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Thread: My Daughter

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    Default My Daughter

    As you hopefully know I truly love my daughter, Sara, we have shared many wonderfully hot stories here with our friends on xnxx.. but I need to tell you how incredibly hot I am right now.

    Sara's boyfriend , Rob, came for dinner, Sara is home for the weekend from school. We have had a wonderful dinner,a lot of delicious wine and a very fun evening.

    So we decided to grab out glass of wine and head to the hot tub. I was quite surprised that both Sara and Rob got in naked, only because this is my first meeting with Rob. I was in my bathing suit. but after seeing Rob, my heart was racing, he is so incredibly built. , he must work out a lot. He has a beautiful long pink cock, even though it was soft.

    Sara of course had very hard nipples....and a deliciously trimmed pussy that makes me wet whenever I see her.

    We enjoyed chatting,,, so I decided to take off my suit...I knew Sara would look at my breasts and wet pussy,,, but I was surprised to see Rob look at me as well.... I was pleasantly surprised to see that his beautiful long pink cock was starting to swell and sticking out above the water.

    I ran to the house to get another bottle of wine, upon my return I was treated with hearing the moans of Sara as Rob was buried deep in her beautiful pussy. He was seated on the edge of the hot tub, she was riding his cock,,, facing outwards...

    OH my I so needed to cum, I got between their legs, enjoying seeing his hard cock being ridden by Sara, I rubbed his balls and licked her swollen lips, swelling her hot clit into my mouth. As soon as I sucked her clit she started to cum which set Rob off,,, she rode him so hard , jumping up and down on his long hard cock that she scooted off his cock, His dick started spewing cum, I got close to catch as much as i possibly could, it tasted yummy,,, which made Sara want to kiss me. It was so wonderful to share Rob's cum with Sara while she continued to ride his cock.

    Please stay tuned for what happened next. yummmmyyyy

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    DON'T stop now
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    Very hot story...can't wait for the rest!
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    i love 3somes
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    i love to hear more and would love to fuck u both and can we see u to
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    very nice...more please..
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    tell us more pls
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