Hi everyone. This isn't a totally original story, rather an unofficial sequel to something I read a little while ago. The original story is in two parts, named 'Horny Peeping Sister' on Textfiles.com's erotica section. You're not allowed to post proper links until you have ten posts, but I hope nobody minds too much here given it's not advertising


If you don't wanna read that entire thing, all you really need to know is that it focuses on an incestuous family, consisting of Julia, Becky, Jim, and Tom. Julia's the mother, Jim's the father, Becky's the daughter, and Tom's the son.

If you do read the original, Julia might appear OOC, but seeing as she only appears at the end of the story and wasn't fleshed out properly I decided to go a slightly different way with her.

Hope you enjoy the story. CC is appreciated, as this is the first story I've really ever written.

Anyways, enough talk, more pron!


Becky was staying home today, much to her brother's detest. "I'll get you some breakfast, just get into bed and relax" Julia said, whisking her daughter away.
After walking Becky upstairs, Julia went back down and put some bread in the toaster, grabbing the jam out of the fridge. Calling the school didn't take very long and before she knew it the toast was finished.
Julia scooped out a thick gob of strawberry jam and popped it on the toast. Spreading it evenly, she put the jam away and started carrying the plate upstairs.

Opening up Becky's door, she stepped into the room and smiled at her lying daughter. Sitting down on the bed, Julia held the plate out in front of her daughter. Becky grabbed the plate and began to munch on her toast, Julia looking down and smiling at her.
"Mmm, this is delicious." Becky said, taking another bite. "You know, I've noticed something when we're having fun together," Julia said, catching her daughter's attention. "Is it just me," she continued, using her hand to brush the hair out of Becky's eyes, "or do you like being used by all of us?" Looking her in the eyes.
Becky looked confused for a second, before blushing and staring down, avoiding her mother's eyes before replying "Mom! W-what on earth would make you think... that?", putting emphasis on the last word.
Giving a small laugh, Julia replied "It's nothing to be ashamed of honey... Infact, your mother likes it as well sometimes. I just want to help you open up to the rest of the family like you all helped me."
Feeling her mother's hand slowly trace down the side of her face, Becky replied "But, how did-" "Getting yourself into the middle of everybody like you do, always telling Daddy to fuck you harder... It wasn't that well hidden you know." Julia said, interrupting her daughter's question.
Seeing Becky's beet-red face look down even further, Julia grinned and decided to have some more fun with her daughter. "I'm going to be back later, call me if you need anything." she said, hopping off the bed and walking out, leaving the door open a crack.
Walking into her own room, Julia started searching through her bedside drawers.

After mumbling a goodbye, Becky looked up towards her door and saw Julia walking out. Thinking about what her mother said, Becky felt her pussy getting warm. "She's right though..." She admitted to herself, thinking about last time the family had fun together.
"Fucking me as hard as they want, that'd be fun." Becky said quietly, rubbing her fingers against her panties. Thinking about all the things she wanted from her family, Becky started talking just a little louder, confident her mother couldn't hear her downstairs.

Finally finding what she was looking for, Julia grinned and collected a few toys scattered around the place, sliding the drawers closed.
Walking out into the hallway, she started moving back towards Becky's room. Hearing someone talking, she slowed down and approached her daughter's door, pushing it open slightly to look inside.
Julia peered inside and saw her daughter laying down, her skirt flicked up and panties around her ankles. Becky was pumping four fingers in and out of her pussy, a look of ecstasy covering her face and a clear liquid coating her hand.
Giving a grin, Julia pushed her daughter's door open and quietly slid inside. Becky had her eyes closed and said "I want them to call me names, to use me like their fucktoy." Julia smiled at her daughter and dumped the assorted toys and materials onto the bed, halfway between Becky's open legs and the foot-board.
Gasping and pulling her hand from her pussy, Becky's eyes jerked open and saw her mother smiling at her. "Having fun?" Julia asked, before grabbing her daughter's hand. Becky looked at her in bewilderment, her face becoming near luminescent red and glancing towards the end of the bed.
Bringing Becky's hand to her mouth, Julia rummaged through the materials she bought. Grabbing a double-ended dildo, Julia thrust one end into her daughter's embarrassed mouth. She stuffed a little more inside than she knew Becky could take, forcing it down into her daughter's throat and causing her to gag for a few seconds.

Feeling the dildo being pulled from her mouth, Becky shot her mother an angry look and asked "What was that all about?!"
"You said you wanted to be treated like a fucktoy. Did you change your mind, slut?" Julia asked, coldly smirking down at her daughter.
Becky simply laid there, dumbfounded at her mother's question. Her face still beet-red, she thought for a few seconds before replying "I didn't change my mind"
"You must call me mistress from now on, lest there be," She said the next word slowly and deliberately, "consequences." Julia lightly nudging the dildo into her cheek.
Becky looked up, replying "Uhh, yes... mistress," and giving the toy next to her a glance. "What happened to mom?" Becky asked herself, "It's like she's totally changed."
"What was that, fucktoy?" Julia asked, hearing her daughter talk under her breath. "Umm," Becky blurted out, "Nothing at all! ...mistress."
Julia thought for a second, "For lying to me, you must be punished," she said, rummaging through the materials still on the bed. Grabbing out a large smooth dildo, she thrust it towards Becky's mouth. "Suck on it" Julia said, bringing the double-ended one down.
Becky quickly bought her face forward and took the head of it into her mouth, grabbing it with both of her hands. "Close your eyes as well," She continued, making her daughter scrunch her eyes closed.
Letting go of the dildo in Becky's mouth, Julia positioned the saliva-covered end of the other right in front of her daughter's slit.
"Seeing how you enjoy cock so much, let's see how you enjoy this," Julia said before stuffing a good half of the double-ended dildo deep inside her daughter's wet cunt.
Letting out a small scream, Becky let go of the dildo and squirmed a little. Seeing the dildo fall from her daughter's mouth, Julia picked it up and roughly shoved it back inside.
Becky started sucking again and felt a hot tingling as her mother continued, "You can take more than this" Julia said, trying to stuff the dildo even further inside her daughter.
Seeing Becky start to writhe around, Julia brought the double-ended dildo out of her daughter's pussy before roughly shoving it inside several times before finally stuffing it as deep as it would go inside her daughter's cunt.
Becky let out a loud yowl, collapsing into her bed exhausted, letting the dildo in her hands roll out and fall to the ground.

Glancing to her daughter, Julia pulled the other dildo from deep inside Becky's pussy and popped the wet end into her own mouth. Looking down at her handiwork, Julia tucked Becky into her blankets.
Picking the assorted toys and materials from the bed, Julia placed them in plain view on top of her daughter's bedside table. Walking into the hallway, she sucked on the dildo coated in Becky's juices like a lollipop, closing her eyes and savouring it.
"Ah, we can have some more fun with her when everyone else gets home," Julia said, thinking about the rest of the family using her like she just did.