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    Arrow The blackmail of my blond teacher part 2

    Due to comments wanting more I am happy to write part 2 and if mire comments come in for more ill write a part 3

    The blackmail of my blond teacher part 2

    My mind was was filled with thoughts of blackmail and filling my fantasy of finally fucking my hot blond teacher by now I had restartef bringing the boxes she had asked me to bring down I was down to the last two when I knew I was fully ready to take on my plan

    I would walk down with the last box with 3 or 4 of the really hot pictures with one hidden in case she took them so I would still have a picture to blackmail her with....as I would walk up the basement stairs hopefully she would greet me there I well show her the pictures and see were things went from there

    I did just that...

    "Mrs.C...I mean Carly I have something you may want to see" she stepped a little closer "yes Sam what is it?" I stated by showing her a picture of her on all fours showing her hot ass her face went red "Sam you should not have those now put them back and we won't speak of this again!!!" a grin came over my face "well Carly I had differnt plans for these pictures maybe I'll email them to school staff...maybe I'll post them on a adult forum for the whole world to see" small tears welled up in her eyes "Sam why are you doing this?" i ignored her question and said "now Carly there is one way none of that has to happen" with more tears in her eyes she said "what?"

    "you become my slut and I become your master and none of these pictures leak out it's that simple" she slapped me and said "there is know way in hell I'm doing that your only 13!!" the slap hurt but a part of me liked it my grin came back and I said "well then I guess the pictures come out..." a wave of defeat came over her "what is my first job Sam" i felt as if I was flying on a cloud "let's get up to your bedroom and get you out of that sexy little outfit"

    She lead up the stairs with me behind watching that beautiful ass in those short shorts thing to my self "what is under them" we got to her room and I sat on the bed and told her to stand in the middle of the room "what should I do?" the words almost could not come out "strip..tank top and shorts first the bra and pantys" she began to tear again but started to carry out the deed she slowly lifted the the tank top and what was under almost made me blow right there a white lace bra (I love lace) that showed off her golden D tits
    very well next the shorts she undid the button and let them fall and what a beautiful sight I saw a white lace thong it was amazing

    She stopped for a split second almost to think fully about what she was doing but then got back to work next she reached back and in clipped her bra and let it fall what I saw almost made my eyes roll back her tan D tits with small dark brown nipples you just want to suck on after what seemed like years she worked on the thong peeling it down her long legs she then stepped out of it and the next sight was better then the last her almost bald pussy in full view I was in extacy

    She looked at me and said "is that all you wanted?" i almost burst out laughing "hell no now come closer" she walked with In six inches of me I almost did not know were to start but then I saw them her D's without warning I began a full on attack on her soft tanned tits sucking on one grabbing the other then switching I could have sworn a slight moan came from Mrs.C's beautiful lips the sucking and grabbing went on for about 5 minutes when my next idea came to me

    "get on your knees Carly" she almost seemed sad I was attacking her tits anymore but now she was on her knees and knew just what to do i started to stand and she pulled down my basketball shorts and boxers all at once as she did my 6in member came into view I sat back down

    She started by kissing my cock head this
    made my whole body shake she then like my whole shaft up and down once or twice making me shake more then without warning she took my whole cock in her mouth I let out a long drawn out moan I could not not hold out to long but she still was going at my cock i could feel my balls begining to tighten "Carly I'm going to blow and I'm going to do it on Your face" she pulled my cock out of her mouth and began to Jack me off in a matter of seconds I blew the biggest load I had ever had the first few splats landed on her mouth and cheeks the last few drops fell on het golden tits

    It was hard to catch my breath after that amazing blow job and I knew I wanted more.......

    Sorry to leave ya hangin guy and (and possibly gals?) I wanted to get you reaction to part two before I move on


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    ok now im hard and wanting more
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    Ill have part three up tonight


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