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Thread: Sleeping sex

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    Default Sleeping sex

    So I'm curious, if I were to try to have my way with someone sleeping, how far would I get before the person would wake up? I know that it is near impossible to have full on sex without waking someone but as far as getting in a good grope, how likely is it that the person would wake up?
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    Some people are sound sleepers and might not wake up during the action. But I have found they will respond to it. As for groping them, usually this can be done and they will not know unless you tell them, sometimes you can even expose them fully without them knowing. I have done this with my ex many times and she always wondered why she was naked the next morning. he he he I would always tell her that she was naked when I came to bed after working the late shift...of course her night clothes were still in the bed with her...
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    23.7 seconds. lol
    who knows
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