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    Default Screwby Doo and the Case of Daphne's Stretched Ass

    "Hey gang, there's a gas station up ahead!" Fred said, driving down the road, pointing at the faint silhouette of a shabby gas station a few hundred yards ahead. What was visible was illuminated only be a dim light on the rafters above the walk-in clerk's desk. It was a small one, aside from the small clerk's hut, there was only one pump and it looked as though it hadn't be used for awhile.

    "Like zoinks!" bawled Shaggy, who was, in all honesty, scared of his own dick.

    "No Shaggy, it's nothing like zoinks. Nothing like it at all." Shot Velma, sarcastically.

    "It's a little rundown, but, like, we have no choice, Shag, the Mystery Machine is almost out of gas!" Exclaimed Daphne, pointing to the fuel gauge just as Fred pulled up next to the pump. The headlights on the groovy van lit up the street as it idled, uncovering what appeared to be a small town, one of those that composed of a single street and two rows of shops and houses, one on either side. There were no streetlights, as in, they had them, but none of them were on, and though the town looked deserted, there were a few cars parallel parked down the road. Fred got out of the van, leaving the headlights on so they could see a little better.

    "Hello? Hellloooo? Anyone out there?" He shouts, "tubing" his hands around his mouth for more volume. Nothing. Not a sound other than a piece of newspaper being blown in the cool night air. Daphne knocked on the dusty window and peered inside. Nobody. Velma meanwhile examined the concrete flooring of the old station. It was dirty, but there were a separate set of tire tracks. If the town was as deserted as it looked, the wind would've blown it away by now. It had to be recent, she thought to herself.

    "Like, zoinks! Like, where is everyone, man?" Shaggy said, scared as usual.

    "Look at this!" Velma pointing out the tire tracks, squatting which remained a little painful for her after that episode with Scoob a few days ago. "Tire tracks... someone must've been here recently! Maybe they know what happened to the people in this town!"

    "And look over here! Foot prints! More than one pair too, I counted three, and one pair is alot smaller than the other two, it looks like there was a struggle!" Fred added, noting the tracks led to and from the clerks desk.

    "R'uh-r'oh!" Scooby yiped, hopping out of the side door of the van, trotting up to the tracks and sniffing them, giving a smug look to Velma, who blushed. He put his sniffer to the ground, butt in her face, showing off his low hanging sac teasingly. He hadn't forgotten, no sir. He wantonly sniffed around and pointed out in the same direction the tracks were going. "Rey rent RAT RAY!" Scooby said, pointing with his nose.

    "Yes Scooby, we know, we saw the tracks." Said Daphne, patting his head, smiling. Scooby leered up at her, though she didn't see it herself.

    "Well gang, the Mystery Machine isn't going anywhere, so we have to investigate on foot." Fred said, grabbing a flashlight from the glove box. "Shaggy, Velma, come with me. Daphne, you and Scooby-Doo search for more clues around here, keep an eye out in case anyone comes back!" He ordered, promptly leaving with the other two.

    This was an odd turn of events, not the fact that the town was almost abandoned, that was odd, but the fact Fred hadn't had her go with him as he always does! Had he lost interest? Was it something she did? Many explanations ran through her head, worrying her deeply. Scooby on the other hand climbed into the back of the van to go back to sleep. Maybe. Daphne was too caught up in the moment to look for clues, shrugging of the task that.. that... JERK had appointed her, she felt like she wanted to cry, but she sucked it up.

    Opening the passenger side door, Daphne entered, flipping one of the overhead lights on, careful not to disturb Scoob, who was kicking his leg in his sleep. She reached down beside her in her stylish, yet casual purse and grabbed her makeup kit, flipping down the visor and opening it's mirror. She wanted to make sure she looked good for when Fred returned, that would get his attention! She knew she shouldn't have worn a bra today, but they constantly bouncing and jiggled, impeding her running ability and her overall mobility. She began precisely applying the blush and mascara, not too much though, she didn't want to look like a whore. She added liberal doses around her eyes and her cheeks and near her jawline. She then grabbed the lipstick,
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    Fuck, it cut the rest off. I'll finish it.
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    and raised it to her lips, tracing them gently, once more, not adding too much.

    Suddenly, lights began reflecting in all of the mirrors! Headlights! She turned around, witnessing a large, decrepit Cadillac barreling down the road, towards them. She locked the doors, diving into the cargo area, hiding in the shadows, startling Scoob who she promptly pushed into a corner, sandwiching him between her and the wall. She could hear the car screeching to a stop beside them followed by a large cloud of dust and the sound of two doors opening and slamming as the car rumbled off.

    "Ehh, wut we gawt ere?" Said one heavily accented redneck voice, belonging to a large, fat man.

    "Eeh luks like a cahr, Clem." Stated a younger, smaller, skinnier one.

    "Wooooow, you must beh some kind a sky-en-tist, dumbas! Peopuhl must be round ere somewures! No wun in da cahr!" He pointed out, peering into the car, not seeing anyone thanks to Daphne's quick thinking. All Daphne heard after that was the two men running off into the distance towards town, leaving their car behind so they didn't alert the gang to their presence.

    "Oh no! Those guys must be behind the disappearan.." She cut herself off, feeling something on her chest. "Scooby! What are you...?"

    Turning her head, she was interrupted by Scooby doing something she didn't expect, kissing her. Well, kissing her as well as a dog could. His massive tongue filled her mouth, combing over every inch of her succulent kisser. Her cheeks bulged as he ran his tongue roughly over the inside of them. Her eyes were bulging out of her head, feeling his tongue slithering down his throat, she was too shocked to budge. Aside from that, his perverted paws were massaging her ample chest, squeezing, tugging, rotating, pushing them together through her dress and bra.

    Regaining her composure, she shoved away, stumbling and falling onto her back.

    "Ow! W-What are you doing Scooby?! Have you lost your mind?!" She shot at him in a firm voice, hoping to get control of him. But no later than she finished the last syllable, he was upon her, pinning her arms down with his strong front paws, grinning wide and sadistically.

    "Rime gonna ruck rour RASS!" He blurted out, spinning quickly, his back end hovering over her face as he squatted. To her absolute shock, his Scooby Snack was out, all the way, fully erect and 10 inches at least. It was throbbing hard, and had to be as wide as her wrist, the knot was at least twice that. Whilst balancing on one paw, he used the other to point it downwards, luckily, being a dog, he could point it all the way behind him. He then proceeded to slowly lower himself towards her mouth, cock homing in like a missile, only to meet her lips.

    "Ramnit! R'open your routh!" He shot out.

    "Mm-Mm!" She denied, pinned, shaking her head.

    He bit her leg to coax her along, but not enough to really harm her. She yelped in pain and he took the oppurtunity, expertly manvuering his fat dong through her teasing lips, listening to it wetly slide in. In retaliation, she beat on the back of his legs but he barely felt it. She got an eyeful of his sac, literally, his hefty pool-ball sized balls resting on her eyes as he came to the knot, which he knew she couldn't take.

    "R'awwwwww reah!" He moaned out, laying his front half down, his back half still propped up, cock down Daph's throathole. He could hear her choking, which he hadn't anticipated, he had guessed he gag reflex had long been gone. He quickly pulled out to the tip, Daphne hacking and coughing, begging him to stop, but of course, he didn't, pushing back deep into her throat. Getting into a rhythm, he moved his back end up and down, balls bouncing and swaying, beating on Daphne's pretty face as he worked her over real good. He was in a state of euphoria from the warm and wetness of her mouth and throat.

    "R'eah Raphne! Ruck ry rock deeeeeep!" He moaned, fucking her face like a jackhammer. The froth building aup around her lips began ran all directions down her face, so much so it looked like she had rabies. The beating his balls were taking made it feel even better, it was pleasburable and didn't hurt in a painful way and his cock had become smeared red with his lipstick.

    He was in the perfect position and he needed to act now. He pulled from her mouth and quickly rolled her onto her shoulder blades, knees to her ears. She wasn't wearing any panties, something Scooby had smelt and saw since he had met her. Her pussy was somewhat hairy and the juice pouring from it had drenched her ginger pubes. He was getting high off the smell of sex from her juicing pussy. Her lips and cheeks were coated in the frothy brew he created by using his Scooby Snack as a wisk in her mouth.

    He saw what he wanted though, her adorable pucker, pink and unbroken. Not for long though, Scooby saw to it. He brought a finger to his mouth, twisted it and sucked on it for a moment, pulling it from his mouth with a loud reverbant 'POP!', soaked with spit. He then placed it at her ass, poking it tauntingly, listening to her plead not to "break the seal", so to speak.

    "Scooby! Please! I'll do anything! I'll suck you off! Let you fuck my pussy!" She begged, gripping his back legs.

    Scooby sat himself on the backside of her thighs, pinning her down for the penetration. He pushed on her pucker with his finger, careful not to scratch her with his claw, watching as she opened up and swallowed his thick, but short, finger. She moaned, even this finger was wide to her. He began working her with it, fucking her slow and hard, making sure she was loosened up and lubed. The schulching sound filled the van, her ass queefing every so often.

    She was ready. Scooby raised himself up off of her, just enough so he could position his missile at her bunker. Quickly pulling his finger from her, he replaced it with the tip of his lipstick like cock. The howl she let out as he pushed into her could've been heard from the moon, yet, miracously no one came running. Triumphantly, he sat on her ass, cock almost all the way in, looking over his shoulder, her face twisted in a grimace, trying desperately to hold in a scream. She had every right to, his girth was fat, her ass rim strained to take it and turned from a pale pink into a bright red as it did so.

    He began bouncing up and down on her, working his shaft to the hilt every time, knowing his knot probably was not going to fit. His tail wagging, obviously he was enjoying himself. He leaned forward, holding himself using the indoor fender from one of the back tires, and began viciously fucking her sweet hole, panting heavily.

    "R'oh r'eh! Roo rike that?!" He groaned, ass working rhythmically like a belly dancer as he humps her. "Rime ronna rum!" He moaned out, his assfucking jackhammering even faster, jiggling and rippling her cute ass wantonly.

    "Ret r'up! Ret r'up!" He ordered, dismounting her, leaving her asscunt a gaping mess, spinning around and grabbing her shoulder and helping the dazed dame sit up just in time to catch the first blast of watery sperm. It sprayed up her nose, in her right eye and across her forehead into her beautiful red hair. He began pawing his cock, giving it nice, big, full strokes as he milked out his cum. A rope shot out and just splatted against her check, another hit her forehead, draped down to her lips and back up in a raindrop shape. Using a paw to cup her chin and pucker her mouth open, her points his cock in and like a sharpshooter, shoots nearly the entire rope of salty dog sperm in.

    "R'eh! Rour retting a rice racial!" He moaned. He didn't want to waste anymore of his precious dog milk, so he stuffed his cock into her mouth just as another shot came out. It hit the back of her throat and make her cough, sending that and the next blast up opposite of her tummy through her air track, snotting them out both nostrils. The rest of his juice dribbled out and down her throat as he let out a sigh of relief. 16 oz of relief.

    "Hey! What's going on here?... Daphne?" Came a voice. In his state of cumming, Scooby hadn't even heard the side down open though he was facing it.

    "Jinkies!... I... can't even make a witty statement!" Exclaimed Velma.

    "Like zoinks!... you zoinked Daphne!"

    And beside them was an old lady, short, wearing what appeared to be a gas station uniform shirt, along with a police officer and the two baddies. They couldn't see his cock, just the back of Daph's head which was being held at crotch level.

    Scooby Dooby DOOOO!
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    That was awesome! You have some impressive talent! I'd recommend going into more detail on the anal parts (I'm obsessed with anal, pardon me), but I definitely came after reading this one, and then your Velma one. And after reading so many stories, I have the worst case of blue balls ever.
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