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    Default Let's play "RAPE ME!"

    Let’s play: “Rape Me!”
    This all started when I came home early one day and walked in the house thru the garage people door. As I burst in, the wife screamed! She said: “Oh my god, you scared the hell out of me!” She held her chest and gasp for breath as we laughed. She had just taken a shower and had only a towel around her and a towel around her long hair. She had just come into the kitchen for something.
    She looked so hot and sexy, she smelled so good, with that fresh shower. I got a evil idea.
    My wife has a hot figure, shapely legs and good sized tits. She’s slim and so hot looking with just that towel. I said:
    “Well, did we forget to lock the door.? That’s to bad lady. I’ve been watching you for weeks, peaking thru your windows, following you shopping and now I find you alone and half naked.”
    She looked at me and froze. She still was holding her hand to her chest from the scare. She slowly backed up against the refrigerator, clutching her towel. I slowly walked towards her. She began to breathe hard. I said: “Let’s just see what’s under that towel, lady.” She looked at me with panic in her eyes. She said:
    “You get the hell out of her mister!”

    “Now is that anyway to treat an admirer lady?”
    “Don’t even think about trying anything, you creep!”
    “Shhhhhh, don’t you yell out, I can’t wait to put my hands all over you?” She shivered, and gasped.
    “My husband will be home any minute now, he‘ll kill you!”
    “No he won’t, I know your husband, and I put something in his coffee at work. He’ll sleep in his car for the next 8 hours.” She looked at my hand rubbing my boner, her eyes wide open with panic.
    I walked quietly closer to her. She had that ‘scared shitless’ look on her face. I got next to her face and started kissing her neck . I whispered: “You smell good enough to eat.” and I slowly licked around her ear.….she mumbled ‘please don’t do that.’ Then she said:
    “Oh god, stop that, that gives me goose bumps, you slime!”
    “I see you have a couple of nice bumps under that towel, don’t you?”
    “They’re for my husband, not you, you creepy bastard!” I now whispered in her ear. “He’s not here, and your nice tits need attention.” I slowly reached out and turned her around. I put my hands around her and felt those nice big tits, as I breathed on the back her neck. I lifted her towel in the back and pushed my boner against her ass. She was really breathing hard now, her hands were trembling.
    “You wouldn’t dare do anything to me! It’s not my fault I make you crazy with desire for me. Don’t even think about taking my towel off, and feeling my bare breasts.”
    “Too late lady, now drop that towel, right now.”
    “NO!, I’m not going to help you molest me.”
    I slowly reached around her and un-tucked her towel at her cleavage. I let it slowly descend down her body giving her hot chills, and tossed it aside. I watch the goose bumps crawl up her neck. I pulled the towel off her long hair, and tossed that aside. I pushed her up against the refrig., and pushed my hardon against her ass tight. I felt those wonderful tits as she leaned her head back on me. “Oh god, don’t do that, mister, your making me all horny, and I hate that! My husband will kill you for touching his property.”
    I said: “Give me your hand lady.” I put her hand on my warm boner. Her hand was shaking as she felt it. Then she jerked it away. She muttered: “your disgusting”.
    “Let’s take a little walk to your bedroom, little miss married bitch teaser,” as I move my hand to her pussy.
    “I didn’t tease you, your just a dirty man….Oh…god.. ….please don’t touch my vagina like that,” She said.
    I grabbed her wet hair and walked her to the bedroom, holding her firm from behind. She tried to break away, she fought me all the way. I whispered: “Hold still, bitch!”
    “Is this where he makes love to you?”
    “He’s a wonderful lover, not a rapist like you!”
    “Shut up, miss high and mighty, and lie on the bed face down.”
    “I won’t do it!” I pushed her onto the bed, and held her down. I put her arms out and spread her legs.
    “Now stay that way, or I’ll tie your wrists and ankles that way.”
    “What are going to do, you sick raper.”
    “I’m going to get you ready for the best fuck you’ve ever had, lady.”
    “Ohhhhh! ….you wouldn’t DARE!”
    I tried to kick me with her legs, but I held her down. I started licking her. She shivered over and over. I kept going and licked her body, as she moaned. She was trembling now. I said: “Don’t you move lady.“ I took my clothes off, laid on her back.
    “Get off me, you pervert!, your hurting me!”
    “That’s the idea, I’m going to ‘get off’ in your hot little pussy, lady”
    “You’re a nasty man, don’t you dare put your cock in my vagina!”
    “You talk to much, maybe you need something in your mouth to suck on.”
    “OH…your filthy!, I’m a lady and lady’s don’t put men’s cock’s in there mouths.”
    “You’ll beg to suck my dick, when I’m done with you.”
    “What are doing back there with my vagina?” I pulled her soft hips up a little and slipped my dick in her warm pussy. Wow, she was wet! Her pussy was hot and ready, and she moaned, “Please stop, mister. Don‘t have sex with me, my vagina is for my husband only. Now get off me!”
    Her face was red as she tried to catch her breath, moaning …”Don’t cum in me please, and don’t make me climax with you.” she gasped out.
    I had never seen my wife this hot and worked up before. She humped back on my dick deep and moaned so sweet. I held her arms tightly.

    “If you have to do me, get it over with, do me fast at least! Fuck me hard, and at least massage my tits and nipples.”
    We fucked like wild rabbits in heat, moaning and squirming. She bucked like a mule. Suddenly, she tried to get away. I pulled her back. She moaned: “You bastard!, don’t you dare rape me, OH GOD….OH SHIT…your making me climax!, …YES!!!” I pulled her hair tight. I pushed my dick in as far at would go. I held her down tight and shot the most I had ever unloaded in her, ever. My cum was oozing every where. She shook and bucked her ass and squeezed her pussy around my dick, still moaning.
    We gasp for breath for a long time. She was really spent, mumbling something about being raped so good. I covered her up and let her sleep.
    The next day we talked about how exciting that was. She said her heart would speed up just thinking about it. She said she couldn’t remember being that turned on before, ever. It made her tremble inside being raped by a stranger against her will. She leaned over and kissed me hot, and said: “Thanks, stranger.”
    Then she said: “Don’t EVER do that again!, unless…. maybe you could surprise me again soon?….please?” I said: “You’re a sick woman, I’ll plan a ‘treatment’ for you. I’m glad I’m a man and don’t have to ever worry about being raped.”
    A few days later I was working in the den one afternoon, when I felt an arm go around my neck tight. The person put their hand over my mouth and whispered: “Well, what do we have here? Did we forget to lock the door?, well, get those pants off mister, and get that dick hard because we’re going to fuck, right now.”
    (my wife was going to rape me?, a male?, what a wonderfully sick woman.)
    She drug me backwards and out of the chair. She stopped and whispered: “Let’s see what you got stud.” She reached around me and felt my now big boner, and squeezed it over and over.
    “You better get it harder than that, mister hot pants, I want a real hot mind blowing fuck out of you.”
    “ Let me go!, my wife will kill you lady, my dick belongs to her and only her!”
    “To hell with that bitch, your going to fuck me now, and fill my pussy with your hot cum, got it?”
    “Your disgusting with your gutter talk,” I said.
    She began to feel my chest, pinching my nipples. She jerked me down on my knees. She put a blindfold on me. The next thing I felt was warm pussy hair in my face.
    “Stick your tongue out mister!.” I felt a wet pussy on my lips, rubbing on my tongue.
    “Lick it good, and don’t forget my clit.” I heard moaning, as her pussy smothered my face. Her hands pulling my head into her. I pulled back and said: “Lady, my wife will hunt you down and beat your ass! Your just a nasty bitch.”
    “Ha! Your wife is probably screwing somebody else right now.” I felt my clothes being jerked off. She rolled me on top of her.
    “It’s showtime mister, now do what I say!”
    “Let me go, I love my wife, you man raper!”
    “ Ha ha, your dick is mine now, so stick it in me and fill my pussy with cream…. until I scream!”
    “Your sick!”
    “Just shut up and start fucking me hard!”
    I said: “Oh well, since your FORCING me to.” She forced me to kiss her, ramming her tongue in my mouth. She grabbed my dick and shoved it in her hot wet slick pussy. I felt her legs wrap around me tight. She started fucking me deep, and moaned loud as she slammed my dick deep in her pussy. “Come on mister, FUCK ME!!“ My balls were screaming to let my cum out and I couldn’t hold back anymore. She knew me well and grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled hard as she was about to climax.
    “Oooooooooooo God! Mister, fuck me, fuck me, give me hot cum NOW!!!!” We both started moaning and thrashing on the floor. We locked up and “Gezzzzzzz…oh BABY!..YES YES YES!, we yelled and my balls pulled so tight and I yelled again. I started flooding her pussy, pump after pump with my hot cum. Cum and juices blending together. We twisted and thrashed on the floor with a wonderful cum and climax. It lingered and lingered as pulses in my dick and her pussy blended together.
    After a long rest, I woke her sweet face up and said:
    “Lady…LADY!…I think I hear my wife coming, she may have a gun!”
    She slowly looked at me with content glazed eyes and said:
    “ Fuck the bitch, I own you now mister.”
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    wow I loved it, I would love to read another one.
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    very good story
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    nice story
    Evil Temptress
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    Wow! Now let's see what happens when you REALLY hire a guy to come in and rape her with you there! Would she still like it and be turned on by it with you there?
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    Hmmm sounds like a Emerson-Laken-Palmer story in the works...lol I like your writing by the way. "You mean your not really from the phone company?...HONEY!...go ahead, I'll just watch....lol.
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    “Play Rape” me (daddy daughter incest)
    story #2
    A guy I knew who I suspected was fucking around with his daughter,…. Well, he was. My 20 yr old step daughter told me, but with a promise never to tell anyone. I agreed. She said the girl liked it and kept quiet about it. She told my step daughter about it in strict confidence. He started out feeling her up, and she played with his dick and they ended up fucking all the time.
    She was about 14, at that time.
    I saw them playing ‘feely- grabby’ once at their house when they thought no one was looking. The girl, Megan, was a hottie, 17, 5’5”,long brown hair, big tits, and a meaty figure. Super good looking, and nice legs. A cheerleader with nice muscle tone.
    I got an idea. I told him, about playing ‘rape me’ and how much fun it was for an old girlfriend and I. He got a smile on his face and agreed that sounded hot.

    My step daughter told Megan about the game, and she got all excited about it.
    Megan thought to herself, I wonder if my dad knows about the game. Maybe I’ll rape him by surprise.
    I figured her dad would want to play it, and between my step daughter and I, we could hear about how it went. It paid off. I finally got the story from her and him.

    There was no mom, she ran off years ago, so he planned his attack on his daughter. He went in her bedroom one night, with a mask over his face, a gray hoodie and gloves. He burst open her door and stood in a big bear stance. She screeched, and said: “What the hell!!!! She held her throat, and gasp for air. Although she finally figured it was her dad, it still gave her exciting chills. In a creepy mask voice he said: “There you are, there’s the little hot body I want.
    Now start taking that cheerleader uniform off, very slowly.” She paused, gulped and felt her heart pounding.
    She had never been raped, but the one story she had heard from a girlfriend, the guy was obsessed with her. The girl said she never reported it to anyone, but he made the her so hot, she said it was the best sex she ever had. That story made Megan so wet, she had masturbated that night, and many more while thinking about it. She had fantasized about a raper who just had to have her because he desired her so bad.

    Now she had the look of fear, on her face. She, …..not somebody else, was going to be raped! She began to lift up her sweater slowly up over her blue bra and peeled it off. Then unbuttoned her skirt and inched it down and off exposing her bright red little panties. “Can’t you go find someone else mister?”
    “No!, girly I want, to feel those big tits, and that hot body, I want you bad! I must have you, to fuck, and your gonna like it!.” Her heart was pounding away with excitement. “It’s not my fault I turn you on so much, let me go, OK?” “No, now we’re getting to the good part, get that fuck’in bra off, and then those little panties. She could feel his eyes looking at her thru the mask. She could hear his breathing thru it also. She was already so wet, it started running out of her pussy.
    She stared right at the eyes in the mask, as her shaky hands unhooked her bra. She leaned her shoulders forward and let it slowly slide down off her tits. She could feel tingling and the heat in her body. Now off came the panties. With thumbs hooked in them at her hips, she inched them slowly down and off. She couldn’t remember feeling this excited ever.
    He said to stand up, then walked over to her and began to remove his gloves. He started feeling her warm tits. She jumped when her touched her nipples. “You gotta fine set of tits there, little bitch.” She grabbed his hands and said: “You know of course, my dad is going to kill you, you creep!” He grabbed her throat with one hand, and with the other, felt her pubic hair, then deeper and felt her wet pussy lips and then her little clit.
    She felt excited panic, and lost her breath. She said: “Damn you, your making me wet!, get your hands off me!” He started unzipping his pants. He told her to reach in and pull his dick out. She sat down on the bed. Her trembling hand went in his zipper. She felt the warm skin of his hard on. It was so big, it wouldn’t come out. He helped her. She held his warm dick with both hands. She looked at its big head, and it‘s wet tip.. He said: “Don’t just look at it, get it all wet, as wet as your little pussy is.”
    Her tongue quivered as she lick it all around over and over until it was dripping with her saliva. He said: “Now, turn around and lay on the bed, and stick your little butt up in the air. Her heart was pounding from the tension. She grabbed on to the sheets with both hands and waited with her butt high in the air.
    She couldn’t see, but she felt his dick feeling for her pussy hole. She felt the head enter her. She couldn’t stop panting, and gasping for air. She felt one of his hands come up and around to her tit. She got chills in her spine. She felt his arm come around her and this hand found her clit. She moaned and jumped. He eased his dick in her all the way until he touched bottom. She yelled out “Oh my god, oh, oh, oh yes.” He started slowly pumping her as she soon pushed back as it felt so good. He said: “I’m take’in you now bitch, how do you like it?”
    She said: “You bastard, get off me, and don’t you dare cum in me!” He slapped her butt cheek sharp, then the other one. She jumped as it vibrated clear thru to her pussy giving her wonderful tingles. She got so hot, she reached back and pulled him into her pussy. He leaned over her back and she could hear his breathing hard as he started to fuck her faster. She knew she was going to climax big, and started to tremble. “Fuck me, you bastard, FUCK ME!” her words just came blurting out.
    He fucked her more and more, then faster as he moaned: “god your pussy is hot’. He squeezed her clit as he shot his first big load of cum in her, moaning, “Take it bitch, TAKE IT!,” as he fucked her faster and deeper. She pushed back with him, moaning …‘oh god, oh god, oh, GOD!, as she climaxed she yelled in a pumping voice…”YES ES ES, FUCK UK UK ME, FUCKKK ME E E E E,” as he fucked her hard and fast. She clamped her pussy muscles as hard as she could around his big dick. He kept pumping as long as he could, then laid on her back moaning. She kept clamping her pussy around his dick until she went weak, and muttered …’fuck me you bastard, fuck me.’

    She lay there, she could smell their sex and feel all the wetness of their juices, running down both her legs. He pumped her more until the last shot of cum went in her. She smiled contently and squirmed on his dick as he massaged her clit.
    Two days later, Megan heard her dad taking a shower. She thought, he’s naked, now’s my chance. She got on her robe, covered her face with a vale and her red hoodie. She grabbed a toy rubber knife and slipped in the shower un noticed. He sang and washed unaware of what was in store for him. As he finished and opened the shower door, she lunged at him, and yelled…“AHHHH!”
    He jumped back in a panic, and held his pounding heart. She said in a growling voice: “Get out here and dry off mister! I wanna watch you!” He thought, oh shit, what the hell is she up to. A lady rapist? I’ll resist! “Get the hell outta here, lady! How did you get in here!, put that knife down!” She pulled him out and grabbed his dick. “Get this thing hard, we’re going to fuck, do it now!” He dried off as she lusted over his body.

    “Now get in that bed and lay on your back.” She stroked his now hard dick, and started sucking it. She then took off her robe and panties and sat on top of his face. “Start licking me, and get me wet.” He said: “No, I don’t eat pussy!, get off of me, you bitch.” She pulled his head into her pussy and humped his mouth. They both moaned. She could feel his tongue licking her clit and pussy. She backed up and put his dick in her. She held the knife to his throat, and started bouncing up and down on his dick. He said: “I don’t want to fuck right now, you can’t make me.”
    She put her hand over his mouth and said: “Shut up and start fucking me, mister!” She felt his dick deep inside her, and responding. She moaned,…“oh yes, that’s it, fuck me you bastard, give it to me, that’s what I want.” She leaned over and kissed him forcibly and jammed her tongue in his mouth. She said: “Get that cum ready for me, I want it in my pussy, and every last drop of it!” He said: “Ok, ok just don’t stick me with that knife, lady.”
    Both were excited now and began to fuck with fury, gasping for breath. She jammed her pussy down tight on his wet dick, they moaned louder. She held the knife and started jamming it in his pillow, saying: “Fuck me harder mister!” Just inches from his head, his heart was pounding. He suddenly grabbed the knife, and rolled her over on her back and said: “Ah Ha!
    She said: “Ah ha shit!, you won’t stab me mister, you want me so bad right now, you have to have me!, so, START FUCKING ME!”
    He started fucking her fast and hard, they moaned in a panic. She pulled his hair and fucked with him fast. She started spanking his ass and said: “Give it to me, give - it -to ME!. She started to shake and quiver as her climax hit its peek. “OH FUCKKKK YESSS! She yelled, and clamped her body to his. He pushed his dick deep in her and they locked up as he blasted his shots of cum in her pussy. “Oh Baby..oh fuck, oh fuck..ahhhh! They moaned, and squirmed together, bucking for all the feeling they could get. He kept pumping his load in her, as she pulled him to her tight and she said:
    “Oh damn, oh damn, I needed that…oh yes….He moaned: “Damn you little rapier, why did you have to make it feel soooooo damn good!!!
    Megan whispered: (“daddy, would do me a big favor sometime?”) (“yes, what is it?”) (“my friend Carol, doesn’t have a daddy, and she already thinks your hot. Would you “play rape” her?..oh,… and I want to watch.”)
    (to be continued.)

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    good story
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    “Play Rape” me, III
    Megan kept bugging her dad to ‘play rape’ with her best friend Carol. Carol was also a cheerleader, with a great body. Nice tits, hot legs and had long blond hair. Carol’s dad went to war, and never came back. Her dad and her were close, Very close, and Megan knew all her secrets. Carol missed her dad chasing her around the house, and feeling her up.
    She really envied Megan. Megan was the only one Carol had told about having sex with her dad, and how great it was. Megan and Carol had this in common, but told no one else.
    Megan’s dad finally ask her: “Does Carol know you want me to ‘play rape’ her.?” Megan said: “Yes she does, we got the idea from a porno video we watched, where a girl hid, and watched her dad pretended to rape her older sister.” “Ok, have her spent the night then.”
    “Oh daddy! Thank You!…Megan said.
    It was a Saturday night, and Carol was doing a sleepover with Megan. Megan’s dad told her to pick a place to watch. She said they already had, her bedroom. Megan would be like ‘invisible’ to Carol and you, so she could watch from all angles. Around 11pm. They were talking in Megan’s bedroom, and Carol got up to go to the bathroom.
    When she opened the door, Megan’s dad grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth. She screamed a muffled scream, and tried to see who it was. He held her arms from behind with one hand, and over her mouth with the other. Her heart thumped in her chest, as she almost peed her panties.
    Megan quick turned the light down, and stood in the corner to watch. He whispered to Carol: (“if you make a sound, I may have to hurt you, you understand.”) Carol’s panicked eyes made Megan giggle quietly. Carol nodded her head as he walked her to the bed. “Don’t move!’ his gruff voice said. He took out a blindfold and slipped it over her eyes.
    He winked at Megan, who smiled back with delight. He whispered: “You’re the girl who’s been walking around showing off your hot body and nice tits. A little prick teaser, aren’t you.” Carol said: “You better let me go, or I’m calling the cops!” “I am a cop, you dumb little shit!”
    She felt his hot breath on her neck. “Go get a girlfriend, copper!” “I’ve got one right now, miss big tits. Now start taking those pajama’s off.” Carol’s heart was beating fast, and she felt tingles all through her body, as he kissed all over her face and neck. “Oh….please don’t do that sir, that gives me chills so bad.” “I want to watch you slow strip for me, and make it sexy.”
    Megan tip toed to get a good view of this. Carol says: “I’m to nervous to strip for you, will you help me sir?” “Don’t bullshit me, miss hot body, …wait…I’ve got a better idea.”
    “I’ll cut them off.”
    Chills went up both Carol’s and Megan’s spines. He picked up the scissors from the table, and held them up to Carol’s ear. “Snip snip” he whispered. Carol began to tremble, as she felt the cold scissors on her shoulder, and the cutting of her top straps.
    She gasp for breath. “Oh don’t do that sir, please?” “Shut up” he said, as he continued to cut. She felt her top slowly drop off. “Wow, you gotta nice set of tits there girly, and some sweet looking nipples to go with them.” She felt his lips on her nipples, rolling them in his mouth. Goose bumps appeared on her tits, as she felt a hot wetness filling her pussy.
    Carol said: “Can I take the blindfold off, I can’t see a thing.” “Just feel for now, then we’ll see about taking it off when I’m ready for you to see a real man’s dick.” he said. He began to cut off her pajama bottoms.
    Carol trembled slightly as the cold scissors went down the sides of her hips, snipping all the way. She felt his warm hands reach in front and behind her and pull the bottoms off from between her slit. “You better not hurt me, why did you pick me?”

    “I’ve been watching you. You’re the sexiest girl at your school. You make the other girl look like nothing. I think about you night and day, just wishing I could touch your body, kiss you, and make hot love to you. The way you walk, swinging your hot little hips, showing off your little ass.” “Is it my fault I happen to have a sexy body?” she said. She felt his warm hands on her upper arms.
    Chills ran up her spine. Her heart sped up and her pussy tingled. He began to feel all over her body. She could smell his cologne, it smelled good. She could feel his body heat in front of her.
    Then she heard it. A belt buckle, a snap and then a zipper. She gasp. She felt his warm hands on hers as her pulled her hands forward. She felt a warm dick in her hands. She without even thinking started to stroke it.
    It was big and wet on the tip. She liked the feel of it, and continued playing with it. He whispered: (“ you know what to do next, now don’t you.”) She knew alright. She slowly dropped to her knees, her hands still on his dick. She gasp for air, “Is this what you want?” she asked. “It’s what YOU want girl.” he said.
    She reached around him and pulled him to her closer. She felt the heat from his dick and balls. She could smell his sex. Her hands trembled as she opened her mouth and pull his dick to it. She leaned in a little, and held his butt cheek to pull him to her. Her lips felt his head enter her mouth. She ran her tongue around it, getting it all wet. Her lips quivered as she took it all in her mouth. She held it in and let her tongue go all around it, and getting it all slick with her Silvia.
    She started sliding it in and out of her mouth. “Your hotter than I ever thought, you really know how to suck a man’s dick, girl.” “Ok, I did it, can I go now? Your not really going to put your dick deep in me, and make me cum with you, are you?”

    “I wouldn’t tease you and then not fuck you girl, that wouldn’t be cool, now would it?” She felt him lift under her arms, and place her on the bed. She felt his warm hands open her legs wide. The tense excitement was taking her breath away. She felt the heat from his body cover her body. His warm breath on her lips, as he kissed her softly at first,
    the she put her tongue in his mouth, she just couldn’t help it. Now she was so turned on she wanted him to fuck her now! She whispered: (“put it in me please, I can’t take anymore waiting for it to happen.”)
    Megan quietly moved to watch between her legs, as he started entering her pussy. Carol was shaking with tension, she put her arms around him and pulled him to her tight. She felt his head enter her pussy slowly.
    She twitched as she felt it go in all the way. She started lifting her hips up and fucking him. Now she wanted him to fuck her. He began to move with her, She moaned quietly….’fuck me now’…oh damn..don’t make me wait anymore.’ “OH DAMN, OH..OH…OH YES….AHHEEESHHH! As she climaxed a big.
    Megan was fingering herself and had a big orgasm at the same time. He moaned and shot a huge cum load in her pussy, load after load and drove his dick in tight and held it there. Carol was trembling and squirming. Megan rubbed her pussy more as he pumped her more.
    Carol twitched and held him around his neck tight, as her pussy jolted over and over. Carol finally muttered something about … I won’t report you this time, but you better never try that again…mumble , mumble…something….
    Megan was panting as much as Carol and her dad. He slowly got up and said: “There, that will teach you to not be so sexy, and tease me. I may do you again sometime, but don’t count on it.”…and he left.
    Megan laid on top of Carol and whispered: (“I told you he was hot!)…...Carol put her arms around Megan’s neck and whispered: (“I just got me a new daddy.”) Megan said: “I’ll share with you, but now I’m real horny after all that, can you help me?”
    Megan and Carol had another secret nobody knew about.
    They planned now, how they both would attack Megan’s dad, and double rape him back, by surprise!
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    “Play Rape” me, III, part 2

    That week Megan and Carol planned their attack on Megan’s dad, to both ‘play rape’ him. They got some Ninja suits and hid them in Megan’s bedroom. Two toy rubber knives, and some cloth ties also. Carol planned a sleep over that Friday night. She told Megan now whenever she saw Megan’s dad, she got wet.
    Megan stayed over earlier that week at Carol’s. They timed it so Carol’s mom was out till real late. They wanted some ‘girl time’ alone. They slept together and relived Megan’s dad play raping her. Megan said it was so hot when she saw her dad cum in her, she had an orgasm right then. Carol agreed, but she said she wished she could have been eating Megan’s pussy at the same time her dad was cuming her.
    “Oh yesss”, Megan agreed, “That would have been so HOT!” They both got under the covers and started feeling each others young tits, and kissed. Megan whispered in a gruff voice: (“I’m going to eat your pussy girl, against your will!”) Carol whispered: (“don’t you dare stick your tongue in my pussy and lick my clit until I cum, you nasty bitch!”)
    They turned to 69 and started licking. Their fingers found their places and pumped in and out of their pussy’s as they licked their clits and squirmed building up to a mutual climax. Tits were felt and nipples were squeezed as they both began to moan. It got hot under those covers and soon they were thrown off and they tried to be quiet, but could not.
    They knew their timing and soon yelling and moaning filled the room, as straining body’s stiffened up and climaxed. They both panted and said ’oh my god’,’your so hot’, ’you’re the best’, and moaned as they slowly fell asleep.
    That Friday night, Carol slept over at Megan’s and the excitement was building. They decided they would attack Megan’s dad around midnight. They didn’t hear Megan’s dad come in, until they heard his toilet flush. Shhhhhh they said.
    They put on their ninja suits, but had little short black skirts with no panties and grabbed their rubber knives. They crept to his closed bedroom door. Megan burst the door open, and said: “Don’t make a sound and don’t…….move…..oh my."
    Dad had brought home a drunk girl, and she sat up holding the sheet to her chest, with eyes wide open in terror. Dad said: “What the hell????”…he tried not to grin, but knew, and played dumb. Megan and Carol froze with their rubber knives held in the air. Dad said: “Oh fuck! It’s Ninja’s! How the fuck did you get in here!, and what do you want!” In a low voice, Megan said: “We want fuck you. You will fuck us now. Get hard on, and get ready to fuck us.”
    The girl just sat there in a daze wondering if female Ninjas raped men? She grinned and thought, this..I gotta see. Dad said: “Ok, ok, just don’t cut us with those knives!” The girl, scooted over as the Ninja girls came on the bed and started pulling the covers off dad. He was naked, so they started playing with his growing hard on. Carol jumped up on his face and said: “You eat my pussy now!”…as Megan began to suck his dick. When she got it all wet, she sat on him and put his dick inside her. She held on to Carol and she bounced up and down on her dad. Carol started moaning, and fingered her clit. The drunk girl just smiled and watched the show.
    They switched places, and he ate Megan now, with Carol jacking him and then putting his dick in her pussy. The moaned and then Carol pulled on Megan to lean back so she could play with her tits. Carol whispered: ( let’s jack him off together )
    So they got on each side of him, and started jacking him. They both took turns sucking on him too. Their 4 hands started jacking him fast. He moaned and moaned and then shot cum in the air a foot high. The girls both licked the cum off his dick and suck on him too. The drunk girl watched in awe, as this sight made her extremely horny, as she rubbed her own pussy. The girls whispered: ( ..let’s lick her too, and make her climax) as they quietly giggled.
    “You, girl, take off panties and top and spread legs, Now!”..Megan said in a low voice. The girl froze at first. The girls raised their rubber knives in the air. The girl smiled and took her clothes off and spread her legs wide. Megan jumped up for the girl to eat her, and Carol ate her pussy. The girl moaned and squirmed and really got into it, as this was the last thing she ever expected to happen to her. She had never been with a woman, and this was exciting her, beyond words.
    She ate Megan’s pussy as Megan held her head and guided her. Soon her hands came up to hold on to Megan and rub her legs as she got excited. Carol put her legs wide open and rammed her tongue, then her fingers in and out of the girls pussy. The girl began to really moan now, squirming as she was driven fast to a big climax. Megan was first to pull the girls head to her clit and orgasm big. Megan moaned loud and shook. Carol sucked on the girls clit as her fingers massaged her G spot. The girl bucked and moaned real loud climaxing as carol sucked her clit hard.
    Carol jumped up and took Megan’s place and pumped the girls head into her pussy and climaxed big, as she moaned a long moan. The girl was licking Carol’s pussy the whole time. Dad just watched the whole show and smiled. The girls got up, holding their rubber knives and said: “You never tell anyone, or we come back and kill you both!”…and ran into Megan’s bedroom. They giggled quietly and whispered: (…damn, that was so hot!! That girl liked it! )
    Dad and the girl sat stunned and he said, “Damn Ninjas!, now where were we.” The girl just smiled and said: “Well, I’m plenty wet now. I have to say, you have the best foreplay of any man I‘ve ever been with.“
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    Let’s “Play Rape” me (4)

    *This is a true story a friend told me. He worked for a phone company and he and his girlfriend like to ‘play rape’ her now and again.

    I got a call to a lady’s house to fix a phone. I knocked and waited….I knocked again….soon she answered in her bath robe and a towel around her head. She said: “Oh..what time is it, oh my gosh I haven’t been paying attention to the time. Come on in, you scared me ..whew…I forgot you were coming, and you just never know who might be at the door. I joked and said, “I haven’t attacked a woman all day, mam.” We laughed and she said mumbled: “I should be so lucky.”
    She looked me over and got us some coffee, and showed me the phone. As I worked on it sitting on the couch She sat close to me and watched. I said: “There, all fixed.” “Wow, that was fast, please stay and finish your coffee.” I said: “Sure, it’s my lunch time anyway.” She sat for a minute quiet as we sipped our coffee. I could feel her staring at me. Slowly she started tell me about her self. She was single again, and no kids. She didn’t have to work ever again, and didn’t have a boyfriend. She said: “Oh..I guess I should get dressed and dry my hair.” I said: “Don’t bother, you look very nice in that pretty robe, and your hair, I can dry that for you.”

    Her hand began to shake slightly, holding her coffee cup. She took her the towel off her head and thought about it. She handed me the towel and turned her back to me. I took the towel and began drying her hair. “I do this for my girlfriend all the time at home.” She began to moan slightly. Her head slowly began to lean back on me.
    I could hear her breathing pick up. She said softly….”You said you haven’t attacked a woman all day. What about yesterday or the day before?”…she looked back at me upside down, smiling. I told her that my girlfriend and I play a game at home called…”Play Rape”. I would surprise her, and act like an intruder, obsessed with her, and just have to have sex with her.”
    She gulped. Now she was really breathing hard. She took the towel, and put it down and turned and laid her head in my lap and just played with her hair. She just looked at me with this grin. She was thinking real hard, I could tell. She wanted to say something to me and started to…then stopped and swallowed hard.
    I smiled at her and whispered: (“…did you want play sometime?…”) She sat up and was quiet. She slowly and quietly said: “Shall we start over at the front door again?” I said “Oh yeah”. I picked her up and carried her to the door and set her down, standing.
    She was panting out of breath, and pink in the face. Her hands trembled as she rubbed them together nervously. She stood there and grinned at me. I whispered: (“ get ready to be play raped.”) She gasp for air and I went out he door, and closed it.

    …I knocked….I waited…slowly she opened the door a crack, and she said: “Who is it?” I said: “I’m here to fix your phone.”….she slowly started opening the door. I barged right in and grabbed her. I pushed her up against the wall, and kicked the door shut with my foot, and just looked her up and down. I whispered: (“….don’t you make a sound lady. I’ve been watching you and your sexy body go past the windows. You’re the hottest woman I’ve ever seen, and now I have to have you for myself. ..”) Her eyes were wide open as she trembled. She cleared her throat and said: “You get the hell out of here mister!, I’ll have your ass put in jail!” I leaned into her close as she gulped for air and whispered: (“damn, your beautiful up close. I’ve wanted you for so long, let’s take that robe off….”)
    “Don’t you dare! It’s not my fault I turn you on so bad….is it?…I…please don’t hurt me…I’m all alone and scared… I began to take her robe off. I watched it slowly drop off her shoulders. She held he arms over her tits. “Go and leave me alone, find someone else to molest. Your nasty the way your lusty eyes look me over…get out.”
    I said: “Move those arms lady, I know you have some beautiful tits under there ( and she did to ) and I want to kiss them.” I moved her arms, and peeled her robe down further.
    She started to shiver with excitement. “Wow…… lady you have the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen. Come with me.” I picked her up and took her to the couch and laid her down. She had this great nervous excited look on her face. She squirmed as I slowly laid on top of her.
    “Get off me, you creep, and don’t you dare kiss my tits, and suck my nipples….I won’t like it and ….and…I …about that time I started sucking on her sweet tits. She ran her fingers thru my hair and moved my head around, guiding it to where she wanted my lips to be.
    ’Oh damn you..stop that….no!…it’s making me all horny and hot. Hand me that phone so I can call the cops…please.” I laughed and whispered: (“I’m a phone man lady, your phone will never work again.”)
    I peeled the rest of her robe off her. I started kissing down her tummy, headed for her pussy. She moaned as her little legs trembled. I opened them wide.

    She said:….”.please stop“….she moaned……“please don’t lick me…I can’t take it…get off me…..oh god don’t…your giving me the chills….stop….don’t you dare put your tongue in my pussy….oh….oh…Oh..your just nasty!…oh my god, don’t touch my clit…stop it!….oh…no….
    She was really enjoying this and played it up well, we continued….

    “What ARE you doing?…your taking your pants down…oh no you don’t!…put that thing away…your not going to…oh my god…your big….your not going to put that in me are you?…oh my god…here let me help you a little…there.. Now…pull that thing out of me, right now!…oh geezzz..your so big in me….at least let me put my arms around you so you don’t hurt me….oh there…oh don’t kiss me like that…oooo….your tongue is hot in my mouth!….damn you, your hitting….eeee…the bottom of my pussy!…with that dick of yours!….oh..oh…oh hell yes….yes…that’s it….come on…do it do it do it….don’t you dare make me climax…and... don’t... even... think... about.... cuming... in... me!…I’m….oh god….I think I’m cu…oh damn your making me feel to good..your making me cu…ca…OH YESSSS…eeeeee…..

    She fucked me like a race horse bucking. Twisting and pulling my butt to drive my dick into her. She moaned and kissed me like she hadn’t been kissed for years.

    She was spent, laying there panting, all hot and moaning.

    I just found me a hot lady that liked to be ‘play raped’, and I would be returning often. I left her sleeping on the couch with a content smile on her face. I left my card, just in case she had anymore ‘phone’ trouble…
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    Let’s ‘Play Rape’ me (5)

    I had a plan. I didn’t have sex with my girlfriend Connie for 4 days. I wanted her to be good and horny for my quest. I had overheard Connie say once on the phone, that she always dreamed of her dad raping her because he wanted her so bad. She had always wanted his attention, and he would deliberately make her so horny, and nothing ever happened.
    It was Saturday night and we were in bed all naked, ready for a hot sex session. I turned out all the lights and she snuggled up to me. I quietly asked her: “Girls have fantasies, like men, but every one really keeps them secret, don’t they. She smiled big and nodded yes, and giggled.
    “I’ve heard of girls having fantasies about being raped by a handsome man who was so obsessed with them, he just had to have sex with them…true?” She giggled again and said: “Oh yes, lot’s of us girl have had that those.” Tell me about the hottest one you’ve heard, or about one you’ve had, preferably.” Silence……I said: Come on Connie sweetie pie, you can tell me. I’m not going to judge you by a fantasy. We all have secret fantasies, and you know I’ll never tell one of yours, ‘cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.” She laughed and hit my arm. I talked some more and finally she revealed one of hers.
    “Well….I use to fantasize about this. When I was in the 9th grade, and 14, I had this male teacher, we called ‘Mr. Handsome’. He was so good looking, us girls would get wet just looking at him. I would fantasize about him keeping me after school and telling me that he thought I was the most beautiful girl in school. He said he meant no harm, but he just couldn’t help himself. He asked me not to tell my parents oh anyone how he felt. I would whisper: ( ‘oh mr miller, I too have had feelings for you, for a long time.
    We hugged tight and kissed and kissed and he felt my titties and rubbed my pussy. Then he saw me walking home with all my girlfriends, and stopped his big fancy new sports car, and asked ‘just me’ could he give me a ride home. I smiled at my girlfriends and got in his car. He laid rubber as we drove away in a cloud of smoke. I told him where I lived and he said: “I need to stop by my house first, to get something.” We pulled in to this big beautiful house, with a private driveway. He said: “Come on in, this may take a while.
    I went in and it was fantastic as he held my hand. He said “Come, sit in here.” It was his den. He had my picture on his desk. He came in and held my hand and slipped a huge diamond ring on it, and asked me to marry him. I said oh mr, miller, I can’t I’m only 14. He picked me up and carried me to his bedroom and said he had to have me. He took off all my clothes and forced me to make love to him. He kept me for days, raping me over and over, because he loved me so much.
    I said: “Wow, that’s a hot little story.”
    She said:… “but….. my girlfriend Cindy had a fantasy that she and I both like to masturbate to.
    My dad did almost the same thing to me as hers did to her. They loved to get us so hot, and then send us to bed grinning at us.

    One night when we had been drinking, is when she first told me about it. It was about her dad. When she told it, and I heard it we both got very hot and masturbated together that night thinking how we would have liked to have it happen. We masturbated each other with our fingers as we told a different ending to the story many times. We would turn out the lights, and pretend to be one our dads, and came in and rape us, or just fuck us like crazy with lust.
    We did this a lot. We could change the ending of the story and make ourselves hotter. We pictured them raping us, molesting us, eating us, sneaking a fuck behind moms back, in the car and on and on. I still get hot thinking about how we played with each others pussy’s while picturing our dads fucking us. Cindy told me this about her dad:

    Her dad would hold her in his lap when she was about 16, and whisper to her hot stories. It was their little secret from everyone. He would do this at night after everyone had gone to bed. She would sit on his lap in his recliner, and lean back on him while he whispered the stories to her. She fantasized about going much further than that. He would get her so hot, she would squirm in his lap, and she would start breathing so hard. She could feel his hardon under her. Then he would chuckle and send her off to bed.

    She fantasized about him not…sending her off to bed, but feeling her titties and her pussy, then carrying her to her bed and have glorious sex with her. Licking her pussy and her sucking on his dick.
    I said: “Now that’s a way hotter story.

    We had really hot sex that night I turned out every light and it was very dark. I said pretend I’m your dad, and I’m going to rape you tonight because I just have to have you.
    Her eyes went wide open and got really excited when I said that. She gasp for air and started whispering and calling me.. ‘daddy’and said:

    (“…..go ahead and rape me, please daddy, I know you just have to, because I turn you on so much and I make you so hot. Go ahead, hold me down and take me, you can’t help it, that I make you want me so bad. Cum in me daddy, I won’t ever tell, rape me long and hard, make me cum, and I’ll make you cum too….. lick me daddy…. I know you want to…. do it, and taste me, and I’ll taste you…. I won’t ever tell mommy….. I’ll be quiet, just rape me daddy…just rape your little daughter anytime you want….”)

    That role play was the hottest I had ever seen Connie get. She fucked me like a wild woman that night, moaning all kinds of ‘rape me daddy’ things.

    A few days later, I was in my chair when Connie walked by me and we played grab his dick and grab her pussy, we giggled and laughed. I called her over to me as she grinned and got ready to be molested. I said quietly….”go take off all your clothes, get your yellow see thru night gown on, and come and sit on “daddy’s” lap. He’ll tell you a secret hot story.
    Her face lit up and she took a big gulp of air….She leaned down and whispered:
    (“…daddy,…. your not going to touch me naughty, and force me to play with your private parts are you?…”) and left the room.

    I turned the lights down real low and waited in my robe. I heard the shower running for a while. I waited. Finally Connie came out. Wow…she looked hot, and smelled so good. Her long dark hair was shiny and flowed down her back, so sexy. Her nice tits were sticking out so hot under her yellow night gown.
    I could see her little bush dark patch thru the night gown. She brought a blanket with her. She parked herself on my lap, but put her legs back and gently lowered herself down so her pussy was right on my dick.
    She leaned back and put the blanket over us. Her head was right by mine, just a little lower. She really smelled good. She whispered: (…“daddy, tell me a hot story…please“….)
    She knew what I was up to, and she was excited about it, her breathing was going fast.
    Now she could relive her fantasy and make the ending anyway she wanted it, and she couldn’t wait to do it. I whispered:
    (“…ok little connie, here’s a story you’ll like, but this story makes daddy real hot, and I may have to rape you afterwards. Ok?…she smiled and squirmed and said: “You want little connie real bad, don’t you daddy?” I said: “Now your getting raped for sure, because your teasing daddy.” She gasp for air, and said: “Will you force your cum in me daddy, and make me cum too?”
    I said: “Yes I will force you to cum too.” She grinned and squirmed on my dick.

    I whispered to her:
    (“…there was this beautiful girl who was 15, and she liked to have many boys feel her little titties, and put their fingers in her little pussy. Five was what she liked best. One Friday night, she went down in her basement and let five boys play with her titties, and finger her pussy. Then she let them watch her take all of her clothes off slowly. The boys eyes were wide, and they took out their dick and jacked on them. She laid down on a big mattress and said they could all fuck her and cum on her.
    She liked two dicks in her pussy, one from behind and one on top of her. She loved the feel of their cum shooting in her pussy. She liked to suck on the others and let them cum on her. She would play with their cum and rub it all over her titties.
    Her dad came home early that night and saw all the boys fucking her and cuming on her. He just watched from the top of the stairs. Her dad got a big hardon watching. He liked to hear her moan and squirm as they all took turns fucking her.
    He liked the delighted look on her face as sucked them off and let their cum shoot on her too. He decided he wanted to fuck her too….so he took off his paints and just walked down and stairs and said, “My turn“, and started getting in position to fuck his own daughter. The guys looked at him and grinned, and kept on cuming on her and fucking her from behind.
    She gasp as she saw her own dad start putting his dick in her, but she got a hot thrill out of it too. He started fucking her and he had a big dick which she liked. She began to moan and fucked back with him as he fucked her faster. She loved the feel of his big dick in her and this was going to be her best fuck yet. The guy under her couldn’t put his dick in her pussy too, because her dad’s dick was so big, so he put it her butt.
    She had never did that before and moaned loud…fuck me fuck me oh yes…and yelled fuck me daddy!…the other guys..couldn’t believe their ears. Some said: “Go for it dad, fuck her good dad, make her yell some more ..dad“, and some left quickly. She had found the dick she was looking for. The boys never came back, because she had her daddy’s big dick to make her happy now….”)

    Connie pussy was soaking wet and she was rubbing her pussy now. She reached up and put my hands on her tits, and squirmed. She whispered:

    (“….oh daddy that was a wonderful hot story, I know your going to rape little connie now and force your big dick in little Connie’s pussy….“). I raised her up and I put my dick in her wet pussy. She was panting out of breath and squirmed on my dick, working it in deep and moving her hips up and down on me.
    I felt her tits, as she moaned loud. She began to whisper to me:
    (“….oh daddy…I’ve waited so long for you to force your dick in little Connie’s pussy, do me daddy….do me now….fuck little connie and make her happy. …I know you want me so bad, I’m all yours now daddy….oh yes daddy…..Yes….deeper daddy…make little connie cum big, do it do it…I think….I….I’ve …got to cum daddy….it’s cuming, ..it’s here …OH God….OH GOD DADDY…FUCK ME GOOD!….eeeeeshhhhh..oh daddy……yessss

    She was fucking me so fast I didn’t have to do a thing but enjoy it. She bounced on me and her pussy just jacked me off, as I came in her, over and over again. My cum was running out her full pussy, flowing down over us along with her pussy juices. She finally stopped squirming and caught her breath, feeling my dick in her pussy with her wet fingers. Feeling my cum all over us and gasping. She finally collapsed and let our pulses finish.
    ("…oh god daddy..that’s what little connie wanted…do me…like that every time daddy….every time…ok daddy?”) I carried her to our bed and whispered: (“did daddy rape little connie’s pussy good tonight?”)
    She nodded with a content face and just closed her eyes. She said quietly: “…daddy, you sure raped little connie good, when are you going to do it again?”
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    Freakin' Hot...Me, sir, Like
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    Rock hardon's and wet pussy's is what I live for, more and more to cum...
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    Let’s ‘Play Rape’ me (6)

    My girlfriend Terry, had a girlfriend (Jan) who envied her bad. Terry had told her to much without realizing it. Jan would get so hot without showing it as Terry told her how Ken (me) would ’play rape’ her and the sex was so hot in the end. Jan would just smile and say how neat that was. As soon as Terry left, Jan would lay on her bed and masturbate and fantasize about me play raping her. It got worse, and one day when they were talking, Jan got bold and let it slip out that she would love to have me ’play rape’ her.
    That night Terry and I were in bed talking naked and she told me how sad it was for Jan, not having someone to have sex with. She suddenly got an idea. She said…maybe…one time…she might have me go over and ’play rape’ Jan, just to make her best friend happy….BUT …just once. She knew I had no feelings for Jan, in fact she knew I really didn’t care for her. She felt is was safe, and it would make Jan so thrilled and happy. I laughed and said I didn’t know about that, Jan just doesn’t turn me on, I’d have to do a lot of acting, but that I would do it, but only once.

    What she didn’t know was that I only acted like I didn’t like Jan, and really had wanted to fuck her for a long time, but figured she’d tell if I ever made a move on her and that would be the end of Terry and I.
    My gut got a hot feeling in it, as now I could fuck pretty little Jan, and not get burned for it. I played it down to Terry as ’I’m only doing this for you, my dear...and poor ’no boyfriend’ Jan.
    She said she would propose it to Jan the next day, and maybe go over to Jan’s that next night. My dick started to jump our of my hand, as I tried to hide it from Terry.
    Jan was a tiny girl, 4’ something, she was 19, but looked 14, and very pretty, but small tits, not much shape yet, great legs and long blond hair.….but she had the look that if a guy fucked her, it would like fucking a 14 yr old, legally, and that’s the part I liked.

    I would purposely stand close, or sit close to her, and she would always take a long look at me and smile. She would always smile but get nervous around me. I could read her body language. I stopped her in our hallway once, took her hand kissed it, and just looked at her. She began to blush as I whispered…(“..one of these days..”) and smiled, She quickly walked away, but looked back smiling.
    The next day Terry went over to Jan’s and said she had a surprise for her. “What?” Jan asked. “I talked to Ken and he said he would just love to come over and ‘play rape’ with you, if you want to.” Jan sat there trying to hold down her excitement and said she’d have to think about it. Terry said: “Ok, I think you would like it, and it’s ’just a game’, and no sex at the end, if you don’t want…ok?” Jan said let me call you in an hour and they went on talking about other stuff. In about 5 minutes Jan called Terry on her cell and said in a stammering voice: “Ok…a…Terry , I I I would…a…like to do that, if it’s ok with you and Ken wants to…” Terry says: “Great!…you’ll love it , it’s just a fun little game, it’ll make you happy for sure. I’ll have Ken call you and you guys can set up a time. Then you can tell me all about it, I can’t wait!…ok?”…Jan gasp, and said ok. Terry called me and said it’s a ’go’ and to call Jan and set it up. I said: “I’m close to Jan’s now, I’ll just stop by and see her.”
    I stopped by Jan’s and knocked. She came to the door and gasped! Ken, I…I…didn’t think you’d be this soon….oh my god…I need a shower..I…I…. I said: “Whoa Jan,… I was close by and stopped to set up a time. She said come on in, took a big breath…whew…she said. “Why Jan, you’re out of breath…come here.” I held her close to me and put her head on my chest. I felt her jump as I pushed my dick into her a little. Her was heart was jumping, I could feel it. I told her today is Tuesday, and I would be by…say…Thursday evening about 9pm? She nodded her head on my chest. I said it’s just a fun game, we won’t have sex afterwards if you don’t want to...that’s what vibrating toys are for, ok? She giggled and then whispered very quietly….(“I haven’t had any sex in so long I probably wouldn’t know what to do...Ken.”) ( “…well I can fix all that, if…you really want to…Jan.” ) I pulled her pussy into me firm. She started quivering in her legs and held me tighter. (“…we may need to practice first though…”) She began to smile and said …‘yes practice, we better do that‘…I picked her up and took her in the bedroom. I started lifting her skirt up and pulled her panties down and off. She was shaking with her eyes closed, I put her on the bed and got on top of her, pushing her legs apart. I unzipped and pulled my dick out. She put her arms around my neck as I pushed my dick in her wet pussy. She was really tight, and it took a bit to get in all the way. She still had her eyes closed and began to moan. She whispered..’you sure are a good rapist, ken’….I put my thumb right on her clit. “Oh my god…that feels so good Ken.” We started in fucking as she moaned loud and really started fucking me back hard. She thrust her pussy now deeper and faster. “Ken…I haven’t cum in a while but I’m…oh god… cuming now Ken…..oh god now!..oh oh oh..YESSSS….and she hung on me and fucked as fast as the could as I shot a big load of my cum in her, jolting us both, we squirmed and fucked her deep. She held me tight and shook a long time…soon I stood up as she lay there spent, smiling. “Just practice, that was just a quickie.”…I said. “Thursday it may take all night to rape you many times.” She shivered ….and jumped up and hugged me hard across my chest. She looked up and said: “ Do rapists eat the pussy’s of their victims too, Ken? “….I whispered: (“I know one who does Jan.”) I peeled her off me, we kissed until she almost passed out. I whispered to her: (…”the game is on as of right now”)

    “I’ve been watching you lady, peeking in your windows, following you, I jack off in my car, thinking about you, I‘ve taken your picture when you didn‘t know it. You’re the hottest woman I‘ve ever seen, and I have to have you. You tease me, shaking your little ass, and looking so sexy, taunting me to rape you, ….don’t you!…I can’t take it anymore and I’m coming back and take what I want from you. I have to suck on your titties and I want to lick your pussy. I’ll be back soon, but when?….you’ll never know. Don’t call the cops or try and follow me. Your hot, and I’m coming to get some of you!”…..) and I left.
    I wanted her to wait for a while to let the anticipation build up. She really knew how to fuck and fuck good. I wanted to get her so hot she would fuck me crazy on Thursday night.

    Terry asked me if a time was set to ‘play rape’ Jan. I said yes, Thursday night, 9pm. “Was she nervous when you stopped by?” she asked. ….“I’d say a little but we discussed it and made an agreement. “Is she going for sex at the end?” Terry asked…I said, she said she would see at the end, and decide then. She said she has a vibrator to take care of that, if need be. Terry giggled and said I bet she won’t use it, and go for the real thing….. I said, we’ll see.
    Thursday night, 9pm
    I knocked on Jan’s door….pause….”Who is it?” “Emergency mam, I have check your place for a gas leak.” She slowly opened the door. I rushed in and grabbed her around the chest from behind. She squeeled, as I put my hand over her mouth. “…don’t you make a sound, you little bitch!…I told you I was coming back.” She had on a sheer black night gown, no bra and a pink thong. I could feel her heart beating on my arms. Her eyes had the look of fear in them as she tried to get her breath. “I’ll take my hand away if you promious not to yell .…OK?” She nodded her head yes. I took my hand away and turned her around and kissed her, cramming my tongue in her mouth as she tried to pull away. She panted and said: “You dirty man, let me go, and don’t put your filthy hands on me!” I held her wrists back against the wall. I looked her up and down with my lustiest look, licking my lips. She was shaking, and tried to kick me. I whispered to her. (….”it’s no use lady, I’m going to fuck you good, you little prick teaser. “) She said: “I haven’t teased you, your deranged, go turn yourself in, and leave my hot body alone!”…I pulled her to me and started kissing her neck and face, as she tried to turn away. …..”oh,..,don’t do that mister, it makes me crazy to have my neck kissed…..what is it you want…..my ass, my titties, my pussy…or all of me?…tell me just what your going to do to me…if I please you, will you go away?…..oh don’t kiss my titties, it gives me chill bumps so bad…
    I said, “What I’m going to do to you lady is give you the best fuck of your life, before you die!”…and I pulled a scarf from my pocket and started wrapping around her neck. Her eyes now went wide open and she started to beg in a panic. .…”oh my god, I’ll do anything you say, just don’t kill me“…I started taking off her sheer night gown slowly, let it drop to the floor. Now all she had on was a pink thong. I slipped my hand under it, and inched it down and off. I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom, and placed her face down on her bed. “I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t kill me!” I pulled the scarf a little tighter around her neck. “Fuck me if you have to, but leave me alive…please please.” She squirmed and panted, not knowing what was going to happen next. She heard my belt unbuckle. She shivered, next my zipper. She squirmed and said: “please don’t fuck me in the ass mister, It makes me so hot and over excites me so bad, please don’t…..I reached down and put a finger on her butt hole….she moaned long….oh god don’t put your dick in me back there…(gasp!)..I…I…oh ..do something, don’t make me wait like this….I leaned over and whispered: (“…do you have a vibrating toy?”….) I watched her butt hole pucker when I said that. “oh no, don’t to that mister, you’ll force me to cum real hard…I’ll act real crazy if you do that…please…no“…
    I turned her over, she was panting and I smiled at her. “Consider your self RAPED! Lady!”…she sighed a big sigh. I waited for to catch her breath..”Oh god , I thought you were really going to rape me in the butt, wow, that was so exciting“…
    I said: “Now, it’s the vibrator… or me.” She kissed me hot and heavy and felt my hot boner in my pants and said: “ Vibrators are cold, and your warm dick isn’t.”

    “How did it go Ken?” Terry asked. “She’s happy for now, you were right though…she said vibrators are cold, ….but my warm dick wasn’t.”…Terry laughed and said…”Told ya so“….

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    i want some too daddy
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    awesome stories
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    fantastic story!!! more please!!!!
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