this little tale of tail.




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    good stuff man
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    yeah needs more detail
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    Thumbs up

    Need more
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    I would love to be invited on a camping trip like that, but not with my family. LOL
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    yeah, the family bit was a *little* much :S
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