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    Post Daddy's Little Girl

    ** This is a multi-part story.. will post additional parts when time permits... HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!! I SURE DID.. *giggles*..... **

    When I was born, my father had been put in jail for armed robbery, and my mother, then 23, met my daddy, then 20, when I was only about 2. Though he wasn’t my ‘real’ father, I had always thought of him that way, and he was the only daddy I knew.

    I was just about 12 when my mom walked out on daddy and me. She left one summer to go live in the city. Said she couldn’t handle living such a ‘small’ life. Daddy and I never heard from her again. I didn’t mind too much, my mom had always been depressed, and I loved my daddy.

    We lived in a small ranch in Nebraska. Daddy raised and sold cattle. We had about 10 ranch hands that stayed at the ranch during the week, but other than that it was just me and daddy.

    Daddy and I had always been close; he had taught me everything I knew. There wasn’t another school for about 20 miles, and instead of taking the long hot bus ride into town, I was home schooled. Occasionally we got together with some of the other kids on nearby ranches, but as I got older, I really just stayed at home.

    The day before my 18th birthday, I was so excited. I would finally be an adult! Not that I thought too many things would change, but still, what a great age to be. That night, over dinner daddy seemed pretty excited also. Going on to all the men that worked for him how his pretty little girl would be a woman, and so on. I just sat there blushing, as I could feel constant eyes looking me over.

    I was well-developed, even for my age. My hair was long, and red, my skin tan from spending so much time out on the ranch. My legs were strong from endless days of horseback riding. I’d inherited my large breasts from my mother, and I think my daddy had noticed. I thought about how lonely he must be out here all the time, but than my attention turned to the clock as my daddy told me it was past my bed time.

    “But, dad!” I protested.

    “No darlin’, you’re not 18 yet, and your bedtime is still 10 o’clock.”

    “Okay daddy...” I sighed, and jumped up from the table and went to give him a kiss. “I love you daddy,” I said.

    “I love you too, pumpkin” He said, and I walked up to my room. A couple minutes after I walked away, I heard the men laughing and hollering. I figured they were all just getting drunk, and went to bed.

    Morning came, and I woke up with a start. It was already 9am! I know it was my birthday, and I was now 18, but daddy would not be happy that I had slept in so late. I ran in to the bathroom, and jumped in the shower. Wanting to be, and feel, nice and pretty for my 18th birthday, I made sure to clean myself up extra well. I shaved my legs, and my underarms, and then I shaved my pussy nice and clean. I had seen this in a porn movie I had stolen from one of the ranch hands once, and had tried it and liked it so, I always shaved there. I got out of the shower, and wrapped a towel around me and walked down the hall and into my room.

    I opened my door, closed it behind me, turned around and saw my daddy sitting in the arm chair across from my bed. He almost seemed to be crying.
    “What’s wrong daddy?” I asked

    “Nothing darlin’… You’re daddy is just lonely.”

    “I’m here for you daddy. Always”

    He looked up, smiled at me and winked. “I know darlin’, I know.” “Happy birthday baby,” he continued.

    I smiled at him, sat down on his lap and gave him a big hug. When I did, the towel opened a bit exposing the upper parts of my inner thighs. I didn’t think too much of, but got up and went over to my closet to pick out an outfit.

    Daddy chimed in, “Before you get dressed darlin’ I have a little present for you, the first of many.”

    “Oh really daddy, thank you!”

    He pulled out a thin rectangular box from underneath the armchair. I quickly ripped off the wrapping paper, and pulled open the box to find a white cotton dress, and tiny white g-string panties. I looked up at my daddy and said thank you.

    “The dress was your mother’s, it is yours now. The panties are just something pretty I picked up for you in town. Please, wear them today.”

    I smiled, and said okay, slipped the dress on over my head, pulling it down over me before dropping my towel; my wet hair dropping down over my shoulders. I then picked up the g-string, and put them on. I felt so sexy. My breasts pressed against the thin cotton fabric making my nipples hard and quite visible. Daddy asked me to turn around so he could see how the dress looked. Standing in front of the window like I was, with the sun shining through made the fabric almost sheer.

    Daddy smiled at me and said, “You look beautiful baby girl. It fits you just how it fit your mother.”

    “Thank you, daddy” I said.

    “Now, one more thing,” daddy said with a smile.

    “What’s that daddy?”

    “You’re birthday spanking. You have 18 coming.” I looked up at him with a bit of fright. “You can take it darlin’, I know you can.” He said a he stood up pulling off his belt. “Now, bed over the side of your bed there.” I did as he said. He walked over to me, and pushed my hair to the side so he could see my face. Daddy pulled up the back of my dress, exposing my bare ass cheeks, with just the thin back of the g-string barely visible. Daddy leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Happy Birthday baby, now be a good girl, and count ‘em out.”

    Mere seconds after he stood back up I felt the first slap of Daddy’s belt on my ass. “OOOOWWWW….” I screamed. “One, daddy.” Again the belt, rained down on my already aching ass. “Two, Daddy,” I whimpered. He continued the spanking, and I continued counting ‘em out until we got to the 18th one. When I said, 18, daddy, he stopped, and told me to stay right there just like I was. Daddy went into my top dresser door, and got my lotion. He returned and sat beside me still bent over the side of my bed.

    “You’re such a good girl darlin’,” Daddy said as he squeezed the cold white lotion out onto my bright red ass. It felt so good. I let out a bit of a moan as daddy was rubbing the lotion in causing him to pause for just a second before continuing. Daddy squeezed more lotion onto my tender ass, and some of it ran down between my cheeks, and onto the part of the panties covering my pussy. Daddy reached his hand down to wipe it up with his finger, and as he did, he stopped. Daddy felt around on the fabric of the panties before sliding a finger under them.

    “My little girl shaves herself smooth, just like her mother.” I started having a funny feeling in me with daddy’s finger there, and I tried to pull away a little. Daddy put his hand on my back, and told me to stay right there, he would take good care of me, and that everything would be okay. Daddy then stood up behind me, and pulled the g-string down my legs, and to my ankles; leaving him face to face with my already wet pussy.

    “You seem to be enjoying yourself darlin’, now you be a good girl, and daddy’s going to give you another present.” He put his hands up on my ass and squeezed my cheeks causing me to flinch. Daddy then pulled my ass cheeks apart, and slipped his tongue from my asshole to my wet snatch. I jumped, and moaned at the same time.

    “Oh, daddy, I screamed.” My legs were now shaking. He pressed on further, sliding his tongue down around my clit and licking up into my hole. I tried to push away, scared at these things I was feeling for the first time.

    “Be a good girl darlin’ and cooperate with your daddy, or you will get another spanking!”

    “Yes, daddy, I’m just scared.”

    “Its okay baby, I love you.” Daddy pushed his tongue up against my clit again and I quivered. “Does daddy’s tongue feel good in you darlin’?”

    “Yes daddy” I moaned as I felt his fingers brush against my smooth pussy. Daddy’s tongue continued working furiously at my clit, as he slowly slid a finger into my pussy, just a few inches. He worked that finger back and forth a few times, before removing it and licking me all over. He moved his tongue up to my asshole, and pushed hard. It hurt a bit, but felt soft and wet. I moaned a bit louder, getting close to cumming. Daddy slid two of his fingers into my pussy, and pumped them in and out a few times before pressing another finger to my tight little ass. I screamed as daddy pushed his finger through the tight muscles of his ass before it slid in knuckle deep. The pain and pleasure scrambled and became grey, and my breathing grew heavy. His fingers still pushing at my pussy, daddy slid his finger in and out of my ass slowly at first, before picking up the pace to match his other fingers. Suddenly, I jumped and my body spasmed before I let out a loud moan, and came.

    “Oh daddy, oh daddy…. It feels so good. Yes daddy, thank you daddy.” My words, loud but barely coherent. Daddy slid his fingers from my pussy, and kept sliding the other one in and out of my ass. He undid his jeans and slid his pants and boxers down to his knees revealing his huge cock. It was rock hard and must have been 8 inches long. I looked back at him in fear. Daddy grabbed his cock with his free hand, and pushed the tip up against my pussy, and pushed ever so slowly until just the tip was in.

    “Now darlin’, I know this hurts a little, but you’re daddy’s good little girl, and you’re going to trust me. Daddy made you feel good, now you are going to make daddy feel good.” Sassy pressed his cock into me until he felt a bit of resistance. He held himself there, still working his finger in and out of my ass. He added a second finger to the mix, and my legs, already soaked with my own cum, started to shake more.

    “Oh daddy, whatever you want daddy,” I moaned. He pulled his dick back out a bit, and then slammed the whole of it balls deep into me. “I screamed out loud, and daddy quickly pulled his fingers out of my ass, and wrapped his hand around my mouth.

    “Not too loud darlin’.” I could smell myself on his hand, and he kept it there as he slid his dick in and out of me. All I could do was let out a muffled moan under his hand. He pumped my pussy faster and harder, and it felt like he was going to rip me open. It started to feel good, and I could feel myself close to cumming again, and I started pushing my ass back onto daddy’s cock. He moved his hand from my mouth, grabbed my lips and started fucking me harder. My breasts bounced roughly each time he slammed himself into me, and I felt my pussy would split open. Letting out another loud moan, the muscles in my pussy started contracting, as I was cumming again. When my moans quieted down, I could feel daddy’s cock pulsate in me before he let out a grunt, pulled it out of me, and shot his warm cum out onto my ass.

    Daddy knelt there behind letting out some grunting noises, and heavy breathing before sitting beside me on the bed. He picked up my head and pressed his cock to my mouth.

    “Be a good girl, and clean daddy off.” I parted my lips, and he slid his half hard dick into my mouth a few times as I flicked my tongue over it trying to get it clean. I could taste my own cum mixed with his, and it felt so great, to be so close to my daddy. When I was done, I looked up at him, and smiled. He told me to get up and sit back on his lap. I stood up, and my dress slid back down into place. My nipples still hard, I sat sown on daddy’s lap.

    “Now darlin’, you made daddy a very happy man. I love you baby.”

    “I love you too daddy, and thank you.”

    Daddy smiled back at me, and I stood up to go to the bathroom and clean myself up. On the way out of my bedroom daddy patted my ass and said, “Get yourself cleaned up and come down to breakfast.” He stuffed the white g-string panties into his pocket. “Just wear that dress today you won’t be needing these panties. Daddy has many more surprises in store for you today.”

    Excited, I said, “Thank you daddy!”

    “You’re welcome, darlin'."

    ** Should I continue with this??? Let me know what you think.. **
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    Post Daddy's Little Girl ~ Chapter 2...

    After my shower, I went downstairs, and had some breakfast. Daddy seemed to be in a much better mood then he had ever been. He just sat there on his bar stool watching me eat, smiling all the while. Daddy told me numerous times how beautiful I was wearing that thin, white cotton dress that had once been my mothers. He was just so happy… I don’t know if I’d ever seen him that excited.

    I finished eating, washed my dishes, and left them to dry on the counter. Daddy told me that him and I were going on a picnic that afternoon. How fun that would be I thought. Daddy and I haven’t done that for years. Daddy grabbed his backpack, loaded with sandwiches and other assorted things, and headed for the door. I slipped on my boots, and followed along after him.

    Outside I saw that he already had his horse ready to go. Daddy’s horse was a big black stallion named ‘London’. I didn’t see my horse though, so I walked over towards the barn to get him, and Daddy called out to me.

    “We’re just taking my horse Darlin’, you can ride with me like you used to. With a big smile, I ran back over to where Daddy was, and climbed up on ‘London’. It was a bit awkward since I didn’t normally go riding in a dress, but I managed. Daddy climbed up behind me, put his arms around me, and we headed off down the road.

    The sun was warm, and the fields were clear. It was such a beautiful day. We were approaching the edge of our ranch, when Daddy slowed down his horse. He stopped near the fence that marked the property line.

    “Darlin’ it’s such a beautiful day, and I want you to do me a favor.”

    “Sure Daddy, what do you want me to do?”

    “I want you to take off that pretty little dress for me darlin’.”

    “But Daddy, I’m not wearin’ anything else but my boots. What if somebody sees?”

    “Nobody will see darlin’. And, if they do, you have such a beautiful body I don’t think they would mind. Don’t worry baby, I’ll be right here with you.” He started to lift up the bottom of my dress.

    “Okay Daddy, if you say so.” I lifted the dress over my head, and felt the warm sun on my skin. Daddy took the dress, and hung it on the fence before riding off into the open field. I felt a bit strange at first, but I realized quickly enough. I had sunbathed nude before, but this was a little different. While riding, daddy kept one hand on the reins, and the other was on my thigh. I noticed that his hand moved up bit by bit as we rode.

    We had a nice talk, about life, and what daddy wanted for me, and just about everything. It was nice, and I felt closer to my daddy then ever. All the while daddy moving his hand ever so slightly up my thigh. Still just riding the horse at a slow pace daddy wrapped his arm holding the reins tightly around me, and moved his hand from my thigh to m y pussy. Daddy noticed immediately that I was sopping wet. He gave me a bit of a squeeze, and then started rubbing his finger around my clit. I was so turned on. Completely naked, and daddy was making me feel so good. He stopped his horse, wrapped the reins around the saddle horn, and lifted his now free hand to my left breast. Daddy squeezed tightly, and I let out a quiet moan. Two of his fingers now planted deep in my pussy, slipping slowly in and out; while daddy’s the pressed and rubbed at my clit. I was going to cum right there. My moans got louder, and daddy whispered into my ear, “Let go darlin’ you can be as loud as you want. There’s nobody out here, nobody will here you screaming for daddy.”

    I gave in to daddy’s wishes. I let go, and my moans got loud. It felt so good as he took my nipple in his hand and twisted and squeezed. A lighting bolt of pain would flash through my body, and then pleasure take its place. I couldn’t take it any longer.

    “Oh daddy…. Oh fuck daddy, it feels so good! Oh daddy…. YES, daddy!” I screamed, and came on his fingers. Still atop daddy’s horse, my body lunged and twisted a bit, and I shivered and shook as wave upon wave of orgasm thrust through me. “Oh daddy,” I said, “That felt so good daddy. Thank you so much.”

    “You’re welcome, darlin’, now how about doing daddy a favor?”

    “Of course daddy, what do you want me to do?”

    “Well, first get off the horse.” I climbed down from the horse and stood naked in front of daddy. My nipples sore, my thighs still soaking wet. “Now, climb back up here.”

    “But daddy, you just told me to get down from the horse!” I interrupted.

    “Hold your tongue, darlin’!” Daddy said as he unbuttoned his jeans. Well he pulled the sides of his jeans apart I could see his dick was already huge. “Now, get back on up here, but this time I want you to face me.”

    I put my foot in the stirrup and climbed up on the horse backwards. Daddy then told me to lift up a little, and he put his dick just under my pussy with the tip just inside my lips. “You’re nice and wet baby, just the way daddy wants you to be.” He put his hands on my hips and pushed me down on his huge hard cock.

    “Ouch daddy! That hurts!”

    “Just give it a second darlin’ it will start feeling better. Now I want you to wrap your legs around daddy’s back” I pulled my legs up, and locked my ankles around his back. Daddy reached around behind me and grabbed the reins in his hand and summoned the horse to go. We started out slowly walking through the field, and each time the horse took a step I would bounce just a bit on daddy’s cock. Daddy as right, it did start to feel good. The cool breeze on my back as we rode along. Daddy gave a nudge to the horse and he picked up the pace making me literally jump up and down on his cock. At this point I was screaming as we were at a slow run through the open field.

    “Oh daddy, oh daddy, I’m going to cum. Oh daddyyyy….!”

    “Hold on darlin’ hold on tight to daddy.” I wrapped my arms around his neck tighter, and daddy gave another nudge to the horse causing him to lunge forward full speed. I came over and over on daddy’s cock as I violently was tossed up and down on his cock. It seemed like forever that this assault continued me screaming out daddy, and daddy holding back, grunting now and then. His cock seemed to grow even larger in me, and then I felt it twitch a bit, and daddy pulled on the reins. The horse came to a quick stop and I was thrust down hard on daddy’s cock just as he shot his cum exploding into me.

    “Oh baby, oh fuck darlin’, I love you so much. “ Daddy hugged me tighter before picking me up off his cock, and lowering me to the ground. I dropped to my knees, as my thighs were shaking too bad to stand. Daddy got down from the horse, walked over to me and told me his dick needed to be cleaned off. I opened my mouth and gratefully took him in. The taste of my pussy was sweet mixed with the taste of daddy’s cum. I made sure to lick him clean.

    “That’s a good girl,” Daddy said, and walked away to get his backpack. Minutes later daddy laid down the blanket, and I crawled over and lay face down. He took out the sandwiches and a couple of beers, and handed me one. I think you’re old enough to drink with your daddy if you want to.”

    “Thank you, daddy.” I opened the beer and took a long drink. I have had beer before; every once in a while I would sneak one out of the fridge, but daddy never knew. I ate my sandwich, and daddy ate his, and we talked some more. My pussy still aching from the pulverizing it took. “Roll over and lay on your back, darlin’? I did as daddy said, and he took some lotion out of his backpack and started rubbing it all over my body. He noticed how red my pussy was, and said, “Let daddy kiss that better for you.”

    Daddy leaned down and kissed the lips of my pussy before flicking his tongue up between them. I let out another moan as his tongue slid across my clit and circled back down to my hole. “Oh daddy,” I moaned. Daddy rolled me back over on my stomach and told me to lift my ass in the air. I arched my back, and lifted it high as he dug his tongue deeper into my pussy. “MMmmmm, daddy, oooooh daddy,” I said as he licked my aching pussy.

    Daddy reached up and put his hands on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart, and then twirled his tongue around my asshole. I jumped up a bit remember how it had hurt when daddy had first slipped his finger in there. He dodged his tongue around licking and slurping at my asshole. Daddy leaned back, grabbed a small tube, and something else out of his back pack that I couldn’t see. After a second, I felt something, other than daddy’s finger pressing against my asshole. I jumped up quick looking back, and saw that it was a medium-ish black, butt plug. (I had seen these in catalogues before, but never thought I would actually use one!) I tried pulling away, but daddy held me tight in my place.

    “Daddy, please, that’s going to hurt, please daddy, no.” He kept pressing it against my tight little rosebud, the tip just barely pushing in. I screamed loud.

    “Nobody will hear you screamin’ darlin’, but you go right on ahead. Daddy just wants to play a while. You’ll learn to love it, now just try to relax and it will feel much better.” Daddy pushed the butt plug in my ass about an inch, and I was squirming and screaming all over the place. It hurt so bad, my little asshole felt like it was on fire.

    “Oh daddy, it hurts!”

    “I know baby, you can take it.” He pushed it in another inch, and my asshole was spread wider than ever. He held it there for a while until I quit fighting against him before pressing on and pushing it another inch deeper into me. Daddy slipped it back and forth and in and out a bit, and then pressed it wholly into me, making me scream. He pinned my chest down to the ground, and with my ass still high in the air I couldn’t move. Daddy seemed to be getting a bit angry.

    “Now darlin’ I told you to relax!” He said and slapped me with his hand hard across my ass. I yelped again, and tried to calm down but my ass was full, and my pussy was getting wet. “Calm down now, or I will make you keep that butt plug in your asshole longer!”

    I couldn’t help but squirm; my asshole had never been stretched like that. Daddy sat me up, and made me just sit there on that butt plug.

    “It hurts daddy.”

    “I know darlin’, but you’re just gonna have to deal with it.”

    “Oh daddy…”

    “We should get heading back to the ranch now, throw this stuff in the backpack and get ready.” Daddy walked over to the horse to give him some water, and I stood up and went to take out the butt plug. “Don’t you dare!” Daddy screamed and ran over to where I was standing. “Bend over, now!” I bent over, and daddy’s hand smacked down on my ass hard.”

    “Ooooouch daddy, ouch!” I screamed as he kept spanking my ass.

    “You will take that out, only when I tell you to take that out, do you understand me? Answer me now!” He screamed, as he slapped my ass.

    “Yes daddy, yes I understand!”

    Daddy stopped spanking me, told me to hurry up, and walked back over to the horse and climbed on. Still completely naked, ass glowing red, with a butt plug buried deep inside, I walked around stiffly picking up the stuff and putting it in the backpack. I got over to the horse, handed daddy his backpack, and climbed up in front of daddy, this time facing the right way. Daddy grabbed the reins of the horse, and gave him a smack on the ass and the horse took off running. The butt plug slammed into my ass harder and harder each time my ass bounced on the hard leather saddle. I screamed and moaned, and even came a couple times, as daddy ran the horse back towards the ranch; my ass screaming out with each step.

    After a while, daddy slowed down, and I could see our fence with my dress still hanging on it. My thighs were absolutely soaked, as daddy stopped his horse right at the fence. He reached out and grabbed my dress, stuffing it in his backpack.

    “What are you doing, daddy?”

    “Don’t ever question your daddy again darlin’, daddy knows what he’s doing, and daddy needs to teach you a lesson. You were a bad girl today when you wouldn’t mind me and calm down. You already got a spanking for it, and now comes your punishment.” Daddy lifted me from the horse, and lowered me, still naked, to the ground. Now, you will walk back to the ranch, just like that. Do not cover yourself with anything, and DO NOT take that plug out of your ass. When you get back to the ranch, see me, and I will take it out for you. Then, you can go get showered and cleaned up for your party tonight. Do you understand?”

    “Yes daddy, but what if some of the guys see me (referring to the ranch hands)?”

    “You have a beautiful body darlin’, and it should be shared. If any of those men see you, you act nice, and talk to them just how you normally would. I’ve spoken to them. They know what I need them to know. You just do as they say, and everything will be alright. You don’t do as they say, and I WILL here about it.”

    “Yes, daddy,” I said quietly. Daddy then rode his horse off to the ranch, leaving me there naked, with my ass filled with this butt plug. It was a long walk back to the ranch, and I think a couple of the guys might have seen me down the road, but they weren’t nearby. They just waved, and I waved back, and kept walking. When I got back to the ranch, I did run into one of the guys at the barn. He was a big man, about 6’5” tall, towering abouve my 5’4”. He was only about 2 feet away from me when I noticed him. He looked me up and down, and smiled.

    “Damn girl, you’re lookin’ mighty fine today. Happy Birthday, I’ll be seein’ you tonight at your party.”

    I smiled back a bit, blushing and embaressed that he had seen me that way even though he didn’t seem to mind. I walked back in the house to find daddy. I found him in the shower, and I pulled back the door just a bit.

    “Daddy, can you please take this out of me now so I can get showered and ready?”

    “Sure darlin’, just come in the shower with daddy, and I’ll take it out. I pulled off my boots and stepped into the shower. The cool water felt great against my skin. “Now, bend over and grab your ankles.” I did as he said, and he pulled on the butt plug until it was about half way out, and then pushed it back in hard. I screamed. He did this several times, before removing it with a ‘pop’. He smacked my ass lightly, told me to get cleaned up, and got out of the shower taking the plug with him.

    I cleaned myself up, shaved everything, grabbed my towel, and headed to my bedroom. I went in, closing the door behind me. I sat down on my bed, and I laid back thinking about the days events. My ass still was so sore, my pussy ached, and my nipples were stiff and hard, still aching from all the fondling. I must have laid there for a while, and drifted off into a light sleep dreaming of how my party would be that evening.

    **to be continued**

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    I am very fond of daddy daughter stories.
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    Post Daddy's Little Girl... Ch 3

    I awoke as the door slammed open. It was Daddy, and he looked a bit upset.

    "What the hell are you doin' Darlin? Get that pretty little ass up and get yourself dressed!" He threw a little sundress on the bed, and I reached over to grab it. My body was still sore, and the days events were coming back to me. I felt like I had slept forever, but it had only been about 40 minutes.

    I slipped the dress over my head, and stood in front of the mirror tying the stings on the front that held it on. I brushed my hair, slipped on some sandals and headed downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs I could already smell the barbeque going. I saw a few of the ranch hands around it as I walked out the door, and saw that most of the men were there, and hanging around the barn. It seemed there were close to all sixteen of them there.

    I walked in the barn looking for daddy, and I noticed it had been cleared out, and cleaned up. There were a bunch of chairs, and 2 large tables, one with a lot of presents all over it, and the other was empty except for the red tablecloth. I saw daddy in the corner talking to a man that I didn't quite recognize at first. I walked closer and realized it was my step brother Robert. Rob had been off in the city for about 6 years or so. He was my step daddy's son from his first marriage. We were close when I was really little, but not so much since he left.

    I approached them, and Rob turned to me and gave me a big hug and said, "Happy Birthday!"

    "Thank you," I said, and noted that we hadn't seen him around for a long time.

    "Dad wanted me to be here to help you enjoy your special day," Rob said, and besides, I just had to see for myself how much my little step-sister had grown up." He stepped back and looked me up and down. He gave dad a wink and a smile, and then said he had a gift for me in his car and he had to get it. He walked off out of the barn, and daddy told me to have a seat, and he pointed at the chairs set up behind the empty table. I sat down, and a couple of the guys brought me a plate of food, and they poured a glass of champagne. Daddy made a toast, and everybody was eating, and drinking, and just having a good time.

    When I was done with my food, daddy suggested I open my presents. The table was cleared in front of me, and the first present was set in front of me. Daddy stopped me just as I was about to rip into it.

    "Now honey, as you open these, keep in mind I gave the guys instructions to give you gifts that would be appropriate for your blossoming womanhood." I winced at the word 'womanhood', and not understanding exactly what he meant, I continued at the present. It was a thin box, in the shape of a small rectangle. I ripped through the bow, and pulled off the top to find a silky sheer teddy wrapped up in white tissue paper. My eyes widened and my cheeks reddened as I looked up to see all eyes on me. Opening this up.

    "Stand up darlin', and hold it up so we all can get a peek," daddy said.

    I stood up, and held it up to my chest. It was very sheer, and made me feel kind of sexy to think all these guys were imaging me dressed only in this. Rob handed me the next one, it was a medium sort of bag, with a few ribbons attached to the top. There was no tag saying who it was from. I pulled apart the ribbons, reached in and felt something hard and plastic. I was shocked.

    "Pull it out already!" Someone yelled from the back.

    I closed my eyes, and pulled this huge vibrating dildo from the bag. Complete with extra batteries. I was so embarrassed, and set it down quickly. I looked over and saw daddy smiling. It seemed he was getting a kick out of my embarrassment. Rob handed me the next present, it was a big square box. I opened it up, and there were all sorts of things. Oils, and lotions, tons of condoms, and handcuffs. There was a black silk blindfold, and fuzzy cuffs. There was also a bar about 2 feet long, and nipple clamps. I explained that there was just too much to hold up for everyone to see, and daddy said he would put them out on the table for everyone to look at later.

    I opened a few more presents containing small lingerie items, some nipple less, some crotch less, all tiny. More presents containing more toys, a butt plug, some anal beads, a couple of porno movies. Everything was sex related. Then daddy gave me the last box. This one was long and skinny; I opened it to find a whip of some sort, with a long black handle holding 9 long skinny black leather strands. Daddy grinned marvelously, and offered me a piece of cake before the 'fun began'. Not sure what he had in mind, I accepted the cake and ate slowly. All the men were in little groups whispering, and moving the chairs around in a large circle around the table where I was sitting. Daddy had set out all my presents on the table where they had been before, and he brought me a few of the pieces of lingerie.

    He leaned down and whispered to me, "Take these, go around the corner, and get yourself changed. You're going to show these men what a woman you have become today."

    "But, daddy. . ."

    "Do, it!" He interrupted, and I grabbed them, and ran off to the side of the barn. It was dark outside now, and I could barely see what he had given me. I slipped on the panties under my dress, and felt the coolness of the air on my pussy lips, and knew they were crotch less. Wasn't much to 'em at all 'cept a few stings here and there. The other part was a black teddy. It had a bra part that clasped in the front, and opening where my nipples were. I clipped it together, and the sheer material only came down far enough to cover half of my ass. I stood there for a minute trembling. There was no way I could just walk in there like this.

    Just then daddy walked out to find me. He was carrying a short robe with him, and told me to drape it over my shoulders. I put it on, and he walked me back into the barn. Every eye was on me. Daddy led me in front of the table, and faced me towards everybody. He then reached up from behind me and snatched the robe off my body. My hands instinctively went up to cover my nipples and daddy pulled them back down to my sides.

    "Take a good long look at this young one," he said to the men. I looked around the room, and I could tell that the men were getting excited. Some were rubbing themselves through their jeans, some were licking their lips, and all looked like they wanted a piece of me.

    Rob came up to me and sat me down on the table. He pressed his lips against mine and kissed me deeply. I was quite surprised! That was the last thing in the world I was expecting. He moved around behind me and started to caress my shoulders and neck. I was very frightened alone with all these men staring at me. Then Rob covered my eyes with a dark silk blindfold. It succeeded in cutting out my vision entirely. I could see nothing but black. I tried to hear what was going on around me, but heard nothing but some people moving about. I really couldn’t tell who or where.

    In a mocking voice I heard Rob say, “Happy Birthday, sis.”

    Hands grabbed me pulling me up off the table. Now standing, the hands leaned me over the side of the table. They locked my wrists into some type of soft cuffs attached to either side of the table. I then felt hands on my ankles. They were fastening my ankles to cuffs, and my ankles were being held apart by something, I could not tell what. Horrible things were running through my mind… what were they going to do to me?





    Pain jolted me away from my thoughts as burning streaks slapped across my bare ass. Someone was spanking me with what I could only imagine to be the one I had received as a present.


    “Three!” they shouted.

    There was a pause, and noises that seemed like the whip being handed to someone else.


    “Four!” A different voice shouted.

    The spanking continued, now even harder than before. I squirmed against my restraints but with no luck. My ass was burning, and I was screaming with each slap.



    It continued until eighteen. At that point my ass felt like it was on fire. Although there was a little bit of it that did kind of excite me, I was so glad they stopped.

    Suddenly I felt hands rubbing across my ass. They felt so soothing and gentle. I could feel a quiver in my pussy, and I knew that I was sopping wet. The hands continued on my ass, and I felt one move down in between my legs. The fingers were moving slowly around my pussy making me quiver and squirm.

    Here I was bent over, pussy and ass exposed tied to this table in front of all these men. I had no idea who was doing these things to me, and who wasn’t. The fingers parted my pussy lips and slid deep inside me.

    “She’s very ready,” I heard. The fingers pulled out of my pussy, and moved there way up a bit to my ass. I tried pulling back but was held motionless. A finger pushed it’s way into my ass and I cried out. It hurt quite a bit as another finger joined the first and started pumping their way in & out. My screams of pain were succumbing to the moans of pleasure as I could feel myself ready to orgasm.

    The fingers pulled out of me, and something a bit harder was pushed up against my asshole. It didn’t feel big enough to be a cock, and I figured it was another butt plug. They worked it inch by inch in and out of my ass. They would pull it out just a bit and then push it in deeper, and deeper. Finally, they pushed it entirely into me, when I heard my daddy’s voice.

    “I think that’s enough playing boys.” I felt my daddy slide his hand down my back and slap my ass. Then not but a few seconds later he grabbed my hips and thrust his cock fully into me.

    I screamed, “Owwwww Daddy!” He pumped his cock in and out of me furiously as I moaned and screamed. My pussy and ass tightening around their invaders with every pump of his cock. My moaning got louder, I could feel myself getting close.

    “Daddy, daddy, I’m gonna cum.” He fucked me harder, and harder. The picture of all these men standing around watching me get fucked flashed through my mind, and I came. I screamed and bucked around like one of the wild horses. I came hard, seconds after that my daddy pulled his cock from my pussy and sprayed his cum all over my ass. I heard clapping, and a bit of laughter.

    Someone wiped his cum from my ass, and proceeded to undo the snaps and clips that were holding the tiny pieces of clothes I was wearing. In a minute I was completely naked. Another cock pressed into my pussy. I didn’t know who this was. He fucked me harder than my daddy did. And he slapped my ass repeatedly as he thrust into me. He came hard, deep in my pussy, and I could feel my writs being untied from the table.

    I was excited that this might finally be over, when my hands were only fastened to each other, and I was pushed down towards the floor. I landed on something like an old mattress, and before I could flinch there were hands everywhere. Grabbing my tits, running down my back, sliding along my pussy. I couldn’t even tell how many men were around me.

    A hand tangled itself in my hair and pulled hard on the back of my head pressing a cock against my lips. I took it in my mouth and I felt fingers moving around my pussy. The butt plug was pulled out quickly and one of the men got under me and pulled me on top of his cock. Other hands pressed me down on him, and more hands grabbed at my hips pressing another cock against my asshole. The cock in my mouth shoved deep inside, and held my head with my nose pressed against his thick pubic hair. The cock in my pussy slammed into me, just as the cock at my asshole pushed into me. I was screaming around the cock in my mouth. It all hurt so much, and felt so good. They fucked me like this for hours, I could only imagine taking turns. I lost consciousness several times and they continued. They were still fucking me when I came around. I came again and again, and the men had cum all over me. My mouth, pussy, and ass were full of their cum. I felt so lightheaded, so dizzy. With cocks still in all my holes, hours later, I passed out for good.

    When I woke up, it was still dark. I was still laying on the mattress, I could feel dry cum in my hair and all over my body. I felt that I was no longer restrained, and I pulled the blindfold off, and the morning light flooded in. I could tell the sun was pretty high, and it must be kind of late. I was completely alone in the barn, but I thought I could hear voices off in the distance somewhere. I stood up slowly, my body ached everywhere, and looked around for some clothes. Not finding any, I walked to the door, and slowly looking around, I ran out towards the house completely naked. I went in, opened the door, and I walked in on daddy and a bunch of the other men sitting around the table eating breakfast.

    I felt so humiliated. These men had all fucked me silly the night before. Now here I was standing in front of them still naked and covered in their dried up cum.

    “Have a seat, and with us Darlin’,” daddy said.

    “But daddy…” I said looking down at myself.

    He cut me off, “Sit!”

    I sat down and let out a bit of a yelp. My pussy and ass were quite sore. The men chuckled a bit and I could feel all eyes on me. I ate quickly as the men made small talk and then asked if I could be excused to go wash up.

    “But why darlin’ what have you got all over you?” Daddy asked mockingly.

    “Cum daddy, I have cum all over me.”

    The men burst out in laughter, and daddy told me to go wash up, and he would need to talk to me that afternoon about hat my ‘new duties’ would be around the ranch.

    I ran up the stairs into my room and jumped in the shower. The water felt so good washing it all away. I had no idea how I felt about it all. It felt so good, but I felt humiliated and violated too. I wondered just what daddy would say my ‘new duties’ were.

    ** to be continued...**
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    loved the story. keep up the great masterbatory works
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    Very nice...keep them coming.
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    Nice, I dont know how I have missed this one.
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    Default I don't know how I missed it either.

    I love those daddy/daughter stories, and this one is good and hot.
    Good work.
    The perverted shit that I enjoy writing. http://stories.xnxx.com/profile364111/
    I also write under this name. http://stories.xnxx.com/profile313531/Rebeca+Lewis
    I love comments.

    Oh yeah, and pictures of my cock for people who are into that sort of thing.
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    Post Daddy's Little Girl ... Chapter 5

    Continueing story............ ENJOY!!

    After my shower, I went in my room and saw that my dad had left some clothes for me on the bed. I threw on the tight little white blouse, no bra; short plaid skirt, no panties, and white knee socks. I then headed back down stairs to look for daddy. He was nowhere to be found. I thought I heard some noises in the bathroom, so I went and tapped on the door.

    There was no reply, not even a sound. I knocked a bit harder, and hearing nothing once more, I opened the door. My eyes popped open wide as the door swung open and I saw my step-brother Rob sitting on the edge of the bathtub full of water, rubbing his cock. It was huge, and looked rock hard. He looked up at me standing there, smiled, and kept right on stroking his cock.

    “Don’t look so surprised sis.”

    “I… I, I’m not,” I stuttered.

    “Come here and sit next to me.”


    “Now!” He shouted.

    I went and sat next to him on a little step stool beside the bathtub. Rob’s cock was eye level as he sat there stroking it. I was breathing heavy, getting a bit excited. Rob noticed. He took my hand, and wrapped my fingers around his cock. He smiled at me as I started sliding my hand back and forth. Rubbing around the tip, then back down and up his shaft. His cock seemed to grown even bigger.

    “Put it in your mouth.” He said, and pulled my head towards him. I opened my mouth wide, and his cock slipped between my lips. I flicked my tongue across the tip as his cock strained against my lips stretching them wide. I could taste his pre cum, as I sat there in front of him, sucking and slurping at his cock.

    Rob angled his head back, and I could hear that he was enjoying himself, so I continued sucking with vigor. I was really enjoying it this time. I could feel my pussy getting wet. Almost as if Rob could read my mind he reached down and slid his hand up my leg and brushed my pussy. I hadn’t worn panties, and he seemed quite pleased. I let out a soft moan as his fingers parted my pussy lips and flicked against my clit.

    “You’re so wet sis, you love it don’t you?” I didn’t answer, just looked up with a smile in my eyes and his cock slipping in and out of my mouth.

    Rob grabbed my shoulders, pulled me up so I was standing and then started unbuttoning my shirt. He pulled it open, and my bare breasts popped out. My nipples instantly hard as the cool air touched them. He took my breasts in his hands and roughly pushed me against the wall. With my nipples between his fingers, he squeezed until they ached, and then reached one hand down lifting my short skirt and grabbed my ass. He crouched down and bit, and I felt the tip of his cock push against my pussy. He pushed harder, and entered me. He reached around, grabbed my ass, and pulled me up on his cock.

    His cock was in me so deep, my full weight supported by his cock and his hands on my ass. He pulled back, and slammed his cock up into me. He did this again, and then got his rhythm going. He was fucking me harder then I’d ever been fucked. I was screaming out loud, it felt so good, and hurt too. I could feel his fingers searching for my asshole as he pounded his cock up into me. His fingers found there mark and one slid up into my tight ass.

    “Aggghh!” I screamed.

    “”You know you love it,” he said and pulled me off his cock and set me on the ground. He grabbed my hair at the back of my head, turned me away from him over the tub, and pushed me down on my knees with my head just inches above the water. His hands roamed my ass, and then SMACK!

    “Ouch!” I screamed. He laughed just a bit, and then slapped my ass again. I tried to pull away, but he had me pinned between him and the tub. He pushed my legs apart with his knees, and slowly slid his cock into my ass. The pain was excruciating and I bucked and tried to push back, but his cock kept pushing slowly in.

    “Ow Rob, owwww! That hurts!”

    “I know.” He again grabbed the hair at the back of my head and told me to take a breath.

    “What? Wh…” Was all I got out before he pushed my head down under the water. I fought back and tried to pull his hands from my hair but it was no use. He slammed his cock deep in my ass. Struggling for air I still managed to scream out under the water.

    He pulled my head up out of the water and I gasped for air. He slammed into me again, and let out a growl.

    “Breathe!” He again commanded. This time I took a big breath as he again pushed my head under the water. Slamming his cock in my ass harder and harder. I let out my breath, and he kept pounding into me. I couldn’t breathe and he was fucking me so hard. Again I struggled to get my head out to the water, but he held it there steady. When I stopped fighting, he pulled my head up out of the water, still fucking me in the ass. It seemed like forever that he repeated this. Every time he pulled my head out of the water I gasped for air not knowing how long it would be until the next breath.

    Again he pushed my head under the water, and this time I could feel him lam hard and deep into me and then his hot cum shoot deep in my ass. He pushed harder and harder until his load was spent and then pulled his cock out of my ass. He then let go of my hair and I pulled my head up out of the water gasping. Rob leaned down, kissed me on the forehead, grinned and said “That was great.” Then he pulled his jeans up and walked out of the bathroom leaving me soaking wet, sitting on the floor, blouse open, skirt around my waist, and my step-brothers cum seeping from my ass.

    I managed to get myself cleaned up rather quickly, and walked out into the living room. I saw daddy sitting on the couch. I was walking a bit funny cause my ass still hurt. Daddy noticed and snickered a bit.

    “I see your brother has already had you doing chores.” I smiled. “Come here and sit on my lap Darlin’. I walked over and sat down gently, my bare ass rubbing against his rough jeans.

    “Well, I told ya that you’d be havin’ some new chores around here, and I’m serious about that. Now that you’re a woman, you will be expected to do your fair share.”

    “Of course, Daddy,” I said.

    “However, I realize that you have been raised here on this ranch around men, and so you never got the benefit of having another woman’s influence on you. You never had another woman to show you the proper ways to act.” I nodded. “I’ve found a school for you…”

    “But, daddy!” I interrupted, “I’m eighteen now! I’m done with school!”

    “Don’t interrupt your father young lady!” He scolded, “Now, this school is different then your other school. This is a finishing school of sorts. I’ve spoken with them already, and they will teach you all about what your new duties will be around here. They are a strict school, but I’ve heard from a couple of my friends that they have done excellent work with their daughters.”

    I sat there silent, not knowing what to say. Daddy slipped his hand up under my skirt and slid his fingers around my smooth pussy.

    “I will be taking you to see the school doctor in a while, all the girls have to see the doctor before enrollment. Then, I will take you to a private orientation with the head master. I trust you will be on your best behavior, and do what ever you are told to do. Do you understand?” Daddy flicked his finger rapidly across my clit as I tried to answer.

    “Yes Daddy, I understand.” I let out with a whimper. He continued rubbing my pussy and flicking at my clit.

    “That’s good Darlin’.” He picked up the pace with his fingers, and I started moaning. My pussy was dripping wet, and I thrusted and grinded against his finger.

    “Oh daddy, that feels so good. . . Oh daddy. . . Oh. . .” I thrashed wildly and came hard right there on his lap. Breathless, I looked up at him, and said, “Thank You, Daddy.”

    “You’re welcome Darlin’. Now go get yourself cleaned up so we can go. Those clothes you’re wearing are your new school uniform.” I smiled, and went into the bathroom to clean up. I cleaned myself quickly, and I ran out of the bathroom and into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat.

    “Stop right there Darlin’. The school as requested that you refrain from eating, and only drink three large glasses of water before the appointment. Also, that you not use the bathroom until after your appointment.”

    “Why Daddy?”

    “I’m not sure Darlin’, but them’s the rules.”

    “Okay Daddy.” He poured me a large glass of water, and I drank it up. After I finished the other two glasses, we headed out in the door, and into the truck. I could already feel the water I had just drank straining on my bladder.

    “How far is it Daddy?”

    “Not too far Darlin’. Just about twenty miles or so.” That wasn’t too far, but at least half of it would be on a bumpy dirt road. “Unbutton your blouse and let daddy look at those pretty titty’s of yours while we drive there,” daddy said with a smile.”

    “Yes daddy,” I said reluctantly opening my blouse. The sun was warm on my breasts, and they bounced along the old road as we drove quietly off the ranch and toward the school.

    I couldn’t stop thinking about this new school, and what it would be like. I was a bit frightened. I knew it would have to be somewhere rural, like our ranch as that was all that was around for a good fifty miles any direction. And this was my uniform? The skirt barely covered my ass while I was standing, and I’m not supposed to be wearing panties? What the hell are they going to be teaching me anyway. And now, I have to go see a doctor? Ugh. . . I hate doctors.
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    great story, if your still around please continue with it.
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