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    Default Little Girl Stories

    The Stories of Leslie Schmidt

    "Although sometimes I wish they were true, all of my stories are fantasy. They are entirely the product of my overactive mind wishing for things that can never be true. As such, every one of them is impossible, mostly because all my young characters are impossibilities, little girls just don’t think that way--never make the mistake of thinking that they do. At best, the child will come to feel degraded and used, at worst, she will be scarred for life. In every case, she will come to resent and possibly hate you.
    "Although to varying degrees, there is one theme that runs through my stories--empowerment. Sometimes it is explicit, (sometimes it is carried to an outrageous extreme) but more often it is in the background, the idea that the young girls in my stories have power over their lovers and that there is a give and take in the relationship. In every case (except for the ‘outrageous extreme’ i.e. “Lethal Lolita”) the girl can say ‘no’. Of course, it is this point that makes the stories impossibilities.
    "For those that may find my subject matter disturbing or offensive I will only say that people write fantasies about many disturbing and offensive things--that is the grist of the modern literature mill. There is little outrage at movies that have body counts in the hundreds. Our country turns its back on the slaughter in Africa and many see the body count in Iraq as necessary ‘collateral damage.’ These are the same people who never entertain the idea that the father of a dead five-year-old in Bagdad, killed by a 500 pound bomb dropped from an F-16, feels the same loss as the father of a five-year-old killed in New York on September 11, 2001.
    "So, for those that decide to continue on, I hope you enjoy my little fantasies. I hope that you can spend a couple of hours in a different world and that my stories will help you to better appreciate the lovely, innocent, and (in their way) sexy girls all around you. Love them as you would a beautiful painting in a museum, something to be admired and adored but will always belong to someone else (herself) and that you can never own or even touch."

    You can read his stories at


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    great stories
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    loved the stories read about half cant wait to finish the rest
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    good stories, thx
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    Horny Old Dog in a Wheelchair

    Profile & Erotic Stories of JackassTales
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    Aa baby read then as site is still down
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