it was my sophmore year in high school and i was just getting into that stage where i was constantly thinking about sex. i was at a local 7/11 with my friends after school one day when a girl in my 6th period class came in. her name was keshia and she was amazing. she was 16 but already had developed really well. she was 5'3" about 120lbs and had 36c tits. they were perky and just glowed under her shirt and wife beater. she had a big bubble butt with big hips and small feet. her hair seemed to flow down her neck to about and inch or two below her shoulders. her skin was light but you could tell she was mixed and when she walked she kinda popped her butt but you could only tell if you were staring, which i did ALOT. anyway she came in to pay for gas and to my astonishment said hi. it threw me off gaurd but i replied a bit slowly and said hi keshia. she giggled and paid for the gas and left.

my friends and i chilled for a couple of hours and i went home. when i got home i checked my email and had one from keshia so i opened it and it asked for some help on home work and gave me her im. i added her to im and messaged her and she asked if i could come over to her house and help her out. i said sure but told her i didnt know where she lived. she replied lol ill come pick you up just meet me at the 7/11. lucky for me it was just up the road. i met up with her and away we went. we arrived at her house, well i say house it was more like a mini mansion but her dad was some rich rancher and she was really spoiled. we had grown up together in the same town same schools same classes just about every year and were friends for a while but she became a cheerleader and i went my own way, i wasnt a big jock but i was on the baseball team and was in pretty good shape. i was 6' 1" about 160 with a six pack( boy if i looked that good now lol) tan skin just kind of a pretty boy but i just wasnt real popular.

she led me inside and i followed her to her room. i asked where her parents were and she said they had taken a trip to vegas for the week. she sat down on her bed and i put my books down. i asked what she needed help with and she smiled and said sarcasticly i need help with anatomy. i didnt quite get the jest so i looked pretty stupid when i said we didnt have anatomy in school. she smiled even bigger and i finally caught on. i smiled back and said oh i get it. so you just brought me here for sex? she laughed and said well to be straight forward about it ya! lol. i sat down and thought about it. all the years spent mastrubating to her body and all the day dreams and now i was sitting in her room on her bed. she leaned in and kissed me and i was so dumbfounded i almost didnt kiss back. she took off her shirt and asked if i had ever thought about it. i lied casually and said na. but i couldnt hold up and burst out laughing and admitted i had many times. she looked and noticed i was getting hard looking at her big tits so she put a hand on my thigh and rubbed my hard dick. she stood up and took it out of my pants and help it there in her hand staring. for a 15 year old high school student i already had a pretty large dick and she said wow i never thought it would be this big. she knelt down and began to lick and suck it playfully and then got serious. after about 15 minutes of it i couldnt handle myself and i blew my load all in her mouth. she looked pleased and asked if i wanted anything more. i smiled really big and stupidly and nodded. she then asked me to undress her and i did carresing every inch of her frame as i went. finally she stood before me completely naked teasing me by swinging her ass infront of me.

thats when things took a crazy turn. just about the time i had my shirt ripped off by the cock starved girl infront of me her aunt burst in the room and laughed yelling HA CAUGHT YA. she quickly tried to cover herself and me but to no avail. her aunt stood there looking smug and said im so telling your mother. keshia pleaded with her not to and she looked at me. she smiled and with a smirk said okay only if i can have a crack at him. i sat there dumbfounded her aunt was so beautiful. 100% sexy is all i can say. her big dd tits her round big apple ass her huge thighs her dreadlock swaying when she moved her head. her dark rown skin it was just too good. keshia agreed and it started. they both blew me and her aunt got naked. i sucked her clit while keshia began to ride me and ride me hard. she kept going smashing down on my lap harder and harder for what seemed like an eternity and just when she orgasmed so did her aunt and i was left sweating with a mouth full of nut and a hard dick wanting more so keshia looked at me and said i cant take anymore it was so good but im too tired to go anymore. her aunt took this opportunity to lean in and ask you ever had a black woman ass before? i said no and she spead out infront of me doggystyle beckoning me to come closer. i positioned my self over her and went to stick my cock in her dripping pussy and just as i thrust she moved and right into a tight asshole my cock went. i didnt know if i had made a mistake but by the sound of the moan this is just what she wanted. i thrust and thrust with all i had over and over in and out in and out untill she screamed oh shit and yelled do it now cum all in my ass baby!!! i looked over her and saw she was licking keshias pussy clean and it threw me over the edge. i shot rope after rope of creamy cum into her aunts tight ass and collapsed over breathing heavily. i fell aslepp with the two of them on either side of me till morning.